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General info

Planet: Amra (SGC designation unknown)

(nb: This is possibly the name of the country, not the planet, but it's all I've got so I'm going with it.)

SG-5 brought two (unnamed) representatives from Amra back to the SGC to discuss a pending trade agreement. (Zero Hour)

The planet (country?) appeared to be split into factions, which, while not at war with each other, clearly had some negative feeling for each other.

The representatives at the SGC came from different areas -- one was from the plains, one was not (and was incredibly superior about that fact). (Zero Hour)

The plainsmen held that the Plains of Goran were sacred. That belief wasn't widespread outside the plains, apparently. (Zero Hour)

When Jack locked the two Amran representatives at the SGC into a room together after an hour of " negotiating" (bickering), they were appalled. (Zero Hour)

By the next morning, they were beyond appalled, they were furious. They demanded to be let go immediately, swearing that there would never be a trade agreement between their government and Earth's now. Jack left them locked up. (Zero Hour)

An unspecified number of days later, Mark Gilmor let them go -- they were apparently much more amenable to the idea of negotiating. (Zero Hour)

Known Amrans:




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