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Episode Summaries: Season Five

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Fifth Season -- 2001



Enemies (2)

Apophis's ha'tak has followed them through to the other galaxy, and he's not happy. He also has a secret weapon to lure SG-1and Jacob into a trap: Teal'c, revived and brainwashed into believing himself a loyal follower of Apophis. He's also picked up some Replicators, and his ship is soon infested. The Replicators send the ship hurtling toward our home galaxy while SG-1 and Jacob escape and begin making plans to take out Apophis's ha'tak and escape in a cargo ship. They capture Teal'c and send the ha'tak, with Apophis and the replicators still aboard, hurtling into Delmak, where it explodes.


Teal'c, still under the control of Apophis's brainwashing, relives many of the important moments of his life as Bra'tac tries to return him to his true self.


An alien tries to make contact with Sam, and accidentally knocks her unconscious. He follows her home -- literally, all the way to her house, where he introduces himself as Orlin and proceeds to make himself a part of her life, going so far as to leave his ascended-being status and take a mortal form to be able to be with her. When he finds out the SGC is planning to test an advanced weapon on the planet he was found, though, he has to return there to stop it, and winds up having to return to ascended status to keep from dying of a gunshot wound.

The Fifth Man

Everyone thinks the SG-1 members are nuts when they insist that the fifth member of their group, Lieutenant Tyler, was hit during a battle, and Jack stayed behind to cover him while the others went home for backup. It turns out he's really an alien with a natural defense mechanism that allows him to appear to people as someone they've known a long time, and he joined SG-1 on the planet to hide from the Jaffa who were hunting him.

Red Sky

Sam's decision to bypass some of the stargate system's built-in safety protocols nearly proves fatal for a planet that the team gates to, when their wormhole damages the planet's sun. Their first attempt to fix the problem ends in tragedy when some of the locals take offense, and only a last-ditch gamble (and a possible helping hand from the Asgard) manage to avert a complete disaster.

Rite of Passage

Cassie falls very ill on her 16th birthday and begins developing odd mental powers. She insists that this was normal for her people, and that she needs to go into the woods on Hanka to be cured. SG-1 checks it out, finding Nirrti's lab. They figure out that Nirrti was responsible for genetically coding a virus into the Hankans in an attempt to force them into evolving into a "hok'tar" (advanced human) that she could use as a host to give her an advantage over the other System Lords. What they don't realize at first is that they've brought her back through the stargate with them, invisibly.

Beast of Burden

Daniel sees a recording of Chaka being kidnapped by humans, and SG-1 heads off to see who these people are and to try to get Chaka back. They discover a world where the humans long ago overthrew their Unas oppressors, and turned them into slaves -- they've captured Chaka to add new blood to their breeding stock. Chaka manages to rally the local Unas into a rebellion before SG-1 leaves.

The Tomb

SG-1 stumbles across evidence of modern Tau'ri outside a sealed temple on a world that the SGC has never been to, and the Russians are forced to admit that there were secret missions being run out of their stargate program before it was shut down, and one team was trapped offworld. A joint Russian/SGC rescue is launched, but they discover that the trapped team is long since dead, and a Goa'uld is loose in the body of an animal -- until it takes over one of the Russians. Before it's all over, all but one of the Russians is dead, and the temple has been demolished.

Between Two Fires

To the SGC's shock, the Tollans offer to trade ion cannons for trinium, going against one of their most sacred laws. Neither SG-1 nor Narim believes it's as simple as that, and further investigation shows that the Tollan High Council is being forced into it by Tanith, working for Anubis, who hopes to send a bomb through the SGC's iris and destroy it. Narim ruins those plans with SG-1's help, and in retaliation, Tanith's forces begin attacking Tollana, forcing the few survivors to flee in ships, with no idea if they'll make it.


On another world, SG-1 meets the Aschen, who seem too good to be true -- completely willing to trade advanced technology for stargate addresses. When Daniel literally does some digging, though, they find out that the Aschen have a history of getting worlds to accept them, then wiping out most of the population and turning the rest into veritable slave labor.

Desperate Measures

Sam is kidnapped by Adrian Conrad, who is terminally ill and is desperate to have a Goa'uld symbiote implanted in him just long enough to save his life. He believes that the information his researches can gain from Sam's physical brain will let him do so safely. In the end, Sam is rescued and Conrad is taken over as a host.

Wormhole X-Treme!

The SGC gets hold of a tape of a new show -- one whose premise is suspiciously similar to what the SGC does every day. Jack goes in to investigate to find that Marty has just enough memories left of his time with them to have come up with the idea for the show. Both the NID and his old buddies are after him for the alien technology he still holds, and SG-1 has to keep him, and it, safe.

Proving Ground

It's SG-1's turn to test a group of academy cadets to see if they're SGC material. Along with the standard field testing the cadets were expecting, the SGC sets up a "pop quiz" , simulating an alien incursion that only the cadets can stop. They pass with flying colors.

48 Hours

Teal'c is trapped inside the stargate itself during a botched trip home. Sam has to fight against the clock to save him -- Dr. McKay has arrived and announced that if they don't get him back inside 48 hours, there's no point.


The Tok'ra have developed a poison to kill Goa'uld symbiotes, and want to use it against the first summit of the new crop of System Lords. They send Daniel in to do it, with a chemical to hide his true identity. Before he can loose the poison, though, Osiris appears, and Daniel has to risk the chance that he can save Sarah.

Last Stand

Anubis's troops hammer Revanna, devastating the Tok'ra base, while Daniel fails completely to save Sarah, and has to flee the Goa'uld summit having also failed to kill off the new ruling System Lords.


An amateur astronomer lucks out and finds an asteroid heading toward Earth along an unusual plane. The SGC sends SG-1 out in a cargo ship to explode a bomb deep in one of its crevices, in hopes of changing its course. Almost too late, the team realizes that the asteroid is loaded with naquadah, and if they explode it, they'll destroy the Earth. They have to figure out some other way to get it past the Earth safely.

The Warrior

Teal'c and Bra'tac are highly taken with a new rebel Jaffa leader, K'tano. Jack has his doubts. When Teal'c discovers that K'tano has betrayed the rebellion, he loses it and challenges him to joma secu -- combat to determine who will be leader. Teal'c wins, finding out at the last that K'tano wasn't K'tano at all, but Imhotep, a Goa'uld planning to use the rebel Jaffa to start his power base.

The Menace

On an offworld mission, SG-1 discovers a deactivated robot. They bring her back to the SGC and figure out how to turn her on, discovering too late that she was the original creator of the Replicators -- and she's pissed off and scared by their treatment of her.

The Sentinel

A peaceful world whose defense system had always kept it safe from attack finds itself vulnerable to Svarog. SG-1 determines that the rogue NID had done something on a mission to take out the defense system, and bring the rogue team along with them to repair the damage before it's too late.


The Kelownans are ready to test a new bomb, and refuse to listen to Daniel's observation that there might be a better way to solve their problems. The test goes horribly wrong, and Daniel exposes himself to massive amounts of radiation to save thousands of lives. While the Kelownan government tries to cover up the mistake by blaming Daniel for the deaths of the scientists in the room, Daniel faces a choice: final death, or ascension.


While Jack, Sam, and Teal'c each mourn Daniel's loss in their own way, they're told that Thor has been killed, and are sent on a mission to help an Asgard scientist trapped on a planet being attacked by Anubis. When they arrive they find that Thor is captured, not dead, and try to rescue him as well. Thor first has to rescue Jack and Teal'c, but then they rescue him in turn, and bring him out along with Heimdall, the scientist, and his vital research project -- reversing some of the damage a thousand years of cloning has done to the Asgard genetic structure.



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