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Samantha Carter


General background info

Brilliant astrophysicist who just missed being part of the first Stargate project with Daniel. Instead, she spent two years at the Pentagon working on theory. (Children of the Gods)

Joined SGC after Apophis came through Earth's stargate, and was assigned to the second mission to Abydos. (Children of the Gods)

Still a captain at that point. (Children of the Gods)

Bonded with Daniel over geekiness. (Children of the Gods)

Annoyed the hell out of Jack at first. (Children of the Gods)

She's a skilled combat warrior as well as a skilled scientist, and functions in both capacities.

Promoted to major in third season. (Fair Game)

She was blended temporarily with a Tok'ra symbiote (Jolinar), which has left her with various abilities.

Her instincts about Goa'uld (and other alien) tech are more likely to be right than other people's theories, thanks to steady hands-on practical experience (and probably remnants of Jolinar).

It probably also doesn't hurt that she's been around Daniel so much, given his abilities to think outside the box.

When Daniel was in imminent danger of dying, Sam risked using the Goa'uld healing device that the SGC still has. Her ability with it is erratic at best, though, and she inadvertently (and to her horror) made him worse.

In early 2004, Sam was promoted to lieutenant colonel. (New Order)


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May, unknown what year. (Ascension -- Orlin gives her an emerald because it's her birthstone)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Air Force brat, probably traveled a lot.

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Marital status


Once engaged to Jonas Hanson. (First Commandment)

Engaged to Pete Shanahan as of mid eighth season. (Affinity)

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None known.

She was a big part of Cassie's life after Janet Fraiser adopted her, but Sam was never her legal guardian.

After Janet's death, seemed to take over as Cassie's primary caregiver / parental figure (although Cassie would have been 18 by then, so it's unlikely the relationship would ever be formalized into adoption, even if either/both of them wanted that). (Heroes, part 2)

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Other family


Died when Sam was a teenager. Jacob was supposed to pick her up but was late, so she took a cab, and there was an accident. (The Devil You Know)


Jacob Carter. USAF general, Tok'ra liaison (symbiote: Selmak) (Tok'ra, others)

He died in late 2004, when Selmak died. (Threads)


Mark, (s-i-l?), niece, and nephew in San Diego (Cold Lazarus, Seth). Mark had been estranged from his father for years, and as of Seth, Sam hadn't seen him since his two children were born.

After Janet's death, seemed to take over as Cassie's primary caregiver / parental figure (although Cassie would have been 18 by then, so it's unlikely the relationship would ever be formalized into adoption, even if either/both of them wanted that). (Heroes, part 2)

Uncle Irving (Urgo)

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During the Gulf War, one of her friends was in a chopper that went down, and was knocked out. When she woke up, her memories and identity from before the crash were gone. (Past and Present)

Dr. Timothy Harlow, one of the world's top geneticists. Met him when she was at the Pentagon. Called him in to help Teal'c in Bane, sure he was trustworthy. He wobbled a bit but regained her trust by the end of the ep.

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Romantic interests

Jonas Hanson

She was engaged to him before she joined the SGC, but broke it off. (First Commandment)


(Tok'ra parts 1 & 2, multiple other eps)


Narim seemed more interested in her than she was in him, but she did seem to be at least slightly interested, and fond of him. (Enigma, Between Two Fires)


(Divide and Conquer)

Joseph Faxon (2010, 2001)

In the alternate timeline (2010), she was married to him. In the 'real' timeline (2001), they were in the first stages of getting to know each other when she had to leave him behind in enemy hands to warn Earth of the danger they faced.


He was an Ascendant who followed her home one day -- literally -- and refused to leave. He 'shared' with her, enough to get her to trust him and let him stay, and eventually grew so attached to her that he gave up his energy form, resuming his old human(oid) form. Sam seemed to be fairly taken with him, but the relationship was cut short when he was shot trying to sabotage a weapon the SGC wanted to test, and had to re-ascend or die. (Ascension)


A cop from Denver who was in Colorado Springs on a case. (Chimera)

Her brother Mark set them up, and they hit it off. Despite some highly questionable behavior on his part (such as failing to understand what 'classified' means, and interrupting her while she was trying to go help her teammates who were under fire), she seemed genuinely fond of him, and eventually briefed him on everything to do with the SGC. (Chimera)

Still seeing Pete, months after meeting him. (New Order)

The relationship was  strong enough that Fifth assumed she'd believe in a mental utopia of living on a farm with Pete, with no more ties to the SGC. (New Order)

Turning steadily more serious -- after considering his proposal for two weeks or so, she accepted. (Affinity)

He had proposed to her out of the blue, taking her completely by surprise. She took the ring in its box, but didn't put it on, needing to think about it before she made her decision. Pete was patient about it, not pressuring her. After his unhesitating help to clear Teal'c and find Daniel, she told him yes. (Affinity)

She brought him to the SGC and all the way down to level 25 to meet Jacob -- without telling him that's what she was doing. She claimed it was to keep Pete from getting nervous ahead of time, but didn't deny it when Jacob suggested it was to keep her from being too nervous. Later, she pushed Jacob for his reaction, not thrilled with his 'He seems nice'. Later, she switched to being not thrilled with Pete when he kept calling her in the middle of a briefing, going so far as to go through the base phone system claiming it was urgent (he wanted to talk about flowers for the wedding). Jacob didn't help, asking her in front of everyone 'Weren't you supposed to meet Pete at the florist this morning?' and pushing it when she said no -- through gritted teeth. Jacob was very pleased with himself when Jack chimed in to tell Sam to 'go pick flowers', since it was her day off anyway. Sam was not amused. (Threads)

She was stunned when he surprised her with the new house he'd just put a downpayment on -- it was the sort of house she'd talked about wanting, but it caught her completely off-guard, and pushed her deeper into second thoughts about the wedding. She went to Jack to talk to him about it, wanting to tell him his reason for having doubts, but was distracted first by his new girlfriend (Kerry Johnson) coming out of his house, then by a call from the base telling her that her father needed her. (Threads)

After Jacob, on his deathbed, told Sam not to let anything stop her from getting everything she wanted, Sam broke up with Pete -- on the bench in the yard of the house Pete had just bought, no less. He took it relatively well, then walked away. (Threads)


Has a tendency to attract stalker-boys: e.g., Orlin, Narim, Pete, Fifth (Ascension, Between Two Fires, Chimera, New Order)

Her stalker boys also have a tendency to give her the experience of their emotions

Narim gave her the emotion-recorder he'd worn every time he was around her, so she could feel what he was feeling (Enigma).

Orlin did some sort of psychic merge with her so she could feel what he felt (Ascension).

Fifth took over from Narim (who used her voice as his computer's voice) as head stalker-boy when he kidnapped her and tried to force her into a mental world where they'd be happy together forever. (New Order)

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Graduated top of her class in the Academy, getting the highest marks in every class and winning pretty much every award -- she's still a legend at the academy that bright newbies are compared to (usually to their detriment). (Prodigy)

PhD astrophysics or quantum mechanics. (She's a theoretical astrophysicist -- Children of the Gods)

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Home / surroundings

Single-level house, across from a small park. No driveway. Wood floors, no carpeting. Stainless steel fridge and stove, nice kitchen. Living room with a stone fireplace, complete with wooden mantle covered in books and pictures. Fairly large tv, at least 31' . Bookcases all over the place. Three computers with flat-screen monitors: one in the living room, two in the study. Large finished basement, including a workroom with a lot of tools, Denver Broncos pennants on the walls, an Air Force symbol on the wall, and a baby stargate unless the SGC or NID grabbed it. Walls and many surfaces have family pictures. (Ascension) Has a corded phone next to her bed. (Nightwalkers)

The house is #1025 -- street name is unknown. (Chimera)

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As of fifth season, drove a 1961 Volvo, possibly a P1800 Coupe (Ascension)

As of sixth season, she was driving a late-model (2000 or later) silver four-door Volvo s80, with keyless entry and a sunroof. (Prometheus)

As of seventh season (at least), she also drove a motorcycle. (Space Race)

This is possibly the motorcycle she was working on in fourth season, in The Curse.

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USAF 43-412-6775-320

See the SG-1 entry for more info.



As of 1997 -- no idea when she was promoted to that rank.


Promoted in 1999 (Fair Game)

Lieutenant Colonel

Promoted in 2004 (New Order)


Wanted to be an astronaut, but had to give up on it and find something else when the shuttle program was shut down for nearly two years after the Challenger disaster in early 1986. (Secrets)

Joined the Air Force no later than 1988.

Has to have been in the AF for at least eleven years to make major, which she was promoted to in 1999 (has an AF Longevity Ribbon, which is given for four years of service, with a bronze star, which represents the second awarding -- so she's been in more than eight years, but less than twelve, as of Fair Game [1999]).

Clocked more than 100 hours in enemy airspace during the Gulf War, and has flown an F-16. (Children of the Gods)

Spent two years at pentagon working on the Stargate Project before Daniel got the 'gate to work the first time. (Children of the Gods, Secrets)

After the first Abydos mission, researched alternative applications for the gate, including time travel. (1969)

SGC years:

Was brought in to the SGC right from the beginning, and was on the team that went to Abydos for the second time (to retrieve Daniel). Was added to SG-1, the SGC's flagship team, and has served on that team ever since.

Pioneered the field of wormhole physics. (A Hundred Days)

Also does some work with the computers (particularly 'gate-related programming) and technological research (naquadah reactor [Learning Curve], etc.)

Recommended for a commendation after Hathor

Officially reported as missing in action during the search for her and Jack after the wormhole jumped gates and dumped them in the Antarctic. (Solitudes)

Promoted to major in 1999 (Fair Game)

Built the first naquadah reactor on Earth, with Merrin's help. Testing it both got her in some trouble (she failed to ask permission first) and used up the last of the SGC's naquadah -- but it worked. (Learning Curve)

Built her own particle-beam generator to help rescue Jack from Edora -- she used it to melt some of the naquadah shield covering Edora's stargate, creating a pocket of superheated gas that a new vortex (kawoosh) could open into and dig out an even bigger pocket, big enough for a person (Teal'c) to go through and finish the job by hand. (A Hundred Days)

It took her three months to build. (A Hundred Days)

Has medical field training. (Nemesis)

Occasionally guest-lectures at the AF Academy. (Prodigy)

In the space of about a year, she went from having to be talked through hyperdrive repair to leading a repair team herself. (Enemies, Failsafe)

Broke strict security regulations when she told Agent Barrett about the Foothold situation of 1999. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Was called ' sir' by Sgt. Davis -- unclear why, since she'd always been ' ma'am' to that point. (Metamorphosis)

Still considered the foremost expert on the stargate as of mid-seventh season. (Heroes, part 1)

When Jack was being overcome by the Ancient knowledge he'd downloaded into his brain, Sam took over as commander of SG-1. (Lost City, part 2)

In early 2004, she was promoted to lieutenant colonel, in Jack's first official act as a general and as head of the SGC. (New Order)

Shortly thereafter, she became permanent team leader when Jack decided to keep the team at only 3 people. (Lockdown)

Developed a code translation program that allowed the science team working on the virtual-reality training simulator to visually monitor Teal'c's (and then Daniel's) progress in the game -- his mental point of view was translated into what amounted to a video game on the computer screen hooked up to the simulator. (Avatar)

Worked briefly with Alec Colson of Colson Industries, when Colson Aviation helped develop the multi-engine control  system  for the F-302s. (Covenant)

She was reluctant to discredit Colson when he went public with news of aliens involved in Earth's affair (presenting an Asgard clone as an alien being, without letting anyone get too close) -- she truly respected him. But she obeyed her orders, going on ' Inside Access' to be interviewed by Julia Donovan. (Covenant)

She managed to be soothing toward the public without actually lying: ' First of all, I can assure people that if aliens really existed and were visiting the planet, we would know about it.'

She never lied at all, even when discrediting Colson -- she deflected the direct questions about the merit of his claim by distracting Julia Donovan and the audience with a hologram of Thor, implying -- but never saying -- that what Colson had had was holographic, too. (Covenant)

Colson inadvertantly helped with this, by not allowing any scientists access to the clone to make physical tests. (Covenant)

The hologram actually was Thor, from his ship, pretending to be a programmed bit of technology developed by the military. The signal was close enough that his image never flickered until Sam ran a hand through him to prove he wasn't really there -- Julia was  honestly  taken  aback/impressed with how real he seemed, which has to have helped sell it to the audience. (Covenant)

When it looked like the military was going to have to continue discrediting him -- because he wouldn't give up -- Sam suggested telling him the truth, in hopes that would convince him. She agreed that his assessment as ' security risk' was clearly accurate, but felt they had nothing to lose at that point. She sweetened the idea by pointing out what an asset it would be, having someone with Colson's resources actively on their side. (Covenant)

Jack agreed to bring the notion up with the president in the meeting he and Thor were heading for.  (Covenant)

She's definitely qualified to fly first seat in an F-302 -- she took Alec Colson up in one when she brought him to the alpha site. (Covenant)

Can identify methylphosphonothioic acid (a type of nerve gas, called VX) at a glance. (Endgame)

nb: according to another site I found, this particular type of nerve gas is straw-colored, not bright blue like the gas in the ep, but I can't speak to the accuracy of that.

She figured out how to fix the small Ancient ship found on Maybourne's world. (It's Good to Be King)

Working with Thor, she helped figure out the cipher the Replicators were using to counteract the disruptor weapon that Jack had developed when he was functionally an Ancient. It only worked once because the Replicators adapted to it immediately -- but it did work. (Reckoning part 1)

With Jacob (and eventually with Baal's help as well), Sam figured out a way to make an Ancient weapon work as a modified disruptor beam, sent through every stargate in the galaxy at the same time to wipe out all the Replicators within reach of its wave. (Reckoning part 2)

Developed a program for the Prometheus's sensors to help detect cloaked ships. (Full Alert)

In early 2005, Sam transferred to Area 51 to take command of stargate-related R& D there. When Cameron Mitchell offered her a spot on the new SG-1 he was creating, she turned him down. (Avalon part 1)


Got first command in 1998, while still a captain -- Jack was wounded, and Sam was put in command of SG-1 to go retrieve SG-11. (Spirits)

Not technically a command, but she was one of the possibilities being considered as new SG-1 leader when Jack had been missing for nearly a month, with no apparent hope of finding him again. (Paradise Lost)

Three years earlier, in Shades of Grey, she'd  been too unseasoned a commander to be considered as Jack's replacement.

Was in command of the mission to Tartarus, to gain intell about Anubis's new supersoldiers and do as much damage as possible while there. (Evolution, part 2)

After Jack deliberately downloaded another Ancient database into his brain to gain access to knowledge about the Lost City, Hammond authorized Sam to take command of the team and mission, if/when Jack became incapable of it. (Lost City, part 2)

She informed Jack of this during their trip to a planet they hoped held the Lost City, while he was still in control of himself. He told her to take command immediately. When she demurred, he resigned, leaving her no choice but to take command. (Lost City, part 2)

The first order she gave was to Jack, telling him to sit down and take a look at the surface of the planet below to see if he had any ideas on what they should do next. (Lost City, part 2)

Still in command of SG-1 after Jack went into stasis under Antarctica. (New Order)

Basically blackmailed Dr. Weir into letting her and Teal'c head off in a modified scout ship to contact the Asgard, in hopes of getting help for Jack (in stasis in Antarctica). She left Daniel behind on Earth to try to decipher the information in the Ancient outpost, hoping it would help Jack if she and Teal'c failed. (New Order)

Maintained command of SG-1 when Jack was promoted to brigadier general and promoted her to lieutenant colonel. (New Order)

When Jack decided to forgo all the applicants for the fourth position on the team and leave it at three people instead, her position as team leader was cemented. (Lockdown)

As she settled in to command of SG-1, she picked up on Jack's ' ah-ah!' and ' let's not touch anything' when it came to unfamiliar technology, or at least when it came to the Ancient time-travel device that Daniel was poking at. (It's Good to Be King)

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Full set

Given the Air Medal for heroism in 1998 (Secrets)

prop canon inconsistency in that it doesn't later appear on her uniform.

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These are very rough estimates, based on military pay calculators and some guesses on Sam's length of service. I don't redo the calculations every year, but what I have here should give some idea of where the interim incomes should fall.

Prior to 1999

$57,857/year -- regular compensation for her rank/grade (Captain 03), including allowances (housing, uniforms, etc.). Probably making more in hazard pay.

Base monthly income is $4,139.10, not including allowances. This works out to $49,669/year without allowances.

As of 1999

$70,356/year -- regular compensation for her rank/grade (Major 04), including allowances (housing, uniforms, etc.). Probably making more in hazard pay.

Base monthly income is $4,461.60, not including allowances. This works out to $53,532/year without allowances.

These numbers are based on January 2000 data. Military pay was adjusted in July 2000 don't have those numbers.

As of 2002

(based on the military pay calculator and an educated guess or two):

About $81,322/year in regular compensation (including allowances), based on her rank and an assumption of 14 years' active service. Could also be getting hazard pay.

Base monthly income is $5,092, not including allowances.

As of 2004

(based on the military pay calculator and an educated guess or two, and assuming she was promoted to lieutenant colonel early in the year):

About $97,540/year in regular compensation (including allowances), based on her rank/grade (Lieutenant Colonel 05) and an assumption of 16 years' active service. Could also be getting hazard pay.

Base monthly income is $6,213, not including allowances.

If she were still a major, she would have been making about $90,179/year in regular compensation (including allowances), based on 16 years of service.

compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Presumed smattering of several others.

Knows a few words of Goa'uld.

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Pain & Death

Severe injuries

Knocked unconscious against the elevator wall in Enemy Within.

Reverted to pre-human in The Broca Divide.

Stab wound to abdomen in The Broca Divide.

Attacked with ribbon device by Hathor. (Into the Fire)

Tortured in The Devil You Know.

Radiation poisoning in Crystal Skull.

Ribboned by Osiris. (Revelations)

Head injury aboard the Prometheus that knocked her unconscious, and led to off-and-on full-sensory (apparently) hallucinations, including touch, in between periods of relative lucidity. It also destroyed her time sense, leading her to believe she'd been trapped on the ship for weeks, instead of days. (Grace)

One fairly deep wound in her thigh, plus several smaller injuries, while trapped on the alpha site and running from one of Anubis's drones. She was mobile throughout, but afterwards was ' asleep for a long time' in the infirmary, enough to worry Jacob, and clearly was in need of yet more bed rest. (Death Knell)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Severe emotional trauma

Death of her mother in her teens. (The Devil You Know)

Death of Jolinar. (In the Line of Duty)

Mentally tortured by Fifth, after Fifth's escape from Hala. He called up some of her worst memories -- including a snarling Unas, Jack in pain (possibly from Lost City, going into stasis), Daniel burning up (from Fire and Water), and piles of skulls in the first round, followed by more burning/flames, more skulls, Apophis forcing her to drink the Blood of Sokar, repeated spider imagery, Teal'c being hit with a torture stick, and a window [no clue what the window means] -- and hammered her with them, specifically to torment her for what she'd done to him. (New Order)

nb: This isn't emotional trauma of the sort usually listed in this category, but since Fifth didn't physically harm her, it didn't quite fit into ' severe injuries' , which is where it would have gone otherwise.

compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Blended with Jolinar in In the Line of Duty.

Under Seth's 'spell' in Seth.

Infested with four of Ma'chello's little Goa'uld-killing bugs, which should have effectively rendered her schizophrenic (complete with hallucinations). The protein marker left by Jolinar protected her -- the bugs thought the job was already done. (Legacy)

Implanted with alien device that strongly influenced sensation and decisions in Urgo.

Alien EM lifeforce (Entity)

A humanoid Replicator basically walked into Sam's subconscious (via a hand stuck into Sam's head) and took up residence there for a while, learning as much as possible about what Sam knew. (Sam was controlled/unconscious for a combined 37 hours.) Later, she voluntarily allowed Fifth to enter her brain, but instead he brought her into his. (Unnatural Selection)

Possessed by Anubis, after Jack made a base-wide announcement that he had presidential authority to continue the lockdown indefinitely.

Anubis used Sam to gain access to the control room that allowed him to unseal the corridors between zones 1 and 2, and set several timed commnads into the system in the meantime, he zatted several SFs and Daniel. (Lockdown)

Before he could make it to the gateroom, Jack zatted Sam in Zone 2. (Lockdown)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Confirmed deaths

Killed by Apophis with a staff weapon. (The Nox)

(Robot-Sam killed on Cronus's ship after repeatedly breaching a forcefield severe injuries combined with failed power pack. Double Jeopardy

compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Virtual deaths (confirmed)

3 times while fighting kull warriors on the base. (Avatar)

The number is solely for those that were shown on screen -- multiple others occurred offscreen, during other rounds of the same simulation. (Avatar)

These are not real deaths -- they occur in a virtual-reality training program. I'm listing them here mainly for vidders looking for clips.

Sam herself was not involved in any way -- it was literally her avatar that died, while she was not connected to the program. (Avatar)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c

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Near deaths

Attacked by the ashrak. (In the Line of Duty)

Zatted -- twice -- by Jack while she was possessed by the EM lifeforce (Entity)

Nearly drowned on Anubis's mothership (Descent)

Genetically modified to reach a state of liquefaction by Nirrti. She survived because Jack convinced the locals that he was telling the truth about Nirrti, and they managed to reverse the process in Sam in time to keep her from dying. (Metamorphosis)

Heartbeat flatlined briefly after she was caught in a power spike while overhauling the gate generators (the capacitor blew). (Prophecy)

(nb: I nearly put this under ' severe injuries' because the flatlining was so brief, but she did flatline, so it goes here. YMMV.)

Compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Presumed deaths

Exploding ship in Serpent's Lair.

Supernova in Enemies.

The Replicator ship she was on was destroyed moments after dropping out of hyperspace, presumably with her still aboard. No one on Earth knew about it, but Thor and the rest of her team believed she had died. (New Order)

Compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Confirmed kills

Note: The team shoots at a lot of people. The people they shoot at generally fall down. That doesn't count as a confirmed kill -- Jaffa, especially, can heal from a lot of apparently fatal wounds. I only count it if someone checks and says ' he's dead' , or if someone gets zatted twice, or it's otherwise perfectly clear that there's no way this person is getting back up without being brought back from the dead. (If they later come back from the dead, it still counts as a death. It just means they get to have more than one.)

Jaffa guard in sarcophagus room aboard Klorel's ship. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

A Jaffa in the corridor outside Rya'c's chamber. (Family)

One of the Jaffa guarding Rya'c in the clearing. (Family)

Two Horus guards (finished them off after Teal'c zatted them once). (Secrets)

Reetou rebel. (Show and Tell)

Seth (Seth)

The alien who had disguised itself as Jack in Foothold.

The alien disguised as Major Davis in Foothold.

Compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas

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Personal enemies

Cronus? -- he was probably the Goa'uld who sent the ashrak to kill Jolinar.

Compare: Jack | Daniel | Teal'c | Jonas


General background | Life | Profession | Pain & Death | Misc.



Musical taste


top | Misc.

Food preferences

Decent beer. (Upgrades)

Diet soda. (' I like the taste better!' -- Upgrades)

Steak and french fries. (Upgrades)

Blue Jell-O. (Urgo, Proving Ground, 48 Hours)

Still eating blue   Jello-Oas of eighth season. (Threads)

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With Daniel recovering from an appendectomy and the rest of SG-1 given leave at the same time, Sam wanted to spend hers examining the decay rate of naquadah inside a reactor, rather than going somewhere to relax. (Nemesis)

Apparently isn't much for baking -- she bought the cake for Cassie's birthday. (Rite of Passage)

Works out at a local gym when she's not on base. (Desperate Measures)

Appears to be an early riser when not on duty -- was up and out by 8:30 am on an off-duty Saturday. (Desperate Measures)

Leaves lights on in the house when she's asleep -- living room and a back room of some sort -- but sleeps in a dark bedroom. (Nightwalkers)

Has Denver Broncos pennants in her basement workshop (Ascension)

Owns a pair of black leather pants. (Nightwalkers)

Likes the movie Singin' in the Rain (Chimera)

Wears dresses fairly often off-duty. (Chimera, others)

Very probably alphabetizes her books. (Chimera)

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Working on her motorcycle (The Curse)

Rides her motorcycle to work at least occasionally. (Space Race)

Chess -- plays with Cassie every other Saturday if she's onworld. (Rite of Passage)

Pool -- clearly enjoys it and is good at it. (Upgrades)

top | Misc.

Being blended with Jolinar

Left a protein marker in her blood, which protected her from the effects of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing critters. (Legacy)

Has both a protein marker and traces of naquadah in her blood from Jolinar. (Desperate Measures)

Has access to at least some of Jolinar's memories.

Has ability to sense Goa'uld, either in a host or in a Jaffa (Need, Show and Tell).

But what she's sensing is the naquadah, somehow (The First Ones), presumably because of the naquadah remaining in her own system (Into the Fire) -- unclear why she doesn't react similarly to naquadah technology (you'd think there's enough naquadah in a stargate that they could use her as a homing device!).

Also, has a protein marker left behind from Jolinar's death and the absorption of her into Sam's body (Legacy). (it's getting crowded in there...)

Has ability to use Goa'uld mind-controlled technology (ribbon device [Thor's Chariot, Seth], healing device [Fair Game])

Learned to use the Goa'uld ribbon device faster than the healing device. (Thor's Chariot)

top | Misc.

Puts science ahead of people

Has a tendency to put science ahead of people unless someone (usually Jack) forces her to see what's happening to the people involved as well.

First real instance: in Singularity, while everyone else is focused on the deaths and on getting home safely, Sam brings up the point of leaving one person behind to photograph the singularity during the eclipse, so we don't lose this rare chance. (This is the most reasonable of her science-first reactions -- she's also concerned about Cassie and the people who died on the planet. This time, everyone goes along with her, although she can't be the one to stay since Cassie attached herself to Sam.)

Prime example was in A Matter of Time, when she went into detail about how horrible SG-10's deaths were going to be, without any apparent thought to the actual people who would be suffering it until Hammond snapped at her, then didn't want to close the stargate because of the unique opportunity to witness a black hole in progress (until Jack snapped at her that they were witnessing the deaths of good men).

During Meridian, even while honestly reacting to Daniel's radiation-sickness situation, she was focused on the need to maintain relations with Kelowna to ensure a supply of naquadria.

During Metamorphosis, she wanted to study the Ancients's genetic-manipulation machine, not understanding at first why the locals might want to just destroy it.

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Trapped on the Prometheus:

Hallucinated off and on for four days, while trapped alone and injured on the Prometheus. (Grace)


A brief flash of an unknown little girl standing in the corridor, shortly after Sam woke up from her injury. (The little girl is possibly not a hallucination, but a manifestation of the gas cloud the Prometheus was trapped in. There's no way to know for sure, but since it's possible she was just a hallucination, I'm including all instances here.) (Grace)


Teal'c, standing next to her on the bridge where she's starting to doze off, urging her to stay conscious, and telling her that if she falls asleep she'll die (because of her head injury). (Grace)


The little girl, this time in an audio hallucination, as she heard her singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. She followed the sound trying to find the child, but couldn't. (Grace)


The little girl again, this time standing in a doorway and saying, ' Play with me!' She vanished immediately afterward. (Grace)


Daniel, on the bridge after Sam had spent hours running hyperdrive simulations to figure out why the ship couldn't leave. He told her that she was going about it wrong -- she should be studying the gas cloud, which was the real reason she was even on the trip in the first place. He was very insistent that she focus on the cloud, rather than on the ship. (Grace)


The little girl again, quoting nursery rhymes and telling Sam to follow her. Sam did, but the girl vanished, to turn into:


Teal'c, standing in a corridor where the little girl had been running. He called her ' Samantha' , and told her he was there to warn her. She thought he meant about falling asleep, but he had more to say this time -- he warned her that not everything might be what it seemed, and explained that he thought she (and the others) might be on the alien ship, undergoing mind probes. He cautioned her against doing anything that might give them information about the ship. He urged her not to try to repair the ship, and when she said she couldn't just do nothing, told her to be careful and called her Samantha again. (Grace)


The little girl, on a monitor showing a corridor, screaming for help as she was being pulled along by the force of the pressurized atmosphere being vented into space. Sam stopped the venting process to keep from killing the child. (Grace)


Daniel, standing in the corridor behind Sam as she searched for the child she'd almost just killed. He told her that his new theory was that the gas cloud was actually a sentient being, and that it was possible that it was corroding the ship because it had been offended when the Prometheus flew into it. He suggested that she try talking to it, saying that maybe the little girl was the physical personification of the gas cloud and that she should talk to the child. (Grace)


The little girl, almost immediately after Daniel. Sam had passed out (possibly only for a moment) on the deck, and woke up to hear the child singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. She sat up and the child was there. The girl told her that Sam couldn't sleep yet -- they needed to talk. They went to the mess, where the child brought her a plate of fruit and told her to eat. When Sam asked her name, she said she was Grace. Sam asked who she was, and Grace said, ' You know.' Sam said she didn't know, and the hallucination turned into:


Jacob, standing at the other end of the table dressed in Tok'ra gear, saying, ' I'm your father.' He went into a spiel about being her parent, and how much he'd wanted for her, and how despite her success and pretty great life, she could never be happy because she wasn't married or in a relationship. (Grace)


Grace, standing and blowing soap bubbles. She cut off Sam's explanation of how a bubble can exist (' there's this thing called surface tension...' ) and got her to blow some, as well. (Grace)


Jack, standing in the corridor in civvies, while Sam was blowing bubbles. When she said she was too tired to do anything, he came over and sat down across from her, calling her Samantha and mocking gently that she would call a figment of her imagination ' sir' . He gave her some encouragement about being able to get out of this, saying ' that's what friends are for' when she asked if he was giving her a pep talk. This led straight into a discussion about whether they should/could have a relationship, with Sam claiming that she'd leave the Air Force if that would change things on his part. Jack pointed out that she hadn't done that (and that he'd never ask her to), and that maybe he wasn't the problem. Sam decided that she was setting her sights on an unattainable safe bet, to keep from risking being hurt by someone else. Jack said ' Jacob was right' (the first hallucination to refer to another hallucination's comments), and told her she deserved more, then told her to go save her ass. (Grace)


Grace again, appearing right after Sam left Jack and ran up to the bridge in reaction to alarms, to discover that an inner hull breach was imminent. Grace refused to say what she wanted or why she was there, just kept blowing soap bubbles and quoting more of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. The bubbles gave Sam an idea, at least -- Grace stuck around long enough for Sam to explain it (Grace thought it was neat). (Grace)

Fifteenth (final):

Daniel, to begin with. With the ship slowly moving thanks to Sam's hyperspace ' bubble' , Daniel wanted to know what she was doing. Then Teal'c and Jack appeared, with Teal'c saying that she was trying to rescue the rest of the crew. Daniel thought that was nuts, believing that she should get to Earth and then return with help. Sam said there wasn't enough time Teal'c agreed. Jack told them both to shut up and let her work. (Grace)

Captured by Fifth:

While being held captive by Fifth, she was put into a mental landscape that Fifth hoped she would believe -- he wanted her to stay with him forever, willingly. He put her in a ' utopia' of a farm in Montana, with Pete Shanahan, claiming that she'd lived there for a year, after leaving the stargate program because of mental stress. He tried to cover her belief that this wasn't real by telling her that she still had episodes where she couldn't shake the memories -- she was seeing a shrink for it -- and that she'd had a particularly bad one when she woke up believing she was really on a Replicator ship. (New Order)

Sam went along a little bit, but never lost her conviction that the farm and Pete weren't real. Eventually, she got insistent enough that Fifth gave up and showed himself in Pete's place. (New Order)

When he told her he was doing this to her because he loved her, she got a little freaked. (New Order)

Still in the mental landscape, she told him that while his having feelings made him special, she could never be happy in the reality he'd created for them. He replied very coldly that she'd be unhappy for a very long time, instead. (New Order)

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Time spent trapped offworld

Not imprisoned, just unable to contact/return home without help

Two weeks, with Jack and Teal'c (Small Victories)

Four days on the Prometheus alone. (She had a massive concussion and was hallucinating, and believed it to be weeks.) (Grace)

For several hours on the second alpha site after it was attacked and then destroyed by the self-destruct. She was wounded in the leg and being chased by one of Anubis's drones, and nearly died before Jack and Teal'c found her. (Death Knell)

For about four days, with Daniel and Teal'c, in a secret underground base on P2X-887. (Zero Hour)

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Old timelines

Original timeline | Interim, altered timeline

Original timeline

Traveled back to 3,000 BC with Jack and the rest of SG-1 in the time-travel ship they found on Maybourne's world, in an attempt to find and take a ZPM from Ra before he could leave the planet with it. After they pulled it off and headed back to the jumper, they found it surrounded by Jaffa, guarding the sand that had drifted over its cloaked form in a sandstorm. Sam refused to let them take any action to get the ship back, afraid they'd already altered the future too much and not willing to risk any more. (Moebius part 1)

Trapped in the past, Jack and Teal'c couldn't take the thought of living out their lives under Ra's rule, and tried to kickstart the rebellion. Jack, Sam, and Teal'c were all captured and executed. (Moebius part 2)

Interim, altered timeline

See Samantha Carter on the altered timeline page.

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Random misc

Approx. 5'9' , according to Jack. (Desperate Measures)

As of first season, had reached Level 3 Advanced training in hand-to-hand combat. (Emancipation)

Had some experience with hypnosis in an undergrad psych course. (Fire and Water)

Sucks at splinting broken bones (Solitudes)

Calls the kawoosh a vortex (Prisoners)

Can't sing, but is better at it than Jack. (Urgo)

Can't draw human figures, just stick figures (Singularity, Learning Curve)

Can't imagine not being military. (Point of View)

Has had two labs -- not clear whether she moved from one to the other, or maintains both. The first lab seen was on Level 21 (Learning Curve) the second was on Level 19 (multiple eps, including The Menace and Proving Ground)

Keeps plants in her lab on Level 21. (Learning Curve)

Keeps sketch pads (relatively large) in her lab on Level 21. (Learning Curve)

Probably banned from O'Malley's Bar and Grill (Upgrades)

Knows how to pick locks, and carries a lockpick set. (Point of No Return, Nightwalkers, Smoke and Mirrors)

Seemed to enjoy slapping Jonas hard across the face. (Nightwalkers)

Even years after Maybourne's arrest and trial for treason, Sam still called him ' colonel' when she met up with him, and referred to him that way to Hammond after he and Jack went missing. (Paradise Lost)

Pronounces the ' h' in ' herbal' (The Changeling)

Rides her motorcycle to work at least occasionally. (Space Race)

Was absolutely determined to participate in the Loop of Kon Garat as Warrick's co-pilot, just for the fun of it. (Space Race)

Her mother used to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to her. (Grace)

(pure speculation) Possibly has a phobia about spiders -- when Fifth was mentally torturing her, he brought up spider imagery a few times (specifically not Replicators these were drawings of actual spiders). (New Order)

Couldn't come up with anything appropriate ('good enough') to say at Janet's memorial . Instead, she accepted Teal'c's offer of the words he'd thought of -- a list of all the SGC members whose lives Janet had saved over the years. (Heroes, part 2)

After Jack deliberately downloaded an Ancient database into his head on a Friday and took the weekend off to take care of some personal matters, she stopped by his place on a Saturday morning to talk to him. (Lost City, part 1)

As well as wanting to see how he was doing, she was feeling guilty about not sticking her own head in the Ancient device. Jack wasn't having any of it, telling her that she was a national resource, possibly even treasure, and that it had happened the way it had to happen. (Lost City, part 1)

Daniel and Teal'c (bearing doughnuts) showed up at that point, and the four of them sat around in Jack's living room, drinking Guiness and eating doughnuts and chatting (at least in part about the Simpsons) for a while -- long enough for Daniel to start getting drunk -- before Hammond showed up with some bad news of his own: he was being transferred out of the SGC. (Lost City, part 1)

Stationed in Zone 3 on base during the phase of lockdown that was intended to try to force Anubis into using his asceneded powers, so that the Ancients would notice and deal with him. (Lockdown)

As of 2004, she was using a red cell phone. (Covenant)

The house she grew up in had an attic and a backyard with a willow tree in it. (Gemini)


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