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General info

Planet: Abydos. No SGC-standard designation.

Desert-dwelling, culture based on ancient Egypt. Once under Ra's rule, but free since Jack and Daniel blew up Ra's ship, with Ra on it. (Stargate the movie)

Abydos has two moons, and a 36-hour day. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

There were some 5,000 people living in the city near Ra's temple. (Children of the Gods)

Daniel Jackson's adopted home and people. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

He stayed behind after the first mission to marry Sha're, and spent more than a year among the Abydonians before Jack came back to retrieve him. (Children of the Gods)

The walls on one of Abydos's caves were covered in stargate addresses Daniel found the cave and figured it out, and when he explained it, Sam videotaped the walls, giving the SGC the " Abydos cartouche" -- hundreds of addresses to go to, without having to guess at them. (Children of the Gods)

" The caves of Kaleemah" -- supposed to be a safe place to hide.  Possibly the same caves where the villagers hid from Ra in the movie. (Full Circle)

Abydos faced a brutal attack by Anubis. The women and children hid in the caves of Kaleemah (led there and guarded by Kasuf), while the men and boys used Tau'ri weapons to defend their village and the temple. (Full Circle)

Several of the Abydonian boys/young men, including Skaara, were wearing at least partial military garb, specifically the black vest. (Full Circle)

Oma Desala began ascending the dead and dying Abydonians during the battle. (Full Circle)

Anubis finally unleashed the full destructive force of his mothership against the planet, focusing its power on the temple. The temple exploded in layers, and the explosions worked their way into the ground from there, traveling outward, wreaking utter havoc on the world (or at least the known populated part of it). Oma ascended all the Abydonians. (Full Circle)

The Abydonians (or at least some of them) remained in ascended form long enough for SG-1 to return (thanks to Oma, who built an illusionary temple for them to return to, including working stargate) and see that they were all okay in their own way, then left. (Full Circle)

The Abydonian stargate worked only long enough to let SG-1 visit and return almost immediately. After that, it was gone (reburied?). (Full Circle)

Known Abydonians:


Headman of the main (only?) Abydonian village. Completely loyal to Ra his whole life, but remarkably well-adjusted to freedom after Ra was killed. Father to Sha're and Skaara, and Daniel's father-in-law. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

He lost his children to Goa'uld, both taken as hosts. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

Sha're died a few years later. (Forever in a Day)

Skaara survived the extraction of his Goa'uld parasite, but it's not clear if he returned to Abydos or went elsewhere (Pretense). (As of Full Circle, Skaara was back on Abydos, but it's still not clear how long he was there.)

Kasuf has a grandson, Shifu, but Shifu is harsesis and is being raised by Oma Desala. (Secrets, Maternal Instinct, Absolute Power)

Kasuf took care of Shifu as a very young child (basically still an infant), then didn't see him again for at least a year, when Shifu reappeared on Abydos looking for Daniel.  He'd been artificially aged (through nanites) to about age 10 or 12.

It's entirely possible that Kasuf never saw him again at all after that. (Absolute Power)

He led the women and children to the caves of Kaleemah to keep them safe from Anubis's attack. He died along with everyone else in the shockwave from the exploding temple.(Full Circle)


Kasuf's only daughter.

She was given to Daniel as a gift during the first mission to Abydos. (Stargate the movie)

She knew how to read, even though reading was forbidden. (Stargate the movie)

She instigated the rebellion carried out by the Abydonian boys to rescue Jack, Daniel, and the others, telling them about how their ancestors had been brought to Abydos and enslaved and telling them they shouldn't be slaves any more. (Stargate the movie)

Very possibly died after a Jaffa shot a staff at her.  Whether dead or just badly injured, she was revived after Daniel put her in Ra's sarcophagus. (Stargate the movie)

She and Daniel hit it off for real, and Daniel stayed behind with her as her husband when Jack, Kawalsky, and Ferretti returned to Earth. (Stargate the movie)

She and Daniel lived together for more than a year on Abydos. (Children of the Gods)

While Daniel was living on Abydos, Sha're saw him writing in his journal with a ballpoint pen, and thought it was magic. (Forever in a Day)

Shortly after Jack returned with a new mission to retrieve Daniel, Apophis's troops (led by Teal'c) came through, kidnapping Sha're and her brother Skaara. (Children of the Gods)

She was given as a host to Amaunet, Apophis's queen. (Children of the Gods)

She bore the harsesis child, which Daniel and Teal'c promptly stole (to keep the boy safe, and away from Apophis). (Secrets)

About a year later, Amaunet stole the child back from Abydos, along with a whole lot of Abydonians as cover.

SG-1 and SG-3 went in to get the Abydonians out. Daniel spotted Amaunet/Sha're and went to her. Amaunet ribboned him, but Sha're managed to get a mental message to him about the child's whereabouts, begging him to protect the boy.

She did so by (probably) setting up a multi-stage hallucination for the dying Daniel, helping to speed him through the stages of grief so that when he woke up and watched her die for real, he was sad, but able to go on. (Forever in a Day)

She died a minute later, when Teal'c shot Amaunet to save Daniel -- but she died knowing Daniel still loved her, and able to tell him one last time that she loved him. (Forever in a Day)


Kasuf's only son.

He bonded with Jack on the first mission to Abydos, and was Daniel's brother-in-law after Daniel married Sha're. (Stargate the movie, Children of the Gods)

A year or so later, he was kidnapped by Teal'c and taken to Chulak to be offered as a host. (Children of the Gods)

He was chosen, and became the host to Klorel. (Children of the Gods)

Skaara was strong and fought Klorel off as much as he could, retaining an astonishing level of control over Klorel, even though he usually lost in the end. (Serpent's Lair)

He was probably the reason Klorel didn't have Teal'c killed immediately after Apophis ordered it (he actually stopped the priest who was about to use a very ugly two-pronged knife to remove/kill Teal'c's symbiote) and later, he fought like hell to keep Klorel from putting up the shields around the ha'tak to protect it from the missile from Earth. (Serpent's Lair)

Klorel won that fight, but it was a close thing. It was enough to make Klorel ask Apophis for more time in the sarcophagus, to get strong enough to more effectively subdue Skaara. (Serpent's Lair)

On the run after a battle with Heru'ur's forces, Klorel crash-landed on Tollana, and Skaara seized his chance, asking to be freed of his " demon" .

The Tollans held a triad (trial), with Zipacna arguing for Klorel, Jack and Daniel arguing for Skaara, and Lya of the Nox as neutral third party. (Pretense)

Skaara specifically requested that SG-1 be brought to his triad to help him. (Pretense)

The decision went in Skaara's favor, and Klorel was removed, leaving Skaara free. (Pretense)

It's not clear where he went after this -- there's been no mention or sight of him being on Abydos.

update: Apparently he did go back to Abydos after Pretense, at least at some point. (Full Circle)

His style of dress after he returned to Abydos reflected a mix of Tau'ri and Abydonian -- SGC uniform pants (belted with a rope) and black vest, under traditional Abydonian robes. (Full Circle)

He was betrothed (the woman's name is unknown), and wanted Jack to " sha lo key" -- stand beside him at the ceremony. (Full Circle)

Daniel's urging and promise of support helped Skaara believe that the Abydonians could hold off Anubis. He in turn convinced the other boys and young men, assuring them that with Daniel's godlike help, they would succeed. (Full Circle)

During the battle with Anubis's Jaffa in Ra's temple, he took a staff blast to the torso. He lived long enough to be brought to the lower level of the temple with SG-1, but died shortly thereafter. He ascended as he died, helped by Oma. (Full Circle)

He was the ascended Abydonian who spoke with SG-1 (the others were all around, but not particularly interacting with the team) to assure them that although everyone had been killed in the final blast, they were all just fine. (Full Circle)

In his ascended form, he retained the quasi-military dress, but with the black vest open instead of closed. (Full Circle)

He hadn't seen Daniel since his (Skaara's) ascension. (Full Circle)



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