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General info

Planet: Vyus. SGC designation unknown.

The entire population believed that they'd suffered mass amnesia during something they called the Vorlix, which had occurred roughly a year before SG-1 came through the stargate. None of them could remember anything from before that time. They'd also " lost" their elders and children, although they knew that once at least the elderly had been around, from photographs in every home. (There were no pictures of children.) (Past and Present)

In actuality, they were the victims of an experiment gone horribly awry, as everyone's ages regressed substantially -- effectively killing anyone below a certain age, and leaving the elderly as adults in their prime. (Past and Present)

Linea had taken a pesticide, Dargol (with environmental impacts similar to DDT, and likewise banned as a result), and started to play around with it. She discovered a link to longevity it slowed the aging process somewhat. Part of the reason it had been banned 20 years earlier, though, was because it was having an adverse affect on the Vyans' fertility. She was trying to enhance Dargol's life-extending properties to create a sort of Fountain of Youth. According to her last journal entry, she was about to conduct a controlled lab experiment using an intensely concentrated form of Dargol on two Vyan elders -- a male and a female. There was some sort of lab accident during the experiment her two lab subjects died, and a Dargol gas cloud was released into the atmosphere, regressing everyone else's ages by some 40-50 years and blocking their memories of their former lives. (Past and Present)

Fraiser, brought in to run tests on the Vyans, confirmed that there was mass amnesia, and got permission to bring some volunteers for more extensive testing back to the SGC under quarantine conditions (which seemed to consist of giving them relative freedom on the base, but not letting them up to the surface). (Past and Present)

From their MRIs, Fraiser learned that her three volunteers (Ke'ra, Orner, and Layale) all had identical blockages in their temporal lobes and hippocampuses, consisting of some sort of residue between the synapses. This was effectively blocking their memories, which still existed. (Past and Present)

While Fraiser worked on a cure, Sam figured out what had happened to cause the Vorlix, and that Linea was likely still alive, and possibly was the woman now known as Ke'ra. Fraiser tested the DNA and confirmed it -- Ke'ra's DNA was a perfect match to the sample she'd taken from Linea the year before. (Past and Present)

Daniel was outraged that everyone else seemed willing to condemn her, or at least confine her, for things she did when she was literally a different person, and went so far as to bring Teal'c's past into the fray. When no one backed down, he went to cobble up a reason to give Ke'ra for why she had to be confined to quarters. (Past and Present)

Air travel existed, in the form of three-tiered dirigibles. (Past and Present)

Days after the Vorlix, the bodies of an elder woman and man were found in a building destroyed by explosion. They were the only elderly people ever found, and it was assumed (wrongly, as it happened) that they were Dr. Zirvis and Linea. (Past and Present)

Close contact (i.e., romantic/sexual relationships) had become nearly taboo, for fear of regaining their memories and being with the wrong person (it's never made explicit, but I would assume that incest was high on the " wrong person" worry list). (Past and Present)

Industry and agriculture had fallen apart since the Vorlix, with no one knowing what to do (or who was supposed to be doing it). (Past and Present)

The women dressed in long skirts, the men in trousers, mostly in muted earth-tone colors. (Past and Present)

Known Vyans:


She was the Minister of Health, Science, and Restructuring in the Vyus transitional government. She sensed that before the Vorlix she helped others, and was acting as a doctor when SG-1 met her, helping a woman survive a food allergy attack. (Past and Present)

She had to deal carefully with Orner, who believed they had been married before and wanted to renew the relationship she made sure to praise his actions but didn't encourage anything. (Past and Present)

Since the Vorlix, she had spent every free waking hour in the research library they'd compiled, looking for any useful information (which she dispensed to others). (Past and Present)

After reading Dr. Zirvis's notes about a stranger who came through the stargate (which Zirvis didn't understand), she tried to activate the gate in the warehouse, but without success. (Past and Present)

After telling SG-1 that Linea was the stranger's name, she went back to researching, with Daniel. The two of them started flirting almost immediately, really hitting it off. (Past and Present)

When Fraiser said she hoped for volunteers to go to Earth for more extensive tests, Ke'ra instantly agreed to go. (Past and Present)

When Fraiser explained that there's a residue in their synapses that could be physically blocking access to their memories, Ke'ra was eager to begin looking for a medicine to dissolve the residue Fraiser had to sidetrack her by suggesting Daniel take them all on a tour of the base. At the end of the tour, Daniel brought Ke'ra to her quarters (room 25R3-06, guest quarters), where they took the flirting at least one step further. (Past and Present)

After Sam figured out what had happened to cause the Vorlix and pointed out that Ke'ra was a logical candidate to be Linea, her DNA was tested -- proving it. (Past and Present)

Daniel told her she'd be confined to quarters, without explaining why. She was confused and unhappy about the guards that were suddenly assigned to her, wondering what she'd done wrong. (Past and Present)

Fraiser and Sam were unable to make much progress without her help, so brought her back in (under relatively discreet guard, and with Daniel nearby). Even without Linea's memories and self-training, Ke'ra was brilliant at biochemistry, outstripping everyone. (Past and Present)

She volunteered to be the guinea pig for the first possible cure, but no one would let her, saying it was because they needed her around in case it failed, and they had to start work on a new one. (Past and Present)

When the test on Orner failed, she wanted to start work immediately on a second version. (Past and Present)

Finally, the guards and people's changed attitudes made her realize that they believed her to be Linea. When Daniel confirmed it, she realized that they intended her to never take the antidote, so she would stay Ke'ra. She couldn't believe she would ever harm anyone. (Past and Present)

She came up with a valid second antidote to try, and when Fraiser and Sam wouldn't let her stay to continue working on it after the initial prelim, she stole a slide with a smear of it before she was escorted back to her quarters. She was convinced they were wrong about her being Linea, and took the antidote -- and became Linea again. (Past and Present)

She maintained her cover long enough to see Orner through the test, and to tease him about being married to her, then returned to her quarters, but gave herself away when she told Daniel that " all debts have now been paid" (which is what she wrote as her parting message in Prisoners). He got back there just in time to catch her about to smash two vials, which contained substances that would create a poisonous gas. She only intended to harm herself, but told Daniel that despite how much she cared about him, a part of her would gladly watch him die. Daniel talked her into burying her memory again, so she could become Ke'ra once more, with a fresh start. (Past and Present)

She helped them synthesize a small amount of the enhanced Dargol, and reintroduce it into her bloodstream. She lost her entire memory Daniel told her her name was Ke'ra, that she'd been a visitor there, and that she was going home. (Past and Present)


(post-Vorlix name unknown)

One of the two (with Orner) who first discovered SG-1 in the warehouse where the Vyan stargate was housed. She " woke" after the Vorlix to find herself running down the street, beside Orner. The two of them had developed a squabbly-old-married-couple dynamic, and were sharing quarters. She was crankily possessive of him, and grumpy about his conviction that he and Ke'ra had been married before the Vorlix. She participated in Fraiser's tests along with Orner and Ke'ra, but wasn't part of the testing of the potential antidotes that Sam, Fraiser, and Ke'ra developed, other than to be there and watch Orner. She was very pleased when he regained his memory and told her they'd been married for 43 years. (Past and Present)


She came to Vyus through the stargate and began talking with their researchers, and set herself up as a sort of apothecary. She discovered a link between Dargol (a pesticide, similar to DDT, especially in its environmental effects) and longevity it had the effect of slowing the aging process. She wanted to use that to create a sort of Fountain of Youth, but there was some sort of lab accident during her last experiments her two lab subjects died, and a Dargol gas cloud was released into the atmosphere, regressing everyone else's ages by some 40-50 years and blocking their memories of their former lives. Linea was as much a victim as everyone else, and when she " woke" from the Vorlix, she was known as Ke'ra. (Past and Present) (See Linea for more details about her.)


Real name was Nodaal. (Past and Present)

One of the two (with Layale) who first discovered SG-1 in the warehouse where the Vyan stargate was housed. (Past and Present)

He " woke" after the Vorlix to find himself running down the street, Layale beside him. The two of them had developed a squabbly-old-married-couple dynamic, and were sharing quarters. (Past and Present)

Meanwhile, he believed that he and Ke'ra had been married, and should renew their relationship before they regained their memories. (Past and Present)

He volunteered to be one of the people to go to Earth for further tests, but was nearly too scared to step through the stargate. (Past and Present)

He volunteered to test the first possible cure that Ke'ra, Janet, and Sam came up with it was unsuccessful, and sent him into convulsions and cardiac arrest, but brief CPR was enough to revive him. (Past and Present)

He had convulsions again during the second test, but much more mild, and without the cardiac arrest. His memories returned in full almost immediately, including the knowledge that his real name was Nodaal, and he was married to Layale. (Past and Present)

Dr. Zirvis:

A researcher, from before the Vorlix. (Past and Present)

Ke'ra found his papers and learned a lot from them, including a bit about the stargate. He knew Linea before the Vorlix he wrote, " Our visitor claims to have come to Vyus from beyond the stars themselves, though I still cannot comprehend the science behind this Stargate device she claims to have used." (Past and Present)

To all appearances, he died in the Vorlix. (Past and Present)



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