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General info

Planet: Edora. SGC designation P5C-768. (A Hundred Days)

" Fair day" was the standard parting (instead of goodbye). (A Hundred Days)

The planet travelled through an asteroid belt each year, causing a massive meteor shower, beginning on the same night every year. (A Hundred Days)

The locals called the meteor shower the " fire rain" . (A Hundred Days)

The display got more spectacular by the year the locals didn't realize that also meant it was getting more dangerous by the year. (A Hundred Days)

Although the fire rain hadn't struck the ground in living memory, there was a " tale of the ancestors" that long ago, on the second day of the fire rain, there was a distant thunder, and the horizon burned as though the sun never set. (A Hundred Days)

Daniel's examination of the geological evidence showed that meteors (containing naquadah) likely impacted the planet in significant numbers (or a single impact of significant size) roughly every 150 years the last one had been 150 years earlier. (A Hundred Days)

Sam's calculations showed that hundreds of car-sized asteroids were directly in the planet's path during the time the team was there. (A Hundred Days)

The population in the stargate's immediate vicinity appeared to be the only descendants of the people brought there by the Goa'uld thousands of years earlier. (A Hundred Days)

The culture appeared to be descended of northern Europeans of some sort, based on the architecture, thatching, and general clothing and appearance. (A Hundred Days)

The regular bombardments with meteors probably did a lot to keep the population's numbers down. (A Hundred Days)

At least some of " the ancestors" likely sheltered in a cave system near the village during one of the recent bombardments by meteors, allowing them to survive it. (A Hundred Days)

SG-1 arrived on the planet in 1999, when the fire rain had gotten dangerously close, and stayed for several days, becoming particularly friendly with a woman named Laira. They were working out a treaty between Earth and Edora. (A Hundred Days)

The trade treaty was largely because the Edoran soil was rich in naquadah (possibly from all the meteor strikes over the centuries). (A Hundred Days)

When the meteors began coming close enough to start hitting, SG-1 offered to evacuate the village. Despite initial resistance (based on the face that no one could remember the fire rain hitting the ground), most of the village (2/3) went for it when a meteor struck relatively close by, with a visible/audible explosion and some ground-shaking. (A Hundred Days)

Garan and Naytha retreated to the caves, believing they could shelter there Laira and Jack went after them and were trapped by the meteor strikes. (A Hundred Days)

The rest of the villagers hung on as best they could, although at least three families were killed when a meteor struck the house they were sheltering in. (A Hundred Days)

After three days of strikes, the villagers couldn't take anymore and tried to escape through the stargate (stone ring), but it had been completely buried, trapping them. (A Hundred Days)

With much-reduced numbers, they began to rebuild their lives, including Jack in the community. (A Hundred Days)

Sam believed that the molten naquadah of the meteor strike had hardened just above the event horizon of the active wormhole, forming a sort of iris -- allowing a wormhole to be established, but not allowing anything to pass through it and survive. (A Hundred Days)

She eventually got the idea to copy Sokar, and use a particle accelerator shot through an open wormhole to dig out some space in the naquadah shield, making enough room for a kawoosh to form and dig out an even bigger hole, making enough room for a person (Teal'c) to go through and finish the job by hand. (A Hundred Days)

The remaining villagers (including Jack) all pitched in to rebuild and bring in a good harvest good enough that they could manage to make a jug or two of moonshine (tolka) as well for a village-wide party. (A Hundred Days)

Jack had been accepted enough into the community that he was brought into a dance where he was blindfolded so the " ancestors" could dance him to the person they thought he should be betrothed to -- the villagers guided him to Laira, who didn't have any objections at all. (A Hundred Days)

When the SGC managed to reconnect with the Edoran stargate and dig an opening through with Jack and Garan's help, the Edorans who'd been trapped on Earth were reunited with their families still on Edora. (A Hundred Days)

Known Edorans:


Laira's teenage son (15 or 16). (A Hundred Days)

He used to bring his girlfriend, Naytha, up to the local caves for privacy. (A Hundred Days)

When the meteors started getting close enough to hit, he and his girlfriend retreated to the caves, which Daniel had told them had once sheltered their ancestors during meteor strikes. (A Hundred Days)

After the barrage was over and the stargate was buried, leaving Jack trapped on Edora, Garan felt guilty about it, believing it was his fault Jack couldn't go home. (A Hundred Days)

When Laira told Jack that she'd heard a voice coming from his radio, Garan raced after him with a shovel to the stargate site, and dug with him when Teal'c told them he had little oxygen left. (A Hundred Days)


A widow who befriended SG-1 when they visited her planet. (A Hundred Days)

When her husband died, she mourned him for 100 days -- never leaving her house, never speaking to anyone. After that, she began living again. (A Hundred Days)

When she was a child, her father told her the " fire rain" was the tears of their ancestors, longing to be reunited. (A Hundred Days)

She had a teenage son, Garan. (A Hundred Days)

She was clearly interested in/fond of Jack pretty much from the beginning, talking with him about the treaty between their worlds and other things while the rest of SG-1 did more wandering to find out what was going on. (A Hundred Days)

When SG-1 gathered the village to offer to evacuate them to the SGC because the meteors were about to start impacting the planet, she backed them, saying she would go because she trusted them. (A Hundred Days)

Garan retreated to the caves, so Laira and Jack went after him, only to all be trapped when a meteor struck the stargate. (A Hundred Days)

After the barrage of meteor strikes stopped and they discovered that the stargate was buried, Laira mourned her lost friends (who wouldn't be able to return home without the gate) and began to include Jack in the community, first by making him a part of her home, despite Paynan's objections and dislike. (A Hundred Days)

When a fairly depressed Jack told Laira that the gate may just be buried, clearly wanting to get to work digging it out, she interrupted him to fake-brightly point out that they had to rebuild before the harvest, and that there were fewer of them now. (A Hundred Days)

She waited roughly 100 days for Jack to finish mourning his lost life before she kissed him. (A Hundred Days)

Some time later (not the same night), after a very cheerful village-wide party, complete with moonshine, Laira told Jack she wanted him to give her a child. She'd waited until he had put as much of his old life behind him as possible. Jack told her there was part of him that would never be able to let go of his old life, but that was okay by her. (A Hundred Days)

The next day she put his SG things into a basket and went to toss it Jack objected briefly, but when she asked if it reminded him of home, agreed that she should get rid of it. (A Hundred Days)

She poked at the radio before tossing it, turning it on and hearing Sam saying " fifteen seconds till shutdown" and counting down by five-second increments. She didn't tell him about it right away, but couldn't keep it a secret, and eventually gave him the radio and told him she may have heard a voice coming from it. (A Hundred Days)

She'd only had the one night with him, but clearly hoped she'd gotten pregnant (when he left to go home, she was standing with her hands on her lower abdomen in a very " I'm pregnant" way). (A Hundred Days)

There's been no indication since that Jack has a child on Edora.


Garan's girlfriend. (A Hundred Days)

She went with him to the caves to try to wait out the meteor strikes like " the ancestors" , and wound up being trapped on the planet along with him, Laira, Jack, and the one-third of the villagers who had chosen to stay behind and take their chances. (A Hundred Days)

She survived, but believed she had lost her mother and father, who went through the stargate before it was buried. (A Hundred Days)


A fisherman, at least part of the time. (A Hundred Days)

While he wasn't overtly antagonistic to Jack the first time he met him, he was clearly suspicious of the idea of trading with Earth, saying " what we have, we need" . (A Hundred Days)

When Jack and SG-1 suggested that the villagers evacuate to be safe from the meteors, Paynan dug in his heels, telling the others that it was a trick to get them to give up their land. (A Hundred Days)

After the barrage of meteor strikes had stopped, Paynam (who had bandages wrapped around both hands, probably for burns) blamed Jack for the division of the village, and the small numbers of those that remained. He claimed that if Jack hadn't told the rest of the village to go through the stone ring (stargate), they'd all be together. He wasn't impressed when Jack told him that if he'd just listened in the first place and gone through the stargate, they wouldn't all be in such a precarious position now. (A Hundred Days)

After Jack had lived in the village for three months, Paynan invited him to supper in thanks for his help in rebuilding Paynan's home. (A Hundred Days)

They finally bonded over hangovers while chopping wood, after the night spent drinking tolka at the party. Paynan basically told Jack it had taken him long enough to figure out that Laira was a fine woman. (A Hundred Days)


His home was struck by one of the meteors, with three families inside. (A Hundred Days)




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