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Nicknames, diminutives, etc.


Jack's names for

Jack calls Sam:



while she's dressed in that dreadful getup

Broca Divide

referring to her in third person, to Daniel


during a hallucination on Sam's part


Cold Lazarus

duplicate Jack says it

Fire and Water





In the Line of Duty

7 times, two of them referenced in third person




Serpent's Song

Point of View

Once, addressing both Sams (When both Sams are bickering a bit with each other right after meeting each other, Jack says " Ladies. Sams. We're all in this reality together.')

1 directly to AR-Sam when she was distraught over the loss of her Jack.

once referring to Sam (either/both) when talking to AR-Kawalsky


during a hallucination on Sam's part

other names for Sam



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Jack calls Daniel:



twice -- for the second one, Jack was under the influence of Hathor's pink breath





other names for Daniel

'big guy'

Children of the Gods

'Space Monkey'

The Serpent's Lair

'Plant Boy'

One False Step

'big fella'

Rules of Engagement


Maternal Instinct


Citizen Joe (once, in a flashback to sometime post-Serpent's Lair, while Daniel is cataloging the artificats he brought back from P3R-233)

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Jack calls Teal'c:


The Curse



The Changeling

three times, in Teal'c's firefighter hallucination


Space Race


Lost City, part 1

when Teal'c is leaving for Chulak, and Jack's brain is about to be taken over by the Ancient database


Inside the virtual-reality simulation game (which took its cues from Teal'c)

Sacrifices (twice)

First while playing ping-pong -- 'Look, T, I'm not gonna tell you how to raise your kid...'

Second while Teal'c is explaining how overrun the new Hak'tyl planet is with Moloc's forces -- 'T...' 'My head is down, O'Neill.')

Gemini (once)

After Sam has gotten one more hour from Jack to try to find a way to modulate the disruptor: 'T. Hold on a second.'

other names for Teal'c



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Jack calls other people:



referring to him while speaking to Baal  -- Zero Hour


directly to him -- Zero Hour

Janet Fraiser

'Napoleonic powermonger'

(all right, it's not really a name, per se, but I couldn't resist adding it) Crystal Skull

Jack himself


Double Jeopardy






Jolinar's Memories


'Bruce Jenner'

Forever in a Day -- in Daniel's mind






48 Hours

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Jack's 'cover' names for the team

Jack himself

'James T. Kirk'


'Luke Skywalker'


'Moe' (Three Stooges)



Chain Reaction

Desperate Measures -- along with Maybourne as 'Hutch'


'Everyone's favorite -- Curly' (Three Stooges)



'Larry' (Three Stooges)




Point of No Return)

Marty continues to use this in Wormhole X-Treme

Teal'c uses it as a cover name for himself in Space Race

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Daniel's names for:

Daniel calls Jack:


Children of the Gods

kneeling by an injured Abydonian

Cold Lazarus


once from a distance (offscreen), calling to what is actually the alien crystal impersonating Jack to tell him it's time to leave

once in the hospital hallway as he tossed Jack his protective gear.

The Nox

when Jack is arguing with the Nox, trying to convince them they should be afraid of the Goa'uld.

top | Nicknames  | Daniel

Daniel calls Sam:


Children of the Gods

when addressing her in the cartouche chamber

Cold Lazarus

when Daniel sees the Crystal Unity entity form a face in the crystal for the first time

'doctor' or 'Dr. Carter'


Dr. Carter

once, when introducing her to Abu


twice, while calling her to tell her the team is ready to go

top | Nicknames  | Daniel

Daniel calls himself:



Repeating his 'parents's' name for him inside the game, saying they were referring to him 'like I'm still a little kid.'

Reckoning part 2

Once, while rubbing Replicator-Sam's nose in the fact that he was in control of the situation ('A little more time in Danny's world.')

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Sam's names for:

Sam  calls  Jack:



pretending to be Sara to comfort him

[There But For The Grace of God]

alternate-reality Sam to a-r Jack

In the Line of Duty

twice, while blended with Jolinar

Point of View

five times, but only the alternate Sam calls him 'Jack'


twice, 10 yrs in future, when both are retired, and only after Jack says 'drop the 'colonel''


upon waking up in the infirmary, after suffering a serious head injury and a lot of hallucinations during the Prometheus's return voyage.

Lost City, part 2

when Jack looks like he's about to die from Ancient-knowledge overload, after using the Ancient weapon to defeat Anubis

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Sam  calls  Teal'c:


The Changeling

once, in Teal'c's firefighter hallucination


The Changeling

once, in Teal'c's firefighter hallucination

top | Nicknames  | Sam


Teal'c's names for:

Teal'c calls Daniel:


Broca Divide

while searching for the missing Daniel

The First Commandment

pointing out a flaw in Daniel's plan to undermine Jonas Hanson's power among the natives

Forever in a Day

in Daniel's mind

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Teal'c calls Sam:

'Dr. Carter'


once, asking Mughal what will happen to her if they wait to rescue her



twice, both during a hallucination (on Sam's part) of him being on the stranded Prometheus and giving her advice on how to handle the situation.

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Speaking in unison

Jack and Daniel

Stargate the movie

Seconds before the bomb blows up

unison: 'I've got an idea.'

The Nox

Trying to explain to the Nox why they want to take Shak'l away:

Jack: 'Look, we're not in the assassination business. He's just bad. He's very...'
Daniel: 'Bad.'
Jack: 'Bad. We just wanted to take him back to our world and have a little chat with him about all the nasty...'
unison: '...bad...'
Jack: '...things he's been doing.'

The Serpent's Lair

Bra'tac asking about Tau'ri warships:

Daniel: 'We have a number of, of...'
unison: 'shuttles.'


Tag, watching the residents wandering around:

Jack: 'It is real this time, isn't it?'
(Keeper throws a hissy fit)
unison: 'It's real'


Fraiser says that Teal'c's blood contains DNA that isn't his:

unison: 'What does that mean?'

One False Step

Sitting on the infirmary bed waiting for test results, the 'apology' scene:

Jack: 'It's obvious there's something --'
Daniel: 'something wrong with us.'
unison: 'Physically.'

Jolinar's Memories

When they're all trying to figure out a way to use the transportation rings that went from Bynarr's quarters to Sokar's palace as an escape route:

Martouf: 'Teal'c.'
Sam: 'Is that possible?'
unison: 'What?'


After Narim announces that the person on triad is Skaara:

unison: 'What?'


After Urgo is removed from their brains:

Daniel: 'Wait, Togar -- how do we know that Urgo's really alive?'
(Togar snaps at Urgo to be quiet)
unison: 'He's alive.'

Crystal Skull

When Janet suggests contacting Daniel's grandfather (Daniel is out of phase at this point, listening in):

unison: 'Nick?'


Daniel on the sub as the fire breaks out, Jack on the base near the kitchen with something burning:

'What's that smell?' (okay, I'm completely guessing on the time here. But it really seems likely to me.)


When Janet tells them they have to get checked out in the infirmary after the EM spike:

unison: 'What? We're fine!'


After Sam explains she wants to blow up the local sun:

Jack: 'Wow...'
Daniel: '...that's...'
unison: 'ambitious.'

Between Two Fires

When Sam's explaining how many ion cannons they're going to need:

Sam: 'Thirty-eight.'
unison: 'Thirty-eight??'

(later, not in unison but I liked them anyway)

Travell wants to know what their plan is to overcome the problem of the one ion cannon :

Jack: 'Give us... more than one.'
Daniel (echoing him a beat behind): 'More than one.'

Travell wants to know how many ion cannons they need, and they try to hedge a bit:

Daniel: 'Thirty...'
Jack: '...Eight.'
Daniel: 'Thirty-eight.'

Prometheus Unbound

When Hammond tells them that he came back to ask Daniel to join him aboard the Prometheus on the mission to check up on the Atlantis expedition:

unison: 'You did?'

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Jack and Sam

Reckoning part 2

When discussing the way the Replicators stopped moving in the middle of the galaxy-wide battle:

Sam: 'Yeah, it was really weird, it was like they just...'
unison: 'Froze.'

top | Jack and Sam | Speaking in unison

Daniel and Cameron:

The Ties That Bind

While listening to 'Brother Caius' talk about wanting his old cargo ship back in return for the power coil that was masquerading as the 'Ring of Shen-Marak'  in  a  shrine  of  Grannus:

Caius: 'You bring it back, and I give you the Ring.'

unison: 'Power coil.'

top | Daniel and Cameron | Speaking in unison



Just after Urgo appears and begins talking:

'Hi, Urgo.'

Not talking, but definitely all reacting identically:

when Jack gets hungry and heads for the cafeteria, the other three show up and start eating

While they're all under observation in separate rooms:

'Row, row, row your boat...' -- sung in rounds

At the briefing table, when Urgo is accused of deliberately scalding Sam:

'He didn't mean it!' [Jack, Sam, and Daniel, followed a beat later by Teal'c saying 'That was not his intention.' ]


When Dr. Carmichael says that there's a good chance whoever goes into the game to help Teal'c will be trapped along with him:

'I'll do it.' [Jack, Sam, and Daniel]

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Movie inconsistencies

NB: This isn't exhaustive -- it's just stuff that struck me as I happened to watch the movie again. Movie info that doesn't contradict the series has been worked into the main portion of the site, in appropriate areas. If I missed anything, as always, I'm happy to hear about it.



The Goa'uld was more or less humanoid. Goa'uld are reptilian.
Jack's full name was Jonathan O'Neil. Jack's full name is John O'Neill.

Jack's son's name was Tyler.

Jack's son's name was Charlie.
Kawalsky was a lieutenant. Kawalsky was a major.

Ferretti was a lieutenant.

Ferretti was a major.

The stargate was located in a converted nuclear missile silo at Creek Mountain, Colorado.

The stargate is located underneath NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.
The stargate went to a planet in the Kaliam (sp. from subtitles) galaxy to reach Abydos. Abydos is a nearby planet, close enough that stellar drift hasn't affected its address yet. To reach another galaxy with the stargate requires massive amounts of energy and an eighth chevron.
Daniel's wife's name was Sha'uri Daniel's wife's name was Sha're

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