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Member of the ancient alliance of four races, along with the Ancients, the Asgard, and the Nox. (Fifth Race)

Little is known about them, and damn few traces of their existence remain.

Possibly the first of their buildings to be found (not confirmed that it's Furling) was on a planet that the SGC discovered through Maybourne. The building contained what appeared to be Furling writings and technology that Sam had never seen before, and was a portal to another world (called by the SGC a moon, but it appeared far too large to be a moon -- it looked like a binary planet instead) designed to be a paradise. The portal/doorway required a key and a combination to function. (Paradise Lost)

The portal filtered out a zat, but not Jack's projectile weapons or knife. (Paradise Lost)

If the building and key really were Furling, then, according to Maybourne, some of the Furlings chucked it all a long time ago and retreated to a place where they created a small, isolated utopian community. They sent out representatives to meet and evaluate people from all over the galaxy, and invited them to join them. The key and scroll that Maybourne found/translated were the invitation sent to Earth (unclear who on Earth was being invited -- humans, Goa'uld [unlikely], others?) (Paradise Lost)

A greeting party was supposed to appear to welcome anyone who came through the portal. (Paradise Lost)






Possibly, transport devices that also functioned as weapons-screeners -- when Maybourne and Jack went through a transportation device, it moved them to another world/moon and deactivated their "advanced" weaponry -- Jack's zat. It left the more primitive projectile and concussive weapons alone, though (P-90, nine-mil, grenades). (Paradise Lost)





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