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(The race name is a probably inaccurate guess -- it's the only word we're given, but it more specifically applies to the judicial body that sentences criminals.)

General info

Planet designation is P3X-775. (Prisoners)

Far more technologically advanced than Earth. (Prisoners)

A civilization of island states, ruled by strict, immutable law. Those found guilty of any crime are sent through the stargate to the prison world of Hadante, for life -- no appeals process, and a zero-tolerance policy toward crime of any sort. (Prisoners)

Taldor as judiciary: Hand down sentences in anonymity, speaking from darkness while defendants (or supplicants, in the case of SGC representatives trying to retrieve SG-1 from imprisonment) are bathed in a beam of bright blue-white light. They believe that punctuality is emblematic of civilized behavior. Highly xenophobic (and arrogant, narrow-minded, self-centered... according to Major Kovacek). (Prisoners)


Prison world, used much the way the British used Botany Bay in Australia. According to Daniel's rather cursory investigation, Hadante was likely an alien gate terminal, roughly 15,000 years old. When new prisoners arrived (through the stargate), the existing prisoners set up a weird whistling. Food was sent through from Taldor every day at the same time -- a sort of gruel, which poured through the gate in a single stream, to be caught on a piece of wood that aimed down into a trough, from which all the prisoners ate (by scooping out a bowlful). (Prisoners)

Known Taldor:


aka The Destroyer of Worlds.

Extremely smart and strangely honest, while being totally misleading. In her words, " There was an experiment with tragic consequence. People died. ... It began with a terrible plague... Time was short. I offered my knowledge. Instead of inhibiting the disease's progress, my medicine accelerated its effects. ... Do not think that I am innocent." Sam, and through her SG-1, believed this, and allied with her. (Prisoners)

In reality, she was sent to Hadante for creating a terrible plague -- to which she was immune -- that wiped out half the population. She came and offered her help in stopping it, but instead made it worse. It spread from island to island, and by the time she was caught she had destroyed half the world. (Prisoners)

She rose to a position of power in the prison (and even when she -- clearly in charge of things there -- told Jack and Sam that there are two ways to control a society: fear and hope, they totally failed to get that she controlled that particular society through fear). (Prisoners)

She's capable of murder on a smaller scale, as well to keep SG-1 intact and available to her purposes, she covertly killed Vishnoor while he was strangling Daniel, making it look like somehow Daniel had done it. (Prisoners)

Her biochemistry skills are impressive while on Hadante and working with local materials and no lab equipment, she developed medicines that helped Daniel recover from near-suffocation, as well as a medicine that completely reversed a degenerative eye disease that had caused blindness in Simian. Working alone in a primitive setting, she also managed to come up with cold fusion, using liquid " activators" on the root of a plant. (Prisoners)

She teamed up with SG-1 to escape Hadante, offering her cold fusion technique to manually power the gate in return for going with them back to Earth. (Prisoners)

Given access to the SGC's computer system, she figured out the stargate system in record time, knocked Sam and another scientist out, and fled through the gate. She crashed the entire system behind her, leaving a message: " Thank you for your help. All debts have now been paid." (Prisoners)

See Linea for further details. (Past and Present)


Criminal according to the Taldor -- accused of murder. (Prisoners)

On the run on his home planet, he literally stumbled into SG-1, begged them for help, and got them to go with him, which eventually contributed to their list of crimes in the Taldor's eyes. (Prisoners)

Roshure went his separate way once they were all sent to Hadante, and within a day or so of their arrival made his bid for freedom -- by standing in the path of the kawoosh and being killed instantly. (He thought it was a way of escape, that he'd be sent back through the stargate.) (Prisoners)


Sent to Hadante because he stole food. (Prisoners)

He was blind when he arrived Linea put medicine in his eyes and restored his sight. He recognized her as the Destroyer of Worlds, and fled her presence. (Prisoners)

Later, he followed SG-1 through the stargate to P2A-509 SG-3 found him lurking near their basecamp relatively soon after SG-1 had returned to Earth, and brought him back to the SGC in handcuffs. Once there, he gave them Linea's true history. (Prisoners)


Strong like bull, dumb like ox. Totally subservient to Linea on Hadante, but other than that, he ruled the prison by virtue of being the hardest to kill. (Prisoners)

When SG-1 first appeared he made a grab for Sam she backward-head-butted him in the mouth and then Linea intervened and announced that Sam was protected. (Prisoners)

Later, either to regain face or just because he's like that, he decided that Daniel had insulted him and picked a fight. He nearly managed to kill Daniel through strangulation before Linea, working covertly, killed Vishnoor herself. (Prisoners)



speaking area, where criminals and supplicants are brought to speak to the Taldor. (Prisoners)


justice. Also, apparently, the general name for the rulers of several island states on P3X-775 (Prisoners)




No title


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