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General info

Planet: P3X-513 (First Commandment)


Fairly primitive, with hunting and guard " garb" reminiscent of the Mudmen of Papua New Guinea (picture -- link will open in a new browser window). Clothing otherwise seemed to be a gender-neutral skirt and shirt, or long shift, of pale fabric. (First Commandment)

The people live in caves that used to be mines, but their population was growing too fast for the caves to continue supporting them -- they didn't have the technology to dig more caves, and they didn't want to live outside, because the solar radiation is deadly. (First Commandment)

They had legends of the old gods (Goa'uld), and how they " turned the sky orange" -- put a shield of some sort in place in the atmosphere to protect them from the solar radiation.   (First Commandment)

Captain Jonas Hanson, of SG-9, went completely insane on the planet during a mission there, and set himself up as their new god, with the promise that he'd turn the sky orange and save them all if they worshipped him. When SG-1 proved him a false god, the locals turned on him and tossed him through the stargate (to his death, as it happens). (First Commandment)

Known Cave-dwellers:





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