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Planet: P3X-774

An ancient race that has chosen (relative) isolation. (The Nox)

Their lives seem primitive, but it's by choice, not necessity. They defend themselves through illusion (of invisibility). (The Nox, Pretense)

The Nox are pacifists, not taking sides in the conflict between the Goa'uld and anyone else. They won't help the Goa'uld, but they won't hinder them, either. (The Nox)

At least Apophis, and probably other Goa'uld, kept trying to hunt down the Fenri, a creature that lived on the Nox homeworld, without realizing that the Nox were even there. He believed the Fenri had the ability to become invisible, and hoped to learn its secrets. In actuality, the Nox concealed it when someone was hunting it, to protect it.) (The Nox)

After SG-1 visited their world and brought the Goa'ulds's attention to bear, the Nox said they were going to bury the stargate, making return impossible. (The Nox)

The Ritual of Life is a ceremony in which the dead can be revived. During the ceremony, the Nox are unable to maintain invisibility. (The Nox)

When Daniel and Omoc sent a message requesting help for the Tollans, the Nox (in the person of Lya) came to the SGC to invite the Tollans to go to the Nox homeworld. (Enigma)

Between them, the Nox and the Tollans figured out a way to get the stranded Tollans to their new homeworld of Tollana, which at the time didn't have a stargate. (Pretense)

When other races began suspecting the SGC of stealing technology, the Nox added their voice to the threat to break off all diplomatic relations (although no formal diplomatic relations existed). Like the others, they changed their mind after Jack flushed out the rogue NID. (Shades of Grey)



Very long-lived: Ohper, among the oldest of the Nox, is 432 years old. (The Nox)



The Nox possess a level of technology far above that of both Earth and the Goa'uld, including the ability to control molecular structure at will, creating the effect of invisibility. (The Nox, Pretense).

Ability to dial stargate without using a DHD or computer, and without causing the kawoosh. (Pretense)

Cities that float in the sky (The Nox).






Known Nox


Nox man, probably the husband (or equivalent) of Lya and father of Nafrayu. (The Nox)

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Nox woman, probably the wife (or equivalent) of Anteaus and mother of Nafrayu. (The Nox)

She was the Nox who came through the stargate (and the iris) to bring the Tollans to safety after Daniel and Narim contacted them. (Enigma)

She was also the Nox who went to Tollana to participate in Skaara and Klorel's triad, to see who had the right to use Skaara's body. Lya was the impartial archon, with the deciding vote (she voted in favor of Skaara). (Pretense)

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The oldest of the Nox (432 years old). Part of the family unit that includes Lya, Anteaus, and Nafrayu. (The Nox)

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A Nox boy, very inquisitive and friendly. He was attacked and badly hurt, probably killed, by Apophis when he went to greet the Goa'uld, and revived with the Ritual of Life. (The Nox)

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