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General info

Planet: Hanka. SGC designation: PX8-987 (Singularity)

People are baseline human, living in a fairly small community (roughly 1,400 people). No word about any other people living on the planet. (Singularity)

SG-1 was the contact team that discovered Hanka, and realized that the planet was due very shortly for a total eclipse, which would allow the nearby (astronomically speaking) singularity to be photographed -- a chance too good to pass up. The locals told Daniel that according to their mythology, " With the darkness will come the apocalypse," and they feared witnessing the eclipse of their sun, but SG-1 reassured them that it was just an eclipse, and there was nothing to worry about. (Singularity)

The locals were friendly and willing to let the SGC set up an observatory and station a team there to monitor the telescope to see the local (in astronomical terms) singularity (black hole) that was forming. (Singularity)

Three months after discovering Hanka, when SG-1 returned to check on SG-7's progress the day before the eclipse, the Hankans and SG-7 were all newly dead (with the exception of Cassandra) -- 1,432 bodies confirmed. Nirrti had released a fast-acting infectious bacterial agent into the soil and water. (Singularity)

Known Hankans


Young girl. (Singularity)

The only survivor of the infection Nirrti released among the population -- she watched her parents die in front of her. Unbeknownst to her, she was left alive as a sort of Trojan Horse, with naquadah in her bloodstream that would come together to form a bomb after being triggered by the stargate. SG-1 rescued her and brought her back to Earth, where she nearly destroyed the SGC. After they found and managed to disable the bomb by getting her far enough away from the stargate during the critical period right before it exploded, she settled in to life as Janet Fraiser's daughter. (Singularity)

See Cassie for more details.



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