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General info

Stargate program

The Russians took the Giza DHD from the Germans after WWII. (Watergate)

Had a stargate program of sorts going before even getting a stargate -- someone recognized DHD symbols in a Russian archaeologist's report and suppressed the knowledge, and the Russians later added that gate address to the ones supplied by Colonel Maybourne. (The Tomb)

Salvaged the original gate from the ocean after it crashed (Nemesis) and set up their own secret program, aided with info from the NID, with Maybourne as an onsite advisor. (Watergate)

During one mission, they captured one of Cronus's Jaffa and held him prisoner, leaving that fact out of the official records. (Desperate Measures)

Had their own version of an NID based in Russian Army Intelligence, running secret missions beyond the ones that were logged to gain technology. Whoever was in charge of it still had pull a year later -- gave secret orders to the Russian rescue team to make getting the Eye of Tiamat a priority. (The Tomb)

Left a team of four offworld for 10 months after their program was shut down rather than admit to having unauthorized missions. (The Tomb)

Official program had only gone to 37 other gates before it was shut down. (The Tomb)

If that number is right (i.e., that they actually went to them all, not just that they had addresses for them), they were whipping through planets at an incredible rate -- according to Jack, they had to call in the SGC to help with the water-gate after a month.)

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Cooperation/alliance with SGC

The Pentagon has made a deal with the Russians, to share information and technology gained through the stargate as long as the Russians decommission  their salvaged gate. (Watergate, Chain Reaction, Absolute Power)

Neither Russia nor the US is holding up their end of the agreement between them -- which both sides acknowledge. (The Tomb, 48 Hours)

The Russians have been pushing for more direct involvement in the stargate program. (The Tomb)

The Russians are willing to do at least the minimum: on request, they contacted and then brought home eight teams caught offworld when Teal'c got trapped in the stargate. (48 Hours)

Despite his government's agreement to SGC terms, Colonel Chekhov, in charge of dealing with Major Davis and Daniel (sent to request help and the Russian DHD), was still very angry about the lack of sharing and about the death of the three Russian soldiers in The Tomb, and at first refused to do more than contact and bring home the stranded SG teams. He used SGC's need of his help to make demands his government hasn't, looking for something of " significant value" in return for the use of their DHD, unwilling to simply be walked over by SGC interests. (48 Hours)

Demanded that a Russian team be permanently stationed on the SGC base, all mission reports go through the Russian onsite officer, and all technology procured and developed as a result of stargate travel -- past, present, and future -- be shared equally. (48 Hours)

To back up these demands, he pointed out that the DHD means that the Russians could ensure that their stargate remains the dominant one. (48 Hours)

Thanks to Daniel's ability to cut to the heart of things, he agreed to loan the DHD as long as he can come with it to see exactly what happens, in return for naquadah generator technology. (48 Hours)

After it's loaned to SGC to rescue Teal'c, the DHD is destroyed in a backlash of energy. (48 Hours)

Russia now has a naquadah-generator program, supervised by Dr. McKay (formerly of Area 51). (Redemption, part 2)

Russia rented the Giza gate to the SGC after the Antarctic gate had to be taken offworld to explode. (Redemption, part 2)

Terms of the loan:


The plans for the X-302 and X-303.

A Russian officer on SG-1.

The final term will not be met -- Jack added Jonas Quinn instead, having no wish at all for a Russian on his team. He suggested " throwing them a bone" by giving them their own team instead. So it's possible that the Russians have their own unit at the SGC. (Redemption, part 2)

Confirmation of a Russian team working through the SGC came in Metamorphosis. The officer leading the team, Lt. Col. Sergei Ivanov, was a smart, capable man -- very good choice for an SG team leader.

The cover story they were giving (along with US officials) to explain the explosion of Anubis's crashed ha'tak vessel was that the missile sub Rostov was less than 75 kilometers from the impact of the " meteor" that fell into the Pacific, and was severely damaged by the shockwave: the sub sank to the bottom. The United States, in the spirit of international cooperation, sent a deep-submergence rescue vehicle from Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, the Rostov's reactor went critical before the rescue vehicle arrived on the scene. (According to Chinese intelligence reports, the Rostov was taking on supplies at the harbor in Vladivostok when it supposedly exploded on the ocean floor. Whoops.) (Disclosure)

From all appearances, other governments didn't believe this or other cover stories, from either the Russians or the Americans, but none of them had figured out what was really going on -- just that clearly, the Americans were up to something, and the Russians were going along. (Disclosure)

Russian cosmonauts knew about the battle with Anubis over Antarctica, and were pretty pissed about the amount of debris left behind, some of which nearly hit the International Space Station while a Russian team was aboard it. (Lockdown)

When Colonel Alexei Vaselov requested a transfer to the SGC, the Russians began pressuring Jack to put him on SG-1. (Lockdown)

The Russian military and administration were very nearly duped into starting a nuclear war by Goa'uld who had infested General Miroslav Kiselev and former US vice president Kinsey -- Kinsey made it look like he was trying to assassinate Kiselev, who responded to this " threat" by pushing the Russian military into ever higher levels of alert, until finally reaching full military preparedness (apparently the equivalent of Defcon 1). (Full Alert)

By the time Kiselev was starting to take action on his own, without authorization (taking a missile site and preparing to launch), Mikhailov had been contacted by Jack and Chekhov with word of Kiselev's probable status as a Goa'uld. Shortly after that, the Russians stood down, with the silo doors closing and bombers returning to base. (Full Alert)

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X = dead

Doctor Britski X

Russian archaeologist, trapped with the team caught offworld after the Russian stargate program was shut down. (The Tomb)

He died along with all the others. (The Tomb)

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Colonel Chekhov

First interaction with the SGC was when he arrived to debrief Lt. Tolinev, the only survivor of the rescue mission to try to save an abandoned Russian team. He was a friend of Colonel Zukhov's, who died on the mission. (The Tomb)

Chekhov was the person who dealt with Daniel and Major Davis's request for the use of the DHD.  Despite his own misgivings, he agreed to loan it to the SGC, then had to watch as it was accidentally blown up to save Teal'c. (48 Hours)

By 2002, he had become the official Russian envoy to the SGC. (Redemption, part 1)

In exchange for continued cooperation and the plans for the X-302, Chekhov offered to allow the SGC to rent the Giza gate when the Antarctic gate is destroyed to save the Earth. Also insisted that a Russian officer be added to SG-1, but Jack pre-empted that by adding Jonas Quinn. (Redemption, part 2)

He was the Russian representative at the disclosure meeting -- and far more skilled at schmoozing than any of the Americans. (Disclosure)

He did his damnedest to talk the ambassadors into going along, going so far as to get the Chinese ambassador alone and start wooing him with reports about how much the SGC was spending on the program, and how much better it was to reap the rewards (after R& D, and a decent amount of testing, all on America's dime) without paying the price. (Disclosure)

He supported the SGC's position completely during the meeting. (Disclosure)

As of mid-2004, his aide (" right-hand man" ) was Captain Daria Voronkova. (Full Alert)

Arrived at the SGC as things got dicey in Moscow, trying to help Jack figure out what was going on over there by using some of his own sources, since offcial channels weren't telling either of them much of anything. (Full Alert)

He didn't want things to escalate any more than Jack did, and suggested contacting his friends in the General Staff and getting them to present a united front against escalation, hoping that it would give President Mikhailov sufficient leverage  against  General  Kiselev's  pressure to consider options other than going to full forces. He believed it was worth the risk of angering Kiselev and possibly making things worse. (Full Alert)

He also knew a few people on President Mikhailov's personal staff, and was willing to use those contacts to get a direct line to Mikhailov -- who wasn't taking calls from anyone at the time. Once Sam had come up with the photographic proof that Kiselev was probably Goa'ulded -- he was no longer wearing glasses, and he'd had glaucoma -- Chekhov put the call into motion. (Full Alert)

He was highly relieved when his people stood down after a tense few minutes after the contact with Mikhailov was broken just as Kiselev had started to make an unauthorized move toward launching first-strike missiles. (Full Alert)

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Ruslan Chernovshev

He was General Kiselev's Chief of Staff / right-hand man. (Full Alert)

He was part of the plot to sell a captured Goa'uld symbiote to the rogue NID (later known as the Trust) in 2001 (the events of Desperate Measures). (Full Alert)

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Major Valentine Kirensky X 

Commander of a rogue Russian team (similar to a rogue NID team) that was trapped offworld when the official Russian stargate program was shut down.  (The Tomb)

He died offworld along with his entire team. (The Tomb)

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General Miroslav Kiselev


Graduated with a gold medal from Malinovskiy Tank Academy. (Full Alert)

Scroll down about half of this page if you want information about the academy and what/how it teaches/taught  -- nb, this is a US military page, not a Russian one.

Received the Hero of Russia (the  country's  highest  honorary  title)  for his distinguished leadership  in Chechnya. (Full Alert)

Commanded the Carpathian Military District Iron Division, then the 14th Army, in the Transcaucasus Military District. (Full Alert)

He was head of the General Staff Academy for five years before being appointed defense minister. (Full Alert)

After the fall of Communism, he was one of the officers assigned to pursue secret talks with the West aimed at military cooperation. (Full Alert)

He was a hard-liner, coming to the talks as though the Western powers were the ones at a disadvantage. (Full Alert)

According to Kinsey, the two of them developed a " mutual respect" during the talks. (Full Alert)

As of 2004, he was the Russian Defense Minister, with operational authority over all of Russia's armed forces, including the nuclear arsenal. (Full Alert)

He was suspicious of American global influence and highly critical of what he called " NATO expansion plans" . (Full Alert)

In 2004, he was infested with a Goa'uld symbiote brought back to Earth by Trust agents who'd been captured and infested by Goa'uld themselves. The symbiote cured his glaucoma, relieving him of the need to wear glasses. It also began its doing part in a plot to force the Russians and Americans into a massive nuclear conflict. (Full Alert)

After what appeared to be an assassination attempt on his life by former US vice president Kinsey, who had clearly been infested with a Goa'uld (i.e., anyone could see that Kinsey was a Goa'uld, from his eyes and voice), he started pressuring President Mikhailov to move against the United States, saying that the US administration was compromised. (Full Alert)

When some General Staff officers started opposing the escalation of tensions, Kiselev had them arrested on trumped-up charges. At the same time, he sent men after Daniel, who was in the cell with the Goa'uld questioning him. When his men drew weapons, Daniel beamed out with Kinsey in tow. (Full Alert)

Kiselev began trying to take action himself without authorization to finally push things past the point of no return: his men went after missile site 537 and apparently took control, with the silos opening and evidence of a firefight on the ground being caught by satellite. (Full Alert)

Shortly after that, the silo doors closed and Russian bombers turned for home -- Kiselev had failed. He was presumably either captured or killed, no idea which. (Full Alert)

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Anatole Konstantinov X

At one point, he served in the Russian Air Force with Alexi Vaselov, an old friend. (Lockdown)

He was a cosmonaut who did a tour aboard the International Space Station around the time of the battle with Anubis over Antarctica. He was pretty annoyed by the leftover debris, and the need to delicately steer the space station around it so it didn't get damaged. (Lockdown)

He was infested by Anubis when the space station nearly collided with a piece of debris. (Lockdown)

Less than a week after his ISS mission was complete, Konstantinov died in a Moscow hospital, officially of renal failure. Unofficially, the medical establishment had no clue what had killed him, only that he'd exhibited memory loss, skin lesions, and an elevated white blood count. (Lockdown)

His body couldn't handle containing Anubis's energy form. (Lockdown)

Right before he died, his old friend Alexi Vaselov came to visit him, and was infested with Anubis. (Lockdown)

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Lieutenant Marchenko X

Assigned to travel offworld with the team that went with SG-1 to rescue an abandoned offworld Russian team from the active Russian stargate program. (The Tomb)

He was crushed by a stone doorway trying to get out as the ziggurat began a partial collapse. (The Tomb)

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Doctor Svetlana Markov

Brilliant physicist, on a par with Sam. (Watergate)

She ran the science aspects of the Russian stargate program, and when the Russians got into trouble with it specifically requested SG-1's help. (Watergate)

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President Mikhailov

President of Russia (obviously). (Full Alert)

He's spoken directly with Jack at some point in the past, apparently on good terms (" It's good to speak with you again" ). (Full Alert)

When the Russians foiled what they thought was an assassination attempt against General Kiselev, disovering the " assassin" was a Goa'uld who'd infested Kinsey, they went to a heightened state of alert on the assumption that the US administration had been compromised. Mikhailov wasn't happy with the situation, but was under heavy pressure from his military advisors -- mainly Kiselev. (Full Alert)

By the time the Russians had escalated to full military preparedness (in turn pushing the United States to Defcon 1), Mikhailov had stopped taking calls even from the White House, convinced that the administration was completely compromised. (Full Alert)

Despite that, he accepted a highly irregular call from Chekhov that came through back channels (personal friends of Chekhov's on Mikhailov's personal staff), and agreed to listen to what Jack and Chekhov had to say, even when they said that Kiselev was likely a Goa'uld. He let them send proof, but before he could say anything about it, Kiselev made his move, attempting to launch first-strike missiles without authorization. (Full Alert)

Whether because of the first-strike attempt or the evidence that Kiselev was a Goa'uld, Mikhailov clearly took control of the situation, likely using the list of sympathetic generals Chekhov had sent him to retake Russia's military and stop Kiselev. (Full Alert)

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Colonel Sokalov X

Commander of the Russian stargate program. (Watergate)

When the lifeform they had inadvertently brought back with them began attacking/infesting people trying to get back home, Sokalov activated the " Extreme Measures" protocol. (Watergate)

The program sealed their gate room, disconnected the DHD from the stargate, and released " Substance 35" , a non-persistent nerve gas that evaporates after three hours. (Watergate)

He died along with everyone else on the base, barring the lifeform and Maybourne (nearly frozen to death in a kitchen freezer). (Watergate)

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Lieutenant Tolinev

Assigned to travel offworld with the team that went with SG-1 to rescue an abandoned offworld Russian team from the active Russian stargate program. (The Tomb)

She was bitten by the creature that had been trapped in the sarcophagus with Marduk (and had eventually been infested with Marduk), and nearly died, but was brought back to the SGC in time to recover fully. (The Tomb)

Colonel Chekhov wasn't pleased with her report, expecting her to lay a lot more blame at SG-1's door for what had happened to the rest of the Russian team. Tolinev was the only survivor. (The Tomb)

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Major Vallarin X

Assigned to travel offworld with the team that went with SG-1 to rescue an abandoned offworld Russian team from the active Russian stargate program. (The Tomb)

He was infested with a Goa'uld (Marduk), and eventually died. (The Tomb)

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Colonel Alexi Vaselov X

Colonel in the Russian Air Force. (Lockdown)

Had a sister living in Bryansk. (Lockdown)

Served with Anatole Konstantinov, an old friend, before Konstantinov became a cosmonaut. (Lockdown)

One of the most highly-decorated officers in Russian history in the Russian Air Force, including the High Order of Russia and the Gold Star. (Lockdown)

His experience included more than 3,000 flight hours on more than 35 types of aircraft and prototypes. (Lockdown)

While visiting his friend Konstantinov  in the hospital, Vaselov was taken over by Anubis, who used him to gain access to the SGC. (Lockdown)

The faux-Vaselov specifically requested a transfer to the SGC, and once there, tried buttering Jack up to get the open spot on SG-1. When Jack refused, he asked for any spot, on any team. When Jack continued to refuse, saying that without proper training, Vaselov wasn't going near the gate, " Vaselov" asked to be allowed to go through as a noncombat observer with an exploration team. Jack still said no. (Lockdown)

During a conversation with Daniel about Jack's refusal, Vaselov collapsed and was rushed to the infirmary. (Lockdown)

Anubis had to have known the body was failing, and also that he had a better shot of getting through the stargate inside Daniel, so he jumped hosts when Daniel reached to see if Vaselov was all right. (Lockdown)

Vaselov had lesions over 40% of his body and a highly elevated white blood count. (Lockdown)

He had no memory at all of what had happened to him -- the last thing he remembered was being in Russia, visiting his friend in the hospital. (Lockdown)

He blamed himself for causing the lockdown and Daniel's condition, even when Teal'c assured him that it hadn't been his fault in any way. (Lockdown)

Despite Dr. Brightman's best efforts, Vaselov's condition continued to deteriorate: his exposure to Anubis had lasted too long, and his immune system had been affected. He wasn't responding to treatment at all, so all they could do was try to manage his pain. (Lockdown)

Brightman figured he had one, maybe two weeks, tops, to live. (Lockdown)

Vaselov didn't know the specifics, but he knew that he was in bad shape because everyone was being so careful not to tell him anything. He knew he wasn't going to live for very long. (Lockdown)

He asked Daniel to send a letter he'd written to his sister after the lockdown ended, knowing he wouldn't be able to do it himself. (Lockdown)

A week or so later, Vaselov noticed that the power was flickering, and then that the self-destruct was set (the countdown was announced over the PA). He got up out of his bed to see what he could do to help. (Lockdown)

He headed straight for the gateroom, and when he saw Jack (possessed by Anubis) standing in front of the ramp and an active wormhole, he charged in and tackled Jack, getting his sidearm away from him (pistol, not zat). (Lockdown)

He knew Anubis needed a body to go through the gate, and gave him an ultimatum: use Vaselov's, or Vaselov would kill Jack and himself, leaving Anubis with no options. Anubis went for it, and re-possessed him. (Lockdown)

Vaselov's sacrifice wasn't in vain -- Sam had reprogrammed the dialing sequence, and sent Anubis through to a world where the stargate was on a glacier so cold that Vaselov went to his knees and froze to death just a few steps through the stargate. (Lockdown)

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Captain Daria Voronkova

Colonel Chekhov's " right-hand man" . (Full Alert)

When she heard she'd be meeting Daniel, she expected a drab, pasty-faced, middle-aged academic. She was pleasantly surprised by the reality. (Full Alert)

She wasn't impressed with Daniel's level of conversational Russian, deciding that they'd stick to English instead. (Full Alert)

She took over very quickly, telling him that she was his guide and would set up any meetings or trips he needed, but that if he went out on his own she couldn't protect him, and if he lied to her or tried to mislead  her, she wouldn't protect him. (Full Alert)

She got Daniel in to see the Goa'ulded Kinsey, and tried to get him out when Kiselev's men showed up to take Daniel -- Daniel grabbed Kinsey and beamed out, leaving her behind. (Full Alert)

It's not clear if she was left alone or was taken into custody by Kiselev's men. If the latter, no idea what happened to her. (Full Alert)

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Colonel Zukhov X

Friend of Colonel Chekhov's, and Jack's Russian counterpart. (The Tomb)

He blew himself up in an attempt to kill the Goa'uld that had inhabited Lt. Marchenko, to keep it from getting its hands on the Eye of Tiamat. His death gave Jack a chance to escape, and to finish the job Zukhov started by blowing the entire ziggurat up. (The Tomb)

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