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Togar's people

General info

Lived on P4X-884. (Urgo)

According to Urgo, the people were too afraid to go exploring through the stargate themselves, so they invented technology like Urgo to experience it for them and report back. (Urgo)

The unit required a life form -- it couldn't exist on its own. (Urgo)

Known people:


As a trap, he set up an illusion near the stargate of a paradisical world -- warm, sunny, and with a gorgeous sandy beach near a blue ocean. He wanted to lure travelers in so he could implant Urgo in them, to go out and explore their worlds and return the knowledge to him. (Urgo)

He was surprised and not happy to find out that the SGC knew Urgo's name -- he said that was an " error" , and told them to return the " subjects" and Urgo would be removed. (Urgo)

Had a fair amount of advanced technology, including wide-beam transporters directly in front of the stargate to take any travelers. In transit, the travelers were stripped of all weaponry (and headgear and outerwear -- SG-1 gated through in their usual caps/hats, jackets, and vests, with standard weaponry, and were transported to Togar's lab dressed only in boots, pants, and t-shirts). (Urgo)

Something stripped out all memory of a person's time on Togar's world -- possibly the transporters back to the stargate? SG-1 had absolutely no memory of what had happened either time they went through the gate to his world, but on the second trip, were clearly aware and awake for their interactions with Togar. (Urgo)

The door to his lab was on a whistle control -- he whistled three short notes at it, and it rolled shut. (Urgo)

He was extremely resistant to the idea that Urgo might be alive, and insisted on calling it (Urgo) an error. (Urgo)

Without ever actually admitting that Urgo was alive, he let himself be talked into implanting Urgo in his own brain, to help him " learn how the error occurred" . (Urgo)


Implanted in Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c's brains -- less than pinpoint size, but very powerful, and capable of working as a sort of network. (Urgo)

He chose to begin interacting with them, which he wasn't supposed to do. (Urgo)

The first thing he did was greatly enhance their sense of taste, to the point where they were enjoying foods they didn't even like. (Urgo)

He was capable of creating an image of himself that SG-1 could see, but it was all in their minds no one else could see him. (Urgo)

The image he chose to project was that of Togar. (Urgo)

He could read their surface thoughts, but apparently nothing deeper (memories, etc.). (Urgo)

He had a very strong power of suggestion, combined with the ability to increase their enjoyment of something to motivate them, but couldn't actually make them do something. They had to choose it. (Urgo)

He was afraid of his creator, calling him " really scary evil" , and was determined not to return to the planet. (Urgo)

He had a certain self-preservation instinct, resisting the idea of being turned off -- when Sam started researching ways to do just that, he started distracting her to keep her off track. (Urgo)

Sam put all of SG-1 in a shielded room and set off a strong EM pulse to nullify Urgo. He was pretty worried about it. (Urgo)

It knocked Urgo offline briefly, but then he just laid low, not emitting any of the frequencies he'd given off before. (Urgo)

When Janet invited Sam to go rowing with Cassie that weekend, Urgo couldn't resist any longer, and got the entire team (all in separate quarters, and Sam walking back to hers) singing " Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in rounds. (Urgo)

He was unaware that his creator used an illusion of a beautiful world to trap travelers. When he found out, he thought it was mean. (Urgo)

He was convinced that Togar was scary, mean, evil, and boring. When Daniel came up with the idea of saving Urgo's life by implanting him in Togar (which the rest of SG-1 then picked up on), he said he'd rather be dead, or implanted in a little lizardy creature. Eventually, though, he agreed. (Urgo)



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