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Episode Summaries: Season Seven

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Seventh Season -- 2003




Daniel returns to human form on an alien world, with no memory of who he is. On Jonas's urging, SG-1 1 goes to a planet searching for the Lost City, and finds him. He returns to the SGC and slowly begins getting his memory back. As the SGC starts getting reports that Anubis is gaining victories all over the place with the combined Eye, they call in the Tok'ra and the other System Lords for help in laying a trap for Anubis. The Tok'ra plant a false tablet with erroneous information about the Lost City's location, Daniel and Jonas sneak onto Anubis's ship to get the location of a shaft leading to the weapon's core, Jack and Sam are to fly the F-302 through the shields and drop a bomb down the shaft, and Teal'c negotiates with Yu to get a Goa'uld fleet to attack when Anubis's weapon is disabled. Unfortunately, Yu is going senile, and abandons the attack in favor of what he believes to be the real plan, and Jonas is captured aboard Anubis's ship after he and Daniel get the information to Jack and Sam. Anubis's ship is damaged, but not out of commission.


Anubis takes the knowledge he gained from Jonas and goes to Kelowna, launching a devastating attack and demanding all the country's naquadria. The Kelownan leaders call the SGC for help. Meanwhile, Teal'c and Yu's First Prime convince Baal to take over the leadership of the Goa'uld alliance against Anubis, and the fleet heads for Jonas's homeworld. Daniel helps Jonas escape from his cell, and they ring down to the planet, just in time to be captured along with everyone else. Before they can be executed, Baal's fleet arrives and destroys Anubis's mothership, effectively ending the attack on Kelowna. Anubis escapes. Jonas decides to return to Kelowna permanently, both as a researcher and as part of the Joint Ruling Council. Daniel regains his position as SG-1 team member.

Fragile Balance

Jack shows up on base one day as a teenage boy. All evidence proves it's really him, but eventually the SGC discovers that he's a clone -- one that's failing. Young Jack helps lay a trap to catch the renegade Asgard who did this, Loki, and succeeds in taking him down and securing him. The team calls in Thor -- not at all happy to discover Loki back to his old tricks -- to handle the problem. Although he's surprised by the request, he agrees to fix the problem that's slowly killing the clone, and young Jack is returned safely to Earth, to begin a new life away from the SGC.


Teal'c is shot and nearly killed by a staff blast, and has a much harder time than usual with the recovery, both physically and mentally. Daniel begins regaining memories of the time he was ascended, including one of Bra'tac and Rya'c, imprisoned in a hard-labor camp. With Rak'nor's help, SG-1 heads in to rescue them, even though Teal'c doesn't feel especially capable. Their success not only frees Bra'tac, Rya'c, and the other prisoners, but brings back Teal'c's confidence in himself.


The team travels to a planet that has been so polluted that they need full-body hazmat suits just to walk around. In the middle of all that they find a dome that contains a veritable paradise. But the longer they stay, the clearer it becomes that something's wrong: people are disappearing, and no one else is noticing. When they investigate, they find that the computer is trying to maintain the dome on a shrinking power supply, and is doing so by reducing the number of drains on its resources.


SG-1 comes across a crashed ship on an alien world, and the team goes in to investigate, finding hundreds of suspended-animation chambers with people inside. An energy blast knocks them all out. When Daniel wakes up, he doesn't recognize anyone or anything. He's put under observation, and it soon becomes clear that there are many personalities trapped inside him. Pharrin, the sole awake occupant of the ship, has placed 12 people's minds into Daniel's mind in a desperate attempt to keep them from dying completely in a power failure. After the SGC promises to send Pharrin's people to a new world through the stargate, he removes the personalities from Daniel, transferring them to his own mind.

Enemy Mine

SG-11 is surveying an old, abandoned naquadah mine for any signs of a remaining vein that the SGC can use when Lieutenant Ritter is snatched in the woods by an Unas descended of the slaves who once worked and died in the mine, which has since become sacred ground to the local Unas. Colonel Edwards, not understanding what he's up against, is all for fighting it out. Daniel calls in Chaka instead, in hopes of negotiating a peace. Although things get very tense for a while, Daniel and Chaka are ultimately successful, with the Unas agreeing to supply naquadah for weapons, as long as the SGC promises to use them against the Goa'uld.

Space Race

Warrick journeys to the SGC to make a deal: access to Hebridan technology in exchange for a naquadah generator, so he can win a race and get himself out of horrendous debt. Sam insists on being his co-pilot during the race, to his surprise. While Daniel and Jack attend diplomatic meetings and parties to solidify official relations, Sam and Warrick have to contend with sabotage and cheating.

Avenger 2.0

After causing a lab accident, Felger is desperate to prove his worth to Hammond, so develops a localized DHD virus. After it's uploaded to the stargate network, the entire system begins to crash -- the SGC has the only stargate that can be properly dialed. Sam and Felger travel to the planet with the originally infected DHD so that Felger can rewrite the virus to correct the problem.


On an alien world to meet up with would-be rebel Jaffa, SG-1 comes across a group of female Jaffa who take them to their home world. They're the Hak'tyl, women and girls who've escaped from Moloc's reign. Teal'c gets friendly with Ishta, the leader, and the SGC forms an alliance with them.

Evolution part 1

Teal'c and Bra'tac run across a new kind of warrior on an alien world. They bring the warrior's dead body home, and Jacob determines that it's a new type of Goa'uld footsoldier developed by Anubis, possibly using Ancient technology originally found by Telchak. Daniel and Dr. Lee head for South America to try to find the original device, while the rest of SG-1, Bra'tac, and several Jaffa lay a trap for another of the warriors. Daniel and Lee are kidnapped by revolutionaries just minutes after finding the Ancient device they were after. The captured warrior gives Jacob the location of his homeworld, where he was created.

Evolution part 2

Daniel and Dr. Lee are tortured for days to make them tell the revolutionaries about the Ancient device they found. Jack and Burke go in to rescue them while Sam, Teal'c, Jacob, and Bra'tac go to Tartarus to see how Anubis is creating the warriors, and do as much damage as possible to the program while they're there.


Sam, suffering from a bad head injury, is trapped alone on the Prometheus in a strange gas cloud, where she hallucinates conversations with her teammates and her father until she figures out how to get the ship free and rescue its crew.


Jonas returns to the SGC to tell them that his homeworld is in imminent danger of catastrophe -- a huge deposit of naquadah is being transformed into naquadria, and the transformation is going deeper into the ground. The newly formed naquadria will explode to devastating effect if the SGC can't help them figure out a way to stop it.


Osiris returns to Earth and spends a week rummaging around in Daniel's mind at night, trying to get the location of the Lost City out of him. Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c figure out what's going on and lay a trap, capturing Osiris. Sarah is freed of her symbiote. Meanwhile, Sam gets a new boyfriend.

Death Knell

Tensions between the Jaffa and Tok'ra reach an unbearable level when the second alpha site is attacked, and each side accuses the other of betraying its location to Anubis. Despite Hammond's, Jacob's, and Daniel's efforts to maintain lines of communication, the Tok'ra and Jaffa both dissolve their alliances with Earth (and each other) and go their separate ways.

Heroes, part 1

Emmet Bregman is sent to the SGC to film a documentary about it, to be released when the program is eventually declassified. Offworld, SG-13 has discovered a planet with lots of ruins that look interesting, but that eventually turns out to be a Goa'uld trap of sorts. More SG teams, including SG-1, go to their rescue.

Heroes, part 2

All the SG teams are back on Earth, but clearly mourning one of their own. Bregman tries like hell to find out what's going on, thinking that Jack has died -- but it's Janet, who was shot and killed while trying to save someone's life.


SG-1 gets called in to the site of a rogue NID cell, where almost everyone is dead. They discover that the cell has been working on creating a human/goa'uld hybrid, using nanites to age it so as to more quickly gain Goa'uld knowledge. The hybrid, Anna, has her own ideas.


The new president gets briefed on the stargate program, while Vice President Kinsey tries hard to convince him to replace all the current SGC personnel. (Clip episode)

The Lost City, part 1

SG-1 attempts to retrieve an Ancient repository of knowledge, but are attacked by Goa'uld ships. With no time to spare, Jack deliberately downloads the knowledge into his brain, and they blow up the device as they leave. At the same time, President Hayes implements a change of command at the SGC, replacing Hammond with a civilian, Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Then Bra'tac arrives at the SGC with news that Anubis is on his way with a fleet, and will be attacking Earth within three days.

The Lost City, part 2

The Ancient database begins taking over Jack's mind. When Daniel interprets some of the words as a nonfunctional gate address, SG-1 heads off in a borrowed cargo ship with Bra'tac and the Jaffa they took the ship from to find the planet. As Anubis's fleet approaches Earth, they ring down to the planet, find what they're looking for -- that the Lost City is actually on Earth -- and return, barely in time for Jack to activate the Ancient weapon under the Antarctic ice and drive Anubis's forces off. Jack is left effectively catatonic, and in stasis, under the ice.



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