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Alien Races


Aris Boch's race

General info

Planet: unknown. (Deadman Switch)

Race name unknown. (Deadman Switch)

Their blood appears to be a yellow-green, at least on exposure to oxygen. (Aris Boch's skin color was consistent with someone of northern/central European descent, which is odd with that color blood.) (Deadman Switch)

The race's physical makeup rejected blending with Goa'uld, making them one of the few races that Goa'uld can't use for hosts. (Deadman Switch)

Because of it, the Goa'uld wiped out most of the race generations ago. The adults were killed,  and the children were enslaved. (Deadman Switch)

The Goa'uld addicted the survivors to a substance called " roshna" -- a blue liquid that was added to their water. After many generations, the remnants of the race can't live without it. It keeps them subservient. (Deadman Switch)

The sole word of their language known is " barokna" -- which could mean " open" or could be a password, in which case it could mean anything at all. Aris Boch had it set as the password to open the door on his cargo ship. (Deadman Switch)

Known natives:

Aris Boch

Considered himself the greatest (bounty) hunter in the galaxy (because he was still alive). (Deadman Switch)

He tracked Goa'uld (and Tok'ra) by tracking the naquadah in their weapons. (Deadman Switch)

He claimed that his wife had been killed by the Goa'uld, and his son was a slave in one of Sokar's naquadah mines -- in reality, he'd never been married, and had no son. (Deadman Switch)

Very cheerfully arrogant and self-involved -- also snarky. (Deadman Switch)

Wore a slightly shiny jumpsuit-style outfit, which included what appeared to be modified Jaffa-armor shoulder guards. (Deadman Switch)

Wore a nearly full-face visor that distorted his voice and provided various view-finding capabilities. (Deadman Switch)

His weapons included both energy and toxin weapons. (Deadman Switch)

Either he himself (and thus his race) or his suit was immune to the effects of a zat blast -- at best, it tickled. (Deadman Switch)

He was using a Goa'uld cargo transport (stolen from Korra, who in turn had stolen it from Sokar), modified to have a voice-activated lock (" barokna" ), and with a self-destruct. (Deadman Switch)

He inadvertently captured SG-1 while hunting down a Tok'ra (Korra) for Sokar. (Deadman Switch)

He caught them in a shield trap -- a force field vaguely similar to a Goa'uld shield, but glowing red (instead of blue) on contact, and as impervious to slower weapons as energy weapons or bullets. (Deadman Switch)

He was prepared to sell them to the System Lords. He said that Teal'c was worth the most, since the System Lords would want to make an example of him. Carter had the memories of the Tok'ra Jolinar, and Jack is a " pain in the mikta" . Daniel would be worth a day's rations (he was lying -- the Goa'uld wanted Daniel dead as much as anyone, for figuring out the stargate). (Deadman Switch)

To get them to help at least a little bit, he claimed to be hunting a Goa'uld named Kel'tar, who was supposedly plotting against Sokar, and told the team that if they helped him, he'd let them go. (Deadman Switch)

He believed there was no difference between Goa'uld and Tok'ra, and that defeating the Goa'uld was an insurmountable task, and therefore not even worth attempting. (Deadman Switch)

Listening to Sam talk about the differences, and watching Korra attempt suicide rather than be put in a position where he'd be forced to betray other Tok'ra, started to change his mind. He allowed Teal'c to trade places with Korra, supposedly to hand over to Sokar (whose ship was nearly in orbit by that point). He had a conversation with Teal'c, finding out that Teal'c believed that the humans and Tok'ra could overthrow the Goa'uld -- and even if not, he'd rather serve with those who were willing to die trying. That broke down the last of Aris's walls -- he and Teal'c staged an explosion in the ascending cargo ship so it would look as though they'd died, and fled in escape pods. (Deadman Switch)

With Sokar (hopefully) thinking him dead, Aris decided to find other Goa'uld to trade with to get his roshna. (Deadman Switch)

He handed over a vial of roshna to Sam, just before they left, in hopes that maybe someone could cure his people's addiction to it, and free them of the Goa'uld. (Deadman Switch)




General info

Extremely humanoid, but never clear if they're really human or not. (2010, 2001)

Their world's stargate has no DHD or address map, so all of their space travel happens by ship. This keeps them within the span of their own Aschen Confederation -- they can only travel so far in their ships. (2010, 2001)

They travel to new worlds and make䲐ʼreaties with the people there, promising advanced technology, and entry into the Aschen Confederation. (2010, 2001)

As soon as the other planet agrees, the Aschen do start giving them advanced medicines and technology. (2010, 2001)

Medicines that eliminate disease and extend the lifespan. (2010, 2001)

Tech includes floating harvesters and transporters. (2001)

They also begin spreading a virus genetically modified to attack only the specific DNA of the people on the planet, causing widespread sterility. Within a generation, population growth slows to nearly nothing. Within a few generations, the population itself is down to a mere fraction of its original size. (2010, 2001)

The people who are left are kept ignorant of what's happened to them, and spend their lives farming to provide food for the Aschen, happy in the belief that the Aschen are their friends. (2001)

Technology that Aschen allies don't find out about until it's too late includes bio-weapons containing living genetic material engineered to attack specific DNA, and the ability to create a secondary star by igniting a gas giant. (2010, 2001)

They wanted to form an alliance with Earth, trading technology and membership in the Aschen Confederation in exchange for stargate technology and addresses. (2010, 2001)

Very possibly all dead -- Jack made sure that one of the stargate addresses that was given to them was for a black hole. (2001)

Known Aschen:

(to be added)



Crystal Unity

General info

Planet: P3X-562 (Cold Lazarus)

A crystalline race, largely destroyed. SG-1 found thousands of broken crystals in a pit a short distance from the stargate, but nowhere else. (Cold Lazarus)

About a thousand years ago, the Goa'uld showed up on the crystals's world, and one touched a crystal. The energy in the crystal killed him, and in retaliation, the Goa'uld gathered up all the Unity (crystals) and put them in a pit, then shot them with staff weapons, shattering almost all of them. (Cold Lazarus)

The electromagnetic energy in the crystals has the ability to mimic things -- to the point of copying entire people if a crystal is intact. (Cold Lazarus)

The separate crystals can sustain individual life and thought, but need to be part of the Unity to sustain existence. Left isolated, the energy in the crystal starts to decay, ionizing particle radiation. (Cold Lazarus)

Physical death doesn't negate a member of the Unity's existence  -- the one that nearly killed Jack kept trying to find Charlie, not understanding that dead = gone for humans. (Cold Lazarus)

Known Unity:





General info

Humanoid race, with the main differentiating feature being yellow eyes. Their original homeworld had a dense ozone layer, and without one they risk blindness and death, since they're highly susceptible to even low levels of radiation. (Scorched Earth)

The Goa'uld took Enkarans from their homeworld by ship centuries ago, and the Enkarans had no way to return there after they gained their freedom from the Goa'uld -- their homeworld had no stargate, and they didn't know where in the galaxy it was located. (Scorched Earth)

When the world they were living on grew too dangerous for them -- many people were being blinded by the radiation levels, and it was only getting worse -- SGC worked like crazy to find them a new world, sending multiple units out to search, and succeeded. (Scorched Earth)

Within a few weeks of finding the new world, the Enkarans had built hundreds of villages to house thousands of people. (Scorched Earth)

Before they could even finish their celebratory feast, a Gadmeer ship appeared and began " terra" forming the planet, stripping all organic material and turning the atmosphere sulfuric. (Scorched Earth)

The Enkarans refused to be driven out of their new home, preferring to stay and die. (Scorched Earth)

Eventually the Gadmeer ship's avatar, Lotan, agreed to pause the terraforming, and Daniel figured out that the ship had actually found (and rejected) the Enkarans's original homeworld as a possibility. Lotan agreed to bring the Enkarans back to their original homeworld before returning to finish transforming the planet. (Scorched Earth)

The Enkarans insisted that Lotan join them as one of their own, since he'd been designed to look like an Enkaran, and he agreed. (Scorched Earth)

Known Enkarans:

(to be added)



" Foothold" aliens

General info

(nb: I've never heard a name for these aliens, so this is the best I can do to keep them readily identifiable. My apologies.)

Planet: unknown.

They first arrived at the SGC disguised as SG-6, who had been assigned to P3X-118. (Foothold)

They were in search of a new home world. The plan was to physically mimic (by means of technology) the locals, set up a power base, adn take over. (Foothold)

Their blood was thick and purple. (Foothold)

They're possibly not native to this galaxy -- when " Fraiser" is explaining why Sam is resistant, she says that it's because Sam's body chemistry has been altered by the " dominant parasitical species of this galaxy" , and she can't compensate for that yet. (Foothold)

To lull incoming teams into going straight to the infirmary and bypassing level 23 (where the aliens were set up to copy them), the aliens made up a chemical spill (tetrachloroethylene) and put one of their disguised fellows in the elevator to " escort" people up to the infirmary. (Foothold)

They were set up in room 23F3-12. (Foothold)

They don't seem to have mimicked everyone on the base  -- at least one of the SFs Teal'c knocked out bled red, not purple. (Foothold)

Mimic procedure:

A body is run through a machine of some sort and mapped, then hung up safely out of the way. (Foothold)

There's a band running across the forehead, presumably to keep a stream of info running into the mental half of the mimic device. (Foothold)

The face is bent downward, breathing into the hard harness securing the chest -- no idea why. (Foothold)

The actual mimic device comes in two parts:

The first part, a disk-shaped piece, gets planted on the skin somewhere (the chest was most common, but the hand, and therefore presumably anything else, worked equally well), creating a complete physical illusion of the original person. (Foothold

The second part, more of a teardrop, gets planted on the temple (or thereabouts), and provides access to the original's thoughts and memories, completing the illusion by allowing for correct mannerisms, speech patterns, and memories. (Foothold)

When Sam transmitted the sound that interfered with the illusion, exposing the aliens for what they were, and Maybourne and his men moved in, the aliens cut their losses and ran, starting an evacuation. (Foothold)

Several aliens escaped during the evacuation (at least a dozen, and probably a lot more than that). (Foothold)

Dozens more were left behind. The leader set off a self-destruct in the gateroom, where most of them were. The rest of those on base died at the same time, presumably somehow linked to the leader. Maybourne suggested the possiblity that those that escaped died as well. (Foothold)

Known " Foothold" aliens:





General info

Planet: Original world unknown, and lost.

A sulfur-based reptilian lifeform, wiped out an indeterminate time ago by a superior military force. The Gadmeer saved as much genetic material from their world as they could, and placed it along with all the knowledge and culture from their 10,000 years of civilization on a huge ship. They programmed the ship to travel through the galaxy looking for a world that matched the parameters of their homeworld, to " terra" form it and start a new Gadmeer colony. (Scorched Earth)

The world that the ship finally found (after rejecting millions of planets as unsuitable) had just been inhabited by the Enkarans, who were themselves desperate to find a world suitable for their needs. Unfortunately, their needs didn't include a sulfuric atmosphere. (Scorched Earth)

The ship created an avatar, Lotan, to speak with the Enkarans and convince them to leave, because the ship couldn't stop terraforming the planet  -- it had the ability to change one planet, no more, and couldn't stop the process halfway through. (Scorched Earth)

Thanks to Daniel, Lotan eventually (after a few very tense hours) agreed to pause the terraforming, and then to bring the Enkarans back to what is almost certainly their original homeworld before returning to the disputed planet and finishing the job. (Scorched Earth)

The Enkarans offered to accept Lotan among them, since he now has a body and apparent sentience and going purely by appearance was Enkaran. Lotan accepted. (Scorched Earth)

The Gadmeer are presumably in the process of being recreated (no mention of how long a trip it will be to take the Enkarans home, though, so the ship might still be in transit). (Scorched Earth)

Known Gadmeer:




Giant Mayan Ghosts

General info

(Terrible name for them, but the best I can do with what they gave us.)

Planet: P7X-377

The atmosphere was breathable: 80% nitrogen, 19% oxygen, 0.3% CO2, and 0.7% other, with no toxins. (Crystal Skull)

The stargate was located at the end of a long, high road leading directly to a huge pyramid, well over 1,000 meters high (3,281 feet, or 328 stories), and Mayan in origin. (Crystal Skull)

When SG-1 arrived, Daniel noted that you could fit every pyramid on Earth inside this pyramid, with room to spare. (Crystal Skull)

On the initial recon, the MALP found leptons, proof that something inside the pyramid was slowing down neutrinos. When SG-1 arrived, Sam noted muon radiation as well. (Crystal Skull)

The pyramid also contained a crystal skull on a plain stone pedestal, in turn atop a small dais, reached by crossing a narrow stone span after entering the pyramid. The skull exactly matched the crystal skull that Nick Ballard had found in Belize in 1971. (Crystal Skull)

Nick had been transported to this same cavern back in 1971, but no one ever believed him, and eventually he began saying it hadn't really happened. (Crystal Skull)

The skull emitted an energy field that dangerously raised the muon radiation levels in the cavern, but if left to complete the process, the energy field shifted humans to a phase where they could interact with the giant ghostly aliens that inhabited the pyramid, aliens who were apparently Mayan gods on Earth. (Crystal Skull)

The energy field wouldn't work on anyone carrying a Goa'uld, since the giant aliens considered the Goa'uld their enemy. (Crystal Skull)

Known Giant Mayan Ghosts:


(nb: the credits have this as Quetzlelcoatl, which is one " l" too many  -- the name would be completely different spelled like that. So I'm taking that " l" out.)

The alien who appeared to SG-1 and Nick Ballard when they let the skull's energy field shift them completely out of phase. (Crystal Skull)

When he appeared, Jack and Sam ran backwards a few paces to safety. Nick stayed where he was, already near the edge of the platform, and Daniel moved forward. (Crystal Skull)

Daniel offered an exchange of knowledge and culture, saying that they were enemies of the Goa'uld and had come in search of friendship. (Crystal Skull)

Quetzelcoatl accepted the proposition, and invited Nick to remain -- he remembered him from 1971. Nick agreed. (Crystal Skull)



Naked white singing mimes

General info

Planet: PJ2-445 (One False Step)

(This is obviously not the official name for them, but since we never got an official name, I went with this.)

The (obvious) locals are upright, bipedal humanoids (highly humanoid), with no apparent head, facial, or body hair. (One False Step)

Although externally they look almost entirely human, their internal organs are different, and include one organ that's sound-sensitive. (One False Step)

They're symbiotically (probably  -- could be parasitic, but it seems unlikely) connected to the other local lifeform, relying on the sound it produces to keep them healthy. (One False Step)

They have no evident speech, although they're not mute  -- they trill/sing in warning (as well as healing, fear, and relief/joy). (One False Step)

They don't wear clothes  -- instead, they decorate each other (and themselves?) with lines (both straight and curved) of white body paint that hardens into a second skin when dry. At least one was wearing a necklace of white stones. (One False Step)

They're communal, living in " villages" that consist of several groups of huts. The huts are round, domed dwellings, about twice as tall as the locals, with doorways tall enough that they didn't have to bend to go in. (One False Step)

Despite the lack of evident communication among them, they appear to be fairly close-knit, and got very worried when some of them started falling ill. (One False Step)

They're natural mimics, and were able to interpret symbols (Daniel ran around pretending to be a UAV that crashed, and the locals went off and found the UAV and brought it to the team). (One False Step)

The second of the local lifeform consists of a plant, whose roots appear to spread to pretty much everything in sight. The plant emits a sound (below human hearing) that keeps the humanoid locals healthy. (One False Step)

When the SGC's UAV crashed on the planet, it struck a plant and injured it, changing the pitch of the sound. This caused many of the humanoid locals to fall ill, and eventually caused brutal headaches among the humans -- along with high levels of irritability. (One False Step)

The SGC returned things to normal by bringing in frequency emitters to give forth the correct (healthy) sound, reviving the humanoid locals and giving the plant a chance to heal along with them. (One False Step)

Known natives:





General info

Blue-skinned, bipedal, upright amphibian beings (with very sharp teeth). (Only one member of the species has ever been seen  -- no idea if there are significant variations in color or size within the species.) (Fire and Water)

SG-1 discovered a sole member of the race (Nem) while exploring a planet (SGC designation P3X-866). Possibly Nem's native world  -- he seems to have been living there for some time, and appeared content to stay there. He lived in an underwater structure.  Forcefields seemed to be what held the water out, leaving the interior full of breathable atmosphere. It was in shallow enough water that Daniel could swim away to the surface without suffering any ill effects from pressure (or prolonged lack of oxygen). (Fire and Water)

Known Oannes:


Nem abducted SG-1 and ran experiments on them all when they visited the world where he was living.  After he decided that Daniel was the " oldest" (had the most useful historical knowledge), he tampered with the others's memories to make them think Daniel died in a volcanic-related burst of fire, and sent them home again. He kept Daniel, to help in his search for his missing mate, Omoroca, who had vanished on Earth some 4,000 years ago. He learned English very quickly, and obviously also knew Akkadian Babylonian (the writings in the room that he asked Daniel to translate were Akkadian). Nem was thousands of years old, and still mourning the lost Omoroca. (Fire and Water)


Nem's mate. She died on Earth about 4,000 years ago. Nem needed Daniel's memories of texts from/about that period in Babylon, to find out what happened to her. She had gone to Earth to try to free its people from Goa'uld tyranny. Nem believed she failed, and that Daniel and the others were slaves to the Goa'uld (probably not helped by Teal'c's presence in the group). Daniel eventually remembered a tale of Omoroca and Belus: according to the writings of Berossus, a contemporary of Alexander the Great, she was " a woman who came forth from the heavenly egg ... who walked among men by day, but at night, she would retreat to the great sea to sleep. One of the beings called Oannes. Omoroca. The god Belus came down onto Babylon, unto the place of Omoroca, and cut the woman asunder." Belus was a Goa'uld, who murdered her. (Note: Other than the bit about the heavenly egg, this story seems to come from this, or a similar, general source: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/02514a.htm) (Fire and Water)




General info

Planet: Oran

Known Oranians


One of the two who made a deal with Vala to trade a crate of weapons-grade refined naquadah for a large ship - which turned out to be the Prometheus. He and Tenat were less than pleased when Daniel showed up for the trade instead of Vala, and even less so when Daniel refused to trade. It only got worse when the death gliders showed up. (Prometheus Unbound)

The Lucian Alliance wasn't happy with Tenat and Jup for losing a caseload of weapons-grade refined naquadah because of Vala, and used them as bait to capture her. The Lucian representative told Tenat that if they didn't hand over Vala, the Alliance would be just as happy to take out the loss of the naquadah on the two of them, since someone had to pay. (The Ties That Bind)

A 'bounty hunter' -- Cam Mitchell, and his Jaffa partner -- answered the call they put out, and offered up Vala and her partner (Daniel).

Tenat and Jup planned to get Daniel and Vala aboard their cargo ship with Jup, while Tenat stayed on the ground and killed the 'bounty hunters' as soon as Jup arrived overhead in the ship. Daniel and Vala, prepared for that, escaped their handcuffs and overpowered Jup, ringing him down unconscious while ringingTeal'c and Mitchell up. Tenat, not happy but resigned, triggered the remote signal he was wearing, calling the ships of the Lucian Alliance to capture the cargo ship carrying Vala. (The Ties That Bind)

Using some of the special modifications in the cargo ship - she'd chosen this one specifically - Vala managed to escape the Lucian Alliance with the others. Tenat and Jup probably weren't in for a very good time of it after that. (The Ties That Bind)


He had a deal with Vala , to trade a chest full of weapons-grade refined naquadah for a ship. (Prometheus Unbound)

He was less than pleased when Daniel showed up instead, furious when Daniel said the ship (the Prometheus) wasn't for sale, and freaked when Goa'uld death gliders showed up. Daniel zatted him and took off. (Prometheus Unbound)

The Lucian Alliance wasn't happy with Tenat and Jup for losing a caseload of weapons-grade refined naquadah because of Vala, and used them as bait to capture her. The Lucian representative told Tenat that if they didn't hand over Vala, the Alliance would be just as happy to take out the loss of the naquadah on the two of them, since someone had to pay. (The Ties That Bind)

A 'bounty hunter' -- Cam Mitchell, and his Jaffa partner -- answered the call they put out, and offered up Vala and her partner (Daniel).

Tenat and Jup planned to get Daniel and Vala aboard their cargo ship with Jup, while Tenat stayed on the ground and killed the 'bounty hunters' as soon as Jup arrived overhead in the ship. Daniel and Vala, prepared for that, escaped their handcuffs and overpowered Jup, ringing him down unconscious while ringingTeal'c and Mitchell up. Tenat, not happy but resigned, triggered the remote signal he was wearing, calling the ships of the Lucian Alliance to capture the cargo ship carrying Vala. (The Ties That Bind)

Using some of the special modifications in the cargo ship - she'd chosen this one specifically - Vala managed to escape the Lucian Alliance with the others. Tenat and Jup probably weren't in for a very good time of it after that. (The Ties That Bind)



Orb organism

General info

Planet: P5C-353 (Message in a Bottle)

Stored in a round capsule/orb of sorts, on a world where life had been extinct for a hundred thousand years (rough guess on Daniel's part) and where the environment was Moon-like -- SG-1 needed space suits to survive there. The capsule gave off an EM signal, enough for the MALP to pick up when it probed the world for signs of life. The surface of the capsule was covered in tiny writing (too small to be read by the naked eye -- the equivalent of a thousand pages of text on the external surface alone). The capsule itself was maintaining an internal temperature of 33F, generating an EM field, and emitting small amounts of alpha, delta, and gamma radiation. It had a power source more advanced than anything the SGC had come across to date (1998), including Goa'uld tech. (Message in a Bottle)

The material making up the shell of the orb included two elements not previously known on Earth (Sam said they could add two more elements to the periodic table). The material was several hundred times stronger than steel. (Message in a Bottle)

When the orb " woke up" , its internal temperature began rising, eventually reaching 149F. (Message in a Bottle)

The orb could (and did) extrude harpoon-like extensions, to anchor itself into wherever it was being held (and skewer whoever was holding it), to keep from being returned to its dead world. (Message in a Bottle)

The orb couldn't be shot effectively with an energy weapon  -- it " ate" the energy. (Message in a Bottle)

The orb contained an organism (possibly plural) -- mobile, like a bacteria, but small like a virus and slightly radioactive. They bond in chains, and metabolize any material, even concrete -- like an indiscriminate form of flesh-eating disease. The organism(s) showed up visually under ultraviolet light. The orb's harpoons provided an avenue for the organism(s) to travel (Message in a Bottle)

The organism's progress could be slowed in humans by dosing them with tetracycline. (Message in a Bottle)

The organism needed to reach a critical growth mass before it could properly communicate. It deliberately chose to communicate through a person (Jack), since that would facilitate things. (Message in a Bottle)

The organism referred to it/themself as " We" , and seemed very much to be a plural mind. (Message in a Bottle)

Millennia ago, their world was dying. They created the orb and retreated to it, where they lay dormant for a hundred thousand years. Once the orb was brought to a world with a viable atmosphere, they woke, went forth, and multiplied. They had no intention of leaving Earth once they'd made it there, not wanting to return to their own world (and their own death/dormancy). (Message in a Bottle)

Known organism:





General info

Planet is Reetalia. (Show and Tell)

Insectoid race. (Show and Tell)

Their particles are in phase with us, but the (light and sound) waves they emit exist 180 degrees out of phase with us - which makes them invisible/inaudible, but able to physically affect our world. (Show and Tell)

The only way to see them is to scan them with a Transphase Eradication Rod -- TER. The Goa'uld, and thus the Tok'ra, have these, and the Tok'ra left several with SGC as protection. (Show and Tell)

Although humans can't see them, Reetou can see humans, giving them a tactical advantage. (Show and Tell)

Goa'uld symbiotes have a horrible reaction to the presence of Reetou, and seem to instinctively want them dead. (Worse than humans and cockroaches.) (Show and Tell)

After their race was almost completely wiped out by the Goa'uld, a rebel faction has decided the best way to destroy all Goa'uld is to cut off their source of hosts: Earth. (Show and Tell)

Generally a peaceful race. The Goa'uld (nearly) wiped them out simply because they were a potential threat. (Show and Tell)

The rebels that sprang up after the Goa'uld wiped out almost everyone are effectively terrorists, and have a particular MO (Show and Tell):

They work in small groups of five suicide infiltrators. They sneak in, split up, plant destructive devices, and try to maximize the damage before they're detected. (Show and Tell)

The rebels carry cross-phasal explosives, each as powerful as a small nuke -- one team could easily level a couple of Terran cities before being detected. (Show and Tell)

The Reetou Central Authority created a human boy, modified to be able to see/hear Reetou, to warn Earth about the threat from the rebel faction. (Show and Tell)

The boy decided to call himself " Charlie" , after Jack's son. (Show and Tell)

He was poorly made, and was going to die. (Show and Tell)

He had congenital defects in many of his organs: defective heart valves, defectivce renal functions, questionable lungs, etc. (Show and Tell)

His brain contained a reticular formation (the part of the brain that determines alertness, and perception of things) twice the size of a normal human's -- this was probably what allowed him to see and hear Reetou. Changing his genes to create this larger formation also probably caused the defects in other organs, in a ripple sort of effect during the genetic engineering. (Show and Tell)

The Tok'ra took him with them, to heal him with a symbiote. (Show and Tell)

No word on what happened to him after that.

To prevent Reetou from from using the stargate if they managed to get onto the base, hand scanners were installed on the dialing computer. (Show and Tell)

Known Reetou:

" Mother" :

The specific Reetou who created the boy Charlie. When his accelerated growth started to cause his body to fail, she sped up her timetable to warn Earth. She found SG-1 on an offworld mission, and followed them home, then stuck around for several weeks to decide who to trust. Tonane's visit to the SGC clinched it  -- SG-1 was the only team to try to deal honorably with the Salish, so she chose to trust Jack and no one else. She sent for/brought the boy to the base to warn the SGC through Jack. (Show and Tell)




General info

Planet: unknown.

A physically slight race, hunted nearly to extinction by the Goa'uld, who have been studying their ability to " vanish" -- they emit a chemical that, once absorbed into another person (via skin contact or inhalation), makes the other person " recognize" them by creating a sense of familiarity. The affected person's brain fills in details to make it reasonable for them to recognize the new person. The chemical resembles cortical acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate and process human memory. (Fifth Man)

A group of Reol have started an isolated colony in an attempt to save their race. (Fifth Man)

Known Reol:

(to be added)




General info

Home planet is Hebridan. (Forsaken)

The alien half of the Hebridan culture. (Forsaken)

Culture: see Hebridans

Relations with Earth: see Hebridans

Physically humanoid (bipedal, upright, stereo vision and hearing, 5 digits per hand, general body size and facial features similar to humans), but apparently totally hairless, with some differentiating skull marking/structures, and skin coloring of a greenish-brown. (Forsaken)

They helped liberate the Hebridans from the Goa'uld thousands of years ago. (Forsaken)

They have lived in harmony with the Hebridans since liberating them, and gave them advanced technology. (Forsaken)

Known Serrakin:

Eamon Finn:

Warrick's younger brother. His day job was at Tech Con Group, where he designed garbage disposal units for the Food Service Division. Del Tynan was his supervisor. Outside of that, he worked as a mechanic/engineer, helping Warrick with the Seberus. Among other things, he designed shielding specifically for flying through the local sun's coronasphere during the Loop of Kon Garat. Once he figured out that Del Tynan had broken into his computer and very possibly sabotaged the Seberus, Eamon got Teal'c a suit and hat that more or less made him inconspicuous, and went to check out Tynan's computer at Tech Con. He's a careful sort, and had put a program on his own system to record any intruder's passcode if they attempt to access his personal files. That allowed him to break into Tynan's files, in turn, and thus discovered that Tynan was sabotaging every ship in the race to allow " his" captain to win. He and Teal'c were caught by Tynan almost immediately, and held as hostages against Warrick and Sam, to force them to throw the race. They were freed when Jack arrived with Miles Hagan and Tynan was exposed. (Space Race)

Warrick Finn:

Eamon's older brother.

Actual captain of the Seberus, a prison transport ship taking Corso, Pender, and Reynard to a prison colony. The ship got caught in an asteroid storm and began to lose power, and Warrick set down on a planet, then took the three prisoners out of transport stasis. His crew of eight (including himself) watched them in shifts. (The crew was mixed-race -- at least one member was human, and left the distress recording that Sam found.) He and his first officer were out looking for supplies when the prisoners overpowered the rest of their guards and killed them in cold blood. The prisoners spent the next three years hunting the captain and his first mate down. Warrick was married to a human Hebridan, Athea. (Forsaken)

When he returned home after his years away trapped on the planet where the Seberus had crashed, his life had changed radically -- everyone had thought him dead. (Space Race)

His wife, Athea, had remarried and had children. (Space Race)

He was basically financially ruined, with work hard to come by, and wound up more than maxing out his credit as a result. (Space Race)

He believed that the winning the Loop of Kon Garat was his one chance to get his life back the way he wanted it. He knew he needed help, so he arranged a diplomatic visit for SG-1 to Hebridan, in hopes of getting Sam to help him win the race while they were there -- there were no rules against it. The Seberus had functioned at a much higher efficiency level when Sam hooked it up to a naquadah generator, and he wanted that extra boost. He figured that in turn, Sam and the others could look around and learn as much as they could about Hebridan/Serrakin technology, without it ever needing to be official. (Space Race)

He was surprised when Sam wanted to participate in the race -- he'd only wanted her to show him how to hook up the generator. (Space Race)

He had flown in the Loop before, but had never won it. (Space Race)

The Seberus was sabotaged, losing its primary engines, but between them Warrick and Sam managed to rig a bypass using the naquadah generator, and got back in the race. (Space Race)

When Golon Jarlath's ship vented almost all of its oxygen, Warrick and Sam went to rescue him, over Jarlath's loud objections and Warrick's indifference (he hated Jarlath as much as Jarlath hated him, but let himself be talked into helping without too much difficulty when Sam refused to leave Jarlath to die). (Space Race)

After making up almost all their lost time, Warrick and Sam were forced to drop out when Del Tynan called to tell them he had Eamon and Teal'c as hostages. (Space Race)

Although they eventually got back in the race, they didn't have enough time to make up the full distance, and after Jarlath rigged a communications beam blast to take out Muirios's controls temporarily, La'el Montrose won the race. (Space Race)

Warrick came away from the race more deeply in debt than ever, but Montrose hired him on as co-pilot for the contract from Tech Con Group. (Space Race)




General info

Planet: PXY-887

The " Spirits" are the alien shapeshifters who lived on the world where the Salish were brought by the Goa'uld, and who took on the personas of the Salish gods a thousand years ago after they defeated the Goa'uld, to allow them to co-exist with the Salish in harmony. Their true form is humanoid, but with gill-like structures instead of noses. (Spirits)

They have the ability to " disappear" people  -- no idea exactly where they go, but they vanish from this plane of existence. (Spirits)

They were not at all happy with the mining methods and intentions of SG-11, when they arrived on the planet to start collecting trinium (which the Salish call " ke" ). They " disappeared" them, and shapechanged to match them, returning to the SGC with SG-1 for a " debrief" -- actually a chance for the Spirits to do some recon work. (Spirits)

They weren't happy with Hammond's plans to fool the Salish, and " disappeared" most of the SGC. Daniel finally convinced T'akaya to listen to him, and everyone who'd gone missing was returned. (Spirits)

On Daniel's suggestion, the Spirits closed their planet's stargate down to keep anyone, specifically the SGC, from coming back through again. (Spirits)

Known Spirits:


A female " spirit" , who took the form of a wolf. (Spirits)


(pronounced " Zales" )

The tribe's main protector figure, who took the form of a raven. (Spirits)




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