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Episode Summaries

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First Season -- 1997



Children of the Gods

(90-minute pilot, broken into two episodes for syndication.) With the Stargate Program almost completely shut down, Apophis comes through Earth's stargate, killing several soldiers and kidnapping a sergeant. Jack O'Neill is recalled from retirement, and sent through the stargate to fetch Daniel Jackson. Apophis kidnaps Daniel's wife and brother-in-law shortly thereafter, and Daniel joins the SGC specifically to get his wife back. SG-1 is formed (Jack, Daniel, Samantha Carter) and heads for Chulak along with SG-2 -- they fail to rescue Sha're and Skaara, but save a lot of prisoners, and win Teal'c to their side. Before they make it home, Kawalsky is infested with a Goa'uld.

The Enemy Within

The Goa'ulded Kawalsky attempts to escape the SGC, but is captured. Surgery to remove the symbiote fails, and Jack and Teal'c must team up to kill Kawalsky. Teal'c's actions in helping to save the base win him a spot on SG-1.


SG-1 travels to Simarka, where descendents of the Mongols live. Sam is kidnapped by a youth who wants to trade her to another tribe in return for the girl he loves, and things get complicated. Eventually, Sam needs to fight a chief to win the girl's freedom.

The Broca Divide

On a mission to what they hope is the Goa'uld homeworld, SG-3 and SG-1 are exposed to a local virus and unknowingly bring it back to the SGC, where people start physically reverting to a more primitive form.

First Commandment

The leader of SG-9 -- Sam's former fiance -- goes nuts and sets himself up as a god to native mudmen.

Cold Lazarus

A crystalline life form nearly kills Jack, thinking he's an enemy. To rectify the situation, the alien impersonates him and goes searching for Charlie, hoping to heal Jack's pain. By the time it's started to figure out that dead means " gone" for humans, its structural integrity is failing, and it badly needs to get back home.

The Nox

When the DoD starts complaining about how little advanced tech the SGC has recovered, Teal'c volunteers knowledge of a planet with an invisible animal. SG-1 travels there but runs afoul of Apophis, who kills Jack, Sam, and Daniel. The Nox whisk them away and heal them, but want no part of any fight, and eventually shoo SG-1 off home and close off their stargate to prevent any return.

Brief Candle

Jack is unknowingly infested with nanites that age him rapidly after a pretty girl offers him some cake.

Thor's Hammer

SG-1 travels to Cimmeria, where Thor has set up protections. When Teal'c is transported away, Jack goes with him, and they wind up wandering through a cave system with a Goa'ulded Unas trailing them. Sam and Daniel befriend the local headwoman, Gairwyn, who brings them to a guide, Kendra, who can show them where Jack and Teal'c will come out, if they can escape the caves.

The Torment of Tantalus

Declassified film gives Daniel evidence that a man went through the stargate in the 1940s, and he finds out it was Catherine Langford's fiance, Ernest Littlefield. SG-1 talks Hammond into letting them stage a rescue mission, which nearly traps them on Ernest's planet with a non-working DHD in a castle rapidly crumbling into the sea.


Teal'c is increasingly worried about the son he left behind, who is now old enough for his Prim'ta. He admits to having a family, and SG-1 goes to Chulak to save the boy. But Rya'c is very ill, and without a symbiote won't survive.

Fire and Water

Jack, Sam, and Teal'c return to the SGC convinced that Daniel has died horribly in fire. While they get debriefed and hold a memorial service and wake, Daniel is being interrogated in an underwater dome by Nem, an alien looking for traces of his mate, lost to him 4,000 years ago.


Hathor is awakened from her sarcophagus in a Mayan temple, and finds her way to the SGC, where she proceeds to put all the men on base under her " spell" by breathing a pink chemical on them. The women figure out what's going on, and with Teal'c's help they save the base.


Nirrti wipes out an SG team and almost all the Hankans, except one -- Cassandra. SG-1 finds her and brings her home, only to discover that she's a living booby-trap  -- Nirrti has planted a bomb in her chest. They move her to a safe facility where the bomb won't hurt anyone else, which turns out to be far enough away from the stargate to deactivate it.


SG-1 goes to a village where Teal'c once killed someone, and he's accused of murder. He willingly goes on trial, totally prepared to accept any punishment, and it's up to his teammates to try to convince the locals that he's a changed man.


On a world being destroyed by massive volcanic activity, SG-1 comes across a handful of survivors, and brings them back to the SGC. They're Tollans, and are pissed at being rescued by such primitives. While Maybourne tries like hell to get control of them, Daniel concocts a plan to get them safely to the Nox.


Jack and Sam are separated from Daniel and Teal'c while gating home, and land on what they believe is an ice planet. In reality, they're in Antarctica, where they came through a second stargate buried in an ice cave.

Tin Man

In an underground facility on Altair, SG-1's bodies and neural patterns are copied as robots -- who are unaware they're anything but the originals. When the truth comes out, the robot team is forced by circumstances to stay behind on Altair while the original team returns home.

There But for the Grace of God

Daniel touches a quantum mirror, which instantly shifts him to an alternate reality. He gates home, to find a different world, one where Jack is the general in charge of the SGC, Daniel himself has nothing to do with it, and Apophis's forces, led by Teal'c, have been busily conquering the world. Daniel figures out where the attack was launched from, and flees home to bring them the information to prevent a similar attack.


Senator Kinsey arrives at the SGC, convinced it's too big, too secret, too dangerous, and too expensive, and after reviewing several mission files, shuts the program down. (Clip episode.)

Within the Serpent's Grasp (1)

Daniel, still convinced an attack by ship is imminent, talks the rest of SG-1 into going through the gate to the coordinates he brought back from the alternate reality. They wind up on Klorel's mothership, on its way to destroy Earth. They plant C-4 all over the place to blow the ship, then realize that they're much closer to Earth than they thought, and Apophis's ship will be unharmed.




Second Season -- 1998



Serpent's Lair (2)

Daniel is fatally injured and left on Klorel's ship while Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Bra'tac ring over to Apophis's ship to do as much damage as possible. They blow up his shield generators, so when Klorel's ship explodes from the C-4, Apophis's ship is caught in the blast. Before the explosion, they escape in death gliders, and Daniel manages to heal himself in a sarcophagus and flee through the stargate.

In the Line of Duty

While helping to evacuate the Nasyans, Sam is infested with a Goa'uld. Cassie can sense it, and tells Jack, and Sam winds up in a holding cell. The Goa'uld claims to be a Tok'ra named Jolinar, but before any final decision can be made, an ashrak (assassin) who has been hunting Jolinar arrives and tries to kill Sam. The symbiote dies from the attack, but saves Sam's life in the process.


SG-1 tries to help a man running through the woods, and gets sent to a prison world, Hadante, for their efforts. They meet a woman named Linea, who agrees to help them escape if she can go with them. Unfortunately, after they bring her back to the SGC, they find out that she's known as the Destroyer of Worlds. She uses the SGC's knowledge of the gate system to set up her escape, and takes off into the galaxy.


The team gets trapped in a virtual reality world run by the Gamekeeper, who forces Jack (with Teal'c) to relive his most blown op, and Daniel (with Sam) to relive the death of his parents.


Daniel prevents an alien princess from committing suicide: she sees him as some sort of fairytale hero, and falls for him, hard. While the rest of SG-1 labors in the local naquadah mine as prisoners, she gets Daniel addicted to the sarcophagus and plans to make him her consort.

Thor's Chariot

Heru'ur has discovered that the Asgard protections on Cimmeria are gone, and has invaded. Gairwyn calls the SGC for help in desperation. The only way they can stop the conquest is if Daniel and Sam can contact Thor and the Asgard, and get them to help

Message in a Bottle

SG-1 brings an orb back from a barren world, but the organism inside it wakes up in the warmth of the SGC. Before Jack and Teal'c can heave it back through the stargate, it shoots out a pole and skewers Jack through the collarbone and into the concrete wall of the gateroom. Daniel figures out how to talk to the organism, and works out a deal: it leaves the SGC, and the SGC gives it a verdant, unpopulated world of its own.


Apophis snatches and brainwashes Rya'c, and SG-1 join up with Bra'tac to get him back. To make matters worse, Teal'c's wife has divorced him and gotten remarried to one of his best friends. The new husband tries to betray them all to Apophis, but Jack stops him. SG-1 grabs Rya'c from a small troop of Jaffa and bring him to Earth, where they keep him from destroying all life on the planet and break the conditioning Apophis used on him. Teal'c is briefly reunited with his family before Drey'auc and Rya'c leave.


A reporter, Armin Selig, has gotten hold of highly detailed information and plans to write an exclusive about it. Before he can, he's struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver, right in front of Jack. Meanwhile, Daniel returns to Abydos to tell Kasuf he's still looking for Sha're, only to find a very pregnant Sha're already there. She goes into labor before he and Teal'c can bring her to the SGC, and gives birth to the harsesis child of Apophis and Amaunet. Amaunet takes control of the body again, and Daniel loses his chance to rescue Sha're.


Teal'c is stung by a giant bug on an alien world, and its venom begins changing his DNA. Maybourne takes him into custody to study, but Teal'c escapes, and is eventually found by a young girl who befriends him and then calls Jack for him. Jack and the others find him before the transformation into a nest of bugs is complete, and doctors manage to reverse the process.

The Tok'ra, part one

Sam starts having dreams of Jolinar's life among the Tok'ra, and SG-1 goes to the gate address she remembered. They meet the Tok'ra, who decide they're not worth allying with, since they don't want to become hosts. Meanwhile, Jacob Carter's cancer advances to its final stages back on Earth.

The To'kra, part two

Sam suggests Jacob as a host for a symbiote who will die soon without a new host. Jacob is a bit doubtful, but agrees in the end, and blends with Selmak. The Tok'ra and Tau'ri begin their alliance.


The alien residents of a planet that's also populated by the descendents of Salish Indians take offense at an SGC mining operation, and disguise themselves as SG-11 to return to the SGC and discover what sort of people they're dealing with. When they find out that the SGC is deliberately planning to deceive the Salish and continue mining, they get angry and begin " disappearing" people into thin air. Daniel and Jack manage to talk them into a truce of sorts, and convince them to return all the people they've taken.


The Madronans accuse SG-1 of stealing their Touchstone, a weather control device, which leads the SGC to discover that an NID unit has been active offworld by using the second stargate, and are stealing various artifacts and technology. They retrieve the Touchstone and return it to its rightful owners, but the NID team escapes through the second stargate.

The Fifth Race

Jack looks into an alien device and gets an Ancient database downloaded into his brain. It begins remapping his mind, starting with language -- eventually, he can't speak or understand English anymore. He has to travel to an Asgard world to get help.

A Matter of Time

SG-10 gets trapped on a world being sucked into a black hole. The SGC, not realizing what's happened, dials that world to contact SG-10, and the wormhole gets trapped by the gravity well and time dilation effects. Jack and Frank Cromwell have to drop a bomb into the stargate to shut it down before Earth is destroyed.


SG-1 meets a very old man on one of their journeys through the stargate: Ma'chello, a brilliant, lifelong fighter against the Goa'uld. He encourages Daniel to touch a machine, which swaps their neural patterns, effectively switching their bodies. Back at the SGC, " Daniel" leaves the mountain while " Ma'chello" lies dying in an infirmary bed. Eventually the truth is discovered and " Daniel" is brought back, and after a little bit of musical-bodies, everything's back to normal.

Serpent's Song

Apophis, badly injured, tricks SG-1 into taking him back to the SGC. Sokar finds out and launches an attack against the iris, using what amounts to a particle accelerator. Apophis dies as a result of the torrure he'd been through at Sokar's hands, and they send the body through the stargate to Sokar to get him to stop his attack on the base.

One False Step

SG-1 travels to a new world to retrieve a downed UAV from the locals. Shortly after they arrive, the locals begin collapsing from a severe illness, and they have to face the fact that they may be responsible for what looks like it may amount to genocide, if they can't figure out what it is, fast.

Show and Tell

A young boy walks through the stargate to warn the SGC about a group of Reetou rebels, who are invisible to the human eye. The boy bonds with Jack and asks to be called Charlie. The SGC has enough warning that when the rebels do appear, they can take them out. Charlie's body, not well made to begin with, begins to fail, and Jacob takes him to become a Tok'ra to save his life.


A solar flare turns SG-1's trip through the stargate into a trip through time instead.  They wind up inside a missile silo in 1969, and have to escape the military holding them and find out where the stargate was stored back then, to get back home.

Out of Mind (1)

Jack, Sam, and Daniel awaken (separately) from cryogenic sleep in what they're told is the SGC of nearly a hundred years in the future -- each is told he or she is the team's only survivor. They're asked to relive their memories of various allies and technology, via a Tok'ra memory device. Jack eventually realizes that they've been captured by Goa'uld, and finds the other two. As they're trying to escape, Hathor appears along with some of her Jaffa, and says she's going to turn one of them into a host. Back at the SGC, after being unconscious for three weeks from massive internal injuries, Teal'c is denied permission to return to the planet where the rest of SG-1 was taken captive -- Hammond believed it to be a waste of time. Teal'c resigns from the SGC and returns to Chulak. (Clips episode)




Third Season -- 1999



Into the Fire (2)

Jack is implanted with a Goa'uld, but an undercover Tok'ra puts him into cryogenic sleep to kill the symbiote off before the blending can be completed. Meanwhile, the Tok'ra get word to the SGC about SG-1's whereabouts, and Hammond sends in four more units to rescue them. When they run into trouble, he promises more help, but the Pentagon refuses, so Hammond goes to find Teal'c and Bra'tac on Chulak, and recruits them to be a rescue team. Jack survives the cryogenic freeze, and when Hathor arrives, throws her over into it without aid of a capsule to protect her.


Jacob returns to the SGC to ask for help in finding Seth, a Goa'uld the Tok'ra believe has been hiding out on Earth for millennia. He's surprised when they do, but goes with them to Seth's compound. Jacob and Jack take over the local ATF surveillance base, and Jack, Daniel, and Sam go in to the compound. They fall under Seth's " spell" (chemical control), but an electric jolt administered remotely by Teal'c frees them. They free the prisoners, but Seth disguises himself and tries to escape through the tunnel with all the others. Sam winds up blasting him into the tunnel floor with a hand device. When it's all over, Sam and Jacob are reunited with Mark Carter -- Selmak's real reason for bringing Jacob to Earth.

Fair Game

Sam is promoted to major. Because the System Lords are in an uproar over what happened to Hathor, Thor sets up negotiations between the Goa'uld and the Tau'ri, to put Earth on the list of Asgard-protected worlds. During the negotiations, Cronus is severely injured, with Teal'c the apparent attacker. The SGC needs to prove to Cronus and Yu that Nirrti was the culprit.


SG-1 finds the remains of the Linvris, a group of Goa'uld opposed to the System Lords. They're all dead. Back at the SGC, Daniel begins hallucinating severely, and is eventually diagnosed with schizophrenic symptoms, confined, and medicated. He's actually been infested with a small device Ma'chello had planted in the Linvris chamber as a Goa'uld trap. Later, when Teal'c touches Daniel, the device moves over to him. Daniel figures out what's going on as the device leaves him and he hears Ma'chello's voice in his head, and eventually manages to convince everyone else.

Learning Curve

During an information-exchange program with the Orbanians, the team members learn that certain Orbanian children -- called Urrone -- are implanted with millions of nanites as infants, which speeds their learning process. To their horror, they also learn that these nanites are harvested roughly around the age of puberty, leaving the children as effectively vegetables, with only rudimentary neural paths of their own. Jack kidnaps Merrin, an Urrone visiting the SGC to explain naquadah-generator technology to Sam, and gives her a taste of an American child's life, telling her she can choose that instead of having her nanites harvested. Merrin refuses, believing it's her duty to her people to share her nanites.

Point of View

A still-living Kawalsky and Dr. Samantha Carter step through the quantum mirror from a world where Apophis is in the midst of conquering the planet, and ask for asylum with the SGC. When Dr. Carter begins showing signs of entropic cascade failure, everyone begins working on a way to get her back home and get aid to her people. They bring the dialing code to reach the Asgard world that Jack went to in Fifth Race, and enough power to get her there. The Asgard come through in that universe as well, and Dr. Carter and Kawalsky stay in their own reality while the rest of SG-1 goes home.

Deadman Switch

Bounty hunter Aris Boch captures SG-1 and forces them to help him capture a Goa'uld who's hiding out nearby -- who turns out to actually be a Tok'ra named Korra. Boch is confused by the team's attitude toward the Tok'ra, and mocks their belief that the Goa'uld can ever be stopped by anyone. When Korra tries to suicide rather than be returned to Sokar and be forced to give up the locations of other Tok'ra, Boch begins to change his mind. When Teal'c offers himself in Korra's place, Boch finally decides it's worth a chance to let them go, and fakes a ship explosion to hide it.


In a village of medieval Christians where Sokar holds sway through fear -- and a Goa'ulded Unas as his emissary -- the team is captured and offered up as a sacrifice to the demons (the Unas). They escape with the help of Simon and Mary, two of the locals.

Rules of Engagement

SG-1 stumbles across a group of young SG soldiers who turn out to have been recruited by Apophis to train and then infiltrate the SGC. The team needs to figure out a way to convince the boys that Apophis is dead and their Jaffa masters will never return.

Forever in a Day

While SG-1 battles Jaffa to free Abydonian prisoners, Daniel spots Amaunet standing near a tent, and follows her inside. She begins to ribbon him, and he flashes into an extremely real-feeling hallucination, in several stages, about what happens after Teal'c shoots her (and thus Sha're). In the hallucinations, Sha're tells him repeatedly that he has to forgive Teal'c and stick with the SGC, because he has to find the boy -- the harsesis. After he accepts that, he flashes back out of the hallucination a bare second after it began, and Teal'c shoots Amaunet and kills her and Sha're.

Past and Present

SG-1 travels to Vyus, where all the inhabitants lost their memories a year earlier. The team sticks around to help figure out what happened, and Daniel begins falling for Ke'ra, a local leader and healer, who is basically in charge of all research. Ke'ra travels back to the SGC along with a couple of volunteers to start looking for a chemical cure, but as more evidence comes to light, it becomes apparent that Ke'ra is truly Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds, and that the memory loss was because of one of her experiments.

Jolinar's Memories (1)

Martouf travels to the SGC to tell Sam that Jacob has been captured by Sokar and is imprisoned on Netu -- basically, Hell. Jolinar is the only person who had ever escaped from Netu, and they're going to need her memories to go in and rescue Jacob. The team and Martouf are thrown into the same cell as Jacob, and begin their escape attempt, only to be caught again -- by Apophis, who declares himself the new lord of Netu.

The Devil You Know (2)

Apophis drugs and tortures Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Martouf in an effort to gain information he can sell to Sokar to solidify his position, and better yet gain an audience with Sokar so he can assassinate him. The Tok'ra launch a weapon into Netu's core to destabilize it and blow up the planet, and in the confusion, SG-1, Martouf, and Jacob escape, ringing up to the cargo ship Teal'c is flying. Apophis escapes to Delmak. Sokar is destroyed in the blast of Netu's explosion.


Aliens take over the SGC, disguising themselves as SGC personnel by means of an image generator. Only Sam and Teal'c are immune to the drugs used to knock out the humans on base. Sam gets off the base and contacts Maybourne, who, after a shaky start, comes through in the end with troops to take out the aliens.


Klorel's death glider goes down over Tollana. Skaara wakes up first from the crash, and asks the Tollans for help. The Tollans set up a " triad" to determine who's the rightful owner of the body, asking SG-1, Zipacna, and Lya of the Nox to act as " archons" to argue the case. While Jack and Daniel argue with Zipacna in triad, Zipacna's Jaffa mark the Tollans' ion cannons for destruction. At the end of triad, he calls in his mothership and nearly succeeds in taking out all the weapons. Teal'c and Lya save the day by hiding one cannon, which Teal'c turns against Zipacna's ship. Klorel is removed from Skaara and sent to a Goa'uld world.


SG-1 travels to an apparently idyllic world, where they're implanted with a tiny, powerful computer that functions across all of them. Its/his name is Urgo, and he wants nothing more than to be friends with SG-1, driving them completely bonkers in the process through his never-ending chatter and game-playing.

A Hundred Days

Jack is trapped on an alien world when a meteor lands practically on top of the local stargate, burying it. He's stuck there for a hundred days, slowly learning to fit in with what remains of the local community (after most had been evacuated to Earth). The SGC finally manages to send Teal'c through to a hollow the wormhole's kawhoosh had created, and he contacts Jack, who returns safely home.

Shades of Grey

Jack gives every indication of having finally snapped after years of not gaining much in the way of tangible results from the stargate program, and steals some technology from the Tollans. Given the option of court martial or retirement, he retires. Maybourne shows up and offers him a spot in the rogue NID. That's exactly what Jack was hoping for -- the Asgard, Nox, and Tollans have all complained about humans stealing technology from them, and Jack is undercover to ferret out the culprits. He spots Makepeace leaving a package for the rogue cell, and calls in the Asgard to retrieve their stuff, telling the NID cell that they can stay to be taken by the Asgard, or go back to the SGC. The rogue cell and Makepeace are all arrested at the SGC.

New Ground

SG-1 gets caught up in local religion and politics when they arrive on a world where the people of one continent believe that the stargate is a myth, and that they evolved on this world, while the people of the other continent believe that their god brought them to this world through the stargate. The team is on the first continent, and are taken as (heretical) spies. Only Teal'c escapes capture, escaping into the woods badly injured and blind. He teams up with Nyan, the local scientist who first uncovered their stargate, to rescue the rest of the team. Nyan flees with them back through the stargate and joins the SGC as Daniel's research assistant.

Maternal Instinct

With Bra'tac's help, the team finally figures out where Kheb is, and go there to find the harsesis child. They wind up at a temple, where the monk caretaker speaks in koans and teaches Daniel some tricks. While Apophis shows up and begins attacking, Daniel realizes the truth -- the monk is Oma Desala (Mother Nature), an ancient being who has taken charge of the child. He agrees to leave the boy with her, and she wipes out Apophis's Jaffa on her way to the stargate with the boy, to find another safe place to raise him.

Crystal Skull

A MALP sends back images of a crystal skull in a huge cavern inside a giant pyramid, and both Sam and Daniel are eager to go. When they arrive, Daniel leans in close to the skull, and vanishes from his teammates' sight in a wave of radiation. He's still there, but shifted to a different plane. The SGC brings in his grandfather, Nick Ballard, to see if he can tell them anything  -- decades earlier, he had found an identical crystal skull. He tells them that it brought him to a cave with giant aliens. Since Nick can somehow see and hear Daniel, Daniel works through him to convince Hammond and Jack that SG-1 needs to return to the planet. Once there, they make contact with Quetzlcoatl, who invites Nick to stay and chat for a while, while the others return home.

Nemesis (1)

With Daniel recovering from an appendectomy, SG-1 is stood down. Jack gets ready for a fishing trip, but before he can leave the SGC he's beamed out onto Thor's ship. Thor needs his help to fight Replicators, which have overrun his ship and injured him, and which will overrun Earth if the ship lands there, which it's clearly going to do. Sam and Teal'c show up along with the weaponry Jack " borrows" from the SGC, and they begin battling through the ship, trying to find a way to save Earth. They decide to blow up the ship in re-entry, beaming up Earth's stargate to escape through.




Fourth Season -- 2000



Small Victories (2)

A couple of weeks after the Biliskner exploded over the Pacific, reports start coming in of a Russian sub where everyone was killed by mechanical spiders. Meanwhile, Thor shows up requesting further aid, saying that the Asgard need a primitive mind that thinks completely differently from their own to come up with new tactics to fight the Replicators, which are close to conquering their galaxy. Jack and Teal'c head for the sub to see what they can do,  while Sam leaves with Thor. Daniel is eventually forced to give the word to blow up the sub with Teal'c and Jack still on it -- fortunately, Sam's plan to trick the Replicators and blow them up works, and she and Thor arrive over Earth in time to beam Jack and Teal'c out.

The Other Side

A call for help gets the SGC's attention: the Eurondans have discovered how to make their stargate work, and are desperately asking for aid in their war with their neighbors. They offer advanced technology in return, which at first is enough to get the military folks to turn a blind eye to some of the stickier moral questions involved. When they figure out that the Eurondans started the war with a pre-emptive strike and are racists in the most extreme sense of the word (demanding genetic purity, and calling their enemy " Breeders" in contempt because they don't carefully select for their children's genetic traits), they change their minds, and willingly leave the Eurondans to their fate.


A Tok'ra named Freya (host)/Anise (symbiote) journeys to the SGC to ask for help with " human trials" on technology she's disccovered: armbands that impart greater speed and strength to the wearer. Jack, Daniel, and Sam all use the armbands. Against orders, and with plenty of snacks, they head offworld to take out Apophis's new mothership, in the process of being built. The armbands wear off before they make it off the ship, but Teal'c has followed them and helps them escape.


An old flame of Teal'c's, Shan'auc, arrives at the SGC to share the news that she's discovered a way to talk to the symbiote she carries, and that she's convinced it to give up its evil ways. She wants the SGC to send her to the Tok'ra, so her symbiote can become one of them. The Tok'ra agree, but the symbiote has been lying to Shan'auc -- he's a Goa'uld through and through, who wants to spy on the Tok'ra.

Divide and Conquer

When a member of SG-14 apparently goes nuts and tries to kill a Tok'ra High Councilor, then commits suicide, the Tok'ra say he may have been a zatarc -- programmed by a Goa'uld to perform a specific task. They test everyone at the SGC, exposing another member of SG-14, then focusing on Jack and Sam, both of whom show the telltale signs of being zatarcs. The machine read their reactions wrong, though  -- in reality, it's Martouf who's the zatarc.

Window of Opportunity

When a scientist on an alien world triggers an Ancient device, Earth is caught in a time-loop that only Jack and Teal'c are aware of, as they relive the same ten hours over and over again. They have to help Daniel translate some Ancient text (remembering a bit more each loop) so that they can return to the planet where it all started and stop the machine that's causing the loop.


The Russians, who have been running a secret stargate program of their own since fishing the original gate out of the Pacific where it fell with the Biliskner, are forced to call in SG-1's help when their stargate is left connected to an alien waterworld. When SG-1 arrives, everyone is dead except Maybourne, who's frozen nearly to death in a freezer.

The First Ones

Daniel and Dr. Robert Rothman are leading a dig on a world they believe to be the original homeworld of the Goa'uld. It's also the homeworld of the Unas, as Daniel discovers when he's kidnapped by a young Unas. While he gets dragged along back to the Unas's home cave system, Rothman returns to the SGC to get help. Daniel manages to befriend Chaka, the Unas, who spares his life. Rothman isn't so lucky -- he's infested with a Goa'uld, and Jack is forced to kill him.

Scorched Earth

The SGC has found a world for the refugee Enkarans to inhabit that suits them perfectly, until a ship appears in the sky and begins transforming the world into something suitable for sulfur-based life. While Jack carries out plans to destroy the ship to save the planet, Daniel goes aboard and tries to talk to the avatar aboard to convince it to stop what it's doing.

Beneath the Surface

The members of SG-1 have no memory of their former lives -- they believe they've always been workers in an underground facility that provides heat to the city above. Eventually the " memory stamp" starts to wear off, and they stage something of a revolution before heading home.

Point of No Return

The SGC is contacted by someone claiming to know all about the program. Jack goes to meet him, and comes to realize that Martin isn't crazy, just overmedicated.  In reality, he's an alien whose ship landed on Earth while fleeing from the Goa'uld on his homeworld.


On a test flight of the X-301, Jack and Teal'c are sent flying into space with no control over the craft -- it was responding to Apophis's programming of the underlying death gliders to return to Chulak. Attempts to get the craft turned around fail, and only Jacob's timely arrival in a cargo ship saves their lives.

The Curse

One of Daniel's old professors dies, and he returns to Chicago for the funeral. While he's there, he discovers that Dr. Jordan had found a cache of Goa'uld artifacts -- including two canopic jars containing Goa'uld symbiotes, one of whom, Osiris, has escaped, infesting his former girlfriend Sarah. He tracks Osiris to Egypt but fails to stop him/her. Meanwhile, Jack and Teal'c go fishing.

The Serpent's Venom

Teal'c walks into a trap and is captured by Heru'ur's forces. Heru'ur has him tortured to try to make him renounce the rebellion. Jacob and the rest of SG-1, unaware of his plight, go off to an ancient minefield to try to disrupt the alliance forming between Heru'ur and Apophis, hoping to set off a mine so that it looks like one of them has attacked the other. Teal'c talks Raknor into helping him escape. Apophis loses his temper at Heru'ur and attacks with an entire fleet. Heru'ur dies, but Raknor gets Teal'c safely to the cargo ship SG-1 is on.

Chain Reaction

Hammond resigns when his granddaughters are threatened, and an NID patsy, General Bauer, takes over the SGC. He breaks up SG-1 and begins running roughshod over everything, very nearly destroying the planet in his rush to test a naquadah-enhanced bomb and watch its progress through an open wormhole. Meanwhile, Jack teams up with Harry Maybourne to get enough info on the NID to force them to back off Hammond, and winds up in a confrontation with Senator Kinsey about it.


In 2010, Earth is at peace and is a member of the Aschen Confederation. Kinsey is president, and SG-1 are heroes, retired from active duty. But when they realize that since the Aschen showed up the fertility rate has plummeted, they begin to believe the Aschen are behind it. It's too late to do anything to change the situation now, so they recruit the now-reclusive Jack into helping them, and set up a scheme to send a message back in time, using Aschen technology to predict a solar flare to use as a catalyst. The note they send, at the cost of their lives, tells the earlier SGC not to go to the Aschen homeworld under any circumstances whatsoever, to prevent Earth from entering into an alliance with the Aschen.

Absolute Power

Shifu appears on Abydos and sends for Daniel, who's surprised but pleased to see the boy (who's grown very rapidly in the past year, to nearly adolescence). They bring Shifu back to the SGC, where Daniel asks him to share his knowledge of the Goa'uld, believing it won't hurt for Shifu to remember just a little bit. To teach him what it would really mean, Shifu sends him into a dream where Daniel has the knowledge of the Goa'uld, and with the best of intentions turns into a despot whom Jack tries to kill just to stop him.

The Light

A hypnotic device in a Goa'uld palace has devastating side effects when humans leave its presence after too much exposure, leading to either suicide or coma and eventual death. Daniel nearly dies from the effects after fairly prolonged exposure, and the rest of SG-1 becomes addicted as well. They're all forced to remain on the planet in the company of a boy who's spent much of his life there, until they can figure out a way to counteract the Light's effects.


AF Cadet Hailey is brilliant, but cynical and bitter about her chances of actually doing anything interesting or challenging if she stays with the Air Force. Sam decides to give her a taste of what's ahead of her if she sticks it out, and brings her to an alien moon where scientists have discovered small energy beings. The beings begin attacking, opening Hailey's eyes to what it means to have to make a command decision.


An electromagnetic entity takes over Sam's body and transfers her consciousness to a nest of computers/electronics.

Double Jeopardy

The robot-team arrives on a planet to find no warm welcome from the locals -- the organic team had been there before, and had freed them from Heru'ur, but now Cronus has taken over, and they're slaves again. The team is captured by Cronus's forces. Harlan contacts the SGC for help when they don't return home, and the organic team has to go help their counterparts and defeat Cronus.

Exodus (1)

SG-1 offers the mothership they took from Cronus to help the Tok'ra move their base. The Tok'ra decide they've gotten as much use out of Tanith (as a conduit for false information) as possible, and confine him, but he escapes to the surface. Jack and Teal'c join the search for him. Teal'c is shot and killed by Jaffa from Apophis's fleet, which has arrived in an attempt to wipe out the Tok'ra. Sam and Jacob come up with a plan: send a stargate dialed in to a black hole into the sun, exploding it and wiping out much of the fleet, then fleeing through hyperspace ahead of the blast. It works, but the blast catches them just enough to send them into another galaxy, with no idea how to get home.




Fifth Season -- 2001



Enemies (2)

Apophis's ha'tak has followed them through to the other galaxy, and he's not happy. He also has a secret weapon to lure SG-1and Jacob into a trap: Teal'c, revived and brainwashed into believing himself a loyal follower of Apophis. He's also picked up some Replicators, and his ship is soon infested. The Replicators send the ship hurtling toward our home galaxy while SG-1 and Jacob escape and begin making plans to take out Apophis's ha'tak and escape in a cargo ship. They capture Teal'c and send the ha'tak, with Apophis and the replicators still aboard, hurtling into Delmak, where it explodes.


Teal'c, still under the control of Apophis's brainwashing, relives many of the important moments of his life as Bra'tac tries to return him to his true self.


An alien tries to make contact with Sam, and accidentally knocks her unconscious. He follows her home -- literally, all the way to her house, where he introduces himself as Orlin and proceeds to make himself a part of her life, going so far as to leave his ascended-being status and take a mortal form to be able to be with her. When he finds out the SGC is planning to test an advanced weapon on the planet he was found, though, he has to return there to stop it, and winds up having to return to ascended status to keep from dying of a gunshot wound.

The Fifth Man

Everyone thinks the SG-1 members are nuts when they insist that the fifth member of their group, Lieutenant Tyler, was hit during a battle, and Jack stayed behind to cover him while the others went home for backup. It turns out he's really an alien with a natural defense mechanism that allows him to appear to people as someone they've known a long time, and he joined SG-1 on the planet to hide from the Jaffa who were hunting him.

Red Sky

Sam's decision to bypass some of the stargate system's built-in safety protocols nearly proves fatal for a planet that the team gates to, when their wormhole damages the planet's sun. Their first attempt to fix the problem ends in tragedy when some of the locals take offense, and only a last-ditch gamble (and a possible helping hand from the Asgard) manage to avert a complete disaster.

Rite of Passage

Cassie falls very ill on her 16th birthday and begins developing odd mental powers. She insists that this was normal for her people, and that she needs to go into the woods on Hanka to be cured. SG-1 checks it out, finding Nirrti's lab. They figure out that Nirrti was responsible for genetically coding a virus into the Hankans in an attempt to force them into evolving into a " hok'tar" (advanced human) that she could use as a host to give her an advantage over the other System Lords. What they don't realize at first is that they've brought her back through the stargate with them, invisibly.

Beast of Burden

Daniel sees a recording of Chaka being kidnapped by humans, and SG-1 heads off to see who these people are and to try to get Chaka back. They discover a world where the humans long ago overthrew their Unas oppressors, and turned them into slaves  -- they've captured Chaka to add new blood to their breeding stock. Chaka manages to rally the local Unas into a rebellion before SG-1 leaves.

The Tomb

SG-1 stumbles across evidence of modern Tau'ri outside a sealed temple on a world that the SGC has never been to, and the Russians are forced to admit that there were secret missions being run out of their stargate program before it was shut down, and one team was trapped offworld. A joint Russian/SGC rescue is launched, but they discover that the trapped team is long since dead, and a Goa'uld is loose in the body of an animal -- until it takes over one of the Russians. Before it's all over, all but one of the Russians is dead, and the temple has been demolished.

Between Two Fires

To the SGC's shock, the Tollans offer to trade ion cannons for trinium, going against one of their most sacred laws. Neither SG-1 nor Narim believes it's as simple as that, and further investigation shows that the Tollan High Council is being forced into it by Tanith, working for Anubis, who hopes to send a bomb through the SGC's iris and destroy it. Narim ruins those plans with SG-1's help, and in retaliation, Tanith's forces begin attacking Tollana, forcing the few survivors to flee in ships, with no idea if they'll make it.


On another world, SG-1 meets the Aschen, who seem too good to be true -- completely willing to trade advanced technology for stargate addresses. When Daniel literally does some digging, though, they find out that the Aschen have a history of getting worlds to accept them, then wiping out most of the population and turning the rest into veritable slave labor.

Desperate Measures

Sam is kidnapped by Adrian Conrad, who is terminally ill and is desperate to have a Goa'uld symbiote implanted in him just long enough to save his life. He believes that the information his researches can gain from Sam's physical brain will let him do so safely. In the end, Sam is rescued and Conrad is taken over as a host.

Wormhole X-Treme!

The SGC gets hold of a tape of a new show -- one whose premise is suspiciously similar to what the SGC does every day. Jack goes in to investigate to find that Marty has just enough memories left of his time with them to have come up with the idea for the show. Both the NID and his old buddies are after him for the alien technology he still holds, and SG-1 has to keep him, and it, safe.

Proving Ground

It's SG-1's turn to test a group of academy cadets to see if they're SGC material. Along with the standard field testing the cadets were expecting, the SGC sets up a " pop quiz" , simulating an alien incursion that only the cadets can stop. They pass with flying colors.

48 Hours

Teal'c is trapped inside the stargate itself during a botched trip home. Sam has to fight against the clock to save him -- Dr. McKay has arrived and announced that if they don't get him back inside 48 hours, there's no point.


The Tok'ra have developed a poison to kill Goa'uld symbiotes, and want to use it against the first summit of the new crop of System Lords. They send Daniel in to do it, with a chemical to hide his true identity. Before he can loose the poison, though, Osiris appears, and Daniel has to risk the chance that he can save Sarah.

Last Stand

Anubis's troops hammer Revanna, devastating the Tok'ra base, while Daniel fails completely to save Sarah, and has to flee the Goa'uld summit having also failed to kill off the new ruling System Lords.


An amateur astronomer lucks out and finds an asteroid heading toward Earth along an unusual plane. The SGC sends SG-1 out in a cargo ship to explode a bomb deep in one of its crevices, in hopes of changing its course. Almost too late, the team realizes that the asteroid is loaded with naquadah, and if they explode it, they'll destroy the Earth. They have to figure out some other way to get it past the Earth safely.

The Warrior

Teal'c and Bra'tac are highly taken with a new rebel Jaffa leader, K'tano. Jack has his doubts. When Teal'c discovers that K'tano has betrayed the rebellion, he loses it and challenges him to joma secu -- combat to determine who will be leader. Teal'c wins, finding out at the last that K'tano wasn't K'tano at all, but Imhotep, a Goa'uld planning to use the rebel Jaffa to start his power base.

The Menace

On an offworld mission, SG-1 discovers a deactivated robot. They bring her back to the SGC and figure out how to turn her on, discovering too late that she was the original creator of the Replicators -- and she's pissed off and scared by their treatment of her.

The Sentinel

A peaceful world whose defense system had always kept it safe from attack finds itself vulnerable to Svarog. SG-1 determines that the rogue NID had done something on a mission to take out the defense system, and bring the rogue team along with them to repair the damage before it's too late.


The Kelownans are ready to test a new bomb, and refuse to listen to Daniel's observation that there might be a better way to solve their problems. The test goes horribly wrong, and Daniel exposes himself to massive amounts of radiation to save thousands of lives. While the Kelownan government tries to cover up the mistake by blaming Daniel for the deaths of the scientists in the room, Daniel faces a choice: final death, or ascension.


While Jack, Sam, and Teal'c each mourn Daniel's loss in their own way, they're told that Thor has been killed, and are sent on a mission to help an Asgard scientist trapped on a planet being attacked by Anubis. When they arrive they find that Thor is captured, not dead, and try to rescue him as well. Thor first has to rescue Jack and Teal'c, but then they rescue him in turn, and bring him out along with Heimdall, the scientist, and his vital research project -- reversing some of the damage a thousand years of cloning has done to the Asgard genetic structure.




Sixth Season -- 2002



Redemption, part 1

While Teal'c is offworld attending Drey'auc's funeral and trying to re-establish a relationship with a very angry Rya'c, the SGC comes under attack from Anubis, who is using an Ancient device to begin overloading the SGC stargate, trapping them on Earth with no way to call for help.

Redemption, part 2

Teal'c, Bra'tac, Rya'c, and Rak'nor travel to the world Anubis is launching his attack from, and Teal'c, Rya'c, and Bra'tac take on his Jaffa. Rya'c manages to use a death glider to take out the Ancient device Anubis is using for his attack. Back on Earth, Jonas Quinn gives Sam an idea -- remove the stargate entirely, and launch it into space so that when it finally overloads, it does no harm. Jonas joins SG-1.


Anubis abandons a mothership near Earth, and Jacob and SG-1 go off to investigate. The ship crashes into the Pacific, trapping them aboard, with Thor's consciousness trapped in the computer system and an auto-destruct counting down. They have to find a way to rescue Thor and escape to the surface before they drown or the ship explodes.


A humanoid form is found buried deep in the Antarctic ice, and SG-1 travels to the SGC research station there to see what's going on. The woman, Ayiana, is still alive -- they believe her to be one of the Ancients. She's a carrier of a deadly disease that begins striking down people on the base. Although she also manages to cure several people, she doesn't have the strength to heal Jack, who worsens nearly to the point of death. The Tok'ra offer to blend him with a symbiote to save his life. On his deathbed, Jack agrees, and is taken through the stargate with them.


With Jack still among the Tok'ra being healed, Sam, Teal'c, and Jonas go to a small town in the Pacific Northwest where some odd things are being reported. They discover that the townspeople have been infested with infant cloned Goa'uld -- the rogue NID is standing around watching and waiting for the clones to finish building a spaceship, which they planned to take control of. The symbiotes managed to infest some of the NID, as well, and SG-1 had to stop things before the infestation spread to Washington.


Jack's symbiote hijacks his body to one of Baal's world, but leaves him when Jaffa catch up to them. That leaves Jack alone and very confused, facing extreme torture. Daniel appears to him in the cell he's kept in between torture sessions, trying to convince Jack to ascend to keep him from being repeatedly put in the sarcophagus and revived every time Baal kills him.


The Kelownans contact Earth again in hopes of gaining military assistance against their neighbors. While SG-1 is dealing with the official end of things (and refusing to give military aid of any sort), Dr. Kieran contacts them and tells them he's part of a resistance working for peace, and asks for their help. B y the time they realize he's suffering from schizophrenia, it's too late -- he's badly injured from a fall, and the Kelownans are on the brink of war.

The Other Guys

Drs. Felger and Coombs ring up to a Goa'uld ship from an alien world when they see SG-1 being taken captive. Felger wants to be a hero and rescue them. SG-1 doesn't want to be rescued -- they're on their way to see an undercover Tok'ra, pretending to be a loyal lieutenant to Anubis. The Tok'ra is disovered, and SG-1 is captured for real, leaving Felger and Coombs as their only hope of escape.


Fleeing a Goa'uld attack, many Tok'ra wind up on the alpha site, where a lot of Jaffa are living. Tensions between the two groups start high and get higher when people start dying. Eventually it becomes clear that an ashrak with an invisibility device has come through the stargate with the Tok'ra, and is sowing as much discord as possible. The only way to defeat it is for Jaffa, Tok'ra, and Tau'ri to work together.


On Pangara, SG-1 stumbles across a medical experiment that's been going on for decades: using an imprisoned Goa'uld queen to produce thousands, maybe millions, of symbiotes to be used in the production of a drug called tretonin, which makes the user completely impervious to any ailment. A little research shows that the " Goa'uld" is actually Egeria, queen of the Tok'ra.


A tv reporter who's heard rumors about the stargate program is shown the under-construction X-303 (the Prometheus) instead. Unbeknownst to her, her camera crew consists of rogue-NID plants working for Simmons, who in turn is working with Adrian Conrad. They get Simmons and Conrad aboard, then take off in search of a planet with a cache of weapons. Jack and Teal'c manage to sneak aboard before the ship leaves orbit, and take out the bad guys, but the ship is stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no way to get back home. (continued in Unnatural Selection)

Unnatural Selection

Thor arrives on the stranded Prometheus, asking for SG-1's help. The Replicators have been lured to an Asgard homeworld, but have somehow interfered with the temporal bomb the Asgard left behind to trap them. Thor sends SG-1 in to repair the bomb, but when they arrive, they discover that the Replicators have learned to evolve into a humanoid form, and have plans of their own.

Sight Unseen

An Ancient device recovered by SG-1 begins causing what appears to be hallucinations of giant bugs crawling all over the place. As the effect spreads to Colorado Springs, the SGC discovers that what it's really doing is making a parallel plane of existence visible to the naked eye.

Smoke and Mirrors

Jack is very skillfully framed for the attempted assassination of Senator Kinsey, and the rest of SG-1 has to figure out what happened and why, to clear his name. They learn that someone has stolen some of the mimic devices left over from the alien invasion during Foothold, and trace it back to the rogue NID. Sam infiltrates a meeting with the people backing the rogue NID using another mimic device, and gets them to admit their complicity on tape.

Paradise Lost

Jack and Maybourne are stranded on a world that was supposed to be a utopia, but that appears to be more of a charnel house, with nothing but skeletons populating the village they find.


The Russian team finds evidence of Nirrti's whereabouts -- she's found another planet where she can experiment on the local population to try to create a hok'tar. The Russians and SG-1 go back to the planet to investigate, and SG-1 is captured by the locals, who willingly worship Nirrti, believing she's helping them. She's altering their genetic structure to give them more mental powers (telepathy, telekinesis, etc.), but the physical side effects include serious deformities. She takes a special interest in Jonas, but Jack manages to convince the local telepath to look into her mind, and when he discovers the truth of her plans for them, the telekinetic kills her.


The ambassadors from the other permanent members of the UN Security Council are called to a meeting where the SGC program is disclosed in full. Kinsey wants them to remove Hammond and the military from control, and hand it over to the NID, which he claims is inherently more trustworthy as a civilian organization. Thor's intervention convinces the ambassadors to stick with Hammond. (Clip episode.)


The team finds a stranded crew of humans from the Hebridan civilization, who need help repairing their ship. They claim to be under attack from escaped alien prisoners, but their story doesn't ring entirely true, and SG-1 discovers that the aliens are the only survivors of real crew of the ship, a prison transport that crashed while bringing the human survivors to a prison world.

The Changeling

Teal'c and Bra'tac are the only survivors of a massacre of rebel Jaffa, and to keep them both alive, Teal'c shares Junior between them for three days. While waiting for rescue, the badly injured Teal'c hallucinates that he's T, a firefighter facing an operation to donate one of his kidneys to his stepfather Brae. Daniel appeared to him in the hallucinations as a psychiatrist, who helped him figure out what was real.


On its shakedown cruise, the Prometheus runs into trouble: its hyperdrive buffer failed. Trying to make a short hyperspace jump overloads the naquadria reactor, and they have to jettison it and land on a planet where the locals' history only goes back a few hundred years. They've erased all knowledge from before then, to erase all knowlede of Heru'ur -- including the stargate. Jonas and Teal'c have to find and unbury the stargate with the help of a local historian, while Jack and the Prometheus commander deal with the local political situation.


On a world formerly ruled by Baal (and since taken over by Mot), SG-1 agrees to help the locals rebel and win their freedom. Jonas begins getting flashes of precognition, but can't tell if his warnings are stopping problems or causing them.

Full Circle

Daniel appears to Jack to tell him that the Abydonians are in danger: Anubis is on his way there to gain the last of the Six Eyes, and he'll destroy Abydos to get it. SG-1 heads off to help, but can't do the job alone. Daniel, fed up with not being able to do anything as an Ascendant, challenges Anubis, but Oma Desala interferes before Daniel has a chance to take any real action, sending him away somewhere. Anubis gains the Eye. Oma ascends all the Abydonians before Anubis destroys Ra's temple, causing massive earthquakes in the area. SG-1 escapes through the stargate just in time.




Seventh Season -- 2003




Daniel returns to human form on an alien world, with no memory of who he is. On Jonas's urging, SG-1 1 goes to a planet searching for the Lost City, and finds him. He returns to the SGC and slowly begins getting his memory back. As the SGC starts getting reports that Anubis is gaining victories all over the place with the combined Eye, they call in the Tok'ra and the other System Lords for help in laying a trap for Anubis. The Tok'ra plant a false tablet with erroneous information about the Lost City's location, Daniel and Jonas sneak onto Anubis's ship to get the location of a shaft leading to the weapon's core, Jack and Sam are to fly the F-302 through the shields and drop a bomb down the shaft, and Teal'c negotiates with Yu to get a Goa'uld fleet to attack when Anubis's weapon is disabled. Unfortunately, Yu is going senile, and abandons the attack in favor of what he believes to be the real plan, and Jonas is captured aboard Anubis's ship after he and Daniel get the information to Jack and Sam. Anubis's ship is damaged, but not out of commission.


Anubis takes the knowledge he gained from Jonas and goes to Kelowna, launching a devastating attack and demanding all the country's naquadria. The Kelownan leaders call the SGC for help. Meanwhile, Teal'c and Yu's First Prime convince Baal to take over the leadership of the Goa'uld alliance against Anubis, and the fleet heads for Jonas's homeworld. Daniel helps Jonas escape from his cell, and they ring down to the planet, just in time to be captured along with everyone else. Before they can be executed, Baal's fleet arrives and destroys Anubis's mothership, effectively ending the attack on Kelowna. Anubis escapes. Jonas decides to return to Kelowna permanently, both as a researcher and as part of the Joint Ruling Council. Daniel regains his position as SG-1 team member.

Fragile Balance

Jack shows up on base one day as a teenage boy. All evidence proves it's really him, but eventually the SGC discovers that he's a clone -- one that's failing. Young Jack helps lay a trap to catch the renegade Asgard who did this, Loki, and succeeds in taking him down and securing him. The team calls in Thor -- not at all happy to discover Loki back to his old tricks -- to handle the problem. Although he's surprised by the request, he agrees to fix the problem that's slowly killing the clone, and young Jack is returned safely to Earth, to begin a new life away from the SGC.


Teal'c is shot and nearly killed by a staff blast, and has a much harder time than usual with the recovery, both physically and mentally. Daniel begins regaining memories of the time he was ascended, including one of Bra'tac and Rya'c, imprisoned in a hard-labor camp. With Rak'nor's help, SG-1 heads in to rescue them, even though Teal'c doesn't feel especially capable. Their success not only frees Bra'tac, Rya'c, and the other prisoners, but brings back Teal'c's confidence in himself.


The team travels to a planet that has been so polluted that they need full-body hazmat suits just to walk around. In the middle of all that they find a dome that contains a veritable paradise. But the longer they stay, the clearer it becomes that something's wrong: people are disappearing, and no one else is noticing. When they investigate, they find that the computer is trying to maintain the dome on a shrinking power supply, and is doing so by reducing the number of drains on its resources.


SG-1 comes across a crashed ship on an alien world, and the team goes in to investigate, finding hundreds of suspended-animation chambers with people inside. An energy blast knocks them all out. When Daniel wakes up, he doesn't recognize anyone or anything.  He's put under observation, and it soon becomes clear that there are many personalities trapped inside him. Pharrin, the sole awake occupant of the ship, has placed 12 people's minds into Daniel's mind in a desperate attempt to keep them from dying completely in a power failure. After the SGC promises to send Pharrin's people to a new world through the stargate, he removes the personalities from Daniel, transferring them to his own mind.

Enemy Mine

SG-11 is surveying an old, abandoned naquadah mine for any signs of a remaining vein that the SGC can use when Lieutenant Ritter is snatched in the woods by an Unas descended of the slaves who once worked and died in the mine, which has since become sacred ground to the local Unas. Colonel Edwards, not understanding what he's up against, is all for fighting it out. Daniel calls in Chaka instead, in hopes of negotiating a peace. Although things get very tense for a while, Daniel and Chaka are ultimately successful, with the Unas agreeing to supply naquadah for weapons, as long as the SGC promises to use them against the Goa'uld.

Space Race

Warrick journeys to the SGC to make a deal: access to Hebridan technology in exchange for a naquadah generator, so he can win a race and get himself out of horrendous debt. Sam insists on being his co-pilot during the race, to his surprise. While Daniel and Jack attend diplomatic meetings and parties to solidify official relations, Sam and Warrick have to contend with sabotage and cheating.

Avenger 2.0

After causing a lab accident, Felger is desperate to prove his worth to Hammond, so develops a localized DHD virus. After it's uploaded to the stargate network, the entire system begins to crash -- the SGC has the only stargate that can be properly dialed. Sam and Felger travel to the planet with the originally infected DHD so that Felger can rewrite the virus to correct the problem.


On an alien world to meet up with would-be rebel Jaffa, SG-1 comes across a group of female Jaffa who take them to their home world. They're the Hak'tyl, women and girls who've escaped from Moloc's reign. Teal'c gets friendly with Ishta, the leader, and the SGC forms an alliance with them.

Evolution part 1

Teal'c and Bra'tac run across a new kind of warrior on an alien world. They bring the warrior's dead body home, and Jacob determines that it's a new type of Goa'uld footsoldier developed by Anubis, possibly using Ancient technology originally found by Telchak. Daniel and Dr. Lee head for South America to try to find the original device, while the rest of SG-1, Bra'tac, and several Jaffa lay a trap for another of the warriors. Daniel and Lee are kidnapped by revolutionaries just minutes after finding the Ancient device they were after. The captured warrior gives Jacob the location of his homeworld, where he was created.

Evolution part 2

Daniel and Dr. Lee are tortured for days to make them tell the revolutionaries about the Ancient device they found. Jack and Burke go in to rescue them while Sam, Teal'c, Jacob, and Bra'tac go to Tartarus to see how Anubis is creating the warriors, and do as much damage as possible to the program while they're there.


Sam, suffering from a bad head injury, is trapped alone on the Prometheus in a strange gas cloud, where she hallucinates conversations with her teammates and her father until she figures out how to get the ship free and rescue its crew.


Jonas returns to the SGC to tell them that his homeworld is in imminent danger of catastrophe -- a huge deposit of naquadah is being transformed into naquadria, and the transformation is going deeper into the ground. The newly formed naquadria will explode to devastating effect if the SGC can't help them figure out a way to stop it.


Osiris returns to Earth and spends a week rummaging around in Daniel's mind at night, trying to get the location of the Lost City out of him. Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c figure out what's going on and lay a trap, capturing Osiris. Sarah is freed of her symbiote. Meanwhile, Sam gets a new boyfriend.

Death Knell

Tensions between the Jaffa and Tok'ra reach an unbearable level when the second alpha site is attacked, and each side accuses the other of betraying its location to Anubis. Despite Hammond's, Jacob's, and Daniel's efforts to maintain lines of communication, the Tok'ra and Jaffa both dissolve their alliances with Earth (and each other) and go their separate ways.

Heroes, part 1

Emmet Bregman is sent to the SGC to film a documentary about it, to be released when the program is eventually declassified. Offworld, SG-13 has discovered a planet with lots of ruins that look interesting, but that eventually turns out to be a Goa'uld trap of sorts. More SG teams, including SG-1, go to their rescue.

Heroes, part 2

All the SG teams are back on Earth, but clearly mourning one of their own. Bregman tries like hell to find out what's going on, thinking that Jack has died -- but it's Janet, who was shot and killed while trying to save someone's life.


SG-1 gets called in to the site of a rogue NID cell, where almost everyone is dead. They discover that the cell has been working on creating a human/goa'uld hybrid, using nanites to age it so as to more quickly gain Goa'uld knowledge. The hybrid, Anna, has her own ideas.


The new president gets briefed on the stargate program, while Vice President Kinsey tries hard to convince him to replace all the current SGC personnel. (Clip episode)

The Lost City, part 1

SG-1 attempts to retrieve an Ancient repository of knowledge, but are attacked by Goa'uld ships. With no time to spare, Jack deliberately downloads the knowledge into his brain, and they blow up the device as they leave. At the same time, President Hayes implements a change of command at the SGC, replacing Hammond with a civilian, Dr. Elizabeth Weir. Then Bra'tac arrives at the SGC with news that Anubis is on his way with a fleet, and will be attacking Earth within three days.

The Lost City, part 2

The Ancient database begins taking over Jack's mind. When Daniel interprets some of the words as a nonfunctional gate address, SG-1 heads off in a borrowed cargo ship with Bra'tac and the Jaffa they took the ship from to find the planet. As Anubis's fleet approaches Earth, they ring down to the planet, find what they're looking for -- that the Lost City is actually on Earth -- and return, barely in time for Jack to activate the Ancient weapon under the Antarctic ice and drive Anubis's forces off. Jack is left effectively catatonic, and in stasis, under the ice.




Eighth Season -- 2004



New Order, part 1

(Parts 1 and 2 originally aired as a two-hour season premiere)

Teal'c and Sam seek out the Asgard near Hala in hopes of getting help for Jack, and instead find themselves caught in the event horizon of a black hole. They're rescued by Thor, but Sam is promptly snatched by Fifth of the Replicators and subjected to mental torture. Meanwhile, the Council of System Lords sends a three-person delegation to Earth to negotiate for help in fighting Baal, who is well on his way to taking over the galaxy.

New Order, part 2

(Parts 1 and 2 originally aired as a two-hour season premiere)

Replicator blocks that survived the destruction of their ship rain down on Orilla and begin replicating and infesting major systems, threatening the last of Asgard civilization. Thor goes to get Jack, hoping that the Ancient knowledge in his brain will come up with a permanent solution to the Replicator problem. Sam, meanwhile, is trapped in a mental " utopia" designed by Fifth, who wants her to stay with him forever. By the time it's all over, the Asgard are safe, Fifth is free and making plans of his own, and Jack is a general, in command of the SGC, while newly promoted Sam is in official command of SG-1.


Anubis, trapped in space in his energy form after the battle over Antarctica, infests a Russian cosmonaut and starts making his way -- host by host -- to the stargate, hoping to find a way off the planet to rebuild his power base. 

Zero Hour

A week in the life of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill: administrative backlog, an alien plant that won't stop growing (and growing, and growing), SG-1 gone missing on a standard recon mission, an ultimatum from Baal claiming he's captured SG-1, and a ZPM rigged to take out the solar system -- all with the president due to arrive in just a few short days. And there's no red, white, and blue bunting anywhere to be found, either. In the end, with his people standing solidly behind him, it all works out, and Jack decides to keep the job after all.


When SG-1's presence sparks a religious civil war, then an international attack, Daniel is caught in the middle and is stranded on the planet for more than a month.


Teal'c gets trapped inside a virtual-reality simulation when the program decides that he doesn't really want to quit, no matter how bad things get.


Romance abounds: Teal'c's neighbor in his new apartment is very pretty and very friendly, while Pete catches Sam by surprise by proposing. But lots of people aren't happy that Teal'c's living offbase, including the Trust, who take a golden opportunity to frame him for murder when his new friend kills her old boyfriend in self-defense. Pete looks into it when Sam asks, and finds some leads that point straight to the Trust cell. By the time it's all over, Teal'c's saying goodbye to his new girlfriend and moving back to the base, and Sam finally  accepts Pete's proposal.


Alec Colson, head of Colson Industries, has proof that aliens are visiting -- and attacking -- Earth, in the form of satellite images of Anubis's attack over Antarctica, bits of downed Goa'uld ships from the fighting, and an empty shell of a living Asgard clone.   He thinks the world has a right to know about all of it, and if the government won't 'fess up, he'll do it for them. Unfortunately, the SGC isn't the only thing trying to stop him from going public -- the Trust isn't happy about it, either, and is willing to take more drastic steps to keep him quiet.


The Hak'tyl are compromised and take shelter at the SGC, where Rya'c and Kar'yn finalize their wedding plans, with a few bumps in the road. The SGC finds a new world for the Hak'tyl, but before a new encampment can be set up, Moloc's forces wipe out most of the rebels having a meeting there, and Moloc himself arrives to torture the captured Ishta. By the end, Moloc is dead, Rya'c and Kar'yn are married, and Teal'c and Ishta have patched up their slightly rocky relationship.

Endgame (1)

The Trust makes its biggest move yet, stealing the stargate right out of the SGC by beaming it aboard Osiris's abandoned al-kesh, which they've taken control of. They use it as a launch platform to send VX rockets carrying a payload of symbiote poison to attack Goa'uld worlds, killing millions of Jaffa in the process. In various ways, all of SG-1 winds up aboard the al-kesh and they manage to recover the stargate thanks to the Prometheus, but two Trust agents escape with the ship, the poison, and the rockets.


The Replicator version of Sam contacts the SGC, asking for help -- she wants them to kill her. Instead, Sam convinces her to work with them to help defeat Fifth, who's on his way into the Milky Way in a Replicator ship. She agrees, apparently reluctantly, but in reality, she's manipulating both Sam and Fifth to create a position of power for herself. By the end, she's figured out a way to make herself and the other Replicators safe from the Ancient-technology-based disruptor beam, killed Fifth, and taken over as leader of the Replicators -- and is loose in our galaxy.

Prometheus Unbound

Hammond puts himself in charge of a mission to take Prometheus to the Pegasus galaxy to check in on the Atlantis expedition, and heads out with Daniel, Walter, and SG-3 in tow to do just that. Things go awry when they investigate a distress call partway there, with Daniel winding up captured by a fruitcake of a former Goa'uld host on the Prometheus and everyone else trying to get a crippled al-kesh -- which they're trapped on -- working so they can get back to their ship.

It's Good to Be King

The System Lord Ares is on his way to the planet where Maybourne had been left, so SG-1 goes to warn him. They discover that he's become a beloved king as a result of his ability to prophesize -- due to his ability to read Ancient writings left behind by a time-traveller. They bring Jack in to help them convince Maybourne to evacuate his people, as well as salvage an Ancient ship that only he can fly, but before they can leave, Ares's Jaffa show up to reclaim the planet.

Full Alert

The Trust members who escaped in an al-kesh have returned, bearing... Goa'uld symbiotes. They infest several people,  including  Kinsey, and set in motion a plot to discredit the US government and start an escalation of tensions that will result in a nuclear conflict, possibly in hopes of taking out enough of the world's defensive capabilities (or people capable of using them) to take the weapon at the Ancient outpost.

Citizen Joe

(clip episode)
In 1997, Joe Spencer finds a small " rock" at a yard sale and buys it, and for the next seven years he sees everything that SG-1 goes through in his mind's eye. As he gets more wrapped up in the stories in his mind, his life falls apart around him. Eventually he decides the stories are somehow real, and tracks down Jack O'Neill, through whose eyes he's been seeing all this time, and holds him at gunpoint. When the dust settles and he's brought to the SGC, it becomes clear that he has the Ancient gene and has been sharing thoughts and experiences through the " stone" with Jack, who's been writing his reports near a similar Ancient device all along.

Reckoning, part 1

The Replicators, led by Replicator-Sam, invade the Milky Way and begin wreaking havoc among the System Lords meanwhile, Replicator-Sam kidnaps Daniel in hope of gaining the knowledge of the Ancients that she believes is buried deep in his mind. While the System Lords are busy with the Replicators, Teal'c and Bra'tac lead what's left of the rebel Jaffa in a last-ditch gamble to take the Temple of Dakara, the most sacred place in Jaffa history. Just as Replicator-Sam discovers that Dakara holds the key to Replicator survival (because it holds a weapon fatal to Replicators), Anubis reveals to Baal that it holds the key to Replicator destruction -- and if need be, the destruction of all life in the galaxy. Baal goes to the SGC and Jack for a second time to ask for help.

Reckoning, part 2

The Replicators are winning the war handily. Baal, the SGC, and the rebel Jaffa work out a sort of truce, whereby Baal moves as slowly as he can in attacking the rebel Jaffa and taking over the planet, buying time for Sam and Jacob, who are busy modifying the Ancient weapon there to be used against the Replicators.   Meanwhile, the Replicators have physically invaded Earth, causing a lockdown and evacuation, and a countdown to a nuclear bomb being detonated in the mountain to contain them. Daniel, meanwhile, is learning how to control the Replicators without Replicator-Sam's knowledge, and finally learns enough to stop them all in their tracks. Which gives Replicator-Sam enough free rein from his mental grip to run him through the torso -- fatally. As Daniel ascends, the Replicators are wiped out with the weapon, and the rebel Jaffa begin what could be their final surge toward victory over and freedom from the Goa'uld.


(90-minute episode)
While Daniel is off in a sort of limbo trying to decide whether to ascend or die, Jacob comes to the SGC to meet Pete even as Sam is having second thoughts about the wedding, and the Jaffa council decides to take on Anubis's forces directly. Daniel is shocked to discover that Oma ascended Anubis way back when -- and that Anubis has been playing him the whole time he was in " limbo" -- and she's been trying to atone ever since. Jacob has to break the news to Sam that Selmak is dying, and he's going to die with him. The Jaffa discover too late that they've been duped, and their forces protecting Dakara are nearly wiped out when Anubis moves in to take the planet. In the end, Oma takes on Anubis and Daniel ascends then descends again as a human, the Jaffa easily defeat the leaderless kull warriors, Jacob dies holding Sam's hand, Sam tells Pete she can't go through with the wedding, and the entire team, including Jack, goes to Jack's cabin for some fishless fishing.

Moebius part 1

After Catherine dies, Daniel finds a book among her effects that shows Ra's worshipers revering a ZPM in 3,000 BC. With Jack in the pilot's seat, the team uses the time-travel puddlejumper to travel back 5,000 years to steal it. Ra's Jaffa capture the jumper before they can return home, so they bury the ZPM and a recording of themselves explaining the situation at a site Daniel knows will be dug up shortly before they leave in the future. When it's dug up, though, the timeline has altered radically -- the stargate was taken offworld when Ra left, Teal'c is still Apophis's First Prime, and Daniel, Sam, and Jack are all civilians. Daniel and Sam figure out that there's a second stargate and where it must be, but are told that they can't join the mission that will step through it.

Moebius part 2

Jack joins in and gets Sam and Daniel added, and a team goes to Chulak in the jumper through the stargate to pick up Teal'c. They're captured, and Daniel is ribboned, then implanted with a Goa'uld so Apophis can gain information from him. Teal'c shoots Daniel during the team's escape.  Jack, Sam, and Teal'c manage to go back in time and get to ancient Egypt through the gate, where they meet up with original-timeline Daniel (the only survivor of the original team) and add " stealing and burying the stargate" to the rebellion plans, to keep Ra from leaving with it. The plan succeeds, and in the future, a fully charged ZPM is dug up and delivered to the SGC. After ascertaining that the timeline appears to be stable, Jack and SG-1 go fishing at his cabin.



Ninth Season -- 2005



Avalon, part 1

Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell joins Stargate Command as the new leader of SG-1, and starts trying to convince Daniel, Teal'c, and Sam to re-join the unit after he discovers they'd all transferred out to pursue their own goals. Meanwhile, Vala arrives to ask for Daniel's help in finding an Ancient treasure. When her machinations cause him to miss his ride to Atlantis aboard the Daedalus, Daniel gives in and translates the tablet she brought, which points to Arthurian legend as the key.

Avalon, part 2

The discovery of an Ancient communications device in a cache of treasure under Glastonbury Tor sends Daniel and Vala's consciousnesses to  possess  bodies  in another galaxy, where they learn about the Ori - ascended Ancients who took a different paths than the ones who came to our galaxy before ascending. Vala is caught out as not being aware of correct behavior for the locals, and is burned to death as a heretic in the village square. Moments later, she's healed and revived by a Prior, who asks her and Daniel to go with them. They leave the village, not knowing what they'll find.


Daniel and Vala visit the City of the Gods where Daniel meets the Ori face to face, and realizes that they're not going to abide an entire galaxy of unbelievers. Meanwhile, the Ori send the first Prior through to the Milky Way.

The Ties That Bind

A 'For Want of a Boot'-type episode, with Vala, Daniel, Mitchell, and eventually Teal'c having to barter their way across the galaxy trying to get specific things so they they cam  finally go back to the beginning to get someone to help them sever the connection between Vala and Daniel -- the information for a necklace, the necklace for a power coil, the power coil for a ship. Meanwhile, the International Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee between them are gutting Stargate Command's financing down to almost nothing.







































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