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SGC personnel

(X= dead. General date of death in red)
(as of The Fifth Man, there has never been a member of the SGC named 'Tyler')




Sergeant Alberts

One of the gate technicians. He dialed up P4X-884 to send a third MALP through so the SGC could communicate with Urgo's creator, and ask to have him removed from SG-1. (Urgo)

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Lieutenant Astor X

Member of SG-14. Captured by the Goa'uld and programmed as a Zatarc -- freaked out while Anise was trying to 'cure' her and shot herself. (mid-2000, Divide and Conquer)

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Lieutenant Baker X

Member of SG-9. (First Commandment).

The only team member to stay fully loyal to Captain Jonas Hanson, even in Hanson's utter lunacy on the mission to P3X-513. He was killed by a native (whom SG-1 had pulled aside and explained things to, and who was helping them take Hanson down), who shot him with Teal'c's staff weapon to keep him from shooting Daniel. (1997, First Commandment).

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(rank unknown)

With Jack, Teal'c, and Stevens, boarded the Russian sub to see how bad the Replicator infestation was. (Small Victories)

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Dr. Cameron Balinsky

(nb: first name taken from credits found online at IMDB and

Civilian archaeologist assigned to SG-13. (Heroes, part 1)

(Not stated aloud that he's a civilian, but Dixon addresses him as 'doctor' once, never by a rank, and his general relaxed attitude toward ranking officers suggests civilian). (Heroes, part 1)

On P3X-666, he took the bets on what they'd find on the planet -- he went with 'ruins of an ancient city', and won.(Heroes, part 1)

While exploring the city (which turned out to actually be an Ancient city, not just old), he came across a Goa'uld version of a heavily armed and shielded MALP. (Heroes, part 1)

After SG-13 took out the Goa'uld remote probe, Balinsky asked for and got permission for them to stay longer, to explore the ruins. (Heroes, part 1)

When Jaffa ambushed Wells and Bosworth, Balinsky headed for the gate and the SGC on Dixon's order, to report. (Heroes, part 1)

At some point, he transferred from SG-13 to SG-22. (Moebius part 1)

He had to brief Jack about the properties of some minerals his team had found -- troilite (non-magnetic iron sulfide), and a mesostasis phase which contained micrometer crystals -- and he was being very careful about making it sound exciting and interesting, obviously aware that Jack was bored to tears. Before he could complete his presentation/briefing, Daniel interrupted and Jack made his escape. (Moebius part 1)

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Banks X

Flew second seat in Mitchell's F-302 in the dogfight over Antarctica. When they were hit a second time, Banks was knocked out, if not killed. By the time they hit the surface -- very very hard -- Banks was dead. (Avalon part 1)

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Lieutenant Barber X

Member of SG-5

Died as a result of chemical alterations in his brain that caused him to commit suicide by running into the kawoosh of an opening wormhole after visiting the abandoned Goa'uld pleasure palace on P4X-347 (late 2000, The Light)

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Major General Bauer

Assigned to command the SGC after General Hammond was blackmailed into retiring. Probably a part of the NID conspiracy to gain offworld technology at any cost -- if not an actual member, then a patsy that the NID could manipulate. (Seemed too aware of where the intelligence he was basing his decisions on was coming from to just be a patsy, though.) (Chain Reaction)

Pretty much his first action as commander was to dismantle SG-1, assigning Daniel to pure research as a consultant who goes offworld only when needed for a specific mission, Sam to a project building naquadah-enhanced nuclear bombs, and Teal'c to SG-3, while forcing Jack to take time off to consider whether he still wanted to be a part of the SGC. (Chain Reaction)

Refused to listen to Sam's and Daniel's warnings about why he couldn't test his nuclear bomb on a given planet, and as a result nearly destroyed not only the base but god knows how much of Earth when the bomb destroyed the other planet and started sending gamma radiation back through the open wormhole. (Chain Reaction)

Was removed from command when Hammond was reinstated. (Chain Reaction)

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Dr. Bennett

According to Dr. Lee, Dr. Bennett was proficient at reattaching body parts that had been removed. (Avalon part 1)

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Major Benton X

Commander of SG-9. (The Sentinel)

Months into a mission to Latona to both renew diplomatic relations and gain access to the Latonans's planetary defense system, the Sentinel, Benton was killed by a staff blast to the chest on his way to the stargate as Jaffa invaded the planet. (2001, The Sentinel)

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Captain Blasdale X

Member of SG-14.  (Divide and Conquer)

Got between Major Graham (who had become a zatarc) and his intended target, and was killed. (2000, Divide and Conquer)

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Rank unknown.

Member of SG-3. (Zero Hour)

He was on the team when it provided backup to SG-1 on P2X-887, a planet that had belonged to Anubis, guarding the stargate while SG-1 explored, until SG-1 went missing. (Zero Hour)

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Senior Airman Jake Bosworth

(nb: rank and first name taken from credits found online at IMDB and

Member of SG-13. (Heroes, part 1)

He was disqualified from the betting on what they'd find on P3X-666 because he went with 'trees' -- Dixon declared him a smartass. (Heroes, part 1)

He was with Wells when Wells got hit with a staff blast from behind, and radioed for help. (Heroes, part 1)

Altered timeline: see Bosworth.

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Major Henry Boyd X

'Hank' (A Matter of Time).

Commanded SG-10. (A Matter of Time).

Jack recommended him for the command. (A Matter of Time).

On the team's first mission (see nitpicks), to P3W-451, he and his team members were trapped on the planet when a black hole sucked the planet into its gravity well, and they all died (1998, A Matter of Time).

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Staff Sergeant Bradley, USAF

One of the two men escorting Vala to the stargate when she was leaving. He inspected her bag for any stolen good, and discovered a small 'keepsake' - a priceless artifact. (The Ties That Bind)

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(rank unknown)

When the Reetou rebels invaded the base, Brecker was assigned with Teal'c and Rothman to sweep corridor C-3 on level 28 searching for them. (Show and Tell)

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Dr. Brightman

Took over Frasier's role as chief medical officer, beginning in eighth season. (Lockdown)

Not long after she started, she had to deal with what she thought was an unknown contagion, which turned out to be Anubis, trying to gain a physical form to allow him to pass through the stargate. (Lockdown)

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Doctor Carmichael

Part of the SGC's medical staff. (Avatar)

Sam called him to science lab 5 to look at Teal'c when Teal'c was hooked up to the virtual-reality chair, after his bio readings started to get worrying. (Avatar)

He agreed with her (and Dr. Lee's) concerns: Teal'c's body was generating sympathetic adrenaline spikes for what was going on in the game, elevating his blood pressure and heartrate to levels too dangerous to sustain over a long period. (Avatar)

He was frustrated by his inability to help Teal'c -- he didn't dare pull him out of the chair and couldn't introduce an electrical current (from a crash cart) in the event of cardiac arrest. When Teal'c's heart actually did stop, his only option was to inject a drug (probably epinephrine) directly into his heart -- which he didn't dare do a second time. (Avatar)

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Captain/Major Samantha Carter, USAF

Member of SG-1.

See Sam for complete details.

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Rank unknown.

Member of SG-2 under Kawalsky's command on the first mission to Chulak -- he was injured during their retreat. (Children of the Gods)

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Major Castleman, USMC

In first season, commanded SG-3.

He was injured during the search for the missing Jack and Sam, falling several meters from a rock face. (Solitudes)

In charge of briefing at least some of the 'alpha teams' preparing to go through the stargate to the alpha site ahead of the Goa'uld attack on Earth. (Serpent's Lair)

Took over command of SG-1 temporarily while Jack was unable to speak English in The Fifth Race.

He got trapped on P9Q-281 with Sam, Teal'c, and another person until Jack came up with the plans to fix the DHD. (Fifth Race)

Worked base security during the negotiations with the Goa'uld under Asgard auspices. Teal'c assisted after refusing to cater to any Goa'uld. (Fair Game)

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Scientist -- Felger's assistant. (Avenger 2.0)

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Chu X

(rank unknown)

When the Reetou rebels invaded the base, Chu was assigned with Jacob and Sam to sweep corridor C-8 on level 28 searching for them. Died from a Reetou weapon blast during the search. (1998, Show and Tell)

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Major Coburn

In command of SG-2 by season three (Maternal Instinct).

He took his team to act as backup to SG-1 on Kheb, guarding the stargate while SG-1 searched for the temple. When Jack called for more backup, Coburn passed the request along to the SGC. A short while later, he contacted Jack to let him know that a 'light' was approaching them, and lowered his weapon along with everyone else when ordered to, to let Oma Desala pass. (Maternal Instinct).

He led SG-2 to P3X-888 (the Goa'uld planet of origin) as part of the search and rescue mission to find Daniel and any remaining members of SG-11. (The First Ones).

By fourth season's Prodigy (and possibly as early as Beneath the Surface), Major Griff has taken command.  It's unclear where Coburn has moved to, or if he's still alive.

nb: By early eighth season (New Order), the actor who played Coburn had reappeared as a Goa'uld (Camulus) -- so we're unlikely to see Coburn again in canon.

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Dr. Alec Colson

Working offworld on R& D for the SGC, after first trying to go public about aliens on Earth (without knowing about the program itself) and then being framed by the Trust for securities fraud and facing a jail sentence. The offworld job was the best solution for everyone -- Colson could keep working, and no one had to worry about him spilling the beans any further.   (Covenant)

See Alec Colson for complete details.

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Lieutenant/Captain Conner X

As a lieutenant, was part of SG-9, and the only survivor of the mission to P3X-513. He refused to return to Earth to give a report on the situation when Jack ordered him to -- he insisted on staying on the planet and helping them stop Hanson, partly to avenge his friend Frakes. (First Commandment).

As of third season, he'd been promoted to Captain and given command of SG-11 (Into the Fire).

He led SG-11 when they were assigned to Hathor's planet to try to find and rescue SG-1. He was captured along with the rest of his team by Trofsky. (Into the Fire)

Died later that year, after his team was captured and held by Apophis for information about the SGC (late 1998/1999, Rules of Engagement)

(NB: this is a complete guess -- he's never mentioned by name in the ep, but he was leader of SG-11, which is the team that was captured and killed).

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Simon Coombs

Scientist attached to the SGC. (The Other Guys)

He and Felger were offworld with SG-1 at one point, and got caught up in some of SG-1's dealings with the rebel Jaffa and the Goa'uld. To all appearances, they helped SG-1 escape from a bad situation. (The Other Guys)

personal note: While some of the events of The Other Guys have to have happened, given references back to it in future episodes, I still can't believe the specifics as shown onscreen. I still believe the aired version to be Felger's highly romanticized version of events. See my nitpicks about this for details.

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Captain Corrigan

Possibly in charge of the SGC commissary: he or she was awaiting Jack's approval for the buffet menu for the president's visit. (Zero Hour)

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Under Hathor's 'spell' -- Sam shot him with a tranquilizer dart while he was protecting Hathor. (Hathor)

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Chief Master Sergeant Walter Davis
aka Norman Davis, aka Walter Harriman

see Sergeant Walter Harriman for details.

Personal note: With verbal confirmation from his own lips that Sgt. Davis is now Sgt. Harriman (Avalon), I'm switching things around and making Harriman the primary listing. I'm still annoyed, though. If they change it again, I'm going after some with a spork, so help me. Also, I'm not going to go through and change every reference to him on the site - his name was [something] Davis for at least seven solid years.

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Colonel Dave Dixon

Commander of SG-13. (Heroes, part 1)

Has four kids: the oldest two are boys, no idea about the other two. (Heroes, part 1)

During the betting on what the team would find on P3X-666, he went with a two-headed alien -- one head hostile, one head friendly. (Heroes, part 1)


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Colonel Edwards

Commander of SG-11. (Enemy Mine)

His team was assigned to explore an abandoned naquadah mine on P3X-403. He was entirely unprepared to deal with actual aliens when his team inadvertently provoked the local Unas into attacking (by trespassing on sacred burial grounds) three months into their stay there. He was all for going in guns blazing to take out the Unas, convinced they were little more than animals, but eventually followed Daniel's lead, and allowed a peace to be brokered. (Enemy Mine)

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Lieutenant Elliot, USAF X

Recruited straight out of the academy (where he was top of his class), trained under Jack, was accepted to the SGC and made a part of SG-17 in Proving Ground.

First mission was a cakewalk: go to Revanna, be polite to the Tok'ra and learn their new insurgency tactics while everyone waited for Jacob and Daniel to complete their mission. Revanna was brutally attacked, and Elliott watched his entire team die, and nearly died himself before Lantash entered him in an attempt to save both their lives (Summit).

Their respective injuries were too severe, and they willingly remained behind to cover SG-1 and Jacob's retreat, waiting their chance to release a deadly poison that would kill every Goa'uld, Tok'ra, and Jaffa in range, including them. (2001, Last Stand)

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Lieutenant Evans

Part of the medical staff (most likely a nurse). (Lockdown)

Daniel believed that she was the person Anubis went into after he left Daniel, switching hosts as Daniel was being readied for surgery. (Lockdown)

She was arrested coming out of the commissary and taken to be questioned  by Sam. (Lockdown)

She had been checked by Dr. Brightman hours earlier and been cleared, but when Sam pressed her, she had no memory of what she'd done on Tuesday afternoon (the day Anubis shifted from Vaselov to Daniel to her). (Lockdown)

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Dr. Jay Felger

Scientist attached to the SGC. Hero-worships Jack and SG-1. (The Other Guys)

He and Coombs were offworld with SG-1 at one point, and got caught up in some of SG-1's dealings with the rebel Jaffa and the Goa'uld. To all appearances, they helped SG-1 escape from a bad situation, and Felger got credit for saving SG-1's lives. (The Other Guys, credit in Avenger 2.0)

personal note: While some of the events of The Other Guys have to have happened, given references back to it in future episodes, I still can't believe the specifics as shown onscreen. I still believe the aired version to be Felger's highly romanticized version of events. See my nitpicks about this for details.

Lives in an apartment (I have no idea what the address is). Builds dioramas of scenes with SG personnel and stargates (either he builds the stargates himself, or he uses action figures/sets from Wormhole X-Treme [the show-universe tv show about the SGC]), and has action figures that are clearly meant to represent SG-1, which are not kept in storage (at least two were on his couch). (Avenger 2.0)

He created what was supposed to be a plasma-pulse weapon, meant to take the place of the missiles on the X-303. When he turned it on, not only did it not work, it shorted out the entire SGC. (Avenger 2.0)

Hammond told Felger  he was pulling Felger's funding after the debacle with the plasma weapon, since Felger had been promising results for six months with nothing but a shorted-out base to show for it. He went on to say that almost everything Felger had been overseen during his SGC tenure had been similarly 'long on promise and short on results'. In Hammond's view, it was time for the Air Force to reconsider Felger's position. (Avenger 2.0)

Felger panicked, babbling about a new project he was working on that would make the plasma weapon look like a water pistol. When Sam pressed him for details (like, 'what is it?'), he panicked and babbled more, saying he could have a report on Hammond's desk 'by the end of next week'. Hammond gave him 24 hours. (Avenger 2.0)

He worked on a computer virus with Sam that was meant to disable specific DHDs by scrambling their address data. The virus was uploaded to a DHD on one of Baal's worlds, where Baal took it and re-engineered it to take out the entire stargate system. When every DHD except Earth's went wonky, everyone at the SGC, including Felger, believed it to be Felger's fault. He wound up going with Sam to the world where they'd originally put the first virus, to re-re-engineer it and 'reset' the stargate network. It worked. (Avenger 2.0)

note: Felger hasn't been seen or mentioned since the Avenger virus. Given his dicey position with Hammond before the virus debacle, and the fact that Jack (who took command after Hammond) couldn't stand him, it's possible that Felger did indeed lose his job and leave the SGC.

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Major Louis Ferretti, USAF

Part of the original mission to Abydos (Stargate the movie). When the SGC began he was added to SG-2 under Kawalsky's command. Started out calling Daniel 'Dr. Jackson' to his face, and 'Daniel' otherwise -- eventually shifted to just 'Daniel'. Was badly injured in Apophis's attack on Abydos, including an eye injury, but nevertheless managed to get all seven symbols for Apophis's destination. (Children of the Gods)

After Kawalsky died, Ferretti took over command of SG-2 for an indeterminate time -- at least one year and possibly two or slightly more. (The Enemy Within).

When SG-1 disobeyed orders and went through the stargate to try to stop a possible Goa'uld attack on Earth, Ferretti put in a personal request to Hammond that SG-2 be allowed to go after them -- he felt a personal obligation to Jack, since Jack had saved his life on several occasions. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

No idea what unit he's with, but he was still alive as of late third season  -- Daniel suggested him as a possible addition to the team to replace darkside!Jack. (Shades of Grey)

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Staff Sergeant Finney, USAF

She was assigned to be Vala's security escort while Daniel was working in his office. (The Ties That Bind)

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Lieutenant Aiden Ford

He was assigned at least briefly to the Ancient outpost in the Antarctic. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

When Weir picked her team to travel to Atlantis, Ford was one of the military personnel to go. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

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Captain/Major Dr. Janet Fraiser, USAF X

MD, chief medical officer at the SGC.  Specialty is rare and exotic diseases.

Divorced. (Hathor)

No biological children, but she's adopted/permanently fostered Cassie.

Still uses 'Cassandra' for the most part, but can shift to 'Cassie' in moments of stress (when Cassie was unconscious on the porch when she was missing from her bed and then tried to run again after Janet found her) (Rite of Passage)

Watched Cassie nearly die in front of her, with nothing she could do to stop it. Affected her badly enough that she knocked out a guard and sincerely threatened to kill Nirrti. (Rite of Passage)

Lives in a nice house, with a big porch and wide steps leading up to it. Probably a one-story. White fridge in the kitchen, surrounded by cabinets and with several pictures on it, at least one clearly a school photo (5x7 or 8x10) of Cassie. Kitchen area opens onto living room area, which has walls full of windows with miniblinds -- no curtains. Furniture is brightly patterned, possibly tropical flowers. (Rite of Passage)

Suffers from severe allergies, and requires daily antihistamines to control them. (Broca Divide)

She's a skeptic about things like ESP and telekinesis. (Show and Tell)

Uses an ergonomic keyboard on the computer in her office. (Rite of Passage)

Uses Netscape, not IE. (Hathor)

She was infested with three of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing critters, and rapidly became victim to schizophrenic symptoms. (Legacy)

Was extremely ill with the disease that Ayiana was carrying healed by Ayiana. (Frozen)

Was very relaxed and comfortable being on camera for Emmett Bregman's documentary film about the SGC. (Heroes, part 1)

Seemed to be having a good time flirting with Bregman. (Heroes, part 1)

Was assigned to go to P3X-666 with SGs 1, 5, and 7, for a rescue of SGs 13 and 3, particuarly Wells, who was badly injured by a staff blast to the back. (Heroes, part 1)

While she was treating Wells, she was killed by a staff blast. (Heroes, part 2)

Her death became a part of the documentary film, after Bregman forced the SGC to give up the tape Daniel had inadvertantly shot of it.  Although Bregman, after seeing it, was more than willing to leave it out, Daniel thought people should know what an extraordinary woman she was. (Heroes, part 2)

At her memorial service in the SGC, Sam spoke, using something Teal'c had given her: a list of all the SGC men and women who were alive and well thanks to Janet. (Heroes, part 2)


She was a captain in the pilot, and through much of third season. As of Foothold, she was definitely still a captain. By Crystal Skull, she'd been promoted to major (she was wearing oak leaves).

No idea how long she'd been in the Air Force -- doctors join as captains, not lieutenants, so I don't know how long it took her to make major. At a guess, it  was more than 10 years,  as I doubt she would have been assigned SGC without at least a few years' military service under her belt.

Chief medical officer at the SGC -- specialty is rare and exotic diseases.

Recommended for a commendation after Hathor.

Is militarily trained, but will stay back from aggressiveness if anyone else better-trained is there (The Curse, where first Sam, then Daniel, took their places, and Janet waited for them to say 'all clear')

Had some training with rifles, but hadn't touched one in years as of 1997, her first year at the SGC. (Hathor)

Has an office at the nearby USAF Academy Hospital (In the Line of Duty)

The office number is probably G-438 (hard to see the number, even zoomed on the DVD) (In the Line of Duty)

When MacKenzie initially diagnosed Daniel with schizophrenia (specifically hebephrenic schizophrenia), she backed him, based on Daniel's paranoid delusions and auditory/visual hallucinations. (Legacy)

Was taken over by aliens in Foothold.

Possibly has some training in covert ops -- she volunteered to be part of Major Griff's covert mission to find and rescue SG-1 on the ice world, where they'd been brainwashed into thinking they were laborers. (Beneath the Surface)

Has gotten good enough at her job that she now has no trouble keeping Junior alive for many hours outside of Teal'c, with no damage done. (Threshold)

Functions as a medical examiner in a pinch -- she did the autopsy on Ocker to see who or what killed him. (Allegiance)

Organized the distribution of medical supplies in Kelowna after an earthquake hit. (It's never explained why the existing medical infrastructure wasn't handling that.) (Fallout)

Killed in action on P3X-666 while trying to save an airman's life. (Heroes, part 2) (late 2003)

Traveled offworld:

Her first trip offworld was to Hanka (PX8-987), to try to determine what had killed all the people there, and whether SG-1 is infected with whatever it was. (Singularity)

Travelled offworld to PJ2-445, the planet with the naked singing white 'mimes', on a 'housecall' to try to figure out what was making them all so sick, and if SG-1 had somehow infected them. (One False Step)

Traveled offworld to Vyus to run tests on some of the people there. She confirmed Sam's diagnosis of mass amnesia, and got permission to bring a few volunteers back to the SGC (under quarantine conditions) to give them MRIs and run more extensive tests. (Past and Present)

(Was set to go offworld with the rescue mission to Edora, but the mission was scrubbed. (A Hundred Days))

Gets offworld to the alpha site to help with the Tok'ra and Tau'ri wounded from Anubis's attack on the Tok'ra base in the Risa system. (Allegiance)

Was assigned to go to P3X-666 with SGs 1, 5, and 7, for a rescue of SGs 13 and 3, particuarly Wells, who was badly injured by a staff blast to the back. Killed in action. (Heroes, part 1) (late 2003)

Pulls medical rank:

Fire and Water (insists on stand-down time for the team, even when Hammond wants them back on duty)

Upgrades (insists on stopping the experiment)

Entity (forces first Sam, then Jack and Daniel, to go to the infirmary over their protest)

The Changeling (in Teal'c's hallucination, forces him to stay in the infirmary for observation)


As of 1999: Not sure.

As of 2002 (based on the military pay calculator and assuming 10 years's service and a pay grade of 04): about $80,379/year in regular compensation (including allowances), plus about $1100/year in special pay for medical officers. That regular pay is probably too low -- I'm guessing completely on her years of service, and if those go up, her income goes up. Special pay goes down as years of service go up.

Base monthly income (on 10 years's service, not including allowances or special pay) is $4,696.

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Frakes X

(rank unknown)

Member of SG-9 -- served as the team's anthropologist. On a mission to P3X-513, he went along with Hanson's initial decision to pretend to be gods, before Hanson went nuts and started believing it for real. He was shot with a (poisoned?) dart while trying to escape from Hanson's native troops, then brought before Hanson, who shot him dead. Afterward, the natives burned him down to ashes, leaving little but his dogtags behind. (1997, First Commandment).

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Friesen X

Scientist attached to the SGC. Died on a mission to find out why Anubis's apparently empty ship had entered Earth orbit, killed by Jaffa. (Descent) (2002)

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Major Gant

Part of the shakedown crew on the Prometheus (X-303). She wears a master-pilot badge. Her precise function was never stated, but she gave Colonel Ronson general status reports, and was the person who opened the hyperspace window once they had a go, and ran the diagnostics after it shut down. At a (total) guess, she's the hyperspace officer. (Memento)

Still serving aboard the Prometheus on its eventual return from its shakedown cruise. She, along with the rest of the crew, escaped the ship during a battle with an unknown alien ship, and was then captured by the alien vessel (by unknown means, for an unknown purpose). She was released along with everyone else when Sam, still on the Prometheus alone, figured out a way for both ships to escape the gas cloud where they were trapped, and demanded the return of the crew before she'd help the aliens get away. (Grace)

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Mark Gilmor

Ostensibly assigned to the SGC as Jack's administrative aide, sent by Hammond. (Zero Hour)

In reality, he was sent by the president to make sure Jack was competent enough at his job that the president wouldn't be making a fool of himself by coming out personally in a few days to shake his hand and congratulate him on his promotion. (Zero Hour)

He worked as an analyst at the CIA for eight years, mostly doing background checks, but had top-level clearance. (Zero Hour)

His office at the SGC was just down the hall from Jack's on Level 27, at the end of a corridor. (Zero Hour)

He was very efficient in keeping track of Jack's schedule (and the schedule for offworld missions, etc.) right from the beginning. (Zero Hour)

He accompanied Jack pretty much everywhere, PDA at the ready. Despite his definite ability and helpfulness, he was fairly doubtful at first about many of the decisions Jack was making -- allowing an alien plant on base, locking up offworld diplomats, etc. (Zero Hour)

He was even more obviously dubious about the fact that Jack seemed to be seriously considering trading Camulus to Baal for SG-1 Gilmor believed it was already too late to save them. He said so to Colonel Reynolds, who gave him a quiet, intense earful about Jack's treatment at Baal's hands and how SG-1 had never given up on him, and how now neither Jack nor anyone else at the SGC was going to give up on SG-1. (Zero Hour)

When Jack gave every indication that he was going to send Camulus through the stargate to Baal because Camulus hadn't given him the information he wanted (about why Baal wanted him in the first place), Gilmor was pretty much aghast, believing it was a complete waste -- he argued with Jack about it on the way to the gateroom, then gave up and went for the control room to watch. When he realized it was a bluff, he followed Jack to the elevator, telling Jack he couldn't do his job if Jack didn't trust him Jack wasn't impressed. (Zero Hour)

When Baal showed up (in hologram form) early the next day, Gilmor was once again taken aback by Jack's attitude -- he looked fairly disbelieving as Jack mocked and baited Baal, and called him on it after Baal left. Jack, again, wasn't impressed. (Zero Hour)

When he realized that Jack intended to honor his side of the bargain to let Camulus go -- Camulus's information about the planet with the Ancient device had been accurate, and the SGC had picked up a half-charged ZPM out of the deal -- Gilmor argued that it would be better not to let him go. (Zero Hour)

At some point, he released the Amran delegates [probably around the day before the president's visit, given everything that was going on and the fact that the gate couldn't be dialed for about a day]. He reported to Jack that Major Davis said they were much more willing to negotiate now. (Zero Hour)

Just before the president came down the elevator, Gilmor told Jack the truth about who he was and why he was there, and said he'd be leaving after the visit. He was a bit taken aback to find out Jack had known all along, but recovered nicely and told Jack how much he respected both the job he did and Jack himself. (Zero Hour)

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Lieutenant Glenn X

Assigned to the second alpha site (set up after Anubis gained access to the original site's location by probing Jonas's mind). He was present when Anubis launched an attack against it, and warned Sam and Jacob that the base was under evacuation orders. He waited for them to leave with him, and got shot in the back and killed for his efforts. (Death Knell) (late 2003)

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Major Graham X

Commanded SG-14 on a mission to P3X-513,  and was captured by the Goa'uld and turned into a zatarc. Tried to assassinate the head of the Tok'ra High Council and committed forced suicide when the attempt failed (after incidentally killing one of his own men, Capt. Blasdale). (mid-2000, Divide and Conquer)

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Major Greene

Assigned to the second alpha site. He was there when Anubis's forces attacked and by the time he made it to the command center to see what was going on, Colonel Riley had already ordered the evacuation. The stargate was hit by an al-kesh bomber before he could make it out to the beta site. Riley gave him and the others one minute to make it to the treeline, ordering them out before the self-destruct went off. Greene made it into the woods with a small group of combined human, Jaffa, and Tok'ra survivors, some of them seriously injured. He believed them to be the only survivors. Later, he felt pretty guilty about leaving Riley to die, despite having been following orders. He was debriefed by Hammond personally. (Death Knell)

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Captain Grier

On the alpha site when it was full of Jaffa and Tok'ra (not sure if he was part of the mission to rescue the Tok'ra from their base in the Risa system or not). He was killed by the ashrak along with the unknown Jaffa and Tok'ra he was teamed with to hunt the ashrak down. (Allegiance)

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Captain/Major Griff

As a captain, member of SG-2. Got shot in the arm by Rothman (who was infested with a Goa'uld), but not badly (The First Ones).

Gets promoted shortly thereafter -- in Beneath the Surface (just a few weeks later), he's a major in command of an unspecified SG unit.

By Prodigy, it's clear he's in command of SG-2 -- no idea what happened to Major Coburn.

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Lieutenant Grogan, USAF

Recruited straight out of the academy, trained under Jack. Despite an unfortunate tendency to be repeatedly shot during training exercises, he was accepted to the SGC, and was waiting for an assignment to an SG team when a slot became available. (Proving Ground)

Member of SG-9 -- the only member of SG-9 to survive the mission to Latona. After SG-1 found him, he led Jack into the capital city and vouched for him with Marul, but was later captured along with Jack by Svarog's Jaffa. He was beaten up, but not too badly, and used along with Jack as a way of forcing the rest of SG-1 to give up the secrets of the Sentinel. (The Sentinel)

(Continuity glitch: in The Sentinel, he identifies himself as 'Sergeant Grogan'. Jack later (same episode) correctly refers to him as 'lieutenant'. Grogan was an academy graduate, so there's no way he was a sergeant.)

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Captain Hagman

PhD, anthropologist (probably), assigned to SG-1 as a possible replacement for Daniel. His spectacular failure in assessing the locals's attitudes (resulting in Jack getting a partially torn ligament in one knee as the team raced for the safety of the gate) kept his tenure with the team brief. (Redemption, part 1)

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Lieutenant Jennifer Hailey, USAF

Brilliant at astrophysics during her time at the Academy, she beat records all over the place -- except Sam's. (Prodigy)

Even before she graduated the Academy, she was dissatisfied with what her Air Force career would be, convinced she'd be shuffled off to a dead-end position somewhere because she was a woman. When Sam, giving a lecture at the Academy, realized how gifted Hailey was, she got permission to try recruiting Hailey into the SGC in advance. (Prodigy)

Hailey went through the stargate to a temporary research base set up on a moon, on what was supposed to be just a 'see how big the galaxy is?' kind of mission, meant to whet her appetite enough to keep her in the Air Force. Instead, the situation turned deadly, and they all barely escaped with their lives. (Prodigy)

Despite being on a completely alien world, she lost none of her arrogance or the chip on her shoulder. She was absolutely convinced that her opinion about what was going on was correct, and was angry/displeased that Jack wound up going with Sam's explanation. She didn't get that it had nothing to do with which theory might someday prove to be correct (either was equally viable, as a theory) -- he had to look at the existing and potential threat, and make the decision that was most likely to save their lives. (Prodigy)

Recruited straight out of the academy after having already been on one SGC mission (during Prodigy).

Was possibly given accelerated training as a result and joined the SGC ahead of her apparent peers in the final training exercise -- during Proving Ground, she's aware and a part of everything that's going on, and remarks to a co-trainee, 'You should have seen what they put me through.' (Proving Ground)

Picked up a lot of respect for Jack during the danger in Prodigy: she told the others in her training group that if Jack passed them, they would know they'd impressed the best there was. (Proving Ground)

Not assigned to any particular SG team that we know of.

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Major General / Lieutenant General George Hammond, USAF

Commander in Chief of SGC, well-loved by his people. He's kind and compassionate, but also aware that his command is the only thing standing between Earth and destruction.


Raised in Texas.

Boxing fan. (Secrets)

Has contacts in the intelligence community, but dislikes cloak-and-dagger stuff (Touchstone).

Altered timeline: see Hammond.


Watched the moon landing in 1969 while sitting at his father's bedside in the hospital, two days after his father's first heart attack. (1969)

Widowed -- his wife died in 1993 of cancer (Tin Man)

Has two granddaughters:

Tessa (the older one, age unknown) (Crystal Skull)

Kayla (old enough to be in school, young enough to believe in the tooth fairy as of spring 2000 -- probably 6 or 7) (Crystal Skull)

#1 on his speed dial is his granddaughters. (Unnatural Selection)


Friends with Whitlow?--at least good acquaintances with him. Whitlow was the man from the intelligence community Hammond turned to for information in Touchstone.

Jack O'Neill -- Jack is around Hammond's family enough for his granddaughters to go running into Jack's arms and be swept up into a big hug when he arrives, although even off-duty he addresses Hammond as 'General'. Jack also automatically goes to the back kitchen door when he makes an unannounced visit (to Hammond's nice house on a lake, with a big yard). (Chain Reaction)

Personal friend of the president (seasons 1-late 7). (multiple eps)

Seems to respect and like President Henry Hayes, who respects and likes him back. They knew each other as lieutenants, although they hadn't seen each other since then before Hayes called Hammond to the White House. (Lost City, part 1)


Pre-SGC career:

1969: as a lieutenant assigned to Cheyenne Mountain, helped the members of SG-1 escape from military arrest so they could return to the future. (1969

He remembered it his whole life, well enough that he recognized a wound on Carter's hand as the one he'd seen thirty years earlier, and sent himself a note to help them when they went back in time a few minutes later. (1969)

Late 1960s / early 1970s: knew Henry Hayes when they were both lieutenants. (Lost City, part 1)

nb: The time is a guess on my part, but with Hammond canonically a lieutenant in 1969, it seems reasonable.

Served with Jacob Carter during the Cold War (Secrets)

Served in Vietnam. No indication of what years he was there, or at what rank, but probably a lieutenant, given that he was one in 1969. (Revelations) (nb: His Vietnam service was already evident in his medals, but this was the first aired canonical support for it.)

Saw his best friend shot down, and despite knowing that he was alive (he saw the chute open), he never found out what happened to him -- just had to live with it. (Revelations)

Ordered Samantha Carter to investigate time-travel possibilities regarding the stargate after the initial mission to Abydos, knowing that at some point, a team would wind up back in 1969. (1969)

Major General (two-star) by the time he's assigned to the stargate facility to oversee its shutdown.

Saw Apophis for the first time in the gateroom, just before Apophis left. (Children of the Gods)

Threatened to send a Mark 5 nuclear bomb through to Abydos to finish the job of destroying it, until his kindly nature won out and he decided to agree to let Jack contact Daniel instead. (Children of the Gods)

One month away from retirement when the SGC program started up. (Children of the Gods)

(confirmed kills | interaction with Pentagon/President | interaction with/about SG-1 | stargate)

Commander in Chief of the SGC. (The Enemy Within)

Reports directly to the president, and isn't afraid to use that connection when necessary. (Multiple eps)

Dressed more formally in first season: always in a tie, and often in his dress-blue jacket, complete with ribbons and badges. Thereafter, he generally skipped the jacket and tie except on formal occasions, and was usually in a short-sleeved shirt.

ID (? -- number next to his name while inputting the abort-auto-destruct code): 445-243-978-0 (Message in a Bottle)

Always uses a laptop as his computer, never a desktop, and always lowers the screen when anyone walks into his office. (Multiple eps)

Added a desktop computer and monitor to his office, at a desk sitting under the window/starmap that looks in on the briefing room. (Avenger 2.0)

When the Biliskner began its descent into Earth's atmosphere, with no indication whether SG-1 had succeeded or if the Replicators were about to overrun the planet, Hammond made a phone call and recommended that the US move to Defcon 2, and that all available assets be moved to intercept and destroy it if need be. (Nemesis)

Retired in late 2000. Claimed to be fed up with ordering people to their potential deaths, but was actually blackmailed into it by the NID, who had his granddaughters taken by two men just to prove they could (the kids were returned unharmed). (Chain Reaction)

Was reinstated after Jack pulled some serious strings and hooked up with Maybourne long enough to get sufficient dirt on the NID to make them back off. (Chain Reaction)

Refused to leave his post, even at the apparent urging of the president, when the world was in imminent danger of being destroyed by an asteroid. (Failsafe)

Was not at all happy that a documentary crew had been assigned to the SGC. He insisted on personally briefing Bregman before allowing him access to anything, making it clear that he wouldn't allow him to endanger any of his people in any way. (Heroes, part 1)

He agreed to cooperate with Bregman 'to the letter of these orders' granting him clearance to film, and not an inch further. (Heroes, part 1)

The key phrase was 'Exempt from said clearance are all current activities which have not yet been reviewed by this office [the Pentagon]'. Hammond's interpretation was that Bregman had no clearance to view or film any activity surrounding an ongoing mission, up to and including gate travel. (Heroes, part 1)

Shortly after his 'meeting' with Woolsey (below), Hammond found out that Bregman had tried to get into the infirmary, and decided to kick him off the base. Bregman wasn't happy Hammond didn't care. (Heroes, part 2)

Bregman had too much pull after kicking him out, Hammond was ordered to hand over the tape that Daniel had shot on P3X-666. He decided to do so (rather than having the tape be 'accidentally' lost or damaged) because thanks to the new NID investigation, he thought maybe there should be something on record other than classified military and NID reports. (Heroes, part 2)

Eventually he relented completely -- Bregman and co were at Janet's memorial at the SGC, which has to have been with Hammond's blessing. (Heroes, part 2)

Bregman gave him a preview of the documentary Hammond thought it was very good, not too sentimental. (Heroes, part 2)

He believed that the film might be the 'something more' that the next of kin of slain airmen deserve to hear, other than just the letters he sends. (Heroes, part 2)

He even ordered Jack to give Bregman a genuine interview, to round off the film. (Heroes, part 2)

Was very, very angry when Kinsey sent Woolsey in to pass judgement on the SGC (and more specifically, Hammond himself) for the actions taken to rescue SG-13 on P3X-666. (Heroes, part 2)

When it was his turn to be 'interviewed' (more like interrogated), he tossed his mission report on the desk, calling it a written testimony. (Heroes, part 2)

Woolsey had the sense not to push it, and declared himself done -- he'd have a preliminary report for the president by the end of the week. (Heroes, part 2)

Hammond countered by bringing up Woolsey's memo on the economics of the SGC, clearly implying that Woolsey had attached a specific dollar amount as the value of someone's life. (Heroes, part 2)

Woolsey instantly and strongly denied putting a dollar value on someone's life, but Hammond again countered by saying that Woolsey had said in black and white that it was 'a bad business decision' to send a rescue team worth $27 million to save the life of one person. (Heroes, part 2)

Since Woolsey was so eager to have secrets brought to light, Hammond suggested that they go down to the documentary team and give them the whole truth of the SGC situation as Woolsey saw it. (Heroes, part 2)

Woolsey's reponse was: 'That memo is classified. This investigation is classified. If you so much as utter even as a hint of either, I'll see you are put away in a cold, dark place for the rest of time.' (Heroes, part 2)

Wasn't happy to see Woolsey return to the SGC, even when it turned out Woolsey was there because he'd decided that Kinsey was a bad guy, and he wanted to take him down. (Inauguration)

Woolsey traveled to the SGC to ask Hammond directly about what had happened when he'd resigned and then returned to work. He'd figured out that Hammond was being blackmailed, and wanted whatever Hammond had on Kinsey that had allowed him to return to the SGC. He wanted the evidence to use against Kinsey and the rogue NID. He pointed out that Hammond must know what was going down in Washington, with Kinsey's latest attempt to sieze control of the stargate. Hammond gave him a copy of the disk of information Jack and Maybourne had gotten against Kinsey. (Inauguration)

Despite handing over the disk, Hammond still wasn't sure he could trust Woolsey. (Inauguration)

Confirmed kills:

The Jaffa in the tower on Hathor's planet. Hammond was sitting second seat in the death glider Teal'c was piloting, and fired the shot that blew the top of the tower (including the Jaffa manning it) completely away. (Into the Fire)

Interactions with the Pentagon/President:


He was friends with the (unnamed) president who held office for the first seven years of the stargate program, and had known Henry Hayes, the second president, years ago when they were both lieutenants, and believed him to be a good man. (Multiple eps Lost City, part 1)

Tried everything he could to prevent the program's shutdown after Politics. He went to talk to Senator Kinsey, twice -- the second time he was forcibly removed from Kinsey's office (on Kinsey's order). He also spoke with the Secretary of Defense, and the Joint Chiefs, and finally called the president himself, all to no avail. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Disapproved of the Pentagon's decision to lay low until the Goa'uld ha'tak vessels on their way to destroy Earth got close enough to bomb. Hammond believed that the entire world should be warned about this, to give them all time to prepare defenses. He also disapproved of the fact that US forces weren't being mobilized, again in favor of lying low to keep the Goa'uld from knowing that Earth (or at least one little corner of it) was forewarned. (Serpent's Lair)

Wasn't happy about being ordered to incorporate the AR Kawalsky and Dr. Carter into his command -- he believed that 'some lines weren't meant to be crossed' and was uncomfortable with them staying in this reality. (Point of View)

Under orders to integrate the Russian team more thoroughly into SGC missions, after a period when that team was kept largely separate. (Metamorphosis)

Under orders to expel both the Jaffa and the Tok'ra from the beta site if the situation there -- with Jaffa blaming the Tok'ra for the deaths of thousands of Jaffa in Olokun's army -- couldn't be brought under control. He asked Jacob to go there and be the voice of reason. (Death Knell)

He was relieved of his command and sent to Washington to discuss reassignment shortly after Henry Hayes took office as president. (Lost City, part 1)

In Washington, Hayes assured him that he hadn't been relieved of command because of his record -- it was purely a political move. (Lost City, part 1)

Hammond said he was thinking of retirement, rather than reassignment. Hayes laughed and said no -- he wanted to keep him in Washington, because he was going to need Hammond's expertise. (Lost City, part 1)

Interactions with/about SG-1:

Called off the search for the missing Jack and Sam before they were found, officially listing them as MIA, once all the planets that fit Daniel's theory had been checked out. (Solitudes)

Had to officially declare Jack missing in action for a second time, when attempts to retrieve him from Edora failed because the Edoran stargate was buried. (A Hundred Days)

As part of creating Jack's cover to find and neutralize the rogue NID cell(s) stealing technology from their allies, Hammond told Jack (in front of Teal'c) that he had two options: early retirement, or court martial for stealing technology from an ally. To back up the court martial charge, he reeled off a list of other offenses in Jack's file, including multiple counts of insubordination, refusing to obey orders, and kidnapping an alien child (Merrin). (Shades of Grey)

When Jack returned to the SGC a week or so after retiring asking for permission to retire off-world (in front of Makepeace), Hammond agreed, as long as Jack understood that he wouldn't be given a GDO, and would never be able to return to Earth. (Shades of Grey)

Implied very strongly that he'd kill Teal'c rather than sentence him to a life of solitary confinement and the threat of being taken over by a mature Junior, if they couldn't find a way to save Teal'c from Apophis's brainwashing. (Threshold)

Caught between a rock (Jack) and a hard place (the Pentagon) when Daniel returned from Kelowna lethally irradiated: the government wanted to maintain diplomatic relations with the Kelownans (despite their accusation that Daniel sabotaged their research, causing his own fatal injuries as a result) to gain access to the Kelownans's store of naquadria, in hopes of being able to develop defensive shields such as those used by the Goa'uld on their motherships. (Meridian)

Willing to risk the SGC's relationship with the Tok'ra -- which admittedly had been less than stellar at that point -- to get information about what happened to Jack after the Tok'ra Kanan had blended with him. Later, he was equally indifferent to Councilor Thoran's threat to break off diplomatic relations at the SGC's idea of using a Goa'uld -- Yu -- to rescue Jack, pointing out that the Tok'ra need Earth a lot more than Earth needs the Tok'ra. (Abyss)

He believed the threat from Anubis had grown too great to pass up any chance at defense, and okayed the mission to P3X-439 to attempt to retrieve the Ancient repository of knowledge by physically removing it and bringing it home to study. He was somewhat taken aback when he was informed that Jack had instead downloaded it into his brain -- again. (Lost City, part 1)

When he was relieved of command, effective immediately, he went to Jack's house to let him know. The entire team was there, and he told all of them. He made no move to fight it, or to let them fight it -- he didn't want to go against orders, and also felt he could be more use in Washington. (Lost City, part 1)

He authorized Sam to take command of the mission to Praclarush Taonas when Jack became too incapacitated. (Lost City, part 2)


Despite being behind the actual front lines as Commander in Chief of the SGC, Hammond has been affected more than once by alien threats brought through the gate.

Reverted to pre-human in The Broca Divide (and held in isolation room IS-19 along with Jack, at least temporarily -- while wearing a straitjacket).

Under Hathor's 'spell' in Hathor.

Vanished (to wherever it was everyone was vanishing to) during Spirits.

Taken over by aliens in Foothold.

Rarely travels through stargate -- only three times so far.

The first time was to pursue diplomatic efforts to get SG-1 out of life imprisonment. (Prisoners)

The second was to join Teal'c and Bra'tac in a desperate bid to rescue SG-1 and the teams that had gone in to rescue them earlier from Hathor. (Into the Fire)

Hammond effectively went directly against orders to do this -- the president and the Joint Chiefs had made it clear that they would not approve any further action by SGC personnel to rescue SG-1 or the other teams on Hathor's planet. (Into the Fire)

Made it offworld for the third time to be part of the command/control center that was coordinating the attack on Anubis. (Fallen)


After being relieved of his SGC command, Hammond traveled to Washington for further orders, where he got caught up in the preparations for Anubis's imminent attack on Earth. (Lost City, part 1)

A day or two after Hayes told Hammond he was going to need him and that Hammond couldn't retire yet, while Hammond was in a meeting with Hayes, Kinsey, and Maynard, General Jumper arrived to announce that space-based radar had picked up three Goa'uld ships heading for Earth. He said that the Prometheus and the fleet of 302s could handle it, but Hammond, while agreeing that that was true if there were no other ships coming, respectfully suggested that they not send the Prometheus out -- he believed it to be a feint, for Anubis to judge their defenses, and wanted to give SG-1 a chance to return with weapons technology they could use. Hayes agreed with him, and left the military at DEFCON 3. (Lost City, part 2)

With the military shifted to DEFCON 1 after Anbusis's fleet took up station around Earth and began attacking power and communication grids, Hammond began his new (likely temporary) command -- of the Prometheus, launched to buy SG-1 some time to complete its mission. He took Sergeant Davis along with him. (Lost City, part 2)

The Prometheus took up position directly above SG-1's scout ship while the F-302s fought one on one with Anubis's ships. (Lost City, part 2)

When the surviving 302s had expended their ordnance, Hammond ordered them to divert to McMurdo -- Prometheus couldn't take them back aboard in the middle of the battle. (Lost City, part 2)

The ship took damage to the hull during the battle, and its shields were weakened. Hammond refused to break off to recharge the shields, holding position over the scout ship to continue protecting SG-1. (Lost City, part 2)

When the scout ship cleared away from the hole in the ice (with SG-1 safely underground), Hammond broke off and headed directly for Anubis's mothership, despite having just taken a hit from Anubis that caused Prometheus's shields to begin to fail. It continued to take hits from the flagship, but didn't change course. (Lost City, part 2)

The shields failed under the barrage, and all weapons were expended before they reached Anubis's ship -- the next hit would take them out. Hammond kept them on course, saying that if they went, they were taking Anubis's ship with them, and warning the crew to brace for collision. (Lost City, part 2)

When they were close to collision, the stream of gold energy weapons swept past them and began attacking the Goa'uld fleet. Hammond broke off, and they watched the fleet get destroyed in front of their eyes. (Lost City, part 2)

After Anubis's attack and the negotiations with the Goa'uld System Lords about Baal, Hammond was promoted. He'll be in charge of 'Homeworld Security' (unofficial designation) -- all things relating to Earth's defense, including the SGC, the 303 program, and the Antarctic site/Ancient outpost. (He's still Jack's direct superior, in other words). (New Order)

His promotion to head of Homeworld Security involved a promotion in rank, as well, to lieutenant general (three stars). Rank confirmed in Prometheus Unbound -- there'd been no indication prior to that.

Stationed at the Pentagon. (Zero Hour)

He called to warn Jack that Gilmor was a plant, sent by the president to check up on Jack before the president's visit. (Zero Hour)

He fully expected Jack to start calling him George after Jack's promotion. (Zero Hour)

Leading Prometheus against Anubis's fleet over Antarctica renewed his interest in staying involved with things rather than retiring -- it 'got [his] dander up,' as Daniel put it -- which is why he took the position as head of Homeworld Security. (Prometheus Unbound)

When President Hayes put Hammond in charge of the Prometheus mission to check on the Atlantis expedition once the Asgard hyperdrive was working properly, he chose to put himself in command of the mission. (Prometheus Unbound)

After sending so many people out on so many missions over the years, some of whom never came back, Hammond wanted to see this one through personally, determined not to leave anyone behind. (Prometheus Unbound)

He returned to the SGC for the first time several months after his promotion to request (order...) Daniel for the mission aboard the Prometheus to the Pegasus galaxy to check on the Atlantis expedition. (Prometheus Unbound)

While he was there, he also laid claim to the office chair he'd left behind, saying his new one wasn't as comfortable. (Prometheus Unbound)

En route to Pegasus, he authorized a detour to check out a distress call. It was a ruse -- Vala invaded the ship disguised as a kull warrior, and transported (via rings) almost everyone aboard over to the crippled al-kesh she'd sent the distress call from. (Prometheus Unbound)

Hammond was mightily pissed about the theft, and when the suggestion was made that they raid the nearby damaged cargo ship for its power crystals, he chose to go himself. The ship was in bad shape -- the life support systems weren't cycling the air, and the ship was full of leftover CO2 from staff blasts from the onboard firefight. He got the crystals and managed to get to the ring room before collapsing, tossing them inside the transporter space to be sure they made it back to the al-kesh to save his people. Fortunately, Novak, Reynolds, and Walter had realized what must have happened, and Reynolds ringed in as the crystals ringed out, pulling Hammond into the transporter circle and bringing him safely back to the al-kesh. (Prometheus Unbound)

Now commander of the al-kesh, Hammond went in pursuit of the Prometheus as soon as the engines were back online.   (Prometheus Unbound)

When the Prometheus went into hyperspace it threw a monkeywrench into his plans, but nothing insurmountable. They kept pursuing and eventually caught up in time to save Daniel (and Vala) from a firefight with at least two other al-kesh and several gliders, where the Prometheus's shields had failed and weapons were almost depleted. (Prometheus Unbound)

Safely back aboard the Prometheus, he had to scrub the rest of the mission to Atlantis -- the ship's hull had taken too much damage to risk such a long journy in hyperspace. (Prometheus Unbound)

When the Replicators under Replicator-Sam's command invaded the SGC, he got word to them that the president had given permission for the deployment of a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb on Jack's command, and that an emergency state of alert had been issued, with a 200-square-mile area around the mountain being evacuated. (Reckoning part 2)


Note: These are very rough estimates, based on military pay calculators and the fact that Hammond had been in the military for at least 28 years as of Children of the Gods (he was a lieutenant in 1969, which was roughly 28 years earlier). I don't redo the calculations every year what I have here should give some idea of where the interim incomes should fall, though.

As of 1999: more than $119,951 -- regular compensation for the rank/grade below him (for Brigadier General 07 -- he's a Major General), including allowances (housing, uniforms, etc.).

Base monthly pay is $9,048.00, not including allowances.

These numbers are based on January 2000 data. Military pay was adjusted in July 2000 don't have those numbers.

As of 2002 (based on the military pay calculator and an educated guess or two): about $142,710/year in regular compensation (including allowances).

Base monthly pay is $9,852, not including allowances.

As of 2004 (based on the military pay calculator and an educated guess or two, and using the CONUS average rather than Colorado Springs-specific pay):

If he's still a Major General (grade 08): about $159,078 in regular compensation (including allowances).

Base monthly pay of roughly $10,635, not including allowances.

If he's a Lieutenant General (grade 09): about $173,736 in regular compensation (including allowances).

Base monthly pay of roughly $11,738, not including allowances.

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Captain Jonas Hanson X

Used to be engaged to Sam, but she broke up with him before either of them joined the SGC.(First Commandment)

Hanson had years of black ops under his belt before joining the SGC. (First Commandment)

Commanded SG-9. (First Commandment)

Upon being greeted as gods by the cave-dwelling natives of P3X-513, Hanson convinced his team that pretending to be gods would be a good way to help the locals set up a political structure to save themselves. (First Commandment)

About 4-5 weeks later, a child got lost from the caves, and Hanson went out into the day to find her, and was outside for two full days -- the last straw on the camel's back of his sanity, apparently. (First Commandment)

Later, when some of the cave-dwellers questioned him on the assumption he was just a man, not a god, he tied them to stakes and left them out in the sunlight for seven days -- by which time they were blind from the extreme solar radiation, and covered in giant bleeding burns. They died shortly after. (First Commandment)

Hanson didn't stop at killing natives: when two of his men, Frakes and Conner, tried to flee back to Earth to warn the SGC what was going on, he chased them down and shot Frakes himself. (First Commandment)

He began working the natives nearly to death, building him a temple, with the promise that he would 'turn the sky orange' -- activate a Goa'uld energy shield that would keep out the worst of the radiation -- after they finished.

He was really waiting for Sam and SG-1 to appear, so he could make Sam turn it on for him. She did (after he threatened Jack), and Hanson called an assembly of the locals to proclaim his power. He didn't realize the shield needed two devices working together. When Daniel explained that and signaled Teal'c to turn the other one on, the natives turned on Hanson, and threw him into an active Stargate -- dialed for Earth, but with no GDO signal sent through, so no open iris. (1997, First Commandment)

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Rank unknown, but likely either major or lt. colonel -- he calls both Jack and Reynolds 'sir'. (Lost City, part 1)

Very likely in command of SG-5 -- he and Reynolds were waiting to meet with SG-1 and Hammond to see if he was going to approve a mission to P3X-439 to try to recover the Ancients's repository of knowledge, with SGs 3 and 5 as the backup teams. (Lost City, part 1)

The mission was approved, and he led his team there. (Lost City, part 1)

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Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman


Formerly known as 'Technician', the guy with white hair and glasses who dials the stargate.

Walter Davis:

2010 -- Jack calls him 'Walter', and his nametag clearly says Davis. Also, he's wearing a nametag 'Sergeant Davis' in The Other Side

Norman Davis:

As of fifth season, his name has changed to 'Norman Davis' (nametag in Meridian)

Walter (Harriman):

By eighth season, his name is back to Walter (very obviously -- Jack calls him by his first name all the time after being promoted to general) despite seasons' worth of nametags that said 'Norman'. (Zero Hour)

His last name may have changed to Harriman, which was originally a fannish mondegreen from There But For the Grace of God -- he was addressed as 'Airman' in that episode, but some fans misinterpreted the drawled word as 'Harriman', and assumed that was his name despite his nametag, which consistently said 'Davis'.

During the virtual-reality simulation, Daniel refers to something 'Sergeant Harriman' said over the PA before he was killed, and given the history with the name, it's unlikely he meant anyone else. (Avatar)

In Prometheus Unbound (just over halfway through eighth season), Hammond finally clearly refers to him as 'Sergeant Harriman'.

Personal note: All of this is driving me nuts, and I'm damned if I'm going to change every reference to him on this site every time they decide they're bored with his name. He was Sergeant [Something] Davis for seven years, and that's what I'm keeping as the main listing, at least for now, since that's what every reference to him throughout the site says.

Personal note 2: With verbal confirmation from his own lips that Sgt. Davis is now Sgt. Harriman (Avalon), I'm switching things around and making Harriman the primary listing. I'm still annoyed, though. If they change it again, I'm going after some with a spork, so help me. Also, I'm not going to go through and change every reference to him on the site - his name was [something] Davis for at least seven solid years.

Got to use a gun in the alternate reality in There But For the Grace of God.

Made it offworld for the first time to be part of the command/control center that was coordinating the attack on Anubis. (Fallen)

He was interviewed for the documentary being filmed by Emmet Bregman, giving a blow-by-blow description of his job for the camera. (Heroes, part 1)

On Dr. Weir's first day in charge, Davis announced 'unscheduled incoming traveler' rather than 'unauthorized offworld activation' (personal speculation -- possibly to make sure Weir understood exactly what was happening, to cut down on her reaction time?) (Lost City, part 1)

Went with Hammond on the Prometheus during its mission to buy SG-1 some time to complete the mission to use Ancient technology against Anubis's fleet. (Lost City, part 2)

Brought Weir a memory-stick with a copy of the message the three Goa'uld negotiating with Earth (Yu, Camulus, Amaterasu) sent back to the other System Lords. (New Order)

He read the promotion announcement for Carter while Jack pinned her silver stars on. (New Order)

Married (visible ring), at least as of eighth season. (Zero Hour)

After Jack took command of the base, Walter functioned as his aide, apparently unofficially. He was very happy to find out that Jack had been assigned a civilian administrative aide. (Zero Hour)

Hammond specifically tapped him to go along with Hammond aboard the Prometheus to the Pegasus galaxy to check on the Atlantis expedition. (Prometheus Unbound)

He was captured by Vala and sent to the crippled al-kesh along with just about everyone else aboard. While there, he managed to get several secondary systems up and running, and discovered that the nearby crippled cargo ship was in even worse shape, with almost no life support left. (Prometheus Unbound)

When Hammond went over to the cargo ship to salvage power crystals, he was visibly worried about him. (Prometheus Unbound)

After the al-kesh was repaired and had caught up to the Prometheus, he was the one on weapons firing at other al-kesh and gliders to protect the Prometheus. He took out two al-kesh that way -- looking very pleased with himself about it. (Prometheus Unbound)

He was on duty in the control room when the Replicators under Replicator-Sam's command invaded -- he received the initial radio transmission, but before he could figure out what it was, the Replicators had hacked into the system and locked him out. He made it out during the evacuation, and served as the liaison between Jack and Hammond, relaying requests and information. (Reckoning part 2)

As of early 2005, he was aide to Major General Landry, newly in command of the SGC. (Avalon part 1)

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Dr. Harris

He was assigned to the third alpha site. (Endgame)

See Dr. Harris for details.

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Dr. Kevin Hartkans

Joined the program in late 2003 or early 2004, and worked steadily for seven months, without attracting any undue notice. In reality, he was a Trust plant. (Endgame)

He went missing the same day the stargate was stolen out of the gateroom. (Endgame)

Lived in an apartment, not a house. (Endgame)

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Major Hawkins X

Commanded SG-11. Was infested by a Goa'uld and killed by Teal'c on on P3X-888 (the original Goa'uld homeworld) (late 2000, The First Ones).

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Major Ian Hules

Alive and well thanks to Janet Fraiser's skill. (No idea what the injury/illness was, or what unit he was with.) (Heroes, part 2)


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Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Ivanov X

Commander of the Russian team. (Metamorphosis)

He brought a refugee, Alabran, back from P3X-367 because he was sure the SGC (especially Jack) would want to know that Nirrti was up to her old tricks again -- genetically modifying humans to suit her purposes. (Metamorphosis)

Quietly snarky (nothing terribly overt, but he had a mind and spoke it when need be), and seemed very determined to make a go of his team's presence at the SGC. (Metamorphosis)

He brought the situation with Nirrti to Jack's and Hammond's attention, even though bringing Alabran back as proof was against regs. He kept himself in the loop as Hammond decided what to do, and wasn't afraid to ask questions if he didn't understand something, or to offer solutions to problems (e.g., he immediately suggested that his team take Alabran back through the stargate after hearing the boy could be booby-trapped). He politely -- and rightly -- pointed out that his team could be useful, and how, and took orders from SGC superiors, including Jack, without complaint. Basically, a smart, capable officer, and an asset to the SGC. (Metamorphosis)

He was captured and brought before Nirrti, who put him in an alien device and tortured him, messing with his active genetic code. Shortly thereafter, his cellular structure collapsed, and he liquefied. (Metamorphosis) (2002)

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Dr. Daniel Jackson

Civilian member of SG-1. See Daniel for complete details.

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Lieutenant Johnson, USMC

Member of SG-3. (Broca Divide)

He was the first to succumb to the Touched virus, getting increasingly agitated during a briefing and finally attacking Teal'c. (Broca Divide)

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Major Charles Kawalsky, USAF X

He was a captain as of 1982, and served with Jack as part of the team that went on Operation East Fly. (Gamekeeper)

Part of the original mission to Abydos. He was the one who found the cartouche that allowed Daniel to figure out how to get them home. (Stargate the movie).

Got his first command after the second mission to Abydos, at Jack's recommendation -- was put in charge of SG-2 (Children of the Gods).

Was almost immediately infested with a Goa'uld, and had to be killed (1997, The Enemy Within).

By the end of the first mission to Abydos and thereafter, he called Daniel 'Daniel' (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods). Later, in Gamekeeper, the memory-Kawalsky called him 'Dr. Jackson'.

Altered timeline: see Kawalsky.

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Major Kearney

He was part of the search for Airman McCaffrey when suspicions were raised that McCaffrey could be Anubis's current host. He found the man McCaffrey had injured and called it in. (Lockdown)

He was stationed in Zone 2 during the zoned part of the lockdown. (Lockdown)

When Anubis made it into Zone 2 inside Sam, Kearney found Jack standing near Sam's zatted body.   (Lockdown)

Jack took Kearney with him to the room with the manual self-destruct, and ordered him to ready his key. Kearney obeyed, and helped set the self-destruct on a five-minute countdown. (Lockdown)

Immediately afterward, Anubis-possessed Jack praised him, then zatted him. (Lockdown)

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Major Stan Kovacek

Attorney. Commands SG-9 in its diplomatic incarnation (Prisoners).

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Doctor Carolyn Lam, CMO

She took over as chief medical officer from Dr. Brightman, as of early 2005. (Avalon part 2)

She may be civilian rather than military - she dresses very casually and doesn't wear dog tags. (Avalon part 2)

When Jack offered her the job, he failed to tell her that General Landry - her father - would be her boss. (Avalon part 2)

nb: Their relationship wasn't explicitly stated in Avalon 2, but their interactions made it pretty clear that they were at least slightly estranged father and daughter.

The first major event she had to deal with was Daniel and Vala falling unconscious when they began using the Ancient long-range communications device. (Avalon part 2)

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Major General Landry

He took over command of SGC in early 2005. (Avalon part 1)

He hadn't known about the program beforehand -- the first he heard of it was when Jack showed up on his front porch and said he wanted to tell Landry something about the 'stargate program'. Landry thought he was crazy at first. (Avalon part 1)

Has a fairly brisk approach to things, but isn't a martinet or unapproachable. (Avalon part 1)

Has a small basketball hoop (with a USAF backboard) set up in his office. (Avalon part 1)

Not fond of Marines. (Avalon part 1)

Personal life:

He has a daughter. (Avalon part 1)

He has a nice-looking home on what seems to be a decent amount of land. (Avalon part 1)

He drinks Coors Light (from bottles). (Avalon part 1)

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One of the people who got mimicked by the Foothold aliens. He was copied pretty far into the invasion -- Sam and Maybourne had already discovered the aliens mimicking Jack, Daniel, and Davis by then. (Foothold)

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Sergeant Larson

A member of the Prometheus's crew under Colonel Pendergast during the mission to locate the cloaked al-kesh with the Goa'ulded Trust members aboard. He was part of the security detail bringing the Goa'ulded Kinsey to the brig when the al-kesh attacked the Prometheus, causing enough confusion for Kinsey to escape. (Full Alert)

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Major Lawrence

Commander of SG-3 (The Sentinel).

(nb: this is very probably a misnomer. It should be Major Warren, who had been in command of the unit before, including during the previous episode -- Warren's character is played by the actor Colin Lawrence, which could be the cause of the confusion.)

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Dr. Bill Lee

One of the scientists analyzing the moon where the SGC was hoping to set up a permanent research station. He was injured in the hand by the indigenous lifeforms (energy-based beings who looked like fireflies/will o' the wisps/Tinkerbell). (Prodigy)

Assigned to help Sam figure out the (presumably) Furling technology to try to find Jack and Maybourne after they vanished through a portal. He got very frustrated and unhappy with Sam's insistence that the team continue searching, after they'd already done everything possible. (Paradise Lost)

Went with Daniel to southern Honduras in search of the Fountain of Youth -- aka an Ancient healing device believed to be hidden in one of the temples of the Goa'uld Telchak. He found the temple by dint of literally falling into it. As he and Daniel moved through the tight corridors, he showed some signs of (very mild) claustrophobia. After they found the device, he and Daniel nearly drowned when they triggered a defense mechanism that rapidly flooded the temple.  As soon as they escaped, they were kidnapped by Honduran anti-government revolutionaries and held captive (presumably for ransom). (Evolution, part 1)

They were held without water or food for two days in an attempt to break them. (Evolution, part 2)

Like Daniel, Dr. Lee was tortured by electrocution as well. He broke under it, telling their captors everything he knew about the Ancient box that they presumed to be the so-called Fountain of Youth. (Evolution, part 2)

He was hesitant when Daniel started breaking them out during the middle of the day, but went along with it. He ran as far as he could but finally collapsed, and Daniel sent him to hide in the jungle off the 'path' Daniel was running down, in hopes that he could stay safe while the others chased Daniel. It worked. (Evolution, part 2)

For his part of the documentary conducted by Emmett Bregman, Lee explained a new type of body armor plating the SGC was developing, to help SG personnel survive staff blasts. (Heroes, part 1)

He was called in to help Teal'c figure out how to disarm the bomb that Sekhmet/Anna had set in the abandoned industrial complex in Los Angeles, after she killed everyone but Keffler. (Resurrection)

He tried to reprogram the timer on the bomb, but accidentally speeded it up -- they went from having probably more than ten hours, to having less than two. (Resurrection)

When they got the bomb turned off thanks to Anna's drawing that Daniel gave them, Lee happily tried to do a high-five with Teal'c -- who wasn't interested. (Resurrection)

He was working with the plant SG-8 brought back from P6J-908. In the space of roughly four hours, it grew from a seed to a small plant, and it just kept going from there. (Zero Hour)

When the plant had grown to cover the lab and start in on the hallway outside by the next morning, Lee was thrilled -- he seemed to be taking a genuine enjoyment in the plant's rampant vitality. (Zero Hour)

The enjoyment didn't even seem to fade much when the plant got into the walls as well (a day or two later) and effectively shut down power to the base by interrupting various systems. (Zero Hour)

Eventually Lee (and his team) decided that gamma radiation would probably kill the plant. To do so, all non-essential personnel would have to be evacuated, and everyone else would have to wear radiation suits. He got Gilmor to pass the idea along to Jack -- he didn't want to do it himself, knowing that Jack hadn't slept in more than two days. (Zero Hour)

It worked: the plant was eradicated, and full power was quickly restored. (Zero Hour)

When Reynolds and SG-3 brought back a ZPM from the planet Camulus had told Jack about, Lee promptly appeared to take charge of it, explaining what it was to Gilmor and doing a prelimary test that showed roughly 50% power left. (Zero Hour)

After the base was exposed to gamma radiation to kill off the alien plant, the ZPM began glowing in a way it shouldn't. Lee figured out that it had been tampered with, introducing a foreign element. It reacted very strongly to a constant electric charge, exploding with a great deal of force even with just a microscopic sample. (Zero Hour)

Lee believed that if they'd sent it to Antarctica as planned and it had been plugged into the Ancient outpost as a power source, the explosion would have destroyed the world. (Zero Hour)

He admitted that he couldn't undo the tampering when Jack pushed him a little. (Zero Hour)

He was part of a team (possibly the leader) that was working on a virtual reality chair, based on technology gained from the (former) Residents on P7J-989. (Avatar)

The  team tested it for two years, using themselves (apparently) for subjects to give the game human knowledge/memories to work from. (Avatar)

When they had a complete, working scenario, they asked Teal'c to test it for them. Teal'c beat the scenario in under a minute, and told them it was too easy. (Avatar)

Dr. Lee shifted rapidly from a slightly negative reaction at being told the game was too easy, to acknowledgement that they hadn't been able to test on real warriors, to looking at Teal'c and lighting up, and convincing him to be their test subject. (Avatar)

When Teal'c got trapped in the game, Lee worked with Sam to come up with a way to help him, by sneaking another person (Daniel) into the game but outside the recording loop. (Avatar)

After three attempts to cut the 'marriage' bracelet (kor mak) off Daniel's wrist failed -- destroying a cutting blade each time -- Lee suggested that he chop of Daniel's hand, saying that Dr. Bennett was proficient at reattachments so it wasn't as wild an idea as it might seem at first blush.  (Daniel  declined.) (Avalon part 1)

He appeared to be in charge of the testing on the Ancient device that Daniel, Mitchell, Teal'c, and Vala found under Glastonbury Tor, determining that it was a long-range communicator meant to work with the small black stones that Jack and Joe Spencer had used for years without realizing it, to see through each other's eyes. He wasn't sure exactly how it would work with the larger base unit. (Avalon part 2)

When Daniel and Vala used the unit and promptly collapsed, Lee refused to let anyone try turning off the machine, not knowing how much damage it might to to disconnec them suddenly. Later, when both Daniel and Vala were in distress, and Vala was dying, Lee literally put his body between the device and Mitchell's gun, protecting it while refusing to let Mitchell shoot it, pointing out that shooting it could cause a surge that would kill Daniel and Vala, or detonate the power source. (Avalon part 2)

When Daniel collapsed after Vala left Earth, even without still wearing the bracelets, Dr. Lee theorized that it had something to do with the communication device - that it somehow combined with the bracelets they'd been wearing to create a more permanent bond. (The Ties That Bind)

He tried running some experiments on them (apparently testing brainwave activity), but without much success, since neither of them really expected it to work. As soon as Daniel realized Vala knew someone who might know about how the bracelets really worked, he took her and left the lab. (The Ties That Bind)

personal note: Lee appears to be more of a Renaissance man than a scientist. He's worked on alien life forms, archaeology, alien technology, developing body armor, bomb defusing/reprograming, biology (plants), Ancient technology, and virtual-reality engineering, in just four years.

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Dr. Lindsey

She was an anthropologist assigned to P3X-421, helping the human population adjust to the loss of their (false) god. When a 'strange missionary' came through the gate and began performing miracles to prove his religion and gain followers - the first Prior in our galaxy - she called the SGC for help. (Origin)

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Loder X

(rank unknown)

Member of SG-11 (The First Ones)

Killed by an Unas on P3X-888 (the original Goa'uld homeworld) (late 2000, The First Ones).

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Major Lorne

Member of SG-11, assigned to explore an abandoned naquadah mine on P3X-403. (Enemy Mine)

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Sergeant Louis

Member of SG-14. Was the only one to survive the aftereffects of the mission to P3X-513. (Divide and Conquer)

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Major Lowel

Has something to do with security. It was his decision to inform General Hammond that an intruder was arrested at the surface for attempting an unauthorized entrance -- she (Hathor) knew about the stargate, and he sent an airman to inform Hammond. (Hathor)

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Dr. MacKenzie

Full colonel. A psychiatrist on staff with the SGC. Has been called in for various cases dealing with issues of mental health and delusional behavior. (Fire and Water, Legacy, Threshold)

Part of his work includes involves analyzing psychological data from SG units, specifically looking for common side effects to gate travel.

One of the links he discovered was headaches -- as of early 1999, 53% of SG field personnel had a history of them.

When Daniel was infested with Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing bug, MacKenzie looked at his symptoms and saw signs of a first-break psychotic episode, which may have been manifesting as full-blown hebephrenic schizophrenia (Legacy)

(definition, symptoms:

Fraiser backed him on the diagnosis based on Daniel's paranoid delusions and auditory/visual hallucinations. (Legacy)

Despite this, he was willing to listen to Daniel when Daniel insisted that he knew what had happened to him he made the phone call to the base that Daniel had requested to check on Teal'c, delayed Daniel's medication as requested, and asked Jack to come see Daniel, then released Daniel. (Legacy)

Still attached to the program as of seventh season. He did the detailed analysis of Daniel's EEG and MRI readings, and determined that Daniel was in a coma while 12 other people were in his mind. (Lifeboat)

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Colonel Robert Makepeace, USMC

Barring a few interruptions, commanded SG-3, a Marine unit. He led the team on the recon mission to P3X-797 (the Land of Light) to look for signs of a Goa'uld stronghold. (Broca Divide)

Led SG-3 on a mission to Vorash to extract Sam when her father was dying and got himself and his unit taken 'prisoner' like SG-1. Later, with Jack and Sam back at the SGC, the Tok'ra began evacuating in preparation for a Goa'uld attack, and released them all Makepeace made the call to stay behind and help with the evacuation, to help keep the potential for an eventual alliance open. (Tok'ra, part 2)

While SG-3 was scouting a planet ending in -254, they found several Tok'ra, who told them where SG-1 were being held prisoner. Makepeace ran the news back to the SGC to begin preparations for a rescue, then led the assault team of several SG units (5, 6, and 11) that went into Hathor's base (while the rest of SG-3 covered the stargate). (Into the Fire)

After Jack, he was the most senior field officer under Hammond's command. (Shades of Grey)

Unbeknownst to anyone else at the SGC, he was working as a mole for Maybourne's rogue NID operation, carrying small pieces of technology back with him for the rogue NID to study when he got the chance and passing along information about missions. (Shades of Grey)

When Jack apparently went rogue, Makepeace was given command of SG-1 because he was the most senior officer, and thus was the appropriate choice for command of the flagship team. (Shades of Grey)

After his first week in command of SG-1, he made a progress report to Hammond, saying Carter had accepted him, but Dr. Jackson and 'the Jaffa' hadn't. (Shades of Grey)

personal note: his saying 'the Jaffa' is startling at this point -- Makepeace had known and worked with/around Teal'c for nearly three full years (SG-1 and SG-3 were on missions together by the fourth episode of the series), and he should have been much more comfortable with Teal'c than he appeared to be. It's a pretty good sign of some strong human-only prejudices on Makepeace's part, IMO.

He was in command of SG-1 for just over a week, possibly 8 days. (Shades of Grey)

When the rogue NID members came through the stargate to Earth, Makepeace grabbed some restraints and took Newman, muttering some reassurances to him before Jack took restraints and arrested Makepeace in turn. (Shades of Grey)

He warned Jack and the others that they'd made a mistake, because the NID went higher than they could imagine. Jack and the others weren't impressed. (Shades of Grey)

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Major Mansfield X

Commander of SG-17 (Proving Ground). Died in the attack on Revanna when the ceiling caved in on him after he'd already suffered severe injuries in another bomb-induced cave-in. (2001, Last Stand)

Altered timeline: see Mansfield.

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Captain Matthison

Assigned to SG-1 as a potential replacement for Daniel, and had the distinction of lasting a shorter time than anyone else: two hours. (Redemption, part 1)

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Airman Malcolm McCaffrey

Another host for Anubis, while Anubis was bouncing around the base trying to avoid detection/capture and make his way offworld through the stargate. (Lockdown)

He missed his scheduled mandatory physical and remained unaccounted for, triggering suspicions. (Lockdown)

When the search for him was underway, he ambushed an SF walking alone, slamming him into a wall and taking his sidearm. He headed for the control room, shooting the SF on guard near the bottom of the stairs. (Lockdown)

Jack, Sam, and Teal'c arrived in time for Jack to zat him before he could get the technician on duty to dial the gate (he had a gun to the back of the man's neck). (Lockdown)

Anubis abandoned his body and headed into the walls. (Lockdown)

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Lieutenant Menard

A military scientist assigned to SG-11. (Enemy Mine)

He was on the team when it was assigned to explore the potential of a naquadah mine on P3X-403 and inadvertently angered a lot of local Unas. (Enemy Mine)

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Lieutenant Morrison

Member of SG-3.


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Dr. Nimiziki

Died almost as soon as he joined the program. Apparently he was on call when Kawalsky reported to the infirmary with a bad headache shortly after the second mission to Abydos, and Kawalsky's immature symbiote killed Nimiziki to keep from being detected. (Children of the Gods)

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Dr. Lindsey Novak

She apparently got asked to go with the Atlantis expedition, but turned it down because she doesn't handle stress very well. (Prometheus Unbound)

She gets (severe) hiccups when she's scared. (Prometheus Unbound)

Part of the Prometheus' crew, assigned to the Asgard hyperdrive, during the mission to the Pegasus galaxy to check in on the Atlantis expedition. (Prometheus Unbound)

According to Daniel, General Hammond said she's very good at what she does. (Prometheus Unbound)

She was trapped aboard a crippled al-kesh along with everyone else when Vala took over the Prometheus. (Prometheus Unbound)

When Hammond went to the nearby crippled cargo ship to salvage its power crystals in hopes that they could help power the al-kesh's engines, she talked him through which crystals to select from where. When they lost contact with him, she's the one who figured out he'd pretty much been breathing CO2, spurring Reynolds to action. (Prometheus Unbound)

She got the al-kesh's systems back up and working after the crystals were salvaged, making it possible for the al-kesh to follow the stolen Prometheus and even save its bacon during a firefight against some other al-kesh and death gliders. (Prometheus Unbound)

By the end of it all, her hiccups had disappeared completely. (Prometheus Unbound)

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A Bedrosian native who helped SG-1 escape captivity, and who was badly wounded in the process. They brought him back and Daniel offered him a job as his research assistant. (New Ground)

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Sergeant O'Brien

One of the gate technicians. He was on duty when SG-1 dialed in from P2X-887, after everyone thought they'd been captured by Baal. He sent a hold signal to them and waited for Jack to give further orders. (Zero Hour)

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Colonel Jack O'Neill

Commander of SG-1. See Jack for complete details.

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Colonel Pearson

Worked in the control room (personal speculation -- possibly functioning as senior on-base military officer under Dr. Weir's new leadership since Hammond was no longer around?). He was careful not to use acronyms or abbreviations around her when he announced that the unscheduled incoming traveler was using Bra'tac's personal identification code (IDC), and referred to Bra'tac as Master Bra'tac. (Lost City, part 1)

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Colonel Lionel Pendergast, USAF

Commander of the Prometheus, at least as of after the battle with Anubis's forces over Antarctica. (New Order)

He had the job of holding in space, waiting for the attack by the Goa'uld.  When a ship about the right size appeared, he identified himself and his ship, and said that failure to reply would be considered an act of aggression and that the Prometheus would respond with the full force of its weapons. He (and the rest of the bridge crew) was relieved to find out the approaching ship was Teal'c and Thor aboard the Daniel Jackson. (New Order)

Pendergast was temporarily removed from command of the Prometheus when Hammond took the ship and crew for the mission to the Pegasus galaxy. (Prometheus Unbound)

Immediately thereafter, he was back in command. He took the Prometheus out into local space to look for the cloaked al-kesh being used by the Trust, who turned out to have been infested by Goa'uld. (Full Alert)

When Daniel beamed aboard with the Goa'ulded Kinsey and Kinsey replied to their questions with 'you have to send me back, idiots, you just made yourselves look worse' (paraphrased, but the gist is there), Pendergast realized that the only reason the Goa'uld would want to return to a primary target in a nuclear war he was engineering was if he had his own way out -- an inside contact. Pendergast sent him to the brig, but Kinsey escaped in the confusion of an al-kesh attack, transporting off the ship. (Full Alert)

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Major Penhall

Member of SG-2. He was part of the mission that went to Erebus to rescue Bra'tac and Rya'c. (Orpheus)

Assigned to accompany Daniel and Chaka to find the local Unas so they could begin negotiations on P3X-403. (Enemy Mine)

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Rank unknown.

Member of SG-3. (Zero Hour)

He was on the team when it provided backup to SG-1 on P2X-887, a planet that had belonged to Anubis, guarding the stargate while SG-1 explored, until SG-1 went missing. (Zero Hour)

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Major/Colonel Pierce

Member of SG-2, at an unknown rank, during The First Ones -- was part of the rescue mission to find Daniel.

As of 2001, he was a major and was in command of SG-15.

Part of the team helping the Tok'ra escape from Anubis's attack on their base in the Risa system. He came through it with just a few scrapes, to the SGC's alpha site. (Allegiance)

Put in charge of protecting the stargate against all comers when it became clear that there was a saboteur/assassin loose on the alpha site. When everyone headed off into the woods to look for the saboteur, in trios, he was assigned to Teal'c and an unknown Tok'ra. (Allegiance)

Later, he lost his GDO to the invisible ashrak in a scuffle around the stargate (recovered when the ashrak was killed). (Allegiance)

Along with the rest of SG-15, he was assigned to return with Sam to the planet where the Hebridans had crashed, as backup against the attacking 'aliens' (actually just members of the alien half of the Hebridan mixed culture, and the original guards of the prisoners posing as the downed ship's crew). They were left to guard the stargate against any incursion by more of the aliens. (Forsaken)

Still in command of SG-15, he was assigned with his team to go with SG-1 to P4S-237 for a full tactical assessment to determine whether there was a real chance to free the locals from the Goa'uld. The entire team was captured when a local, Chazen, betrayed the movement to free the planet and called Mot in a day early. They escaped with the help of another local, and survived an ambush at the stargate with only one apparently minor injury (not sure which team member was injured). (Prophecy)

As of mid-2004, he'd been promoted to colonel. (Endgame)

He appears to have been put in command of the alpha site. He was the one who greeted Teal'c and filled him in on the fact that they'd been out of contact with Earth for several hours (after the Trust stole Earth's stargate). His BDUs had no team insignia on them. (Endgame)

He was a good choice for command -- he wasn't panicking about not being able to contact Earth, but was aware that the lack of response could mean that Earth had been compromised. He stayed very calm, very in control. (Endgame)

He was the voice of reason when Teal'c and M'zel were headed for (understandable) unreasoning fury when they heard that millions of Jaffa had died as a result of a Tok'ra-developed weapon (symbiote poison). He convinced them to stop and think about the fact that the Tok'ra had had this chemical weapon for years, and would have no reason to suddenly start using it. He also pointed out that the timing was highly suspicious, coming right on the heels of contact with Earth being cut off. It was enough so that Teal'c decided to go talk to the Tok'ra directly, rather than assuming they'd started attacking Jaffa for no reason. When M'zel volunteered to go along, once Teal'c announced that he was going to visit an undercover Tok'ra in command of one of Baal's garrisons, Pierce tried to talk them both down again, telling them it was suicide -- Zarin might well sacrifice them just to maintain her cover. (Endgame)

He wasn't happy that they were determined to go get captured so they could speak with Zarin, with absolutely no backup, but made no attempt to stop them once he'd said his piece, respecting their decision. (Endgame)

He kept well-enough informed about the Tok'ra to know that Zarin was female, without any gender cues from Teal'c's reference to her. (Endgame)

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Plunkett X

(rank unknown)

When the Reetou rebels invaded the base, Plunkett was assigned with Jack and Daniel to sweep corridor A-7 on level 28 searching for them. Died from a Reetou weapon blast during the search. (1998, Show and Tell)

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Jonas Quinn

Civilian, originally from Kelowna, who fled his world/country to the SGC when he realized his people would soon be embroiled in a world war. He brought a small supply of naquadria with him. (Meridian)

After Jonas had spent three months at the SGC, Jack (under orders to accept a Russian officer to fill the still-empty slot on SG-1) requested that he be added to SG-1. (Redemption, part 2)

See Jonas for details.

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Redmond X

An F-302 pilot, part of the group that met Anubis's forces over Antarctica in a dogfight. He saved Cameron Mitchell's life by taking out a glider that was going after Mitchell's wounded ship, but was himself killed moments later when his 302 was destroyed. (Avalon part 1)

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Colonel Reynolds

Used to work at Area 51 -- he was the major who guided SG-1 on their tour of the facility while they were trying to figure out what had happened to the second gate. (Touchstone)

Transferred from Area 51 to join the SGC in 2001, and put in command of SG-16. (Ascension)

Brings his laptop (with his name on it and everything) with him to briefings appears to be a scientist of some sort. (Ascension)

Appears to have transferred from SG-16 to SG-3 by the beginning of seventh season (no idea why). With his team, he went with SG-1 to a planet they hoped would be the Ancients's 'Lost City' -- he and his team were the ones who found Daniel, and brought him to meet SG-1. (Fallen)

Still in command of SG-3 (and with his hair buzzed really short), went with SG-1, SG-12, and Bra'tac to meet up with rebel Jaffa forces on Ramius's planet, in hopes of catching one of the new genetically engineered warriors ('supersoldiers') in Anubis's service. (Evolution, part 1)

SG-3's assignment was to guard the gate, but eventually they were overrun with Jaffa. (Evolution, part 1)

Reynolds  got badly wounded in the battle, and after they all surrendered (to keep from being slaughtered), he spent his time in the holding cell very weak, being tended to by Sam (as well as she could under the circumstances, which wasn't very). (Evolution, part 1)

A month later, he appeared completely recovered from his injuries at the hands of Anubis's forces. Still in command of SG-3. He and his team were assigned to help SG-1 search the destroyed alpha site for any survivors. They found a group of 12 mixed human, Jaffa, and Tok'ra survivors, including Major Greene and M'zel, some of them seriously injured. (Death Knell)

Assuming he was still in command of SG-3 (no reason for him not to be), he went with his team to P3X-666 to provide backup for SG-13 while they stayed on the planet to explore some ruins, just in case Goa'uld or Jaffa showed up. As it happened, they showed up in spades, but SG-3 had no reported deaths or even injuries. (Heroes, part 2)

Still in command of SG-3 at the end of seventh season. He led his team and SG-5 as backup for SG-1 on P3X-439 when SG-1 tried to recover an Ancient repository of knowledge from a colonnade. (Lost City, part 1)

Still in command of SG-3 as of early eighth season. (Zero Hour)

Although he outranked Sam (even in the unlikely event that he's not a full colonel, he would have at least three years' seniority on her as a lieutenant colonel), he went along with her decision to leave SG-3 to guard the stargate on a standard recon mission to P2X-887, where SG-3 was acting as backup to SG-1. (Zero Hour)

After roughly 15 minutes with no contact with SG-1, after seeing an al-kesh fly by overhead, Reynolds contacted the SGC to apprise them of the situation (it had been 19 minutes without contact by the time he finished reporting to Jack, who had been in his office when Reynolds called in). (Zero Hour)

After Baal's ultimatum demanding Camulus in exchange for SG-1, Reynolds did a little research and came up with some suggestions for planets they could use to make the exchange, in the event Jack was really thinking of going through with it. (Zero Hour)

As he handed over the list, he made his case for the SGC's not being able to trust Baal, and not being able to open the iris to let SG-1 through because it could be a trap, then asked if Jack was seriously considering the exchange. (Zero Hour)

When Gilmor overheard Jack say that the exchange was 'on the table', he asked Reynolds if it wasn't already too late. Reynolds went very cool and distant and told him about Jack being tortured and killed repeatedly at Baal's hands, and how SG-1 never gave up on him -- he said Jack wouldn't give up on them now, and neither would a single man or woman on the base. (Zero Hour)

He led his team to the world Camulus told Jack about, and found the Ancient device as promised ('about the size of a room'). He had no idea what it was, but knew why Camulus hadn't been able to turn it on -- he brought the disconnected ZPM back to the SGC with him. (Zero Hour)

Reynolds was the spokesman for every SG team member still on base during the crisis, when they all gathered in the gateroom to tell Jack they were behind him one hundred percent, no matter what he decided to do. (Zero Hour)

personal speculation: It's possible that Reynolds has taken over Jack's previous role as (unofficial?) second-in-command at the SGC. His willingness to question (respectfully) Jack's decisions and make sure he's considering all the options/facts (not to mention the fact that he drew up a list of options for Jack on his own initiative, as part of that), and his leadership role in speaking for all the assembled SG teams when they gave Jack their unequivocal backing, are both strong signs of it. (Zero Hour)

He and SG-3 escorted Camulus offworld again with a ZPM meant for Baal and then waited for SG-1, but had to return to base empty handed again. (Zero Hour)

His team was one of the ones that went in to the Rand Protectorate in a fast raid to try to regain loyalist control of the secure bunker.  Although he wasn't visible at any point, he was likely there. (Icon)

Still in command of SG-3, he led his team on the Prometheus mission to the Pegasus galaxy to check up on the Atlantis expedition. They were tasked with checking out a crippled al-kesh that was the source of a distress call the Prometheus picked up while still in the galaxy. He was trapped there along with the rest of his team, and then with the rest of the Prometheus crew, barring Daniel. (Prometheus Unbound)

He originally offered to ring over to the even more badly crippled cargo ship nearby in hopes of salvaging some of its power crystals, but Hammond, who was angry at the loss of his ship and determined to do something about it himself, overrode him. (Prometheus Unbound)

When it was clear that Hammond had probably collapsed on the cargo ship from lack of oxygen, Reynolds ringed over and brought him back. Hammond wasn't breathing, though, and Reynolds was the best choice to give him mouth-to-mouth, since he was right there. After a (completely inexplicable) pause during which he looked horrified at the very thought of doing any such thing, he started to arrange Hammond's head in the appropriate position. Before he could do more than that, Hammond started breathing on his own. (Prometheus Unbound)

After the al-kesh was fixed and had found Prometheus again, then saved it in a firefight, Reynolds and his team stayed behind on the al-kesh to guard it (it was being salvaged) when everyone else ringed back over to the Prometheus to start getting back to normal. They were all knocked out and ringed back to the Prometheus when Vala stole the al-kesh and escaped. (Prometheus Unbound)

Reynolds and SG-3 were on Earth and on base at the SGC when the Replicators under Replicator-Sam's command invaded. Colonel Reynolds either found out himself or was given the information that he brought to Jack, that the Replicators had blocked access to the self-destruct mechanism before anyone could reach it. He stayed with Jack, pointing out that it was only a matter of time before the Replicators took over everything and overrode the security mechanisms. (Reckoning part 2)

personal speculation: To my eyes, this is more evidence that Reynolds is effectively (if not actually) the SGC's second-in-command these days, in Jack's old position. He seems to be the one who consistently makes sure Jack is aware of options and consequences, so Jack can make the most informed decisions.

He brought Jack word that Siler and five other people were trapped on level 8 during the evacuation, and went with Jack to rescue them. He set the charges to blow the blast door open (just one, at first, until Jack pointed out that it was a *blast* door, and they should have two). Jack, Reynolds, Siler, and the other five then stood down a wave of Replicators coming at them down a corridor until the Replicators found an open hatch and went into that instead. (Reckoning part 2)

He was still with Jack on the base when Jack sent word to Hammond to detonate the bomb as soon as possible, believing the Replicators to be heading for the surface. The eight of them headed for the gateroom, hoping to gate offworld before the bomb went off. Although that wasn't going so well, they caught a break when Daniel managed to get control of the Replicators temporarily, freezing them all in their tracks. Shortly after they started up again, the stargate opened an incoming wormhole and the disruptor energy wave surged through, destroying all the Replicators where they stood. (Reckoning part 2)

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Colonel Riley X

In command of the second alpha site. When Anubis launched an attack against it, he ordered an immediate evacuation to the beta site. When the stargate got knocked over and drones (supersoldiers) began landing, shrugging off everything the remaining personnel could throw at them, Riley personally set the self-destruct, staying with it to make sure the enemy couldn't disarm it, to keep Anubis from getting hold of any sensitive information at the site. He told the others that they had one minute to make it to the treeline. Riley died in the blast. (Death Knell) (late 2003)

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Lieutenant Ritter X

Member of SG-11, possibly a surveyor (at least, he was using surveying equipment). (Enemy Mine)

Assigned to explore an abandoned naquadah mine on P3X-403. (Enemy Mine)

Died at the hands of at least one Unas after he wandered into their territory while surveying for further exploration. His corpse was tied up to a frame as a warning to the other humans. (Enemy Mine) (2003)

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Major Robbins

A member (leader?) of either SG-11 or SG-15. He was on Kelowna during Anubis's 'visit' there. (Homecoming)

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Colonel William Ronson, USAF

Full-bird colonel. (Memento)

Wears master-pilot badge. (Memento)

Commander of the Prometheus (X-303) on its shakedown mission. (Memento)

He was a bit gung-ho on the idea of drills, battle and otherwise, annoying Jack no end with the constant alarms. (Memento)

Once the shakedown cruise went south and the ship was forced to land, he was less than pleased with the idea of giving the Tagreans an inch, since they were holding weapons on his grounded ship, but gave in when Jack insisted. (Memento)

Still serving aboard the Prometheus on its eventual return from its shakedown cruise. (Grace)

He, along with the rest of the crew, escaped the ship during a battle with an unknown alien ship, and was then captured by the alien vessel (by unknown means, for an unknown purpose).   (Grace)

He was released along with everyone else when Sam, still on the Prometheus alone, figured out a way for both ships to escape the gas cloud where they were trapped, and demanded the return of the crew before she'd help the aliens get away. (Grace)

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Dr. Robert Rothman X

A two-time decathlon champion in college. (Forever in a Day)

Spoke at least some Mayan. (Crystal Skull)

Used to be Daniel's research assistant when Daniel was doing his dissertation. Member of the SGC's research division, working both on the base (Crystal Skull) and in the field (The First Ones).

Daniel assumed that Rothman would be his replacement on SG-1 if he should leave (Forever in a Day) -- and that Jack wouldn't like Rothman.

Jack was at least impatient with Rothman, even if he didn't outright dislike him (Crystal Skull, The First Ones).

Rothman was assigned to SG-11 to study the original Goa'uld homeworld -- P3X-888 -- and was infested with a primitive Goa'uld. Jack killed him. (late 2000, The First Ones).

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(rank unknown)

When the Reetou rebels invaded the base, Rothman was assigned with Teal'c and Brecker to sweep corridor C-3 on level 28 searching for them. (Show and Tell)

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Colonel Tom Rundell

Cheyenne Mountain Complex Public Affairs Liaison. (Heroes, part 1)

(nb: it's entirely possible that he's not technically SGC personnel, but since he was acting specifically as the SGC's PR guy, this is where I'm putting him.)

He was assigned to babysit Emmett Bregman and his camera crew during their documentary of the SGC. (Heroes, part 1)

Had his own ideas about how best to do the documentary, saying he thought it should be cinema verite. (Heroes, part 1)

He seemed to be trying to be relatively helpful for the most part, but at the same time was clearly sympathetic to the SGC's closed-door policy on active missions, and steadily blocked Bregman from seeing any of it. (Heroes, part 2)

He brought Bregman, James, and Wickenhouse the information that Jack had been shot, and was possibly the casualty they'd heard about. (Heroes, part 2)

He reported to Hammond that Bregman had been caught trying to sneak into the infirmary.  When Hammond decided to kick Bregman and his team off the base, Rundell gave them the word (and stood over the airmen while they packed, pretty much). (Heroes, part 2)

Apparently in charge of readying the SGC for President Hayes's visit, at least in terms of decoration and such. (Possibly also protocol -- who stands where, when, etc. -- but that part's not mentioned.) (Zero Hour)

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Sanchez X

(rank unknown)

Member of SG-11.

Killed on P3X-888 (the original Goa'uld homeworld) (late 2000, The First Ones).

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Lieutenant Satterfield

(No rank is actually given, but as an academy graduate she must be a lieutenant.)

Recruited straight out of the academy, trained under Jack. She was accepted to the SGC, and is waiting for an assignment to an SG team when a slot becomes available. (Proving Ground)

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Sergeant Shandler

The SF on duty outside the isolation quarters on level 22 when all of SG-1 was put in quarantine after an electronic object (which later turned out to be Urgo) was found in all of their brains. (Urgo)

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Captain  Shefield

Stationed on the alpha site, at least as of 2004. (Covenant)

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Master Sergeant Siler

Assigned to the base. His area of expertise is the mechanical and electrical function of the Stargate, and he's often called upon to make corrections and repairs on the Stargate and the equipment. Also seems to help with research (Crystal Skull).

He was under Hathor's 'spell' in Hathor.

Electrocuted (non-fatally) after helping Jack pull the main electrical breaker in an attempt to shut off the wormhole that was connected to a black hole. (A Matter of Time)

He wound up with a concussion and broken arm after a suped-up Jack tapped him in Upgrades.

Somehow wound up with a broken nose around the time Daniel was 'possessed' by a dozen different personalities. (Lifeboat)

He was the guinea pig in a live test of the new ceramic-polymer plating that was designed to slip into the sides of a standard-issue SG vest to protect the wearer from staff-weapon blasts (stopping the force and absorbing the heat). The blast threw him back against a (padded) wall and caught his vest/shirt on fire -- an airman had to use an extinguisher on him. The experience landed him in the infirmary to get patched up for burns. (Heroes, part 1)

Stationed in Zone 1 during the phase of lockdown that included trying to force Anubis into using his ascended powers, by making sure that no one person could operate the stargate. (Lockdown)

He had a busy week before the president arrived to congratulate Jack on his new appointment: he was part of the crew trying to chop the alien plant back when it started taking over the lab, then used a flamethrower when it started taking over the hallway. When  the base had to go to emergency lighting only and several systems went offline, he was part of the repair crew, working mainly in the control room and on the stargate (to all appearances). (Zero Hour)

When Jack told Baal that the irony of the situation (Jack missing his deadline to respond to Baal's ultimatum, because the SGC couldn't dial out) was that Carter wasn't there, because she could have fixed the problem just like that, Siler assured him that there was no offense taken. (Zero Hour)

He was on duty when the Replicator under Replicator-Sam's command invaded. He and five other people were trapped on level 8 behind blast door R-4 -- the door wouldn't open with a cardkey after the power went. Jack and Reynolds got them out, blasting a hole in the door with two C-4 charges. Siler and the others then stood down a wave of oncoming Replicators in a corridor until the Replicators found an open hatch and went in there instead. (Reckoning part 2)

He was still with Jack on the base when Jack sent word to Hammond to detonate the bomb as soon as possible, believing the Replicators to be heading for the surface. The eight of them headed for the gateroom, hoping to gate offworld before the bomb went off. Although that wasn't going so well, they caught a break when Daniel managed to get control of the Replicators temporarily, freezing them all in their tracks. Shortly after they started up again, the stargate opened an incoming wormhole and the disruptor energy wave surged through, destroying all the Replicators where they stood. (Reckoning part 2)

Siler apparently had Jack in his will -- when Jack joked that he expected to be put in Siler's will because of the rescue, Siler (apparently seriously) replied 'Already in it, sir.' (Jack's reply: 'Okay, that's... weird.') (Reckoning part 2)

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Lt. Graham Simmons

A technician who also works in scientific research on the base. Had/has a crush on Sam. Allergic to tetracycline. (Message in a Bottle, The Fifth Race, A Matter of Time, Serpent's Song)

Worked on gate diagnostics to try to figure out what was holding it open for so long when the team was under attack from Anubis -- seemed to be over his crush. (Redemption, part 1)

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Sergeant Connie Smith

Alive thanks to Janet Fraiser's skill as a doctor. (No idea of what her injury was, or what unit she was with.) (Heroes, part 2)

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Stevens X

(rank unknown) Joined Jack and Teal'c on the Russian sub to fight the Replicators died there. (mid-2000, Small Victories)

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Colonel Marshall Sumner

He was clearly SGC, but it's not clear what unit he was with prior to joining the Atlantis expedition. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

He was less than pleased to have Sheppard under his command -- he'd heard about Sheppard's direct disobeying of an order in Afghanistan, and wanted to be sure that Sheppard understood that he wouldn't tolerate any violating of the chain of command. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

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Tarkman X

(rank unknown)

Member of SG-9. (The Sentinel)

Died on the mission to Latona, presumably killed by Jaffa. (The Sentinel) (2001)

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Member of SG-1

(not really a civilian, but not a soldier, either -- warrior, all the way).

See Teal'c for complete details.

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(the dialing guy): See 'Sergeant Walter Davis'

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Major Wade X

Commanded SG-3 after Makepeace. (Chain Reaction)

Died on P3S-452, a Goa'uld stronghold, on a mission ordered by General Bauer, to get more weapons-grade naquadah to use to enhance a nuclear warhead. (2000, Chain Reaction)

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Dr. Warner

A surgeon and member of the medical staff of the SGC. (The Enemy Within)

Attempted to remove the Goa'uld from Kawalsky. (The Enemy Within)

Performed exploratory surgery on Cassie to find out what the foreign object in her chest was (and remove it if possible), and risked her life by not stopping when Fraiser said to -- Cassie's pulse was skyrocketing, and her heart monitor flatlined before Warner removed the scope to allow CPR to begin (which turned out to be unnecessary -- the bomb just wanted to be left alone, and restarted her heart when the scope was removed). (Singularity)

Was less than helpful when Jack, Sam, and Janet were infested with Ma'chello's little bug things, believing it would take weeks to get Jolinar's protein marker out of Sam's blood to inject into the others, and never even considering simply separating out the rejectable bits of the blood and injecting everything else, including the marker. (Legacy)

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Major Warren

With SG-2 on Abydos under Kawalsky's command no indication of rank (but he never called Kawalsky 'sir', so possibly was a major at that early date as well). (Children of the Gods)

In command of SG-3 in Prisoners.

Was one of the soldiers taken over by the aliens in Foothold.

Went with Jack and at least one other soldier to Reese's planet to find clues to the disaster that wiped her people out. Discovered Replicator blocks. (The Menace)

Very possibly was in command of SG-3 during a joint mission with SG-1 to Latona, where SG-3 chased Jaffa all over the place while SG-1 attempted to repair the planet's defense systems (team leader is listed in the credits as Major Lawrence, but that seems unlikely -- the actor, Colin Lawrence, has played Warren since Children of the Gods, and I believe 'Major Lawrence' to be an accidental misnomer for Warren). (The Sentinel)

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Dr. Elizabeth Weir

A civilian recruited into the program directly by President Hayes, to be its new head. (Lost City, part 1)

She's an expert in international politics, with strong diplomatic/negotiation credentials: she brokered a dozen of the most sensitive treaties of modern times, and mediated negotiations for the UN, as well as one in North Africa (it's not clear if that was on behalf of the UN or not). (Lost City, part 1)

Daniel referenced some of her work when he drafted the first treaty with the Tok'ra. (Lost City, part 1)

Her father used to have weekly poker games with his friends when she was small -- she never paid much attention. (New Order)

Claimed to be unfamiliar with bluffing in any real practical sense -- she said she didn't use bluffs in her international negotiations. (New Order)

She started her career as a political activist, lobbying against government spending on the military. (Lost City, part 1)

She has an aversion to the military -- but not a kneejerk, unthinking one. (Lost City, part 1)

She decided that the best way to stop the proliferation of weapons is to try to stop the need for them. (Lost City, part 1)

She speaks five languages -- including Russian and probably Latin, since she was familiar enough with it to know that 'derentis' wasn't Latin. (Lost City, part 1)

Kinsey gave her a ride to the White House for her meeting with Hayes, both because Hayes told him to explain the situation to her and because he wanted to sway her to his own side right off the bat. (Lost City, part 1)

Her initial reaction to his announcement that the Air Force was running a program using alien technology was to ask if it was a joke. After Kinsey handed her a note from the president ('This is not a joke.') and a confidential file with more details, she took it more seriously. (Lost City, part 1)

Later, she was brought to a room with boxes and boxes of confidential files about the program. (Lost City, part 1)

During her meeting with Hayes, she assumed that she was being brought in to help negotiate with other Earth governments to deal with their wanting to be given control of the program -- she didn't believe herself qualified to negotiate with aliens. She assumed that Hayes wanted to put a friendlier face on the project than a military general, in preparation for the day when the program wound up going public. (Lost City, part 1)

She didn't accept on the spot, but did take the job. (Lost City, part 1)

Kinsey showed up as soon as her meeting with the president was over, to warn her to be careful who she trusted (including Hayes), saying that he (Kinsey) was the one person she wanted on her side, and the one person she didn't want to cross. (Lost City, part 1)

Weir doesn't scare easily, and already had too much political acumen to let herself be swayed or intimidated by this. (Lost City, part 1)

She arrived at the SGC on Monday (her meeting with Hayes had been on Friday) and began to settle in, prepared to make changes that not everyone would be happy with. (Lost City, part 1)

The depth and lack of windows unsettled her slightly. (Lost City, part 1)

All offworld teams were recalled as of early Monday morning, either by her order or as Hammond's last order. (Lost City, part 1)

The first SG-1 member she spoke with was Daniel, who immediately began impressing on her the need for and urgency of SGC operations, especially regarding Jack (who had an Ancient database slowly unspooling into his brain). (Lost City, part 1)

He challenged her to go offworld to see for herself what was going on, and why the Goa'uld were such an immediate, deadly threat.  She appeared to be prepared to do so, but not immediately. (Lost City, part 1)

The first alien visitor she met was Bra'tac, who came bearing news that Anubis was gathering his full fleet to stage an attack on Earth, and that he'd arrive within three days. (Lost City, part 1)

She met the rest of SG-1 in the meeting with Bra'tac -- with Kinsey also present. (Lost City, part 1)

She proved very flexible/adaptable, very quickly.

She followed along with no apparent trouble as Daniel explained that gate addresses could also be words, and that he was sure the words Jack had come up with were an address to the world of the Lost City. When Sam, checking the gate-address logs, said they'd already dialed that world and failed to connect, but that she could translate the address into a spatial point and they could go by ship, with Daniel suggesting the Prometheus, Weir didn't miss a beat, pointing out that the Prometheus was the Earth's last line of defense against Anubis. (Lost City, part 2)

She appeared to be running people through to the alpha site while Anubis's ships attacked Earth. When Kinsey showed up demanding to be added, she was fairly contemptuous of his cowardice. (Lost City, part 2)

A sudden power outage roused her suspicions, and she ordered a manual closing of the iris (over Kinsey's objections) just in time to stop a nuke (or worse) from destroying the base. (Lost City, part 2)

Over Kinsey's objections, she listened to a communication from SG-1, and, still over his objections, contacted Hayes and suggested that the Prometheus be used to buy some time to allow SG-1 to complete their mission. (Lost City, part 2)

Kinsey announced that her plan was insane, and he was relieving her and taking over. Hayes, fed up, fired him, and once Kinsey stormed off, told Weir to continue. He went with Weir's idea. (Lost City, part 2)

The negotiations with the High Council of the System Lords (in the persons of Yu, Amaterasu, and Camulus) were her first interplanetary negotiations. (New Order)

She steadfastly refused to help the Goa'uld in their battle against Baal, even when they offered hyperdrive engines as an enticement (without mentioning how many they planned to offer, and refusing to give a total number of their own ships, so Earth could plan to build an equivalent force). (New Order)

To emphasize the fact that Earth didn't need Goa'uld help, Weir told them that Earth had hyperdrive technology already, and that it was being implemented with the help of the Asgard. This was news to the Goa'uld. (New Order)

NB: (personal speculation) This may have nullified the entire Protected Planets Treaty. Although no mention was made of it, the fact is that one of the requirements of the treaty is that the Asgard not give technological help to any of the planets under its protection, and that helping even just one would nullify the entire thing. Earth is still listed in the treaty, so theoretically, all the treaty's provisions should still apply.

When Amaterasu implied (pretty broadly) that the System Lords would just let Baal know that Earth's Ancient weapon wasn't working, to trick him into going to Earth so Earth would have to destroy him anyway, Weir appeared to cave, agreeing to take him on. She followed it up immediately with non-negotiable conditions: Earth was to be given all of Baal's territory, armies, and ships in return. As she expected, this didn't go over especially well, and bought Earth a little time as the three negotiating Goa'uld had to contact the other System Lords to discuss the new situation. (New Order)

After temporarily bluffing the Goa'uld, while waiting for them to come up with an answer, Weir started thinking about reviving Jack from stasis, even without the Asgard standing by to save his life by yanking the Ancient knowledge from his brain before it destroyed him.

She specifically wanted the Anciented Jack (okay, terrible term, but you know what I mean), so he could use the weapon -- assuming it still had enough of a charge to be useful -- against either Baal or the other Goa'uld, because it was starting to look like Earth was definitely in for an attack, and soon. (New Order)

When the Goa'uld delegation was recalled to further discuss the issue, Weir was seeing them off, and was as surprised as they were when the stargate shut down.

When Daniel (who'd shut it down personally) came into the gateroom to explain that the System Lords were sending a ship to attack Earth to test its defenses, Weir declared that an act of war, and took Yu, Camulus, and Amaterasu (and Oshu, by default) prisoner, stripping them of diplomatic rights. (New Order)

After listening to an impassioned plea by Oshu (who basically told her that Baal's power would put Anubis's to shame if he succeeded in conquering the System Lords, and asked that she free them all to fight him, or at least to die with honor), she went to her superiors and was told to free the Goa'uld delegates. (New Order)

She was taken completely by surprise when Camulus requested asylum on Earth, but granted it. (New Order)

Shortly thereafter, Hayes requested that she switch jobs, and supervise the research at the Ancient outpost in Antarctica -- her particular skills were well-suited to handling the delicate situation with the various international claims already being made on the site. (New Order)

Before she left, she passed along the news of Hammond's new job, and Jack's proposed promotion. (New Order)

Her last official act as head of the SGC was to introduce the SGC to its new commanding officer -- Brigadier General Jack O'Neill. (New Order)

Was involved to some degree with a man named Simon -- possibly married to him, but that's never stated (and neither of them were wearing a wedding band). (SGA: Rising pt 1)

When she was getting ready to leave for Atlantis, she created a videotape for him, explaining what she was doing and why, in the hope that President Hayes would grant him the security clearance he needed to see it. She never went to see him, or called him. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

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Senior Airman Simon Wells

Member of SG-13. (Heroes, part 1)

His wife, Marci, was pregnant with their first child when SG-13 went to P3X-666. (Heroes, part 1)

On P3X-666, his vote for what they'd encounter was an abandonded naquadah mine. (Heroes, part 1)

Immediately after he and Bosworth were told to head back to the stargate to return home, Wells took a staff blast to the back and went down. (Heroes, part 1)

He was very badly injured at first -- he couldn't even feel his legs. (Heroes, part 2)

Janet and Daniel arrived to help him while the other SG teams went to hold off the Jaffa as best as possible. He was convinced he was going to die, and asked Daniel to film him -- he wanted to tell his wife he loved her. (Heroes, part 2)

Another staff blast missed him by inches, striking and killing Janet instead. (Heroes, part 2)

He made it back safely, but blamed himself for Janet's death, believing she'd died because of him. Daniel told him it wasn't his fault. (Heroes, part 2)

A couple of weeks after he made it back, Marci gave birth to their daughter -- Janet. (Heroes, part 2)

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Sergeant A. Wilson

One of the people who got mimicked by the Foothold aliens. They used his ID and code to dial out when they evacuated. (Foothold)

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(rank unknown)

Member of SG-9. Died on the mission to Latona, presumably killed by Jaffa. (The Sentinel)

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Lieutenant Woeste

Probably the SG-11 soldier who fired on and killed an Unas who was just trying to retrieve a necklace lost in an earlier battle. (Enemy Mine)

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Sergeant Ziplinski

seen during Fair Game.


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