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The Trust


General info

Many (most? all?) of its agents were ex-NID. (Affinity)

They appear to still work in cells, and fairly mobile cells at that. (Affinity)

In mid- to late 2003, the Trust figured out that Osiris's al-kesh was likely still in orbit around Earth, cloaked, after she was captured by SG-1. They began making moves to gain access/control, starting with contacting the scientist at Area 51,  Dr. Bricksdale, who was responsible for trying to get Osiris's wrist device working again -- it included a remote control for her ship's transporter beam, which was the only way to gain access to the ship. (Endgame)

Bricksdale came through, managing to get the device to work accidentally, and spent an undetermined time transporting Trust personnel up and back, while carefully concealing any evidence that the device worked at all. (Endgame)

In late 2003, they contacted Brian Vogler and " convinced" him to start setting up his friend and boss, Alec Colson, in case they ever needed a way to shut him down fast. They got Vogler to start cooking the company books so they could trigger an SEC investigation. (Covenant)

They had use of a warehouse, ostensibly for " Westminster Boiler & Tank Company Ltd." (Affinity)

In mid-2004, when Teal'c moved offbase, they set up surveillance on him, still convinced that having aliens on Earth was in and of itself a security risk (more specifically, having aliens on US soil was a national security risk). (Affinity)

It was supposed to be simple surveillance, nothing more. They set up across the street in another apartment, and ate a lot of pizza from a local place. They also rented a car, which got caught on the pizza place's security cameras and had satellite tracking in it. (Affinity)

When the surveillance also caught Krista's murder of James on tape, they saw a golden opportunity to reduce that risk, and went in to stage the scene to look like Teal'c had done it. (Affinity)

Later, with Teal'c on the road with Krista with no knowledge of what had happened, they tailed him, then called a tip in to the OSI with his whereabouts, ensuring his capture. (Affinity)

Once Teal'c was captured, they hacked into the SGC network and opened a file on Daniel's screen, then a message window saying " look familiar?" , then called him on the phone. The person on the phone used a voice distorter, and told Daniel that he wanted Daniel to translate the Ancient symbols into Goa'uld -- it was an obscure dialect, and Daniel was the only person on the planet who could translate it. In return, he offered proof, on tape, that Teal'c wasn't the killer. (Affinity)

Daniel showed up at the meet on time and alone, and tried to buy some time.

The agent who met him (Jennings -- name revealed in Endgame, but unknown during Affinity) said that if he didn't translate the text, they'd kill Krista. When Daniel started to walk away, saying there was no proof these guys even had Krista, the agent had one of this three snipers shoot the coffee cup he put down on a picnic table. Daniel went with him. (Affinity)

He brought Daniel back to the " Westminster Boiler & Tank Company Ltd" warehouse, where more members of his cell were, including what appeared to be the cell leader. (Affinity)

This man (Hoskins -- name given during Endgame, but unknown during Affinity) was not happy that Daniel was there, pointing out that he was a member of SG-1 and they would mobilize vast resources to get him back. (Affinity)

Jennings said it was necessary because Daniel wouldn't cooperate, and had some other agents bring a very scared Krista out. When she was pushed into the chair next to Daniel, he said he'd kill her if Daniel didn't give them the translated symbols. (Affinity)

Daniel stayed focused on Hoskins, saying Krista had nothing to do with it. (Affinity)

Sounding honestly apologetic and annoyed, Hoskins said that if it had been up to him, it wouldn't have gone that far -- it was supposed to be simple surveillance (said with a very pointed look at Jennings who'd escalated everything to this point), but once the " domestic dispute" happened and Teal'c got involved, and they knew that Daniel would never do the translation for them voluntarily... they had to go with the opportunity given them. (Affinity)

Despite his reasonable demeanor, his next act was to pull out his gun and point it at Krista -- he really did intend to kill her if necessary. (Affinity)

Daniel translated the symbols. (Affinity)

As soon as the translation was complete and confirmed, Hoskins brought Daniel and Krista to the wall and told them to face it while holding a pistol on them. He switched weapons when they were faced away, and zatted them both. Meanwhile, his people began cleaning up, packing up their gear and deleting files and wiping hard drives so no one could figure out what they'd done. (Affinity)

It later became clear that Daniel had translated command codes (which Anubis always did in Ancient) to give them access to all functions on Osiris's abandoned al-kesh. (Endgame)

They appear to have transported out -- although it wasn't shown, there was a flash of light, no sound of rings settling, and no sign of the people a split second later. (Affinity)

After Colson did indeed start going public with proof of alien activity on Earth, the Trust sabotaged his plane, nearly killing both Colson and Vogler. (Covenant)

When that wasn't enough to stop Colson, they set the SEC investigation in motion, with Vogler's cooperation. (Covenant)

The Trust had agents planted in various key spots, including the SGC and Area 51. (Endgame)

Trust agents were stockpiling VX rockets and a liquid that looked like VX nerve gas (methylphosphonothioic acid), but which in fact was Tok'ra symbiote poison. They had the version that the SGC (or more likely, Area 51) had been working on with the Tok'ra, which was more stable and easier to produce than the original, but no less deadly to Goa'uld symbiotes. The rockets were the delivery system for spreading the poison in aerosol form over Jaffa and Goa'uld. (Endgame)

In mid-2004, Trust agents on Osiris's abandoned al-kesh stole Earth's stargate right out of the gateroom, using beam technology focused on a device emitting a signal that had been placed on the stargate by a mole (Dr. Kevin Hartkans). The stargate gave them the ability to launch the rockets with the symbiote-poison payload to any Goa'uld world. (Endgame)

They moved the al-kesh, still cloaked, to a polar orbit around the moon to stay safe from accidental detection -- this was still close enough to Earth for the stargate to work properly. (Endgame)

The Trust didn't care whether the Jaffa were loyal to their Goa'uld masters or in rebellion -- as far as they were concerened, they were all aliens, and all had to die. (Endgame)

As a result of SG-1's interference, they lost the stargate and their leader (Hoskins, killed by Teal'c's staff weapon), but the Trust gained a fully functioning al-kesh as a result of the op, and that ship alone carried sufficient symbiote poison to wipe out at least half a dozen Goa'uld worlds. (Endgame)

They left much more poison behind in a warehouse, which was discovered by the SGC. But there's certainly no guarantee that that's all they had. (Endgame)

After Kinsey was forced to resign the vice presidency, the Trust kicked him out (after first considering killing him outright), since he was no longer useful to them. (Full Alert)

The Trust operatives who escaped in the al-kesh managed to launch symbiote poison attacks against two more Goa'uld worlds, but to do so would have to have left the relative safety of the solar system. They were caught by a Goa'uld and implanted with symbiotes, and sent back to Earth to infiltrate (with more symbiotes), in hopes of getting Earth to blow itself up. (Full Alert)

It's possible that the entire Trust was taken over by symbiotes. (Full Alert)

Goa'ulded Trust members contacted Kinsey and asked him to set up a meeting with General Miroslav Kiselev, the Russian defense minister. It was a ruse -- in reality, they wanted to infest Kinsey with a Goa'uld so they could implicate a well-known American politician in an assassination attempt against a Russian (also Goa'ulded), to trigger escalating violence that they hoped would result in the destruction of the planet, more or less. (Full Alert)





When first Krista, then Daniel, was kidnapped, all in aid of getting Daniel to translate command codes written in Ancient so that her Trust cell could gain access to Osiris's ship, she handled the computer end of things, setting up the uplink and checking the codes Daniel translated. (She was possibly also the person who altered the voice used to call Daniel in the first place, but that's never said -- just a possibility based on her role with the computer.) She was also responsible for wiping all information off the hard drives the Trust operatives left behind when they transported up to the ship -- she deleted everything, then ran a magnet around the CPU to destroy whatever was left. (Affinity)

She was part of the team that took over Osiris's abandoned al-kesh and began using it, first to steal the stargate from the SGC and then to launch symbiote-poison attacks against Goa'uld worlds, wiping out millions of Jaffa in the process. (Endgame)

When Sam beamed aboard the ship, Jennings spotted and zatted her, then contacted Brooks, telling her to get down to Hoskins's last position -- this is presumably what saved Hoskins from being discovered by Daniel or the NSA. (Endgame)

Brooks discovered that Daniel had zatted the crystals that powered the ship's cloak. (Endgame)

When Jennings and Hoskins failed to reply from the cargo hold (where they'd just had a fight with Sam and Daniel, followed by Teal'c stepping through the gate and shooting Hoskins through the chest with a staff blast), she cut her losses and started cranking up the hyperdrive to escape. She didn't make it before Sam and the others managed to get themselves beamed off the ship, but she and Jennings escaped cleanly. (Endgame)

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Hoskins X

Leader of a Trust cell. (Affinity, Endgame)

When Jennings, who had been sent to get information (a translation) from Daniel Jackson, came back with Daniel in tow, Hoskins was pissed off. He knew that the SGC would mobilize whatever resources were necessary to get a member of SG-1 back. (Affinity)

He was vaguely apologetic that things had gone so far, but not regretful at all -- he'd meant the surveillance operation on Teal'c to be nothing but surveillance, but when the opportunity arose to frame Teal'c for murder and use that as leverage to get Daniel to translate the Ancient command codes that he and his team badly needed to gain control of Osiris's ship, he took it. (Affinity)

Despite the fact that he hadn't intended things to escalate, and certainly hadn't intended for Daniel to be kidnapped, he didn't hesistate to threaten to kill Krista to get Daniel to do what he wanted -- and he didn't appear to be bluffing when he did it. (Affinity)

After Daniel translated the symbols, Hoskins sent both of them to stand by the wall, backs to him, implying very strongly that he was going to kill them both. Instead, he zatted them, leaving them unconscious on the floor while he and the other members of the Trust cell escaped via transporter beam. (Affinity)

My personal guess is that he might have killed Krista if Daniel hadn't been there, but he wasn't about to tempt the personal focus and wrath of the SGC by killing off a member of SG-1. He wanted to be able to focus on doing his own job, not on running and hiding.

He contacted Dr. Bricksdale of Area 51 in mid- to late 2003, confronting him with information about the stargate program, Osiris, etc., and convincing Bricksdale to work for him (largely by offering him millions, apparently). He used Bricksdale to gain access to the technology Osiris used to remotely activate the beam technology on her al-kesh. (Endgame)

When Bricksdale spooked after talking to Sam and Daniel, and called Hoskins for a meeting, Hoskins got pissed off, rightly assuming that Bricksdale had been followed. Hoskins ran when Sam and Daniel, backed with a lot of NSA guys, showed up, using what appeared to be an automatic pistol to shoot his way out. Before he could transport up to Osiris's al-kesh, Sam zatted him. (Endgame)

Brooks found him before Daniel or the NSA could, and brought him back to the ship. (Endgame)

When Sam, utterly appalled at what they were doing and trying to make them start second-guessing themselves, told them not to bother sending the poison through to a particular world because Baal had abandoned it, Hoskins decided that she could be a valuable source of more recent intel, and asked her to help them pick targets -- saying she could help them cut down on innocent casualties. She didn't buy it. (Endgame)

He was very grumpy when Daniel beamed up using the original wrist device and started sabotaging the ship -- Hoskins zatted him before Daniel could get to they hyperdrive engines, and put him in the same room as Sam. (Endgame)

When Brooks told him that the cloak had been disabled, he realized their position was compromised, and decided that they couldn't afford to take Sam and Daniel with them. He was going to kill them (with a zat) when the stargate engaged, forcing him and Jennings to drop to the floor to avoid the kawhoosh. (Endgame)

Sam and Daniel took their chance and jumped Jennings and Hoskins (respectively), and in the scuffle Daniel managed to grab his radio and yell for Teal'c to come through because they needed help. Teal'c promptly appeared, and before Hoskins could get a shot off at him, he shot Hoskins practically point-blank through the chest with his staff weapon. Hoskins died immediately. (Endgame)

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Jennings X

He was the agent who made physical contact with Daniel when the Trust cell was trying to get Daniel to translate a set of Ancient codes for them (to give them access to all the functions on Osiris's ship). (Affinity)

He overstepped his bounds by bringing Daniel back with him to the warehouse -- Hoskins was pissed that Jennings had snatched a member of SG-1, knowing that the SGC would mobilize whatever resources were necessary to get him back. (Affinity)

Part of the team/cell that took over Osiris's abandoned al-kesh, and was using it and the stargate they stole from the SGC to launch VX rockets loaded with symbiote poison to Goa'uld- and Jaffa-occupied worlds. (Endgame)

He appeared to be responsible for loading the poison into the rockets and getting them ready for launch, then dialing up the target worlds and launching the rockets. (Endgame)

He was in the cargo hold on the ship that Sam beamed up to, and zatted her before she could zat him. As soon as she was down, he called Brooks to have her beam down to Hoskins's last location, since clearly Sam had used Hoskins's locator beacon to trigger the beam-up. (Endgame)

He didn't like or trust Sam at all, and didn't want Hoskins listening to anything she said. He believed she was lying when she said their next target was an abandoned world and thus a waste of their time, and was unhappy that Hoskins chose to skip that world on Sam's say-so. (Endgame)

He couldn't quite believe it when he walked into the " gateroom" aboard the ship, where Sam was being held, and spotted Daniel sitting next to her. Exact words: " Where the hell did he come from?" (Endgame)

When the stargate engaged unexpectedly, Jennings and Hoskins were forced to drop to the floor to avoid the kawhoosh. (Endgame)

Sam and Daniel took their chance and jumped Jennings and Hoskins (respectively). Sam pretty much beat the crap out of Jennings, even with both hands literally tied  behind her back -- he wound up unconscious on the floor. (Endgame)

In the end, he escaped thanks to Brooks, who had fired up the hyperdrive engines and gotten them out of there while he was unconscious. (Endgame)

After he and Brooks escaped, they were caught by a Goa'uld and infested with symbiotes, then sent back to Earth with more symbiotes to spread the infestation and act as fifth columnists of sort, trying to start a nuclear war between Russia and the United States. (Full Alert)

He was one of the ones to contact Kinsey about setting up a meeting with General Kiselev. (Full Alert)

He was aboard the al-kesh when Kinsey was beamed aboard the Prometheus, at the controls. His only objection to firing on the Prometheus was that the Prometheus's shields were superior, and if the al-kesh didn't destroy it at the first salvo, they were in trouble. He had no problem with blowing  up  Kinsey,  who  was  a  liability  to  them  in  enemy  hands.  (Full Alert)

He tried to bluff when Kinsey ringed over to the al-kesh, saying that shooting at the Prometheus had been a distraction to let Kinsey free himself. Kinsey didn't buy it, and shot Jennings several times. (Full Alert)

If Jennings didn't die from the bullets, he died moments or minutes later, when the al-kesh was destroyed by the Prometheus. (Full Alert)

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