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Episode Summaries: Season Two

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Second Season -- 1998



Serpent's Lair (2)

Daniel is fatally injured and left on Klorel's ship while Jack, Sam, Teal'c, and Bra'tac ring over to Apophis's ship to do as much damage as possible. They blow up his shield generators, so when Klorel's ship explodes from the C-4, Apophis's ship is caught in the blast. Before the explosion, they escape in death gliders, and Daniel manages to heal himself in a sarcophagus and flee through the stargate.

In the Line of Duty

While helping to evacuate the Nasyans, Sam is infested with a Goa'uld. Cassie can sense it, and tells Jack, and Sam winds up in a holding cell. The Goa'uld claims to be a Tok'ra named Jolinar, but before any final decision can be made, an ashrak (assassin) who has been hunting Jolinar arrives and tries to kill Sam. The symbiote dies from the attack, but saves Sam's life in the process.


SG-1 tries to help a man running through the woods, and gets sent to a prison world, Hadante, for their efforts. They meet a woman named Linea, who agrees to help them escape if she can go with them. Unfortunately, after they bring her back to the SGC, they find out that she's known as the Destroyer of Worlds. She uses the SGC's knowledge of the gate system to set up her escape, and takes off into the galaxy.


The team gets trapped in a virtual reality world run by the Gamekeeper, who forces Jack (with Teal'c) to relive his most blown op, and Daniel (with Sam) to relive the death of his parents.


Daniel prevents an alien princess from committing suicide: she sees him as some sort of fairytale hero, and falls for him, hard. While the rest of SG-1 labors in the local naquadah mine as prisoners, she gets Daniel addicted to the sarcophagus and plans to make him her consort.

Thor's Chariot

Heru'ur has discovered that the Asgard protections on Cimmeria are gone, and has invaded. Gairwyn calls the SGC for help in desperation. The only way they can stop the conquest is if Daniel and Sam can contact Thor and the Asgard, and get them to help

Message in a Bottle

SG-1 brings an orb back from a barren world, but the organism inside it wakes up in the warmth of the SGC. Before Jack and Teal'c can heave it back through the stargate, it shoots out a pole and skewers Jack through the collarbone and into the concrete wall of the gateroom. Daniel figures out how to talk to the organism, and works out a deal: it leaves the SGC, and the SGC gives it a verdant, unpopulated world of its own.


Apophis snatches and brainwashes Rya'c, and SG-1 join up with Bra'tac to get him back. To make matters worse, Teal'c's wife has divorced him and gotten remarried to one of his best friends. The new husband tries to betray them all to Apophis, but Jack stops him. SG-1 grabs Rya'c from a small troop of Jaffa and bring him to Earth, where they keep him from destroying all life on the planet and break the conditioning Apophis used on him. Teal'c is briefly reunited with his family before Drey'auc and Rya'c leave.


A reporter, Armin Selig, has gotten hold of highly detailed information and plans to write an exclusive about it. Before he can, he's struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver, right in front of Jack. Meanwhile, Daniel returns to Abydos to tell Kasuf he's still looking for Sha're, only to find a very pregnant Sha're already there. She goes into labor before he and Teal'c can bring her to the SGC, and gives birth to the harsesis child of Apophis and Amaunet. Amaunet takes control of the body again, and Daniel loses his chance to rescue Sha're.


Teal'c is stung by a giant bug on an alien world, and its venom begins changing his DNA. Maybourne takes him into custody to study, but Teal'c escapes, and is eventually found by a young girl who befriends him and then calls Jack for him. Jack and the others find him before the transformation into a nest of bugs is complete, and doctors manage to reverse the process.

The Tok'ra, part one

Sam starts having dreams of Jolinar's life among the Tok'ra, and SG-1 goes to the gate address she remembered. They meet the Tok'ra, who decide they're not worth allying with, since they don't want to become hosts. Meanwhile, Jacob Carter's cancer advances to its final stages back on Earth.

The To'kra, part two

Sam suggests Jacob as a host for a symbiote who will die soon without a new host. Jacob is a bit doubtful, but agrees in the end, and blends with Selmak. The Tok'ra and Tau'ri begin their alliance.


The alien residents of a planet that's also populated by the descendents of Salish Indians take offense at an SGC mining operation, and disguise themselves as SG-11 to return to the SGC and discover what sort of people they're dealing with. When they find out that the SGC is deliberately planning to deceive the Salish and continue mining, they get angry and begin "disappearing" people into thin air. Daniel and Jack manage to talk them into a truce of sorts, and convince them to return all the people they've taken.


The Madronans accuse SG-1 of stealing their Touchstone, a weather control device, which leads the SGC to discover that an NID unit has been active offworld by using the second stargate, and are stealing various artifacts and technology. They retrieve the Touchstone and return it to its rightful owners, but the NID team escapes through the second stargate.

The Fifth Race

Jack looks into an alien device and gets an Ancient database downloaded into his brain. It begins remapping his mind, starting with language -- eventually, he can't speak or understand English anymore. He has to travel to an Asgard world to get help.

A Matter of Time

SG-10 gets trapped on a world being sucked into a black hole. The SGC, not realizing what's happened, dials that world to contact SG-10, and the wormhole gets trapped by the gravity well and time dilation effects. Jack and Frank Cromwell have to drop a bomb into the stargate to shut it down before Earth is destroyed.


SG-1 meets a very old man on one of their journeys through the stargate: Ma'chello, a brilliant, lifelong fighter against the Goa'uld. He encourages Daniel to touch a machine, which swaps their neural patterns, effectively switching their bodies. Back at the SGC, "Daniel" leaves the mountain while "Ma'chello" lies dying in an infirmary bed. Eventually the truth is discovered and "Daniel" is brought back, and after a little bit of musical-bodies, everything's back to normal.

Serpent's Song

Apophis, badly injured, tricks SG-1 into taking him back to the SGC. Sokar finds out and launches an attack against the iris, using what amounts to a particle accelerator. Apophis dies as a result of the torrure he'd been through at Sokar's hands, and they send the body through the stargate to Sokar to get him to stop his attack on the base.

One False Step

SG-1 travels to a new world to retrieve a downed UAV from the locals. Shortly after they arrive, the locals begin collapsing from a severe illness, and they have to face the fact that they may be responsible for what looks like it may amount to genocide, if they can't figure out what it is, fast.

Show and Tell

A young boy walks through the stargate to warn the SGC about a group of Reetou rebels, who are invisible to the human eye. The boy bonds with Jack and asks to be called Charlie. The SGC has enough warning that when the rebels do appear, they can take them out. Charlie's body, not well made to begin with, begins to fail, and Jacob takes him to become a Tok'ra to save his life.


A solar flare turns SG-1's trip through the stargate into a trip through time instead. They wind up inside a missile silo in 1969, and have to escape the military holding them and find out where the stargate was stored back then, to get back home.

Out of Mind (1)

Jack, Sam, and Daniel awaken (separately) from cryogenic sleep in what they're told is the SGC of nearly a hundred years in the future -- each is told he or she is the team's only survivor. They're asked to relive their memories of various allies and technology, via a Tok'ra memory device. Jack eventually realizes that they've been captured by Goa'uld, and finds the other two. As they're trying to escape, Hathor appears along with some of her Jaffa, and says she's going to turn one of them into a host. Back at the SGC, after being unconscious for three weeks from massive internal injuries, Teal'c is denied permission to return to the planet where the rest of SG-1 was taken captive -- Hammond believed it to be a waste of time. Teal'c resigns from the SGC and returns to Chulak. (Clips episode)


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