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Shyla's people

General info

Planet: no local name, SGC designation P3R-636 (Need)

The ruler, Pyrus, held court in a Goa'uld pyramid -- with, oddly enough, a giant Mayan-style bas relief carving behind the " throne" . There were also Mayan-style carvings on the container that held the sarcophagus, and possibly on the throne itself (there were carvings, but not clear enough to see).

nb: These carvings looked Mayan to me, so that's what I'm calling them, but I'm no expert -- it's also possible that they're Aztec or Toltec.

The sarcophagus had standard Egyptian/Goa'uld hieroglyphs on it. (Need)

The SGC was going to work on diplomatic relations, to gain access to some of the naquadah from the mines. No word if this world became a source for the SGC. (Need)

Known natives:


" The God-slayer" , ruler of the kingdom. (Need)

He gained control by killing the Goa'uld who used to rule there (unnamed). His people worshipped him in the Goa'uld's place, because he " liberated them from the evil god" . Their lives weren't much different, though he basically set himself up as another Goa'uld, living in the pyramid, using guards dressed as Jaffa and armed with staff weapons, and keeping his people working themselves to death in the mines to produce naquadah, which he sent through the stargate at regular intervals so no other Goa'uld would get suspicious and come through to take over the world. (Need)

He used the dead Goa'uld's sarcophagus to extend his life to an extraordinary degree, far beyond the point where full humans are supposed to be able to survive. (Need)

When SG-1 found the planet, he was 700 years old and extremely paranoid. He imprisoned them all on suspicion of trying to thieve " his" naquadah. Shyla saved Daniel and started grooming him to be her spouse, which Pyrus wasn't terribly pleased about but did nothing to stop. The sarcophagus had stopped being particularly effective in his case, and he knew he would die soon, and Shyla would take over. (Need)

He died while SG-1 was back at the SGC, leaving Shyla to inherit alone. (Need)


Princess. Only (surviving?) child of the 700-year-old ruler, Pyrus. (Need)

Raised on stories of a prince from the stars coming to take her away from all this, basically (her mother told her that " a great man would come from beyond the stars... just for [her]" ) -- ripe to fall into a fantasy world about Daniel after he saved her from suicide, believing him to be her destiny. She had given up hope and was standing on the edge of the cliff wishing one last time for her dream man, and Daniel appeared at exactly the right moment. (Need)

She couldn't admit to her father that she was trying to kill herself, though, so Daniel and the rest of SG-1 were captured and imprisoned in the naquadah mines after Daniel was found with her. (Need)

After an escape attempt left Daniel near (or actually -- unclear which) dead from a rockfall, Shyla had him brought to the palace and revived in her father's sarcophagus. She dressed him up in royal robes and got him completely addicted to the sarcophagus by repeated uses, all the while planning their perfect life together knowing that he'd be unable to leave her (and the sarcophagus). (Need)

Once she thought he was addicted enough, she let him (and the rest of the team) go home, sure that he'd have to return to her. (Need)

Her father died before Daniel came back, and Daniel returned free of the sarcophagus's influence to tell her he wouldn't be marrying her. He convinced her to destroy the sarcophagus, so she wouldn't fall into the same traps her father did. (Need)



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