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General info

Planet: Cimmeria. SGC designation: P3X-974

Norse-based culture.

Cimmeria is an Asgard-protected world, under the specific protection of Thor. (Thor's Hammer)

The High Council of Asgard designated Cimmeria a safe world for developing sentient species by unanimous decree, era 40.73.29. The council then informed the Goa'uld, warning them not to trespass under penalty of death, and put onworld protections in place to protect the transplanted Norse folk. (Thor's Hammer)

All Jaffa know its coordinates, to be sure that no Goa'uld ever goes there by accident. (Thor's Hammer)

The people seemed pretty fearless about anyone who came through the " portal" (stargate), fully expecting Thor's Hammer to take care of any threat. (Thor's Hammer)

They use horses for transportation and labor, although there doesn't seem to be a surfeit of them. Riding gear includes stirrups and a saddle padded with what looks like sheepskin. (Thor's Hammer)

The Cimmerians were given a box, designed by the Sagan Institute, explaining various Earth cultures and religions -- a greeting of sorts. The box itself had iridium in it, so that if they ever had to send it to Earth the SGC could analyze the residue on the iris and tell who had knocked on the door. Jack gave it to Gairwyn to pass along to Thor and his people, the next time the Cimmerians saw them. (Thor's Hammer)

They call the Asgard homeworld Thrudvang (" Thor's home in the stars," according to Gairwyn). (Thor's Hammer)

They refer to Goa'uld as " Ettins" -- the enemies of the Asgard -- and are aware that Ettins aren't human, even if they look human. (Thor's Hammer)

They know they were taken from Midgard (Earth) by Thor in ancient times, and that Thor put up the Hammer to keep them safe from the Ettins. (Thor's Hammer)

After SG-1 destroyed the Goa'uld-killing part of the Hammer to save Teal'c's life, Heru'ur invaded Cimmeria and nearly succeeded.

Heru'ur's troops had already killed off more than half the Cimmerians by the time SG-1 came through in response to Gairwyn's call for help. (Thor's Chariot)

Daniel and Sam had to find the Hall of Thor's Might and pass several tests to gain a holographic audience with Thor (the first time he appeared in his true form), and ask him for help in stopping Heru'ur. (Thor's Chariot)

After Thor arrived to drive Heru'ur off Cimmeria, he promised to leave an Asgard teacher behind to teach the Cimmerians. He also replaced Thor's Hammer, with a twist the new one was programmed not to target Teal'c, so he could return to the planet any time he wanted. (Thor's Chariot)

Thor's Hammer:

The first part of it is a tall standing stone that stands in front of the stargate, and scans everyone that comes through. Anyone that has a Goa'uld inside (host or Jaffa) is transported to a labyrinth of caves, with only one way out -- through the real Hammer, a device that kills Goa'uld while leaving the host/carrier more or less intact (it's painful as hell). (Thor's Hammer)

The scanning took a minute to kick in when SG-1 came through, which seems odd if that fact got out, anyone coming through could presumably simply hightail it out of range. (Thor's Hammer)

Once the Goa'uld or Jaffa has been transported to the caves, he's greeted by a holographic representation of a Norse warrior claiming to be Thor, and told that for the crime of trespassing on a protected world, as well as the crimes committed against the host and other life forms, the sentence is death. The caves will provide basic sustenance, nothing more, and when the Goa'uld gets tired of that, he or she must go to the Hall of Mjollnir and face the Hammer (different hammer) -- a doorway that kills any Goa'uld that goes through it, leaving only the host alive. (Thor's Hammer)

The caves contained a Goa'uld in an Unas host for centuries, maybe even a millennia, using long periods of sleep to survive -- he also killed the others who came through and ate them, and tried to do the same to Jack (by getting Teal'c to join him). No idea how he missed Kendra and her host. (Thor's Hammer)

The Hall of Thor's Might

According to ancient tales, a hall where Thor placed all of his powers to help or defend Cimmeria. Daniel and Sam thought it might be a weapons-cache of some sort. It turned out to be an obelisk in the woods. Touching the red stone in the middle of the obelisk transports one to an underground (apparently -- it's completely enclosed in rock) chamber, where a hologram of Thor gives a greeting and explains that one must be proved worthy before seeing his might. A test follows (unknown if it's always the same test presumably, this would be less effective it it were only one person involved). For Daniel, Sam, and Gairwyn, it was the illusion of the floor falling away to leave a narrow stone span across the chamber that they needed to cross when Daniel was willing to risk his own life to save Gairwyn (who had fallen after Thor shook the bridge), they passed the test, and were transported to another chamber, where they had to show wisdom by solving the riddle of the runes. (Actually, this wasn't so much about wisdom as it was about knowledge: specifically, a combination of math and language skills.) Answering the riddle meant that one was advanced enough to see Thor in his true form -- no weapons involved. (Thor's Chariot)


Known Cimmerians


Headwoman. Tough, strong, smart. Wears a tunic and trews, not a dress. Carried a large sword strapped to her back. Rode a horse when need be. (Thor's Hammer) Her husband and his brothers died sending the Sagan box back through the stargate to call for help from the SGC when Heru'ur attacked Cimmeria -- she lost her entire family in the attack. (Thor's Chariot)


Former Goa'uld host. Originally from a world called Jebanna, which seems to have been raided fairly often for hosts -- it was considered a curse to be beautiful there, because the Goa'uld want perfect hosts. Marduk heard about her, and raided the temple where her parents had hidden her. Her training in the temple helped her fight off the symbiote so it didn't take her over completely part of her remained herself, free. She was able to influence her Goa'uld, whispering to it of power and riches on Cimmeria, hoping to make it go there and kill them both her survival after her symbiote died was a complete surprise, and she attributed it to Thor and dedicated her life to his people and his ways. After surviving the labyrinth Kendra became something of a recluse among the Cimmerians. She could still use Goa'uld tech, and the healing device allowed her to become a healer. Despite having been a host and thus presumably knowing that " gods" is a relative term, she firmly believed in Thor as deity, and as her savior. (Thor's Hammer) She died in Heru'ur's invasion. (Thor's Chariot)


Believed that SG-1 were the direct cause of the " Ettin" invasion he thought that SG-1's evil ways in destroying Thor's Hammer brought the Ettins down on the Cimmerians. He didn't trust them at all at first sight -- even arguing with Gairwyn about it -- but agreed to guide Jack and Teal'c to show them the extent of the Goa'uld invasion, after Jack said they wanted to help and Teal'c promised to stay and fight until the Goa'uld were driven from Cimmeria. After a run-in with Heru'ur and some Jaffa (the Jaffa were holding him while Heru'ur first questioned, then ribboned him Jack and Teal'c shot the heck out of the Jaffa, freeing Olaf), and later battling with them side by side against more Jaffa, Olaf changed his mind about them. He calls them " Sons of Midgard" . (Thor's Chariot)




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