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Episode Summaries: Season Eight

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Eighth Season -- 2004



New Order, part 1

(Parts 1 and 2 originally aired as a two-hour season premiere)

Teal'c and Sam seek out the Asgard near Hala in hopes of getting help for Jack, and instead find themselves caught in the event horizon of a black hole. They're rescued by Thor, but Sam is promptly snatched by Fifth of the Replicators and subjected to mental torture. Meanwhile, the Council of System Lords sends a three-person delegation to Earth to negotiate for help in fighting Baal, who is well on his way to taking over the galaxy.

New Order, part 2

(Parts 1 and 2 originally aired as a two-hour season premiere)

Replicator blocks that survived the destruction of their ship rain down on Orilla and begin replicating and infesting major systems, threatening the last of Asgard civilization. Thor goes to get Jack, hoping that the Ancient knowledge in his brain will come up with a permanent solution to the Replicator problem. Sam, meanwhile, is trapped in a mental " utopia" designed by Fifth, who wants her to stay with him forever. By the time it's all over, the Asgard are safe, Fifth is free and making plans of his own, and Jack is a general, in command of the SGC, while newly promoted Sam is in official command of SG-1.


Anubis, trapped in space in his energy form after the battle over Antarctica, infests a Russian cosmonaut and starts making his way -- host by host -- to the stargate, hoping to find a way off the planet to rebuild his power base. 

Zero Hour

A week in the life of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill: administrative backlog, an alien plant that won't stop growing (and growing, and growing), SG-1 gone missing on a standard recon mission, an ultimatum from Baal claiming he's captured SG-1, and a ZPM rigged to take out the solar system  -- all with the president due to arrive in just a few short days. And there's no red, white, and blue bunting anywhere to be found, either. In the end, with his people standing solidly behind him, it all works out, and Jack  decides to keep the job after all.


When SG-1's presence sparks a religious civil war, then an international attack, Daniel is caught in the middle and is stranded on the planet for more than a month.


Teal'c gets trapped inside a virtual-reality simulation when the program decides that he doesn't really want to quit, no matter how bad things get.


Romance abounds: Teal'c's neighbor in his new apartment is very pretty and very friendly, while Pete catches Sam by surprise by proposing. But lots of people aren't happy that Teal'c's living offbase, including the Trust, who take a golden opportunity to frame him for murder when his new friend kills her old boyfriend in self-defense. Pete looks into it when Sam asks, and finds some leads that point straight to the Trust cell. By the time it's all over, Teal'c's saying goodbye to his new girlfriend and moving back to the base, and Sam finally  accepts Pete's proposal.


Alec Colson, head of Colson Industries, has proof that aliens are visiting -- and attacking -- Earth, in the form of satellite images of Anubis's attack over Antarctica, bits of downed Goa'uld ships from the fighting, and an empty shell of a living Asgard clone.   He thinks the world has a right to know about all of it, and if the government won't 'fess up, he'll do it for them. Unfortunately, the SGC isn't the only thing trying to stop him from going public -- the Trust isn't happy about it, either, and is willing to take more drastic steps to keep him quiet.


The Hak'tyl are compromised and take shelter at the SGC, where Rya'c and Kar'yn finalize their wedding plans, with a few bumps in the road. The SGC finds a new world for the Hak'tyl, but before a new encampment can be set up, Moloc's forces wipe out most of the rebels having a meeting there, and Moloc himself arrives to torture the captured Ishta. By the end, Moloc is dead, Rya'c and Kar'yn are married, and Teal'c and Ishta have patched up their slightly rocky relationship.

Endgame (1)

The Trust makes its biggest move yet, stealing the stargate right out of the SGC by beaming it aboard Osiris's abandoned al-kesh, which they've taken control of. They use it as a launch platform to send VX rockets carrying a payload of symbiote poison to attack Goa'uld worlds, killing millions of Jaffa in the process. In various ways, all of SG-1 winds up aboard the al-kesh and they manage to recover the stargate thanks to the Prometheus, but two Trust agents escape with the ship, the poison, and the rockets.


The Replicator version of Sam contacts the SGC, asking for help -- she wants them to kill her. Instead, Sam convinces her to work with them to help defeat Fifth, who's on his way into the Milky Way in a Replicator ship. She agrees, apparently reluctantly, but in reality, she's manipulating both Sam and Fifth to create a position of power for herself. By the end, she's figured out a way to make herself and the other Replicators safe from the Ancient-technology-based disruptor beam, killed Fifth, and taken over as leader of the Replicators -- and is loose in our galaxy.

Prometheus Unbound

Hammond puts himself in charge of a mission to take Prometheus to the Pegasus galaxy to check in on the Atlantis expedition, and heads out with Daniel, Walter, and SG-3 in tow to do just that. Things go awry when they investigate a distress call partway there, with Daniel winding up captured by a fruitcake of a former Goa'uld host on the Prometheus and everyone else trying to get a crippled al-kesh -- which they're trapped on -- working so they can get back to their ship.

It's Good to Be King

The System Lord Ares is on his way to the planet where Maybourne had been left, so SG-1 goes to warn him. They discover that he's become a beloved king as a result of his ability to prophesize -- due to his ability to read Ancient writings left behind by a time-traveller. They bring Jack in to help them convince Maybourne to evacuate his people, as well as salvage an Ancient ship that only he can fly, but before they can leave, Ares's Jaffa show up to reclaim the planet.

Full Alert

The Trust members who escaped in an al-kesh have returned, bearing... Goa'uld symbiotes. They infest several people,  including  Kinsey, and set in motion a plot to discredit the US government and start an escalation of tensions that will result in a nuclear conflict, possibly in hopes of taking out enough of the world's defensive capabilities (or people capable of using them) to take the weapon at the Ancient outpost.

Citizen Joe

(clip episode)
In 1997, Joe Spencer finds a small " rock" at a yard sale and buys it, and for the next seven years he sees everything that SG-1 goes through in his mind's eye. As he gets more wrapped up in the stories in his mind, his life falls apart around him. Eventually he decides the stories are somehow real, and tracks down Jack O'Neill, through whose eyes he's been seeing all this time, and holds him at gunpoint. When the dust settles and he's brought to the SGC, it becomes clear that he has the Ancient gene and has been sharing thoughts and experiences through the " stone" with Jack, who's been writing his reports near a similar Ancient device all along.

Reckoning, part 1

The Replicators, led by Replicator-Sam, invade the Milky Way and begin wreaking havoc among the System Lords meanwhile, Replicator-Sam kidnaps Daniel in hope of gaining the knowledge of the Ancients that she believes is buried deep in his mind. While the System Lords are busy with the Replicators, Teal'c and Bra'tac lead what's left of the rebel Jaffa in a last-ditch gamble to take the Temple of Dakara, the most sacred place in Jaffa history. Just as Replicator-Sam discovers that Dakara holds the key to Replicator survival (because it holds a weapon fatal to Replicators), Anubis reveals to Baal that it holds the key to Replicator destruction -- and if need be, the destruction of all life in the galaxy. Baal goes to the SGC and Jack for a second time to ask for help.

Reckoning, part 2

The Replicators are winning the war handily. Baal, the SGC, and the rebel Jaffa work out a sort of truce, whereby Baal moves as slowly as he can in attacking the rebel Jaffa and taking over the planet, buying time for Sam and Jacob, who are busy modifying the Ancient weapon there to be used against the Replicators.   Meanwhile, the Replicators have physically invaded Earth, causing a lockdown and evacuation, and a countdown to a nuclear bomb being detonated in the mountain to contain them. Daniel, meanwhile, is learning how to control the Replicators without Replicator-Sam's knowledge, and finally learns enough to stop them all in their tracks. Which gives Replicator-Sam enough free rein from his mental grip to run him through the torso -- fatally. As Daniel ascends, the Replicators are wiped out with the weapon, and the rebel Jaffa begin what could be their final surge toward victory over and freedom from the Goa'uld.


(90-minute episode)
While Daniel is off in a sort of limbo trying to decide whether to ascend or die, Jacob comes to the SGC to meet Pete even as Sam is having second thoughts about the wedding, and the Jaffa council decides to take on Anubis's forces directly. Daniel is shocked to discover that Oma ascended Anubis way back when -- and that Anubis has been playing him the whole time he was in " limbo" -- and she's been trying to atone ever since. Jacob has to break the news to Sam that Selmak is dying, and he's going to die with him. The Jaffa discover too late that they've been duped, and their forces protecting Dakara are nearly wiped out when Anubis moves in to take the planet. In the end, Oma takes on Anubis and Daniel ascends then descends again as a human, the Jaffa easily defeat the leaderless kull warriors, Jacob dies holding Sam's hand, Sam tells Pete she can't go through with the wedding, and the entire team, including Jack, goes to Jack's cabin for some fishless fishing.

Moebius part 1

After Catherine dies, Daniel finds a book among her effects that shows Ra's worshipers revering a ZPM in 3,000 BC. With Jack in the pilot's seat, the team uses the time-travel puddlejumper to travel back 5,000 years to steal it. Ra's Jaffa capture the jumper before they can return home, so they bury the ZPM and a recording of themselves explaining the situation at a site Daniel knows will be dug up shortly before they leave in the future. When it's dug up, though, the timeline has altered radically -- the stargate was taken offworld when Ra left, Teal'c is still Apophis's First Prime, and Daniel, Sam, and Jack are all civilians. Daniel and Sam figure out that there's a second stargate and where it must be, but are told that they can't join the mission that will step through it.

Moebius part 2

Jack joins in and gets Sam and Daniel added, and a team goes to Chulak in the jumper through the stargate to pick up Teal'c. They're captured, and Daniel is ribboned, then implanted with a Goa'uld so Apophis can gain information from him. Teal'c shoots Daniel during the team's escape.  Jack, Sam, and Teal'c manage to go back in time and get to ancient Egypt through the gate, where they meet up with original-timeline Daniel (the only survivor of the original team) and add " stealing and burying the stargate" to the rebellion plans, to keep Ra from leaving with it. The plan succeeds, and in the future, a fully charged ZPM is dug up and delivered to the SGC. After ascertaining that the timeline appears to be stable, Jack and SG-1 go fishing at his cabin.



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