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General info

An alliance of Goa'uld resistance, dedicated to wiping out the System Lords (In the Line of Duty).

To accomplish this, the Tok'ra developed a poison -- two gases that, when mixed, create a toxin strong enough to kill any symbiote that breathes it in. It's not harmful to humans per se, although any host will die as well from the toxins released by the dying symbiote inside. After the main crop (post-second-dynasty) of ranking System Lords were destroyed, the Tok'ra planned to sweep through the disorganized remnants of the empire and use the poison against all the Goa'uld they could find. (Summit)

It took weeks to synthesize, and the Tok'ra only ever managed to produce a small amount before Revanna was destroyed. Sam took the crystal with the data on it. (Summit)

The Tok'ra hadn't worked out a way to save the Jaffa who will die without the symbiotes that currently sustain them, but considered that an acceptable price for the destruction of the System Lords. (Summit)

They kept track of the Goa'uld -- who's doing what, where. At least at one point, the Tok'ra council was taking a Goa'uld 'census' of sorts -- where the System Lords have positioned themselves, what domains they rule, who serves under them. (Seth)

Known for their ability to conceal their tracks -- they're stealthy types. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Get very offended at being called Goa'uld. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Tok'ra don't use the sarcophagus, fearing it will 'drain the good from [their] hearts'. (Tok'ra, part 1)

They infiltrate Goa'uld society to try to destroy it from within. Infiltrators have been caught on ships that the SGC has destroyed. (Tok'ra)

The Tok'ra get word of the impending Goa'uld attack from an agent in the Shoran'ka System (Tok'ra, part 2)

After the destruction of the 'second Goa'uld dynasty', the Tok'ra developed new insurgency techniques. (Summit)

The Tok'ra have been trying to find a particular Ancient device for a long, long time -- the healing device from which the Goa'uld Telchak developed the sarcophagus. The Tok'ra want to find it and use it to fix the sarcophagus technology, so that everyone can benefit from it. (Evolution, part 1)

Tok'ra numbers have diminished over the years because of a lack of hosts: they won't take any host unwillingly, forming a truly symbiotic relationship.(Tok'ra)

The host seems to have a pretty strong effect on the symbiote's personality -- Selmak was apparently a barrel of laughs while in Saroosh, but seems to have lost a lot of that pure humor as part of Jacob (as well as switching gender-identities from 'she' to 'he'). (Tok'ra, part 2)

Garshaw (female host) is refered to as 'Master Garshaw' -- presumably the English translation of a gender-neutral term of leadership/control. (Tok'ra, part 2)

Tok'ra symbiotes enter through the mouth, not the back of the neck -- their hosts are not horrified by the experience, so they don't have to worry about remembering horror/terror in their reflections after they're blended. (Tok'ra, part two)

Tok'ra keep no secrets from each other (in theory), and therefore have no doors anywhere on their bases. Anyone can go anywhere. (Tok'ra, part one)

The bases consist of caves, created with crystals designed to build rooms and corridors as needed, so the Tok'ra can settle into a base very quickly, expanding the cave system as new needs arise. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Arrogant. On first meeting SG-1, the Tok'ra couldn't imagine what they meant by 'alliance' if it wasn't 'we're offering to be hosts' -- they considered the Tau'ri to be too weak and primitive to be able to help them in any other way. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Allied with Earth in the form of the SGC. They were given a remote access code signaling device (GDO) to contact Earth, and left behind the Tollan sub-space transmitter enabling Earth to contact the Tok'ra in the future. (Serpent's Song)

One of their highest laws prohibits symbiotes from using their hosts. (Allegiance)

Tok'ra operatives have orders never to allow themselves to be taken alive, taking special precautions to ensure that the brain is not left intact, so a sarcophagus can't be used to revive them. Although the system isn't foolproof, the Tok'ra (with the exception of Jacob) won't admit it. (Death Knell)

The Tok'ra took part in the big battle against Anubis by providing information -- as much as possible about Anubis' new ship and weapon (which wasn't much, since their operative couldn't get aboard the new ship, and the Tok'ra couldn't crack the encryption codes Anubis used to protect his computer systems), and by planting the fake tablet leading to the planet where Daniel had descended, which the Tok'ra, the SGC, and the remaining System Lords had set up as a trap. (Fallen)

Had an operative on P5S-117 (one of Baal's principal naquadah mining sites). (Avenger 2.0)

They remain unhappy about the SGC's program to develop hybrid ships, believing that Earth isn't ready for such advanced technology. (Death Knell)

Five Tok'ra were lost in the attack on the alpha site. (Death Knell)

Since meeting the Tau'ri, the Tok'ra have lost more people than in the hundred years before that, as a result of the Tau'ri tendency to provoke direct confrontation. They have begun to believe that the alliance may be something they can't afford. (Death Knell)

After the confusion and distrust engendered by the ashrak on the alpha site, the Tok'ra decided that their alliance(s) with the Tau'ri and Jaffa were more trouble than they were worth, and officially dissolved them. There seemed to be no real hard feelings, though -- they just wanted to be able to pursue their own agenda more freely. (Death Knell)

Despite having no official alliance left with the Tau'ri, the Tok'ra continued to get information to the SGC when possible. When the war between the System Lords and Baal began to reach a critical stage, the Tok'ra passed along word of which System Lords had died,  which had capitulated, and which were trying for a final stand against Baal, as well as the warning that some of the remaining System Lords were actively seeking out refuge in the form of planets they'd abandoned long ago. (It's Good to Be King)

The Tok'ra tagged as many Goa'uld ships as possible over recent years, to be able to track them. As of late 2004, there were beacons on more than a hundred motherships, transmitting their locations via subspace to an encoded Tok'ra network. (Reckoning part 1)

With a receiver, they could pull up a screen showing where the ships were and how they were moving, as well as tap into the Tok'ra network, with current updates from Tok'ra agents in the field. They'd never shared this technology with the Tau'ri because the High Council never thought it could trust them with it. (Reckoning part 1)

The frequency of the beacons,  at  least  those  within  one  quadrant, was identical: 162.145. (Reckoning part 1)

Clearly, they weren't necessarily being tagged as specific ships, although it's possible that each System Lord's ships as a whole were given a different frequency, to track the movements of specific armies. That's speculation, though. (Reckoning part 1)

There were Tok'ra operatives in Baal's inner circle, including a high-ranking lieutenant. (Reckoning part 1)

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High Council

Consists of the most respected members of the Tok'ra, who make the major policy decisions for the group (assign missions, make treaties, etc.)

Councilors, at various times (unknown what the turnover rate is):

Persus (supreme high councilor)





The council restricted access to zatarc research, keeping Sam from finding anything out during the months that she requested information after she shot Martouf. (Summit)

Requests for mission reports are supposed to be made in person to the council, not called in. But exceptions can be made. (Abyss)

Only the High Council can decide to put a spy in a System Lord's ranks. (Death Knell)

The High Council had begun to worry about Selmak's loyalties, with many members (including Delek) believing that Jacob was too great an influence on him, and that he'd grown too close to the Tau'ri. (Death Knell)

Because they assumed Selmak would agree with Jacob that the Tau'ri had a right to know (which he later confirmed was true), the council met without him and placed a Tok'ra spy high up in Olokun's ranks, refusing to admit that fact to anyone. (Death Knell)

When the Jaffa, who suspected the operative's existence and high placement in Olokun's ranks, asked the Tok'ra to assassinate Olokun rather than let his battle with Anubis continue, the Tok'ra denied all knowledge. In reality, they considered an assassination out of the question, because they couldn't be sure how many of Olokun's Jaffa would join the rebellion, and wouldn't risk handing the entire army over to Anubis. So, instead, thousands of Jaffa died. (Death Knell)

The High Council decided to withdraw all Tok'ra from the beta site and formally end their alliance with Earth, feeling that the inevitable demand for full disclosure of all operatives' missions and locations (which Hammond confirmed was non-negotiable) was too high a price -- secrecy was always the greatest Tok'ra weapon. The dissolution of the alliance was fairly non-acrimonious, though. (Death Knell)

Despite severing official ties with the SGC, the Tok'ra didn't cut off all contact. The SGC contacted them (with no apparent difficulty) looking for information about where Baal might be holding SG-1 the Tok'ra didn't have any info to give them. (Zero Hour)

Despite the Tok'ra council's growing distrust of Jacob, when the SGC sent word about his and Selmak's imminent death, several Tok'ra responded, asking to be able to pay their respects. Jacob said they could come. (Threads)

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Funeral practices

The dead are placed on a high bier in front of a stargate, and after ritual words are spoken ('Arik tree-ac te kek' ['We do not surrender, even in death'] by one ranking Tok'ra (Malek), followed by 'Tak mal arik tiak' ['You will not be forgotten'] by another (Selmak)), the gate is activated, vaporizing the bier in the kawhoosh's path. (Allegiance)

It's forbidden to speak during the ritual. (Allegiance)

It's not clear whether this is a full standard funeral or a cobbled-together rite by Tok'ra in a refugee situation with no recourse to more traditional rituals. (Allegiance)

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Tok'ra and Jaffa

There are no Jaffa within the Tok'ra ranks. (Crossroads)

While developing the poison meant to wipe out the System Lords, the Tok'ra hadn't worked out a way to save the Jaffa who would die without the symbiotes that currently sustain them, but considered that an acceptable price for the destruction of the System Lords. (Summit)

Tok'ra don't trust even rebel Jaffa, as a rule. (Allegiance)

The Tok'ra developed a new version of tretonin, the drug made of 'ground Goa'uld' (in Jack's words) used by the Pangarans to prolong their lives. The new version was designed specifically for Jaffa, to replace the effects of having a symbiote. Out of necessity, the drug was first tried on Teal'c and Bra'tac. (The Changeling)

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Usually temporary, and are formed by crystals that are designed to create (grow) tunnels underground, which can also be destroyed/filled in with crystals (Tok'ra, parts 1 & 2, Summit).

The Tok'ra can grow tunnels quickly, but only grow them as they're needed, adding corridors and chambers only when necessary. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Each crystal is a different shape and size, and creates a different tunnel. By carefully choosing the kind of rock to tunnel through, the Tok'ra can avoid making air shafts -- the rock releases enough oxygen to keep them alive until they can get lifesupport set up. After that, the only way in is via transport rings. In addition to the main ring room, the bases have a secondary ring room for emergencies. (Summit)

They seem to use one main base at a time, although there are never all that many Tok'ra there at once -- most are out on missions.


The Tok'ra base for many years -- a desert world. (Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know, Crossroads, Divide and Conquer, Exodus) It was destroyed after the Tok'ra abandoned it and blew up the local sun in an attempt to wipe out as much of Apophis's fleet as possible. (Exodus)


Where the Tok'ra moved to after Vorash was destroyed -- a forested world (or at least, they set up shop in a forested area). They'd been there only a short time before the Goa'uld found out about it and attacked, destroying most of the tunnels and equipment, and killing every Tok'ra on the planet. The attack was led by Zipacna, working for Anubis. (Summit, Last Stand)

Risa system:

New Tok'ra base after the destruction of Revanna. Didn't last long: an ashrak infiltrated (using invisibility technology) and cleared the way for Anubis to attack and destroy the base, forcing the few remaining Tok'ra (less than 1/4 survived) to flee to the SGC's alpha site, after being unable to dial the SGC itself because of other incoming traffic. (Allegiance)

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Known Tok'ra

(host/symbiote, where known) X = dead

Aldwin X

Had orders from the Tok'ra High Council to launch a weapon at the core of Netu, causing a chain reaction within 12 minutes that would destroy Netu as well as Sokar's ship in orbit. Without Teal'c's intervention, this would also have killed SG-1, Martouf, and Jacob/Selmak. (The Devil You Know)

He badly misinterpreted Teal'c's reasoning for leaving Netu and returning to the Tok'ra with the recording of Apophis threatening him: Aldwin assumed that Teal'c's overriding concern was to pass along the information of Sokar's upcoming attack on the System Lords, saying that it could prove invaluable. Teal'c had really come back looking for help in mounting a rescue of 'my friends and your fellow Tok'ra'. (The Devil You Know)

He agreed with Teal'c that if there were time when they arrived, it would be possible to still attempt a rescue, but added that if Sokar's ship was in orbit, they would have to launch the weapon -- he said this was war, and they didn't dare risk Sokar rising to dominance among the Goa'uld, even if it cost their friends' lives. (The Devil You Know)

When they got there, Sokar was in orbit, and Aldwin launched the weapon even though Sam had just contacted them (he had to pull a zat on Teal'c to do it). When Teal'c said there was still time to help the others escape, Aldwin said it would be suicide, and that they should leave immediately. (The Devil You Know)

Teal'c disarmed him and put him in a cargo hold, locking him in. Aldwin was relatively helpful once he realized that aiding the escape was the only option Teal'c was going to allow, shouting instructions from behind the locked door about how to properly intercept the ring-transporter matter stream so as not to miss any of it, since the slightest error would kill those transporting out. (The Devil You Know)

He's the Tok'ra who came to Earth to verify that Shifu was the Harsesis, by using the zatarc-detecting device (Absolute Power).

When SG-17, a new team, went to Revanna for the first time, Aldwin was their guide/lecturer, explaining things like how the Tok'ra tunnels work. He died in the attack on Revanna. (Summit)

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Symbiote name unknown.

A boy created by 'Mother' (working for, or part of, the Reetou Central Authority). He was modified to be able to see/hear Reetou, so that he could act as an intermediary between them and humans in order to warn the SGC about the rebel faction that had dedicated itself to wiping out all humans, and particularly the ultimate source of all humans -- Earth. But because they didn't know enough about humans, they made him a bit wrong, and on top of that they forced his growth, so that by the time he reached the SGC he was effectively dying. The Tok'ra took him to save his life. No word on what happened to him after he became a Tok'ra. (Show and Tell)

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Cordesh X

Betrayed the Tok'ra to the Goa'uld, then after Cordesh jumped bodies, the host killed himself in the vanishing tunnels.

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Host's name unknown.

A member of the Tok'ra High Council. (Death Knell)

He went to the SGC to help sort out the question of how Anubis found out about the location of the second alpha site (it's not clear if he was on the alpha site and escaped, or if he was simply brought in as a Tok'ra leader). When Hammond asked him flat-out if the Tok'ra had an operative in Olokun's ranks, as the Jaffa suspected, Delek replied that he was 'unable to discuss such matters at the present time.' He and the rest of the High Council (barring Jacob/Selmak) believed that the locations of their operatives had no bearing on anything related to the SGC, including the security of the alpha site, and thus refused to share information about it (the alliance terms required full disclosure on anything of joint concern). (Death Knell)

When Jacob confronted him about having knowledge withheld from him, Delek first snarked about the fact that he was talking to the host, then when Selmak took over, basically told him that many Tok'ra, including the High Council, no longer trusted him because of his association with Jacob. He said that Tau'ri were dangerous as hosts, because their will had not been weakened by thousands of years of slavery. (Death Knell)

At a meeting between all three races (represented by Hammond and Daniel, Delek and Jacob, and M'zel), Delek pointed out that more Tok'ra have died since they met the Tau'ri than died in the hundred years previous. He believed that the alliance was something they could no longer afford. (Death Knell)

At a second meeting between the same representatives, Delek announced that the High Council had decided to withdraw all Tok'ra from the beta site, effectively dissolving their alliance with the SGC. The price (in terms of being forced to give up their secrecy, which was always their greatest strength) was too high for them. (Death Knell)

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Egeria X

The queen/mother of the Tok'ra (Upgrades)

Reports of her death some 2,000 years ago were greatly exaggerated, apparently. Rather than being killed on Earth by Ra (timeline screwup -- Ra was overthrown much more than 2,000 years ago), she was imprisoned on the planet Pangara. (Probably began her life as an actual System Lord -- the System Lords are willing to kill lesser Goa'uld, but tend to imprison/exile their own, regardless of the severity of their crimes.) (Cure)

Millennia later, she was found (hostless) by the humans still living there, and used for medical experiments for 50 years or more. For the last 30 years of that, she was used to breed symbiotes that the Pangarans used to create tretonin, a medicine that rendered them impervious to all ailments. (Cure)

As her only defense, and only protection for her offspring, she deliberately forbore from passing on any of her genetic knowledge, leaving them nothing but mentally empty shells. She also deliberately passed on a flawed gene, in hopes of making her offspring useless as a source for tretonin -- the medication didn't work anywhere near as well as it should. Instead, the Pangarans just started making greater quantities of the flawed medication, distributing it to more and more people, dooming them all to death. (Cure)

She began to suffer massive cellular degeneration, and was approaching death when SG-1 arrived on the planet. (Cure)

A Tok'ra, Kelmaa, gave up her own life to leave a host for Egeria to inhabit, which allowed her to talk to Malek, SG-1, and the Pangarans, explaining what she'd done and giving them the antidote -- she'd never intended to get them addicted to the medicine. (Cure)

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Elliot/Lantash X

Elliot was badly hurt during his first SG mission when the Goa'uld attacked Revanna, and Lantash, whose tank had been destroyed in the same attack, tried to save them both by entering Elliot. Elliot found out all about Lantash and Jolinar, Martouf and Sam, and Lantash and Sam, because of the memories he shared with Lantash. Including the fact that Lantash loved Sam just as he once loved Jolinar. (Summit)

Lantash's knowledge got him, Jack, Sam, and Teal'c up to the surface where they had a shot at escape, but his and Elliot's combined injuries were too severe for him to heal. When Daniel and Jacob caught up with them, Elliot offered to take the symbiote poison and stay behind, as a living booby trap. He either died from his injuries or, if he lived long enough to release it, from the symbiote poison. (Last Stand)

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A Tok'ra archaeologist. (Upgrades)

First interaction with the SGC was to use SG-1 for human trials of an alien technology -- armbands that increased natural physical ability tremendously. Almost got SG-1 killed. (Upgrades)

Second interaction was negotiating to allow Shan'auc a Jaffa priestess, to give them her symbiote as a new Tok'ra. Anise and the others were aware that the symbiote could be a double agent, but allowed it anyway, and didn't take steps to protect Shan'auc, who died as a result. (Crossroads)

Third interaction was during negotiations for a formal treaty between the US president and the Tok'ra High Council, when she brought out new technology she had developed, which can theoretically find out if someone's been programmed by the Goa'uld as an assassin (a 'zatarc'). Decided that Jack and Sam were zatarcs before they decided that the reason the machine had read deception was that they couldn't admit what they felt for each other. (Divide and Conquer)

Next interaction was completely offscreen, being yelled at by Daniel for not being helpful enough. (Tangent)

Freya has a thing for Jack, Anise has a thing for Daniel. (Divide and Conquer)

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Hebron lived on a planet wiped out by the Goa'uld. (Crossroads)

The Tok'ra recruited him to be Tanith's host, telling him he might wind up being used as a counterspy in Goa'uld ranks for the dissemination of misinformation. (Crossroads)

Tanith was the symbiote carried by Shan'auc, who convinced her that he hated the Goa'uld and everything they did, and that he wanted to be a Tok'ra. He was lying, and later, having taken Hebron as a host, he killed her for her temerity in daring to tell him, her god, what he should think or feel.

Tanight believed that the Tok'ra were taken in by him, and that he was acting as a concealed spy for the Goa'uld in the Tok'ra ranks. In reality, the Tok'ra knew what he was, and were using him to spread misinformation to the Goa'uld when possible. (Crossroads)

Gave at least one piece of useful info to the Tok'ra: the location of the meeting between Apophis and Heru'ur. (Serpent's Venom)

Over several months, the Tok'ra fed him enough misinformation to keep Apophis otherwise occupied while they save hundreds of lives and pull agents out of dangerous situations. When the Tok'ra had a chance to move their home base, they decided it was too risky to keep Tanith around, and told him they knew about him. He escaped custody, though, and managed to badly injure or kill Teal'c and take him to Apophis. (Exodus)

(all further info is under Minor Goa'uld, Tanith)

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Jacob/Selmak X

To cure a fatal cancer, Jacob Carter agreed to become a Tok'ra host -- thus saving Selmak's life as well. Selmak's former host was Saroosh. (Tok'ra, part 2)

One reason Jacob started warming to the idea -- and to Selmak -- was that Selmak was quite the snarky old broad while in Saroosh. Jacob was suffering from not only cancer, but also arthritis, before he was blended with Selmak, who cured both. (Tok'ra, part 2)

As a USAF general, he had enough pull to shoehorn Sam into NASA, ahead of a mile-long waiting list, if she was willing to go talk to the head of NASA to get things rolling (Secrets).

Still wears his wedding band. (Show and Tell)

Gave up coffee because Selmak didn't like it. (Death Knell)

He was hurt when his son Mark wouldn't come to visit him on his deathbed, but was too proud to go to him and mend fences. Selmak was willing to say so, but Jacob refused to admit it, claiming that he didn't consider Mark his son anymore. (Seth)

Selmak requested a mission to go find Seth on Earth, specifically to push Jacob into seeing Mark. (Seth)

Jacob was still having none of it until they actually found Seth, and found a father whose son had been in the compound for nine months, and who was desperate for even a glimpse of him. (Seth)

After Seth was taken care of, Jacob and Sam went to San Diego to see Mark, and Jacob made the first move by hugging his son (who hugged back after a minute). (Seth)

On a mission to gather information about a planned widespread attack against the System Lords by Sokar, he was captured and held on Netu -- Hell -- where he was brutally tortured, very nearly to death. He spent four days in captivity before Martouf and SG-1 arrived to rescue him. (Jolinar's Memories)

Jacob is getting more Tok'ra'ish all the time.

In Tangent, he told Sam she shouldn't have touched death-glider technology, that it was too advanced for the infantile Tau'ri.

In Exodus, he basically tells Jack the same thing for why Jack should give Cronus's ha'tak to the Tok'ra.

Is often away on missions.

One mission had him pretending to be a minor Goa'uld in Yu's service. He used that connection to get Daniel onto Yu's planet, armed with a chemical that will make Daniel appear to those around him as someone trusted and with a poison that will wipe out any symbiote that breathes it, and sent Daniel in to serve as a personal attendant to Yu during a meeting of System Lords so that Daniel could kill them all. (Summit)

He's gotten more relaxed around SG-1 as time goes on: during the mission to kill the System Lords, he refers to Daniel as 'Danny' three times (once on Revanna during the briefing, once in transit to Yu's planet, and once while crashing into Revanna on their return.) (Summit, Last Stand)

The SGC tried to contact him for help when Daniel was dying of radiation, but he was off on a mission to recover the last remaining undercover Tok'ra. He eventually arrived at the SGC, but by then Daniel was so far gone that Selmak wasn't sure they could save him -- or that if they could, that they could restore him to full health. He attempted it anyway, stopping only when Jack asked him to. (Meridian)

Had to stand there and know that he couldn't do anything to keep Sam from drowning. (Descent)

The only Tok'ra to know the location of the SGC's alpha site, and is very careful not to let anyone else see the address when he's forced to dial it to save the remnants of the Tok'ra as they fled Anubis's attack on their base in the Risa system. (Allegiance)

Used his influence to try to keep a lid on a volatile situation on the SGC's alpha site, as the Tok'ra and Jaffa were unwittingly turned against each other by an invisible ashrak. In a showdown where two lines (one Jaffa, one Tok'ra) pulled weapons on each other, Jacob was the only one to remain unarmed, and yelled the Tok'ra leader's name, presumably to keep him from shooting Raknor. (Allegiance)

Continued his role as peacemaker after Malek (erroneously) reported Bra'tac as dead at the hands of an invisible enemy, when Teal'c tried to throttle Malek for not helping Bra'tac and Jacob talked him out of it. (Allegiance)

Was called in to help with clone!Jack (before anyone knew he was a clone), but couldn't do anything but offer to cryogenically freeze him, in hopes that one day the Tok'ra would develop the medical technology to heal the clone's failing body. Clone!Jack had no intention of letting the Tok'ra do any such thing, regardless of Jacob's promises that they wouldn't blend him with a Tok'ra symbiote. (Fragile Balance)

Helped Sam examine the body of the genetically engineered warrior that Teal'c and Bra'tac found, and determined that it may have been created with a form of an Ancient healing device (the precursor to the sarcophagus), the original of which was hidden in a Mayan temple in southern Honduras (for the Goa'uld Telchak). (Evolution, part 1)

Jacob/Selmak volunteered to wear the captured supersoldier's armor to walk through the forcefield protecting the Tartarus stargate, so he could deactivate the planet's sensor array and allow a scout ship carrying Sam, Teal'c, and Bra'tac to land without being detected. When he made it to Tartarus, Thoth intercepted him before he could disable the sensors, and began a preliminary analysis, but was called away by Anubis, leaving Jacob free to continue his mission. (Evolution, part 2)

He was a member of the Tok'ra High Council, but it's not clear if he's always been on the council, or if it's a rotating sort of position. (Death Knell)

Selmak has been a leader of the Tok'ra from the very beginning, before some other Tok'ra had even taken hosts. (Death Knell)

He was on the alpha site with Sam, working on the weapon designed to counteract Anubis's drones' (supersoldiers') reanimation technology, when the base came under attack by Anubis's forces. A drone entered the lab where they were working. Jacob took him out with two blasts of the prototype weapon (only 70% effective). They headed for the hills together, with another drone after them, when the self-destruct went off. Jacob wound up trapped with a tree on his leg, with no idea of where Sam was or if she was alive, and could only assume that the drone had survived as well. He handed off his weapon, with only a few shots left in it, to Jack when Jack, Daniel, and Teal'c found him. Daniel brought him back to the SGC. Jacob believed that the prototype was the whole reason for the attack -- the first drone knew exactly what lab to enter, and Jacob and Sam were the only people to get actively chased. (Death Knell)

He was unaware of the existence of a Tok'ra spy in Olokun's ranks, despite being a member of the Tok'ra High Council. He was pretty pissed when he found out the rest of the council had been keeping things from him, and confronted Delek, only to discover that the Tok'ra were increasingly distrustful of his loyalties (thinking Jacob was too strong an influence on Selmak), and were cutting him out of the loop as a result. (Death Knell)

After telling Hammond that he'd done as much as he could, and was out of the loop, Jacob wanted to go back to the alpha site to look for Sam. Hammond asked him to go to the beta site instead, to help control the rapidly escalating-out-of-control situation there between the Jaffa and the Tok'ra. (Death Knell)

Jacob asked M'zel to accomany him to help calm the situation. When M'zel got a bit shirty about it, Selmak pointed out that the tretonin that offered freedom from the Goa'uld had been discovered at the cost of millions of Tok'ra symbiote lives, including Egeria's, and that cooperation was the only way they were all going to survive. Mzel still refused to help, saying that until the other Tok'ra agreed with Jacob, reconciliation would be impossible. (Death Knell)

When the High Council decided to walk away from the alliance with the SGC, Jacob/Selmak left with them, in hopes of being able to mend some fences. He wasn't sure when he would be able to come back. (Death Knell)

When the Replicators invaded the galaxy and started taking on the Goa'uld, Jacob went to Earth to tell Jack. While he was at it, he stole a Tok'ra receiver that could tap into the encoded Tok'ra subspace network, both to spy on the movements of 'tagged' Goa'uld ships and to hear current reports from Tok'ra agents in the field. (Reckoning part 1)

When Baal started losing faster and faster, he suggested to Jack that they get him a message advising him to change his tactics: pull back and stop fighting the Replicators so aggressively, so they'd back off as well. Jack balked, pointing out that Teal'c and the rebel Jaffa were counting on Baal's armies being too busy with the Replicators to pay attention to Dakara and the temple there, so they could make their strike against it. Jacob believed that the Jaffa effort was doomed from the start, and that they couldn't risk the galaxy on such a long shot. (Reckoning part 1)

Despite strong reservations, he managed to keep working on the Ancient device that he and Sam found even with Baal giving unwanted (but often useful) advice. When Baal had to leave because his ship was losing lifesupport and other functions during the battle with the Replicators over Dakara, Jacob was thoroughly creeped out by Sam's sincere thanks and Baal's sincere 'good luck' in return. (Reckoning part 2)

Jacob managed to finish the adjustments to the weapon's control panel just in time, and activated it moments before the Replicators would have overrun their position. Afterward, he collapsed a bit against the console, but told Sam nothing was wrong. (Reckoning part 2)

Jacob had known for weeks that Selmak was dying, but refused to let him go, believing he needed Selmak's help to figure out the Ancient weapon on Dakara. Selmak slipped into a coma after the Replicators were destroyed, leaving no chance that he'd be able to exit Jacob without killing him. (Threads)

He travelled to the SGC and finally met Pete. (Threads)

He let Pete stammer and stumble his way through the meeting, not giving him much in the way of help to make things easier. It didn't get any better when Pete started asking if Jacob had one of 'those things' in his head, saying it must be weird. (Threads)

When Sam pushed him for his reaction, he said 'He seems nice' -- not exactly the enthused approval Sam was hoping for. He claimed that Selmak really liked Pete, though. (Threads)

Later, when Pete interrupted a meeting by calling Sam, including on a base phone (telling Walter it was 'urgent' that he speak to her), Jacob was even less impressed. He took the opportunity to tweak Sam a bit, though, saying (in front of everyone) 'Weren't you supposed to meet Pete at the florist this morning?' and pushing it a bit when she tried to deny it. -- through gritted teeth. Jacob was very pleased with himself when Jack chimed in to tell Sam to 'go pick flowers', since it was her day off anyway. Sam was not amused. (Threads)

In a meeting with Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Bra'tac about the Ancient weapon on Dakara, where they all agreed that the weapon was too dangerous and had to go, Jack suggested to Jacob that the Tok'ra do it (since the Jaffa already hate them, and they might not be happy about the destruction of the weapon on their new world without their agreement). Jacob admitted that there might already be a plan in place to do just that, but that he and Selmak were too out of the loop to be sure. (Threads)

Jacob was put in the infirmary when his body began failing -- Selmak was dying, and too weak to save Jacob from his death. Selmak should have died weeks earlier, but Jacob hadn't let him go, believing that he needed Selmak's help to stop the Replicators. He'd hung on too long so he could help with the Ancient weapon on Dakara. (Threads)

When the SGC sent word to the Tok'ra and word came back that several Tok'ra would like to visit and pay their respects, Jacob agreed to let them come. (Threads)

His dying words were to Sam: 'Love you.' (late 2004) (Threads)

top | known Tok'ra


Host's name unknown.

She caught SG-1's distress signal and came to render assistance after they rode the asteroid through Earth. (Failsafe)

top | known Tok'ra


Host's name unknown.

He flew to the planet where Jack and Maybourne disappeared and scanned it for human lifeforms, but found nothing. (Paradise Lost)

top | known Tok'ra

Kanan X

The symbiote who was blended with Jack to save Jack' life and to give the Tok'ra a chance to retrieve Kanan's intell. (Frozen, Abyss)

According to Thoran, Kanan would willingly seek another host as soon as possible, and would sacrifice himself rather than remain in an unwilling host for an unreasonable length of time (undefined). (Frozen)

Died on one of Baal's strongholds, after using Jack's body to get him there in an attempt to rescue Baal's lo'taur, Shallan, with whom he'd fallen in love during an earlier mission. (Abyss)

He left Jack's body (via Jack's mouth) when Baal's Jaffa caught up to them, presumably to keep Baal from finding out what he knew -- he had kept Jack completely suppressed during his week or so of occupation. (Abyss)

His final mission before that was as an operative aboard a mothership in Zipacna's fleet. He escaped during a battle with Yu's forces. (Abyss)

top | known Tok'ra


Host's name unknown.

Went along with Malek to Pangara, to try to sort out the problem the Pangarans were having with tretonin. When she discovered that it was Egeria being used to breed the symbiotes for the medication, and that the Pangarans were unlikely to let her go because of how many of their people would die without tretonin, she broke into the manufacturing facility and offered her host to her queen, sacrificing her own life. (Cure)

top | known Tok'ra


Host's name unknown.

He was a spy in Sokar's ranks, who feared he had been discovered. He stole one of Sokar's cargo ships and fled to PJ6-877 -- the closest planet with a stargate that wasn't under Goa'uld control. It took him several weeks to get there. (Deadman Switch)

Aris Boch was waiting for him when he got there. (Deadman Switch)

He was badly injured when Jack, Teal'c, and Daniel captured him, believing him to be a Goa'uld named Kel'tar -- Aris Boch had set them up, knowing they'd never go after a Tok'ra. (Deadman Switch)

Korra was insistent that he would not be returned to Sokar -- there were other Tok'ra operatives in Sokar's ranks, and he didn't want to give Sokar a chance to extract the information about them from him. (Deadman Switch)

When Aris recaptured them all, he tried to take poison rather than be handed over. Aris shot him to stop him. (Deadman Switch)

Teal'c traded his life for the unconscious Korra's, convincing Aris to take him to Sokar instead, and Jack, Daniel, and Sam got Korra out. (Deadman Switch)

top | known Tok'ra


Host's name unknown.

Commander of the Tok'ra base in the Risa system. (Allegiance)

Refers to Jacob/Selmak as Jacob, not Selmak, until he specifically wants to ask Selmak a question. (Allegiance)

Seemed to be very reasonable for a Tok'ra -- even when asked to do things that offended him (like trust the Jaffa), he bowed to necessity with decent grace. But he nearly co-instigated a bloodbath:

When Raknor pushed the point of Artok having been killed by grabbing Malek's arm, Malek threw him off and caused twin lines of Jaffa and Tok'ra to pull weapons on each other, clearly prepared to use them. Jacob yelled Malek's name to keep him from shooting Raknor (presumably) and Jack appeared to be the voice of reason a moment later. (Allegiance)

Afterward, Malek was teamed with Jack and Bra'tac to hunt down the saboteur/assassin. (Allegiance)

He appears to have learned special ops hand signals somewhere along the line, having no difficulty understanding what Jack signaled him to do. (Allegiance)

Didn't know how to handle the invisible attacker when the ashrak went after him and Bra'tac, and let Bra'tac be taken. (Allegiance)

He didn't follow when Bra'tac was dragged away (just sat there holding his zat looking totally freaked), instead running off -- and straight into Jack -- and reporting Bra'tac as dead. (Allegiance)

Teal'c nearly throttled him to death when he found out -- with no interference from Jack or anyone else, until Jacob finally stepped in and pointed out that Bra'tac wouldn't want it. (Allegiance)

Redeemed himself (somewhat) by coming up with the way to see the invisible ashrak -- generating a high-frequency EM field. (Allegiance)

SG-1 brought him to Pangara to help figure out why a Goa'ulded man was basically a vegetable instead of a Goa'uld. (Cure)

He found out about the Pangarans's medical experiments on a Goa'uld queen and her offspring, and had no problem with that at all until he found out that it was Egeria they were experimenting on, at which point he demanded immediate cessation. (Cure)

top | known Tok'ra

Martouf/Lantash X

Mate to Jolinar for more than 100 years. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Transferred his affections to Sam after Jolinar died.

Fairly high-ranking among the Tok'ra, by all appearances.

At some point, he'd seen Abydos -- described Rosha's hair as 'the color of the sands of Abydos'.

The last night he spent with Jolinar before she was captured by Sokar, they walked along the ridge of Noctana, with two moons out. They didn't speak of her leaving, and stayed up all night together. (Jolinar's Memories)

After Jolinar escaped from Netu, he implored her to tell him, or anyone, how she'd escaped, but she refused to speak of it. He believed (correctly) that it was because she'd had to do things that would distress him. (Jolinar's Memories)

He tried to get Sam to be Selmak's new host, out of a desire to have Jolinar back in his life in some way. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Went to the SGC to bring Sam news of her father's capture by Sokar. He believed they could attempt a rescue if Sam could find the memories involving Jolinar's escape from Netu, using a memory recall device. He wouldn't allow more than SG-1 to go on the mission, to cut down the chances of discovery. While Selmak's recovery was a high priority, the Tok'ra had something more important in mind. They believed that Sokar was about to launch an attack against the System Lords. Martouf was adamant about finding out whatever information Selmak had gathered about the attack. (Jolinar's Memories)

If Sam proved unable to remember how Jolinar escaped, Martouf intended to go down to Netu alone, rather than risking anyone on SG-1. He planned to try to get information about the attack and relay it up to SG-1 aboard the teltac, for them to bring back to the Tok'ra. (This didn't go over very big with Jack.) (Jolinar's Memories)

He was captured along with Sam, Jack, and Daniel by Bynarr on Netu. Later, when they had found Jacob and were trying to escape, Apophis recaptured them.

Martouf was tortured like the others, forced to swallow the Blood of Sokar and have a memory device implanted, to relive memories that would cause him to give up vital information about the Tok'ra to Apophis. Eventually, Apophis brought Sam in, hypnotically suggesting to Martouf that she was Jolinar, and threatened to kill her. Under that threat, Martouf appeared to crack, giving up the Tok'ra base on Entac. Entac was a primitive planet with no Tok'ra, though -- he lied. He also knew Sam wasn't Jolinar. (The Devil You Know)

Turned into a zatarc and then killed in Divide and Conquer. The body was taken back to Vorash and held in stasis for several months, but eventually the Tok'ra decided that the damage was too great -- Lantash would probably be unable to heal both himself and Martouf. Lantash was removed from Martouf, who died -- and was presumably studied for proof/evidence of zatarc-tampering. Lantash was held in a tank while he slowly healed, and moved with the rest of the Tok'ra to Revanna. When the Goa'uld attacked Revanna, Lantash's tank was destroyed, and he did the only thing he could to survive -- he entered Lt. Elliot's body, which was nearby, badly hurt by the attack. (Summit)

It's possible that the choice to let Martouf die while saving Lantash was at least partly so that the Tok'ra could examine his brain tissue and further their zatarc research. (Summit)

top | known Tok'ra

Ocker X

Host's name unknown.

Chief of security on the Tok'ra base in the Risa system. (Allegiance)

Doesn't trust or like Jaffa. (Allegiance)

Died at the hands of an ashrak (probably working for Anubis). (Allegiance)

top | known Tok'ra


Supreme High Councilor of the Tok'ra. Came to Earth to sign an official treaty with the US president that outlines a new alliance in the fight against the Goa'uld. (Divide and Conquer)

top | known Tok'ra

'Dr. Raully'

No idea what her actual name is.

She was the Tok'ra infiltrator on Hathor's base, who managed to get word out that Hathor had SG-1, then later risked discovery by putting the freshly Goa'ulded Jack into cryogenic freeze to kill the symbiote before it could fully blend with him. (Into the Fire)

She was masquerading as a Jaffa -- Hathor had no clue she was actually blended with a symbiote until Raully told her she was Tok'ra. (Into the Fire)

This is the only known instance of a Tok'ra infiltrating by pretending to be Jaffa -- it was probably because Hathor was working the fringes, and would be unlikely to trust a Goa'uld.

Hathor caught her at it, and slammed her against a wall using a hand device, doing a lot of damage (possibly breaking her back?). It didn't kill her, though, or at least not immediately. (Into the Fire)

When Sam showed up later looking for a sign of Hathor's massive generators, Raully told her how to get Jack out of cryofreeze, then told both Jack and Sam that the generators were in the mockup of the gateroom. She told them her symbiote might still heal her, and told them to leave. (Into the Fire)

She very probably died in the explosion when the generators blew, but there's no evidence one way or the other. (Into the Fire)

top | known Tok'ra

Ren'al X

(Closed-captioning shows no apostrophe. I'm going with's spelling, since I automatically pronounce 'Renal' as 'REEnal', and associate it with kidneys.)

Councilwoman who came to Earth to inform Hammond that the Tok'ra were safe after the evacuation of Vorash, but that there was no sign of SG-1 or Jacob/Selmak, and that Selmak was now officially regarded as a fallen war hero. (Enemies)

She was part of the team that held Martouf's body in stasis, then chose to let him die in order to save Lantash. She headed the team that modified a chemical that SG-1 got from the Reol (the race of beings that emit a chemical substance that convinces other beings that they recognize and trust the Reol, from Fifth Man), making it work on Goa'uld as well, so that Daniel could use it to get close enough to release a poison that is meant to wipe out the ranking System Lords. She died in the attack on Vorash. (Summit)

top | known Tok'ra

Rosha/Jolinar of Malkshur X

Mate to Lantash for more than 100 years. (Tok'ra, part 1)

She once tried to overthrow a System Lord but was defeated when Apophis joined the battle, and escaped during the slaughter of her armies. (In the Line of Duty)

The last night she spent with Martouf before being captured by Sokar, they walked along the ridge of Noctana, with two moons out. They didn't speak of her leaving, and stayed up all night together. (Jolinar's Memories)

After being captured by Sokar, she was badly tortured, including by torture stick. (Jolinar's Memories)

She was the only person ever known to have escaped from Netu she did it by seducing Bynarr into helping her escape. After, she was found badly injured and unconscious, floating adrift in a teltac in space. Her recovery was long and painful. She refused to speak of her escape. (Jolinar's Memories)

While escaping an ashrak (hunter/assassin), she invaded Sam. After blending with Sam, she tried to fit in.

Sam was possibly fighting her off, because Jolinar's reactions were off-kilter even though she obviously had access to Sam's memories (calling Teal'c 'just a Jaffa' -- although that was probably more cultural habit than anything else, punching Jack in the arm in a friendly way Sam would never do, calling out to Jack as 'Jack' instead of 'colonel').

Jolinar kept trying to get the SGC to help her by alternately threatening Sam and offering to free her -- she seemed surprised that no one went for it (possibly not yet understanding how much a soldier Sam was?).

When even Daniel was willing to risk Sam's life rather than let Jolinar go, she finally resorted to telling him she knew where Sha're was, and could get her back for Daniel.

She was being held on Level 12, holding room 22 -- set up as an actual jail cell, with bars and lasers to prevent her escape, and cameras recording everything.

The ashrak found her and killed her anyway, and she made sure Sam survived her death. (In the Line of Duty)

top | known Tok'ra

Saroosh X/Selmak

While in Saroosh, Selmak was referred to as 'she'. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Saroosh, just a few days shy of her 203rd birthday, was at the edge of death, and talked Jacob into taking Selmak as a host, pointing out that 'he is the oldest and wisest' of the Tok'ra. Saroosh told Jacob Selmak was 'a wonderful Tok'ra. She is selfless and caring, she's good company, she has a wonderful sense of humor. ... I've had almost 200 years of laughter thanks to Selmak. I'm biased, of course, but I believe Selmak is among the best-educated of the Tok'ra. You will probably be overwhelmed with the knowledge and wisdom you will gain upon blending.' (Tok'ra, part 2)

top | known Tok'ra


Not actually a Tok'ra, but a human who chose to stay with them. (Abyss)

She had been Baal's lo'taur, and had had an affair with Kanan when he infiltrated Baal's base during one of his missions. Kanan had left her behind, but later returned for her after he blended with Jack. Both Jack and Shallan were caught before they could get offworld -- Kanan left Jack's body and died before the capture. Jack managed to protect Shallan while he was being tortured so Baal wouldn't realize how complicit she was in the escape, and when Yu attacked Baal's outpost and gave him a shot at escaping for good, Jack brought Shallan with him. She chose to stay with the Tok'ra in order to continue Kanan's fight in his name. (Abyss)

top | known Tok'ra


Host's name unknown.

She brought information about Baal to the SGC. (Prophecy)

top | known Tok'ra


He was the Tok'ra who contacted the SGC when the stargate network started failing, to inform them that gates were starting to go offline for unknown reasons. The Tok'ra hadn't been told about the SGC's plans to infect one of Baal's principal naquadah-mining worlds with Felger's stargate virus (which Baal discovered and re-engineered into a system-wide virus). (Avenger 2.0)

top | known Tok'ra


Host's name unknown.

Councilor. (Abyss)

Came to the SGC to help heal Jack when Jack was dying of Ayiana's contagion, but Jack was too ill. Instead, Thoran offered to bring Jack back with him, to be blended with a symbiote (Kanan) that had recently lost its host. (Frozen)

Good friend of Kanan's. (Abyss)

He brought the news to the SGC that Kanan/Jack had left the Tok'ra base without a word to anyone, and were presumably lost for good.

He was held 'as a guest' by the SGC until he agreed to convince the Tok'ra to hand over Kanan's most recent mission reports. Later, when the SGC came up with a plan to use the Goa'uld to rescue Jack from Baal, Thoran threatened to break off diplomatic relations, claiming that this sort of thing was why the Tok'ra were reluctant to share information in the first place. (Abyss)

top | known Tok'ra

Yosuuf/Garshaw of Belote

A leader of the Tok'ra, very powerful (Grand Counsel). (Tok'ra, parts 1 & 2)

She's the most hunted Tok'ra of all time. (Tok'ra, parts 1 & 2)

She was pleased when SG-1 suggested an alliance, assuming they meant that they would offer up hosts for Tok'ra symbiotes. When that turned out to be emphatically not the case, she was highly dismissive of them, convinced that humans could offer nothing else but hosts. (Tok'ra, parts 1 & 2)

She wasn't alone in that attitude -- most/all of the Tok'ra at the time believed the same, convinced that the Tau'ri, like all humans, were too primitive to be any use. (Tok'ra, parts 1 & 2)

Despite both SG-1 and SG-3's help in evacuating the base during the Goa'uld attack, and despite the fact that Jack had discovered and exposed a spy in their midst that the Tok'ra had known nothing about, Garshaw was only swayed to accept an alliance between the Tok'ra and Tau'ri after Sam suggested that more terminally ill patients, like Jacob, might be convinced to become Tok'ra hosts. (Tok'ra, part 2)

It's never said what happens to her -- she's never mentioned again.

top | known Tok'ra

Zarin X

She was undercover as commander of one of Baal's  garrison on a world designated by the SGC as P3S-114, and had been since before the Tok'ra broke off their formal alliances with the Jaffa and Tau'ri. (Endgame)

Her throne room was typical Goa'uld -- warm gold colors, lit by live flames from multiple standing bowls of fire -- with plain blue hangings scattered about, including one behind the throne itself. (Endgame)

She was appalled when Teal'c and M'zel showed up, but covered until she could send her Jaffa out of the room. As soon as they were gone, she lit into the other two, saying they'd risked all three of their lives, and pointing out that as commander of the garrison, her duty was to torture them both until Baal could arrive to witness their execution. (Endgame)

While she was pointing out the horrible position they'd put her in of having to choose between saving her successful (and probably very useful to the war effort) cover and saving their lives, M'zel was overcome by his belief that the Tok'ra really were behind the symbiote-poison attacks that had already killed millions of Jaffa, and literally went for her throat, trying to throttle her. Teal'c agreed with the sentiment, but talked M'zel out of killing her anyway, because they needed information more than vengeance just then. (Endgame)

When they confronted her with their belief that the Tok'ra had used the poison to annihilate Goa'uld -- and thus also Jaffa -- Zarin was shocked, and denied it. (Endgame)

Before she could do more than assure them that the Tok'ra hadn't done it, her world was attacked by a symbiote-poison-carrying rocket. Zarin was the first to die -- presumably the symbiote's more intimate connection with its host body's internal functions made it more vulnerable than symbiotes in Jaffa pouches. (Endgame)

top | known Tok'ra




See Goa'uld biology for basics.

top | Biology


Tok'ra are descended from the same queen -- Egeria, Roman goddess of fountains and of childbirth, who was an advisor to Numa Pompilius, a legendary ruler. (Upgrades)

She broke from the Goa'uld more than 2000 years ago and came to Earth to stop the Goa'uld from taking humans as slaves [let's just ignore how incredibly badly this screws up the timeline -- grr!].(Upgrades)

Ra killed her after she founded the Tok'ra movement. (Upgrades)

Like the Goa'uld, the Tok'ra pass on knowledge through genetic memory -- since they've been out of the Goa'uld gene pool for more than 2,000 years, they're out of the loop and need Goa'uld knowledge. (Upgrades)

Tok'ra can leave a host's body without harming it (although it's difficult, and dangerous), and can jump from one host to another. (Tok'ra, part 2)

The lifespan is double that of a normal human (at least: Goa'uld seem to be able to make a human body last about 400 years w/o a sarcophagus [Seth]), but with no sarcophagi and no forced hosts, population growth is zero to negative (Tok'ra, part 1).

top | Biology



For the most part, the Tok'ra restrict themselves to Goa'uld technology, since they're infiltrators and being caught with anything else would mean exposure. See Goa'uld technology. Beyond that, they have some Tok'ra-specific technology, listed below.


Designed to work from within Tok'ra tunnels, so capable of penetrating a lot of rock. The signals are coded for safety. (The Devil You Know, Homecoming)

top | Technology

Cryogenic techniques.

(Possibly the same as Hathor was using in Out of Mind when she trie to convince Jack, Sam, and Daniel that they'd been frozen for more than 70 years?) (Fragile Balance)

top | Technology


Specifically, cave-forming crystals. Each one is designed to create a different kind of tunnel.

small square: short, straight openings

long rectangle: long straight tunnel

diamond: tunnel that angles up to the surfae

top | Technology

Force field:

One-way -- to keep things in, not out. (Evolution, part 1)

top | Technology

Holographic projector:

A small domed metallic object (about the size of a doughnut, but taller and half a sphere, rather than a thick circle) that when activated emits a three-dimensional, golden hologram of whatever it is. The image can move (rotate, etc.), in whole or in part, within the projection. (Seth, Fallen)

top | Technology

Memory device:

One part is implanted into a person's temple, and the other part touches it, activating full-sensory memories (Into the Fire). It can be adjusted for different settings of sensory responses (Jolinar's Memories).

top | Technology

Radioactive isotope

When injected, it would allow someone to move freely around Anubis's ship (and possibly any other Goa'uld ship) undetected by ship's internal sensors for eight hours. (Fallen)

top | Technology

Reanimation device:

The Tok'ra have control of Telchak's reanimation device (aka the Fountain of Youth), because the Tau'ri can't risk being around it for any length of time. Together, using this technology, Tok'ra and Tau'ri developed a weapon capable of stopping Anubis's drones (supersoldiers). (Death Knell)

top | Technology

Star-mapping technology:

Can take the image of a given world's night stars and figure out that world's location. (Evolution, part 1)

top | Technology

Symbiote removal:

This was presumably used on Klorel, to remove him from Skaara, who'd won control of his body during the Tollan triad. (see nitpick) (Pretense)

Over the years, the Tok'ra have nearly perfected the process. It involves killing the symbiote before it can release its toxins, then removing it. (Threads)

top | Technology

Warning system:

Long-range sensors detect incoming ships and send signals into deep space warning them away, in the event of a catastrophic attack. (Last Stand)

top | Technology

Zatarc-detecting device:

Based on a modified memory device, it can compare subconscious memories with conscious ones to see if someone's lying even without being aware of it. The assumption is that that sort of lie implies tampering by the Goa'uld, meaning that someone has become a zatarc.

Can also function purely as a regular lie (or deception) detector. (Allegiance)

top | Technology



See Goa'uld language


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