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Planet: Argos. SGC designation P3X-8596.

People whose ancestors were apparently taken from the Peloponnesus by the Goa'uld Pelops and transported to Argos, where he messed with their genetic structure to speed up the pace of their lives -- they live a hundred years in a hundred days. (Brief Candle)

They call themselves the Chosen.  Their favorite aphorism was " And to every man (or woman) the Creator gives one hundred blissful days" -- and they considered it a sin not to blissfully enjoy each one, partying all day long with good food and drink. (Brief Candle)

Each night, a hidden transmitter gave off a signal to the nanocites (nanites) infesting each Argosian to put them to sleep until sunup, and triggering the nanocites to continue the aging process. A second transmitter turned off the nanocites and woke everyone up at sunup. (Brief Candle)

SG-2 returned to the planet sometime late in 1997, to find that after the transmitters were destroyed, the Argosians reverted to human-normal, and began leading long, productive lives. (Politics)

Known Argosians:


Husband to Thetys and father to Dan-ell along with Thetys, he was the first to meet SG-1 when they came through the stargate. Blessed with a natural curiosity -- when the aging Jack asked him what he'd do if he had thousands of days of life, he instantly said he'd go exploring beyond the bounds of the Chosen's lands, to see what was there. When Jack told them all that Pelops considered them his slaves, Alekos was the first to declare himself no longer one of the Chosen. (Brief Candle)


Child of Thetys and Alekos, born right after SG-1 came through the stargate into Pelops's temple. Daniel was the midwife -- the boy was named after him. Dan-ell had a " tri-point" -- a vaguely pyramidal birthmark -- on his arm, which was believed to bring him luck. (Brief Candle)


A woman who found Jack very attractive, enough to offer him her people's traditional wedding cake and drug/seduce him into her bed. She was 30 days old at the time. She seemed genuinely fond of Jack, spending time with him as he " aged" as a result of Pelops's nanocites. (Brief Candle)


Argosian boy. (Brief Candle)


Wife of Alekos. She gave birth in Pelops's temple right after SG-1's arrival. Daniel was the midwife, and in gratitude, she named her child Dan-ell. She was 20 days old when Dan-ell was born. (Brief Candle)



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