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The Eurondans knew that they had once come from Earth after they dug up their stargate and deciphered some ancient writings. No idea how long they've been free of Goa'uld rule, but long enough to develop more than one society and a whole lotta tech. (The Other Side)


What the genetically " pure" Eurondans called the people who preferred to have babies the old-fashioned random way (more politely called the Enemy). They co-existed for centuries before the Eurondans made a pre-emptive strike and poisoned the entire planet's surface via gas pipes from beneath the surface. The Eurondans retreated underground to continue the fight and to wait for all the Breeders to die off, so they could reclaim the world for themselves. (The Other Side)

To save on resources, thousands of Eurondans were put into stasis, leaving only a relative handful awake to fight the war. (The Other Side)

Technologically, slightly ahead of Earth, but not by far -- maybe 50-100 years. Eurondan tech includes medicine, cold fusion reactors, defense field generators, and remote weapons systems. (The Other Side)

Medicine includes beta cantin, a powerful drug that can heal almost anything (including a concussion) almost instantly. (The Other Side)

Remote weapons system is aeronautical: piloting of drone ships via a direct neural interface, while the pilot remains safely underground. Very cool, but prolonged exposure to the neural interface can be damaging (pilots turn into near-total vegetables who can do nothing but pilot these drones) (The Other Side)

Tried to make a deal with Earth, trading any and all tech they had for as much heavy water as Earth could provide they needed heavy water to power their cold-fusion reactors.

Very probably all dead, with Breeders having taken over the world. After Jack and SG-1 realized that these were genetic purists who were committing genocide to ensure their purity, they turned on the Eurondans. Jack sabotaged their defense systems to allow the Breeders through, and SG-1 abandoned the world just ahead of a probably fatal Breeder attack, refusing to allow Alar to follow them (no other Eurondan was close enough to try). (The Other Side)

Known Eurondans


Leader of the Eurondans. His father helped start the civil war that had driven all the Eurondans underground and poisoned the planet's surface. He tried to create an alliance with the SGC, trading advanced tech for support in his war (in the form of heavy water, needed to power Eurondan cold-fusion generators), and nearly succeeded. When he failed, he failed spectacularly, and died along with all of his people.


Second in command.


Pilot who spent too long in the neural interface, and had turned into a near-vegetable.



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