Basically, anyone on Earth who is neither SGC, NID, Trust, Area 51, government, nor Russian.
This is not complete. I'll be adding to it as I get time.
The names are listed alphabetically by last name, unless all I have is the first name.

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Miscellaneous Tau'ri

This is alphabetical by last name where I know the last name. Otherwise, I use the first name.
(X = dead -- general date of death in red)





A young girl, around ten years old, who befriended Teal'c after he escaped from Maybourne and Dr. Timothy Harlow when they were taking him away in chains to be studied as his body was turning into a genetic breeding nest for alien insects. Ally found him in an abandoned building where she liked to play, and gave him some of her candy and kept him company. When he started to change too far, she called Jack and told him to come help. She flatly refused to give Maybourne any information when he asked her, because she didn't " like the way he smelled" . She saw Teal'c at least once after that, when he and Daniel went back to the abandoned building to give her a better water-gun, and Teal'c pulled out another and got into a water-battle with her. (Bane)

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Last name unknown.

Local sheriff for the Colorado Springs area. He and Jack are friends, and play poker together at least occasionally. (Full Alert)

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Anna X

A human/Goa'uld hybrid engineered by Dr. Keffler, using Sekhmet's DNA for the Goa'uld part and Argosian nanites to rapidly age her so he could get information from her as soon as possible. (Resurrection)

She only remembered a single birthday. (Resurrection)

She spent her entire (short) life living in a clear-walled cage inside an abandoned industrial complex in Los Angeles. (Resurrection)

She had no conscious control over, or even awareness of, the part of her that was Sekhmet. All she knew was that she had terrible dreams, and sometimes blackouts. (Resurrection)

Keffler kept her provided with paper and charcoals, so she could draw the things she saw in her dreams. She didn't like the images, but Keffler would hurt her if she tried to take them down off the walls. (Resurrection)

She was tortured to try to force her to access the knowledge in her Goa'uld DNA: sensory deprivation, electrocution, possibly more. (Resurrection)

When the Sekhmet personality emerged, the human Anna had no idea what was happening -- she thought she'd blacked out each time. (Resurrection)

As Sekhmet, she got free of her cell and murdered everyone in the complex, except Keffler, then armed a bomb in a golden ark, set to go off in roughly a day. It had a ten-pound block of naquadah in it, to enhance the explosion. (Resurrection)

Anna had no clue what " Sekhmet" had done, and was very disturbed when Daniel explained to her what was going on. (Resurrection)

She couldn't remember how to disarm the bomb, no matter how hard she tried, so Daniel talked her into trying meditation. (Resurrection)

Daniel guided her through the meditation, using imagery specifically designed to recall Sekhmet (a great pyramid, carvings of snakes flanking a golden throne, a window through which thousands of people can be seen -- slaves who worship her as a god, over whom she has total power). (Resurrection)

Sekhmet seemed to come forth, setting her cage on fire using the meditation candle and then knocking out the guards and Daniel when they tried to help with the fire. She fled into the complex, hoping to kill Keffler. She knocked Barrett out, grabbing the remote control he'd been hanging onto since he took it from Keffler, then kept looking for Keffler. (Resurrection)

She caught up to him, clearly as Anna, in the depths of the complex, among the pipes. He tried to convince her that he wanted to help her, but she wasn't buying it -- she shot him point-blank in the chest, killing him. (Resurrection)

As soon as she'd killed him, she hit the remote control button that triggered the biotoxin at the base of her brain, knowing that nothing anyone could do would help her. She died moments later. (Resurrection)

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Nicholas (Nick) Ballard

Daniel's maternal grandfather. (Crystal Skull)

Dutch, but living in the US for at least 20 years between the late 1970s and the late 1990s, and probably before then as well. Although he could have done so, he chose not to adopt Daniel when Daniel's parents died in 1973, presumably at least in part because he was too caught up in his own obsession. (Crystal Skull)

He was at Daniel's parents' funeral, and afterwards brought Daniel to a restaurant where Daniel got waffles. (Threads)

outside-the-show-universe note: this was Der Waffle Haus, from Dead Like Me.

Like his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, he was an archaeologist. (Crystal Skull)

In 1971 he discovered a crystal skull in a ruined temple in Belize. (Crystal Skull)

When he looked into the eyes of the skull in the temple in Belize, a field of energy surrounded him. He found himself in an enormous cavern, so big that the light from his flashlight couldn't reach the bottom. There was an identical skull on a pedestal, with no writing on it. Giant aliens, appearing to be made of mist, rose up and flew around him like specters. They spoke in Mayan: " The enemy of my enemy is my friend" . Nick was afraid to answer -- he closed his eyes, and suddenly found himself back in the temple in Belize, which was in the process of collapsing. He grabbed the skull and fled. (Crystal Skull)

The academic community drove him out when he explained his theory that gazing into the eyes of the crystal skull would transport a person to see aliens (like grandfather, like grandson). He'd gone on the most incredible journey of his life, and no one believed him. (Crystal Skull)

No one could explain how the skull he'd found could have been carved from a single piece of crystal, against the grain, given the technology of the day. (Crystal Skull)

A few years later, he suffered a mental breakdown and checked himself into a psychiatric institute in Oregon, where he stayed for 20 years, suffering a variety of hallucinations. Daniel was a regular visitor until right before he joined the Stargate program, when they had a falling out. Daniel couldn't buy Nick's theories about the giant aliens, and Nick thought Daniel was as insane as he was for thinking the pyramids were landing platforms for alien spaceships. (Crystal Skull)

In 1999, Daniel was trapped out-of-phase from looking into a crystal skull, and the rest of SG-1 went to ask Nick for help. In return, he demanded access to the skull they'd found. Possibly due to his experience with the skull, he could see the out-of-phase Daniel, and the two reconciled.

Nick's mental breakdown was real -- he suffered hallucinations, enough so that when the out-of-phase Daniel appeared and spoke to him, and no one else could see or hear him, Nick didn't even blink. (Crystal Skull)

Even though he thought Daniel was another hallucination, he took the opportunity to apologize for not adopting him when his parents died, and for allowing his obsession to drive him to madness, and asked for Daniel's forgiveness. (Crystal Skull)

When Daniel convinced him he was real, Nick willingly agreed to help him convince the others to go back to the planet. Then took advantage of the situation to include himself, telling Jack that Daniel had said Nick should go along, even though Daniel never said any such thing. (Crystal Skull)

The cavern was exactly as he remembered it, as was the giant alien. Quetzelcoatl invited Nick to remain to exchange knowledge and culture with the aliens. Daniel was reluctant to lose his grandfather again so soon, but Nick pointed out that this had been his life's work, and that he'd wanted another chance at it for 29 years. He told Daniel he was proud of him, and stayed. (Crystal Skull)

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He worked for Joe Spencer in Joe's barber shop. (Citizen Joe)

His wife was Cindy. (Citizen Joe)

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Emmett Bregman

Had been a reporter in the Gulf (with a military minder who censored his reports). (Heroes, part 1)

Widowed -- his wife died a few years before he went to the SGC. (Heroes, part 1)

Once did a piece on a war photographer, Martin Krystovski, who was with a unit in Vietnam for six months. The day before he was going to go home, the lieutenant pulled him down during a routine patrol. His camera went off, and captured the lieutenant getting shot in the head. The bullet should have hit Krystovski. He never showed the picture to anyone, for 25 years. Then he looked at the picture again, and saw a picture of a man saving his life, not a man dying. (Heroes, part 2)

Had a generally abrasive personality/approach, but also had some manners -- he rose when Janet stood up and left the table where they were eating lunch. (Heroes, part 1)

He was sent by the president to do a documentary about the SGC. (Heroes, part 1)

He was appalled that nothing had been done before this to chronicle the happenings at the SGC, considering it of high historical importance. (Heroes, part 1)

He absolutely believed that giving journalists open access to everything was the only way to keep society from becoming totalitarian and repressive. (Heroes, part 2)

Before he arrived, he was briefed by the Defense Department. He was pretty annoyed to find out he'd need to be briefed again by Hammond before he was allowed to start shooting anything. (Heroes, part 1)

Used pretty much the worst possible approach toward Hammond -- flip and annoying, and making inappropriate jokes. (Heroes, part 1)

When Rundell suggested a cinema verite approach, Bregman mocked the idea, pointing out that they'd be there a year if they tried to make people comfortable with them and the idea of the documentary before really beginning anything, since everyone there kept things secret for a living -- he said they'd need to use the " wringing it out of them" approach. (Heroes, part 1)

He wanted to wear the SG vest with the new ceramic-polymer plating inside it during a test -- Dr. Lee wouldn't allow it. (Heroes, part 1)

He got increasingly frustrated with the stonewalling from some SGC personnel and by Hammond's very strict interpretation of his clearance orders (which meant that Bregman couldn't see or film any activity surrounding any ongoing missions). (Heroes, part 1)

He was willing to cheat to get active footage: when he and his crew were ordered out of the gateroom because there were wounded coming in, he left his camera running and held it down but pointed behind him as he walked out, until Rundell noticed and shut it off. (Heroes, part 2)

He was sincere in his wish to show what was really going on, and to do it with a level of respect for the people involved: he carefully did not edit the interviews to be antagonistic or hostile, or to make people look bad. (Heroes, part 2)

When he realized that Daniel had probably recorded at least some of what happened on P3X-666, he told Daniel the story of Martin Krystovski, hoping to at least get him thinking about letting people (Bregman) see the tape. (Heroes, part 2)

Security caught him trying to get into the infirmary, doubtless to find out who'd been hurt and how badly. Hammond took the opportunity to kick him off the base. (Heroes, part 2)

Bregman was seriously pissed off about getting the boot, and actually tried to use Hammond's red phone to make a call protesting it (that didn't go over very well). Whoever he wound up calling (presumably the president, but it's never said explicitly) listened to him, and he got back on the base, and got his wish of getting hold of the tape Daniel shot on P3X-666. (Heroes, part 2)

He was shocked and saddened to see that it was a tape of Janet's death, and at first told Daniel he wasn't going to use it -- he even deliberately sought Daniel out to give it back. Daniel told him that he wanted him to, so that people could see what an extraordinary person she was. (Heroes, part 2)

He and his team were present at the memorial service held for Janet at the SGC, filming it to be used (respectfully) in the documentary. (Heroes, part 2)

While Daniel and Sam were at Colson Industries headquarters trying to talk Alec Colson out of going public with his proof about active alien influences on Earth, Bregman called and left 13 messages on Daniel's cellphone's voicemail. (Covenant)

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A CIA operative in Honduras. He and Jack had history going back years -- they served together in a covert ops unit. (Evolution, part 2)

While they were in the same unit, Burke shot their other teammate, Woods, and killed him. Jack couldn't back up Burke's story because he didn't see what happened, and Burke blamed him for everything that happened next: his wife (presumably), Hillary, left him, and he was assigned to a crappy post in Honduras. Years later (still in South America), he was the only operative assigned to help get Daniel and Dr. Lee away from their anti-Honduran captors after they got kidnapped while searching for (and finding) the so-called Fountain of Youth, and specifically requested Jack's help. (Evolution, part 2)

He briefly walked away when he and Jack argued, but returned to help guide him to the revolutionaries' camp. While they were walking, he explained that back in the day, during an op, he'd been trying to cut down on an angle to be able to cover Jack better as he approached the target, and when he saw Woods move (presumably to do likewise) where Woods wasn't supposed to be, he shot and killed him, assuming him to be a hostile. (Evolution, part 2)

Later, he said that Woods had betrayed them, sold them out -- he was sending a rogue radio transmission that gave away their position. Woods realized Burke knew and turned his weapon on him, and Burke shot him without thinking. He said he never came forward with it because of how close the three men were, and their wives. He also didn't want to risk Woods's wife, Cindy, not getting his pension. He said that Woods, a month away from retirement, wasn't going to retire -- he was setting himself up with " that warlord" . (Evolution, part 2)

When he and Jack heard lots of weaponsfire, they headed further into the jungle at a run, separating as they went. He reappeared in time to see Jack completely fail to take out Chalo, despite shooting him several times in the chest with a P-90. Burke shot Chalo with an M203 grenade launcher attached to his M4. (Evolution, part 2)

Jack promised to recommend him for a better posting, in thanks for his help. (Evolution, part 2)

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Mail carrier in a town in Hendricks County, Indiana, who delivered the mail to Joe Spencer's barber shop. (Citizen Joe)

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Mark Carter

Sam's brother. He is (or was, unclear which) married, with two children, a girl and a boy. Lived in San Diego. (Cold Lazarus, Seth) Mark had been estranged from his father for years, and as of Seth, Sam hadn't seen him since his two children were born. He wasn't in any rush to mend fences with his father -- even when Jacob was on his deathbed, he wouldn't return Sam's calls or go to visit. When Jacob knocked on his door, he was hesitant for a minute, but finally returned Jacob's hug, and then hugged Sam as well. (Seth)

Had a friend on the Denver police force named Pete Shanahan, and when Pete had to go to Colorado Springs for a case, Mark set him up with Sam. He told Sam there was a story behind Pete's becoming a cop, but didn't tell her what it was. (Chimera)

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Chalo X

One of the group of men (assumed to be Honduran anti-government revolutionaries) who kidnapped Daniel and Dr. Lee (and Rogelio, their guide). En route back to their camp with their hostages, Chalo shot Rogelio, who was trying to escape. (Evolution, part 1)

Later, after Daniel and Dr. Lee had been weakened by two days with no food or water, Chalo wielded the electric-shock equipment to torture them. After Rafael turned the Fountain of Youth box on, Chalo started to get wigged out, believing it to be cursed. He asked Rafael to turn it off when Daniel explained that the device was dangerous -- Chalo was freaked by the fact that he felt different after the box was turned on. He went so far as to effectively challenge Rafael over it, saying that if Rafael wouldn't turn it off, he would. Rafael shot him dead. The device was powerful enough to revive him just from being in the same room with it, and Chalo came back to life as a completely whacked-out zombie, basically. He was very angry, and nearly unstoppable: Rafael and the others shot back when he started shooting an AK-47 at them, and he went down with two big holes in his chest -- and got back up again after they'd abandoned him for dead again. He followed them when they went after Daniel and Dr. Lee, still determined to kill Rafael. He was too late -- Jack had already killed Rafael. Jack shot Chalo multiple times as well -- this time, Chalo didn't even go down. Finally, Burke arrived and shot something really big through him, taking him out permanently. (It didn't look like a rocket launcher in his hands, but the effect looked a bit like a rocket. If anyone knows what that was, please let me know.) (Evolution, part 2)

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One of the Honduran anti-government revolutionaries that kidnapped Daniel and Dr. Lee in southern Honduras. (Evolution, part 1)

He died along with all the other members of his group after Rafael turned on the Fountain of Youth and created a psycho zombie Chalo, and Jack and Burke staged a rescue of Daniel and Dr. Lee. (Evolution, part 2)

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Bert's wife. She went all sniffly when Joe Spencer told the tale of " A Hundred Days" . (Citizen Joe)

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Alec Colson

His father was a newspaper reporter who was jailed during the McCarthy era -- which gave Alec a passion for freedom of speech, and a strong belief that the public had a right to know what the government was doing. (Covenant)

When he was a kid, all he wanted to do was fly. (Covenant)

Brian Vogler was his best friend, going back to when they were kids, and was acting as his right-hand man in Colson Industries. (Covenant)

His wife and daughter died in a plane crash when he was 24 (roughly 1986). He started Colson Aviation in reaction, hoping to make flying safer for everyone. (Covenant)

42 years old as of mid-2004. (Covenant)

He was clearly of the business-casual school -- even at his press conferences, he was dressed casually, with an unbuttoned collar, no tie, and a leather jacket. (Covenant)

He'd been following Daniel's career since the early days -- when he met Daniel, the first thing he mentioned was the " pyramids as landing platforms for alien ships" idea. (Covenant)

Had a net worth of over $60 billion, putting him #8 on the Fortune 500. (Covenant)

Personally held over 200 propietary patents, both military and domestic industry. (Covenant)

He owned several Earth observer and weather satellites. (Covenant)

Owned a global empire  of companies (Colson Industries), including communications, biotechnology, aerospace, and aviation. (Covenant)

The head office is in Seattle. (Covenant)

Over the past few years, Colson Industries had gotten several government contracts that were loosely related to R& D connected to alien technologies that the SGC had procured offworld. (Covenant)

One of Colson's biotech research companies had been given a sample of Asgard DNA for sequencing, without being told what it was -- it was supposed to be a blind study. (The SGC/government was hoping to help the Asgard with their cloning program.) The company went beyond the bounds of the contract, and actually grew a clone. (Covenant)

The corporation had over-extended itself competing for a contract, and was depending on its stock prices to cover it. (Covenant)

When he began talking about aliens on Earth, the stock price began dropping, going down 25% -- Brian was worried that they'd have to start selling assets. (Covenant)

He was president and CEO of Colson Aviation, which helped develop the multi-engine  control  (MEC) system for the F-302s. He briefly worked with Sam during the development -- she considered him a brilliant engineer. (Covenant)

Despite his brilliance and the usefulness of his companies in working on tech for the stargate program, he was never told the truth -- after a personality profile, he was deemed to be a security risk. (Covenant)

Several " national security" talks from the Pentagon and a personal call from the president weren't enough to convince him to keep quiet about the things he'd discovered about alien influences on Earth. (Covenant)

He'd seen images from Anubis's attack over Antarctica (stored in his weather satellites's buffers before communications went down) and had bits of downed Goa'uld ships from the Antarctica -- one of his subsidiaries was involved in the cleanup and salvage operation. He also had a copy of Asgard DNA (without knowing anything about the Asgard), which his lab grew to a full-size clone (with no mind of its own). This was enough to convince him that the Roswell Grays were real, and the US government (and probably more) knew about it. He decided that the public needed to know about it, and called a press conference where he announced he had proof of alien influence on Earth, and challenged all the governments that knew about it to come forward and 'fess up. He said that if they didn't, he'd go public with his proof in 24 hours. (Covenant)

Even the preliminary announcement had caused some mass hysteria -- Colson was a well-respected businessman, and people were willing to take him seriously. (Covenant)

Despite repeated requests from Washington and his right-hand man, Colson forged ahead, convinced that exposing the truth was the only answer. (Covenant)

He was genuinely hopeful that the feds would accept that exposure was inevitable, and come forward themselves -- clearly, this wasn't a matter of " get the government" but purely " tell the truth" , and he'd be happy whoever told it. (Covenant)

When Sam and Daniel arrived to try to talk him out of going public with his proof (without knowing what proof he had, and under orders not to tell him what was going on), he was charming and friendly, but adamant that the public deserved to know. (Covenant)

After the initial round of polite greetings, he started right in, saying that the " meteor shower" that had taken out the US Navy group was a cover story (" and a surprisingly weak one, at that" ). Sam and Daniel tried to bluff (" what makes you say that?" ), and Colson promptly showed them clear stillshots  from one of his satellites -- of Anubis's ship in orbit, and the dogfight, complete with Prometheus, over Antarctica. He admitted that he didn't know the entire truth, but that he deserved to -- and so did everyone else. (Covenant)

He brought in security for his employees and their families, to be on the safe side -- a lot of nutjobs were calling headquarters after he made his initial announcement. (Covenant)

Exactly 24 hours after his first announcement, after no government stepped forward to say anything, Colson gave his second press conference, and presented his proof: an Asgard that walked into the room where the press conference was being held. (Covenant)

The media people in the room went justifiably nuts, taking pictures/film, and the frenzy spread quickly to the world's population. (Covenant)

The Asgard was actually just a clone body, grown as a genetic experiment in Colson Industries' labs from DNA they got from the Department of Defense. It had no real intelligence of its own, and never spoke -- it was just a blank slate. (Covenant)

Colson's theory was that the more questions they could raise about what was going on, the more the burden of proof was going to shift to Washington, which would have to bow to public pressure. He figured that even the clearly non-sentient alien they had on hand would be enough to do that, along with the pictures and other proof of the attack over Antarctica. (Covenant)

When the clone body vanished from his labs, he headed for his personal plane for a trip to Washington. Shortly after takeoff the plane went down, with him and Brian still aboard. They both survived the crash unharmed, just shaken up, but the crew quickly found evidence of tampering -- Colson was convinced it was the government. His first move was to call Sam (on her private cellphone) and dump on her about it, but he backed off pretty quickly, telling her he was sure she wasn't in on it -- if it was the government trying to kill him to shut him up, she would just have been a pawn. He still refused to give up on his quest to expose the truth. (Covenant)

He set up another press conference, determined to show the satellite pictures and the ship parts his company had salvaged from Antarctica. While Brian Vogler was trying to talk him out of it, Thor beamed him out of his office up to his ship, then down again before Colson even realized it, with Thor at his side. (Covenant)

He was very pleased to meet Thor (if a bit taken aback at actually meeting an alien). He didn't meet Teal'c, though. (Covenant)

My personal guess is that orders were to keep him from knowing that there's at least one very human-looking alien living among us, just in case he didn't agree to keep quiet.

He settled in to guest quarters and called Brian to let him know he was okay and would be back in a couple of days, then put on a set of BDUs and travelled offworld with Sam to the alpha site. The gate impressed him, but the site itself didn't, quite, until Sam showed him into a hangar where an F-302 was stored. When Sam offered to take him up in it, he lit up like a kid on his birthday. (Covenant)

He was delighted when Sam let him take the stick, promptly going into a barrel roll and marvelling at its maneuverability. Right after that, he put them into a dive straight down at the planet with no sign of pulling up, forcing Sam to take control back to pull them out of it right before they would have crashed. He did it to drive home the point of how unpleasant it is to feel that out of control in a life-or-death situation. Sam was not amused. (Covenant)

Nothing Sam said made a difference -- not explaining about enemies the SGC faced in the galaxy, or the Trust and its nefarious determination to gain control of the stargate, or the fact that the SGC knew for a fact that revelation of what a stargate could do could lead to apocalyptic world war among humans (thanks to Daniel's experiences in Icon). Colson was convinced that telling the truth publicly was the only way to go, regardless of any of that. (Covenant)

He thought that if the truth about the very nature of human existence could lead humanity to destroy itself -- we would deserve it. (Covenant)

He got back from his little jaunt just in time to hear Julia Donovan reporting on " Inside Access" that most analysts considered Colson's claim of aliens on Earth to be a hoax, in hopes of diverting attention away from his company's dire financial straits. When he tried to laugh that off, Daniel told him that Colson Industries was being investigated for securities fraud, and the market reaction was bad enough that the company's stock was down 80%, with the Dow overall down 500 points, and the president had had to close trading to keep things from getting worse.

Colson took one look at the timing on all of that, and knew he was being set up. (Covenant)

Colson and Sam went to see Brian Vogler, who made it clear that it was his doing that the SEC was investigating them. He'd done it at the behest of the Trust, setting things in motion six months earlier to be triggered whenever the Trust said to, in order to protect his family and his own life. (Covenant)

When Colson found out it was the Trust behind it, he started taking them more seriously, demanding of Sam that they find some way to shut them down. (Covenant)

He convinced Brian to wear a wire to meet his contact, in hopes that the SGC and NID could trace this guy up the chain to someone bigger. (Covenant)

He was devastated, possibly suicidal, when Vogler hanged himself in the bathroom, blaming himself entirely for his death -- he knew that Vogler would never want to do anything that put his family in danger, and he'd still pushed him to betray the Trust. He had a pistol in his hand when Sam came to talk to him, although so far he hadn't made any move to use it on himself.  (Covenant)

Sam assured him that his companies and employees would be okay -- Congress was considering providing relief. He was still bitter about going to jail for something he didn't do, believing that his life was over -- everything he'd built, fought for, believed in, all gone. Sam offered him a different life: offworld, doing research for the SGC. He took it. (Covenant)

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Mrs. Connors

One of Teal'c's neighbors when he briefly lived in an apartment building  -- she lived in #405, with a cat. (Affinity)

She saw both his encounters with Krista's boyfriend Doug, including the second one when Teal'c told Doug he'd kill him where he stood if he ever hurt Krista again. (Affinity)

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Julia Donovan

TV reporter for " Inside Access" . (Prometheus)

She and Hal (her producer) were leaked some information by the NID (e.g., a sample of naquadah, and at least the beginnings of the money trail), and push until they're allowed to actually visit " Prometheus" -- the nearly complete X-303. (Prometheus)

The SGC was planning to double-cross them by confiscating and destroying all tapes and notes, leaving them no proof. (Prometheus)

Hal had been bribed by the NID, and the camera crew was made up of rogue NID members, who hijacked the X-303 as soon as they got aboard. Hal wound up dead, and the rest were captured after the ship made it into space. (Prometheus)

Donovan wound up going with SG-1 to help the Asgard just because she was on the ship when Thor appeared and asked, and there was no way to go home first. No idea if anyone outside her camera crew and Hal knew anything about her story lead, but it's possible. (Prometheus)

No idea what happened to her -- she was transported off the X-303 and into the cafeteria kitchen on Level 22 when Thor arrived at the ship to get Jack and the others. (Unnatural Selection)

Confirmation on what happened to her after the Prometheus incident: she went back to work after signing a nondisclosure agreement, and getting a promise of an exclusive story when the SGC eventually went public. (Covenant)

From the sound of it, it was specifically Sam who made that promise to her, or at least who promised to be the one to call with the story. (Sam wouldn't have had the authority to make that promise on her own, so no matter if she was the one who did all the talking, it had to come from at least Hammond's level, if not higher.) (Covenant)

At least one of her contacts/sources had Sam's private cellphone number, and gave it to Julia. She used it to call Sam just as Sam was walking out of Colson Industries headquarters with Daniel, pushing for her exclusive -- she was convinced that it would be impossible to keep a lid on the program once Colson gave his second press conference. (Covenant)

She got her exclusive -- sort of. Sam went on " Inside Access" to discredit/disprove Colson's assertion that it was really an alien. She was working with Thor, who appeared as a hologram and pretended to just be part of a program under development by the military for advanced holographic techniques. (Covenant)

Julia didn't know how Sam had managed to pull off the hologram -- which had impressed the socks off her, basically -- and tried to get her to admit (off-air, and in relative private) that it was alien technology. Sam wouldn't tell her anything. (Covenant)

Within a couple of days, Julia was reporting that most analysts believed Colson's " announcement" to be a hoax, to divert attention away from the fact that Colson Industries was under SEC investigation for securities fraud. (Covenant)

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Doug X

Krista James's boyfriend. (Affinity)

He had a tendency toward being drunk and abusive. According to Krista, it started after he lost his job. (Affinity)

She broke up with him at one point, but took him back after a couple of weeks. (Affinity)

He appears to have been remarkably stupid, telling Teal'c on two separate occasions that he'd hurt him (Teal'c) if he got in the way of Doug and Krista's relationship. Both times, Teal'c was wearing shirts that bared his arms up to the shoulder, if his general build hadn't been enough to give away the fact that he's a solid mass of muscle. (Affinity)

The second time was after Doug had hurt Krista's wrist just as she took him back  -- Teal'c had seen the injury and was angry about it, and responded to Doug's threat by saying that if he ever injured Krista again, Teal'c would kill him. (Affinity)

The next day, Krista killed him using the lok'nel Teal'c had been teaching her. (Affinity) (died mid-2004)

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Rogelio Duran

The guide that Daniel and Dr. Lee believe the " Fountain of Youth" (aka, an Ancient healing device) is hidden, in a temple to the Goa'uld Telchak. He was very friendly and helpful (he tried to talk them out of going to what he thought was a ruins-less area, but when they were determined, he was perfectly happy to take their money for what he thought was a wild goose chase), but after they were all captured by an unnamed group of men (who turned out to be Honduran anti-government revolutionaries), he panicked and tried to escape, and was killed. (Evolution, part 1)

Survived being shot after all, and lay in the jungle for days before Jack and Burke found him. He seemed in remarkably good health and spirits, and said it wasn't the first time he'd been shot. He was picked up an hour or so later by Air Rescue. (Evolution, part 2)

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Jeff Eisen

A friend of Charlie O'Neill's. He gave Charlie a water pistol one day a couple of weeks before Charlie accidentally shot himself with Jack's gun. (nb: This is from a narcotic-induced hallucination being manipulated by Apophis. It's impossible to be 100% certain that all the events/exposition were genuine, although it's highly likely). (The Devil You Know)

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A boy living in Teal'c's neighborhood when Teal'c was living offbase. He knew Teal'c well enough to call him " T" . (Affinity)

He was impressed with the way Teal'c handled the thee guys going after one other guy. (Affinity)

When Teal'c hesitated rather than go after a purse-snatcher, Eric was very disappointed -- he perked up after Teal'c beaned the guy with an avocado. (Affinity)

When Teal'c moved out a short while later, Eric helped him carry boxes down to the car, using his skateboard as a dolly. Before Teal'c left, he showed him the underside of the skateboard -- he'd painted a serpent in a circle, like Teal'c's tatto, on it. (Affinity)

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Special Agent Dave Farrity

An FBI agent who gets to work very early. Pete Shanahan called him at work just after dawn one day to ask him to do a full background check on Sam, in hopes of getting the details about her life that she had refused to tell him (because she wasn't allowed to). After he did the check he called Pete back, telling him to back off, because Sam's record had been scrubbed clean of everything but her cover story and other " acceptable" information. He knew she was into something so high-level that Pete was asking for trouble poking around it. (Chimera)

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Joseph Faxon

An ambassador assigned to make a treaty with the Aschen. He was developing an attraction for Sam. When Daniel figured out what the Aschen were really like and the SGC broke relations off (rather unpleasantly), Faxon stayed behind to distract/fight off some Aschen who would have stopped Sam, and wound up being left behind. He seems to have been presumed dead as a result. (2001)

In an alternate timeline, Faxon wound up (pretty happily, by all indications) married to Sam. (2010)

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Cassandra (Cassie) Fraiser

Born in 1985 (turns 16 in Rite of Passage [2001] -- earlier references are hazier about her age, but Rite of Passage has her actual birthday celebration).

She was raised on the planet Hanka until she was about 12 years old, when Nirrti wiped out her entire people with a virus.

SG-1 brought her back to Earth. Tests run on her showed her clear of the infection that wiped out her people, but with naquadah in her blood. The naquadah later reformed inside her to create a bomb by pulling potassium out of her bloodstream, and causing cardiac arrest which Fraiser responded to by shocking her -- the electrical stimulus the bomb needed to activate. One side of the bomb was made up of naquadah, the other of iron and potassium. The sides were separated by a (decaying) layer of fatty tissue. (Singularity)

She bonded with Sam during that, but wound up being fostered/adopted by Janet Fraiser, although she also stayed close to Sam -- comforting Sam when she was depressed (In the Line of Duty), going boating with her and Janet on a weekend trip (Urgo), playing chess with her every other Saturday if Sam is onworld (Rite of Passage). Sam was also the only person other than Janet at Cassie's 16th birthday dinner. (Rite of Passage)

As of early second season, was still calling Janet " Janet" , not " Mom" . (In the Line of Duty)

Jack also maintained contact, enough that the kids from Cassie's first school on Earth still knew him the year after she left for her junior high (not middle school) (Learning Curve).

She has a dog (name unknown), given her by Jack because there's " a rule on Earth -- every kid has got to have a dog" (Singularity)

Her " cover story" for assimilating into Earth culture is that she was born in Toronto. (Singularity)

Cassie refers to the team by first names: calls Jack " Jack" in Rite of Passage.

In her very early teens, she liked art and had been told by her teacher that she had talent at it. (In the Line of Duty)

She has the ability to sense blended Goa'uld, presumably because of the naquadah still in her system. (In the Line of Duty)

At 15-turning-very-snotty-16 in high school, she was dating a boy named Dominic. (Rite of Passage)

She's been through a lot of trauma:

she witnessed the deaths of her parents and all her people (Singularity) ,

after Sam promised never to leave her, then to come right back when she actually left, she locked Cassie alone in a stone chamber with no explanation (Singularity),

a Goa'ulded Sam threatened her with death (In the Line of Duty),

and she nearly died from a retrovirus that Nirrti had infected all of Cassie's people with, triggered at age 16. (Rite of Passage)

The virus caused her to generate a fluctuating, strong EM field, strong enough to disrupt electronic equipment and to make it impossible to give her an MRI. Eventually she could control the field, allowing her to manipulate things like magnets. To save her life, the effects had to be reversed, leaving her unable to manipulate EM fields anymore. She was saved by (a very grumpy) Nirrti. (Rite of Passage)

Many, many years in the future, as an old(ish) woman, Cassie is the one to send the time-traveling SG-1 back to 1998/9 where they belonged. She didn't use the computer or a DHD -- she had a small metallic device attached to the back of her hand that did the job of dialing. (1969)

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A homeless man living in Colorado Springs. Ma'chello, in Daniel's body, met him on the streets and invited Fred to a " feast" , complete with ice cream sundaes. Fred thought Ma'chello was a war veteran who'd been through too much, and seemed to develop a genuine fondness for him. He tried to keep the cops from hurting Ma'chello when they finally caught him. No idea what happened to him after Ma'chello was taken back to the base. (Holiday)

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Car salesman in a town in Hendricks County, Indiana. Joe Spencer was his barber. (Citizen Joe)

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Sarah Gardner

She worked with Daniel under Dr. Jordan in Chicago, before Daniel joined the SGC. She and Daniel had a relationship of unknown duration, but it didn't end as well as it might have (The Curse).

Apparently, before ever meeting him, Sarah had read everything Daniel had ever published, and had been impressed, going so far as to reference one of his papers in her doctoral thesis. (This assumes that the dream-Sarah Osiris created inside Daniel's mind was repeating what she'd actually said originally, which seems likely.) Sarah was in love with Daniel, but when he proved so obsessed with his work that he forgot their two-month anniversary, she walked out on him. (Chimera)

Years after she broke up with Daniel, she was still working with Dr. Jordan (along with Steven Rayner). Either before or immediately after Jordan died, Sarah was infested with Osiris, who had escaped (or been released) from the canopic jar that had kept him prisoner for millennia. (The Curse)

Eventually, roughly three years after being infested, Osiris brought Sarah back to Earth to gain information from Daniel, and was captured (see Osiris for more details), and Osiris was removed from Sarah by the Tok'ra. She woke up in the SGC with Daniel at her side, apparently with full memory of what Osiris had done. (Chimera)

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Sabrina Gosling

She was Catherine Langford's niece. (Moebius part 1)

As Catherine's funeral ended, she approached Daniel to thank him for coming and speaking, telling him that Catherine used to talk about him all the time (leading Sabrina to imagine an Indiana-Jones type, complete with whip and pistol, chasing bad guys through some ancient temple). Small talk over, she pulled out Catherine's Eye of Ra pendant, saying Catherine had wanted Daniel to have it. She added that there were " a few other odds and ends" that Catherine had left him, but she couldn't bring them to the funeral -- she asked if she could send them to him. Daniel agreed. She sent Catherine's entire collection, as nearly as Daniel could figure. (Moebius part 1)

nb: Catherine's death occurred after the events at the end of Moebius part 2 since the timeline reset itself back a couple of weeks, but I have no reason to think it wouldn't still occur even in the new timeline -- it seemed to be natural causes (she would have been 80 years old at the time). My assumption is that after the team got back from fishing, Daniel was informed of her death in the new, existing timeline as well, and attended her funeral.

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Hal X

TV producer for Julia Donovan.

They were leaked some information by the NID (e.g., a sample of naquadah, and at least the beginnings of the money trail), and push until they're allowed to actually visit " Prometheus" -- the nearly complete X-303. (Prometheus)

The SGC was planning to double-cross them by confiscating and destroying all tapes and notes, leaving them no proof. (Prometheus)

Hal had been bribed by the NID, and the camera crew was made up of rogue NID members, who hijacked the X-303 as soon as they got aboard. Hal wound up dead, and the rest were captured after the ship made it into space. Donovan wound up going with SG-1 to help the Asgard just because she was on the ship when Thor appeared and asked, and there was no way to go home first. No idea if anyone outside her camera crew and Hal knew anything about her story lead, but it's possible. (Prometheus)

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Special Agent James Hamner

ATF. (Seth)

He was in command of the operation maintaining surveillance on Seth's compound in Washington state. (Seth)

He was less than thrilled when Jacob and SG-1 showed up: he brought them to his base camp long enough to ask what they were doing, but when the only answers he got were " that's classified" , he ordered them out of his jurisdiction. (Seth)

Shortly after Jack made a phone call (to Hammond), Hamner got a call from the president, and was told to issue Jack an emergency " special agent" credential, and put Jack in charge of the operation. He wasn't happy about it, but he did it. Jack finally tossed him a bone, telling him that Seth had hold of some top-secret AF technology that the public couldn't know about -- it was enough to get Hamner to stop grousing and go along. (Seth)

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Dr. Timothy Harlow

One of the world's top geneticists.

Sam met him when she was at the Pentagon, and became friends with him (at least professionally). She called him in to help when Teal'c was infested with bugs that turned him into a giant breeding nest, sure Harlow was trustworthy. He wobbled a bit -- going along with Maybourne's plans to take Teal'c away for study, knowing that it was a fairly unscrupulous thing to do. After Teal'c was rescued, though, Harlow helped reverse the process of genetic modification, then " accidentally" destroyed the insect and its venom so that no one would further the research, regaining Sam's trust and affection. (Bane)

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Dr. Harvey

One of the doctors at the psychiatric institute where Nick Ballard was living. (Crystal Skull)

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Claire Jackson X

Daniel's mother. She was an archaeologist (an Egyptologist by the look of it). She died in 1972 or 1973, when a slab of rock from an exhibit she was putting up fell and crushed her, along with her husband, Melburn. (Gamekeeper)

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Melburn Jackson X

Daniel's father. He was an archaeologist (an Egyptologist by the look of it). He died in 1972 or 1973, when a slab of rock from an exhibit he was putting up fell and crushed him, along with his wife, Claire. (Gamekeeper)

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Krista James

She lived next door,  in  apartment  402, when Teal'c briefly lived offbase. (Affinity)

She and Teal'c were friends  -- she brought him cookies and made him lasagna, he fixed her pipes. (Affinity)

She had a boyfriend, Doug. There were times he would get drunk and/or abusive  -- at one point he was loud and drunk enough standing in the hallway that Teal'c had come out to see if she needed help. At some point after that, she broke up with him, deciding enough was enough. (Affinity)

After breaking up with Doug, she found Teal'c in the park doing lok'nel (martial arts training), and asked him to teach her. (Affinity)

The lessons went on,  apparently  daily,  for  a  couple  of  weeks -- she got fairly proficient at it very quickly. (Affinity)

Although nothing apparently happened between them, the atmosphere was getting pretty romantically charged toward the end. (Affinity)

About two weeks after breaking up with Doug, she took him back -- he hurt her wrist at some point right around then. (Affinity)

The next day, she killed Doug, using the lok'nel Teal'c had been teaching her, then sat down outside Teal'c's apartment to wait for him. When Teal'c came home and found her, she told him she'd kicked Doug out and that she needed to get away because she couldn't think there -- she asked him to go with her, and convinced him to get in a car with her and just drive, taking the whole weekend to be anywhere else. (Affinity)

When they got to a motel she finally kissed him, and they spent the night together.

By morning, she was gone -- she wound up being held by Trust agents, but it's not clear whether she'd taken off on her own before they snatched her. (She has to have at least left the motel room, though -- it's highly unlikely that Teal'c wouldn't have woken up if it happened in the room. (Affinity)

She was very scared when the Trust had her -- she had no idea who they were or what they wanted, only that they were somehow using her against Teal'c. (Affinity)

She was zatted along with Daniel after the Trust got what it wanted, but she never saw the zat itself. (Affinity)

After it was all over, she presumably got off with self-defense for Doug's death, because she was walking around free when Teal'c was leaving (and gave no indication that she was expecting prison or even a trial). (Affinity)

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She was traveling with Michael in a VW bus cross-country to Woodstock when the time-traveling SG-1 hitched a ride to New York. Michael was as happy as Jenny to help them at first, but started to freak when he overheard them talking about what was going on. Jenny bought into the team's story of being stranded aliens, and talked Michael into helping them get home safely. Michael and Jenny brought them to Washington, DC, and then took off again at the team's insistence. No idea what happened to them after that.(1969)

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Kerry Johnson

Works for the CIA. (Threads)

She was in charge of the investigation into Goa'uld still at large after the infested Trust's attempted takeover. (Threads)

She met Jack during the investigation and they became involved, both agreeing that the relationship wouldn't affect their jobs or their ability to work together, no matter what. (Threads)

While Kerry was at Jack's house, inside looking for dinner supplies while Jack was outside grilling steaks, Sam came over unannounced to discuss her second thoughts about her wedding. Kerry walked out onto the porch into the middle of the discussion and did her best to handle an awkward situation gracefully, inviting Sam to join them. Sam had to leave after getting a call that her father was in the infirmary, sparing them all the possibility that she might stay. (Threads)

Kerry apparently decided that Sam was an unexpected, very large, stumbling block to her relationship with Jack, and decided to get out before she got more involved and possibly got badly hurt. She went to Jack's office to say so, telling him although they were good together, he had " issues [...] one big one in particular." She told him he shouldn't let Air Force rules and regulations stop him from being happy, and suggested that he retire if that's what he needed to do. (Threads)

She made sure that Jack was okay with it all so they could keep working together -- she didn't want to have to ask for reassignment, because the job was very important to her. (Threads)

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Dr. David Jordan X

Daniel studied archaeology under Dr. Jordan, and was his favorite. Dr. Jordan died in Chicago in an explosion (probably caused by Osiris) while cataloging Egyptian artifacts (including the canopic jars in which Isis and Osiris had been bound and banished) that had been found on the ocean floor. (The Curse)

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Jose X

One of the Honduran anti-government revolutionaries that kidnapped Daniel and Dr. Lee in southern Honduras. (Evolution, part 1)

He died along with all the other members of his group after Rafael turned on the Fountain of Youth and created a psycho zombie Chalo, and Jack and Burke staged a rescue of Daniel and Dr. Lee. (Evolution, part 2)

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Martin Krystovski

He was a war photographer, who was with a unit in Vietnam for six months. The day before he was going to go home, the lieutenant pulled him down during a routine patrol -- his camera went off, and captured the lieutenant getting shot in the head. The bullet should have hit Krystovski. He never showed the picture to anyone, for 25 years. Then he looked at the picture again, and saw a picture of a man saving his life, not a man dying. (Heroes, part 2)

Years later, he told this story to Emmett Bregman, when Bregman did a piece on him. (Heroes, part 2)

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Catherine Langford X

Born in 1924 (Torment of Tantalus -- she was 21 in 1945).

She's single (at least the last we heard), but was engaged to Ernest Littlefield as a young woman and reunited with him in her 70s. (Torment of Tantalus)

She has a PhD, probably in archaeology, and is very smart.

Her father was Professor Langford, an archaeologist who worked on the original stargate project.

After the original program was closed, she petitioned several administrations to reinstate the program, finally succeeding 40 years later. Began her 'gate research again in the late 1960s. (1969)

She recruited Daniel into the Stargate program in the mid-1990s (1994 by movie canon, 1995 by show canon), and knows Sam from Sam's Pentagon days.

She left the program after the first mission to Abydos, and didn't find out what was going on with the SGC until The Torment of Tantalus when Daniel came to her asking about her father's records.

Her first and only trip through the stargate was to recover Ernest, whom she had believed was dead for the past fifty years. (Torment of Tantalus)

She has enough money to live in a great big house -- the same one she grew up in -- with a staff (at least a housekeeper), and to be chauffeured around in a limo even after retirement. (Torment of Tantalus)

She's fluent in German, and seems fond of tea -- and has continued to use the same tea-set she used as a young woman in the 1920s. (Torment of Tantalus, 1969)

She always wears a Ra pendant, for luck (Children of the Gods, Torment of Tantalus, There But for the Grace of God, 1969). She gave it to Daniel on the first Abydos mission, and Daniel gave it to Jack to give back to her when he decided to stay behind (Children of the Gods, Torment of Tantalus)

Still alive and well, and still retired, as of late 2003 (seventh season). (Heroes, part 1)

She had a niece, Sabrina Gosling. (Moebius part 1)

According to Sabrina, she thought of Daniel as a son. (Moebius part 1)

She kept in touch with Daniel over the years, apparently talking with him regularly. She last spoke with him a week before she died in late 2004. (Moebius part 1)

Her funeral was small, but attended by people from several different arenas and cultures, including at least one military person, a woman in African garb, and a man in Japanese garb. Daniel gave the eulogy (to all appearances, at any rate). (Moebius part 1)

Daniel's eulogy:

" Catherine Langford was more than just kind and generous. She had a gift of an endless, open-minded, child-like curiousity. She saw the world not for what it was, but for what it could be. And she saw potential in people that others failed to recognize. Like her father before her, her contributions to science have changed the world more than most people know. I, for one, have no idea where I'd be today if I'd never met her. She changed my life in more ways than I ever could have imagined." (Moebius part 1)

She left Daniel her Eye of Ra pendant specifically (Sabrina handed it to him at the funeral), and then also basically her entire collection of artifacts, books, etc. (Moebius part 1)

nb: Her death occurred after the events at the end of Moebius part 2 since the timeline reset itself back a couple of weeks, but I have no reason to think it wouldn't still occur even in the new timeline -- it seemed to be natural causes (she would have been 80 years old at the time). My assumption is that after the team got back from fishing, Daniel was informed of her death in the new, existing timeline as well.

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Dr. Langford X

Catherine's father. In 1928, he discovered the stargate buried at Giza. In 1945, he headed the experiments on the stargate ordered by President Roosevelt, who wanted to see if it could be used as a weapon. When Ernest went through the gate and vanished, Dr. Langford lied to Catherine, telling her that he'd died in a lab accident. (Stargate the movie, Torment of Tantalus)

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Jason Levinson

Spent a month camped outside Seth's compound in Washington State, hoping to see his son Tommy, to see if he's still alive after nine months as one of Seth's followers. When Jacob and SG-1 show up, he latches on to them, giving them what info he has (and getting in the way a bit). (Seth)

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Tommy Levinson

One of Seth's cult followers -- part of the cult for nine months before SG-1 came in and broke everything up. He'd been in college, and hadn't spoken with his father for six months before he got sucked into the cult. He was trusted by Seth: he wore a transport-ring activator and had the keys to the armory. He was the one who took SG-1 away on Seth's orders, to kill them: they zatted him to kill the nish'ta in his system and enlisted his help in getting everyone else out. (Seth)

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Ernest Littlefield

One of the archaeologists working on the original stargate project with Professor Langford. (Torment of Tantalus)

He figured out that the 39 symbols on the " doorway to heaven" weren't a combination lock, they were destinations. (Torment of Tantalus)

He was engaged to Catherine Langford in the 1920s, but as part of his work on the program he volunteered to go through the stargate, and was trapped offworld for fifty years on an abandoned world.(Torment of Tantalus)

He deciphered as much as he could of the alien languages he found there, staying remarkably sane for a human left completely alone for so long (barring a few hallucinations about Catherine). (Torment of Tantalus)

The planet he was on was close to Abydos (which is why he could travel there in 1945 without having to compensate for stellar drift), but not listed on the Abydos cartouche. (Torment of Tantalus)

He called the castle/fortress he'd been living in " Heliopolis" -- after the ancient Egyptian city that served as a repository of philosophy and astronomy, and a central place of worship for Ra. (Torment of Tantalus)

SG-1 and Catherine came to rescue him as soon as they found records of what had happened to them, and barely got him and themselves out in time as the building he was living in collapsed around them in a massive storm. (Torment of Tantalus)

He and Catherine seem to have rekindled their relationship, after a slightly bumpy start. (Torment of Tantalus)

No idea what's happened to him since then, although the odds are extremely high that he's staying away from crowds and is probably in more or less nonstop SGC-sponsored therapy.

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Dr. MacLaran

A researcher who had spent five years creating a new superheavy element. He was given given a tour of the SGC, including the gateroom, in return for giving it up, so that the SGC could use it to spike K'tau's sun up to reverse the severe red-shift that SG-1 had accidentally caused. (Red Sky)

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He was traveling with Jenny in a VW bus cross-country to Woodstock, before heading to Canada to evade the draft, when the time-traveling SG-1 hitched a ride to New York. Michael was happy to help them at first, but started to freak when he overheard them talking about what was going on. Jenny bought into the team's story of being stranded aliens, and talked Michael into helping them get home safely. Michael and Jenny brought them to Washington, DC, and then took off again at the team's insistence. No idea what happened to them after that. (1969)

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Dr. Nelson

One of the doctors at the psychiatric institute where Nick Ballard was living. (Crystal Skull)

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Charlie O'Neill X

Jack and Sara's son.

He died sometime before the first Abydos mission, on the day his school pictures arrived. He accidentally shot himself with Jack's gun. (Children of the Gods, Cold Lazarus)

He used to love baseball, and playing with Jack. (Cold Lazarus)

Jeff Eisen was a friend of his who gave him a water pistol one day. Jack got mad at Charlie for playing with a gun. Two weeks later, Charlie shot himself with Jack's gun. (nb: This is from a narcotic-induced hallucination being manipulated by Apophis. It's impossible to be 100% certain that all the events/exposition were genuine, although it's highly likely). (The Devil You Know)

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Sara O'Neill

Jack's former wife.

Return address on letters she sent to Jack was 842 Cranbrooke Lane, Winter Park, CO 80310. (Cold Lazarus)

She'd already left when Jack returned from Abydos the first time, and they were divorced. (Children of the Gods)

She doesn't appear to have moved after divorcing Jack -- Charlie's room was still the same. Her father, Mike, either lived with her, or was visiting when the Crystal Unity Jack-impersonator went to the house. (Cold Lazarus)

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Rafael X

The leader of the group of Honduran anti-government revolutionaries that captured Daniel and Dr. Lee just after they'd found the so-called Fountain of Youth. (Evolution, part 1)

He brought them back to his camp and tortured/beat them until Dr. Lee broke and told him what the box was. (Evolution, part 2)

Once he found out, he turned it on, and it began changing him very quickly, making him extremely strong and fairly psycho. When Chalo repeated Daniel's request to turn the device off, saying it scared him, and went on to say he'd do it himself if Rafael wouldn't, Rafael reacted by shooting him dead. (Evolution, part 2)

Later, after helping to kill Chalo for the second time (after the Fountain of Youth revived him, although as a fairly psychotic person instead of his old self), he noticed that Daniel and Dr. Lee had just escaped, and hared off into the jungle after them, determined to kill them both (" vamos a matarlo!" - " we're going to kill him/them" ). He and the other two caught up to Daniel (they missed Lee, who was hiding in the jungle), and Rafael was about to skin Daniel with a machete, when Jack shot him from behind, killing him. (Evolution, part 2)

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Steven Rayner

An old " friend" (more like rival) of Daniel's, from school. (The Curse)

He was working with Dr. David Jordan, and was a fairly high-profile, pop-success archaeologist, with a book to his name (and a Porsche from the royalties). (The Curse)

He wasn't happy about Daniel's returning for Dr. Jordan's funeral, or the fact that he stuck around afterward. (The Curse)

He got in over his head when he dated an artifact to 10,000 years ago and traveled to a temple in Egypt to follow up on it, inadvertently crossing Osiris in the process. (The Curse)

He nearly died at Osiris's hands, but was rescued by Daniel, Sam, and Janet. It's never said what story they fed him to throw him off track of what really happened. (The Curse)

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Honduran anti-government revolutionaries: A group of men led by Rafael and including Chino, Chalo, and Jose. Since they're anti-Honduras, they could seek shelter across the Nicaraguan border (probably to an area near Ocotal), and buy weapons there -- AK-47s. They financed their actions by kidnapping people and charging ransom: sometimes the captives were freed, sometimes they were killed. In 2002, they kidnapped an engineer working on the Cajon River Dam, and held him for ransom. He was freed when the US corporation he worked for paid up. In 2003, they kidnapped Daniel and Dr. Lee immediately after they had discovered the so-called Fountain of Youth. Once they'd contacted the US State Department, they demanded a ransom be delivered within 72 hours. Kidnapping Daniel and Lee turned out not to be their smartest move -- they all wound up dead in the end. (Evolution, part 2)

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Armin Selig X

A reporter who had managed to gather a tremendous amount of material -- correct material -- about the Stargate program and who was involved in it. (Secrets)

He had planned to write his story but wanted corroboration from Jack if he could get it, so he tracked Jack down at a Pentagon awards ceremony and gave him a taste of what the article would be like. (Secrets)

He didn't believe Jack's denials, and insisted that he had a right to print the story. Jack agreed, and left. Selig went the other way and was struck and killed by a car (which sped away), accusing Jack with his last breath of murdering him. (Secrets)

His death was officially listed as an accident. (Secrets)

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Pete Shanahan

A member of the Denver PD. (Chimera)

He likes zoos and bowling (presumably -- he tried to get Sam to do both), but doesn't like the movie Singin' in the Rain, claiming to be more of a Fred Astaire fan. He's a fan of cop movies (Dirty Harry, French Connection, Serpico). (Chimera)

Watched a lot of cop shows growing up -- Adam-12, Starsky and Hutch, Barney Miller. Barney Miller was his favorite show. (Chimera)

He had a rough time growing up, and probably would have wound up in jail if not for one particular cop who took an interest. That was a deciding factor in Pete's choosing to be a cop. (Chimera)

He was married at one point. His wife left him because of the job. (Chimera)

He was friends with Mark Carter, and when he had to go to Colorado Springs on a case, Mark set him up with Sam. (Chimera)He and Sam really hit it off, spending a lot of their free time together for a week or two (precise timeline isn't clear). (Chimera)

He was charming and attentive, and even took her ballroom dancing (by crashing [probably] a 50th wedding anniversary party). (Chimera)

When they'd known each other roughly one or two weeks, they had sex. The next morning, she asked why he became a cop. He told her, adding that " it's who I am" . When she said she understood that, he took it as an opening and started prying into her job. When she regretfully told him that she wasn't allowed to tell him, he got up and got dressed, saying he had to go back to Denver to file his report. Before he left, he told her that he felt like he'd just scratched the surface with her (after approximately a week...) and said he didn't know how they could have a future together (again, after knowing her approximately a week) if she didn't share her (classified) life with him. Then he left. (Chimera)

As soon as he got to his car, he called a friend in the FBI, Dave Farrity, and got him started investigating Sam, apparently determined to get the information however possible. Farrity called him back later with the information that Sam's record had been scrubbed -- the only visible traces left in it were the things that the government wanted people to know about her (rank, working on a deep-space radar telemetry project, etc.). (Chimera)

Farrity warned Pete off, but Pete decided to literally stalk Sam instead, following her around, even to a stakeout at Daniel's house. (Chimera)

Pete watched the stakeout all night, and in the morning, when Sam left the van carrying a weapon to go to Daniel's house to help her teammates, Pete took the opportunity to approach her and try to talk (despite the fact that she was clearly on duty, and involved in a stakeout, and armed, and on her way somewhere). (Chimera)

Osiris walked out of Daniel's house immediately afterward and began firing using a hand weapon that shot energy blasts. Pete tried to help stop her using his gun, but the bullets bounced off her personal shield. Osiris shot at the surveillance van's gas tank and blew it up, injuring Pete. He was brought to the SGC for surgery and recovery, and when he was in good enough shape, Sam filled him in on everything he'd stumbled into. (Chimera)

After several months of dating Sam (definitely at least five, probably no more than seven), Pete " puts in for a transfer" to Colorads Springs PD (this can't be accurate as spoken -- presumably he applied to the CSPD, and will quit the Denver force if he gets the job). (Affinity)

He also bought her a ring and sprang it on her during a walk in the park, without talking to her about marriage beforehand. (Affinity)

He was pretty patient about it  -- after two weeks she still hadn't given him an answer, and he didn't get pushy, just said okay when she said she needed more time to work some things out. (Affinity)

When Sam asked for his help investigating the murder of the man Teal'c was susptected of killing, he did everything he could. (Affinity)

He apparently got the investigator's report, because he had crime-scene photos and knew what conclusions had been drawn. (Affinity)

He visited the crime scene to do his own investigation. (Affinity)

He used Sam's lockpicks to break into the apartment across the street, where he figured that surveillance would have been set up if anyone was staking Teal'c out. (Affinity)

When there was nothing to see in the room, he went a different direction -- checking out local pizza places for new repeat customers. From there, he got a license plate off a security camera, leading to a rental car place where it had been rented with a carefully faked ID. The rental had satellite tracking, and he told Sam exactly where the car was now. (Affinity)

When the rescue team went in, the bad guys had vanished into thin air, startling Pete a bit  -- he recovered with pretty good grace, though. (Affinity)

After the rescue, such as it was, Sam accepted his proposal while they were standing behind a truck talking. Pete triple-checked to make sure she was serious. (Affinity)

He was very excited when Sam got him security clearance and an all-access pass to the SGC, and brought him down to level 25. He hoped he was going to be allowed through the startgate. He was stunned when she brought him into a VIP room and introduced him to Jacob -- she hadn't warned him at all, so he was totally unprepared. (Threads)

He started out stammery then " recovered" by asking if Jacob really had one of " those things" in his head, saying it was weird (apparently fully expecting both Jacob and Sam to be amused right along with him). Jacob was not amused. (Threads)

Later, despite knowing the nature of Sam's job and knowing there would be times she wouldn't be able to talk to him, he kept calling her at work, including using the base phone system to get through to her when she wouldn't answer her cell phone, telling Walter that it was urgent he speak to her.   (Threads)

While he and Sam were driving around later, discussing wedding plans, he sprang a surprise on her: a new house he'd just bought, apparently without discussing it with her first. (Threads)

Soon after, after Jacob had fallen ill and died (along with Selmak), Sam decided she really couldn't go through with it, and broke up with Pete -- on the bench in the front yard of the house he'd just bought for them. He took it relatively well, then walked away, peeling the " sold" sticker  off the real estate agent's " for sale" sign. (Threads)

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Involved to some degree with Elizabeth Weir -- possibly married, but that's never stated (and he wasn't wearing a wedding band). (SGA: Rising pt 1)

When Weir was getting ready to leave for Atlantis, she created a videotape for him, explaining what she was doing and why, in the hope that President Hayes would grant him the security clearance he needed to see it. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Fortunately, Hayes did. If he hadn't, Simon would have had no clue why the woman he loved had just vanished. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

Before the tape could even finish, Simon had paused it and was trying to contact Weir on her cellphone, to no avail. (SGA: Rising pt 1)

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Andy Spencer

Joe and Sharlene Spencer's son. (Citizen Joe)

When he was small, he thought his father's stories about SG-1's adventures were cool. (Citizen Joe)

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Joe Spencer

A barber from Indiana (in Hendricks County), with a wife (Sharlene) and son (Andy). (Citizen Joe)

His barber shop was called " Stylin' Joe" . (Citizen Joe)

He had two employees: Bert and Gordie. (Citizen Joe)

He had bowling league on Thursday nights -- he was good. (Citizen Joe)

In 1997, he found a " stone" at a yard sale and picked it up, and almost immediately his mind filled with images of the stargate and traveling through a wormhole. He bought the stone. (Citizen Joe)

The original owner's grandfather had found it on a dig in Egypt. (Citizen Joe)

He spent a year telling anyone who would stand still long enough to listen about all the " stories" that were filling his head, not realizing he was boring half of them to tears. By late 1998, his wife Sharlene was suggesting that he write the stories down and submit them to magazines instead. (Citizen Joe)

The magazines weren't interested -- he got 326 rejection letters within the first couple of years, including for stories about Hathor and Seth. (Citizen Joe)

At least some of his manuscripts used episode titles as their titles. (Citizen Joe)

By mid-2001, his writing/stories were affecting his work -- he'd started closing the shop early to come home and write, and people were avoiding the barber shop. His wife begged him to stop, and he admitted for the first time that he believed the stone was letting him see things that were actually happening. He tried to show her by having her use the stone to see for herself, but she'd thrown it away. He freaked and searched through the trash in the kitchen, then the garbage at the curb, until he found it. (Citizen Joe)

A few months later, Sharlene gave up and took Andy to go live with her mother. (Citizen Joe)

Gordie quit his job at the barber shop to work at the Piggly-Wiggly around the same time. (Citizen Joe)

The next year, he tried to reconcile with his wife, meeting her in a park and offering to work on rebuilding his business so he could provide for the family properly again. When she told him that it wasn't the money, it was his obsession, that drove her away, he assured that he understood -- and pulled out what he considered sufficient proof that he was correct in his assumption that the stories are real (news stories about events coinciding with events in his stories, such as the report of a Russian sub that sank in the Pacific right when Anibusis's ship crashed into the ocean). Sharlene told him she'd been talking to doctors who thought he was suffering from manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions, but that with therapy and medications, he could live a normal life. Right about then, he started seeing Anubis's attack over Antarctica. She walked away. (Citizen Joe)

At some point after this, everything in his house was repossessed (by " Brothers Grimm Repo" ) for failure to pay property taxes and/or back taxes, and the house itself was put up for court-ordered sale, with the monies to go toward repaying his debt. (Citizen Joe)

Having lost everything, he went to Colorado Springs, walked into Jack O'Neill's house, and held him at gunpoint, blaming Jack for ruining his life. When Jack pulled out a real gun, Joe admitted his was a toy and put it down, then explained that he knew all about Jack, right down to his thing for Mary Steenburgen. (Citizen Joe)

Jack brought him to the SGC as a result of his obvious knowledge, where he was tested for the Ancient gene. (He also told Jack that he totally agreed: " Burns as Goa'uld" .) He was delighted to meet all of SG-1 (although he startled all of them by knowing a bit too much about them on first sight), and when they found out he did in fact have the gene, he offered to help out any time Jack might need someone to use the chair in Antarctica in defense of the planet. (Citizen Joe)

Once he'd gotten everything sorted out with the SGC, he went back home and asked Sharlene to meet him in the park again, this time with an ace up his sleeve: Jack had come along in full dress blues to meet her, and invited her to sit down because they all had " some things to talk about" . (Citizen Joe)

The first thing out of Jack's mouth as they sat down was " It's all true" . (Citizen Joe)

Presumably, this was enough to convince her not to file for divorce, as she said she was going to when she first arrived to meet him before Jack walked over. (Citizen Joe)

(Totally outside the show universe: Joe Spencer was played by Dan Castellaneta, who is the voice for Homer Simpson.)

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Sharlene Spencer

Joe Spencer's wife. (Citizen Joe)

In 1997, she was in a book club -- one of the books they read was " The Heart of a Woman" , which moved her deeply. (Citizen Joe)

The book was an Oprah Book Club selection in May 1997.

When Joe started telling the stories that appeared in his head (thanks to the Ancient device that was connecting him to Jack without his knowledge), she decided that he was having a midlife crisis that was showing up as an outpouring of creativity, and urged him to follow his muse. After a year of his talking the ear off anyone who'd stand still long enough to listen, though, she was started to hear complaints from people, and suggested that he write them down instead of just telling them. (Citizen Joe)

By mid-2001, she had lost patience with his writing, believing that it was affecting their lives -- the bills were piling up because he was leaving work early to go home and write. She threw away his " stone" and begged him to stop writing. When he admitted that he couldn't because he wasn't making the stories up -- he believed they were really happening -- she started to think he'd lost his mind, which wasn't helped when he tried to have her use the stone to see for herself and realized she'd tossed it, and started hunting through the kitchen trash, then curbside garbage, until he found it. (Citizen Joe)

A few months later, she gave up and took Andy to go live with her mother. (Citizen Joe)

The next year, Joe tried to reconcile with her, meeting her in a park and offering to work on rebuilding his business so he could provide for the family properly again. When she told him that it wasn't the money, it was his obsession, that drove her away, he assured that he understood -- and pulled out what he considered sufficient proof that he was correct in his assumption that the stories are real (news stories about events coinciding with events in his stories, such as the report of a Russian sub that sank in the Pacific right when Anibusis's ship crashed into the ocean). Sharlene told him she'd been talking to doctors who thought he was suffering from manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions, but that with therapy and medications, he could live a normal life. Right about then, he started seeing Anubis's attack over Antarctica. She walked away. (Citizen Joe)

Months later, she went back to the park at Joe's request, telling him she could only stay ten minutes and that she was filing for divorce. She wasn't prepared to be introduced to the actual General Jack O'Neill (in full dress blues, no less), and agreed to sit down because they all had " some things to talk about" . Presumably, she dropped the divorce once Jack had his say -- the first thing out of his mouth once they sat down was " It's all true." (Citizen Joe)

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Mrs. Struble

Cassandra's last elementary-school teacher (presumably -- she asks Jack how Cassandra's enjoying junior high). She knew Jack pretty well as a visitor to her class (and the younger kids knew him as well, not just the ones who moved ahead with Cassie), but didn't call him by his first name -- although that could have been to maintain the usual teacher-level of propriety in front of the kids. She had no qualms accommodating his request to fit Merrin in for the after-recess art lesson. (Learning Curve)

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Dr. Sandy Van Densen

A neurosurgeon called in by Fraiser to conduct the surgery on Jonas to remove the " tumor" that was causing him to be precognitive. (Prophecy)

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Brian Vogler (Volger)

(nb: His name was pronounced and spelled both ways throughout the episode, sometimes by the same people. I'm going with Vogler as the base name because it's easier to say.)

Alec Colson's best friend and right-hand man. (Covenant)

They'd known each other since they were kids -- Brian told Colson that he'd always bitten off more than he could chew " ever since we were kids, and I'm always having to bail you out." (Covenant)

A month before the attack over Antarctica, the Trust approached him and coerced him into starting to cook the company books, so they could frame Colson if they ever needed to stop him. (Covenant)

He tried repeatedly, insistently, to get Colson to keep his mouth shut about aliens on Earth, claiming (rightly) that it would cause mass public panic and would also hurt the company in terms of stock, respectability, etc. (Covenant)

In reality, he'd been approached by the Trust some time earlier, and was being threatened into keeping Colson under control. He was afraid for his own and his family's lives. When the plane he and Colson were on went down right after takeoff,   Brian knew what had happened, and was far more shaken up than Colson was. (Covenant)

When it was clear that nothing would stop Colson, and while he was away at the SGC (Brian didn't know where he was, only that he would be gone for a couple of days), Brian set in motion some of what he'd set up at the Trust's behest over the past six months. (Covenant)

He let the company's dire financial situation leak. The SEC was investigating Colson Industries for securities fraud, claiming irregularities in the company's last two financial statements. (Covenant)

It was bad enough (thanks to Vogler) that the company's stock dropped 80% and helped pull the Dow down 500 points very fast. The president had to stop trading to keep things from collapsing. (Covenant)

When Colson showed up asking what was going on, Brian was miserable, but admitted what he'd done and defended his actions as protecting his family. He also truly seemed to believe that it was too soon to expose the truth, saying (in tears) that the world wasn't ready yet. (Covenant)

He let Colson talk him into wearing a wire to  his  next  meeting with his contact, to help the SGC and NID get the guy and hopefully flip him for someone higher up. He was under close surveillance, and his family was put into protective custody. (Covenant)

Before the meeting happened, Vogler hanged himself in his bathroom, presumably to protect his family from the Trust. Surveillance found him too late to save him. (Covenant)

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Marci Wells

Married to Senior Airman Simon Wells. (Heroes, part 2)

She was pregnant with their first child when her husband went to P3X-666 and nearly died from a staff weapon, saved by Fraiser, who died saving his life. (Heroes, part 2)

Shortly after he recovered, she gave birth to a baby girl they named Janet. (Heroes, part 2)

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A friend of Hammond's who works in the intelligence community. Hammond trusted him enough to turn to him for information, trying to figure who could be behind the theft of the Madronans' Touchstone (and the use of the second gate). Whitlow couldn't help much, but told him about an airstrip that turned out to be the one that the rogue NID was using. (Touchstone)

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