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General info

World is called Pangar. (Cure)

The people/government are relatively trusting: with no more than a month of radio contact behind them, they're willing to tell the SGC anything and everything about their culture, offering full access to their citizens as well -- barring the truth about the tretonin. (Cure)

Architecture/design: at least in their public meeting spaces, an interesting (and oddly comfortable) mix of Japanese and Western-feeling design tables and chairs seem Western-standard, but the walls, doors, etc. feel very Japanese -- open, light, airy, with what appears to be screens (but may well be translucent walls) separating the room from the hallway, and a step down into the room. (Cure)

Air traffic seemed to be strictly dirigible -- and there was only one in the sky. (Cure)

They discovered a Goa'uld temple a hundred years ago, and have been steadily digging at the site ever since to discover things. (Cure)

They figured out that the stargate was a way of traveling, but never figured out any addresses by themselves. (Cure)

Sixty years ago (roughly 1942), they found a symbiote (Egeria) perfectly preserved in a canopic jar, in a secret chamber under the temple, and began experimenting, first on her and then on her offspring. (Cure)

Pangar Security Contingent:

Security force that makes sure no one spills the beans about the tretonin. Has enough power/reputation to seriously worry Zenna Valk, and keep her from talking freely to Jonas and Teal'c. (Cure)


" Medicine" derived from Goa'uld symbiotes that's designed to make the human immune system impervious to any ailment, but with severe side effects -- it completely, and permanently, suppresses the immune system as soon as it enters the bloodstream, and its healing effects are temporary. It's necessary to keep taking the drug after just one dose, to remain healthy. (Cure) Tretonin didn't work on Jaffa -- Fraiser checked. (The Changeling)

Tretonin project:

Tretonin didn't work as well as it should, and the Pangarans were incapable of refining it further, despite years of trying. (Cure)

The government had been holding the Tok'ra queen, Egeria, " prisoner" to produce as many symbiotes as possible, to be turned into tretonin, unaware that she wasn't simply a Goa'uld. (Cure)

They were using her for medical experiments for about 50 years, and using her to breed symbiotes for tretonin for 30 years of that. (Cure)

Symbiotes were kept in a large building, in vats. Presumably all had naquadah in their systems, because Teal'c could sense them when he got close enough. (Cure)

Symbiotes retained their instinctive behaviors -- looking for hosts -- but were effectively harmless, unable to properly mingle with the host mind, thanks to Egeria's deliberate messing with their DNA. (Cure)

The result was a vegetative state for the host, with lower-brain and autonomic functions unaffected, but no response to other stimulus at all. (Cure)

Egeria had messed with more than her offspring's knowledge she had subtly altered their genetic makeup, making it much more difficult to analyze or create an antidote for the tretonin created from them. (Cure)

After Kelmaa sacrificed herself to give Egeria a host body, Egeria explained what she had done, giving Malek the ability to begin the process of creating a viable antidote after all before she finally died. (Cure)

Tretonin wasn't available to everyone -- it was considered a privilege that could be revoked. (Cure)

The government wanted to trade tretonin for the addresses of several Goa'uld homeworlds, uncaring of the danger. They needed to obtain a new queen to produce more symbiotes, to continue producing tretonin for the people who were de facto addicted to it. (Cure)

Known Pangarans

Commander Tegar:

Head of security? Military? Paranoid suspicious type, none too happy about letting aliens onto his world and telling them what they want to know. (Cure)

Zenna Valk:

Archaeologist. Supervisor of the temple research project that found her planet's stargate. Her father was the one to find Egeria's canopic jar in the first place. (Cure)



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