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Episode Summaries: Season One

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First Season -- 1997



Children of the Gods

(90-minute pilot, broken into two episodes for syndication.) With the Stargate Program almost completely shut down, Apophis comes through Earth's stargate, killing several soldiers and kidnapping a sergeant. Jack O'Neill is recalled from retirement, and sent through the stargate to fetch Daniel Jackson. Apophis kidnaps Daniel's wife and brother-in-law shortly thereafter, and Daniel joins the SGC specifically to get his wife back. SG-1 is formed (Jack, Daniel, Samantha Carter) and heads for Chulak along with SG-2 -- they fail to rescue Sha're and Skaara, but save a lot of prisoners, and win Teal'c to their side. Before they make it home, Kawalsky is infested with a Goa'uld.

The Enemy Within

The Goa'ulded Kawalsky attempts to escape the SGC, but is captured. Surgery to remove the symbiote fails, and Jack and Teal'c must team up to kill Kawalsky. Teal'c's actions in helping to save the base win him a spot on SG-1.


SG-1 travels to Simarka, where descendents of the Mongols live. Sam is kidnapped by a youth who wants to trade her to another tribe in return for the girl he loves, and things get complicated. Eventually, Sam needs to fight a chief to win the girl's freedom.

The Broca Divide

On a mission to what they hope is the Goa'uld homeworld, SG-3 and SG-1 are exposed to a local virus and unknowingly bring it back to the SGC, where people start physically reverting to a more primitive form.

First Commandment

The leader of SG-9 -- Sam's former fiance -- goes nuts and sets himself up as a god to native mudmen.

Cold Lazarus

A crystalline life form nearly kills Jack, thinking he's an enemy. To rectify the situation, the alien impersonates him and goes searching for Charlie, hoping to heal Jack's pain. By the time it's started to figure out that dead means "gone" for humans, its structural integrity is failing, and it badly needs to get back home.

The Nox

When the DoD starts complaining about how little advanced tech the SGC has recovered, Teal'c volunteers knowledge of a planet with an invisible animal. SG-1 travels there but runs afoul of Apophis, who kills Jack, Sam, and Daniel. The Nox whisk them away and heal them, but want no part of any fight, and eventually shoo SG-1 off home and close off their stargate to prevent any return.

Brief Candle

Jack is unknowingly infested with nanites that age him rapidly after a pretty girl offers him some cake.

Thor's Hammer

SG-1 travels to Cimmeria, where Thor has set up protections. When Teal'c is transported away, Jack goes with him, and they wind up wandering through a cave system with a Goa'ulded Unas trailing them. Sam and Daniel befriend the local headwoman, Gairwyn, who brings them to a guide, Kendra, who can show them where Jack and Teal'c will come out, if they can escape the caves.

The Torment of Tantalus

Declassified film gives Daniel evidence that a man went through the stargate in the 1940s, and he finds out it was Catherine Langford's fiance, Ernest Littlefield. SG-1 talks Hammond into letting them stage a rescue mission, which nearly traps them on Ernest's planet with a non-working DHD in a castle rapidly crumbling into the sea.


Teal'c is increasingly worried about the son he left behind, who is now old enough for his Prim'ta. He admits to having a family, and SG-1 goes to Chulak to save the boy. But Rya'c is very ill, and without a symbiote won't survive.

Fire and Water

Jack, Sam, and Teal'c return to the SGC convinced that Daniel has died horribly in fire. While they get debriefed and hold a memorial service and wake, Daniel is being interrogated in an underwater dome by Nem, an alien looking for traces of his mate, lost to him 4,000 years ago.


Hathor is awakened from her sarcophagus in a Mayan temple, and finds her way to the SGC, where she proceeds to put all the men on base under her "spell" by breathing a pink chemical on them. The women figure out what's going on, and with Teal'c's help they save the base.


Nirrti wipes out an SG team and almost all the Hankans, except one -- Cassandra. SG-1 finds her and brings her home, only to discover that she's a living booby-trap -- Nirrti has planted a bomb in her chest. They move her to a safe facility where the bomb won't hurt anyone else, which turns out to be far enough away from the stargate to deactivate it.


SG-1 goes to a village where Teal'c once killed someone, and he's accused of murder. He willingly goes on trial, totally prepared to accept any punishment, and it's up to his teammates to try to convince the locals that he's a changed man.


On a world being destroyed by massive volcanic activity, SG-1 comes across a handful of survivors, and brings them back to the SGC. They're Tollans, and are pissed at being rescued by such primitives. While Maybourne tries like hell to get control of them, Daniel concocts a plan to get them safely to the Nox.


Jack and Sam are separated from Daniel and Teal'c while gating home, and land on what they believe is an ice planet. In reality, they're in Antarctica, where they came through a second stargate buried in an ice cave.

Tin Man

In an underground facility on Altair, SG-1's bodies and neural patterns are copied as robots -- who are unaware they're anything but the originals. When the truth comes out, the robot team is forced by circumstances to stay behind on Altair while the original team returns home.

There But for the Grace of God

Daniel touches a quantum mirror, which instantly shifts him to an alternate reality. He gates home, to find a different world, one where Jack is the general in charge of the SGC, Daniel himself has nothing to do with it, and Apophis's forces, led by Teal'c, have been busily conquering the world. Daniel figures out where the attack was launched from, and flees home to bring them the information to prevent a similar attack.


Senator Kinsey arrives at the SGC, convinced it's too big, too secret, too dangerous, and too expensive, and after reviewing several mission files, shuts the program down. (Clip episode.)

Within the Serpent's Grasp (1)

Daniel, still convinced an attack by ship is imminent, talks the rest of SG-1 into going through the gate to the coordinates he brought back from the alternate reality. They wind up on Klorel's mothership, on its way to destroy Earth. They plant C-4 all over the place to blow the ship, then realize that they're much closer to Earth than they thought, and Apophis's ship will be unharmed.



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