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General info

Planet: Altair. SGC designation P3X-989. (Tin Man)

Baseline human, from all appearances. (Tin Man)

The civilization began above-ground, but when the planet's biosphere could no longer support them, about 11,000 years ago, an underground complex was created by a man named Hubald, and a thousand people transferred their consciousness to synthetic bodies, so the race would survive in some fashion. The transfer process wasn't perfect, and some were lost, including Sakura, Ereath, and Tira. Hubald's new body also failed, and the survivors couldn't repair it -- all his secrets were lost with him. Of the survivors, some went through the stargate carrying small power packs, but never returned. Most of the rest suicided by going onto the surface, out of the range of the power source. Without the steady stream of power from the emitters, the synthetic bodies are only functional for a few hours. (Tin Man)

Only one final survivor remains in synthetic form: Harlan. Wallace was the last one to go before him, leaving Harlan alone. (Tin Man)

Known Altairians:


Died as a result of the initial transfer process, millennia ago. (Tin Man)


Final survivor among the synthetics.

He had gotten pretty lonely and desperate, having to care for all the machinery alone, and when SG-1 came through the stargate he knocked them all out and created synthetics of them to keep him company. Eventually they accepted their fate, and remained behind with him when the original, organic team returned home. (Tin Man)

When the synthetic team -- who had developed better power packs and gone back to fighting the Goa'uld on their own terms -- failed to return from offworld on one mission, Harlan contacted the SGC and asked for help, eventually enlisting Jack, Sam, and Teal'c to go to the planet where the synthetics had gone. (Double Jeopardy)


Creator of the underground complex that the synthetic replicas of the final survivors of the race retreated to 11,000 years ago. His new body failed, though, and he died, taking all his secrets with him and leaving the survivors to struggle along as best they could. (Tin Man)


Died as a result of the initial transfer process, millennia ago. (Tin Man)


Died as a result of the initial transfer process, millennia ago. (Tin Man)


Second-to-last survivor among the synthetics.



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