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Episode Summaries: Season Three

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Third Season -- 1999



Into the Fire (2)

Jack is implanted with a Goa'uld, but an undercover Tok'ra puts him into cryogenic sleep to kill the symbiote off before the blending can be completed. Meanwhile, the Tok'ra get word to the SGC about SG-1's whereabouts, and Hammond sends in four more units to rescue them. When they run into trouble, he promises more help, but the Pentagon refuses, so Hammond goes to find Teal'c and Bra'tac on Chulak, and recruits them to be a rescue team. Jack survives the cryogenic freeze, and when Hathor arrives, throws her over into it without aid of a capsule to protect her.


Jacob returns to the SGC to ask for help in finding Seth, a Goa'uld the Tok'ra believe has been hiding out on Earth for millennia. He's surprised when they do, but goes with them to Seth's compound. Jacob and Jack take over the local ATF surveillance base, and Jack, Daniel, and Sam go in to the compound. They fall under Seth's "spell" (chemical control), but an electric jolt administered remotely by Teal'c frees them. They free the prisoners, but Seth disguises himself and tries to escape through the tunnel with all the others. Sam winds up blasting him into the tunnel floor with a hand device. When it's all over, Sam and Jacob are reunited with Mark Carter -- Selmak's real reason for bringing Jacob to Earth.

Fair Game

Sam is promoted to major. Because the System Lords are in an uproar over what happened to Hathor, Thor sets up negotiations between the Goa'uld and the Tau'ri, to put Earth on the list of Asgard-protected worlds. During the negotiations, Cronus is severely injured, with Teal'c the apparent attacker. The SGC needs to prove to Cronus and Yu that Nirrti was the culprit.


SG-1 finds the remains of the Linvris, a group of Goa'uld opposed to the System Lords. They're all dead. Back at the SGC, Daniel begins hallucinating severely, and is eventually diagnosed with schizophrenic symptoms, confined, and medicated. He's actually been infested with a small device Ma'chello had planted in the Linvris chamber as a Goa'uld trap. Later, when Teal'c touches Daniel, the device moves over to him. Daniel figures out what's going on as the device leaves him and he hears Ma'chello's voice in his head, and eventually manages to convince everyone else.

Learning Curve

During an information-exchange program with the Orbanians, the team members learn that certain Orbanian children -- called Urrone -- are implanted with millions of nanites as infants, which speeds their learning process. To their horror, they also learn that these nanites are harvested roughly around the age of puberty, leaving the children as effectively vegetables, with only rudimentary neural paths of their own. Jack kidnaps Merrin, an Urrone visiting the SGC to explain naquadah-generator technology to Sam, and gives her a taste of an American child's life, telling her she can choose that instead of having her nanites harvested. Merrin refuses, believing it's her duty to her people to share her nanites.

Point of View

A still-living Kawalsky and Dr. Samantha Carter step through the quantum mirror from a world where Apophis is in the midst of conquering the planet, and ask for asylum with the SGC. When Dr. Carter begins showing signs of entropic cascade failure, everyone begins working on a way to get her back home and get aid to her people. They bring the dialing code to reach the Asgard world that Jack went to in Fifth Race, and enough power to get her there. The Asgard come through in that universe as well, and Dr. Carter and Kawalsky stay in their own reality while the rest of SG-1 goes home.

Deadman Switch

Bounty hunter Aris Boch captures SG-1 and forces them to help him capture a Goa'uld who's hiding out nearby -- who turns out to actually be a Tok'ra named Korra. Boch is confused by the team's attitude toward the Tok'ra, and mocks their belief that the Goa'uld can ever be stopped by anyone. When Korra tries to suicide rather than be returned to Sokar and be forced to give up the locations of other Tok'ra, Boch begins to change his mind. When Teal'c offers himself in Korra's place, Boch finally decides it's worth a chance to let them go, and fakes a ship explosion to hide it.


In a village of medieval Christians where Sokar holds sway through fear -- and a Goa'ulded Unas as his emissary -- the team is captured and offered up as a sacrifice to the demons (the Unas). They escape with the help of Simon and Mary, two of the locals.

Rules of Engagement

SG-1 stumbles across a group of young SG soldiers who turn out to have been recruited by Apophis to train and then infiltrate the SGC. The team needs to figure out a way to convince the boys that Apophis is dead and their Jaffa masters will never return.

Forever in a Day

While SG-1 battles Jaffa to free Abydonian prisoners, Daniel spots Amaunet standing near a tent, and follows her inside. She begins to ribbon him, and he flashes into an extremely real-feeling hallucination, in several stages, about what happens after Teal'c shoots her (and thus Sha're). In the hallucinations, Sha're tells him repeatedly that he has to forgive Teal'c and stick with the SGC, because he has to find the boy -- the harsesis. After he accepts that, he flashes back out of the hallucination a bare second after it began, and Teal'c shoots Amaunet and kills her and Sha're.

Past and Present

SG-1 travels to Vyus, where all the inhabitants lost their memories a year earlier. The team sticks around to help figure out what happened, and Daniel begins falling for Ke'ra, a local leader and healer, who is basically in charge of all research. Ke'ra travels back to the SGC along with a couple of volunteers to start looking for a chemical cure, but as more evidence comes to light, it becomes apparent that Ke'ra is truly Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds, and that the memory loss was because of one of her experiments.

Jolinar's Memories (1)

Martouf travels to the SGC to tell Sam that Jacob has been captured by Sokar and is imprisoned on Netu -- basically, Hell. Jolinar is the only person who had ever escaped from Netu, and they're going to need her memories to go in and rescue Jacob. The team and Martouf are thrown into the same cell as Jacob, and begin their escape attempt, only to be caught again -- by Apophis, who declares himself the new lord of Netu.

The Devil You Know (2)

Apophis drugs and tortures Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Martouf in an effort to gain information he can sell to Sokar to solidify his position, and better yet gain an audience with Sokar so he can assassinate him. The Tok'ra launch a weapon into Netu's core to destabilize it and blow up the planet, and in the confusion, SG-1, Martouf, and Jacob escape, ringing up to the cargo ship Teal'c is flying. Apophis escapes to Delmak. Sokar is destroyed in the blast of Netu's explosion.


Aliens take over the SGC, disguising themselves as SGC personnel by means of an image generator. Only Sam and Teal'c are immune to the drugs used to knock out the humans on base. Sam gets off the base and contacts Maybourne, who, after a shaky start, comes through in the end with troops to take out the aliens.


Klorel's death glider goes down over Tollana. Skaara wakes up first from the crash, and asks the Tollans for help. The Tollans set up a "triad" to determine who's the rightful owner of the body, asking SG-1, Zipacna, and Lya of the Nox to act as "archons" to argue the case. While Jack and Daniel argue with Zipacna in triad, Zipacna's Jaffa mark the Tollans' ion cannons for destruction. At the end of triad, he calls in his mothership and nearly succeeds in taking out all the weapons. Teal'c and Lya save the day by hiding one cannon, which Teal'c turns against Zipacna's ship. Klorel is removed from Skaara and sent to a Goa'uld world.


SG-1 travels to an apparently idyllic world, where they're implanted with a tiny, powerful computer that functions across all of them. Its/his name is Urgo, and he wants nothing more than to be friends with SG-1, driving them completely bonkers in the process through his never-ending chatter and game-playing.

A Hundred Days

Jack is trapped on an alien world when a meteor lands practically on top of the local stargate, burying it. He's stuck there for a hundred days, slowly learning to fit in with what remains of the local community (after most had been evacuated to Earth). The SGC finally manages to send Teal'c through to a hollow the wormhole's kawhoosh had created, and he contacts Jack, who returns safely home.

Shades of Grey

Jack gives every indication of having finally snapped after years of not gaining much in the way of tangible results from the stargate program, and steals some technology from the Tollans. Given the option of court martial or retirement, he retires. Maybourne shows up and offers him a spot in the rogue NID. That's exactly what Jack was hoping for -- the Asgard, Nox, and Tollans have all complained about humans stealing technology from them, and Jack is undercover to ferret out the culprits. He spots Makepeace leaving a package for the rogue cell, and calls in the Asgard to retrieve their stuff, telling the NID cell that they can stay to be taken by the Asgard, or go back to the SGC. The rogue cell and Makepeace are all arrested at the SGC.

New Ground

SG-1 gets caught up in local religion and politics when they arrive on a world where the people of one continent believe that the stargate is a myth, and that they evolved on this world, while the people of the other continent believe that their god brought them to this world through the stargate. The team is on the first continent, and are taken as (heretical) spies. Only Teal'c escapes capture, escaping into the woods badly injured and blind. He teams up with Nyan, the local scientist who first uncovered their stargate, to rescue the rest of the team. Nyan flees with them back through the stargate and joins the SGC as Daniel's research assistant.

Maternal Instinct

With Bra'tac's help, the team finally figures out where Kheb is, and go there to find the harsesis child. They wind up at a temple, where the monk caretaker speaks in koans and teaches Daniel some tricks. While Apophis shows up and begins attacking, Daniel realizes the truth -- the monk is Oma Desala (Mother Nature), an ancient being who has taken charge of the child. He agrees to leave the boy with her, and she wipes out Apophis's Jaffa on her way to the stargate with the boy, to find another safe place to raise him.

Crystal Skull

A MALP sends back images of a crystal skull in a huge cavern inside a giant pyramid, and both Sam and Daniel are eager to go. When they arrive, Daniel leans in close to the skull, and vanishes from his teammates' sight in a wave of radiation. He's still there, but shifted to a different plane. The SGC brings in his grandfather, Nick Ballard, to see if he can tell them anything -- decades earlier, he had found an identical crystal skull. He tells them that it brought him to a cave with giant aliens. Since Nick can somehow see and hear Daniel, Daniel works through him to convince Hammond and Jack that SG-1 needs to return to the planet. Once there, they make contact with Quetzlcoatl, who invites Nick to stay and chat for a while, while the others return home.

Nemesis (1)

With Daniel recovering from an appendectomy, SG-1 is stood down. Jack gets ready for a fishing trip, but before he can leave the SGC he's beamed out onto Thor's ship. Thor needs his help to fight Replicators, which have overrun his ship and injured him, and which will overrun Earth if the ship lands there, which it's clearly going to do. Sam and Teal'c show up along with the weaponry Jack "borrows" from the SGC, and they begin battling through the ship, trying to find a way to save Earth. They decide to blow up the ship in re-entry, beaming up Earth's stargate to escape through.



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