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Jack O'Neill


General background info

Position in the SGC:

Seasons 1-7

A colonel in the US Air Force, and commander of SG-1. He's snarky and insubordinate, but has a fierce personal loyalty to his team and to superior officers he respects.

Early on, before getting to know Hammond, Jack didn't bother waiting for even implicit permission to leave when he heard Ferretti is conscious, just got up and headed out, leaving Hammond to dismiss everyone else to go with him. (Children of the Gods)

He got more polite/respectful later on -- while often taking liberties around Hammond, he clearly grew to respect him a great deal.

He was effectively the second in command of SGC, at least when he's on-world. (We're never actually told he's the second in command, but his actions and everyone else's attitudes toward him in Hammond's absence make it pretty clear that he was.)

Season 8

Promoted to brigadier general, and given command of the SGC. (New Order)

Season 9

Promoted to major general (two stars), and took an assignment outside the SGC per se. (Origin)

He was apparently assigned to the Pentagon. (The Ties That Bind)

He was suicidally depressed over the death of his son Charlie (who accidentally shot himself with Jack's gun) when he was recalled to active duty to assist on the Stargate project. (Stargate the movie)

Daniel, Kawalsky, and Ferretti were with him on the first exploratory mission through the gate, to Abydos. Everyone else on that initial team (Lt. Brown, Lt. Freeman, Lt. Reilly, Lt. Porro) died during the first mission. (Stargate the movie)

His secret mission was to set off a Mark 3 nuke if there was any danger on the other end of the stargate. (Stargate the movie)

Grew attached to Skaara, a local boy, while he was on Abydos, and moved from an antagonistic relationship with Daniel to one of mutual respect and (presumably) liking. Those two things and having to fight for his and his men's lives were enough to force him out of his depression, and instead of blowing up the Abydonians, he and Daniel blew up Ra's ship. (Stargate the movie, highly condensed version...)

Agreed to tell his superiors that he'd destroyed the other stargate with the nuke, and left Daniel behind with his new wife Sha're to live the life he wanted. He and his men deliberately falsified their reports to keep anyone from sending a second bomb back and killing the Abydonians and Daniel. (Children of the Gods)

Retired again after returning from Abydos, for about a year, until Apophis came through Earth's stargate and jump-started Stargate Command. (Children of the Gods)

After admitting to falsifying his report to save thousands of lives, Jack was put back on active duty and sent back to Abydos to retrieve Daniel and find out who or what had come through Earth's gate. (Children of the Gods)

The kidnapping of Skaara (and Sha're) gave Jack a very personal reason to continue the hunt for the Goa'uld. (Children of the Gods)

He was assigned command of SG-1 immediately. (Children of the Gods)

Extremely fond of both kids and dogs.

Seems to have been the Asgards's favorite human -- especially Thor's favorite -- since he first ran into them, despite his less than diplomatic dealings with them (especially Freyr).

Reaction to Daniel's imminent death in Meridian:

Tried to get offworld help (despite Daniel's express comment that his life isn't any more important than anyone else's, and they don't go to their allies for other people's lives). When the Asgard and Jacob were unavailable, he suggested a sarcophagus found by SG-3 two months earlier, and tried to argue when Hammond pointed out that it was too heavily guarded. (Meridian)

Refused to let Daniel's name be sullied by anyone, whether it be the Kelownans or his own government -- he was perfectly willing to give up diplomatic relations and a shot at naquadria to save as much of Daniel as he possibly can, even if that was only his good name and reputation. (Meridian)

After putting up the biggest fight to save Daniel, he's the one who's able to let him go so he can ascend to a higher plane. (Meridian)

Was blended with a Tok'ra (Kanan), temporarily, after he was an inch away from dying of a fatal disease. He still wouldn't have done it, except Sam convinced him the Tok'ra needed the knowledge of the symbiote they were hoping to implant in Jack. (Frozen)

He missed at least one mission as a result, as he remained among the Tok'ra waiting for a new host to be found. (Nightwalkers)

Can't forgive Kanan for using him, regardless of Kanan's reasons for effectively stealing Jack's body then abandoning him to Baal. (Allegiance)

Was told by Daniel that he had the ability to ascend to a higher plane of existence, if he chose. (Abyss)

After spending time with Daniel during Abyss, he began basically putting forth Daniel's arguments about not giving military help to other worlds without being absolutely sure about how it was going to be used. (Shadowplay)

Deliberately downloaded an Ancient database into his brain, knowing the SGC had no way of reversing the process, in hopes of gaining information about the Lost City and its weapons to defeat Anubis. After successfully taking out Anubis's fleet with the Ancient weapon, he had the rest of the team put him into stasis. (Lost City part 1, Lost City part 2)

In early 2004, after Jack saved the world (again), this time from Anubis, then saved the Asgard (again) from the Replicators, the Pentagon convinced President Hayes that Jack was the only man for the job of running the SGC, and put him in for promotion to brigadier general. Jack considered his options (with the help of the rest of the team -- he apparently went straight to them with the news), and decided it was worth it -- he took the promotion and the job. (New Order)

At some point in late 2004 or early 2005, Jack was promoted to major general (two stars). (Origin)

He took an assignment outside the SGC - no idea what or where. (Origin)


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1957 (Brief Candle [1997]: 'I'm 40 years old')

Seventh-season prop canon has it as October 20, 1952. The year flatly contradicts the aired/spoken canon from first season, where Jack says he's 40 in 1997. Spoken canon carries far more weight than prop canon, so his birth year is 1957. But since we've never gotten any other actual birthday, October 20 is as close to canon as we've got unless someone says otherwise on the show. (Fragile Balance)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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Chicago (Children of the Gods Family: 'Jack, of the Windy City')

Minnesota (The Fifth Man: 'born in Chicago, raised in Minnesota')

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Marital status

Divorced -- Sara

Was probably still in love, at least to some degree, with Sara -- in first season he was trying to write her a letter as he rapidly aged and faced death on Argos, and when he was slowly freezing to death in the Antarctic cavern he thought Sam was Sara, keeping him warm. (Brief Candle, Solitudes)

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Charlie-- dead (Stargate the movie).

Jack had never allowed Charlie to play with guns. Two weeks after a disagreement about a water gun, Charlie accidentally shot and killed himself with Jack's gun. (The Devil You Know)

Others unknown (Laira pregnant? A Hundred Days)

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Other family

Grandfather from northern Minnesota -- unknown if he's still alive. (A Hundred Days)

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Kawalsky (deceased as of 1997)

Col. Frank Cromwell

AF SOF (deceased as of 1998).

On a previous mission, Cromwell thought Jack had been killed and made a decision to save the rest of the team, leaving Jack behind where he spent four months in an Iraqi prison. Jack never forgave him. (A Matter of Time)

Cromwell was sucked into the black hole while trying (successfully) to repair his friendship with Jack. (A Matter of Time)

Maj. Henry Boyd

USAF (deceased as of 1998).

Jack recommended him for command of SG-10. On the team's first mission, Boyd died along with the rest of his team, sucked into a black hole. (A Matter of Time)


Abydonian boy Jack took under his wing on the first mission to Abydos. Skaara was taken over by Klorel, but was finally freed in 1999 and returned to Abydos. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods, Within the Serpent's Grasp, Serpent's Lair, Pretense)

George Hammond

Jack is around Hammond's family enough for his granddaughters to go running into Jack's arms and be swept up into a big hug when he arrives, although even off-duty he addresses Hammond as 'General'. Jack also automatically goes to the back kitchen door when he makes an unannounced visit. (Chain Reaction)

Andy (last name unknown), the local sheriff. (Full Alert)

Friendly enough to play poker together -- from the casual sound of the plans, they played fairly regularly. (Full Alert)

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Romantic interests

[drug- or otherwise affected]


They were married for several years, and had a son together (Charlie). After Charlie died, they coped in different ways and drifted apart. Sara left him while he was on Abydos with the first mission, and by the time the program was reopened in Children of the Gods, they were divorced. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

The crystalline Jack went straight to her because of Jack's memories, and the real Jack knew immediately that she could potentially be in danger, and was worried until he saw her. (Cold Lazarus)

When he thought he was dying from rapid aging, he started to write a letter to Sara. (Brief Candle)

When he and Sam were trapped in an ice cave and he was delirious from hypothermia, pain, and blood loss, he started calling for Sara -- Sam wound up telling him that she was Sara to soothe him.  (Solitudes)


She gave him drugged 'wedding cake' to eat when SG-1 went to Argos, then took him to bed. They seemed to develop actual affection for each other as he aged rapidly, though, even though he didn't stay when he was 'cured'. (Brief Candle)


She had her eye on Jack from the start, but let things move at their own pace. After he got stranded on Edora for several months, with no real hope of getting home, she told him it was time to start making a new life in his new home and put aside his mourning. He agreed, but the next day, Teal'c managed to contact him from the buried stargate, and he was able to return to the SGC. He promised her he'd go back someday, though. (A Hundred Days)


He was none too fond of Anise, the symbiote half of the pair, but he liked Freya a lot, and she liked him back. She wigged hime out a bit when she kissed him while he was confined on suspicion of being a zatarc, though. (Upgrades, Crossroads, Divide and Conquer)


Under extenuating circumstances, Sam and Jack have expressed interest in each other. (Divide and Conquer, Beneath the Surface)

Kerry Johnson

She was the CIA person Jack dealt with regarding the problem of Goa'uld potentially left on Earth after the Trust was taken over. They appear to have become involved very quickly. (Threads)

While Kerry was at Jack's house, inside looking for dinner supplies while Jack was outside grilling steaks, Sam came over unannounced to discuss her second thoughts about her wedding. Kerry walked out onto the porch into the middle of the discussion and did her best to handle an awkward situation gracefully, inviting Sam to join them. Sam had to leave after getting a call that her father was in the infirmary, sparing them all the possibility that she might stay. (Threads)

Kerry apparently decided that Sam was an unexpected, very large, stumbling block to her relationship with Jack, and decided to get out before she got more involved and possibly got badly hurt. She went to Jack's office to say so, telling him although they were good together, he had 'issues [...] one big one in particular.' She told him he shouldn't let Air Force rules and regulations stop him from being happy, and suggested that he retire if that's what he needed to do. (Threads)

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At least Bachelor's -- major unknown. Required for all officers.

Given his steadily advancing rank, and especially his promotion to brigadier general, it's extremely likely that he also has a Master's in something.

Possibly continuing education through the AF -- colonels are selected for Senior Service Schools (list in the Colonels's Information Handbook [link removed -- the Air Force put the handbook at a restricted URL])

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Home / surroundings

Brown house, on a fairly suburban street. Brick walkway has three steps leading up a landing, then three more to the front door, and also has small lights embedded in the ground at intervals. Edged with rocks and flowers. The front door is made of wood strips, rather than one solid piece of wood, and has a knocker. There's a large window to the left of it (as seen from the outside -- on the right on the inside). Front door opens onto the main hallway -- as you walk in, the door to the dining room is directly ahead, with bedrooms down the hall to the right and the living room to the left and down a step. On the same wall as the door, next to the window, is a clock. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all in a straight line along the hallway, with the kitchen opening onto the dining room and a wall with a large cutout opening between the dining room and living room. Front door, kitchen, bedrooms, and dining room are four steps up from the living room level. Kitchen has white cabinets and appliances. Dining room has huge china cabinet full of china and a wood-beamed ceiling, and has a hanging lantern for the light (bizarrely feminine touch, actually, although it's not twee or flowery). Living room has fieldstone fireplace on one wall (wood mantle has a picture, two framed diplomas or certificates, a US and an AF flag, and a lot of framed medals, and the wall over the mantle has more medals and three more framed diplomas/certificates), floor-to-ceiling windows on another (leading out to deck, which has steps down to a fair-sized back yard). The wall between the living room and dining room has an opening cut through, plus two more framed diplomas/certificates. Small observation deck built onto roof (with external ladder access) for amateur astronomy. Wide driveway or other paved area -- room enough for three cars side by side easily. (Children of the Gods, Fire and Water)

Kitchen: At least as of eighth season, has a small tv mounted on the wall on the dining-room end of the room, and a small under-the-counter radio under a shelf near the door into the dining room. Also at least as of eighth season, one of the kitchen drawers contains a gun. (Citizen Joe)

He doesn't always lock his front door. (Citizen Joe)

nb: It's possible that he never locks the door, but that seems unlikely. Both times we see someone gain entry with no difficulty, Jack is returning from a trip to the store, so it's possible that if he's just going out to run a quick errand, he leaves it unlocked behind him.

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Drives a dark green Ford F-250 with extended cab. (Ascension, others)

As of seventh season, has switched to an even bigger truck -- a black F-350 (a Lariat, at a guess from poking around the Ford site, but I'm no expert on trucks. It's definitely an F-350, though.) (Fragile Balance)

As of early 2005 (ninth season), he had moved away from Colorado Springs, and signed papers on his car and motorcycle to transfer them to other people (presumably). (Avalon part 1)

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USAF 66-789-7876-324

Has to have been in the AF for at least 18-19 years to make full colonel.

Joined in 1975, given a birth year of 1957 and him being 18 when he joined, which puts him at as much as 24 years of service as of 1999, although probably 22-23 years because of his temporary retirements.

As of Fair Game is wearing an AF Longevity medal with, apparently, three bronze clusters. This can't be right. The medal is for four years of service, and each cluster represents an additional awarding. This would mean he's been in in the AF for at least 16 years, but less than 20, as of 1999.

Has parachuted hundreds of times (Watergate) (is a master-level parachutist -- see his full set of medals)

Joined AF at 18 (according to MGM press kit info): 'When he joined the Air Force at 18 years of age, O'Neill proved himself to be an exceptional and gifted airman. Assigned to a special training program for covert operations/infiltration, he was trained in the skills of wilderness survival, special weapons and tactics, assassination, demolition, chemical weapons, the manufacture and detonation of explosives, and is a field expedience specialist.'

nb: This is not specifically canon -- I put it here because it's likely in the show's working bible as background for the character. But no one on the show ever says any such thing.

Special-Forces-trained to fight mind-control techniques. (Hathor)



As of 1982. (Gamekeeper)

nb: This is not necessarily when he was promoted -- all we know is that he was a captain in 1982.


As of 1995 (Stargate, the movie)

nb: the movie actually aired in 1994, but to make the events in it fit with show canon, I fudge it forward to 1995. Jack was a full-bird colonel in the movie, so had already passed through being a lieutenant colonel by that point.

Brigadier General

2004 -- promoted and given command of the SGC. (New Order)

Major General

As of 2005 -- promoted and assigned away from Cheyenne Mountain. (Origin)


Has resigned twice so far:

After Charlie died.

After returning from Abydos the first time.

To have retired (with pension?), he would have had to be in the military for at least 20 years already. If he joined at 18, he couldn't retire before 38 (which works out about perfectly, if he's 40 in first season -- which was just over a year from the first mission, which was shortly after Charlie died). Presumably could resign at any time, though.

Will be facing mandatory retirement from active duty after completing 30 years Total Active Federal Commissioned Service. I don't know how long he's been commissioned (although he was a captain as of 1982). Factor in breaks for retirement, he could have 10-15 years left (as of 2000). (retirement info, etc., from the September 1999 edition of the Colonel's Information Handbook -- link removed, unfortunately, because the AF has moved this to a restricted URL.)

This ceased to be applicable as soon as he was promoted to general. (I have no idea what the mandatory retirement is for generals.)

Pre-SGC Missions:

Viet Nam: Fanon and some prop canon has Jack serving in Viet Nam. This is impossible.

Jack didn't turn 18 until 1975 (canonically born in 1957--Brief Candle), which was the year that all US troops were finally pulled out of Viet Nam. Even if he'd lied about his age to get in younger, we weren't still sending troops to 'Nam at that point. The 'proof' given for this fanon is that Jack wears at least one Viet Nam medal.

Given the aired canon on Jack's age, the Viet Nam medals are simply a mistake. The two Viet Nam medals given were both given only up to 1973 -- Jack would have been 16 in 1973, and certainly couldn't have served in action long enough to have earned the medals. He would have to have joined when he was fifteen. (For specifics on the medals Jack appears to be wearing, see the Air Force descriptions: Vietnam Service and Republic of Vietnam.)

Since prop canon is only valid in the absence of aired canon, this basically doesn't count. (Moreover, a closer look at the medals Jack and Sam are wearing during her promotion (Fair Game, third season, 1999) shows that she's not wearing the Air Medal -- which she earned a year earlier (Secrets, second season, 1998). So I'm looking at these medals as a guide, but not cast in stone.)

I've seen the images from eighth season showing that Jack graduated from the academy in 1974. While that is further (unsupported) prop canon implying that he was born in 1952, it also supports my assumption that he can't have the Vietnam medals, since he wouldn't have been serving in active duty in 'Nam while attending the academy. Neither of those medals were awarded to anyone who hadn't served in-country before March 28, 1973.

Was on a team with Burke and Woods at an unspecified time. The unit disbanded after Burke killed Woods in what officially went down as a 'friendly fire' incident. Burke never forgave Jack for not backing him up on his story about what happened, but Jack didn't see what had gone down and couldn't testify to more than he knew. Burke, working for the CIA, was sent to Central America to work solo for years. (Evolution, part 2)


1982: Operation East Fly

A mission to retrieve a Russian agent named Boris from a house in East Germany. Members of the team included Captain O'Neill and Captain Kawalsky, under the command of Colonel John Michaels, who was killed in action by snipers. It was the most blown operation Jack  was ever involved in. (Gamekeeper)

Sometime in the 1980s, he was on a covert operation over the borders of Iran and Iraq. He parachute opened late, and he fractured his skull when he hit the ground. It took him nine days to walk out to safety. (Solitudes)


1991: Served in the Gulf War with Harlan Beck, in Operation Proven Force out of Incirlik. Jack very possibly ran the operation, but he never quite says so explicitly. Apparently already a full colonel at the time (although it's possible he was a lt. colonel). (Fragile Balance)

SGC career, SG-1:

Recalled from retirement to lead the first mission to Abydos. (Stargate the movie)

First used a staff weapon against a Jaffa who tried to stop an Abydonian caravan that Jack and Daniel were hiding in. (Stargate the movie)

Retired again on his return from Abydos after the first mission. (Children of the Gods)

Was recalled again more than a year later to answer questions about the first mission and eventually to command SG-1, the SGC's flagship team. (Children of the Gods)

First (personal, and probably official mission as well) SGC report: Dated February 23, 1997. (Politics)

The report read, in part: 'Skaara was chosen. I tried to stop them from taking him away, but was struck by an alien staff weapon. In that moment, Apophis gave the order. [...] We met heavy resistance on our return to the stargate, and became pinned down by enemy aircraft.' (Politics)

Officially reported as missing in action during the search for him and Sam after the wormhole jumped gates and dumped them in the Antarctic.(Solitudes)

Was issued an emergency 'special agent' credential to give him authority to take over an ATF operation at Seth's compound. (Seth)

He took advantage, using the ATF personnel to help them search for the exit to Seth's escape tunnel. (Seth)

Risked court-martial to kidnap Merrin and show her some of what she was missing, so she could at least make an informed choice about undergoing her Avarium. (Learning Curve)

Officially declared missing in action after several attempts to retrieve him from Edora failed because the Edoran stargate was buried. (A Hundred Days)

He was missing for more than three months before the SGC managed to rescue him, living as part of the Edoran village (helping in the fields, etc.). By the time he was rescued, he'd given up hope of going home, and had to adjust his worldview all over again. (A Hundred Days)

Hand-picked by the Tollans, Nox, and Asgard to go undercover to ferret out the rogue NID who were wandering around the galaxy stealing whatever they wanted. (Shades of Grey)

He had to set himself up as corruptable, so arranged to be on Tollana where he could lose his temper and steal some technology, confusing the hell out of the rest of the team. He took one of the devices used in the hallway to disable weaponry. (Shades of Grey)

Back on Earth, he admitted to what he'd done (leaving the rest of the team hanging for a while while they sat silently refusing to accuse him, letting Hammond assume they were part of it until Hammond said they could all be court-martialed [technically true only of Sam, but...]), and was clearly angry about the whole situation, arguing with Hammond and insisting that he'd done the right thing, fulfilling their core objective of gaining technology, especially since the Pentagon had refused to approve their 'backup program'. He declared that they had no choice but to take whatever steps they needed to get what they needed. (Shades of Grey)

He was very convincing, leaving the rest of the team shocked by his sudden break with the principles he'd lived by, but believing that something had happened to push him over the edge into not caring anymore. (Shades of Grey)

The shouting match with Hammond at the briefing table got him relieved of his command and ordered to the infirmary for a complete exam, escorted by Teal'c -- who was very clear that he was no longer taking orders from Jack. (Shades of Grey)

Later, in front of Teal'c, Hammond told Jack that he had two options: court martial or early retirement. When Jack scoffed that one indiscretion wasn't worth a court martial, Hammond opened his file and added backup counts:

Five counts of direct insubordination, to superior officers and a U.S. senator. (Shades of Grey)

Two counts of refusing to obey orders. (Shades of Grey)

Kidnapping an alien child. (Shades of Grey) (Merrin, from Learning Curve)

Jack accepted the retirement, making him a ripe target for the NID to seduce. (Shades of Grey)

He told both Sam and Daniel that his behavior over the past three years was unlike him -- he'd been going against his nature the whole time, and this new him was the real him. (Shades of Grey)

Maybourne showed up the day after he retired to make him an offer. Jack kicked him out, but called him a week later to say he wanted in. (Shades of Grey)

Maybourne went very dramatic in making sure Jack was sure, saying the operation was 'secret' and 'dangerous' and that once Jack saw what he was taking him to see, his choices would be to go along or disappear. (Shades of Grey)

He took Jack up in a jet to 30,000 feet to continue the discussion, to avoid surveillance, and contacted the temporary leader (Newman) of the NID unit -- he wanted Jack to lead by way of a Goa'uld long-distance communicator the unit was offworld. Jack agreed to join Maybourne's organization, although he made it clear he wasn't happy that it was Maybourne he was joining in with. (Shades of Grey)

He went back to the SGC to ask permission to retire offworld (in front of Makepeace), to rejoin Laira on Edora as he'd promised, saying he was bored out of his skull just sitting around at home. When Hammond said he wouldn't be given a GDO or allowed to return home, Jack agreed. (Shades of Grey)

As soon as he went through to Edora, he redialed the gate for the planet where 'his' rogue NID unit was based. His first mission was to steal technology from an Asgard-protected planet. Afterwards, he arranged to make the drop for the SG mole himself, and then saw Makepeace making the pickup. (Shades of Grey)

After SG-1 and Makepeace left, Jack dialed the rogue base and returned. Thor beamed in in time to catch the address, and almost as soon as Jack arrived back, the Asgard were beaming up their belongings from the base. Jack promptly opened a wormhole back to Earth, punched out Newman, and told everyone they could stick around and wait for the Asgard to take them, or follow him back to Earth. They followed him, and were arrested. Jack arrested Makepeace personally. (Shades of Grey)

After Thor beamed him aboard the Biliskner to help try to stop the Replicators aboard from infesting Earth, Jack used hologram technology to request a lot of firepower: a SPAS-12 (shotgun -- image) a BF-8 (explosive, bomb -- I can't find a real-world page about it) ten pounds of PBX (plastic bonded explosives -- C-4, effectively) and a USAS (shotgun). (Nemesis)

Has served as official AF technical consultant to a tv show. (Wormhole X-Treme)

Was intended for command of the alpha site if the asteroid struck and destroyed Earth. (Failsafe)

His iris code was 903-224-637 (before mid-sixth season, when a potential enemy discovered it -- presumably, Jack changed it immediately upon his return, regardless of the fact that the Replicators were penned up on a planet.) (Unnatural Selection)

Assigned to fly the X-302, carrying the active stargate, into space to launch the stargate through a hyperspace window before it could blow up on Earth. Codename Starflight. (Redemption, part 2)

When the program was shut down after Anubis's attack, Jack decided to retire and take up fishing rather than ask for re-assignment (he was offered any assignment he wanted). Only the prompt re-instatement of the program kept him on active duty. (Redemption, part 2)

Solved the diplomatic crisis with the Langarans (Kelownans, Andaris, and Tiranians) after hearing from Daniel that they were still engaging in petty bickering rather than trying to actively solve their problem. He walked into the negotiations with Hammond and took back the SGC's offer of help, saying the Madronans were too nice to have the Langarans dumped on them. (Fallout)

Specifically, he said (pretty happily): 'Deal's off. You're toast.' Hammond backed him completely. (Fallout)

Deliberately allowed an Ancient database to be downloaded into his brain again, to gain knowledge of the Lost City and Ancient weapons to fight off an impending attack by Anubis. He knew when he did it that it would likely kill him -- Thor wasn't replying to requests for help in the matter. (Lost City, part 1)

On the trip to a planet they hoped held the Lost City, Sam informed him that she'd been authorized by Hammond to take command if/when he was incapacitated. Jack told her to take command immediately. When she demurred, he resigned on the spot. (Lost City, part 2)

This was at least his second resignation, and possibly the third. The previous definite resignation was after the first mission to Abydos. It's possible he also resigned after Charlie died.

In early 2004, after Jack saved the world (again), this time from Anubis, then saved the Asgard (again) from the Replicators, the Pentagon convinced President Hayes that Jack was the only man for the job of running the SGC, and put him in for promotion to brigadier general. Jack considered his options (with the help of the rest of the team -- he apparently went straight to them with the news), and decided it was worth it -- he took the promotion and the job. (New Order)

See the SG-1 entry for more info.

General Jack O'Neill, commander SGC

His first official act as a general and as head of the SGC, after a brief speech thanking everyone at the SGC for their help and support, was to promote Sam to the rank of lieutenant colonel. (New Order)

Shortly after taking command, he had to put the base under lockdown for an apparent contagion -- which turned out to be Anubis, lurking around in energy form and infesting people in hopes of making it through the stargate in physical form. (Lockdown)

The Pentagon started getting antsy about the lockdown within a few days. (Lockdown)

By the time the situation had escalated to the SGC being physically split into three zones, with no crossing of the barriers between them by any personnel, for six days with no more activity on Anubis's part, President Hayes was calling Jack to be tetchy about the progress (or lack thereof). He gave Jack 24 more hours to reestablish normal gate operations. (Lockdown)

Jack's response was to lie through his teeth in a basewide announcement, saying he had the president's permission to continue the lockdown indefinitely. He assured everyone that they'd find a safe way to bring supplies down from the surface, because they only had enough food for another month. He was hoping to bluff Anubis into making a move -- it worked. (Lockdown)

Although Jack himself wound up being one of the people Anubis infested, in the end Anubis was stranded on a frigid planet in a frozen body, and the base was clear for regular activity again. (Lockdown)

A few weeks into his tenure (possibly as little as two, but likely no more than a month), Jack still hadn't reviewed any of the personnel files. (Zero Hour)

He had a particularly bad week just before the president arrived:

Petitioned the OSI for approval for Teal'c to live offbase. (Affinity)

The request was approved under certain provisions -- mainly that Teal'c keep a low profile. (Affinity)

When Teal'c kept doing things like stopping three guys from beating up on another guy, the OSI got pissy about it, and Jack sent Daniel to Teal'c's apartment to talk to him about it, warn him to tone it down a bit. (Affinity)

When Teal'c was captured and returned to the SGC on suspicion of murder, Jack took him at his word that he didn't do it, and put him back in his old quarters with no guard. The OSI (in the form of Colonel Kendrick) got even more pissy, and demanded that he be placed in a holding cell, or he'd be moved elsewhere. (Affinity)

When the Pentagon lost patience with Alec Colson's attempt to expose the truth about alien involvement in Earth's affairs, they told Jack to handle it. He did so by calling in a marker from Thor, who first beamed out the Asgard clone body from Colson Industries' lab, then presented himself as a product of military development of hologram technology during a newscast, casting strong doubt over Colson's earlier presentation of the clone. (Covenant)

He got called to the White House with Thor to meet with President Hayes. Before they left, he suggested a present that Thor could give the president -- a hyperdrive for the Prometheus. (Presumably he meant an Asgard hyperdrive, capable of traveling across the galaxy in minutes, since the Prometheus already has Goa'uld-equivalent hyperdrive.) Thor nixed the idea, saying he'd need to discuss it with the Asgard High Council. (Covenant)

He had to dress up for the meeting, but didn't seem to be bothered by it -- possibly because he was so pleased at being able to beam over to the meeting five minutes ahead of time. (Covenant)

As part of the meeting, he brought up Sam's idea of telling Colson the truth, on the theory that they had nothing to lose at this point, and if it worked, he'd not only keep the SGC's secret, but would be a valuable ally with huge resources. (Covenant)

He agreed to let the women and children of the Hak'tyl take refuge at the SGC when Moloc discovered their location. He wasn't entirely prepared for the livestock that came with them. (Sacrifices)

Apparently, his Thor-wheedling worked -- the Asgard installed not only a hyperdrive but also beam technology on the Prometheus. (Endgame)

After the stargate was stolen right out of the SGC (by what was at the time an unknown thief), Jack had to call the president and tell him. (Endgame)

He reluctantly okayed Daniel's idea to use the repaired remote control for Osiris's transporter technology to beam aboard the al kesh and shut down the cloak, then take out the hyperdrive so the Prometheus could capture the Trust agents aboard without needing to fire. (Endgame)

Colonel Pendergast contacted Jack shortly thereafter to tell him that Daniel had successfully lowered the cloaking device but had failed to disable the hyperdrive or contact them, and asked Jack for permission to fire immediately while he had the chance (rather than risk the Trust operatives noticing the Prometheus and engaging their hyperdrive to flee, because the Prometheus was currently unable to follow due to an in-progress engine refit). (Endgame)

Jack made the call to give Daniel more time, trusting that he'd be able to do it and get clear before the Trust agents fled. When Pendergast reported that the hyperdrive engines were starting to come on line, but couldn't guarantee that he could disable the ship without destroying it, Jack again had him hold off. (Endgame)

SG-1 (all three -- Teal'c had joined Sam and Daniel on the ship) made it back to Earth safely with the stargate, having triggered a locator beacon in time for the Prometheus to get them and the gate off the al kesh in time, but the two surviving Trust agents escaped cleanly with a supply of symbiote poison sufficient to wipe out half a dozen Goa'uld worlds, and rockets to disperse it. (Endgame)

He okayed the Atlantis expedition to the Pegasus galaxy (I'm not sure why Hammond didn't do that), and when the last of them had gone through, gently rolled a magnum of champagne through the gate before shutting it down. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Repeatedly, and very calmly, refused to let Daniel join the expedition. (Daniel wasn't exactly pushing hard to join, just pointing out that he wouldn't mind going.) (SGA: Rising pt 1)

He went offworld for the first time since being promoted, when SG-1 asked him to fly an Ancient ship off the world Maybourne had been exiled on. (It's Good to Be King)

Learned/figured out how to fly an Ancient ship with his mind. (It's Good to Be King)

Baal came to him asking for help against the Replicators, but Jack refused to give it, preferring the notion of Baal dying at Replicator hands. When Jacob protested after Baal's hologram disconnected, Jack said he wasn't ready to sacrifice Teal'c -- who was off on a mission with the rebel Jaffa to try to take the Temple of Dakara. (Reckoning part 1)

When Baal returned a second time explaining that the situation had grown more dangerous, and that he needed Jack to destroy a weapon on Dakara while he held his forces back, Jack was flummoxed. Baal told him that Anubis had returned, making Jack much more amenable to working, briefly, with Baal to destroy him. (Reckoning part 1)

The Replicators invaded the SGC on his watch. He immediately issued a base lockdown and evacuated everyone possible, and got permission to deploy a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb to destroy the Replicators. When word came that six people, including Siler, were trapped on Level 8 with no access to the escape hatch, he took Reynolds and went after them. (Reckoning part 2)

The Replicators swarmed toward them all after the rescue, but then diverted up a hatch. Jack assumed they were heading for the surface, and sent word through Walter that Hammond should detonate the bomb the instant he safely could, without waiting for the eight of them to get out. Instead, they headed for the gateroom, hoping to restore power and control fast enough to gate offworld before the bomb went off. Although that wasn't going so well, they caughta   break when Daniel managed to get control of the Replicators temporarily, freezing them all in their tracks. Shortly after they started up again, the stargate opened an incoming wormhole and the disruptor energy wave surged through, destroying all the Replicators where they stood. (Reckoning part 2)

According to General Landry, Jack said he never had the key to his desk -- he'd never opened a drawer in it in all the time he commanded the SGC. (Avalon part 1)

Post-SGC - Major General

At some point in late 2004 or early 2005, Jack transferred out of the SGC to an unspecified new assignment. Major General H. Landry took over command of the base. (Avalon part 1)

Part of the move included a promotion to Major General (two stars). (Origin)

Jack himself went to Landry's home to tell him about the stargate program. (Avalon part 1)

He never bothered to tell Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell that everyone on SG-1 had transferred or requested reassignment, when Mitchell chose SG-1 as the one posting he wanted more than anything else. (Avalon part 1)

He was apparently assigned to the Pentagon. (The Ties That Bind)

According to Major Gibson, Jack believed that the real reason the International Committee wanted to throw its full financial backing behind Atlantis wasn't because of Ancient technology, but because it was a civilian operation headed by an IC-chosen leader - Dr. Weir. He believed the IC wanted to back-burner the SGC in just a support role because they had no control over how the SGC is run. (The Ties That Bind)

He sent word through Major Gibson that he'd be willing to go to bat for Landry with the president, but that Landry should probably talk to the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee himself. (The Ties That Bind)

top | Profession


Full set

Given the Air Medal for heroism in 1998 (Secrets)

top | Profession


These are very rough estimates, based on military pay calculators and some guesses on Jack's length of service. I don't redo the calculations every year, but what I have here should give some idea of where the interim incomes should fall.

As of 1999

(based on January 2000 data):

About $101,000/year -- regular compensation for his rank/grade (Colonel 06), including allowances (housing, uniforms, etc.). Probably making more in hazard pay.

Base monthly income is $6,114.60, not including allowances (will go up to $7,015.50 when he hits 26 years of service -- possibly as early as 2002, if his retirements don't count against him). This works out to $73,375/year without allowances.

As of 2002

(based on the military pay calculator and an educated guess or two):

About $116,164/year in regular compensation (including allowances), based on his rank/grade (Colonel 06) and an assumption of 27 years of service (this only works if his retirement years don't count against him -- if those aren't included, I'm figuring 25 years of service, which makes it $111,855). Probably making more in hazard pay.

Base monthly pay (not including allowances, and based on 27 years of service) is $7,675.

As of 2004

(based on the military pay calculator and an educated guess or two, and assuming he was promoted to brigadier general early in the year):

About $137,689/year in regular compensation (including allowances), based on his rank/grade (Brigadier General 07) and length of service (after 26 years of service, length of service no longer seems to be a factor, so whether it's 27 or 29 years at this point makes no difference].

For the first time since he joined the SGC, probably not making more in hazard pay, or at least nowhere near as much more. (Depending on how much he was getting before, that could mean that the pay bump up to general didn't actually net him any more money.)

Base monthly pay (not including allowances, and based on more than 26 years years of service) is $9,433.

If he were still a colonel, he would have been making about $123,482 in regular compensation (including allowances), based on more than 26 years of service.

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Profession


The Ancients's dialect (Window of Opportunity), although not fluent.

Knows a few words of Goa'uld, and a very few words of Unas.

Spanish (At least enough to get by in basic conversations without hesitating or searching for words.) (Evolution, part 2)

Presumed smattering of several others.

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General background | Life | Profession | Pain & Death | Misc.


Pain & Death

Severe injuries


nine broken bones (possibly including broken leg in Solitudes), including a skull fracture he received parachuting over Iran/Iraq during an 'unofficial' mission in the 1980s -- he walked for nine days to get back to safety (thinking of Sara the whole time). (Solitudes)

Reverted to pre-human in The Broca Divide.

Broken bones (right leg, three ribs), internal bleeding, frostbite, hypothermia in Solitudes.

Skewered through shoulder by alien life-form in Message in a Bottle.

Severe injuries from proximity to exploding shaped charge in A Matter of Time (presumably also severe body strain from exposure to so many gees near the event horizon).

Tortured in The Devil You Know.

Knocked unconscious and electrocuted against the bars of his cage in New Ground.

Radiation poisoning in Crystal Skull.

(Clone Jack: he was made 'wrong' deliberately -- Loki didn't want any of the human clones he created to survive. They were meant to last only for a week or so before cellular degeneration started accelerating and shutting down their vital systems. (Fragile Balance))

Staff blast to his abdomen -- it would have killed him if not for the new ceramic-polymer body armor plate. (Heroes, part 2)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain & death

Severe emotional trauma


Getting left behind on a mission and sent to an Iraqi prison for four months. (A Matter of Time)

Death of Charlie.

Presumably, causing Kawalsky's apparent death, regardless of true situation. (The Enemy Within)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain & death


Copied and left behind so an alien could take over his life in Cold Lazarus.

Under Hathor's 'spell' in Hathor.

Better at fighting it than any of the other men, although still unsuccessfully. (Daniel also worked around it as much as possible, but appeared to be more susceptible than Jack.) (Hathor)

Taken over by ancient life form in Message in a Bottle.

Alien database downloaded into his brain in The Fifth Race.

Consciousness switched into Teal'c's body, then Daniel's, and finally back into his own -- meanwhile, his body occupied by Teal'c, then Daniel. (Holiday)

Infested with Goa'uld in Into the Fire.

Under Seth's 'spell' in Seth.

Infested with three of Ma'chello's little Goa'uld-killing bugs, which effectively rendered him schizophrenic (complete with hallucinations) until they could be forced out. (Legacy)

Implanted with alien device that strongly influenced sensation and decisions in Urgo.

Taken over by aliens in Foothold.

Blended with the Tok'ra symbiote Kanan in Frozen.

First (Humanoid Replicator) basically walked into Jack's subconscious (via a hand stuck into Jack's head) and took up residence there for a while, learning as much as he could about what buttons to push to get to Jack, and everywhere Jack had been through the stargate. (Jack was controlled/unconscious for a combined 37 hours.) Either First, or another Replicator, repeated the process shortly after Jack regained consciousness, knocking him out again. (Unnatural Selection)

Not technically either (being possessed or controlled), but he was cloned. (Fragile Balance)

The clone body matured rapidly to its mid-teens, and is now maturing at a normal rate. (Fragile Balance)

The clone has the mind and memories of the full-grown Jack O'Neill, although as of the moment of cloning they obviously begin to diverge. (Fragile Balance)

See Clone!Jack for details. (Fragile Balance)

Deliberately allowed an Ancient database to be downloaded into his brain again, to gain knowledge of the Lost City and Ancient weapons to fight off an impending attack by Anubis. It downloaded on Friday.  By Monday, right on schedule, he began using Ancient terms without realizing it. Within a few days, he'd gained the power to heal and to control Ancient technology. With no way to reverse the process, he had himself put in stasis to avoid dying. (Lost City, part 1)

Thor beamed him out of stasis in Antarctica and into stasis aboard the Daniel Jackson, where Jack's mind, merged with the ship's computer, designed a Replicator-fighting weapon before his body grew too weak, and Thor had to revive him fully, stripping out the Ancient knowledge in the process. Jack woke up with no memory of anything that had happened since he put his head into the head-sucking Ancient database. Thor told him the memories would return slowly. (New Order)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain & death

Confirmed deaths

Killed by Apophis with a staff weapon. (The Nox)

(Robot-Jack killed by Cronus's Jaffa, through severe injuries combined with failed power pack. Double Jeopardy)

Staff-shot to the back, revived by sarcophagus. (Abyss)

nb: this is not strictly confirmed, but is an educated guess that I feel strongly enough about to list -- the servant who opened the sarcophagus announced 'the host lives, my lord', rather than 'the host is recovered' or some such, so I'm assuming Jack was dead before he was put in there)

Tortured to death* by Baal (knives, and presumably dropped down a gravity shaft) revived by sarcophagus. (Abyss)

Tortured to death* by Baal (tal'vak acid, then dropped down a gravity shaft). Revived by sarcophagus. (Abyss)

Tortured to death* by Baal (mix of knives and acid, apparently, and presumably dropped down a gravity shaft) revived by sarcophagus. (Abyss)

Tortured to death* by Baal (again, probably a mix of knives and acid, and presumably dropped down a gravity shaft) revived by sarcophagus. (Abyss)

(*nb on Baal's torture sessions: we never see Jack die, or dead, but it seems unlikely that Baal isn't killing him each time, since he speaks of repeatedly killing Jack, Daniel speaks of him repeatedly killing Jack, and Jack mentions having come back from the dead after one of the sessions. It's also very likely that he was killed more than those four times, but those are the only ones I can be reasonably sure of.)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain & death

Virtual deaths (confirmed)

2 times while fighting times kull warriors invading the base. (Avatar)

The number is solely for those that were shown on screen -- multiple others occurred offscreen, during other rounds of the same simulation (at least one of them is confirmed by conversation among the avatar versions of SG-1, and the way the scenario is set up, he likely died in every single repetition of the game during the extended simulation until the final one). (Avatar)

These are not real deaths -- they occur in a virtual-reality training program. I'm listing them here mainly for vidders looking for clips.

The real Jack was completely unconnected to the game, and felt nothing when his avatar was killed. (Avatar)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c

top | Pain & death

Near deaths

Knocked out and nearly killed by energy lifeform in Cold Lazarus.

Cryogenically frozen in Into the Fire to kill off the symbiote he was infested with.

Anoxia in Tangent.

Nearly drowned on Anubis's mothership. (Descent)

Deathly ill from the contagion Ayiana was carrying, which eventually acted like cerebral spinal meningitis, attacking the brain. Saved by being sent with the Tok'ra to be blended with a symbiote, Kanan. (Frozen)

Nearly died as a result of having an Ancient database downloaded into his brain (deliberately on his part) -- it was overwriting his brain to the point where he couldn't have survived much longer when he had the rest of SG-1 put him into stasis. (Lost City, parts 1& 2)

Thor eventually arrived, and after risking his life some more by 'defrosting' him but leaving the Ancient knowledge intact, finally stripped the Ancient knowledge away, leaving Jack alive and well. (New Order)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain & death

Presumed deaths

Exploding ship in Serpent's Lair.

Supernova in Enemies.

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain & death

Confirmed kills

Note: The team shoots at a lot of people. The people they shoot at generally fall down. That doesn't count as a confirmed kill -- Jaffa, especially, can heal from a lot of apparently fatal wounds. I only count it if someone checks and says 'he's dead', or if someone gets zatted twice, or it's otherwise perfectly clear that there's no way this person is getting back up without being brought back from the dead. (If they later come back from the dead, it still counts as a death. It just means they get to have more than one.)

Ra (Stargate the movie, with Daniel)

Two Jaffa in Chulak prison. (Children of the Gods)

A Jaffa in the corridor outside Rya'c's chamber. (Family)

The Jaffa Fro'tak was talking to. (Family)

Fro'tak. (Family)

One of the Jaffa guarding Rya'c in the clearing. (Family)

One of Klorel's two personal guards. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Skaara/Klorel -- it's only temporary, but they're definitely dead. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Reetou rebel. (Show and Tell)

Hathor (Into the Fire)

The Goa'uld-infested canon of the medieval village under Sokar's sway. (Demons)

'Enemy' pilot in Eurondans's world war. (The Other Side)

Reese. (Menace)

Three Jaffa, outside a lab on Revanna during Zipacna's attack. (Last Stand)

Simmons and the unnamed Goa'uld inhabiting him (formerly inhabiting Adrian Conrad). (Prometheus)

Took out two death gliders, killing at least two Jaffa, possibly four. (Fallen)

Rafael and two other Honduran revolutionaries. (Evolution, part 2)

One of Anubis's drones. (Death Knell)

The Jaffa and Goa'uld (barring Anubis) aboard Anubis's fleet over Antarctica. (Lost City, part 2)

Countless Replicators. (Nemesis, Small Victories, Menace, Enemies, Unnatural Selection, New Order)

A ha'tak and everyone aboard it, to all appearances -- including Ares, unless evidence to the contrary surfaces later. (It's Good to Be King)

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

top | Pain & death

Personal enemies




Doesn't believe that Maybourne is the one who 'sullied the good name of the NID' (48 Hours) -- which makes no sense, given Jack's history with Maybourne.

compare: Daniel | Sam | Teal'c | Jonas

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General background | Life | Profession | Pain & Death | Misc.




He was created by Loki in an unsanctioned experiment, as Loki tried to solve the Asgards's problem with over-cloning themselves. Like the other clones Loki created, he was designed to fail after a short time -- he was basically only meant to survive for a week, being sent back to Earth and living the original Jack's life and then switching places back again (to Loki's ship) and dying of slow cellular degeneration. (Fragile Balance)

Unlike Loki's other human clone experiments, the Jack clone didn't mature completely, as a result of a marker placed in the original Jack's DNA to prevent genetic manipulation. (Fragile Balance)

Despite his apparent age of approx. 15, the clone was functionally Jack, with all of Jack's experience and memories, and he had no idea he was anything other than the one and only Jack O'Neill. (Fragile Balance)

On finding out what had actually happened to him, and hearing the plan to intercept Loki's transporter beam to apprehend the Asgard who'd cloned the original Jack, clone!Jack offered up a new plan -- arming him so he could complete the transfer and take out the Asgard on the other end. Hammond okayed it, and the plan went without a hitch, as clone!Jack zatted first Loki then the apparatus holding him suspended in mid-air. (Fragile Balance)

Thor interceded at Jack's request, and fixed the genetic faults in clone!Jack to prevent the cellular degeneration Loki had built in. This left the clone as a 'normal' teenager, who would mature at the usual rate, but still with Jack's mind and memories. (Fragile Balance)

After Thor sorted out his DNA, clone!Jack chose to make a clean break with his former life, going back to high school to start fresh. (Fragile Balance)

This is probably the last contact he ever had with original Jack -- he voluntarily cut off all contact after original!Jack dropped him off at the school, because it would be too 'weird' to stay in touch. Original!Jack definitely agreed. The Air Force had set clone!Jack up so he was unlikely to need any help with anything. (Fragile Balance)

top | Miscellaneous


Strong aversion to bugs. (Bane, Nemesis / Small Victories)

Likes fireworks. (A Hundred Days)

Has a thing for Mary Steenburgen. (Urgo)

Never lost his thing for Mary Steenburgen  -- told Bregman if he could have dinner with anyone in the world, it would be her. (Heroes, part 1)

Enjoys curling enough to use it as an example of an Earth sport (A Hundred Days), and knows enough about it to know that matches are known as 'bonspiels' off the top of his head (The Light). Mentions it again in Threshold.

Favorite color is peridot. (Heroes, part 1)

top | Miscellaneous

Musical taste

Opera (Shades of Grey)

Specifically, the aria 'Vesti la giubba' from the opera 'Pagliaccio' from Ruggero Leoncavallo.

top | Miscellaneous

Food preferences


Unidentifiable twist-tops as of early first season. (Children of the Gods)

Budweiser at home as of late third season. (Shades of Grey)

What looked like a decent microbrew when out as of early fourth season (Upgrades).

As of sixth season and into seventh, drinking Guiness at home. (Paradise Lost, Lost City, part 1)

Heineken beer. (Full Alert)

Scotch. (Full Alert)

Steak and potatoes. (Upgrades)

Either he likes his steaks really well done (read: charred), or he lost track of what he was doing while cooking for himself and Kerry Johnson. (Threads)

Candy bars. (Upgrades)

Froot Loops (Window of Opportunity)

Pie (pumpkin, cherry [?]) (Urgo, Point of No Return)

(grilled) Hot dogs (Paradise Lost)

Chinese takeout (Fragile Balance)

Pepperoni pizza (Fragile Balance)

Cheese burritos (Fragile Balance)

Guacamole, salsa (Fragile Balance)

Prefers vanilla to chocolate. (Heroes, part 1)

Cake (Grace, Heroes, part 1)

Krispy Kreme donuts (Zero Hour)

His own 'world-famous omelettes' -- the secret ingredient for which is probably beer. (Citizen Joe)

Tuna (Reckoning part 1)


Yogurt (Urgo)

top | Miscellaneous

Jack and kids


Makes friends with Skaara. (Stargate the movie)

Can't bring himself to take a shot at Ra when the kids in his entourage surround him freaks when the Abydonian kids start training with guns. (Stargate the movie)

Protects Nafrayu from what he sees as a threat in The Nox (and shoos him off home when things are getting dangerous)

Brings Cassie a puppy to help her adjust to living on Earth. (Singularity)

Is the one person Cassie trusts enough to tell about Sam having been Goa'ulded (In the Line of Duty)

Bonds with the boy who asks to be called 'Charlie', and gives him an 'official list' of reasons for which crying is a good thing when the boy is worried that he shouldn't be crying over losing his mother. (Show and Tell)

Kidnaps Merrin to keep her safe for a while longer, teaches her how to play, barks at her until she starts to relax a little bit. Knows he could be court-martialed for doing so, doesn't care. (Learning Curve)

Gave Merrin the big 96-color box of Crayolas before she left. (Learning Curve)

Keeps in touch with the kids and teachers at Cassie's old school. The kids are delighted to see him when he visits -- they call him 'Colonel Jack'. One girl draws a picture of Jack when asked to draw something she loves (Learning Curve)

Knows exactly how to get to 'Captain Rogers', the boy who's been trained to infiltrate Earth -- offers him the 'tuna torture'. (Rules of Engagement)

Is clearly fond of Hammond's granddaughters, who are clearly fond of him right back. (Chain Reaction)

Has a tendency to call kids 'bambinos/as' when calling a greeting to them (Learning Curve, Chain Reaction)

top | Miscellaneous

Jack and dogs

'We have a rule here on Earth. Every kid has got to have a dog' as he hands Cassie a puppy. (Singularity)

'Dogs are my favorite people' to Merrin as he draws a purple dog on a wall (Learning Curve)

'Birds of a feather' in response to a woman remarking how quickly he made friends with her dog (Chain Reaction)

top | Miscellaneous

Jack and aliens

Has impressed the hell out of the Asgard, who love him to bits, especially Thor.

Distrusts the Tok'ra more and more with each interaction, with the possible exception of Jacob/Selmak.

His name is cursed by every Goa'uld (The Warrior)

top | Miscellaneous

Ancient database

(Fifth Race info coming soon)

Deliberately allowed an Ancient database to be downloaded into his brain again, to gain knowledge of the Lost City and Ancient weapons to fight off an impending attack by Anubis. (Lost City, part 1)

He recovered within a matter of minutes, rather than the hour it took the first time. (Lost City, part 1)

Back at the SGC, he asked for and got the weekend off to take care of some personal matters -- including watching his 'favorite show', probably the Simpsons. (Lost City, part 1)

He spent Friday night looking up at the sky (through his telescope?), wondering how many of the stars he'd been to. (Lost City, part 1)

By the next morning, the rest of the team couldn't take it, and showed up at his door (first Sam, then Daniel and Teal'c (with doughnuts) together). (Lost City, part 1)

Jack had time to try to ease some of Sam's guilt about not having put her own head in the device, saying that it had happened the way it had to happen, before the other two arrived. (Lost City, part 1)

The four of them sat around in Jack's living room, drinking Guiness and eating doughnuts and chatting (at least in part about the Simpsons) for a while -- long enough for Daniel to start getting drunk. (Lost City, part 1)

Jack went all grumpy when none of them would back him on his analogy between Burns on the Simpsons and the Goa'uld, and declared that he was no longer leaving the entire VHS collection to one of them -- he was giving it to Siler. (Lost City, part 1)

Hammond arrived and put a damper on everything when he informed them all that he'd been transferred out of the SGC and to Washington. (Lost City, part 1)

By Monday, right on schedule, he began using Ancient terms without realizing it. (Lost City, part 1)

His brain appeared to be hunting for the correct information -- some of the first words he came up with ('praclarush taonas') translated into what Daniel believed to be the name/address of the planet where they'd find the Lost City. (Lost City, part 2)

Like the first time, he began gathering materials with no idea of why he was collecting it -- mostly hardware of one sort or another, including a request to Daniel and Sam to grab a naquadah generator. (Lost City, part 2)

On the trip to the planet, he rearranged the crystals in the power center then shot them with a zat to improve their speed (significantly). (Lost City, part 2)

Sam told him that she'd been authorized to take command when he became incapacitated. When she refused to take over immediately, he took matters out of her hand by resigning on the spot. (Lost City, part 2)

When Praclarush Taonas turned out to be a world covered in hardened lava flows (and with lava still flowing in some places), circling a red giant, Sam ordered Jack to sit down and take a look, to see if he could figure out what they should do next. He found a hardened-lava dome (which he called Taonas), with one spot thin enough for transport rings to break through. The hazmat suits he'd brought for SG-1 would allow them to survive. (Lost City, part 2)

Inside the dome, he went straight for a chair on a darkened dais, triggering the power. He raised an atmosphere shield that allowed them all to remove their hoods, then after taking off his glove as well for finer control of the gel-like control panel built into the arm of the chair, he triggered a holographic star map, showing all the worlds the Ancients had colonized (at least, as far as Daniel could tell). The map centered in on our solar system, then on Earth, as it was roughly 30,000 million years ago -- Jack called it 'Terre Atlantus'. When the others asked if he was saying the Lost City was Atlantis, on Earth, he said 'subo glaciuse' -- under the ice (of Antarctica). (Lost City, part 2)

His English seemed to be gone here, but wasn't quite. He still understood it, and was possibly still able to speak it a bit. When Sam asked if they'd come all this way simply to find out they had to go back, he said 'no', then got up and went to a corner of the dais to remove a power source and hand it to her. (Lost City, part 2)

When they returned to the ship, Bra'tac was on the deck, dying from a stab wound to the abdomen. Jack healed him with the power of the Ancients -- an ability he hadn't seemed to develop the first time around. (Lost City, part 2)

The energy it took drained him a bit, but he remained conscious. (Lost City, part 2)

On the trip back to Earth, he worked on the transport rings, modifying the matter stream transmitter to be able to blow a hole in the ice. (Lost City, part 2)

Once there was a hole, he unrigged the transport rings, returning them to normal so the team could ring down. (Lost City, part 2)

The chamber was similar (but in better condition) to the one on Praclarush, and included stasis chambers. (Lost City, part 2)

When Anubis sent a hologram to try to bluff SG-1 into thinking he'd gotten there first and they should give up, Jack walked right through him. (Lost City, part 2)

He headed for a chair on a dais, identical to the one on Praclarush. (Lost City, part 2)

On the dais, he raised a dead power crystal, and replaced it with the active one from Praclarush. (Lost City, part 2)

While Teal'c, Daniel, and Sam held off attacking kull warriors, Jack used the chair to activate an Ancient weapon -- a stream of thousands of small gold energy squidlike things, which he directed against the remaining kull warrior first (it seemed to be consumed), then the al-kesh and gliders in the air, then out into space against the Goa'uld fleet. None of them harmed any Earth protectors, and the Goa'uld fleet was destroyed. (Lost City, part 2)

Barely able to communicate anymore, Jack asked to be put in one of the stasis/sleep chambers. With no other choice, the team did so Jack held on long enough to say 'goodbye' in Ancient, then the stasis field took over. (Lost City, part 2)

Thor beamed him out of stasis on Earth into stasis aboard the Daniel Jackson, then merged his mind with the ship's computer in hopes of using the Ancient knowledge to come up with a solution to the Replicator problem facing the Asgard. (New Order)

When he found out what had happened, Jack rummaged around a bit and spent a few moments flipping the lights on and off, until Thor got him back on track. He appeared as a hologram and chatted with Thor, Daniel, and Teal'c for a minute, assuring them that he was okay and was working on the problem, then vanished again and got to work. (New Order)

He designed a weapon that disrupted the cellular bonds holding Replicator blocks together (but that affected nothing else), but by then his body was failing, and Thor was forced to revive him and remove the Ancient knowledge. (New Order)

top | Miscellaneous

Medical/health (other than knees/back)

Infected with nanocites that caused him to rapidly age -- about 40 years (or more) in just a few days. (Brief Candle)

Was suffering headaches bad enough to go to Fraiser for treatment at some point in early 1999. (Legacy)

Smoked (cigarettes) before and during the first mission to Abydos. (Stargate the movie) Never picked the habit back up again.

Turned into a Jaffa by Hathor, who used a device strapped on her stomach to carve the pouch into his abdomen. The process appeared quite painful. Pulled out of the vat of symbiotes before one could implant itself (too young?), and healed entirely of the pouch by Hathor's sarcophagus. (Hathor)

At some point, asked Janet never to discuss 'the whole Hathor incident' with anyone. (Heroes, part 1)

He's been in a sarcophagus at least six times: once in Hathor to heal/lose his symbiote pouch, and at least five times in Abyss to be revived after being shot and repeatedly tortured to death by Baal. It's possible he was killed and revived more often at Baal's hands, and we simply didn't see it happening.

Has apparently been addicted to something in the past, although it's not clear what:

Need -- 'I know what this is' to a withdrawal-stricken Daniel.

Divide and Conquer -- makes a reference to having 'done the drugged-out-strapped-to-the-bed thing.'

His DNA is slightly different than the human norm, enough to make him able to carry the knowledge of the Ancients in his mind (in Fifth Race).

All the Asgard found out about this the first time he showed up there (again, in Fifth Race), and his DNA had a marker put on it to prevent genetic tampering. It turns out his DNA wasn't advanced enough to help the Asgard figure out the problems they were having with having over-cloned themselves, though. (Fragile Balance)

top | Miscellaneous

Bad knees/back


('Actually, I've got this cartilage problem, a little ACL thing' [mouthing off to the guard that wants him to drop to his knees])




('knee gets a little stiff in cold water')

Full Circle

(knees and back 'kinda weather-contingent')

As of late seventh season, had had three knee surgeries during his time with the SGC. (Heroes, part 1)

top | Miscellaneous


Astronomy (Children of the Gods, Singularity, 1969)

Fishing (particularly in Minnesota) (Nemesis, Small Victories, The Curse)

Pottery (Window of Opportunity)

Golf (Window of Opportunity)

Chess (Legacy, Shades of Grey)

Street hockey (with Kawalsky [Gamekeeper])

top | Miscellaneous

Personal habits

Kept all his small keepsakes (wedding ring, family pictures, etc.) in a Van Dyck cigar box at the bottom of his locker as of first season  -- no idea what happened to them later. (Cold Lazarus)

Has pictures of Charlie taped up in his locker. (Fallen)

Carries a spare handgun in an ankle holster. (Wormhole X-Treme!)

Takes the stairs two at a time. (The Menace)

Not a neat freak -- had left a couple days' worth of takeout boxes and leftovers (pizza and Chinese food) and beer bottles (and a wine bottle) on his dining room table, and his china cabinet door was slightly ajar. He also apparently hadn't cleaned out his fridge in a while. (Fragile Balance)

Sleeps in an AF t-shirt, sweatpants, and socks or bare feet. (Fragile Balance)

Started wearing prayer beads around his right wrist in Sight Unseen.

These were gone by seventh season.

top | Miscellaneous

TV/movies/reading habits

A C-SPAN kinda guy (Touchstone)

Into pop media culture

Various Simpsons and other refs (tons of Wizard of Oz, some Austin Powers, SW and ST, etc.).

The Simpsons is an especial favorite -- lots of Simpsons refs, and when his memory has been repressed and he's trying to get it back, remembers a bald man in a short-sleeved shirt whom he thinks is named 'Homer'. (Beneath the Surface)

When he's in the Antarctic on a mission, he's annoyed with himself for forgetting to set the tape for The Simpsons. (Frozen)

Also does a version of Monty Python's parrot sketch in Into the Fire ('face it, she is a former queen').

Gets into pop refs with Maybourne, as well -- he refers to the pair of them as Starsky and Hutch (he's Starsky, Maybourne's Hutch) as 'cover' in Chain Reaction.

Repeats the ref in Desperate Measures, when he sends a message to 'Hutch' signed 'Starsky' to contact Maybourne.

Later, his first reaction to being told Maybourne is using the name 'Cassidy' is to ask whether it's David or Shaun (neither -- it's Butch). (48 Hours).

Reads Mad magazine (Shades of Grey)

Has never seen Star Wars (Ascension)

But he's familiar enough with it to use 'Luke Skywalker' as an alias in 1969.

Collects National Geographic. (Desperate Measures)

Apparently watches (or at least has seen) the History Channel program 'Mail Call' -- his behavior during the camera-relayed report back to Hammond mimicked the behavior of 'Mail Call's host. (Revisions)

top | Miscellaneous

Tech he's lost out on

Cronus's mothership (Enemies) -- in his possession before it was destroyed

Tollan ion cannon(s) (Between Two Fires)

Anubis's mothership (Descent) -- in his possession before it was destroyed

top | Miscellaneous

Skills and abilities

Astronomy, to a degree.

He has a small telescope on his roof for amateur astronomy (Children of the Gods, Singularity, 1969), and he has twice handled a large (observatory-level large) telescope successfully (Singularity, 1969).

Can paddle a canoe. (A Hundred Days)

Knows how to make nails. (A Hundred Days)

Can't sing. (Urgo)

Knows how to juggle. (Window of Opportunity)

Can pick locks, and has a set of lockpicks. (Desperate Measures)

Can shoot left-handed

Used his left hand to shoot a zat after the pistol in his right hand ran  out of ammo in Serpent's Lair

Used left hand in Spirits after being shot in right shoulder.

Switched gun to left hand in Chain Reaction to keep holding it on Kinsey while turning away.

Has piloted a Tok'ra/Goa'uld cargo vessel through a minefield. (Serpent's Venom)

Can pilot a glider (a real glider, not just a converted one). (Descent)

Extremely field-competent, able to survive (and keep Maybourne alive) when tossed into a survival situation with nothing in the way of supplies beyond some water and energy bars. (Paradise Lost)

He also kept both himself and Maybourne alive through bad injuries: himself with wooden shrapnel to the leg (looked like about a three-inch spike), and Maybourne with two bullet wounds. (Paradise Lost)

Aware enough of his own mind and how it works that he realized almost immediately that he'd been drugged, and even while under the influence began searching out the cause and trying to fix the damage -- unlike Maybourne, who simply succumbed to it. (Paradise Lost)

Possible sniper ability (picked off a running Jaffa at a fair distance, with just one shot) (Metamorphosis)

top | Miscellaneous

Time spent trapped offworld

Not imprisoned, just unable to contact/return home without help

More than three months, alone (A Hundred Days)

Two weeks, with Sam and Teal'c (Small Victories)

Nearly a month, with Maybourne (Paradise Lost)

top | Miscellaneous

Old timelines

Original timeline

Traveled back to 3,000 BC with the rest of SG-1 in the time-travel ship they found on Maybourne's world, in an attempt to find and take a ZPM from Ra before he could leave the planet with it. Jack was the pilot and the one who made the device work. (Moebius part 1)

The day after they arrived, while observing one of Ra's public audiences, Jack drew his sidearm when Ra threatened two of his worshipers, wanting to kill him then so he wouldn't have to in 5,000 years. Sam stopped him, and one of the worshipers was killed. (Moebius part 1)

After they stole the ZPM, they found the jumper surrounded by Jaffa and didn't dare disturb the timeline any further by taking it back. (Moebius part 1)

Trapped in the past, Jack and Teal'c couldn't take the thought of living out their lives under Ra's rule, and tried to kickstart the rebellion. Jack, Sam, and Teal'c were all captured and executed. (Moebius part 2)

Interim, altered timeline

See Jack  O'Neill on the altered timeline page.

top | Miscellaneous

Random misc

In the movie, was Jonathan O'Neil,  while in the show, is John O'Neill (ID card in Entity).

He's also listed as 'Jonathan' on the trading cards, but just as show canon trumps movie canon, prop canon trumps merchandise canon. (see Miscellaneous: Movie inconsistencies for further movie/show differences)

Prop canon has his full name as John J. O'Neill, no indication of what the J stands for. (Fragile Balance)

Uses at least a laptop at home. (Children of the Gods)

Doesn't forgive easily:

Can't forgive himself for Charlie's death (Children of the Gods)

Never forgave Frank Cromwell for leaving him behind in Iraq (A Matter of Time)

Can't forgive Kanan for using his body without his consent, regardless of Kanan's motivation (Allegiance).

Doesn't believe in ghosts. (Legacy)

Held in holding cell 19D -- containing bunkbeds, a table, a chair, a toilet, and a surveillance camera -- after he returned to the SGC, when everyone thought he was an impostor (rather than the initial 'Jack' to come through, who was in fact a crystalline entity posing as Jack). (Cold Lazarus)

Arrested for murder (of Sen. Kinsey) in 2002, although later released and all charges dropped. (Smoke and Mirrors)

He'd been held in a military facility (first Peterson AFB, then Andrews AFB) pending transfer to the Washington, DC police before his release. As a result of videotape evidence linking him to the scene, the FBI got a warrant and searched his home and his cabin. (Smoke and Mirrors)

His subconscious's default setting seems to be the gateroom (rather like Daniel, actually). (Unnatural Selection)

Probably banned from O'Malley's Bar and Grill for fighting. (Upgrades)

Has/had an open invitation to visit the White House after saving the planet yet again (presumably after Nemesis/Small Victories), but was losing his pull. (2001)

Made points with another president  -- Hayes (through Weir) extended an offer to Jack to have dinner at the White House after Jack saved the planet from Anubis, then saved the Asgard from effective extinction. (New Order)

Still no diplomat -- managed to insult the Asgards (including making a reference to Freyr's mother) once again, despite being the Earth's de facto ambassador to the Asgard. (Failsafe)

Held on to some of Daniel's more personal things after Daniel Ascended, including a framed picture of Sha're. (Fallen)

Thinks Tibet should be free. (Heroes, part 1)

He went out of his way to avoid giving a sit-down interview to Emmett Bregman for the documentary about the SGC. (Heroes, part 1)

He finally agreed to one when Hammond told him to, after Bregman had pretty much proved himself. (Heroes, part 2)

As of late seventh season, had a waterproof cell phone. (Lost City, part 1)

Had a running bet on with Sam about finishing a cryptic crossword.  At the double or nothing point -- after arriving at work half an hour late to be sure he finished the crossword -- he lost. (Lost City, part 1)

Believed (erroneously) for years that he'd never had a desk -- apparently he really did spend his time hanging out in everyone else's offices and working in the cafeteria. (New Order)

Has a picture of himself and Charlie on the table near his office door, after taking command of the SGC. (Lockdown)

Stationed in Zone 2 on base during the phase of lockdown that was intended to try to force Anubis into using his asceneded powers, so that the Ancients would notice and deal with him. (Lockdown)

Despite having been promoted to a rank sufficient to allow it, he couldn't quite bring himself to call General Hammond 'George', even when Hammond told him to -- 'I know, sir, but every time I open my mouth to say 'George', 'General'comes out.' (Zero Hour)

Like Hammond, Jack uses a laptop at his desk as base commander. (Zero Hour)

His locker is still in the public locker room, next to Teal'c's (with Daniel's next to that). (Zero Hour)

That locker room appeared to be on level 28.  Later in the same episode, he used a locker room on level 25 to change into his dress blues. (Zero Hour)

Much prefers comfortable BDUs to wearing dress blues, and waited as long as possible before changing for the president's arrival. (Zero Hour)

Jack's letter to Hammond (as much as I could hear and see, anyway):

Dear General Hammond,

Wish you were here and that I was not.

I knew it wasn't easy for you, but had I known what it was really like, I would have tried to be less of a pain in the ass. At least, I would have tried harder.

[unknown page and a half worth of letter]

I miss being [active? unknown rest of paragraph, other than 'big' on the second line, 'for knowledge' on the third, and 'paper cuts' on the fourth/last line]

And so I regretfully submit my resignation. And to be clear, the regret is not so much about the resigning part, but the fact that I was deluded enough to think I had possessed even one iota of the ability needed to fill your sizable [and shiny -- this was in voiceover, but didn't appear in the typed text] shoes.

Never mind

Jack O'Neill
Brigadier General Jack O'Neill

Knows that 'he hanged himself' is the correct way to say it, rather than 'he hung himself'.

(I'm a language geek, and hearing someone say that correctly actually does make me happy. Sue me. < g> )

Plays ping-pong. No idea what his general skill level is, but he was losing pretty impressively to Teal'c (and getting whacked hard with the ball in the process).   The closest he came to getting a point was waiting until Teal'c had left the table, and lobbing the ball across. (Sacrifices)

Mentions getting 'Tailgate Tuesdays' approved -- probably just Jack being Jack, but it could also mean that he did in fact get some sort of weekly party approved (as a necessary stress-reliever, no doubt...). (Sacrifices)

Possibly has a stamp collection ('So my stamp collection is safe.' -- but given his tone of voice, this could also have been purely sarcastic. No way to tell for sure how serious he was.) (Endgame)

The Antarctic is one of his least-favorite continents. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Walks around armed while dressed in civvies, at least sometimes. (Full Alert)

Carries his cell phone in his left front pants pocket. (Full Alert)

At some point, he's spoken with Russia's President Mikhailov, apparently on good terms (Mikhailov's greeting to him was 'It's good to speak with you again', even under the very trying circumstances Jack was calling in). (Full Alert)

Keeps a gun in a kitchen drawer, at least as of eighth season. (see the nitpick about this) (Citizen Joe)

Refused to speculate on what Daniel might or might not have done, after being snatched by the Replicators -- he wouldn't say that Daniel was dead, or that he was ascended, or that he was fine -- not without proof one way or another, which they didn't have. (Reckoning part 2)

Grills on a hibachi. (Paradise Lost, Threads)

He wanted to use the time-machine ship to go back and watch the Cubs win the World Series -- Sam wouldn't let him. (Moebius part 1)


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