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Episode Summaries: Season Six

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Sixth Season -- 2002



Redemption, part 1

While Teal'c is offworld attending Drey'auc's funeral and trying to re-establish a relationship with a very angry Rya'c, the SGC comes under attack from Anubis, who is using an Ancient device to begin overloading the SGC stargate, trapping them on Earth with no way to call for help.

Redemption, part 2

Teal'c, Bra'tac, Rya'c, and Rak'nor travel to the world Anubis is launching his attack from, and Teal'c, Rya'c, and Bra'tac take on his Jaffa. Rya'c manages to use a death glider to take out the Ancient device Anubis is using for his attack. Back on Earth, Jonas Quinn gives Sam an idea -- remove the stargate entirely, and launch it into space so that when it finally overloads, it does no harm. Jonas joins SG-1.


Anubis abandons a mothership near Earth, and Jacob and SG-1 go off to investigate. The ship crashes into the Pacific, trapping them aboard, with Thor's consciousness trapped in the computer system and an auto-destruct counting down. They have to find a way to rescue Thor and escape to the surface before they drown or the ship explodes.


A humanoid form is found buried deep in the Antarctic ice, and SG-1 travels to the SGC research station there to see what's going on. The woman, Ayiana, is still alive -- they believe her to be one of the Ancients. She's a carrier of a deadly disease that begins striking down people on the base. Although she also manages to cure several people, she doesn't have the strength to heal Jack, who worsens nearly to the point of death. The Tok'ra offer to blend him with a symbiote to save his life. On his deathbed, Jack agrees, and is taken through the stargate with them.


With Jack still among the Tok'ra being healed, Sam, Teal'c, and Jonas go to a small town in the Pacific Northwest where some odd things are being reported. They discover that the townspeople have been infested with infant cloned Goa'uld -- the rogue NID is standing around watching and waiting for the clones to finish building a spaceship, which they planned to take control of. The symbiotes managed to infest some of the NID, as well, and SG-1 had to stop things before the infestation spread to Washington.


Jack's symbiote hijacks his body to one of Baal's world, but leaves him when Jaffa catch up to them. That leaves Jack alone and very confused, facing extreme torture. Daniel appears to him in the cell he's kept in between torture sessions, trying to convince Jack to ascend to keep him from being repeatedly put in the sarcophagus and revived every time Baal kills him.


The Kelownans contact Earth again in hopes of gaining military assistance against their neighbors. While SG-1 is dealing with the official end of things (and refusing to give military aid of any sort), Dr. Kieran contacts them and tells them he's part of a resistance working for peace, and asks for their help. B y the time they realize he's suffering from schizophrenia, it's too late -- he's badly injured from a fall, and the Kelownans are on the brink of war.

The Other Guys

Drs. Felger and Coombs ring up to a Goa'uld ship from an alien world when they see SG-1 being taken captive. Felger wants to be a hero and rescue them. SG-1 doesn't want to be rescued -- they're on their way to see an undercover Tok'ra, pretending to be a loyal lieutenant to Anubis. The Tok'ra is disovered, and SG-1 is captured for real, leaving Felger and Coombs as their only hope of escape.


Fleeing a Goa'uld attack, many Tok'ra wind up on the alpha site, where a lot of Jaffa are living. Tensions between the two groups start high and get higher when people start dying. Eventually it becomes clear that an ashrak with an invisibility device has come through the stargate with the Tok'ra, and is sowing as much discord as possible. The only way to defeat it is for Jaffa, Tok'ra, and Tau'ri to work together.


On Pangara, SG-1 stumbles across a medical experiment that's been going on for decades: using an imprisoned Goa'uld queen to produce thousands, maybe millions, of symbiotes to be used in the production of a drug called tretonin, which makes the user completely impervious to any ailment. A little research shows that the "Goa'uld" is actually Egeria, queen of the Tok'ra.


A tv reporter who's heard rumors about the stargate program is shown the under-construction X-303 (the Prometheus) instead. Unbeknownst to her, her camera crew consists of rogue-NID plants working for Simmons, who in turn is working with Adrian Conrad. They get Simmons and Conrad aboard, then take off in search of a planet with a cache of weapons. Jack and Teal'c manage to sneak aboard before the ship leaves orbit, and take out the bad guys, but the ship is stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no way to get back home. (continued in Unnatural Selection)

Unnatural Selection

Thor arrives on the stranded Prometheus, asking for SG-1's help. The Replicators have been lured to an Asgard homeworld, but have somehow interfered with the temporal bomb the Asgard left behind to trap them. Thor sends SG-1 in to repair the bomb, but when they arrive, they discover that the Replicators have learned to evolve into a humanoid form, and have plans of their own.

Sight Unseen

An Ancient device recovered by SG-1 begins causing what appears to be hallucinations of giant bugs crawling all over the place. As the effect spreads to Colorado Springs, the SGC discovers that what it's really doing is making a parallel plane of existence visible to the naked eye.

Smoke and Mirrors

Jack is very skillfully framed for the attempted assassination of Senator Kinsey, and the rest of SG-1 has to figure out what happened and why, to clear his name. They learn that someone has stolen some of the mimic devices left over from the alien invasion during Foothold, and trace it back to the rogue NID. Sam infiltrates a meeting with the people backing the rogue NID using another mimic device, and gets them to admit their complicity on tape.

Paradise Lost

Jack and Maybourne are stranded on a world that was supposed to be a utopia, but that appears to be more of a charnel house, with nothing but skeletons populating the village they find.


The Russian team finds evidence of Nirrti's whereabouts -- she's found another planet where she can experiment on the local population to try to create a hok'tar. The Russians and SG-1 go back to the planet to investigate, and SG-1 is captured by the locals, who willingly worship Nirrti, believing she's helping them. She's altering their genetic structure to give them more mental powers (telepathy, telekinesis, etc.), but the physical side effects include serious deformities. She takes a special interest in Jonas, but Jack manages to convince the local telepath to look into her mind, and when he discovers the truth of her plans for them, the telekinetic kills her.


The ambassadors from the other permanent members of the UN Security Council are called to a meeting where the SGC program is disclosed in full. Kinsey wants them to remove Hammond and the military from control, and hand it over to the NID, which he claims is inherently more trustworthy as a civilian organization. Thor's intervention convinces the ambassadors to stick with Hammond. (Clip episode.)


The team finds a stranded crew of humans from the Hebridan civilization, who need help repairing their ship. They claim to be under attack from escaped alien prisoners, but their story doesn't ring entirely true, and SG-1 discovers that the aliens are the only survivors of real crew of the ship, a prison transport that crashed while bringing the human survivors to a prison world.

The Changeling

Teal'c and Bra'tac are the only survivors of a massacre of rebel Jaffa, and to keep them both alive, Teal'c shares Junior between them for three days. While waiting for rescue, the badly injured Teal'c hallucinates that he's T, a firefighter facing an operation to donate one of his kidneys to his stepfather Brae. Daniel appeared to him in the hallucinations as a psychiatrist, who helped him figure out what was real.


On its shakedown cruise, the Prometheus runs into trouble: its hyperdrive buffer failed. Trying to make a short hyperspace jump overloads the naquadria reactor, and they have to jettison it and land on a planet where the locals' history only goes back a few hundred years. They've erased all knowledge from before then, to erase all knowlede of Heru'ur -- including the stargate. Jonas and Teal'c have to find and unbury the stargate with the help of a local historian, while Jack and the Prometheus commander deal with the local political situation.


On a world formerly ruled by Baal (and since taken over by Mot), SG-1 agrees to help the locals rebel and win their freedom. Jonas begins getting flashes of precognition, but can't tell if his warnings are stopping problems or causing them.

Full Circle

Daniel appears to Jack to tell him that the Abydonians are in danger: Anubis is on his way there to gain the last of the Six Eyes, and he'll destroy Abydos to get it. SG-1 heads off to help, but can't do the job alone. Daniel, fed up with not being able to do anything as an Ascendant, challenges Anubis, but Oma Desala interferes before Daniel has a chance to take any real action, sending him away somewhere. Anubis gains the Eye. Oma ascends all the Abydonians before Anubis destroys Ra's temple, causing massive earthquakes in the area. SG-1 escapes through the stargate just in time.



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