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General info

Planet name: Talthus. SGC designation: none.

The planet was about to be caught in a massive solar flare when a dark star passed close enough by to affect their sun the flare would engulf Talthus and destroy it. The people knew about it for 12 years before it happened, and did what they could to save the race. Before it could happen, three ships went out into deep space, with cryogenically frozen colonists (supposedly chosen strictly by lottery) aboard. (Lifeboat)

The sovereigns (plural, but not clear if it's just two, or more) were chosen in the lottery. (Lifeboat)

One of these ships was called the Stromos among other people, it was carrying a sovereign, Martice. (Lifeboat)

The ships were bound for a planet called Ardena, where its passengers would settle and colonize. Some 3,000 people total from all three ships were supposed to settle there, with Martice as ruler. (Lifeboat)

The Stromos crashed for unknown reasons on P2A-347. The computer revived Pharrin, who was one of the officers (and an engineer), presumably to fix whatever the problem was, but reviving him used up too much power -- the other cryo units in his compartment began to fail, and 12 sleepers were going to die within minutes. Pharrin figured out a way to bypass the failsafes keeping each mind connected to its own body, and put all 12 personalities inside his own mind in a desperate attempt to save as many as possible. When SG-1 arrived and began exploring the ship, the group mind inside Pharrin knocked them out (using a fairly indiscriminate energy weapon) and began the same process using them as personality carriers, but had to stop after they'd gotten 12 more personalities inside Daniel -- Teal'c woke up and scared them off. (Lifeboat)

Sam and Teal'c discovered this when they went back to the ship and met Pharrin, who asked them to also be carriers of personalities to save some of his people. They refused, offering a different deal: once Daniel was returned to them with no other minds inside his, they'd repower the Stromos and revive as many people as were still alive, and send them all through the stargate to a new world. Pharrin (and the others in his mind) accepted. After a dicey moment or two when Martice objected, the deal went through: Pharrin took all of the personalities from Daniel into himself. (Lifeboat)

The survivors of the Stromos never made it to Ardena the SGC repowered their ship enough to revive all the sleepers, then sent them through the stargate on P2A-347 to another world, to start a separate, smaller colony of their own. (Lifeboat)

No idea if the other two ships ever made it to Ardena. (Lifeboat)

Known Taltheans:


A young boy, maybe 5 or 6, who was the only member of his family able to go on the Stromos with his father (Pharrin), an officer (who was allowed to bring one family member with him). His mother insisted on the choice. Keenin didn't want to leave he wanted to stay with his mother. (Lifeboat)

After the ship crashed on P2A-347, Keenin's body was one of the ones that died, and he was one of the personalities that got dumped into Daniel's brain as a last-ditch alternative to save at least some part of their lives. (Lifeboat)


A sovereign of Talthus. (Lifeboat)

Older than Daniel, but no idea by how much. (Lifeboat)

He was arrogant and pushy, with an exceedingly high opinion of himself. (Lifeboat)

After the ship crashed on P2A-347, Martice's body was one of the ones that died, and he was one of the personalities that got dumped into Daniel's brain as a last-ditch alternative to save at least some part of their lives. (Lifeboat)

When Pharrin (and the many personalities inside his mind) came to the SGC and explained to Tryan (the then-" visible" personality in Daniel) that there was a way to save their people, Tryan accepted that he would have to be sacrificed to pull it off Martice vehemently objected, and took control of Daniel's body to say so, demanding that Pharrin return him to the ship immediately, refusing to be sacrificed in any way. (Lifeboat)


Engineer (Lifeboat)

Keenin's father. (Lifeboat)

After the ship crashed on P2A-347, the computer revived him, but the power it took was too much for the system, and 12 cryosleep units in his compartment began to fail. He figured out a way to bypass their failsafes, to make it possible to transfer a consciousness to another body. He transferred people to himself first -- the 12 who were about to die within minutes as the price of his revival, for a total of 13 people living in one body -- then knocked out SG-1 when they boarded the ship (using a widespread energy blast) and started in on them to save more as the power continued to weaken throughout the ship. He only got as far as Daniel (again, 12 additional minds inside Daniel) when Teal'c woke up and he had to stop and flee. (Lifeboat)

He/they was/were obsessed with saving as many of his people -- the last of an entire world -- as possible, believing that the other ships would hear the Stromos's distress beacon and come to get them, and find a way to restore the souls he was carrying within him. (Lifeboat)

He/they tried to convince Sam and Teal'c to let themselves become carriers of other minds, as well. They refused, but offered a different deal instead: if Pharrin returned Daniel to them with no other personalities inside him, they'd repower the Stromos enough to revive all the sleepers still alive, and send everyone through the stargate on P2A-347 to a new world, to start a smaller, separate colony than the original one on Ardena. (Lifeboat)

Pharrin went for the deal after they brought him to the SGC (proving to him that stargates exist and work, as promised). He easily talked Tryan into the agreement, but when Martice took over Daniel's body and demanded that Pharrin obey him and return him to the ship, Pharrin hit his knees and told Sam he had no choice -- they'd all sworn an oath of utter allegiance to the sovereign, and he had to do his will. Pharrin changed his/their mind after Jack threatened to cut the sovereign out of Daniel he/they told the sovereign that the agreement with the SGC was the only way to save their people, so they had no choice. He promised Keenin (who appeared immediately after the sovereign) that they would be together, and then took all of the personalities who had been in Daniel into himself (Daniel had kept his consciousness suppressed almost entirely throughout, so his mind hadn't mingled in any way with the others -- that was the only reason he could be separated out during the transfer). (Lifeboat)

It wasn't clear if all the personalities had actually made it Pharrin was left in suspended animation until the other passengers could revive and take care of him/them. (Lifeboat)


Engineer, second rank, on the Stromos. (Lifeboat)

After the ship crashed on P2A-347, Tryan's body was one of the ones that died, and he was one of the personalities that got dumped into Daniel's brain as a last-ditch alternative to save at least some part of their lives. (Lifeboat)

He was the most helpful of the personalities in dealing with the SGC -- rational and willing to talk. (Lifeboat)

When Pharrin (and the many personalities inside his mind) came to the SGC and explained to Tryan that there was a way to save their people, Tryan accepted that he would have to be sacrificed to pull it off. (Lifeboat)


Fairly advanced -- spaceships and successful cryogenics (necessary for the spaceflight, which wasn't faster than light). (Lifeboat)The cryogenic system was set up with hundreds of individual modules -- separate chambers/pods for each body. The mind of each " cryosleeper" was stored in the same memory module as the body, with multiple safeguards built in to ensure that the correct mind went to the correct body and no other. Swapping bodies was supposed to be technically impossible -- unless the sleeper's body is dead. Only after a body dies can the failsafes be overridden and the consciousness purged from the system. (Lifeboat)

Each cryogenic capsule contained an " active matrix memory module" -- memory storage big enough to house one adult human's consciousness. (Lifeboat)

The consciousness was separated from the body during the cryogenic process to protect it the restoration process destroyed memories and intellect. Without properly storing the consciousness elsewhere, a person would wake up a shadow of his former self. (Lifeboat)



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