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General info

According to Simmons, the NID is: "A legitimate organization financed by the government to provide vital civilian oversight of top-secret military operations." (Desperate Measures)

There seem to be an awful lot of military personnel involved in what is supposedly a civilian oversight organization, although that may explain why Simmons wears civvies instead of a uniform.

The NID is accountable to someone, but it isn't clear who that someone is. (Desperate Measures)

As of Disclosure, it's clear that the NID is answerable to the Intelligence Oversight Committee -- Kinsey's move to that committee put him in a position of direct power over the NID. (Disclosure)

Made up of cells that communicate with each other by accessing bulletin boards online using firewall protected servers, decoding software, and passwords. (Chain Reaction)

Has several bases for special ops scattered throughout the country, called " safehouses" . (48 Hours)

Unofficial operations are finance by the private sector and kept off the books.  Official operations must be filed with the Pentagon. (48 Hours)

There's a cafe across the street from NID HQ in Washington, DC -- The Old Bailiff Cafe. (Foothold)

The NID was running an authorized mission (headed by Agent Cross & Agent Singer) to take advantage of the fact that a subsidiary (Immunitech Research) of Adrian Conrad's old company (Zetatron Industries) was continuing his research, and had cloned many Goa'uld symbiotes from the one implanted in Conrad.

They were waiting for the immature symbiotes -- who had implanted themselves in the locals -- to finish building a spaceship.

They planned to take control of the ship, and as for the townspeople, they had "ways of dealing with that situation" -- not clear if Agent Cross meant the vaccine, or just that they would kill the locals. Cross was very happy to point out that when their plan was fulfilled, the NID would have succeeded where the SGC had failed for five years. (Nightwalkers)

They had a containment team on standby for emergencies, capable of having the town locked down and quarantined within 45 minutes. (Nightwalkers)

" Code six" triggered the containment team. (Nightwalkers)

As of late seventh season, the NID was still trying to locate rogue sleeper cells. (Resurrection)

As of mid-2004, as far as the SGC was aware, the NID had been clean for more than a year -- no more active rogue units still connected to it. That didn't mean the rogue  agents  had gone away, though. Dozens were unaccounted for, and were still being financed by unknown sources. (Endgame)



Agent Barrett

One of the agents from Wormhole X-Treme who captured Sam and Daniel (temporarily...).

After the Prometheus incident, when rogue agents stole the X-303, he was called to the White House and given a special assignment: root out and destroy the shadow elements at the NID. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Kinsey was working for him (after Barrett blackmailed him into it) -- he was supposed to give Barrett enough information on the leadership to bring the shadow government down. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Barrett's connected to an illegal weapons-seller, allowing him to operate so that Barrett can get information from him. (Smoke and Mirrors)

When Sam called him looking for information about Woolsey, he told her that he was clean, but had a reputuation for being as sharp as they come, listing off his academic degrees and his jobs over the years. (Heroes, part 2)

He also faxed her an internal NID memo that Woolsey had written, all about Woolsey's financial take on the SGC, and basically how much each soldier's life was worth in cold hard cash. (Heroes, part 2)

Called in SG-1 when a rogue NID cell that was working on a human/Goa'uld hybrid was found almost completely obliterated. The cell's base was full of artifacts that he wanted Daniel to check out, and he wanted Sam to see the technological research facilities. (Resurrection)

He and Sam had developed a comfortable working relationship during their interactions with each other, to the point of friendly teasing. (Resurrection)

When Sam thanked him for sending the Woolsey memo, he took his chance to ask her out -- he was surprised to find out she was seeing someone. (Resurrection)

When Keffler refused to give them any information about how to turn off the bomb that the human/Goa'uld hybrid, Anna, had armed, Barrett lost his temper and went after him physically. (Resurrection)

He didn't quite understand what a difference a ten-pound block of naquadah could make in a bomb, and at first didn't believe Dr. Lee when Lee suggested it would take out an area roughly the size of Orange County. (Resurrection)

He began evacuating the area in case the bomb went off, but couldn't even begin to clear enough room. (Resurrection)

With roughly 42 minutes to go before the bomb went off, 10 city blocks had been evacuated -- not nearly enough. (Resurrection)

He coordinated with the SGC when they had Brian Vogler wear a wire to a meeting with a Trust contact, hoping to connect him to the rogue NID and possibly flip him to catch someone higher up. (Covenant)

top | NID personnel

Agent Cross

Co-head of the operation continuing the Adrian Conrad's research on the stolen symbiote, and cloning many symbiotes from it. (Nightwalkers)

He worked undercover in the town as a sheriff's deputy (P. Mullie). (Nightwalkers)

He was captured and Goa'ulded by the infested townsfolk (led by Sam, who was pretending to be infested after having her symbiote die inside her), and sent out with his partner to infiltrate the NID. (Nightwalkers)

Sam caught them and gave them the antidote that killed that particular symbiote's clones. (Nightwalkers)

top | NID personnel

Agent Singer

Co-head of the operation continuing the Adrian Conrad's research on the stolen symbiote, and cloning many symbiotes from it. (Nightwalkers)

He was captured and Goa'ulded by the infested townsfolk (led by Sam, who was pretending to be infested after having her symbiote die inside her), and sent out with his partner to infiltrate the NID. (Nightwalkers)

Sam caught them and gave them the antidote that killed that particular symbiote's clones. (Nightwalkers)

top | NID personnel

Richard Woolsey

Has an MA and an LLB from Harvard. (Heroes, part 2)

He was lead counsel for the Army Corps of Engineers for ten years. (Heroes, part 2)

After the job with the Army Corps of Engineers, he sat on the Defense Policy Board. (Heroes, part 2)

He was asked to resign when it was disclosed that he had close financial ties to a corporation that had been awarded $800 million in private-sector defense contracts. (Heroes, part 2)

He's been with the NID since leaving the Defense Policy Board. (Heroes, part 2)

He wrote an internal NID memo on the economics of the SGC, attributing a specific dollar value to an SG team member based on training and other resources. (Heroes, part 2)

Sent to the SGC by Kinsey, who asked that he review Hammond's command decision to send teams in to rescue SG-13. (Heroes, part 2)

This was part of a broader investigation of the SGC's strategic policy that the Intelligence Oversight Committee was conducting, to compile a report for the president. (Heroes, part 2)

Woolsey himself was appalled at the amount of money being funneled into the SGC with no public awareness -- millions of dollars in training alone, and that was just a fraction of the total cost. (Heroes, part 2)

He believed it was reprehensible that the public was paying so much for little or no return, and all without knowing it. (Heroes, part 2)

He " interviewed" Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c, being fairly insulting and hostile, and basically getting nothing out of any of them beyond " this is our job, this is what we do" . (Heroes, part 2)

He went so far as to threaten to throw Daniel in jail. (Heroes, part 2)

When Hammond showed up for his interview, he tossed a folder on the desk and announced that he'd prepared a written testimony -- his mission report. (Heroes, part 2)

Woolsey had the sense not to push it, and declared himself done -- he'd have a preliminary report for the president by the end of the week. (Heroes, part 2)

Hammond countered by bringing up Woolsey's memo on the economics of the SGC, clearly implying that Woolsey had attached a specific dollar amount as the value of someone's life. (Heroes, part 2)

Woolsey instantly and strongly denied putting a dollar value on someone's life, but Hammond again countered by saying that Woolsey had said in black and white that it was " a bad business decision" to send a rescue team worth $27 million to save the life of one person. (Heroes, part 2)

Since Woolsey was so eager to have secrets brought to light, Hammond suggested that they go down to the documentary team and give them the whole truth of the SGC situation as Woolsey saw it. (Heroes, part 2)

Woolsey's reponse was: "That memo is classified. This investigation is classified. If you so much as utter even as a hint of either, I'll see you are put away in a cold, dark place for the rest of time." (Heroes, part 2)

He considers himself an honorable, impartial man, whose meticulous research provides solid arguments for others to consider, with no personal agenda on his part one way or the other. (Inauguration)

For all his "thorough" investigating, he managed to totally miss the fact that Sam was implanted with a Tok'ra, not a Goa'uld. (Inauguration)

He presented his findings about the SGC to the new president, confident that they'd convince him to clean house right away. (Inauguration)

He seemed genuinely concerned that SGC personnel, and particularly SG-1, could be under alien influences at any given moment, believing them to be susceptible to it (with their histories as evidence). (Inauguration)

He appeared surprised, troubled, and uncomfortable when Kinsey leapt on the idea that Jack and Sam had an inappropriate relationship. (Inauguration)

He appeared equally surprised and unhappy when Kinsey told him their meeting with the president had been just a formality -- he truly believed in what he was doing, and seemed uncomfortable with Kinsey's instant, cheerful politicizing of it.

When Kinsey, still cheerful, assured Woolsey that the president would see things his way, Woolsey asked "what if he doesn't". When Kinsey went on to chuckle and say (rather darkly) that "things happen" and that "one way or another" he was going to " win this one", Woolsey was extremely troubled. (Inauguration)

He was disturbed enough by his new reading of Kinsey that he went secretly to General Maynard with his concerns. He told him that he believed Kinsey was connected to people who would "do anything" to fulfill their aims, including assassination, although he never quite went so far as to say Kinsey was actively a part of the rogue NID. (Inauguration)

Maynard told him to find the proof, if he believed it existed. (Inauguration)

He figured out that Kinsey must somehow still be connected to the rogue NID, despite the assassination attempt on Kinsey and Kinsey's attempt, in return, to take the rogue NID down. He deduced that something must have happened to make Kinsey attractive to the rogue NID again -- presumably the opportunity to propel Kinsey onto the presidential ticket. (Inauguration)

Woolsey traveled to the SGC to ask Hammond directly about what had happened when he'd resigned and then returned to work. (Inauguration)

He'd figured out that Hammond was being blackmailed, and wanted whatever Hammond had on Kinsey that had allowed him to return to the SGC. (Inauguration)

He wanted the evidence to use against Kinsey and the rogue NID. He pointed out that Hammond must know what was going down in Washington, with Kinsey's latest attempt to sieze control of the stargate .Hammond gave him a copy of the disk of information Jack and Maybourne had gotten against Kinsey. (Inauguration)

He brought the disk to the president. (Inauguration)

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Rogue NID


General info

Maybourne headed a rogue group of NID agents -- some or many of whom wanted to be in the SGC but didn't make the cut -- who are of the "take what we want and screw the consequences" mindset. (Touchstone, Shades of Grey)

Their mission statement is to use whatever means necessary to acquire goods and technology that could help Earth in the battle against the Goa'uld, or other unforeseen aggressors. (Touchstone, Shades of Grey)

Women were definitely as much a part of it as men -- the unit Jack took over had at least three women on it. (Shades of Grey)


According to Dr. Brent Langham (an Area 51 scientist who stole alien technology), the rogue NID works for a group called "the Committee", based in Washington (apparently) and made up of powerful businessmen who are buying alien technology (i.e., paying people -- the rogue NID -- to steal it for them) to incorporate them into their product lines. (Smoke and Mirrors)

They've spent hundreds of millions, and expect billions in return. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Within the six-month period before some or all of the Committee were caught, there were at least ten new patents involving alien technology from Area 51, including industrial chemicals, metallurgy, computers, and more. (Smoke and Mirrors)

The Committee ordered Kinsey's assassination (and Jack's framing, through the use of a mimic device that provided solid video evidence of his presence at the scene), and later the completion of it, framing Major Davis (again through use of a mimic device). (Smoke and Mirrors)

After they were assured that Kinsey was finally dead, they moved on to planning Hammond's removal from the SGC, so that they could replace him with a patsy -- first by pressuring him to resign by threatening his family again (now that Kinsey could no longer be blackmailed into protecting him), and if he didn't go along, by killing him. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Despite having had many of their backers and leaders arrested, rogue NID sleeper cells were still around and active as of late seventh season, operating with what appeared to be nearly limitless resources. (Resurrection)

Had a sleeper cell in an abandoned industrial complex in Los Angeles, headed by Dr. Keffler. (Resurrection)

The cell was dedicated to creating a human/Goa'uld hybrid from a human ovum and DNA taken from Sekhmet. (Resurrection)

They wanted access to the Goa'uld's knowledge in a controllable form. (Resurrection)

They took Argosian nanites from Area 51 to make the hybrid grow quickly, to allow them access to the Goa'uld genetic knowledge. (Resurrection)

It took 45 failures before they got it right, and created Anna. (Resurrection)

The failures either didn't blend properly, or grew too fast and died. (Resurrection)

The technology had to be modified so the human part could slowly gain access to the knowledge in her Goa'uld DNA. (Resurrection)

They never isolated the gene that carried the Goa'uld genetic knowledge -- the goal was to gain knowledge, not to create a viable living organism. (Resurrection)

As a result, the hybrid was doomed from the start. There was no way to isolate the Goa'uld DNA, and in fact it would eventually completely overwrite the human DNA, and the hybrid would die, horribly and painfully. (Resurrection)

They had lots of artifacts originally found by the Napoleon and later recovered by the Nazis. (Resurrection)

The cell was almost completely wiped out overnight -- when the regular NID arrived in response to an intercepted 911 call, they found 32 casualties (all dead), including a 6-man security team. Only Keffler had survived, unharmed. (Resurrection)

Anna, the hybrid, had killed them all in her Sekhmet persona. (Resurrection)

It's possible that the other scientists were going to stop Keffler's experiment or otherwise interfere with him -- he deliberately brought out the Sekhmet personality and released her from her cage, then did nothing to stop her from killing everyone but him. (Resurrection)

Eventually the rogue NID broke completely away and began calling itself the Trust. (Covenant)

top | rogue NID


The mission to PX3-595 (an Asgard-protected planet, where the natives, known as Tiernods, are primitive, and hide from predators in caves, using an Asgard device to vanish) was to steal the Asgard vanishing device for the rogue organization. (Shades of Grey)

One of the groups was headed by Colonel Sean Grieves. Their missions included a mission to Latona to gain access to the Latonans's planetary defense system, the Sentinel. When they weren't granted access, the team worked covertly for weeks to access, dismantle, and reassemble the machine to learn about it, but never reported this. (The Sentinel)

top | rogue NID



  Agent Mark Devlin

Used a mimic device to very convincingly frame Jack for Devlin's attempted assassination of Senator Kinsey. (Smoke and Mirrors)

top | rogue NID | rogue members

Colonel Sean Grieves

Leader of a rogue NID team under Maybourne. (The Sentinel)

He's a true believer in the cause -- he honestly believes that the SGC is endangering Earth by not taking more aggressive steps to get technology however possible, and by relying on alien allies for protection. (The Sentinel)

He's ruthless in the pursuit: while stealing a powerful beam weapon from P3Y-294, he turned the weapon on his pursuers, killing all three and destroying any chance of future diplomatic relations between Earth and that world. Even after the weapon was returned, the government of P3Y-294 would have nothing to do with Earth. (The Sentinel)

Among other missions, he led his team to Latona to learn about the planetary defense system known as the Sentinel, where he first tried front channels (negotiating with Marul) and when that was unsuccessful worked covertly for two weeks with Lieutenant Kershaw to get through the protective force field, dismantle the machinery, and rebuild it. (The Sentinel)

During those two weeks, Grieves killed the Sentinel's caretaker -- he shot in self-defense (the caretaker was about to heave a spear at him), but then refused to bring him to the city for medical attention, despite the caretaker's pleas. Kershaw protested, but Grieves was convinced that the technology was too important to risk losing by exposing themselves. Neither he nor Kershaw reported that they'd actually tampered with the Sentinel, or that they'd killed the caretaker. They were recalled immediately afterward to meet their new CO -- Jack. (The Sentinel)

After Jack exposed the overall rogue NID operation (Shades of Grey) and had all of them arrested, Grieves was convicted of high treason for his acts, and sentenced to death. (The Sentinel)

Later his sentence was commuted to life in prison, when he agreed to help SG-1 fix whatever had gone wrong with the Sentinel after Grieves and Kershaw messed with it. (The Sentinel)

He eventually redeemed himself somewhat by taking the caretaker's place and merging with the Sentinel to defend Latona and SG-1 against the intensifying Goa'uld attack by Svarog's forces. (The Sentinel)

top | rogue NID | rogue members

Dr. Keffler X

He was the son of a convicted Nazi war criminal. (Resurrection)

Smoker. (Resurrection)

Had a heart condition that required nitro pills. (Resurrection)

Headed a rogue NID sleeper cell dedicated to creating a human/Goa'uld hybrid, using DNA from Sekhmet, found in a canopic jar. After 45 failures, he succeeded with Anna, although not very well -- the way he designed her, she was only going to last a few years before facing a slow, painful death. (Resurrection)

He hadn't expected her to develop a separate Sekhmet personality, one capable of acting on its own. (Resurrection)

He told the Sekhmet personality that he had the ability to give her complete control over the body, and that he'd do it if she told him everything he wanted to know. (Resurrection)

He didn't see Anna as a person, but as a device to gain knowledge that would level the playing field against the Goa'uld. (Resurrection)

He videotaped all of his sessions with Anna, to document the research. (Resurrection)

He told Anna she could be normal, be cured, be free, if she would give him the information he wanted -- information she had no access to with her conscious mind. (Resurrection)

He used torture/pain deliberately to bring the Sekhmet personality to the fore, by shocking her using a remote control, then told her that he would give her her freedom (and leave her alive) in exchange for the secrets of the Goa'uld. (Resurrection)

It was a complete lie -- the way the hybrid DNA had been blended, there was no way to isolate the Goa'uld part, which would eventually physically overwrite the human DNA and condemn the hybrid to a horrible, painful death. There was no way to prevent it. (Resurrection)

Keffler placed a capsule of biotoxin at the base of her brain, to be released by remote control when her suffering became too great. (Resurrection)

It's possible that the other scientists were going to shut down the program -- Keffler deliberately brought the Sekhmet personality out using the remote control to shock her, then let her out of her cage and did nothing to stop her when she killed everyone but him. (Resurrection)

He was smug and arrogant when facing questioning, but wilted quickly when threatened with direct physical violence. When the immediate threat was removed, he went back to being arrogant. (Resurrection)

He tried to make a deal with Barrett and Sam: he would get Anna to tell them how to turn off the bomb, in return for his freedom. (Resurrection)

When he realized Anna/Sekhmet was loose in the building, outside his control, he panicked and staged a heart problem to get close enough to his guard to knock him out, so he could escape. (Resurrection)

He made it into the depths of the complex, but Anna caught up to him and shot him point-blank in the chest, killing him. (Resurrection)

top | rogue NID | rogue members

Lieutenant Kershaw X

Member of a rogue NID team led by Colonel Grieves. (The Sentinel)

She helped dismantle and reassemble the Latonans's planetary defense system, the Sentinel. (The Sentinel)

She objected to Grieves's killing of the Sentinel's caretaker during the process (she wanted to bring the wounded man back to the city, but Grieves forbade it), but did nothing to stop it, and didn't report it. (The Sentinel)

Jack had her sentence commuted (from death to life in prison) in return for helping the SGC repair the damage done to the Sentinel.

She took a fatal staff shot to the back while putting a force field back up to protect Grieves, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c from Jaffa. While she was lying there dying, she admitted to having seen Grieves kill the caretaker, and to having rigged the caretaker's deadman-switch bracelet so that it didn't give away that he was dead, so no one in the city would suspect them. (The Sentinel)

She lived just long enough to see Grieves sacrifice himself to use the Sentinel to neutralize the Jaffa and Svarog's mothership. (The Sentinel)

top | rogue NID | rogue members

Colonel Robert Makepeace

Mole inside the SGC, feeding mission info back to Maybourne and smuggling small enough stolen tech from the rogue group back to Earth where it could be used by the NID. Arrested personally by Jack. (Shades of Grey)

See Makepeace.

top | rogue NID | rogue members

Colonel Maybourne

In charge of at several offworld rogue NID cells, coordinating their movements with those of legitimate SGC operations thanks to his access to all SG reports. See Maybourne for more details. (multiple eps)

See Maybourne.

top | rogue NID | rogue members

Major Newman

One of the four men who escaped during the Touchstone incident (Touchstone, Shades of Grey)

He was the temporary leader of the rogue NID unit that Jack was intended to command. (Shades of Grey)

When Maybourne introduced him to Jack (via long-range communicator), Newman apologized for returning fire in the hangar when he and his team were escaping through the second stargate, and said it would be an honor to serve under Jack -- he'd read nearly all the SG-1 mission reports. (Shades of Grey)

He was the first to greet Jack when he came through to the rogue NID unit's base. (Shades of Grey)

When Jack reactivated the stargate after his first mission, Newman tried to stop him, and got punched in the face for his troubles. (Shades of Grey)

He was the last to follow Jack through the stargate to avoid the Asgard, and got arrested like the rest of them. Makepeace was the one who grabbed him, and muttered a few reassurances before Makepeace was himself arrested. (Shades of Grey)

top | rogue NID | rogue members

Lieutenant Clare Tobias

Engineer working on understanding the tech that the rogue groups stole. (Shades of Grey)

She had been up for a position at the SGC, but Sam beat her out of it. (Shades of Grey)

Her job was to examine the larger pieces of technology that the unit "acquired", those too big to be sent back to Earth, and attempt to backwards-engineer them to send the plans for them back to Maybourne. (Shades of Grey)

One of the pieces she was working on was an anti-gravitation device, probably Goa'uld from the look of it (mostly triangular, with two bunches of crystals, one at the top and one the bottom, both a mix of red, yellow, and orange -- it looked almost like two fires). (Shades of Grey)

top | rogue NID | rogue members


Interaction with SGC -- timeline


Manages to secure an order releasing the Tollans into NID custody for study in a "secure facility" in the Rockies. (Enigma)

Hammond stonewalls it -- claiming that he couldn't release them until they'd passed through quarantine -- for as long as possible, giving Daniel time to conspire with the Tollans to effect their release. (Enigma)

(This is  Maybourne's first interaction with the SGC.) (Enigma)

On Maybourne's urging, the NID attempts to gain access to the orb that attacked Jack, in the hope that it would be a weapon that could be used against the Goa'uld. (Message in a Bottle)

Hammond refuses any such access. (Message in a Bottle)

Attempts to take Teal'c away for study (Bane).

Possibly carries out the assassination of a journalist who knows too much about the stargate program (Secrets).

Insists upon the mining of a planet whose locals don't want the mining to happen, thus nearly causing the destruction of the SGC. (Spirits)

Take Sam and Daniel " prisoner" to keep them from interfering in or informing Jack and the SGC about NID plans to capture Martin, the other aliens, and their ship, but badly underestimate Sam and Daniel and fail miserably as a result. (Wormhole X-Treme!)

Set up surveillance in a town in Oregon where a company called Immunotech was continuing Adrian Conrad's research into Goa'uld symbiotes, using clones of the symbiote implanted in Conrad. (Nightwalkers)

The NID planned to monitor the situation until the townsfolk had finished building a spaceship for their implanted symbiotes, then grab the ship for themselves. (Nightwalkers)

Much of the town had been implanted and were working nightly on the ship when Sam, Teal'c, and Jonas arrived to look into the suspicious death of one of Immunotech's scientists, who'd called them for help before his car crashed. (Nightwalkers)

This upset the NID's plans, but it turned out to be just as well, since the NID agents on site (Cross and Singer) were compromised and implanted with Goa'uld clones. (Nightwalkers)

Before they could infiltrate the NID with more symbiotes, Sam (also implanted, but protected by an antidote developed by the dead scientist) saved the day. (Nightwalkers)

Agent Barrett called in SG-1 to help him deal with a destroyed rogue NID sleeper cell, to figure out what had happened. Together they discovered that the cell had created a human/Goa'uld hybrid, Anna, using DNA from the Goa'uld Sekhmet. (Resurrection)

They had to figure out how to disarm a bomb Anna's Sekhmet alter-ego had armed before it took out all of Orange County. (Resurrection)

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Rogue NID

Replaces the second stargate (found in Solitudes) with a fake, and uses the real one to carry out a rogue mission of stealing alien technology to aid in Earth's defense. (Touchstone)

SG-1 finds out and stops them. (Touchstone)

The second gate is shut down and put under SGC, specifically Hammond's, control, but a small group of NID agents escaped through it and are at large in the galaxy. (Touchstone)

Recruits Jack into their rogue group after his apparent defection from SGC ethics, making it plain that the group has been very active since the second gate was shut down a year earlier. They've been stealing everything they can lay hands on, including from SGC allies and even Asgard-protected planets. (Shades of Grey)

Jack infiltrates and exposes the entire group, including Maybourne and Makepeace, the SGC mole. (Shades of Grey)

They're all arrested, but warn that they're only the small fry -- the conspiracy reaches very, very high. (Shades of Grey)

Either the NID or Maybourne acting alone has been feeding information to the Russians, who have recovered the original gate (which crashed into the ocean with Thor's ship in Nemesis). Maybourne has escaped from custody and has been working with the Russians on their stargate program. (Watergate)

Suggests that Hammond adopt more aggressive measures to gain offworld tech.

When he refuses, the NID kidnaps (briefly) his granddaughters to make him agree to resign so they can instate a patsy (Bauer, possibly an NID member and possibly just a dupe) in his place, who'll run the SGC along their lines -- taking what's necessary, and screwing all diplomatic ties.

Jack has to call in almost all his favors to get the leverage to get Maybourne out of jail to help him track down the power behind Hammond's resignation -- who turns out to be Senator Kinsey, high enough up to be a presidential hopeful for the next election. (Chain Reaction)

A small group of rogue NID agents, working under Simmons's command, infiltrated and stole the X-303, taking Sam and Teal'c with them as they left the planet. Jack and Teal'c snuck on board in a death glider and managed to regain control, capturing or killing all NID agents aboard. (Prometheus)

The survivors were transported to SGC holding cells -- no word on what happened to them after that. (Unnatural Selection)

Apparently working under orders from a civilian group, the rogue NID sent an agent, disguised as Jack by a mimic device, to assassinate Senator Kinsey, hoping to rid themselves of Jack and eventually Hammond by doing so (Hammond was safe because Jack had blackmailed Kinsey into keeping him safe -- Chain Reaction).

The plan nearly succeeded, but was eventually foiled because of NID/SGC cooperation, between Agent Barrett and Sam. (Smoke and Mirrors)

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