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General info

Planet: P3X-289 (Revisions)

Located about 6,000 light years from Earth. (Revisions)

Likely originally ruled by Morrigan, and thus the people were probably descended of Celts. (Revisions)

The planet itself was utterly uninhabitable the atmosphere was toxic, composed of sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, ammonia, and possibly other substances, as a result of technology run amok. The civilization that had existed there had been almost completely wiped out, its people dying of disease and starvation, and from the poisoned air and water. (Revisions)

The hazmat suits SG-1 wore to explore the planet were capable of withstanding the corrosive atmosphere for about 12 hours before starting to degrade. (Revisions)

The only livable place on the planet was a single dome. When the SGC found it, it was 2.2 kilometers across and 500 meters high. It was located no more than half an hour's walk from the stargate. (Revisions)

The energy barrier that made up the outside of the dome gave off a static charge and provided a level of resistance to passing through it, presumably to keep people from accidentally going outside it. For things passing from outside to inside, the barrier scrubbed off all toxicity. (Revisions)

It was permeable to large solid objects, but wouldn't allow atmosphere either in or out. (Revisions)

The only survivors on the planet (or rather, their descendants) lived inside the dome, in a single town. The original survivors had made a deliberate decision to live a simpler life than they were used to, giving up most everyday technology in favor of clean air and drinkable water. They created the dome more than 400 years before SG-1 found it. (Revisions)

When the dome first went operational, everyone signed a contract establishing communal land ownership rights. There were more than 100,000 people living there. Some four hundred or so years later, the population had dwindled to just over 1,370, without anyone ever realizing that the population was shrinking. (On SG-1's second day in the dome, Daniel asked about the population size and Evalla replied " 1,373" , but at least one person had already died since their arrival with no one the wiser. The number could have been changing every hour, for all anyone knew.) (Revisions)

No one who lived inside the dome had knowingly ventured outside since it was built, although they monitored the level of toxicity. Their " memories" of the outside were of a city with tall buildings, made out of glass and steel no one had seen the shattered ruins that were all that remained. They hoped that one day the planet would become habitable again, and they could go out of the dome and reclaim it, but didn't expect it to happen in their lifetime. (Revisions)

The community had a strict zero-population growth culture each couple was allowed no more than two children. There was nothing stopping anyone from breaking the custom, but no one ever had. (Revisions)

The town was run by a council, originally made up of four people (three men and a woman, at the time SG-1 arrive). Because one of the councilors (the woman) was the one sent outside the dome to conserve dome resources (and was thus wiped from everyone's memory), the entire town's population was convinced that the council had always been made up solely of three people, and that a woman hadn't served on it in at least two years. (Revisions)

The dome was completely self-sufficient, generating enough food and water to handle everyone's needs. The energy to run the system came from geothermal vents located beneath the town. The control room that ran the system was underground, reachable by stairs, and monitored all systems, including atmospheric analysis, dome integrity, and power utilization. (Revisions)

It began to lose power about 200 years after its inception, when the geothermal vents that powered it began to cool. The computer handled it by steadily shrinking the dome to accommodate the lower power levels, and picking people (apparently at random) and manipulating their thoughts into walking out in the toxic atmosphere to die (and erasing all memory of them from the minds of all those that remained), thus reducing the drain on the dome's resources. By the time SG-1 arrived, some 200 years after this began, the dome was losing power at approximately 4% a day. (Revisions)

The natives named their stargate " the gate of Mahg Mar" when they discovered it 563 years before SG-1's arrival (circa 1440 by our calendar). It was believed to have been of ritual significance in the worship of the goddess Morrigan. It was taken from the ruins of Danaan and put on display in the national museum of history. (Revisions)

All the locals were connected to a central computer via " the link" , a direct neural interface with the databank (consisting of a small, vaguely rounded-boomerang-shaped piece of metal that self-attached to the wearer's left temple). (Revisions)

The databank contained all the knowledge of their civilization -- history, culture, science, etc. -- instantly available to anyone wearing a link. (Revisions)

Since the link had so much information, the natives had only a small book library left -- not particularly well maintained, with books just piled all over the place. It included legal documents from before the dome was established. (Revisions)

After Sam and the rest of SG-1 figured out that the computer was in its own way controlling the minds of the locals, they took steps to interfere, in order to save everyone's lives -- the dome was collapsing quickly, and the locals would have all been dead soon. They basically suborned Pallan (showed him proof of the computer's manipulation, and got him to reprogram it), who gained access to the computer's main program, and began rewriting it a bit, enough so that his people went with SG-1 and the backup SG team sent through the gate. They left the planet before the dome could collapse utterly. (Revisions)


Known Dome-dwellers:


Married to Pallan. The two of them took in Sam and Daniel when SG-1 arrived, and sort of split them between them. Evalla took Daniel, showing him the library the next day and helping him to translate the books he found there. While they were working, the computer tapped her to be the next to die, and she just walked out and went through the dome, never even hearing Daniel calling after her. (Revisions)


Nevin's father  -- a gardener. He was the first adult to greet SG-1, and brought them to meet the council. He offered to put up Jack and Teal'c for the night. After seeing Nevin's fascination with Jack, and enthusiasm for the idea of exploring, Kendrick asked Jack and Teal'c to take the two of them to Earth when they left -- he wanted his son to grow up with sky and clouds that weren't part of a computer-generated illusion. Before they could, the computer reworked his and Nevin's memories, so the idea of leaving was as unwelcome to them as to everyone else in the town. (Revisions)


A young boy, around 9  -- Kendrick's son. He was the first to discover SG-1 after they passed through the energy barrier, and led them to the local town (after trading the information for wearing Jack's hazmat suit). When he found out that Jack (and the others, but mostly Jack) had been to many worlds, he decided he wanted to be an explorer when he grew up. Although his father actually asked Jack and Teal'c to take the two of them through the gate when they left, the computer got there first, and reworked Nevin's thoughts so he was convinced he wanted to be a gardener when he grew up, like his father. (Revisions)


Married to Evalla. The two of them took in Sam and Daniel when SG-1 arrived, and sort of split them between them. Pallan took Sam along with him to work the next day he was one of the technicians who maintained the generators -- or so he believed. He never knew that the computer was almost constantly changing his memory, so that he never noticed how the readings were changing, or what danger the town was in. After the computer chose Evalla to walk outside to conserve resources for the rest, he forgot her completely when it reset everyone's memories so it was like she'd never existed. After Sam and Daniel convinced him that the computer had been manipulating his mind, he helped them by reprogramming it so everyone in the town would have a chance to escape through the stargate. (Revisions)



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