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Ma'chello's people

General info

Planet: P3W-924 (Holiday)

Opposed to the Goa'uld. (Holiday)

Two billion people died rather than surrender Ma'chello to the Goa'uld. (Holiday)

Known natives:


Very old -- older than Teal'c. He was a fugitive from the System Lords, and had been since before Teal'c was born (ca. 1899). (Holiday)

He fought the Goa'uld for fifty years before his wife, who had been turned into a host without him realizing it, betrayed him to the System Lords. (Holiday)

He was developing/had developed advanced technology to fight the Goa'uld. He was successful enough that the System Lords marked him down as a host after they captured and tortured him, so his knowledge wouldn't be lost. Before he could be implanted, he killed several Jaffa and escaped. (Holiday)

After his escape he continued to fight the System Lords, and believed that he had kept several from attacking and destroying Earth. (Holiday)

When SG-1 discovered his world and him, he saw a chance to hide his face for good, and switched bodies with Daniel. He truly believed that he was owed a body by someone, after fighting so long against the Goa'uld. (Holiday)

He died of pulmonary failure (probably -- he'd been suffering pulmonary damage) after a bout of body-switching. (Holiday)

He kept a database of all his inventions, written in a code he developed himself. The code used Latin and Greek alphabets (similar to Ma'chello's native language) to form the words, but the language itself was completely original, with no clear sentence structure to analyze. He designed it specifically to keep his knowledge from falling into enemy hands. (Holiday)

Everything from his lab was carted back to Area 51 and cataloged. (Legacy)


Body-swapping machine

Two people stand across from each other and touch the handles of the machine, and their neural patterns switch places. The touch doesn't have to be direct Jack and Teal'c swapped despite protective gear and having slid carrying handles onto the machine's handles to ensure they wouldn't be touching it directly. The device retains the memory of every transference, to keep a reversal from occurring. (Holiday)

Goa'uld-killing bugs:

Implanted in a non-Goa'ulded person, the bugs create side effects that mimic the symptoms of schizophrenia. (Legacy) -- Ma'chello left a page-turning device laden with ten little bugs in a meeting chamber used by the Linvris as a sort of land mine, just waiting for the Linvris to arrive and be trapped and killed by them. (Legacy)

The PTD stays inactive until someone uses it on a table to " turn a page" . (Legacy)

The programmed voice (technological or organic recording) was a " smart" recording of some sort, able to adjust itself to circumstances.

When the bug left Daniel and entered Teal'c, Ma'chello's voice said " You have delivered me to the vile Goa'uld so that I may destroy him." (Legacy)

When her bugs left Sam, she heard Ma'chello's voice say that her Goa'uld captor is dead. (Legacy)

When their job is complete, they wiggle out the ear canal and die. (Legacy)

Life support system: a device he could recline in, which hooked him up to various things and kept him alive. Presumably the reason why he'd lived so long. (Holiday)



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