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General info

Planet: Adora (The Ties That Bind)

The planet has at least two moons ('We would ... lie, naked, under Adora's moons'). (The Ties That Bind)

The local civilization was at least somewhat technological - several people on the planet were familiar with alien technology and had researched it well enough to know how it worked. (The Ties That Bind)

There was at least one city. (The Ties That Bind)

Near the city were the springs of Aragatan. (The Ties That Bind)

Known Adorans


He was one of the leading scientists on the planet, or at least one of the top researchers into alien technology. (The Ties That Bind)

He had a relationship with Vala - including stealing away from the city at night to bathe in the springs of Aragatan and lie naked under the moons together doing things Mitchell refused to let him go into detail about. (The Ties That Bind)

When Mitchell and Daniel arrived to ask him if he knew how the Goa'uld bracelets worked, he immediately figured out they were his stolen bracelets, and told them he wouldn't give them any information until he saw Vala again. (The Ties That Bind)

When Vala arrived he told her he was over her (and that he wasn't going to have her killed, since the lifelong memory of her callous treatment of him should be punishment enough), and all he wanted was his mother's necklace back - which Vala had stolen along with the bracelets. When it was clear he wouldn't deal unless it was returned, Mitchell promised they'd get it. (The Ties That Bind)



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