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General info

Planet: Madrona. SGC-designation PX7-941 (Touchstone)

Madrona(s) is roughly 14,000 light years away from either Earth or Langara (not clear which). (Fallout)

The planet was terraformed about 900 years ago, by an unknown race, and is now populated by the human Madronans. (Touchstone)

The Madronans don't know how to use the stargate, and are not technologically advanced. The local guards use stone-tipped spears and bows and arrows. (Touchstone)


The Madronans have a device that allows them to call up whatever weather they want: the Touchstone. (Touchstone)

The Touchstone was likely made by the alien race that terraformed the planet. The high priest turns a series of calibrated rings, which seem to determine meteorological conditions across the entire planet. (Touchstone)

It maintains the weather on the planet removing it causes massive meteorological upheavals. (Touchstone)

It was kept in the lower (right) hand of the statue of a woman reaching her left hand up to the sky, on a dais in what appeared to be a torchlit temple, with many mullioned windows with yellow-gold frosted-looking glass, and either an inlaid or a carefully painted floor. (Touchstone)

The local style of dress feels very pre-Columbian Central American -- grass and feather headdresses, kilts, grass arm- and leg-bands, etc. (Touchstone)

Physical disability wasn't enough to keep people from positions of power the apparent high priest, Roham, was blind. (Touchstone)

When Langara was in imminent danger of being destroyed by a naquadria explosion near the planet's core, the SGC suggested Madrona(s) as an evacuation possibility to take thousands of their people, presumably with the Madronans' full agreement. (Fallout)

Known Madronans:


Local princess, who also seemed to be the liaison between her uncle -- local leader -- and SG-1. (Touchstone)


Probably the high priest, and part of, or at least related to, the royal family. Daniel never accorded him a title, but addressed his niece as " Princess La-Moor" . He was blind, but still capable of leading his people. (Touchstone)



No title


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