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Episode Summaries: Season Nine

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Ninth Season -- 2005



Avalon, part 1

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell joins Stargate Command as the new leader of SG-1, and starts trying to convince Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam to re-join the unit after he discovers they'd all transferred out to pursue their own goals. Meanwhile, Vala arrives to ask for Daniel's help in finding an Ancient treasure. When her machinations cause him to miss his ride to Atlantis aboard the Daedalus, Daniel gives in and translates the tablet she brought, which points to Arthurian legend as the key.

Avalon, part 2

The discovery of an Ancient communications device in a cache of treasure under Glastonbury Tor sends Daniel and Vala's consciousnesses to  possess  bodies  in another galaxy, where they learn about the Ori - ascended Ancients who took a different paths than the ones who came to our galaxy before ascending. Vala is caught out as not being aware of correct behavior for the locals, and is burned to death as a heretic in the village square. Moments later, she's healed and revived by a Prior, who asks her and Daniel to go with them. They leave the village, not knowing what they'll find.


Daniel and Vala visit the City of the Gods where Daniel meets the Ori face to face, and realizes that they're not going to abide an entire galaxy of unbelievers. Meanwhile, the Ori send the first Prior through to the Milky Way.

The Ties That Bind

A 'For Want of a Boot'-type episode, with Vala, Daniel, Mitchell, and eventually Teal'c having to barter their way across the galaxy trying to get specific things so they they cam  finally go back to the beginning to get someone to help them sever the connection between Vala and Daniel -- the information for a necklace, the necklace for a power coil, the power coil for a ship. Meanwhile, the International Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee between them are gutting Stargate Command's financing down to almost nothing.



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