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" Residents"

General info

Planet: P7J-989 (nb: Teal'c calls it PJ7-989) (Gamekeeper)

The world was nearly destroyed by a chemical disaster 1,022 years ago (as of 1998, making it roughly 976 by our calendar), and the few survivors placed their bodies into suspended animation to keep the race alive until the planet could restore itself.   (Gamekeeper)

People were physically connected to pods in an enclosed dome, with tubes feeding nutrients into them (and presumably something like electrical stimulation to keep the muscles from atrophying?), and connectors from their brains tying them all into a giant network, effectively making it into a giant virtual reality game.   (Gamekeeper)

Within the network, the Keeper could control the environment, using people's memories and imaginations to set up scenarios for them to live through or observe.   (Gamekeeper)

After a thousand years of this, though, things were getting stale, and the Keeper leapt at the chance to have SG-1's minds and memories tied in -- or at least Jack and Daniel's. Sam and Teal'c's minds were resistant, thanks to Jolinar and Junior. They could experience other people's memories, but couldn't contribute any of their own.   (Gamekeeper)

SG-1 eventually caused enough of a stir to get the Residents questioning their existence, and after a few mindgames with the Keeper, escaped and wound up showing the Residents the way out. (Gamekeeper)

After the Gamekeeper incident, the virtual-reality chair was redesigned to have the cutoff command into the program, so only someone in the chair can control it. (Avatar)

Several years after the incident with SG-1, the scientists on the planet offered (or were asked for and gave) the SGC one of their newer virtual-reality chairs, to adjust into a training tool for new SGC personnel.   (Avatar)

A couple of years later, the SGC's chair was ready for " live" testing (by someone other than one of the project scientists).   (Avatar)

When Sam contacted the scientists on the planet and explained what was happening to Teal'c in the simulation being run, they said there was nothing they could do. They did have a neural imprint of Teal'c's mind from six years earlier, though, and gave her that so she could run a separate set of simulations in a second chair. (Avatar)

Presumably, they have imprints of all of SG-1's minds. (Avatar)

Known " Residents" :

The Keeper:

The person who created and was in charge of controlling the environment. He could appear as anyone he chooses, inserting himself into any " game" . Although he knew the external world had renewed itself into a fertile garden, he refused to tell his Residents, wanting to maintain his control (and in part to keep them from repeating the destruction of the world -- he didn't trust them to be able to maintain order in the outside world). He was very pleased to have SG-1's memories and imaginations to play with, until they started shaking up the status quo by telling the Residents that their world was renewed. He tried to trick them by pretending to set them free, when in fact he just dumped them into another simulation (with himself as Hammond). The team figured it out, and finally escaped for real, showing the rest of the Residents the way out in the process and pissing the Keeper off royally. (Gamekeeper)



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