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System Lords

X = dead (list of System Lords killed by SG-1)


Japanese sun goddess.

No idea how long she's been among the ranks of the System Lords.

A member of the System Lord delegation sent to Earth (along with Camulus and Yu) to try to negotiate help with defeating Baal, after he began taking over the defeated Anubis's territories and armies, and had embarked on a path of conquest. (New Order)

When Weir refused to get involved with the Goa'ulds' problems with Baal, Amaterasu tried calling the Asgard bluff, saying that there were plenty of worlds out there that could be hurt if the Tau'ri didn't help. She (and the others) had noticed that the Asgard hadn't come to Earth's defense, even against a direct attack. She claimed that Baal believed the Asgard were no longer capable of protecting the planets in the treaty, and intended to take over all the worlds formly protected by the Asgard. (New Order)

When Weir seemed to cave on the issue, only to follow it up with a demand for all of Baal's territories (planets, ships, armies) once Earth had killed him for the Goa'uld, Amaterasu was taken utterly aback at the temerity of the suggestion. (New Order)

She was stripped of her diplomatic status and held captive along with Yu and Camulus when it was discovered that the System Lords had responded to the new situation by sending a ship to attack Earth to test its defenses. (New Order)

After word came that Baal had destroyed the ship in transit and that he was rapidly gaining power over the other System Lords, the delegates were released, on the theory that they could do Earth more good fighting Baal than refusing to talk on Earth. Just before she left, Amaterasu turned and told Weir to make sure that Camulus -- who'd remained behind after requesting asylum -- would forevermore be branded a traitor and coward. (New Order)

As the System Lords's war with Baal came closer to utter defeat (with many System Lords dead or capitulating), she gathered her armies for what would likely be her last stand against him. No word on what happened. (It's Good to Be King)

She survived the 'last stand' against Baal (assuming it happened), but wasn't present at the System Lord council where Baal's representative tried to convince them all to accept Baal's dominion before Replicator-Sam showed up. (Reckoning part 1)

Teal'c and Bra'tac (with Sam and Daniel along as observers) were set to attack one of Amaterasu's hataks as their part of the coordinated Jaffa surprise attacks against the System Lords. (Reckoning part 1)

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General info

He's not a pure Goa'uld any longer: he's half-ascended. The Goa'uld in him figured out how to ascend long ago, but the Others didn't want him, and sent him back. It didn't quite work, though -- they couldn't send him all the way back. (Full Circle)

He's still some form of energy (glowing white, like Ascendants/Ancients), kept intact by his face shield (and presumably his other clothing/armor). But he's stuck halfway between human/Goa'uld existence and ascension. (Full Circle)

Goes cloaked and hooded (dark material), so no one can see body shape or face. What's visible of his face is shiny and shifting -- metallic? Dimensional? (Revelations)

He had no true physical form any longer -- the cloak and whatnot provided a 'container' for him to exist within. (Lockdown)

Shorter than Jack (and by the looks of it, shorter than everyone on SG-1 except Sam), if his hologram is an accurate reflection of his height. I'd put him at about 5'10" or 5'11" . (Lost City, part 2)

Learned how to use Asgard holographic technology. (Redemption, part 1)

Used a mix of regular Jaffa and ninja (ish) Jaffa. (Descent, Full Circle)

First Prime was/is Herak. (Full Circle)

Protected his computer systems with elaborate cyphers, coded in the oldest known Ancient dialect. (Fallen)

Had all of his command codes translated into Ancient. (Endgame)

Incredibly skilled at taking over a host with no one noticing -- he suppressed them completely, immediately, but must have either maintained a link or 'read' a great deal of their history, mannerism, speech patterns, etc. in the split second of blending. (Lockdown)


Used to be a System Lord. (Last Stand).

Long ago, before he was banished or attempted to ascend, Anubis went to war with Telchak in an effort to gain control of the original Ancient healing device from which Telchak had developed the sarcophagus. He won the war, but never found the device. (Evolution, part 1)

It's possible that after he ascended, he eventually began work on constructing one of his own (since at that point he had access to the knowledge), and used it to create genetically engineered host bodies to be a new class of warrior, a 'supersoldier'. (Evolution, part 1)

Once he completed the new warrior class, he began using it against vulnerable minor Goa'uld, defeating them and absorbing their troops and resources to build up his own power base against the System Lords (Bra'tac knew of at least five such attacks by the time the SGC ran into one of these warriors). (Evolution, part 1)

He was banished, never to be allowed to return, for crimes that were unspeakable even to other Goa'uld (Last Stand).

The System Lords also attempted to murder him, and for a thousand years thought they had, before he reappeared to take advantage of the power vacuum after the collapse of the second Goa'uld dynasty (Last Stand).

He began using any Jaffa he could find: godless Jaffa from defeated Goa'uld (lots from Cronus and Sokar, for instance), captured Jaffa (some from one of Olukun's motherships) (Summit).

He was also good at turning Goa'uld to his side -- as he first reappeared on the scene, he seemed to favor Goa'uld who served Apophis (Tanith [Between Two Fires], Zipacna [Summit, Last Stand]) but didn't limit himself to them -- recruited Osiris, using Zipacna as an emissary (Summit, Last Stand).

He was making a massive power play from hiding, attacking anyone and everyone without letting anyone know who was attacking, and doing a lot of damage as he threw the remaining System Lords into disarray and distrust. (Summit/Last Stand)

Climb to power

When he'd made enough of an impact to have all the new System Lords worried, he sent Osiris as his proxy to request that he be allowed to rejoin the System Lords. He was accepted (by Baal, Bastet, Kali, Morrigan, Olokun, and Svarog, but not by Yu, the only dissenting vote) and became a System Lord again. (Summit/Last Stand)

Through Osiris, he promised Yu privately that he would destroy Earth before actively taking his place among the System Lords, and promised the council at large the he would destroy the Tok'ra. (Summit/Last Stand)

He had more luck with the second promise: Zipacna's forces attacked the Tok'ra's new base on Revanna, killing every Tok'ra there, leaving only those Tok'ra out on missions as survivors. (Summit/Last Stand)

Although there's no direct evidence linking him, he had probably made two attempts to destroy Earth by the time he requested re-entry to the council, both failures: Tanith tried to get the Tollan to send a bomb through Earth's iris (Between Two Fires) and a huge naquadah-heavy asteroid was hauled into Earth's solar system and set on a collision course with Earth (Failsafe).

Despite his sudden climb to power, he still only controlled a handful of worlds, according to Bra'tac. (Redemption, part 1)

Didn't let up in his attack against the Tok'ra -- tracked them to the Risa system and attacked, doing massive damage to Tok'ra numbers and killing all of SG-12 in the process. (Allegiance)

Gathered together five of the six Eyes (including the Eye of Tiamat, which he has to have dug out of the rubble where Marduk died in The Tomb) of legend, lacking only Ra's. He searched all of Ra's old hangouts until only Abydos was left, and made his way there to search for it. (Full Circle)

In his initial attack on Abydos in search of the Eye of Ra, he sent in a double wave -- death gliders and al-kesh at the same time. Ground forces landed almost immediately thereafter. (Full Circle)

The System Lords rallied behind Yu to try to keep Anubis from getting or keeping the Eye of Ra Anubis waited until he had the Eye in hand, then powered up his weapons and attacked, wiping out a portion of the fleet and running the rest off. (Full Circle)

Daniel, in an attempt to both save Abydos and keep Anubis from finding a tablet of the Ancients's with information about a vital lost city, went to Anubis to make a deal: the lives of SG-1 and all the Abydonians in return for the Eye of Ra (which Jack had). Anubis accepted the deal. (Full Circle)

After he took care of the System Lords, he reneged, attacking Abydos with powerful weapons and killing everyone by causing a massive explosion in the temple with a deadly shockwave effect. (Full Circle)

After gaining the Eye of Ra, by all reports Anubis began quickly conquering the other System Lords. (Fallen)

After the destruction of his flagship's super new weapon's power core, Anubis probed the captured Jonas's mind to get information (Fallen).

Jonas's mindprobe led Anubis to Kelowna and its supply of naquadria, which Anubis had known nothing about. He appeared with no warning, and took most of the High Council hostage. (Homecoming)

The Kelownans didn't give in to his demands, so he killed the First Minister and fired a volley into the city's industrial sector, destroying many factories and killing many innocent civilians. (Homecoming)

After that, the Kelownans gave him all their naquadria, as he'd demanded. (Homecoming)

After that, rather than leave, he began rounding up archaeologists, and then had his troops ransacking the Museum of Antiquities, where Jonas would have remembered an exhibit of bits and pieces of leftover Goa'uld items. (Homecoming)

While he was poking around in Jonas's brain, he also discovered what had happened on Pangara with Egeria, and used that knowledge to begin creating his own kull warriors -- deadly, fearless, and unquestioningly loyal to him, using blank-slate symbiotes he could imprint personally, with no free will of their own. (Evolution, part 2)

He chose to leave Jonas alive after the interrogation because he'd noticed something odd about his physiology (or, more likely, found mention in Jonas's mind of what Nirrti had said and done to him). (Homecoming)

Anubis had at least one scientist-Goa'uld on board his vessel -- this unnamed Goa'uld studied the naquadria and attempted to make it stable enough to work with. He failed, and then couldn't abort the test of the ship's weapon. The weapon overloaded (again), and Herak killed him on Anubis' command. (Homecoming)

Between two explosions in the weapon's core, and a concerted attack from the remnants of the System Lords' fleet, Anubis's ship literally fell apart while trying to escape Kelowna's gravity. (Homecoming)

Anubis escaped the destruction of his ship in a small, round ship -- lifepod, escape craft, whatever. It was hyperspace-capable, whatever it was. (Homecoming)

Had a base on Tartarus, a world on the edge of known Goa'uld space, where he created/manufactured the supersoldiers/drones (kull warriors). His underling Thoth handled the actual building/repairing, etc. (Evolution, part 2)

The planet was protected by a powerful sensor array, which prevented anyone from approaching unnoticed. (Evolution, part 2)

The stargate was inside the structure and protected by a forcefield that functioned very similarly to Earth's iris, preventing anyone from passing through. (Evolution, part 2)

Either had a spy somewhere among the Tok'ra or Jaffa ranks, or captured a Tok'ra or Jaffa who had knowledge of the second alpha site's location. He launched an attack against it, using both ships and supersoldiers. (Death Knell)

Jacob believed that Anubis was aware that the SGC and the Tok'ra were developing the only weapon in the galaxy capable of stopping his drones, and that that was the reason for the attack. (Death Knell)

At roughly the same time as the attack on the alpha site, Anubis's forces also moved against Olokun. They won the battle, killing thousands of Jaffa and capturing many of Olokun's commanders. (Death Knell)

As of the end of seventh season (late 2003), SGC intelligence was indicating that Anubis was a serious threat to dominate the rest of the Goa'uld within a short period. (Lost City, part 1)

Assaults on Earth

Although there's no direct evidence linking him, Anubis had probably made two attempts to destroy Earth by the time he requested re-entry to the System Lord council, both failures: Tanith tried to get the Tollans to send a bomb through Earth's iris (Between Two Fires) and a huge naquadah-heavy asteroid was hauled into Earth's solar system and set on a collision course with Earth (Failsafe).

First open assault

After being accepted back by the System Lords, Anubis tried to make good on his promise to wipe out Earth. (Redemption, parts 1 and 2)

He found (or built) an Ancient weapon capable of using one stargate to attack another. (Redemption, parts 1 and 2)

He dialed in to Earth and locked the wormhole open, sending a steady stream of high energy through. Eventually, Earth's stargate would have overloaded and exploded with incredible force. (Redemption, parts 1 and 2)

The idea was sound, but failed -- the SGC managed to hook the overloading stargate to an X-302 and send it off into space, where it exploded harmlessly. Meanwhile, Rya'c attacked the Ancient weapon and took it out. (Redemption, parts 1 and 2)

Second open assault

Once he had established a position of domination over the System Lords, Anubis was planning an attack on Earth by ship, but first intended to gain access to an Ancient repository of knowledge held within a ruined colonnade on P3X-439. He went there in person, and was very unhappy to discover that the SGC (specifically, SG-1) had destroyed it before he had the chance. (Lost City, part 1)

Two of his kull warriors destroyed the Jaffa contingent that had been sent to protect it (and had failed to do so). (Lost City, part 1)

When his fleet approached Earth, he sent three ships on ahead to test Earth's defenses, to see if the Tau'ri had gained Ancient weaponry (from knowledge gained from the depository) to defend themselves. (Lost City, part 2)

After one of his ships wiped out a group of naval ships (the Nimitz battle group) with no deadly retaliation, Anubis figured Earth was ripe for the plucking. He appeared in the Oval Office in hologram form, interrupting a meeting with Hayes, Jumper, Hammond, Kinsey, Maynard, and an unnamed woman. Hayes faced Anubis down, laughing off Anubis's demands that he bow before his god and instead offering to discuss Anubis's surrender. Anubis said that Hayes was bringing destruction down on the world -- Hayes said it would never happen, and Anubis vanished. (Lost City, part 2)

His fleet, more than 30 hataks strong, came out of hyperspace and surrounded Earth, and began attacking. (Lost City, part 2)

For the first two hours, they focused on power grids and broadcast terminals around the globe, knocking out communications. (Lost City, part 2)

Hayes shifted the military to DEFCON 1, and ordered the launch of the Prometheus. (Lost City, part 2)

When the scout ship carrying SG-1 and Bra'tac broke out of hyperspace above Earth and headed for the south pole, Anubis sent a large contingent of al-kesh and gliders to stop it. (Lost City, part 2)

The Prometheus, commanded by Hammond, and its fleet of 302s arrived in time to provide cover to the scout ship, starting a dog fight over Antarctica. The Prometheus held position directly above the scout ship, protecting it, until the scout ship peeled off (with SG-1 safely underground), then headed straight for Anubis's mothership, despite a steady barrage of hits from Anubis's ship. (Lost City, part 2)

Realizing that someone had made it down into the chamber below the ice, Anubis sent a hologram down, hoping to convince them that he'd already gained the power of the Ancients and they were too late. Jack walked right through it. (Lost City, part 2)

When that didn't work, he ringed down two kull warriors, who began attacking, then another set of two. (Lost City, part 2)

When Herak informed him that the human attack vessel (Prometheus) was approaching, Anubis ordered it destroyed. (Lost City, part 2)

Before they could destroy the Prometheus, the Ancient weapon made up of small gold energy squids swept past it and began destroying Anubis's fleet. He was helpless to stop it, and his mothership exploded along with all the others. (Lost City, part 2)

There was no sign of an escape pod, and Hammond declared the threat eliminated. To all appearances, Anubis is dead, as of late 2003. (Lost City, part 2)

Post-assault on Earth

Appearances were wrong -- Anubis didn't die over Anatarctica after all. (Lockdown)

The forcefield holding his energy together on the physical plane was destroyed, but since he was still partly ascended, he survived, as pure energy. (Lockdown)

Using his ascended powers to leave Earth for his powerbase would have alerted the Ancients, who would have come after him. In order for him to interact with the physical world, though, he needed a physical form -- either a host, or a new forcefield. (Lockdown)

Incredibly skilled at taking over a host with no one noticing -- he suppressed them completely, immediately, but must have either maintained a link or 'read' a great deal of their history, mannerism, speech patterns, etc. in the split second of blending. (Lockdown)

When debris from his ship (containing his energy form) drifted close enough to the International Space Station, he took his chance and moved over, infesting one of the cosmonauts. (Lockdown)

The cosmonaut returned home and got sick pretty soon, his body unable to contain the raw energy of Anubis's half-ascended form. Before he died, Alexi Vaselov visited him, and Anubis jumped hosts. (Lockdown)

He requested a transfer to the SGC, trying to gain access to the stargate. The Russian government was thrilled and immediately started applying pressure to put 'Vaselov' on a team, but to no avail -- Jack refused to grant 'Vaselov's' requests to go through the gate, either as a team member or an observer. Anubis was running out of time -- Vaselov's body had started to fail. During a conversation in 'Vaselov's' quarters with Daniel, he collapsed, and when Daniel reached to see if he could help Vaselov, Anubis jumped bodies. (Lockdown)

While in Daniel he had his best shot of going through the stargate -- Daniel was scheduled to go offworld with another team, and Anubis could have just walked right through. The new doctor was worried that Vaselov might be contagious, though, and Jack shut down the stargate moments before Anubis would have been free, ordering Daniel back to the infirmary to be checked out. Anubis grabbed one of the SG team members he was standing near as a hostage, demanding that the gate be reactivated. Instead, Teal'c zatted him, then Jack shot him in the shoulder when he didn't stay down. Anubis jumped ship again. (Lockdown)

He went into Lt. Evans, a nurse on Daniel's surgical team, and stayed in her for an unspecified time (at least an afternoon, and probably not much longer than that, since she was checked at least a day later and had no symptoms). (Lockdown)

At some point, he transferred into Airman Malcolm McCaffrey. (Lockdown)

He missed his scheduled mandatory physical and remained unaccounted for, triggering suspicions. (Lockdown)

When the search for him was underway, he ambushed an SF walking alone, slamming him into a wall and taking his sidearm. (Lockdown)

He headed for the control room, shooting the SF on guard near the bottom of the stairs. (Lockdown)

Jack, Sam, and Teal'c arrived in time for Jack to zat him before he could get the technician on duty to dial the gate (he had a gun to the back of the man's neck). (Lockdown)

Anubis abandoned McCaffrey's body and headed into the walls. (Lockdown)

When the base went to Sam and Daniel's 'zoned' configuration to force him to use his ascended powers rather than being able to access the stargate through just one person, Anubis went quiet for a while. Six days later, Jack made a base-wide announcement that he had presidential authority to keep the lockdown going indefinitely, implying that he fully expected them to be there for more than a month. Anubis headed straight for Sam and infested her. (Lockdown)

He took out several SFs (stunned, not killed) and gained access to a control room in Zone 3 that got him into the system -- he unsealed the corridors between the zones and set other timed commands into the system. When Daniel got in his way, he zatted him.

He made it to Zone 2 (where the stargate was), but Jack zatted Sam before he could continue his plan. (Lockdown)

He shifted bodies again, into Jack. (Lockdown)

Inside Jack, he took Major Kearney with him to the room with the manual self-destruct, and ordered Kearney to ready his key. Kearney obeyed, and they set a five-minute self-destruct. Anubis zatted him immediately afterward. (Lockdown)

Anubis set up a remote dialer for the gate and walked into the gateroom just as the wormhole was opening.

Vaselov charged into the gateroom before he could even set foot on the ramp, and tackled him. When they came back up, Vaselov had Jack's sidearm (pistol, not zat), and was giving him an ultimatum: Anubis could have Vaselov's body to go through the stargate, or Vaselov would kill both Jack and himself, leaving Anubis no options (and giving SGC personnel plenty of time to start locking things down again, so Anubis would lose his chance). (Lockdown)

Anubis went for it, leaving Jack and re-possessing Vaselov. (Lockdown)

He made it through the gate, but without realizing that Sam had had time to reprogram the dialing sequence. He wound up on a snowplain in temperatures cold enough to kill Vaselov (wearing no protective clothing) only a few steps away from the gate -- he froze solid after falling to his knees. (Lockdown)

Anubis isn't dead, but is likely trapped on that world for a good long time, unless he's willing to risk the wrath of the Ancients to escape -- unlikely. (Lockdown)

He survived his 'exile' on the ice planet. At some point, Baal's forces brought him to Baal (whether knowingly or not), and he basically took over, with Baal as the figurehead so no one else would know Anubis was pulling the strings. (Reckoning part 1)

He was still in his energy form, and had to switch bodies regularly as they wore out. (Reckoning part 1)

He believed Baal was completely under his thumb, with no idea that by the end, Baal was going to the SGC for help against Anubis. (Reckoning part 1)

He was not pleased with Baal's betrayal of his plans, but kept him alive anyway -- so Baal could see exactly what Anubis did with the results of his betrayal: retake Dakara and use the weapon there to destroy all life in the galaxy. (Threads)

In human form, he was in the restaurant where Oma semi-ascended Daniel to (so he could choose whether to ascend or die). Anubis kept prodding at Daniel, playing him, making him doubt Oma in small ways while trying to play on Daniel's wish to protect humanity from the evil of Anubis. He even went so far as to dramatically demand that the Others in the restaurant (all totally ignoring Oma, Anubis, and Daniel alike) do something about Anubis, then seeming resigned/disappointed when they didn't react. He worked it around to suggesting that he knew why Daniel had chosen to take human form again, what had happened between him and Oma, then told Daniel to ask Oma about it. Later, he led Daniel along until Daniel figured out that Oma had ascended Anubis. (Threads)

While he was playing Daniel in Ascended Limbo, he was also playing the Jaffa on the corporeal plane. He fed them false information about his troops gathering on Tartarus, leading them to deplete their forces on and around Dakara in hopes of striking a preemptive blow against him. (Threads)

Anubis's forces defeated the Jaffa defending Dakara, giving him control of the Ancient weapon, and thus the ability to wipe out all life in the galaxy. (Threads)

Back in the restaurant, Anubis was very pleased with himself, and even more so after Daniel tried a last-ditch move to stop him, running at him physically -- and going straight through him, since Anubis was energy on that plane and Daniel wasn't. The move was enough to tip the balance for Oma, though. She stood up and told Anubis she had the power to stop him, by doing something she should have done a long time ago. She didn't care that she couldn't win -- she could fight him, and he wouldn't be able to do anything but fight back. He wasn't expecting that, at all, and was dismayed that she was actually going through with it. The two of them turned to an intertwined ball of energy and drifted away, still tangled. (Threads)

He's not dead, but he's out of the picture, at least for a while. (Threads)

Anubis's technology (more advanced than other Goa'uld tech)

Has developed the means to detect cloaked ships. (Redemption, part 2)


(Name obviously subject to change, if I get any canonical hint about what it's called.)

Small (in the hand -- huge for something inside one's brain) metal globe, with spikes sticking out all over it. It gets implanted into a brain, and forms a link between the victim and the ship's computer (presumably, any assigned Goa'uld computer, if they're not using it on a ship), downloading all the victim's knowledge into the memory banks. (Revelations)


His flagship wasn't a ha'tak -- rather than being pyramidal, it was more circular (but not spherical -- it had a main, wide disk with a second, smaller tiered disk on top of it), and rather than being mostly golden, it was black. The interior was more traditionally Goa'uld, with pyramidal/triangular shapes, lots of black and gold, and open flames for lighting/effect. (Full Circle)

In battle, the ship's configuration changed, with a central column rising up where the smaller round tier was, with triangular panels radiating outward from the top of the (now flat-topped) column. (The panels folded out from their non-battle state, where they were basically the outer layer of the smaller round tier.) (Full Circle)

Power surged up the central column and out through the triangular panels, allowing Anubis to attack in several directions at once with incredibly powerful weapons, easily capable of penetrating a ha'tak's shields. (Full Circle)

The weapon's power core must be cooled by a ventilation shaft on the exterior of the ship. Destroying the ventilation shaft just as the weapon is powering up would overheat the crystals and destroy them. (Fallen)

The explosion would not be sufficient to destroy the ship, just the weapon. (Fallen)

Jack, with Sam in the F-302, managed to get off two rockets into the ventilation shaft at the right moment, and overloaded the weapon's core. (Fallen)

The ship was destroyed by Baal and his fleet, in a surprise attack over Kelowna's capital city. Anubis escaped in a pod. (Homecoming)

Modified memory device

A Tok'ra memory device, but one that leaves no mark when it's removed, and that can be somehow connected to a matching device in someone else's temple, allowing them direct access to -- and manipulation of -- memories. Osiris used this on Daniel to try to manipulate him into translating an Ancient tablet that would give her the location of the Lost City. (Chimera)


More powerful than ordinary Goa'uld shields, which were probably being given to other Goa'uld as part of the price for accepting him. These shields can withstand the Tollans's ion cannons and standard Asgard weaponry. (Between Two Fires, Revelations)


Anubis discovered (or built?) a weapon of the Ancients, designed to let one stargate attack (and destroy) another: a double ring of standing stones (on two levels) surrounding the firing mechanism. The outer ring appears dormant but actually generates a protective force field energy steadily circles the inner ring. The mechanism in the middle shoots a beam of energy straight across the circle into the stargate at the far end. (Redemption, part 2)

Rya'c destroyed the weapon in a glider attack. (Redemption, part 2)

(Pure speculation: the energy circling the inner ring possibly feeds down through the stones into a below-ground 'capacitor' -- when the weapon is destroyed the resulting explosions look like underground things blowing up, and if the energy doesn't feed downward, I'm not sure what it's doing circling around like that.) (Redemption, part 2)


Clearly based on, if not entirely copied from, Asgard transporter beam technology. Presumably Anubis gained this technology when his brain-probe was placed into Thor's brain in Revelations. The first known use of these transporters was in Chimera.

Kull warriors (aka 'supersoldiers', 'drones'):

Genetically engineered/created by Anubis, working off a homemade version of an Ancient healing device. (Evolution, part 1)

Probably intended to be a new form of footsoldier, possibly in reaction to the (spreading) Jaffa rebellion. (Evolution, part 1)

Technically, they're Goa'uld, with host and symbiote, but in practice, they're nothing more than soldiers. (Evolution, part 1)

Thoth, who did the bulk of the work on the warriors, believed that the method of controlling the symbiote mind was still flawed, even after the warriors had gone into full 'production'. Anubis refused to accept that. (Evolution, part 2)

The symbiotes were spawned by an unknown queen in a holding tank (probably a willing participant in the plan, but we never hear that from her), who deliberately spawned them without her genetic knowledge. They were drones, to be imprinted by Anubis as he saw fit, with no free will of their own. (Evolution, part 2)

Sam, Teal'c, and Jacob blew the queen up with C-4 while they were on Tartarus looking for intell on the new warriors. (Evolution, part 2)

Both symbiote and host have below-normal brainwave patterns. The symbiote can help as much as usual with strength and healing, but isn't a Goa'uld in terms of personality. (Evolution, part 1)

The host is created entirely in the lab, not modified from living humans. (Evolution, part 1)

The host is designed to be a perfect athlete -- large heart and lungs, to support the musculature. (Evolution, part 1)

The host isn't alive for the entire process. While it matures, it's nonliving cellular material. It's given life after it reaches its mature state. (Evolution, part 1)

Anubis paid no attention paid to longevity. The symbiote is supposed to handle that end, but the body is so out of whack that even a symbiote can't do much for long. (Evolution, part 1)

The warrior that died while attacking Teal'c and Bra'tac had an organic cellular structure less than three weeks old when it had its fatal heart attack. (Evolution, part 1)

Body armor

Resists the SGC's most powerful armor-piercing weapons, and absorbs energy weapons fire. (Evolution, part 1)

Blocks MRI scans. (Evolution, part 1)

Made up of a closeknit fiber, like Kevlar. (Evolution, part 1)

Thanks to its construction, it can be penetrated by small, sharp objects, like a fine-tipped trinium dart. (Evolution, part 1)

They don't carry weapons in their hands -- their energy-blast-thingies appear to be part of their armor, and shoot out of their wrists when they point their arms. Aiming isn't exact, but they make up for it in volume of shots fired. (Evolution, parts 1 & 2, Death Knell)

The warrior targeted for ambush by Bra'tac and the SGC was impervious to a Tok'ra forcefield, two tranquilizer darts, staff weapons, automatic rifles, claymores, and C-4. Pretty much all at the same time. It was completely focused on its task, and ignored everyone ambushing it once they stopped shooting at it, moving along to Ramius's palace instead. (Evolution, part 1)

After it had been through a couple of fights (in one day), Sam and Teal'c went after it with a cargo ship and ringed it up to a transport bay, then voided the bay of life support. It took the warrior 10 minutes to pass out. (Evolution, part 1)

They can be killed with enough kinetic energy -- the force of the self-destruct at the SGC's second alpha site took out at least one. (Death Knell)

Smaller blasts need to be a direct hit. When Sam aimed a small missile at the drone following her and hit the ground roughly a foot or so away, the drone survived. (Death Knell)

Anubis had thousands of warriors already when Sam, Teal'c, and Jacob went to Tartarus to discover what they could about them. Although they blew up the queen to prevent more symbiotes from being spawned, Anubis's existing army was already formidable. (Evolution, part 2)

According to Jacob, they were 'kicking the crap out of the System Lords' within a month of the SGC's first encounter with one. (Death Knell)

Two kull warriors destroyed the Jaffa contingent that had been sent (and failed) to protect a colonnade that housed an Ancient repository of knowledge -- Anubis had wanted to gain the knowledge, but SG-1 got there and blew it up before he could. (Lost City, part 1)

Anubis started ringing them down in pairs (at least two sets, possibly three) when Jack was working to activate the Ancient weapon beneath Antarctica. Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel held them off, taking several of them out with the new weapons specifically designed to fight kull warriors. (Lost City, part 2)

top | System Lords

Apophis X

General info

Serpent God.

Direct rival/enemy of Ra.

Iin a power struggle to gain ascendance over the other System Lords after Ra's death. (mulitple eps)

His host was from ancient Egypt, a scribe in the temple of Amun at Karnak, with a wife and children, when Apophis took him. The host was at least vaguely aware of what was happening. (Serpent's Song)

When Apophis was dying at the SGC after escaping Sokar's torture, he was weak enough that at times the host could take control, and he told Daniel he had been in an unending dream, a nightmare, from which he had hoped to awake to see his wife and children again instead, he awoke only to die again. (Serpent's Song)

Even so, he outlived the Goa'uld half of the equation, at least temporarily. Daniel spoke the funerary rites over his dying body. (Serpent's Song)

He had changing taste in clothes.

Early in Teal'c's career he went for a robe with a feathery motif, plus neck/shoulder/chest armor of plain panels with a large scarab on each panel. (Threshold)

Toward the end of Teal'c's career he was in more 'traditional' Egyptian garb, with a shirt that left his midriff bare and no scarabs anywhere. (Children of the Gods)

After his revival and escape from Sokar, he shifted to outfits in Sokar's colors/styles, with a lot of red leather. (Serpent's Venom, Exodus, Enemies)

Altered timeline: see Apophis.


Ra's brother. (Cure)

His mate was Amaunet (Children of the Gods)

His Goa'uld son was Klorel (who was apparently not Amaunet's son, although it's never made explicit either way). (Children of the Gods)

He and Amaunet also had a harsesis child -- a child born of their human hosts -- Shifu. (Secrets) Shifu was eventually taken and raised by Oma Desala. (Maternal Instinct, Absolute Power)


Steadily worked his way up the System Lords's ladder, regularly coming back from apparent defeat stronger than ever.

About 300 years ago, defeated the System Lord Shak'ran. (Cure)

Actively at war with Ra throughout much of Teal'c's career with him. (Threshold)

Saw an opportunity for supreme power when his rival Ra was killed. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

Attempted to destroy Earth by attacking in ships. The attempt failed when SG-1 blew up the two ha'tak vessels he was using. (The Serpent's Lair)

Survived the destruction of his ship in Earth's orbit by ringing with Klorel to Klorel's ship, and escaping through the onboard stargate in the nick of time, directly behind Daniel. (Family)

Nearly all the warriors and Serpent Guards loyal to Apophis died on those two ships, forcing him to retreat to Chulak in shame, in a desperate attempt to recoup some power before the System Lords sent someone to destroy him and rule in his place. (Family)

In his second attempt to destroy Earth, he kidnapped Rya'c, brainwashed him, and implanted two false teeth, each containing a biological organism that, combined with the other, produced the deadliest thing Janet Fraiser had ever seen (virulent enough to make anthrax look like a cold virus) -- knowing that Teal'c and SG-1 would rescue the boy and bring him back to Earth. (Family)

It would have taken less than two days to spread across North America, and less than a week to spread across the planet, killing every living thing within 24 hours of contact. (Family)

Was captured and tortured by Sokar, escaped, and died of his injuries on Earth (in an attempt to bring the SGC with him into death). (Serpent's Song)

The last of his loyal Jaffa died freeing him from Sokar (he then maneuvered things so that SG-1 would bring his battered body back to the SGC, setting them up for Sokar's vengeance). (Serpent's Song)

Injuries included two broken femurs, internal bleeding, withdrawal from the sarcophagus, rapid aging, and severe damage to the symbiote from torture by the same device used by the ashrak. The symbiote was unable to repair the damage. (Serpent's Song)

This is the first confirmed death for him we saw. (Serpent's Song)

The SGC returned him (his dead body, at least) to Sokar, where he was revived to be tortured more, then banished by Sokar to Netu. (Jolinar's Memories)

From the day he was sent to Netu, he planned to escape and conquer the galaxy. He took the name Na'onak and became First Prime to Bynarr -- his face, badly scarred, was hidden by a mask the entire time. (Jolinar's Memories)

He planned to convince Sokar to make him the lord of Netu (in Bynarr's place), so that when Sokar approached to brand him with his seal, Apophis could kill him with a large blade hidden up his armguard. (The Devil You Know)

When he spotted SG-1 on Netu, he saw a perfect chance to put his plan into action. (Jolinar's Memories)

He gave up the name Na'onak and reclaimed his own name after killing Bynarr and conquering the rest of Netu (which seemed to consist of letting the denizens riot for a bit, and grabbing Bynarr's hand device). He revealed himself as Apophis when his men had captured Martouf, Jacob, and SG-1 in Bynarr's quarters, trying to escape. (Jolinar's Memories)

He locked them up again, waiting to trade them (or better yet, the information they knew about the Tau'ri and Tok'ra) to Sokar for his freedom. (The Devil You Know)

He tortured them all (smacking them around, then pouring the Blood of Sokar down their throats and attaching a Tok'ra memory device, and manipulating their memories to try to trick/force them into giving up vital information). (The Devil You Know)

Sam: iris codes. (The Devil You Know)

Jack: locations of the Asgard homeworld and the Place Of Our Legacy. (The Devil You Know)

Martouf: the Tok'ra base. (The Devil You Know)

Daniel: location of the Harsesis child. (The Devil You Know)

He failed fairly spectacularly on all fronts, although he briefly believed that he'd gotten a base name out of Martouf. (The Devil You Know)

After killing Bynarr, Apophis chose Kintac as his First Prime on Netu. (The Devil You Know)

In a speech to Netu's denizens after he killed Bynarr, Apophis said this was the first step on his path to total galactic domination (not quite in those words, but that was the gist). He said he would deliver the denizens from Hell. Three hundred chose to follow him -- Kintac had the rest banished to the surface until they changed their minds (or died). (The Devil You Know)

When Sokar contacted Netu to find out why Bynarr hadn't reported as ordered, Apophis declared himself the only worthy contender for 'Lord of the Underworld', saying he'd killed Bynarr, who was too weak to serve such a superior Goa'uld as Sokar. (The Devil You Know)

He laid on a bit more flattery, then begged an audience aboard Sokar's ship to bow at Sokar's feet in service. He offered to give the information he'd gotten from torturing SG-1 and Martouf (which wasn't very much, actually) to prove his fealty. (The Devil You Know)

He ringed up to Sokar's ship when Sokar agreed to the audience, sucking up some more. (The Devil You Know)

When Sokar demanded information, Apophis said that the Tok'ra base was on Entac -- as Martouf had told him under torture. (The Devil You Know)

Sokar had recently conquered the world, and knew it held no Tok'ra. (The Devil You Know)

Sokar ordered his Jaffa to kill Apophis -- slowly. The Jaffa set to right there, using a torture stick on Apophis several times, much to Sokar's pleased amusement. (The Devil You Know)

After Apophis had literally fallen over from the stress of the torture stick, another Jaffa burst in, saying Netu's core had gone unstable and was about to explode. (The Devil You Know)

Apophis used the distraction to pop his hidden blade and attack his torturer when he fell, Apophis turned the blade on the newcomer, slashing him. He grabbed the second Jaffa's staff weapon and shot at Sokar before Sokar could blast him with a hand device. (The Devil You Know)

Sokar's personal shield protected him, but it provided enough of a distraction that Apophis could escape out the door. (The Devil You Know)

He managed to get to a ring transporter and ring himself to Delmak, where he proceeded to take over Sokar's armies after Sokar blew up with his ship. (The Devil You Know)

After the destruction of Netu and Sokar, Apophis inherited Sokar's armies -- enough to destroy at least six System Lords, maybe more. (Serpent's Song, Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know).

Had Sokar's troops from The Devil You Know on.

As of Maternal Instinct the Jaffa still bore Sokar's mark, but claimed to be in the service of Apophis .

By Serpent's Venom, they bore Apophis's serpent mark.

Captured SG-11 and tortured them for information, but didn't get much before they died. (Rules of Engagement)

Attacked and destroyed Chulak, searching for the harsesis child. (Maternal Instinct)

Either after or at the same time as attacking Chulak, he sent a group of eight Jaffa to Kheb to recover the harsesis child. (Maternal Instinct)

Once on the planet, six Jaffa hung back while two went ahead to get the priestess who was guarding the child. (Maternal Instinct)

When she saw the other Jaffa on the way back to the stargate, she tried to flee -- they shot her in the lower back, killing her. (Maternal Instinct)

After she was dead, Oma Desala fried them all to a crisp. (Maternal Instinct)

When his Jaffa didn't return, Apophis sent a mothership. As many as 2,000 Jaffa from his new army moved on the temple where SG-1 and Bra'tac were trying to find the child. (Maternal Instinct)

He lost all of his the Jaffa on the planet when Oma Desala lashed out at them. (Maternal Instinct)

He was building a new class of battleship that could assure his dominance over the Goa'uld and the galaxy. SG-1 destroyed the (first?) ship on PX9-757 by sabotaging the cooling system. (Upgrades planet designation stated in Divide and Conquer)

No other evidence of this new class of ship has been seen as of the middle of eighth season.

Met with Heru'ur in an ancient deadly minefield to discuss an alliance to topple the System Lords. (Serpent's Venom)

When Jacob, SG-1 (barring Teal'c, who was being tortured on Heru'ur's ship at the time, unbeknownst to anyone), and a Tok'ra operative on Apophis's ship interfered in an attempt to make both System Lords retreat, Apophis uncloaked an entire fleet of mother ships.   (Serpent's Venom)

He destroyed Heru'ur's ship, and his fleet surrounded him to sacrifice themselves to save him from the mines. Inherited all of Heru'ur's armies (at least in theory). (Serpent's Venom)

Made a bid to wipe out the Tok'ra with much/most of his fleet, but failed when the Tok'ra managed to escape ahead of him.   (Serpent's Venom)

Worse, he lost most of his fleet when SG-1 and Jacob blew up the sun in the Vorash system with his fleet nearby, catching the ships in the supernova. Escaped on his own mothership and followed SG-1 through hyperspace to another galaxy. (Exodus, Enemies)

Escaped his Replicator-infested mother ship with a few loyal Jaffa (including a brainwashed Teal'c) and used Teal'c to gain access to SG-1's stolen ha'tak vessel. (Enemies)

Idiotically brought Replicators with them. (Enemies)

Apophis went down with the ship when SG-1 steered it straight into a planet to blow it to smithereens. (Enemies)

Might actually be dead this time.((late 2000-early 2001, Enemies)

The actions of Goa'uld rising to power strongly imply that Apophis died in the explosion.

Imhotep finally pronounced him dead (The Warrior), so I now consider this to be a confirmed death.

The climb to power

(The SGC and SG-1 in particular seemed to be helping him inadvertently in this sweep toward total power every time they did something to weaken him, they put him in a position to gain even more power [especially by giving his dead body back to Sokar, which could have turned out to be the biggest mistake they ever made -- it eventually gave him a powerbase like he'd never had before, and which he was building on]).

Started his bid for total power after Jack and Daniel killed Ra. (Stargate the movie)

Took over Sokar's power base after SG-1 and the Tok'ra killed Sokar and left Apophis alive. (The Devil You Know)

Took over Heru'ur's power base after the Tok'ra engineered a fake attack that Apophis was only too prepared for, which resulted in Heru'ur's death. (Serpent's Venom) Didn't get it all, though Cronus grabbed at least one planet, and maybe more.

Possibly (probably) took over Cronus's power base, after Cronus died the hands of the robot-Teal'c. (Double Jeopardy)

His eventual death left a final, massive power void, which new Goa'uld hastened to fill.

Confirmed kills

the blonde sergeant from Children of the Gods

Jack (with staff weapon) (The Nox)

Sam (with staff weapon) (The Nox)

Daniel (with staff weapon) (The Nox)

Bynarr, when Apophis was Na'onak on Netu. (Jolinar's Memories)

top | System Lords

Ares X

His Jaffas's symbol looked like a styllized plumed war helmet. (It's Good to Be King)

Once held domain over the planet where the Tok'ra dropped Harry Maybourne off. (It's Good to Be King)

He survived at least well into the System Lords's battle with Baal, and started looking for potential sanctuaries on abandoned planets, including the one where Maybourne had been left. (It's Good to Be King)

The ha'tak he was on was destroyed over the planet when Jack shot a couple of Ancient energy drones into it. There's no absolute proof one way or the other if Ares was still aboard, but considering the circumstances -- he was hunting for a refuge from Baal, and there were no other ships in sight for him to ring to, and no sign of a transporter beam heading for the planet -- it seems very likely that he died in the explosion (2004). (It's Good to Be King)


Tends to be a bit touchy and possessive: he wiped out two star systems -- 60 million people -- rather than lose them to Sokar in a territorial dispute.   (Summit)

Daniel said of him: 'His gifts have a habit of exploding, especially when he feels he's been slighted.' (Summit)

Seemed to be nominally in charge/the host of the council meeting of the new System Lords, although that didn't appear to give him any more power there than anyone else. (Summit)

Despite having suffered losses at Anubis's hands (Baal lost his flagship and 2,000 Jaffa in battle with him), Baal accepted Anubis's bid to rejoin the System Lords. (Last Stand)

Had a male lo'taur at the summit meeting with the other System Lords (possibly his traveling lo'taur?) (Summit/Last Stand).

Had a secret outpost where he was experimenting with weapons technology and gravity-field generators, with great success.

His lo'taur at this outpost was a female, Shallan.

He captured Jack after Jack's Tok'ra symbiote, Kanan, brought them to the stronghold. Jack was held in a gravity cell (a room off a corridor when the gravity was normal a deep pit when it was shifted) between torture sessions the torture itself took place over a high-gravity shaft that held Jack in place for Baal.

Baal himself repeatedly tortured Jack to death to gain information about the symbiote's mission, breaking him slowly but steadily. After at least one session, Jack was dropped down the gravity shaft, presumably to his death, to be revived in the sarcophagus. (Abyss)

At one time, had the planet P4S-237 (where Ellori's people lived) as part of his dominion. He gave it up more than a hundred years ago. (Prophecy)

One of the minor Goa'uld in his service was Montu, who fell in with Baal after Ra was killed. (Origin)

Somewhere between Abyss and Prophecy, he suffered a military defeat at Yu's hands -- Anubis was very disappointed in him. (Prophecy)

Baal's campaign was meant to be a final crushing blow, but Yu escaped, and Baal suffered heavy losses. (Prophecy)

Participated in the concerted (failed) attack against Anubis over Abydos, but survived Anubis's superweapon counterattack. (Homecoming)

He was also part of the later fleet Yu had assembled to help the SGC ambush Anubis (at first on an Ancient world, and later over Kelowna).

When Yu was too ill to carry through, he agreed to take command of the fleet, on Teal'c's and Oshu's urging (manipulation, more like, but it worked). (Homecoming)

Fascinatingly, at first Baal was more focused on the fact that Oshu had dared judge his 'god' unfit to lead the fleet, totally ignoring the position of power and leadership being offered to him. It wasn't until Teal'c suggested Bastet as an alternative and Oshu agreed that Baal focused on the matter at hand, and agreed to take over the fleet. (Homecoming)

His empire began expanding fast, helped by his position as commander of the united alliance of the System Lords -- a position the SGC had put him in. (Orpheus)

One of his conquests was a planet called Erebus. (Orpheus)

In Greek mythology, Erebus was the place condemned souls went to right after they died. (Orpheus)

In Goa'uld society, Erebus was a planet that was used to build ha'tak vessels and to purify the naquadah used to build them, using only Jaffa prisoner-labor (regular humans wouldn't have been able to stand the heat and toxic fumes from the gas furnaces fed by underground volcanic systems, for at least a little while). (Orpheus)

Women were also at hard labor here. (Orpheus)

The stargate on Erebus is protected by a forcefield that functions like the Tau'ri iris -- you need to have the right code to send through the gate to deactivate it, or you die trying to pass through. (Orpheus)

Had a garrison on a world designated by the SGC as P3S-114, commanded by Zarin -- who unbeknownst to Baal was a Tok'ra operative. (Endgame)

When the SGC planted a virus in Baal's DHD, he took the opportunity to re-engineer it into a stargate-system-wide virus, basically crashing the entire stargate network (barring Earth -- Earth's computer dialing program wasn't susceptible to the DHD-based virus). While the network was down, he attacked his enemies with his fleet, which was bigger than anyone else's. (Avenger 2.0, confirmed in Resurrection part 2)

He was winning pretty steadily, gaining more power as he went. (Avenger 2.0)

Sent an underling to infest a scientist (Kianna Cyr) in Kelowna after he heard about the naquadria there, in hopes of finding out more about it (and presumably getting his hands on some). (Fallout)

At some point after Kianna was captured, Baal sent a message ordering her to report in. (Fallout)

He broke the System Lords' agreement to split Anubis's territories and armies equally. (New Order)

He found the planet where Anubis was creating the kull warriors (Tartarus, the last we knew) and took them over, and began using them against the other System Lords, to the same devastating effect as Anubis. (New Order)

According to Amaterasu, Baal (along with other System Lords) had noticed that the Asgard hadn't gone to Earth's defense even in the face of the direct attack from Anubis, and he concluded that the Asgard were no longer capable of defending the planets under their protection. Amaterasu claimed that he intended to take over all those planets. (New Order)

When Weir turned down Camulus's offer of hyperdrive engines as an enticement to help, Amaterasu took over, changing tacks: she speculated that the Ancient weapon must use a lot of power, and might even be temporarily out of commission. She claimed to believe Weir's assertion that the weapon worked just fine, thankyou, but speculated further that perhaps Baal would believe intelligence that it wasn't operational at the moment, and that he'd then come to Earth to claim it for himself -- and that Earth would destroy him, without the Goa'uld needing to give up anything at all. (New Order)

His forces destroyed the ship the other System Lords had sent to Earth to test Earth's defenses, and the collective forces of the System Lords began to capitulate to him. (New Order)

At some point during his assumption of Anubis's territories, armies, and technology, Baal got hold of his holographic equipment. (Zero Hour)

He took advantage of a situation some of his Jaffa had noticed -- SG-1 had gone radio silent on a planet where Baal happened to have sent an al-kesh, and they monitored enough radio chatter to know that the team was missing and hadn't been found by search parties. Baal promptly sent a holographic image of himself to the SGC with an ultimatum: send Camulus to the planet he specified if they wanted to see SG-1 alive again. (Zero Hour)

He gave Jack one day to make up his mind, and vanished. (Zero Hour)

He returned after the deadline had passed, cranky that Jack hadn't contacted him, to find the SGC literally in the dark -- the power was out. Jack explained that they were unable to dial out at the moment, and there was nothing he could do about it. Baal got pissy about Jack's attitude, but gave him one more day anyway. (Zero Hour)

Knowing perfectly well that he didn't have SG-1 -- they'd been ringed down below the surface and been trapped, which he figured out from radio chatter during the search for them -- Baal left a contingent of Jaffa in ambush at the stargate in case they escaped, to maintain his leverage over the situation. They attacked SG-1, but didn't manage to stop them from going home. (Zero Hour)

Baal did eventually wind up with Camulus, who headed straight for him with a ZPM that Camulus thought was booby-trapped -- Camulus hoped that Baal would trigger the trap and die. (Zero Hour)

The ZPM Camulus brought wasn't the tainted one, however -- it was the dead one, with no charge left in it at all. (Zero Hour)

After the SGC and a rebel Jaffa named Aron killed Moloc, Baal swept in and took his territories. (Sacrifices)

He was making steady gains in his war with the System Lords. At some point in mid-2004, his forces killed Bastet and Olokun, and Morrigan capitulated to him. (It's Good to Be King)

At an undetermined point, he picked up Anubis from the planet where he'd been stranded, and Anubis took command. (Reckoning part 1)

This is probably how Baal so quickly and easily gained control of Anbuis's kull warriors, tech, and territories.

Baal served Anubis with no outward show of disobedience, but clearly had his own agenda as well.

He appeared to be unaware that Sam was a lieutenant colonel, even months after the promotion -- not that he'd have any particular reason to care, but it's interesting that no word of her new title seemed to be making it back to Baal. (Reckoning part 1)

He sent an emissary to the (much reduced) Council of System Lords to demand their surrender, saying they could keep their armies and administrate their territories under his authority -- he demanded that they bow before him as supreme commander of the entire Goa'uld domain. If they refused, he would resume hostilities and eventually kill them. (Reckoning part 1)

When the Replicators invaded, Baal started losing fast -- within a single 24-hour period, he lost five regions. According to Jacob, he was making a typical Goa'uld mistake, defending territory at the expense of resources. (Reckoning part 1)

When he realized how badly the war with the Replicators was going, he sent a hologram of himself through the Tau'ri stargate and asked Jack for help, wanting to know what he'd used to defeat the Replicators before and suggesting they unite to fight their common enemy. Jack was amused: 'I have a better idea. Why don't we sit back and watch you get your ass kicked. That way you'll be dead, and we'll be glad!' (Reckoning part 1)

He returned to the SGC again to request a different kind of help after Anubis explained that there was an Ancient weapon on Dakara that he could use to wipe out the Replicators, after Baal reclaimed Dakara for the Goa'uld and wiped out all the rebel Jaffa there. The weapon was capable of destroying all life in the galaxy, and Baal didn't trust Anubis not to use it. So he went to Jack, who was still reluctant to do anything to help him -- until he heard Anubis was back in the picture. (Reckoning part 1)

He stuck to his word, giving SG-1 as much time as he possibly could to find and destroy the weapon. He began by bringing in his fleet in to Dakara as slowly as he could, then, after Teal'c and Bra'tac began a slow, steady retreat after their ship's shields started to fail, Baal turned his entire fleet to follow, ignoring Dakara in favor of wiping out all the rebels before retaking the planet. The reasoning satisfied his Jaffa, and bought Sam and Jacob more time. (Reckoning part 2)

When Sam and Jacob requested his help with the weapon, he was surprised and amused, but agreed to figure out a way to dial all the stargates in the galaxy simultaneously so that the Ancient weapon could be used against every Replicator around. (Reckoning part 2)

He also 'helped' with configuring the weapon's control panel output to match the signature from the Replicator-killing disruptor that Jack had built -- he stood there as a hologram and pointed to sections Jacob and Sam should push, smug any time it worked. He had to leave them to it when his ship started losing life support, but sincerely wished them luck before he left (creeping Jacob out in the process). (Reckoning part 2)

After the Replicators were successfully destroyed, Baal ordered his fleet to capture the rebels, and was highly amused when Teal'c contacted him and demanded his surrender instead. He was surprised when Bra'tac and other rebel Jaffa appeared in his 'throne' (control) room and captured it, but no less amused -- he was laughing as he hit a transporter beam signal on his wrist, and beamed out. (Reckoning part 2)

He made it back to Anubis's home base and went before Anubis, who accused him not only of failure, but betrayal -- he'd discovered at least some of what Baal had done against Anubis's orders regarding Dakara, and knew that Baal had been the one to modify the stargate system to allow for simultaneous dialing of all gates in the galaxy. Anubis let him live, though, so he could see what Anubis was going to do with Baal's results: retake Dakara and use the weapon there to destroy all life in the galaxy. (Threads)

top | System Lords

Bastet X

A minor (but still fairly powerful, by all indications) Goa'uld until the second ruling dynasty collapsed. (Summit)

She may have a long-term alliance with Kali -- they seem to be on fairly friendly terms, and at least once were spoken of as a unit ('Bastet and Kali have also suffered...' -- Baal, Summit).

The two of them made a treaty with Sobek, then moved against him during the celebratory feast. Rumor has it that his head still decorates Bastet's palace in Bubastis. (Summit)

Despite suffering losses at the hands of Anubis's forces, and having gone to a council to determine a course against him (before they knew who he was), Bastet voted to let Anubis back among the System Lords. (Last Stand)

Participated in the concerted (failed) attempt against Anubis above Abydos during Full Circle.

She survived the debacle when Anubis used his superweapon to take out many attacking motherships.

She was also part of the later fleet that was cooperating with the SGC to ambush Anubis (at first on an Ancient world, and later over Kelowna). (Homecoming)

Teal'c mentioned her as another possible System Lord to contact about taking over the fleet when Baal seemed uninterested. (Homecoming)

Died in the war between Baal and the System Lords, sometime in mid-2004. (It's Good to Be King)

top | System Lords


Celtic god of war.

No idea how long he's been among the ranks of the System Lords -- Daniel's only comment was that the SGC had never had any contact with him before. (New Order)

Grannus, a minor Celtic god, was one of his lieutenants. (The Ties That Bind)

At some point in the mid-1990s (probably 1994-1995), he took over Vala's home planet, after athe people had risen up against their Goa'uld overlord (Vala's symbiote). (Prometheus Unbound)

His fleet was destroyed, and his domain among the first to fall to Baal. (New Order)

He was the System Lord who contacted Earth when the Council of System Lords decided they needed to negotiate with Earth to help deal with Baal, and journeyed to Earth along with Amaterasu and Yu. (New Order)

When Weir steadily refused to help them, saying it wasn't Earth's problem yet and that Earth would protect itself if/when the time came, Camulus pulled out their biggest card: he offered hyperdrive engines, so Earth could develop its own fleet of hatak-equivalent ships.(New Order)

He pointed out that this would let Earth enforce the Protected Planets Treaty with or without the help of the Asgard. (New Order)

He was very surprised to hear that Earth already had hyperdrive technology. (New Order)

When Weir responded to Amaterasu's insinuation that the System Lords would send Baal straight to Earth to be destroyed (by giving him intell that the weapon was non-operational) by saying that Earth would take Baal out, but only in return for all of Baal's territories, just as a System Lord would take them over, Camulus flatly said the System Lords couldn't accept the terms. (New Order)

When Weir persisted, he called a recess, so the three negotiators could contact the other System Lords and apprise them of the new situation. (New Order)

He was stripped of his diplomatic status and held captive along with Yu and Amaterasu when it was discovered that the System Lords had responded to the new situation by sending a ship to attack Earth to test its defenses. (New Order)

When Weir eventually came to him and told him she and her superiors had decided to let them go (figuring they'd be more useful off fighting Baal, since interrogations of Goa'uld tend not to provide much information), Camulus requested asylum on Earth, offering his knowledge of the Goa'uld.

With his domain gone, he had nothing to return to. (New Order)

The asylum was granted. (New Order)

On her way to the stargate to leave, Amaterasu told Weir to tell Camulus that he would forevermore be branded a traitor and a coward among the System Lords. (New Order)

He was being held at another facility, not the SGC -- they sent him to the SGC when Baal asked for him in exchange for the safe return of SG-1. (Zero Hour)

He was not happy that he was being treated as a prisoner, after seeking asylum. (Zero Hour)

When Jack told him Baal wanted to trade for him, Camulus said he didn't know why (more accurately, he said there were 'many possible reasons' without picking one in particular), and said trading him was a waste of time -- Jack couldn't trust Baal, and his friends would never be returned safely to him.

Jack had him brought to the stargate and stood him in front of an active wormhole, giving him one last chance to talk before he shipped him off to Baal -- Camulus didn't blink, and Jack had him sent back to his cell. (Zero Hour)

Afterward, Camulus changed his tune, asking to speak with Jack. He said it wasn't safe for him to remain, because Baal wouldn't stop at threats if he were truly so determined to seek revenge against Camulus. He offered to leave. Jack asked for something in return.

Camulus offered the location of a planet with an Ancient device, although he'd never figured out how to make it work. He said maybe the SGC could.

When Jack asked if that was why Baal was after him, he admitted he'd once made the mistake of bragging about finding the device in front of Baal at a meeting of the System Lords, although he'd never disclosed the location.

When the device turned out to be genuine (and included a ZPM, although Camulus didn't know what that was), and as soon as the base had power again, Jack intended to honor his part of the deal and let Camulus go. Camulus was in the gateroom waiting for the dialing process to end when Jack got a call saying there was a problem with the ZPM. He cancelled Camulus's trip. (Zero Hour)

Camulus at first denied all knowledge of the fact that the ZPM had been booby trapped, never mind that he had done it. When Jack called him on it, he repeated Jack's words at the stargate, when Jack was bluffing him: 'Worth a try.' (Zero Hour)

Jack made a deal with him: he'd let Camulus go, if Camulus would take the booby-trapped ZPM to Baal and offer it in exchange for SG-1. This would allow Camulus to kill Baal, and take his territories. Camulus went for it. (Zero Hour)

SG-3 escorted him, with the ZPM, to another planet, where they intended to wait for SG-1. (Zero Hour)

What Camulus didn't know was that Jack had switched the tainted ZPM for the dead one -- there was no way it would kill Baal, or Baal could use it as a weapon against Earth if he figured it out. Baal was likely not happy with Camulus about this. (Zero Hour)

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Cronus X

The most influential of the System Lords while he lived. (Fair Game)

He banished Sokar. (Fair Game)

He was an enemy of Apophis. (Fair Game)

He (probably) sent the ashrak to kill Jolinar. (Fair Game)

According to Teal'c, Cronus used to use kor mak -- twin bracelets linked together by some sort of signal -- when important prisoners needed to be transported somewhere. One bracelet would go on the prisoner, and one on the Jaffa assigned to guard him. If they were separated for more than a short period, both would fall ill and die (the guard died to punish him for his failure to control the prisoner). (Avalon part 1)

He killed Teal'c's father, who had been his First Prime, when Teal'c was a child, and thus became a bitter sworn enemy of Teal'c. (Fair Game)

He was part of the three-person delegation (along with Nirrti and Yu) that went to Earth to renegotiate the Protected Planets Treaty with the Asgard, when the Asgard wanted to put Earth under their protection. (Fair Game)

Before the negotiations could move much beyond initial insults and a huffy withdrawal by the Goa'uld back to their quarters, Cronus was attacked in his quarters. (Fair Game)

He was severely injured, enough so that Fraiser couldn't do anything for him. (Fair Game)

Nirrti pretended to try to heal him with a Goa'uld healing device, but 'failed' -- she claimed he needed a sarcophagus. (Fair Game)

After Sam gave it shot and saved him, she and the others told him that they could prove it was a Goa'uld who'd attacked him. Once they proved it was Nirrti, he agreed to the Protected Planets Treaty. (Fair Game)

Claimed at least one of Heru'ur's planets (presumably after Heru'ur's death in Serpent's Venom), and on a visit to it was killed by the robot Teal'c (who was created in Tin Men) while torturing the flesh-and-blood Teal'c by torturing Teal'c's symbiote (gotta give him points for symmetry in trying to kill Teal'c the way he killed Teal'c's father). (Double Jeopardy).

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Hathor X

Traditionally, the goddess of fertility, inebriation, and music. (Hathor)

Daughter and wife of Ra, friend to humanity (in her own words). (Hathor)

She was a Queen -- one of the few Goa'uld capable of actually having young, for which she needed the DNA of whatever the host species would be (to make adaptation easier). (Hathor)

She possessed the ability to breathe out a chemical, some sort of pheromone (visible as pink breath), which left men extremely susceptible to her suggestion. (Hathor)

If she got close enough, the men would breathe it in, and then do whatever she wanted. (Hathor)

It didn't affect Jaffa (protected by their symbiotes) or women. (Hathor)

Other than being totally amenable to her slightest wish, though, the affected men didn't behave particularly differently. (Hathor)

When she left, the effect was cut off, leaving temporary memory loss behind. (Hathor)

Once someone was exposed to and recovered from the effects, he would be immune to any further exposure. (Out of Mind)

Always spoke using the royal 'we'. (Hathor, Out of Mind/Into the Fire)

She had been trapped in a sarcophagus on Earth for thousands of years, in a Mayan temple -- the Temple of the Inscriptions, in Palenque, Mexico. (Hathor)

After her sarcophagus was opened and she killed the archaeologists who found her, she made her way to the SGC, sensing that that's where the stargate was. (Hathor)

When captured by security guards at the SGC, she was placed in room 16K7-45 -- a holding cell. (Hathor)

She attempted to take control by drugging all the men at the SGC with her pink breath -- the only male on the base totally immune was Teal'c, because of his symbiote. (Hathor)

She intended to set up a new dynasty based on Earth. (Hathor)

She chose Daniel as her beloved, her chosen one, her first pharaoh, and as part of that she wanted him to 'donate' his DNA ('take the code of life from his juices') so she could spawn a batch of human-oriented offspring. She enjoyed the method of procuring the code with humans. (Hathor)

When the women (led by Sam and Janet) foiled her plan, she fled through the stargate to Chulak. (Odd choice...) (Hathor)

She began working on another plan, stealing Jaffa from various Goa'uld to form an army. (Out of Mind/Into the Fire)

Somewhere along the line she developed the ability to become invisible -- possibly learned from Nirrti? (Out of Mind/Into the Fire)

Didn't realize that 'Dr. Raully' was blended with a symbiote -- she believed her to be Jaffa until Raully told her that she was a Tok'ra. (Into the Fire)

She recaptured SG-1 a year later in an attempt to both gain information and turn one (Jack) into a Goa'uld host. (Into the Fire)

She was once again defeated -- Jack threw her into a cryogenic vat. (Into the Fire)

Odds are extremely high that she's dead for good. (Out of Mind/Into the Fire)

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Heru'ur X

'Horus the Elder', son of Ra and Hathor.

In direct competition with Apophis for ascendance after Ra's death. (Serpent's Venom)

Possibly inherited Ra's armies after Ra's death -- he was said to have one of the two largest armies among the Goa'uld. (Serpent's Venom)

He definitely had Horus Guard as his Jaffa. (Thor's Chariot, Secrets, Forever in a Day, Serpent's Venom)

He was the first Goa'uld to dare invade Cimmeria (an Asgard-protected world) after SG-1 was forced to destroy Cimmeria's protective device to save Teal'c. (Thor's Hammer, Thor's Chariot)

He was defeated when the Asgard arrived, but escaped safely through the stargate (Thor's Chariot)

He went to Abydos in search of Amaunet, but his plans were foiled by SG-1 and then Apophis's untimely arrival. (Secrets)

At some point, he appears to have allied with Amaunet, giving her Horus guards to help her. He was unaware that she was betraying him, by going after the harsesis child unbeknownst to anyone. (Forever in a Day)

(This alliance was possibly as early as pre-Secrets, although there's no proof of that other than Heru'ur knowing where Apophis had stashed her, which he could have found out from a spy.)

Heru'ur's Jaffa captured Teal'c (with the help of Rak'nor, who set him up) during a fake rebel meeting, and gave him over to Terok, Heru'ur's torturer -- a Goa'uld, but clearly not one of any real rank. (Serpent's Venom)

Terok tried to convince Teal'c to repent of his 'sin' so his soul could move on to the afterlife. (Serpent's Venom)

Terok also claimed to have tortured Bra'tac to death -- a claim that was later proven false. (Serpent's Venom)

In an ancient minefield during a parley with Apophis, Heru'ur was blown up with his ship (presumably -- we never saw the body) (Serpent's Venom).

His Horus Jaffa presumably belonged to Apophis after his (assumed) death.

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nb: Horus is never specifically mentioned as a System Lord, but it's unlikely that he was a minor Goa'uld. The various incarnations of Horus traditionally all had to do with kingship and royalty. It's also possible that Gerak, referring to Horus, was using it as 'Horus the Elder', aka Heru'ur, but I can't be sure of that so he's getting a separate listing. (Origin)

At some point within the past hundred or so years (an  adult Jaffa lifetime), Horus's First Prime was Karrok of the High Plains. (Origin)


Isis X

Sister and wife of Osiris. (The Curse)

Trapped (by Seth, her brother) in a jar on earth for millennia. (The Curse)

Died when the jar she was in cracked, destroying the seal on the stasis chamber. (The Curse)

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' The Destroyer'. (Summit)

A minor (but still fairly powerful, by all indications) Goa'uld until the second ruling dynasty collapsed. (Summit)

She may have a long-term alliance with Bastet -- they seem to be on fairly friendly terms, and at least once were spoken of as a unit ('Bastet and Kali have also suffered...' -- Baal, Summit).

The two of them made a treaty with Sobek, then moved against him during the celebratory feast. (Summit)

She had an outpost on Cerador. (Last Stand)

Despite suffering losses at the hands of Anubis's forces (she lost two motherships in battle against him), and having gone to a council to determine a course against him (before they knew who he was), Kali voted to let Anubis back among the System Lords. (Last Stand)

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Marduk X

Lived on Earth as a Babylonian creation god. (The Tomb)

So evil that even his priests rebelled, and sealed him in a sarcophagus with an animal that ate his host until it died (a long, long time given the sarcophagus's regenerative powers). (The Tomb)

Marduk entered the animal to save himself, and was eventually released by a Russian team who died for their efforts. (The Tomb)

He later took over a Russian member of a joint Russian-SGC rescue mission, there to find the (deceased) Russian team. (The Tomb)

He was badly injured by the Russian commander, Colonel Zukhov, but survived long enough to be blown to bits by SG-1. Presumably. (A pile of C-4 blew up in his face, bringing down the temple on top of his blown-up remains and the sarcophagus. Highly doubtful that he could have revived, climbed out of tons of rubble, unburied the sarcophagus from tons of rubble, and climbed in to recuperate. Even if he did, it's doubtful he'd be able to do anything about escaping, since the transport rings were also blown up and buried.) (The Tomb)

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Very little is known about her.

Long ago, she likely ruled over the planet designated P3X-289 by the SGC. (Revisions)

The locals unearthed a stargate on that world 563 years before SG-1 visited them (circa 1440 by our calendar), and associated it with the worship of the goddess Morrigan. (Revisions)

She uses her lo'taur to try to get information about other System Lords through 'casual' conversation with other lo'taurs. (Last Stand)

She rose to power after the collapse of the second Goa'uld dynasty, and despite having suffered at Anubis's hands, voted to let him return to the System Lords. (Last Stand)

By roughly mid-2004, she had capitulated to Baal in the war between him and the System Lords. (It's Good to Be King)

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Nirrti X

She once sent a peace emissary to negotiate a treaty with Apophis over a stargate Apophis had taken control of. The negotiation was a ploy, and the stargate was destroyed -- as soon as the emissary entered the stargate, there was a massive explosion. (Singularity)

She repeated the ploy with Cassandra, in an attempt to destroy Earth's stargate. (Singularity)

Used a biological infection to destroy the planet Hanka and planted a bomb in Cassie's chest to destroy Earth's stargate (Singularity).

She was involved in the negotiations with Earth for the Protected Planets Treaty, but used deception and powers of invisibility (she had been experimenting with phase shifting to fight the Reetou, but didn't share the technology she developed with the System Lords) to sabotage the negotiations, nearly succeeding in killing Cronus and blaming the SGC (and specifically Teal'c) for it.

Her actions got her taken prisoner by Yu and Cronus. (Fair Game).

After Cronus's death, she was freed by default from his captivity. (Rite of Passage)

She returned to Hanka, where she had created a genetic retrovirus in Cassie's people, which the people called 'the mindfire', designed to create an improved host for herself. (Rite of Passage)

The virus triggered in teenagers a few years after puberty -- the teens went into the forest where they were lured into standing over transport rings that brought them to Nirrti's lab. (Rite of Passage)

Nirrti 'cured' them in her lab, keeping them alive so that the rewritten DNA the virus had produced could be passed on, so each generation wound up one step closer to what she wants. (Rite of Passage)

She returned invisibly from Hanka with SG-1 in hopes of gaining access to Cassie. (Rite of Passage)

Instead, she got caught and wound up working a deal for her freedom: she saved Cassie and was freed, but without her invisibility technology or a sample of Cassie's blood. (Rite of Passage)

She intended to start up her experiments somewhere else. (Rite of Passage)

Months later, was still persona non grata among the Goa'uld, with no chance of being accepted among the ruling System Lords (Last Stand).

Found a new planet to play on -- P3X-367. (Metamorphosis)

The local population was suffering from a plague when she arrived. (Metamorphosis)

She took advantage of the situation, taking some of the survivors to her fortress to 'heal' them. (Metamorphosis)

The treatments were actually sessions with an alien device she had found on the planet (possibly Ancient in origin), which she used to alter the locals's genetic makeup, in her ongoing quest to create a hok'tar she could use as a host. (Metamorphosis)

The 'treatments' took place in her local fortress, where all of the 'ill' locals had been moved. Unbeknownst to them, the rest of their village had been killed. (Metamorphosis)

The mental mutations included various forms of psychic abilities, from telekinesis to telepathy the physical mutations manifested as extreme deformity. (Metamorphosis)

To get rid of dissenters, or those she was done with, Nirrti set a time-delay mutation into their genes that caused them to eventually liquefy. (Metamorphosis)

Capturing SG-1 turned out to be her downfall. (Metamorphosis)

The locals eventually listened to Jack and the others, and Eggar, the telepath, looked into Nirrti's mind to see what she'd done and what she planned. He told Wodan, Nirrti's local right hand, who snapped and killed her telekinetically, breaking her neck after nearly strangling her. (Metamorphosis)

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Olokun X

Has battled with Yu, and is still angry over his losses. (Summit)

Rose to System Lord rank after the collapse of the second Goa'uld dynasty. (Summit)

Despite losses to Anubis's forces (and having lost Jaffa who defected to Anubis when their mothership was taken), he voted to allow Anubis back among the System Lords. (Last Stand)

Came under attack by Anubis's forces at roughly the same time the SGC's second alpha site was attacked. (Death Knell)

Anubis's drones were slaughtering Olokun's Jaffa. (Death Knell)

Olokun's forces lost the battle, with thousands of Jaffa dead and many commanders captured. (Death Knell)

Died in the war between Baal and the System Lords, sometime in mid-2004. (It's Good to Be King)

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Brother and husband of Isis. (The Curse)

Trapped (by Seth, his brother and enemy) in a jar on Earth for millennia. (The Curse)

Finally released in 2000 when the jar he was contained in was opened by Sarah Gardner, a research assistant of Daniel's old professor. He infested her and started working on getting off the planet. (The Curse)

He found his way back to the temple where the jar had been found, which also hid a ribbon device and a small ship. (The Curse)

Daniel, Sam, and Janet followed him there (believing him to be in the body of Steven Rayner, who had also traveled to the temple, looking for more information). (The Curse)

Osiris hurt Steven badly, then flung Janet and Sam against the wall.

He learned from Daniel that the SGC had killed Ra, Hathor, Seth, Sokar (not exactly true, but close enough -- it was the Tok'ra who killed Sokar, but SG-1 was more or less there) and used a ribbon device on him trying to find out the location of the stargate and of Isis, his sister and wife, until Daniel managed to stick him/her with a tranquilizer dart. (The Curse)

Symbiotes can counteract sedative, though, and Osiris, although obviously dizzy/lightheaded, released his ship and escaped. (The Curse)

From that point, Osiris was loose in the galaxy in the body of Daniel's old girlfriend. (The Curse)

Osiris remained in Sarah's body by choice, even though most Goa'uld prefer not to change their hosts's gender. (Summit)

In about a year, had managed to amass an impressive army. (Summit)

Claimed to serve no one -- and got very testy at the idea that he may have served Isis, insisting that she served him -- but was quickly recruited to Anubis's cause, and agreed to serve as his emissary and proxy to the new council of System Lords. (Summit, Last Stand)

Her style of dress becomes steadily more revealing, but always stuck to the same basics:

In The Curse, it's white pants and top, with a long white coat (lightweight material over all).

In Summit/Last Stand, it's tighter white/gold pants and top, the latter midriff-baring, covered with a gauzy white long sleeveless vest/coat that gathers in front at the waist but drapes backward from there.

By Revelations, it had shifted to a dark, almost leather-looking base outfit -- still tight trousers and midriff-baring tank top, and with a gauzy, dark-gold patterned sleeveless vest over all, cut so that it covers the host's back and sides, without ever meeting in the front it's held together in the middle by a Horus hawk figure. Also wearing wrist-high, fingerless leather glove (dark brown) on her right hand and a standard Goa'uld hand device (covering fingertips and palm, wrapping up around the wrist) on her left, and leather arm protectors (also dark brown) from forearm to just below the biceps on both arms.

The whole effect is much more about strength than the Summit/Last Stand seductive version, but doesn't lose any of it's seductiveness, either. Osiris clearly has no problem flaunting its host's physical attributes.

On orders from Anubis to test a new shield system, Osiris entered a protected system (Adara) and waited for an Asgard ship. When Thor appeared and told her to leave, Osiris refused, and when the shields held, she attacked Thor's ship with more powerful weaponry than the Asgard had expected, destroying it. (Revelations)

While dealing with Thor and Anubis, Osiris had ships in battle with Yu, attempting to kill him. The battle wasn't going well, and Osiris sent the two motherships that had accompanied her to the Adara system to help. (Revelations)

It's unknown what Osiris was doing during Anubis's more direct confrontations with SG-1 in 2002 and early 2003.

By mid to late 2003, Osiris was visibly back in the game, using what appeared to be a modified Tok'ra memory device to try to gain information from Daniel while he slept. (Chimera)

She appeared to him every night for roughly a week, ribboning him lightly while he slept (presumably to keep him from waking up) and attaching a memory device to his temple. She had a matching device in her own temple, and was clearly taking part in his dreams, directing them the way she wanted them to go to convince him to read a tablet about the Lost City of the Ancients, hoping to fool his subconscious into giving up any information it had about the city. (Chimera)

She re-created Sarah and Daniel's first meeting in Chicago in the first dream, and moved on to the early stages of their relationship to relax him and make him trust her. By the sixth dream he'd figured it out, and deliberately told her he'd never known where the Lost City was. (Chimera)

She broke the final dream and started ribboning him, apparently fully intending to kill him, but Jack showed up in the doorway and shot a tranquilizer dart at her.

Her personal shield deflected it back to him, knocking him down, and she tried twice to beam out. When it didn't work the second time (the signal was being jammed), she started walking through the house.

She got off a round of energy burst from her hand weapon at Teal'c but missed, then walked outside to find Sam talking to Pete Shanahan near the surveillance van.

Osiris shot at them but missed, and wound up in a firefight with Sam. Her shield protected her from both Sam's zat and Pete's bullets, when he decided to help.

Osiris spotted the van's gas tank and got a burst off at it, blowing the van up and putting Sam and Pete out of commission for a bit -- Pete was injured, and both of them were thrown. (Chimera)

Before she could take advantage of her victory, though, Jack shot her with a tranquilizer dart from behind. (Chimera)

Osiris was taken to the SGC, where the Tok'ra appear to have successfully removed the goa'uld symbiote from Sarah's body. It's not known what happened to Osiris itself. (Chimera)

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Called 'the creator' and 'the giver of days' by the Chosen -- people from the planet Argos who are the descendants of people Pelops took from ancient Greece and modified to live an incredibly sped-up life (100 days, instead of 100 years). (Brief Candle)

He wanted to see how humans evolved, shortening the lifecycle enough that he could see 100,000 years of evolution in just 100 years. (Brief Candle)

(The experiment seems to have been a failure. Although conditions were right -- an isolated, limited gene pool -- there were no evolutionary differences, or at least visible differences, between the Argosians and Earth-normal humans, unless possibly in their astonishing ability to learn language with only the first day or so of life available with the proper mental window open.)

He infected them all with nanocites (nanites) to alter their physiology. (Brief Candle)

The nanocites themselves had a certain level of artificial intelligence, and the ability to adapt to new situations. (Brief Candle)

A hidden transmitter gave off a signal at sunset every night, putting the Argosians to sleep and triggering the nanocites to go into action, aging them. A second hidden transmitter gave off a signal every sunrise, stopping the nanocites for the day and waking the Argosians up. (Brief Candle)

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Ra X

Sun god.

Highest-ranking Goa'uld while he lived. (Stargate the movie)

Brother to Apophis. (Children of the Gods)

He was thought to have killed Egeria in Rome, but apparently not. (Cure)

At one point, he lived on Pangara, and brought Egeria there, sealed in stasis in a canopic jar, as his prisoner. He lost the world (and Egeria) to Shak'ran, who took over and moved in, building his own temple on top of Ra's and burying Egeria, presumably unknowingly. (Cure)

In 3,000 BC, Ra was still on Earth, near the end of his reign here. He possessed a ZPM among his treasures, without knowing what it was. (Moebius part 1)

His attendants were adults, both male and female, rather than the children and teenagers he later surrounded himself with. (Moebius part 1)

He possessed one of the six Eyes, which he kept hidden in a secret chamber, itself hidden inside another secret chamber (the outer one for general treasures, the inner one solely for the Eye) under his temple.

The outer chamber was accessible only by shining a laser on a specific spot on the door unknown by what mechanism the inner chamber was accessed (Sam shot it open). (Full Circle)

Surrounded himself with very human young attendants, both male and female. (Stargate the movie)

The boys were bald except for long scalplocks, and wore long loincloths and wide necklaces (in the case of the older boys, a chest harness of sorts in addition to the necklace). (Stargate the movie)

The girls had straight bangs and their hair cut straight at about chin level, and wore shifts of some sort. (Stargate the movie)

Ra dressed more formally than most System Lords, using a full mask and headdress, which seemed almost organic -- he could make it not only retract, but seemingly vanish into his own head. (Possibly, therefore, it was just illusion.) (Stargate the movie)

His Jaffa -- Horus guards, with fully mobile helmets but not wearing much in the way of body armor -- didn't have incubator pouches. (Stargate the movie)

Ra kept cats aboard his mothership. (Stargate the movie)

Infuriated by the presence of uppity strangers on Abydos (Jack, Daniel, et al, on the first mission), Ra attacked the local city, and planned to send the Mark 3 nuclear bomb that Jack had brought along (intending to stay behind to detonate it and save Earth from any threat through the stargate) back through the gate to Earth, enhanced with naquadah to make it a hundred times more powerful. (Stargate the movie)

Instead, he himself died when Jack and Daniel ringed the fully armed (with only seconds to go on the timer), enhanced bomb onto his mothership as it left Abydos orbit. (Stargate the movie)

Altered timeline: see Ra.

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Seth X

Brother and enemy of Osiris. (The Curse)

Also known as Setekh, Set, Seti, Setesh, he is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, the embodiment of hostility and outright evil. (Seth)

He tried to overthrow Ra, and both the System Lords and Tok'ra want him dead. (Seth)

The record of Seth on Earth ended when the Earth gate was buried in Egypt, and he had been hiding out here. (Seth)

He could remain alive with a sarcophagus, or if he changed hosts approximately every 400 years. (Seth)

Setesh was represented by an animal that is either fictitious or extinct. As a result, the helmets of the Setesh guard continue to be the source of many jokes among the Jaffa. (Seth)

Historically, Seth used women as a harem -- they catered to his every whim, and were well cared for in turn. The men outside the main court were used as warriors and guards, doing his bidding. The men inside the main compound were eunuchs. (Seth)

His modern name is 'Seth Fargough', and he had a well-armed compound of followers/worshippers. The Tok'ra used his possible existence on Earth as an excuse for Jacob to see his son, and were more than surprised when Daniel actually found him. (Seth)

History on Earth

After Seth supposedly died in Egypt along with all his minions, a similar god showed up in Greece, called Typhon (similar back-stories, and a fictitious animal to represent him). In one of Typhon's last legends, he killed 300 followers, then vanished from Greece. (Seth)

He vanished from the historical record after that until the early 1800s, when a cult leader named Seth appeared in England, near Stonehenge. The cult ('the Cult of Setesh') was under constant attack from Christians. At the end, Seth's followers were found dead, having slit their own throats, but Seth's body was never found. (Seth)

That was the last record until the ATF started one for 'Seth Fargough'. (Seth)

Seth Fargough's ATF file:

DOB: 1962 (?) [sic]
Sex: M
Height: 6'0'
Weight: 190
Marital Status: N/A
Crim. Record: None

Little is known about Seth Fargough or when he founded The Children of Seth, but it is believed that he has former military connections on account of the high level of organization and discipline within the cult.
Fargough is considered potentially violent: the compound is heavily armed and guarded, and members are known to undergo regular training in firearms use and hand-to-hand combat.
Deprogrammed ex-members of the cult describe Seth as having magical powers and the ability to heal. One source said that Seth can 'make energy come from his hand'. Such reports are attributed to the likely use of hallucinogenic drugs to enforce control within the cult membership.
Harder to attribute is that several independent reports have stated that the cult leader can make his eyes glow. Expert medical testimony has found no explanation for this phenomenon.

Continued surveillance, in combination with careful questioning of former cult members, indicates that the Children of Seth is a potential flashpoint. All agents working on this case are reminded to exercise the greatest possible care in their investigations. All reports from deprogrammed members indicate that Seth Fargough is ruthless, demanding, and prone to fits of extreme temper. (Seth)

The 'Children of Seth' compound was located just north of Seattle, with about 50 followers all ready to die for Seth. (Seth)

Not written on the screen transcribed above, cult members also reportedly claimed that Seth murdered several of his followers in front of the others.

The cult members were very heavily armed, with AK-47s, Uzis, .50-calibers, and zats, at least. (Seth)

The cult's chant was 'Seth is life. Seth is happiness. Seth is almighty' -- which Seth apparently never tired of hearing. (Seth)

Sam killed Seth using a ribbon device (and basically embedding him in the floor with it). (Seth)

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Shak'ran X

Warlord who was eventually defeated (and killed) by Apophis, about 300 years ago. (Cure)

Before his defeat, he used the world Pangar as his homeworld. He very likely won the world from Ra in battle -- he moved in and built himself a temple on top of the temple Ra already had there. (Cure)

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Sokar X

In The Book of the Dead he was the most feared deity in ancient Egypt, the original god of death, similar to Satan.

At one time he ruled all of Earth, and his lands around Memphis were covered by darkness and inhabited by serpents.

His portion of Tuat, the Other World, was filled with lakes of fire where the wicked were thrown as punishment after torture and mutilation, as in hell.

Once ruler of the System Lords, defeated by an alliance of Goa'uld including Ra and Apophis.

Sokar may have inhabited an Unas, the first hosts of the Goa'uld. (Serpent's Song)

At war with both Apophis and Heru'ur.

He would rather see his enemies suffer than die -- torturing them was more fun than killing them. (Serpent's Song, Jolinar's Memories)

He conquered the world Delmak and made it his home world. Eventually (millennia ago), he was banished there. (Serpent's Song, Jolinar's Memories)

Netu, the moon orbiting Delmak, was effectively Hell.

Originally, it was an industrialized colony of the planet Delmak.

When Sokar conquered Delmak and made it his home world, he transformed the moon to match the myths.

According to the book of Am-Taut, Netu was a 'how-to guide' on passing through the ancient Egyptian 'other world' regions, many of which are described as dark places with pits of fire, home to monsters and the damned.

Thanks to his efforts, Sokar's version lived up to the hype. He filled the atmosphere with barely-breathable toxins, then blasted holes in the moon's surface, releasing the molten core. The atmosphere around the moon was impenetrable by ship -- only descent/escape pods could reach the surface. (Jolinar's Memories)

Sokar captured and tortured Apophis at one point. After Apophis escaped with the help of a few loyal Jaffa, Sokar sent troops to find him.

They arrived in time to see SG-1 hauling him to Earth, and informed Sokar, who pretty promptly began an attack on Earth's iris. (Serpent's Song)

He aimed what amounted to a particle accelerator through the wormhole after dialing in, and began sending a steady stream of supercharged particles, which began seriously overheating the iris, to dangerous levels. (Serpent's Song)

He even managed to manipulate the particle stream to form a glowing face on the iris to threaten the SGC. He was demanding the return of Apophis, or he'd destroy the SGC. (Serpent's Song)

He didn't renew the attack after Apophis was in fact returned to him. (Serpent's Song)

When the dead Apophis was back in his hands, Sokar revived him and tortured him, then banished him to Netu, where Apophis wore a mask and took the name Naonak. (Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know)

From Delmak, he built up a power base that could have beaten the other System Lords -- it was ten times larger than anyone expected, and he was prepared to launch an attack against six key System Lords, which would have upset the balance of power completely. (Jolinar's Memories)

When his Jaffa spotted a ship over Netu, Sokar assumed Goa'uld spies, and sped up his timetable a bit. Within two days, his fleet was prepared to start conquering the galaxy, fully expecting that when he was done, all Goa'uld would bow to him. (The Devil You Know)

He began by traveling to Netu to punish Bynarr for not reporting as ordered. (The Devil You Know)

When he discovered that Apophis had killed Bynarr and was angling for his (Bynarr's) job as lord of Netu, Sokar granted Apophis an audience on his ship to swear his loyalty. (The Devil You Know)

Once there, and after Sokar had started to get impatient with him, Apophis offered up the information that the Tok'ra base was on Entac -- a world Sokar had recently conquered, and which he knew held no Tok'ra. He ordered Apophis killed, slowly. The Jaffa set to right there, using a torture stick on Apophis several times, much to Sokar's pleased amusement. (The Devil You Know)

When a Jaffa interrupted to tell him that Netu was on the verge of exploding because its core had gone unstable, Sokar was absolutely enraged, to the point of roaring in anger. The anger was that Netu would do something he hadn't commanded, not that he'd been interrupted. (The Devil You Know)

Apophis chose that moment to make a break for it by attacking the two Jaffa near him and shooting a snatched-up staff weapon at Sokar. Sokar didn't manage to get off a hand-device blast at him, but his personal shield absorbed the staff blast. In the end, that was pointless, though. Sokar was still on the ship when Netu exploded, destroying the ship as well. (The Devil You Know)

We never saw the body, but Apophis's actions thereafter definitely imply that Sokar was permanently out of the picture.

Had he succeeded, he could have become the dominant power, with an army big enough to rule the galaxy. Instead, Apophis took over his power base and Jaffa (symbol is a multi-pointed star of sorts). (The Devil You Know).

top | System Lords


One of the System Lords who rose to power after the collapse of the Second Goa'uld Dynasty. (Summit, Last Stand)

He voted Anubis back into the ranks of the System Lords. (Summit, Last Stand)

After successfully sending Jaffa through the stargate as a test of Latona's planetary defense system, Svarog claimed Latona as part of his domain, and his Jaffa began cowing/conquering the locals (who were nonconfrontational enough to make it difficult, since they simply refused to obey orders they didn't understand -- and they didn't understand any of the orders they were being given). (The Sentinel)

Svarog brought a mothership to finish the conquest of the planet, firing on the main city to force them to submit. He and all his Jaffa were driven away by the Sentinel in a burst of blinding white light -- no idea if that means they're dead or just transported elsewhere. (The Sentinel)

top | System Lords


She was part of the Babylonian creation myth, as a winged serpent: Marduk slew her and used half of her body to form the sky, and the other half to form the earth. (The Tomb)

Little is known about her as a System Lord, other than that she possessed one of the six Eyes (Full Circle) and was definitely connected to Marduk -- he had the Eye of Tiamat in the ziggurat where he was entombed (The Tomb).

top | System Lords


aka Yu the Great (Fair Game)

He may have been one of China's earliest emperors, and did not assume the role of god per se. (Fair Game)

According to legend he possessed great mythic powers and sprang into the world from a dragon's body. (Fair Game)

He founded the first recorded dynasty, governing under harsh rule, but bringing advances and positive influences. (Fair Game)

His full name and title is the Jade Emperor, the Exalted Lord Yu Huang Shang-Ti. He lives in a Chinese-style palace/fortress in a mountainous region of his planet, and is fond of tea. (Summit)

Oldest of the System Lords. (Homecoming)

(nb: This statement is made after many System Lords have died, including Cronus, Ra, Apophis, Sokar, Nirrti, Hathor, and Heru'ur. It's not clear whether Yu was the oldest of the System Lords before these deaths.)

Was part of the System Lord delegation to Earth for the negotiations initiated by the Asgard. (Fair Game)

According to the Asgard, Yu was the most likely to favor adding Earth to the Protected Planets Treaty, since his interests lay elsewhere. (Fair Game)

Yu was aware that Earth had two stargates, not just one, and insisted that both stargates be given up in the initial version of the treaty the Goa'uld were pushing. (Fair Game)

Readily believed that Nirrti was withholding technology from the System Lords, and that she'd been the one to try to kill Cronus and 'defile' their meeting with the Asgard (more evidence that Yu is a being of honor...), after Jack and Daniel dropped just a few accusations in her direction. (Fair Game)

Owed his life to Jack, who pulled him down when Nirrti picked up a rifle and started shooting. (Fair Game)

Agreed to the Protected Planets Treaty after Nirrti's betrayal, dropping his insistence on Earth giving up its stargates. (Fair Game)

His lo'taur prior to Jarren unwittingly gave up the location of Yu's secret base in Valon, but then died in the surprise attack. Jarren (whom Daniel wound up impersonating) was aware of this. (Summit)

Yu was the only surviving member of the old order of ruling System Lords, but didn't have enough power to take a position of precedence (or possibly simply didn't want to). (Summit)

He was the only member of the new council of System Lords to deny Anubis's request to rejoin them. (Last Stand)

He was stabbed in the stomach by Osiris when he came upon Daniel (whom he knew as Jarren) trying to kidnap Osiris/Sarah. (Last Stand)

Survived the attack by Osiris thanks to the sarcophagus, but it left him weak. Not so weak he couldn't figure out what was going on with 'K'tano', though, and capture Teal'c and tell him about the destruction of K'tano's plans, infuriating Teal'c enough to go back and kill K'tano/Imhotep. (The Warrior)

He went so far as to say to Teal'c 'Your faith is not blind - I know this of you', counting on Teal'c's ability to think for himself as a strength to all appearances, and was willing to forgo killing the shol'va who basically began the wave of unrest in the Jaffa ranks in order to unseat the leader of the rebellion -- who was about to be attacked and maybe killed anyway. (The Warrior)

Yu's motivations were a bit murky here -- he appears to be much smarter and capable of more long-term planning than most Goa'uld. (The Warrior)

Under attack from Osiris's forces some time after the summit, but was holding his own, at least before Osiris sent reinforcements. No idea if the added ships made a difference. (Revelations)

He was given the plans to Baal's secret gravity-field experimentation outpost by the SGC (although presumably Yu didn't know that that's where it came from), and did as the SGC had hoped: attacked the outpost, giving Jack a chance to escape, by attacking the power generators first. (Abyss)

Somewhere between Abyss and Prophecy, he gained a military win over Baal that was sufficient to leave Anubis very disappointed in Baal. Baal's campaign was meant to be a final crushing blow, but Yu escaped, and Baal suffered heavy losses. (Prophecy)

As of Prophecy, Yu remained the sole System Lord in opposition to Anubis.

Finally rallied the other System Lords behind him, and headed a fleet that confronted Anubis over Abydos. Yu demanded that Anubis hand over the Eye of Ra, or face destruction. Anubis attacked first, destroying part of the fleet and forcing the rest into retreat. Unknown at the time whether Yu survived the battle or not. (Full Circle)

Survived the debacle above Abydos, when Anubis used his superweapon to take out many attacking motherships. (Homecoming)

Yu agreed to ally with the SGC when Teal'c brought him a plan that could take down Anubis. (Fallen)

He rallied the remaining System Lords's fleet for the attack, and the fleet headed for the planet that was being set as a trap. (Fallen)

Before they could reach it, Yu ordered that the fleet change course for Chodawa -- across the galaxy. He truly believed that that's where Anubis was. (Fallen)

He was very ill, and was spending most of his time in the sarcophagus. He had become increasingly paranoid and confused, he babbled to himself, and he forgot key details of things like battle plans. (Homecoming)

He fell out of favor after Anubis began his climb back to power, since Yu had been the only one to vote against Anubis's re-acceptance to the ranks of the System Lords. Anubis never defeated him, though, and after Anubis's defeat over Antarctica, Yu began to regain some of his old power again. (New Order)

He was unable to jump hosts any longer, and the sarcophagus was losing all effectiveness for him -- he was suffering old age and was senile to a degree. (New Order)

Despite his mental and physical deterioration, Yu retained his place of power among the System Lords, enough so that he was one of the three sent by the High Council to negotiate with Earth for help against Baal (with Amaterasu and Camulus). (New Order)

His First Prime, Oshu, stayed at his side constantly, despite the fact that neither of the other two Goa'uld delegates had brought an aide of any sort. (New Order)

When he spoke on his own, without going through Oshu, he slipped up, referring to Anubis as the current threat, rather than Baal. (New Order)

Despite that, he was aware enough to still definitely be part of the negotiations. He refused to allow Oshu to call for an adjournment to let him rest, determined to carry on with the negotiations. (New Order)

He remained aware enough to respond to Weir's announcement that Earth would take out Baal only in return for all of Baal's territories, ships, and armies with a flat 'preposterous'. (New Order)

He was stripped of his diplomatic status and held captive along with Camulus and Amaterasu when it was discovered that the System Lords had responded to the new situation by sending a ship to attack Earth to test its defenses. Oshu's protests that Yu hadn't made the decision made no difference. (New Order)

He left Earth without a word after Weir (and her superiors) released them, on the theory that they could do more good fighting Baal than stonewalling Tau'ri interrogators. (New Order)

Wasn't impressed with Tau'ri hors d'oevres -- whatever he was eating (possibly a pig-in-a-blanket, but I can't swear to that), he promptly spat back out again. (New Order)

As the System Lords's war with Baal came closer to utter defeat (with many System Lords dead or capitulating), he gathered his armies for what would likely be his last stand against Baal. No word on what happened -- but clearly, regardless of the outcome, Yu had remained a power in the galaxy long beyond many other System Lords (including Bastet and Olokun, both dead at Baal's forces' hands). (It's Good to Be King)

He survived the 'last stand' against Baal (assuming it happened), and remained in a position of power on the (much diminished) High Council. (Reckoning part 1)

When Baal's emissary came before the small Council to demand their surrender, Yu spoke through Oshu, saying her master had no honor and that the System Lords were still determined to fight Baal. Yu himself added that if Baal had come in person, Yu would have killed him with his bare hands. (Reckoning part 1)

Almost immediately afterward, two of the emissary's kull warriors escorted 'Samantha Carter' in, after capturing her ship near the station. Yu approached to ask what she was doing there, and Replicator-Sam extruded a long blade from one arm and ran him through the torso. Yu collapsed. (Reckoning part 1)

Yu may be dead -- after she ran him through, a Replicator ship approached the station where the council was being held, and it's unlikely that they left anyone alive. But he's survived a lot in the past, so he isn't being listed as definitely dead until canon specifically confirms it. (Reckoning part 1)

top | System Lords

System Lords killed directly by SG-1

Anubis (Jack, with an assist from the Ancients)

Apophis (Jack, Sam, Daniel, with Jacob's help)

Cronus (robot-Teal'c)

Hathor (Jack)

Ra (Jack and Daniel)

Seth (Sam)

Marduk (whole team)

top | System Lords


Minor Goa'uld

X = dead (list of minor Goa'uld killed by SG-1)

Adrian Conrad X

One of Cronus's offspring, incubated in a Jaffa that was eventually captured by the Russians and then kidnapped by the NID.

The symbiote was implanted into Adrian Conrad at his own request -- he wanted it to heal him of a terminal disease, on the assumption that his scientists and doctors could then remove it, leaving him fully human and healthy. (Desperate Measures)

He intended to use Sam as a guinea pig in the experiments, even at the cost of killing her to study her brain. (Desperate Measures)

The Goa'uld had other ideas, and took him over completely, killing Conrad's girlfriend and escaping. (Desperate Measures)

Before he could get very far, Simmons found him and took him captive, offering to deal luxuries for information. (Desperate Measures)

Simmons held him in a cage in an NID 'safehouse' in North Dakota, where he questioned him. (48 Hours)

After Simmons overplayed his hand against the SGC and was arrested, the Goa'ulded Conrad was passed into SGC custody. (48 Hours)

An NID team that the imprisoned Simmons was controlling eventually hijacked the X-303, demanding both Simmons and Conrad as their price for not blowing the ship (and all of Nevada) up. (Prometheus)

After the ship entered hyperspace, Conrad attacked Simmons. (Prometheus)

The host was shot and killed, but the symbiote escaped into Simmons's body. (Prometheus)

From there, he attacked both Jack and Teal'c in a corridor, doing some damage to both. Jack opened the airlock and spaced him, killing both Simmons and symbiote. (Prometheus)

top | Minor Goa'uld

Amaunet X

The Goa'uld who was implanted in Sha're, and who became Apophis's mate and queen. (Children of the Gods)

She bore Apophis a human son (known as a harsesis). (Secrets)

She 'slept' during Sha're's pregnancy on Abydos, to keep from endangering the fetus.  (Secrets)

She awoke as soon as the child was born, demanding that he be given to her Teal'c (in disguise as a Horus guard) took the infant and zatted her. (Secrets)

She was aware of SG-1's presence (or at least Daniel's) when she met with Apophis in the Abydos temple, but didn't give him/them away, for reasons of her own. (Secrets)

At some point, she allied with Heru'ur -- she had Horus guards to protect her in Forever in a Day.

(This alliance was possibly as early as pre-Secrets, although there's no proof of that other than Heru'ur knowing where Apophis had stashed her, which he could have found out from a spy. If it was that early, though, she was actively betraying Apophis during his lifetime, rather than just finding another lord after his death and trip to Sokar. She was certainly allied with Heru'ur by Forever in a Day.)

She took many Abydonians to cover the fact that what she was really after was the harsesis child -- she didn't want Heru'ur to know about it (Sha're at the end said, 'Amaunet took the Abydonians as a show, so that Heru'ur would not know her true goal.'). (Forever in a Day)

So not only was she likely allied with Heru'ur, she was apparently betraying him (even as, possibly, she had used him to betray Apophis, depending on when their alliance began). And she was pulling it off. The only thing she hadn't counted on was Kasuf getting a message to SG-1, and SG-1 bringing enough troops along to wipe out the power base Amaunet was building. Given that Apophis called her his 'new queen' in Children of the Gods, it seems likely that she was all of three years old when she did all of this.

As soon as she had the child, she sent him to safety on Kheb. (Forever in a Day, Maternal Instinct)

Was killed by Teal'c during Forever in a Day when she tried to kill Daniel using a ribbon-device.

top | Minor Goa'uld

Bynarr X

Lord of Netu -- one of Sokar's underlords.

He served as Sokar's eyes and ears on Netu, ensuring that there were no uprisings and reporting to Sokar regularly, ringing to Delmak to report on the sufferings of 'the damned'. Sokar enjoyed hearing about that.

At one point, years ago, Bynarr had let himself be seduced by Jolinar, and had unwittingly helped her escape. He lost an eye in punishment for it.

Eventually, his First Prime was Na'onak -- Apophis in disguise.

When Bynarr thought Jolinar had returned (when Sam knew who he was), he hoped to make her death slow and painful. He was disappointed to discover that Sam no longer carried Jolinar, but was willing to make do with her death instead. He was about to ribbon her when 'Na'onak' shot him from behind with a staff weapon, killing him. (Jolinar's Memories)

top | Minor Goa'uld

Grannus X

He was a minor Celtic god, one of Camulus's lieutenants. (The Ties That Bind)

He died at the hands of his own Jaffa during the general uprising. (The Ties That Bind)

One of the primary religious icons among Grannus's worshippers was the legendary Ring of Shen-Marak. 'Sister Vestina' (Vala) donated it to a shrine inhabited mainly by monks, turning into a place of pilgrimage for worshippers throughout the system. Unfortunately, it turned out to be nothing more than a power coil from an obsolete cargo ship - which Vala had been well aware of, naturally. The worshippers(The Ties That Bind)

The shrine's most precious relic, the Livanna Crystal, went missing right around the time 'Vestina' made her donation and departed. (The Ties That Bind)

The monks's duties included fasting, chanting, and bathing of the poor, along with weaving prayer-baskets. (The Ties That Bind)

The worshippers of Grannus declined in number but increased in fanatacism after he was executed. (The Ties That Bind)

top | Minor Goa'uld

Imhotep X

Symbol is an inverted step pyramid (very cool, especially in the First Prime gold form). (The Warrior)

Imhotep was from a backwater planet, and his only claim to fame was developing a particular fighting style (very Eastern, and rife with Matrix-y effects): mastaba. (The Warrior)

The style is full of kicking and staff work, and is based on the idea that one must strive with single-minded purpose to victory, without regard for survival. All of his Jaffa were required to master it. (The Warrior)

In an attempt to gain power during the upheaval period after the collapse of the second Goa'uld dynasty, he disguised himself as his own First Prime (K'tano), pretended to have killed Imhotep, and raised a Jaffa army from freedom-seeking Jaffa of many Goa'uld. (The Warrior)

He snookered every Jaffa he met, including Bra'tac and Teal'c. (The Warrior)

(personal speculation: possibly used a subliminal hint of Goa'uld voice to influence them? I have absolutely nothing to back that up, but they all fell for his act very very fast, and completely, for no apparent reason.)

He gained many Jaffa from the ranks of the System Lords that SG1 have killed, and had Jaffa from at least six different System Lords (including Horus guards and Serpent guards).

He used a combination of freedom-fighting rhetoric and religion (promising that fallen warriors would go to Kheb). (The Warrior)

Skilled at manipulating people and situations. (The Warrior)

He seduced Teal'c away from SG-1, making very deliberate moves to call him to his side and away from Jack any time Jack wanted Teal'c to go with him (weakening Jack's alpha image, strengthening his own, and putting Teal'c in a beta position from which he was less likely to challenge K'tano). (The Warrior)

Offered to make Teal'c his second in command, if Teal'c survived the suicide mission against Yu. (The Warrior)

Seemed sincere in his desire for an alliance with Earth -- very Goa'uld-y betrayal and doublecross potential all over the place there. (The Warrior)

Teal'c killed him in the rite of joma secu to expose him as the betrayer to the Jaffa cause that he was, and also wound up exposing him as Imhotep. (The Warrior)

top | Minor Goa'uld


The Goa'uld son of Apophis, using the body of Skaara as a host. (Children of the Gods)

Had a run-in with SG-1 when he and Apophis tried to destroy Earth -- during it, he taunted Jack a lot and tried to kill Daniel by ribboning him. (Within the Serpent's Grasp, Serpent's Lair)

Jack shot and killed him, but Bra'tac, trying to buy time, put him in the sarcophagus to recover. After he revived, he and Apophis were forced to flee their exploding motherships. (Within the Serpent's Grasp, Serpent's Lair)

He survived the destruction of his ship in Earth's orbit by ringing with Apophis to Klorel's ship, and escaping through the onboard stargate in the nick of time, directly behind Daniel. (Family)

About a year and a half later, during a battle with Heru'ur's forces, Klorel was fleeing in a glider and crash-landed on Tollana. Skaara had control when the Tollans found them, and begged to be freed from Klorel. (Pretense)

After a 'triad' (trial, with three arguing sides), Skaara won, and Klorel was forcibly removed and sent to a Goa'uld homeworld in search of another host. (Pretense)

No idea if he found one or not -- nothing further has been heard of him.

top | Minor Goa'uld

Moloc X

His home base was possibly on Goranak that was where the rebel uprising began. (Sacrifices)

His armor had a sort of sunburst motif on it. (Sacrifices)

Very little is known about him, other than that he decreed some thirty years ago (roughly 1973) that any female Jaffa is to be sacrificed immediately after birth in the Ceremony of Fire -- burned to death. (Birthright)

As a result, a group of renegade females led by a temple high priestess (Ishta) started up, rescuing female infants before they could be killed and raising them away from all men. (Birthright)

The group had an intelligence network that went deep into Moloc's organization. (Birthright)

By all reports, Moloc also had a large contingent of Jaffa looking to join the rebellion. (Birthright)

(Personal speculation: all those healthy young male Jaffa can't have been happy to realize the only women around were their mothers -- the situation was ripe for fostering discontent, and could be why so many were willing to listen to anti-Moloc sentiments.)

Ishta, at least, considered him very powerful, with vast armies -- but never referred to him as a System Lord, nor did Ryk'l when he introduced himself as being in the service of 'the Goa'uld Moloc'. (Birthright)

He somehow found out the location of the Hak'tyl's planet, possibly from one of his high priestesses (she was a Hak'tyl contact, and failed to show up for a scheduled meeting with the Hak'tyl -- probably captured, but it's not clear whether she was the first to be captured, or if someone else had first given her [and the Hak'tyl] up). He had at least one more spy among the rebel ranks -- when the rebels in his forces set up a meeting with Ishta on the brand-new homeworld scouted by the SGC, Moloc's forces arrived pretty much immediately to attack them. (Sacrifices)

He traveled to the new Hak'tyl planet in person to crush the rebellion. When his Jaffa brought the captured Ishta to him, he ribboned her several times, urging her to grovel before him and beg forgiveness for her sins, and telling her to give him the names of other rebels. He used a fair number of religious terms here, saying things like 'tell me while there is still time to save their souls'. She didn't tell him anything. (Sacrifices)

While he was taunting Ishta -- telling her to take her tretonin so she could spend more time with her god -- his First Prime arrived to tell him that 2,000 rebel Jaffa were marching on his temple on Goranak, along with a garrison of gliders and several alkesh. He said that Moloc's hatak fleet was in orbit around the planet, awaiting his orders to crush the rebellion. (Sacrifices)

personal note: 'garrison' is the word used in canon, so I'm using it here even though it's an odd term for equipment/vehicles.

Moloc told his First Prime to use Ishta as bait to capture 'the shol'va' (Teal'c), and left to take command of the retaliation against the uprising. (Sacrifices)

He was standing at the stargate when two Tau'ri missiles came through. He ordered his Jaffa to shoot them down, but before they could succeed, Aron, hiding in the brush, 'painted' Moloc's chest with a laser light, making Moloc the focus of the missiles' attack pattern. He was dead before he even knew what hit him. (Sacrifices)

top | Minor Goa'uld


He was a minor Goa'uld in Ra's service. When Ra was killed, he entered Baal's service. (Origin)

His First Prime was Gerak. (Origin)

top | Minor Goa'uld

Mot X

(mythologically, the Canaanite god of death, who was defeated by Baal and forced to live in the underworld. In Goa'uld terms, there was likely a power struggle between the two, and Baal won and forced Mot into servitude) (Prophecy)

Set himself up as an emissary of Baal, to continue taking tribute (in the form of naquadah) from P4S-237 (where Ellori's people lived), a planet Baal abandoned a hundred years or more ago. (Prophecy)

He never passed the naquadah along -- was probably saving/using it to build himself a powerbase. (Prophecy)

He earned the enmity of the local village when, after a winter that had brought a terrible sickness (so that many of the villagers couldn't work, and thus there wasn't enough naquadah to meet the tribute), he chose ten of the sickest -- including the headman's son-in-law -- and executed them in front of the entire village. (Prophecy)

He had a spy on the planet -- Chazen -- who informed Mot of Ellori's plan to have SG-1 (and SG-15) help them free themselves of Mot. (Prophecy)

Mot left it to Chazen to capture them all (using a Goa'uld shock bomb), then arrived a day early to ensure that any plans would fail. (Prophecy)

He spoke with the Tau'ri long enough to make it plain that he knew about the iris and the need for a code, and he'd guessed correctly which part of their equipment sent it. (Prophecy)

After that, he allowed SG-1 and SG-15 to escape, hoping they would walk into an ambush by the gate (an ambush that included their opening the gate and sending through the iris code, which Mot badly wanted). (Prophecy)

When Chazen inadvertently ruined the ambush by sounding the alarm, Mot started to ribbon him to death. (Prophecy)

Before he could finish, Natania (the headman's daughter) shot him with a Tau'ri pistol, then shot him again to make sure he was dead. (Prophecy)

top | Minor Goa'uld


The Blue Lotus Blossom of Ra, son of Sakmet (Sekhmet). (New Ground)

An under-System Lord to Ra. (New Ground)

Probably brought the people to the planet P2X-416 (Bedrosia & Optrica). (New Ground)

The Bedrosians believe he is the creator of the planet and its people, as related in their holy book, the Book of Nefertum. (New Ground)

May be dead -- Teal'c spoke of him in the past tense. (New Ground)

top | Minor Goa'uld


While it's at least as likely that she was a System Lord at some point - Vala thought it possible that Daniel had heard of her, and minor Goa'uld are less likely to be widely known, plus Nut was an important goddess in Egyptian mythology - I'm listing her as a minor Goa'uld because there's no confirmation of her System Lord status.

Absolutely nothing is known about her, since Vala's story about Nut having a pair of ceremonial marriage bracelets -- she wore one, and her husband 'of the moment' wore the other -- turned out to be a lie. (Avalon part 1)

top | Minor Goa'uld

Ramius X

Barely escaped with his life after a battle against a genetically engineered warrior sent by Anubis, while on a planet to try to forge an alliance with Tilgath. (Evolution, part 1)

His First Prime was fatally wounded during the attack, and was left behind, but survived long enough to tell Teal'c and Bra'tac what had happened. (Evolution, part 1)

Ramius's survival made him a more important target for Anubis and his warriors. (Evolution, part 1)

His Jaffa captured SG-1, SG-3, SG-12, and Bra'tac a short distance from his pyramid, where they had tried to ambush one of the genetically engineered warriors. He was none too impressed with Jack or Jack's explanation of what they were doing there. (Evolution, part 1)

He died shortly afterward, when the 'supersoldier' arrived and took out his guards, then him. (He died sprawled across a ring platform, possibly trying to escape.) (Evolution, part 1)

top | Minor Goa'uld


(She may have been a System Lord, but it's never said that she is. (Resurrection))

Mother of Nefertum. (New Ground)

A loyal, powerful ally to Ra. Ra routinely sent her to rule planets in his stead, and used her as an enforcer of sorts -- to quell rebellions and perform mass executions. (Resurrection)

She was believed to have lived on Earth during much of Ra's dynasty here. (Resurrection)

She was also believed to have been exiled for plotting against him.

(personal speculation: my own interpretation is that this is good evidence that she was a System Lord in her own right -- the System Lords don't seem to exile lower-ranking Goa'uld, but only their peers. This is a total guess on my part, though, so I'm leaving her listed as a minor Goa'uld.) (Resurrection)

Artifacts belonging to her were taken from a tomb/crypt around 1800 by Napoleon (or his troops). (Resurrection)

She was found in a canopic jar, and her DNA was used by the rogue NID in an experiment to create a human/Goa'uld hybrid. It was never clear if she was alive or dead when she was found, or what happened to her afterward. (Resurrection)

See Anna for more details. (Resurrection)

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Tanith X

Tanith was the symbiote carried by Shan'auc, who convinced her that he hated the Goa'uld and everything they did, and that he wanted to be a Tok'ra. (Crossroads)

He was lying, and later, having taken Hebron as a host, he killed her for her temerity in daring to tell him, her god, what he should think or feel. (Crossroads)

He believed that the Tok'ra were taken in by him, and that he was acting as a concealed spy for the Goa'uld in the Tok'ra ranks, unaware that the Tok'ra were using him to spread misinformation to the Goa'uld when possible. (Crossroads)

As part of his cover, he gave at least one piece of useful info to the Tok'ra: the location of the meeting between Apophis and Heru'ur. (Serpent's Venom)

Over several months, the Tok'ra fed him enough misinformation to keep Apophis otherwise occupied while they saved hundreds of lives and pulled agents out of dangerous situations. When the Tok'ra had a chance to move their home base, they decided it was too risky to keep Tanith around, and told him they knew about him. (Exodus)

He escaped custody, though, and managed to badly injure or kill Teal'c and take him to Apophis. (Exodus)

He didn't die in the explosion of the sun with Apophis's fleet -- he was in the single one-man pod that escaped, and found himself a new master to serve. (Exodus, Between Two Fires)

Eventually (much later, though), it becomes clear that the new, unnamed master must have been Anubis. (Summit)

Hadn't lost his hatred of Teal'c or the rest of SG-1, and nearly succeeded in destroying Earth by getting the Tollans to do his dirty work for him. (Between Two Fires)

While scouting a new planet to use as a base, along with a contingent of Jaffa, he was killed when Teal'c shot directly into bridge of the al-kesh Tanith was flying, causing it to crash and burn. (48 Hours).

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(nb: He may have been a System Lord, but it's never said, so I'm putting him here.)

Thousands of years ago, he discovered an Ancient device whose primary purpose was healing.(Evolution, part 1)

Its effects on human hosts were devastating, and he spent years researching and experimenting to make it more usable for the Goa'uld.

He finally developed the first sarcophagus as a result.(Evolution, part 1)

After he created the sarcophagus, Anubis (still only a Goa'uld, before he attempted to ascend) went to battle with him to gain possession of the original device.(Evolution, part 1)

Anubis won (but it's not said whether Telchak was killed, banished, or what), but never found the device.(Evolution, part 1)

The device was said to be hidden in one of Telchak's temples on Earth, where he was known to the Mayans as Chac, the rain god. (Evolution, part 1)

The device eventually became the basis of the legend of the Fountain of Youth, thanks to its effects on humans when kept at a safe distance, and used only for limited exposure. (Evolution, part 1)

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Thanos X

(He may have been a System Lord, but it's never said, so he's going here instead.)

The Goa'uld who originally ruled the world now known as Langara (where the Kelownans, Andaris, and Tiranians live). (Meridian)

Either 10,000 years ago (according to both Daniel and Jonas in Meridian) or 3,000 years ago (according to everyone in Fallout), Thanos was experimenting and managed to create a small amount of naquadria in his lab.

Something went wrong, and he was killed in a massive explosion.

The explosion also released subatomic particles that catalyzed a vein of naquadah near the surface of what would later be Kelowna, turning it into naquadria. Within a year, the conversion of that deposit was complete, and the naquadria just sat there until it was discovered and mined millennia later. (Fallout)

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A scientist in Anubis's service, in charge of the kull warrior (supersoldier) project, as well as other technology on Tartarus. (Evolution, part 2)

He inadvertently captured Jacob when Jacob came through the forcefield protecting Tartarus's stargate, disguised as a supersoldier -- Thoth noticed there was damage to the suit and wanted to do an analysis on the warrior. (Evolution, part 2)

He was called away by Anubis before he could do more than begin it, to repair a remote probe of some sort. (Evolution, part 2)

Later, when he had to report that the warrior had disappeared, he told Anubis that he believed that their system of governing the symbiotes was still flawed, but Anubis refused to accept that, insisting that Thoth find the source of the damage for that one warrior and correct it. (Evolution, part 2)

Thoth later discovered Sam, Teal'c, and Jacob spying on the kull warriors being addressed by Anubis. Teal'c zatted him, but Thoth recovered instantly. Sam shot him multiple times with her P-90 -- he is very probably dead, but that wasn't confirmed, and there's no knowing if he was brought to a sarcophagus. (Evolution, part 2)

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Tilgath X

Died in battle against one of Anubis's genetically engineered warriors ('supersoldiers') while trying to forge an alliance with Ramius. (Evolution, part 1)

Wore fairly garish gold armor. (Evolution, part 1)

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One of Apophis's most loyal underlords, who apparently preferred South American mythology (specifically Mayan) to Egyptian. (Pretense)

He was chosen by Klorel to be Klorel's archon in triad to decide Klorel's and Skaara's fate on Tollana, and while he was at it set up a sneak attack on the Tollans to take out their ion cannons and destroy their world (foiled by Teal'c and Lya). (Pretense)

He argued that since humans freely use and kill animals because humans are superior beings with the right to do so, then Goa'uld have the right to use and kill humans because Goa'uld are superior beings. (Pretense)

When the triad was over (with Skaara winning control of the body), Zipacna contacted his ha'tak, which had been approaching, and told it to attack. Teal'c knocked the communication device out of his hand -- Jack punched him in the jaw (he shook it right off), and then Teal'c throttled him until he collapsed. It didn't kill him, just knocked him out for a moment he escaped through the stargate. (Pretense)

After Apophis's death, he seems to have been recruited by Anubis, and became one of Anubis's main emissaries.

The position seems more powerful than the one he held under Apophis, and he definitely started dressing better -- although he still preferred a kilt, rather than trousers. (Summit, Last Stand)

He recruited Osiris to the cause, and captured a Tok'ra spy in his ranks, managing to get information about Revanna and about a new superweapon (the symbiote poison). (Summit, Last Stand)

He went to Revanna, engaging the Revanna stargate as soon as his ships were within sensor range to cut off any escape, and loosed his Jaffa in an attack (led by al-kesh that bombed the planet, then gliders that strafed the surface, then ground troops that infiltrated the Tok'ra tunnels to find any survivors) that destroyed the base and killed every Tok'ra there. Only SG-1 escaped. (Summit, Last Stand)

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Minor Goa'uld killed directly by SG-1

'Adrian Conrad' (Jack)

Amaunet (Teal'c)

Tanith (Teal'c)

Imhotep (Teal'c)

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