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General info

Planet -- PXY-887

Descended from the Central Coast Salish Indians.   (Spirits)

They were brought to their world by Jaffa (Serpent Jaffa, from the image on the clan-crest totem). The aliens who already lived there took on the personas of their gods, and destroyed the Goa'uld (the totem included an image of Xe-ls apparently either eating, or biting the head off, a Goa'uld symbiote most likely a larva yanked from a Jaffa pouch, rather than a full-grown, hosted Goa'uld, but no proof one way or the other). (Spirits)

The culture is much the same as it originally was -- tribal, migratory, etc. -- but has certain types of advanced tech, notably processed trinium for things like arrowheads (capable of being shot through a stargate and through the highly tempered glass of the control room in the SGC, and still going completely through Jack's arm -- very strong stuff), and into a type of fiber for creating waterproof, very strong building walls. (Spirits)

They call trinium " ke" , and consider it a gift from the gods (who send small amounts down from the mountain in the river -- if the mountain is willing the river polishes the ke until it's shiny, at which point it's ready to be shaped into whatever the Salish need. [Given what trinium is like in its raw state -- brittle enough to crumble in a person's hand -- I'm thinking the " spirits" help the polishing along a bit...]). (Spirits)

They call the stargate the " Circle of Standing Water" (Spirits)

Known Salish:


Clearly respected among his people, but not one of the elders. Smart, curious, friendly, adventurous. He willingly went through the stargate to see what other mining options the SGC could offer. (Spirits)



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