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General info

Planet is P3X-797. The local community calls itself the Land of Light. (Broca Divide)

The planet's rotation isn't, really: instead, half the planet is eternally dark, and the other eternally light (ignore the horrible science involved in this). (Broca Divide)

Their farms produce a rich harvest, and the rivers are full of fish and fowl. (Enigma)

The culture is derived from Minoan culture -- lots of bull iconography and statuary, and Grecian clothing. (Broca Divide)

The natives believe that the Heelksha -- the gods of the underworld, evil gods -- cursed people into savagery, making them violent beyond redemption. The " Touched" , as the 'cursed' are called, were driven into the dark side of the planet, to survive in the forest as what amounted to pre-human creatures, and were considered dead by their relatives and friends in fact, they were the victims of a virus. (Broca Divide)

The Goa'uld had left them alone for at least a generation when SG-1 and SG-3 found them. (Broca Divide)

" Touched" virus

A parasitical virus that feeds on alines and cholines -- chemical transmitters in the body, including neurotransmitters. As the transmitters are depleted, all but the most primitive parts of the brain shut down. The organism releases a hormone that stimulates the primitive parts of the brain that are normally dormant. It's a histaminolytic -- it breaks down histamines. Eventually, Dr. Fraiser figured out that antihistamines (specifically chlorpheniramene malleate) in high enough doses could control and even reverse the effects of the virus. (Broca Divide)

Known Untouched


Daughter of Tuplo (the headman), who was caught by the Untouched and infected. Later rescued by the SGC via antihistamine injections to counteract the infection. (Broca Divide)


Headman of some sort. (Broca Divide)

He was the first visitor from the Land of Light to visit the SGC. He offered sanctuary to the refugee Tollans the SGC had rescued from volcano-ridden Tollan, but they refused it on the rather insulting grounds that it was far too primitive a place for them. (Enigma)



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