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General background info

Jaffa warrior, born in Cronus's service but later sworn to Apophis after Cronus killed his father. (Fair Game)

Rose to the rank of First Prime in Apophis's service, but over the years began to lose his faith in his god.

After kidnapping Sha're and Skaara for Apophis, Teal'c met the proto-SG-1 (Jack, Daniel, and Sam) in a Chulak prison, and cast his lot in with them, helping them to kill his fellow Jaffa and escape, and then accepting a place among them.

Has been fighting for his people's freedom ever since he betrayed Apophis, while also functioning as a full member of SG-1 and swearing allegiance to SGC.

Among the Tau'ri, his first allegiance is to Jack, then the rest of the team, then Hammond, then the military hierarchy -- and pretty much everyone knows that.

Reaction to Daniel's ascension: missed him, but was impressed that Daniel ascended to a higher plane of existence -- it's something that many Jaffa dedicate their lives to achieving. (Revelations)

After defeating K'tano (Imhotep) in the rite of joma secu, Teal'c by default became the leader of that part of the Jaffa rebellion. (The Warrior)

Nearly died when Goa'uld ambushed a meeting of rebel Jaffa -- more than a hundred other Jaffa were killed, leaving only Teal'c and Bra'tac alive. Teal'c saved them by transferring Junior back and forth between them for three days, until the rest of SG-1 found them. (The Changeling)

He was in a delusional/hallucinatory state almost the entire time, with Daniel there to help him through it. (The Changeling)

The symbiote had been working so hard to keep them both alive that it was dying itself when they were found, and hadn't the strength to heal even one of them. (The Changeling)

There were no symbiotes available anywhere to offer either of them. Instead, Teal'c was given a new, experimental form of tretonin that the Tok'ra had been working on (as was Bra'tac). It worked, but Teal'c became as dependent on the drug as he had been on the symbiote. (The Changeling)

After losing Junior, Teal'c was unable to kelno'reem as he used to. (Fallen)

Suffered a severe loss of confidence after losing Junior, believing himself to be too weak to be a true Jaffa, and thus a liability to his team. (Orpheus)

He lef the SGC (on good terms) in late 2004/early 2005 to serve full time on the new Jaffa High Council. (Avalon part 1)

He came back to help Daniel when Vala bound them together with Goa'uld bracelets, but never intended it to be a permanent return. (Avalon parts 1& 2, Origin, The Ties That Bind)


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1899 or 1900 (The Light [aired in Jan 2001, but if each show covers a calendar year, takes place in 2000]: 'I am 101 years old')

(There was more confusion about Teal'c's age than about anyone's -- MGM press kit info has him at over 90 as the series begins, but no canon supported this. Fanon claimed he was in his 80s -- again, no canon to support it.)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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On Chulak after his father died and he and his mother fled Cronus's world. (Fair Game)

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Marital status

Pre-show: Married to Drey'auc of the Cord'ai Plains. (Bloodlines, Threshold)

Effectively separated for the first couple of seasons -- he left Drey'auc and Rya'c behind without a word when he joined the SGC. Drey'auc eventually dissolved the marriage to marry Fro'tak. (Family)

Divorced for several years thereafter.

As of 2002, widowed. (Redemption, part 1)

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When he was a boy, Rya'c was utterly loyal to his father, believing his could do no wrong. (Family, Bloodlines)

When Drey'auc died, Rya'c blamed his father, going so far as to attack Teal'c in his grief and anger. (Redemption, part 1)

They mended fences fairly quickly, and Rya'c joined the Jaffa rebellion as a warrior under Bra'tac's tutelage. (Redemption, part 2)

When Rya'c fell in love with one of the women of the Hak'tyl (Kar'yn) and decided to marry her within a few days, Teal'c was less than pleased. Rya'c hadn't consulted him first, and wouldn't listen when Teal'c told him he was too young to be taking such a major step so quickly. He truly believed that Rya'c (roughly 19 years old at the time, give or take a couple of years) was too young to understand what love is, and was frustrated that he couldn't make Rya'c understand that he could be ruining his life with this choice. He was also worried that Rya'c would soon have to choose between his family and his commitment to destroying the Goa'uld, and didn't want him to have to face such a burden at his age. (Sacrifices)

When the wedding rehearsal went badly (with Kar'yn slapping her circlet of fidelity into Rya'c's chest and stalking off in anger), Teal'c, watching from the control room, was quietly pleased. (Sacrifices)

He eventually accepted both the marriage and Kar'yn, giving his blessing. (Sacrifices)

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Other family

Father -- Ronac.

Killed by Cronus (Fair Game, Crossroads)

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Fro'tak (deceased as of 1998)

Childhood friends with Teal'c, until Fro'tak married Drey'auc and then tried to betray them all to Apophis. Jack killed him before he could. (Family)


A Jaffa he trained with and served with as a member of Apophis's personal guard. He was ordered to kill Va'lar after Va'lar failed Apophis, but instead secretly banished him to a small village. Later Apophis ordered him to destroy that village to regain the planet from Ra, and he had to do so to keep Apophis from finding out the truth of what he'd done. (Threshold)

Krista James


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Romantic interests

[drug- or otherwise affected]

Drey'auc (Bloodlines, Family, others)

Teal'c's wife, and the mother of his son Rya'c. After he'd been gone for a couple of years with the SGC, she divorced him to marry Fro'tak, but there still seemed to be some spark there. After Fro'tak's death, though, she chose to go live with other Jaffa refugees, rather than stay with Teal'c on Earth.

Shan'auc (Crossroads)

They were involved before Shan'auc joined the temple. Later, Teal'c married Drey'auc. When Shan'auc showed up at the SGC, she and Teal'c appeared to briefly rekindle things.

Ishta (Birthright)

Still keeping in touch with Ishta, several months after meeting her. (New Order)

She and Teal'c were more and more at loggerheads over their different goals. Ishta believed that the larger Jaffa rebellion was useless -- that the leaders of it simply sat around and plotted, without ever taking any action. Teal'c believed that destroying Moloc alone was effectively a waste of time, because another Goa'uld would simply take over his territories. He wanted Ishta to look long-term, while she was focused on the immediate problem of the ongoing murder of female Jaffa infants in Moloc's realm. This strained their relationship pretty severely, at least until Moloc was killed. (Sacrifices)

Krista James

Had a promising beginning, but after Krista killed her boyfriend and Teal'c was framed for it (by the Trust, not Krista), and he wound up in a holding cell while the Trust kidnapped her to use against him, and to use as leverage against Daniel if need be... it all sorta went south, and they said goodbye when Teal'c moved away. (Affinity)

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Trained by Bra'tac

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Home / surroundings


Lived aboard ha'tak vessels much of the time.

On Chulak, he had been granted a nice house (stone walls, with wood beams inside) as a gift from Apophis for his service, where he lived with Drey'auc and had Rya'c. It was destroyed and Drey'auc and Rya'c driven out to the outcast encampments after Teal'c betrayed Apophis. (Bloodlines)


Quarters on base

Room 2513-20 (Crystal Skull).

Has a bed and its own bathroom, but not much more: a closet (undoubtedly filling up with an appalling assortment of civvies) with a footlocker on top of it, a plastic chair, a tv in the corner (Holiday). Usually lit with candles.

His base quarters have gradually picked up more stuff over the years, including several small tables with drawers and a small bookcase with an assortment of books in it. (The Changeling)

(nb: this is more of a probability than a fact -- this was in a hallucination, but I think it probably reflects the reality fairly accurately.) (The Changeling)

As of seventh season (at least), had added a large plant, which sat atop a tall cabinet and trailed leaves more than halfway down it, and a smaller (but not small) potted plant on top of his tv, with another on a smaller cabinet. The room was much greener and more comfortable-looking, with a few lamps scattered around as well. Also had a (metal) desk, with a bulletin board propped above it, mostly covered in neatly arranged papers. (Fallen)

After briefly moving out to live in an apartment, Teal'c returned to his on-base quarters. (Affinity)


After seven years of living on the base, Teal'c arranged to move into an apartment. (Lockdown)

It's not clear if this happened, since he still seemed to have paperwork to take care of, and was stuck on the base in a lockdown during the time he would have finished signing for the new place. (Lockdown)

In 2004, Teal'c moved into an apartment for a while. (Affinity)

Number 403, address unknown. (Affinity)

The units were numbered consecutively, rather than odd on one side and even on the other. (Affinity)

Decorated it, in Daniel's words, in 'Jaffa chic with an East African flair' -- warm neutral earth tone on the wall (looks to me like the color of Glidden's 'Inheritance', or possibly 'Boston Cream'), with tribal art on the walls and mantel. (Affinity)

There's an alcove just off the door, and a fireplace with marble (-looking, at least) mantle and surround on the wall next to the alcove. (Affinity)

Nothing noticeably fancy in the way of electronics -- the tv is 24 or 27 inches, no more, and there's one VCR hooked up to it (possibly a DVD player, but it looks like a VCR to me). (Affinity)

As usual, he had lots of candles everywhere -- he seemed to still prefer them for nighttime lighting. (Affinity)

The deal for him to live offbase was that he keep a low profile, draw no attention to himself. He didn't make the OSI happy by defending himself against other people when he tried to stop their unlawful activities. (Affinity)

After he was framed for murder (and cleared almost immediately thereafter), the OSI revoked his permission, and forced him to move back to the base. (Affinity)

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Unknown for seasons 1-7 -- probably none, at least early on.

He never seemed to arrive anywhere offbase alone -- he went to Daniel's wake in Fire and Water with Sam, went to Sam's house with pizza and Star Wars with Jack (Ascension), went to Jack's house with doughnuts with Daniel (Lost City, part 1).

Black SUV of some sort as of eighth season. (Affinity)

I'm bad at car details, but truly horrible at SUV details -- they all look the same to me. I couldn't get a look at the model name when Teal'c closed the hatch in back, so I have no idea what kind this was. (Affinity)

This might be a vehicle from an SGC pool, not his personal vehicle, but fwiw, the plate looked like a regular Colorado plate. (Affinity)


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Jaffa -- loyal warrior and First Prime:

Bra'tac's best student.

As a young Jaffa in training, he was one of the victors in his 'final challenge', and became one of Apophis's personal guard. (Rules of Engagement)

After Teal'c killed 100 of the enemy in battle, Bra'tac brought him to Apophis's attention for recognition of his deeds. Apophis spoke with him directly, then ribboned him for remaining loyal to his father. This, even more than his father's death, seems to have sparked Teal'c's rebellion. Nevertheless, Teal'c started moving up the ladder after this, with much more access to Apophis than his peers (Va'lar asks Teal'c to intercede with Apophis on his behalf, etc.) (Threshold)

Spent years looking unsuccessfully for Tok'ra tunnels while in Apophis's service. (Tok'ra, part 1)

Still Bra'tac's apprentice, and one of Apophis's personal guard, Teal'c was ordered to kill his friend Va'lar for failing in his duty (retreating from a doomed battle in hopes of returning with reinforcements, rather than standing his ground and dying in Apophis's name). Teal'c decided to test Apophis's omniscience, and freed Va'lar, taking a symbiote from a dying Jaffa to 'prove' Va'lar's death. Apophis's approval proved to Teal'c that he couldn't be an all-knowing god as he claimed, and Teal'c crossed the line from worshipper to unbeliever. Apophis's approval probably also cemented his path toward becoming First Prime, as Bra'tac had intended all along. (Threshold)

First major crisis of conscience came when Teal'c had to destroy the village where he'd banished Va'lar in order to keep Apophis from learning of his treachery. (Threshold)

First Prime of Apophis. (Children of the Gods) He can't have been younger than 85 when this happened, since he was still a regular (if apparently senior/ranking) Jaffa when Rya'c was conceived. Never seems to have been Second Prime (assuming the silver brand means second prime). (Threshold)

Once Teal'c became First Prime, Bra'tac filled him in on actual rebel stuff, admitting to what he'd been doing rather than just dropping hints and nudging Teal'c to think for himself, so that Teal'c could use his new position of power to do some actual good. (Threshold)

One of his first assignments as First Prime was to hunt down Ma'chello. (Holiday)

Was ordered to retrieve the fenri (a supposedly invisible flying creature, which hovers like a hummingbird 'with teeth') for Apophis. When he failed, he lost two men as punishment. (The Nox)

Shak'l was one of his men while he was First Prime, and he had part in Shak'l's training (The Nox)

Qualified to pilot Goa'uld death glider.

Is highly proficient at flying tel'tacs (Goa'uld cargo ships)

In total, can't have been First Prime for more than 12 years before betraying Apophis and joining SG-1, and probably less than that. (timeline set up in Threshold)

The key indicator is Rya'c, who was clearly conceived before Teal'c became First Prime  (Threshold) and hadn't yet hit puberty when Teal'c joined SG-1 (Family).


Turned on his own people to free the Goa'uld's captives at Jack's request, then accompanied SG-1 and -2 back to Earth, where he joined the SGC and was added to SG-1, the flagship team. (Children of the Gods)

In the eyes of Apophis, the other Goa'uld, and the Jaffa, this made him shol'va, a traitor.

'Rank' in the SGC is Civilian Member Joint Forces.

Requested permission to return through the stargate after Kinsey shut it down, so he could continue to fight the Goa'uld on his own. Hammond had to deny the request. (Politics)

Resigned from the SGC after being ordered to refrain from searching for the rest of SG-1, missing for three weeks while Teal'c lay unconscious. He returned to Chulak, attempting to raise an army of his own to free them (and to spark the Jaffa rebellion). (Out of Mind, Into the Fire)

Volunteered to travel alone through the stargate to a small pocket between the buried Edoran stargate and the rock it was buried under, to try to manually dig his way straight up to the surface, in hopes of rescuing Jack. It worked, barely. (A Hundred Days)

Successfully negotiated an alliance with Yu to combine SGC and Goa'uld forces against Anubis (Fallen). 

When Yu was too ill to carry through, he managed, working with Yu's First Prime Oshu, to renegotiate the deal with Baal. (Homecoming)

Has full security clearance at the SGC. (Inauguration)

nb: This was undoubtedly true long before this, with plenty of evidence to support it throughout the series once past the early days of season one, but this (late seventh season) was the first official statement to that effect.

Piloted a cargo ship past an armada of Anubis's ships in orbit around Earth by dropping out of hyperspace practically inside Earth's atmosphere (and thus inside the ring of ships), and managed not to crash the cargo ship into Antarctica in the process despite having only seconds to decelerate. (Lost City, part 2)

Agreed to let himself become part of the SGC's new virtual-reality training program, to increase the simulation's realism and difficulty, after experiencing what the scientists had come up with using themselves as templates for the game to learn from.  (Avatar)

In late 2004/early 2005, Teal'c left the SGC to take a seat on the Jaffa council. (Avalon part 1)

He came back to help Daniel when Vala bound them together with Goa'uld bracelets, but never intended it to be a permanent return - despite Cameron Mitchell's clear wish to have him back on the team. (Avalon parts 1& 2, Origin, The Ties That Bind)

See the SG-1 entry for more info.

Jaffa rebellion

His first attempt to stir up a true rebellion was to try to save the rest of SG-1. He returned to Chulak when the US government wouldn't give him the help he wanted, hoping to win enough warriors to his cause to stage a rescue. Only a small handful joined him (and Bra'tac), but it was a beginning. (Into the Fire)

Any time he came across Jaffa and had the opportunity, he tried to convince them to join the rebellion so that all Jaffa might be free. (multiple eps)

When SG-1 was planning to capture Cronus's hatak, Teal'c insisted that the thousand or so Jaffa aboard be given the opportunity to join the rebellion, rather than simply killed outright. (Double Jeopardy)

By killing K'tano/Imhotep in the rite of joma secu, he earned the right to lead K'tano's army of rebel Jaffa. (The Warrior)

Clearly is indeed in a position of authority among the rebel Jaffa who left Cal Mah: he interfered several times when a Jaffa got riled by a Tok'ra on the SGC's alpha site, and the Jaffa backed off without demur. (Allegiance)

During an emotional showdown between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa after two murders (a line of Jaffa holding weapons on a line of Tok'ra, who were holding weapons on them in turn), Teal'c clearly allied himself with the Jaffa rather than stepping back -- he held a zat on the Tok'ra leader. He backed off when Jack called him aside, but didn't tell the Jaffa to lower their weapons. (In the same situation on the other side, Jacob did not pull his weapon on the Jaffa.) (Allegiance)

Clearly travels at least occasionally with Bra'tac and/or Rya'c on rebellion business, trying to convince people to join them. (Sacrifices)

He met with rebel Jaffa based on P4S-161, in what sounded like a fairly routine check-in meeting to keep everyone up to date. When he returned there a short while later to ask for the loan of a al kesh so he could go find out why Earth wasn't responding, he ran into M'zel, who told him that everyone was dead. (Endgame)

Trust agents had launched a symbiote-poison attack against the planet soon after Teal'c had left. (Endgame)

When the Replicators began taking over everything they could find and the Jaffa in turn began returning to their Goa'uld lords in droves, believing the Replicators to be punishment for their lack of faith, Teal'c saw it as the rebellion's opportunity to strike a final blow for freedom. He told Bra'tac they needed to capture the Temple of Dakara, the most sacred place in Jaffa religion -- the symbol of Goa'uld power. (Reckoning part 1)

When Baal's fleet approached, Teal'c split his forces, sending most into hiding around the system, then lied to Baal and told him he'd sent them all away, to surive to fight another day. He was less than thrilled when Sam contacted him to tell him that she and Jacob needed Baal's help, considering he was in the middle of fighting Baal's fleet, but accepted it and contacted Baal to explain the situation. (Reckoning part 2)

When the Replicators appeared and engaged Baal's fleet, Teal'c switched tactics, going after the Replicator ships to keep the weapon on Dakara out of their hands as long as possible (Baal wanted it kept away from both the Replicators and Anubis). (Reckoning part 2)

After the Replicators were destroyed by the modified energy beam, Teal'c demanded Baal's surrender, telling him he was surrounded -- just as Bra'tac and other rebel Jaffa burst onto Baal's peltac. Baal just laughed and beamed out. (Reckoning part 2)

After the Jaffa won their freedom, both Teal'c and Bra'tac were honored as the two driving forces that had brought them so far, with Tolok presiding over the ceremony: (Threads)

'Brothers Bra'tac of Chulak and Teal'c of the Tau'ri. For your enduring courage and vision, for the strength of will that has brought us to freedom from the Goa'uld -- a future we have yet to even comprehend, but one that will be determined by our own unfettered will -- I hereby bestow upon you the highest honor any Jaffa can know. From this day forward, you shall both be known as blood-kin to all Jaffa.' (Threads)

Teal'c didn't spend much time celebrating -- he knew that there was a lot left undone, and when Bra'tac pointed out that they hadn't planned properly for the aftermath of freedom, Teal'c began to see the magnitude of the problem: Jaffa had been fighting each other for generations, and didn't trust each other. Uniting them into a single people wouldn't be easy. (Threads)

When Bra'tac told him that both of them had been chosen to sit on the new council being formed to govern the free Jaffa, Teal'c was faced with a choice: take the position and focus on his people  (as  he'd  originally  planned  when  he  first  joined  the  Tau'ri), or stay with the Tau'ri. (Threads)

Free Jaffa

In late 2004/early 2005, Teal'c left the SGC to take a seat on the Jaffa council. (Avalon part 1)

He came back to help Daniel when Vala bound them together with Goa'uld bracelets, but never intended it to be a permanent return - despite Cameron Mitchell's clear wish to have him back on the team. (Avalon parts 1& 2, Origin, The Ties That Bind)

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After the Jaffa won their freedom, both Teal'c and Bra'tac were honored as the two driving forces that had brought them so far, with Tolok presiding over the ceremony: (Threads)

'Brothers Bra'tac of Chulak and Teal'c of the Tau'ri. For your enduring courage and vision, for the strength of will that has brought us to freedom from the Goa'uld -- a future we have yet to even comprehend, but one that will be determined by our own unfettered will  -- I hereby bestow upon you the highest honor any Jaffa can know. From this day forward, you shall both be known as blood-kin to all Jaffa.' (Threads)

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I don't go through and figure out his (or anyone's) pay every year, but the rates I list here should give you an idea of what the interim pay would have been.


I have absolutely nothing to base these estimates on, other than a friend from a military family who suggested he was probably paid at the level of the highest-rank enlisted -- Chief Master Sergeant (grade E-9). That's a guess, nothing more. I have no way to verify it.

As of 1999

(based on January 2000 data):

Possibly earning about $59,997, including any allowances.

This number is based on January 2000 data. Military pay was adjusted in July 2000, I didn't have those numbers.

As of 2002

(based on the military pay calculator and the above assumptions):

If I use 10 years's service as the base, about $59,979. (10 years is the minimum requirement for Chief Master Sergeant.) It's unlikely that he wouldn't have gotten a raise in three years, but since all this is a guess anyway I have no clue what it would have gone up to. But I think it's safe to assume, given that, that he's making at least $60,000/year, and possibly is making more to put him on a more even footing with the rest of the team (although not having to pay for housing probably counts for a lot). Could also be getting hazard pay.

As of 2004

(based on the military pay calculator and the above assumptions):

$66,801, assuming the equivalent of 12 years's service, and that grade E-9 is correct. As always, this is a total guess -- he could be making significantly more, to put him on a more even footing with the rest of the team. Or not. He could also be getting hazard pay.

Compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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The Ancients's dialect (Window of Opportunity), although not fluent.

Can read:

Ancient Goa'uld dialect that looks like Linear A (Brief Candle)


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Pain & Death

Severe injuries

Severe knife wound to stomach in The Nox

Badly beaten, head injuries, in Fair Game

Infected with Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing device in Legacy

Basically tortured by the Foothold aliens when they experimented on Junior to see if they could deal with Goa'uld symbiotes. (Foothold)

Blinded in New Ground

Nearly suffocated in space (Nemesis)

Shot with staff weapon and tortured nearly to death by Cronus, who was trying to kill him the same way he killed Teal'c's father, by crushing his symbiote. (Double Jeopardy)

Ribboned by Apophis as a young Jaffa warrior for remaining loyal to his father (Threshold)

Shot in the symbiote pouch at close range by a staff weapon -- his heartbeat stopped temporarily (he was immediately given CPR). Only the fact that he lacked a symbiote and was on tretonin saved him. The blast passed through his symbiote pouch and damaged his spine and surrounding soft tissues.

(nb: this nearly went into Near-deaths, since at one point they lost his pulse. But they started CPR immediately, so after waffling a bit I put it here, especially since it involved a lot more recovery time than most of the team's near-deaths.) (Orpheus)

Badly beaten/whipped by Baal's Jaffa -- to the point where he couldn't walk at first -- in the death camp where Bra'tac and Rya'c were being held. (Orpheus)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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Severe emotional trauma

When he was a child, his father, Cronus's First Prime, was ordered into an impossible battle, then killed as punishment for losing. Teal'c and his mother were banished, and fled to Chulak, where Teal'c vowed to one day become First Prime to Apophis, sworn enemy of Cronus. (Fair Game)

Becoming shol'va (CotG, but trauma appears in Bloodlines)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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Implanted with alien device that strongly influenced sensation and decisions in Urgo

Taken over by water-life-forms in Watergate

Highly suggestible in general (Fire and Water Urgo ['try the defibrillator'])

Consciousness switched into Jack's body, then Ma'chello's, then finally back into his own,  while his body was occupied by Jack, then Ma'chello. (Holiday)

A humanoid Replicator basically walked into Teal'c's subconscious (via a hand stuck into Teal'c's head) and took up residence there for a while, learning as much as possible about what Teal'c knew. (Teal'c was controlled/unconscious for a combined 37 hours.) Either the same or another Replicator repeated the process shortly after Teal'c regained consciousness, knocking him out again. (Unnatural Selection)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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Confirmed deaths

(Robot-Teal'c killed by Cronus's Jaffa -- before he died, he shot Cronus in vengeance for his father's death, saving the real Teal'c's life in the process. Double Jeopardy)

Killed by Apophis's Jaffa in an ambush set up by Tanith (Exodus)

Flatlined after Bra'tac ripped Junior out of him in an attempt to bring Teal'c back to his senses. (Threshold)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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Virtual deaths (confirmed)

21 times while fighting kull warriors on the base. (Avatar)

14 of these were shown, while 7 happened offscreen (but Teal'c specifically mentioned other rounds of the game, in which he has to have died).

There were countless others that didn't get shown or mentioned. (Avatar)

Some of the deaths were from being shot, others were from being blown up. (Avatar)

These are not real deaths -- they occur in a virtual-reality training program. I'm listing them here mainly for vidders looking for clips.

Nevertheless, Teal'c experienced each death to a certain degree, since he was actually inside the program at the time, mentally connected to his avatar, and the program was taking its cues from him -- Teal'c expected it to hurt, knowing that someone's tactics would be completely different if they knew they wouldn't feel any pain. When his avatar died, the chair delivered a strong, painful jolt to his physical body. (Avatar)

compare: Jack | Sam | Teal'c

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Near deaths

Gave his larval Goa'uld to Rya'c in Bloodlines, nearly died before they could get him a replacement.

Infested with flesh-eating bugs in Bane that tried to turn him into a mini-swarm of insects, lost symbiote temporarily.

Massive internal injuries, unconscious for three weeks. (Out of Mind)

Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing device in his body in Legacy.

Nearly drowned in Demons -- came close enough that everyone thought he was dead, and he was being prepped for burial.

Trapped inside the stargate itself for more than two days -- although he has no memory of this. (48 Hours)

Spent three days sharing a symbiote with Bra'tac after an ambush that killed more than a hundred rebel Jaffa, and was very close to death when SG-1 found them. Junior was too weak to help either of them anymore, and Teal'c wound up being given an experimental new form of tretonin instead. (The Changeling)

Frequent 'sympathetic' adrenaline spikes while he was in the virtual-reality simulation chair were causing blood pressure and heartrate way too high to be sustained over the long term. Before it was all over, despite some preventive measures taken to try to help, his heart stopped and it took a shot straight to the heart (probably epinephrine) to get it restarted. (Avatar)

nb: This could technically be a confirmed death, since he did flatline, but the doctor was right there and got the needle in right away.

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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Presumed deaths

Exploding ship in Serpent's Lair

Drowned in Demons

Supernova in Enemies

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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Confirmed kills

Note: The team shoots at a lot of people. The people they shoot at generally fall down. That doesn't count as a confirmed kill -- Jaffa, especially, can heal from a lot of apparently fatal wounds. I only count it if someone checks and says 'he's dead', or if someone gets zatted twice, or it's otherwise perfectly clear that there's no way this person is getting back up without being brought back from the dead. (If they later come back from the dead, it still counts as a death. It just means they get to have more than one.)

pre-show: Hanno's father (Cor-Ai)

Four Jaffa in Chulak prison (Children of the Gods)

Shak'l (Cor'ai)

The Goa'ulded Unas in Thor's labyrinth.(Thor's Hammer)

Teal'c forced him into Thor's Hammer, which killed the symbiote and left the host body unable to regenerate. (Thor's Hammer)

Jack gave an assist, shooting the hell out of the Unas first along with Teal'c. (Thor's Hammer)

Jaffa priest who was about to implant Rya'c's first symbiote in the prim'ta ceremony. (Bloodlines)

This was an accidental kill -- Teal'c threw him off during a fight, and the priest fell on his own knife as a result. (Bloodlines)

One of Klorel's two personal guards. (Within the Serpent's Grasp)

Ashrak in the gateroom holding Daniel hostage. (In the Line of Duty)

One of the Jaffa guarding Rya'c in the clearing. (Family)

One Horus guard (knocked into kawoosh). (Secrets)

Reetou rebel (Show and Tell)

alternate-reality Teal'c (Point of View)

Amaunet (Forever in a Day)

Bedrosian soldier. (New Ground)

(Robot-Teal'c killed Cronus. Double Jeopardy)

Tanith -- using the cannon he salvaged from a downed glider in Fifth Man (48 Hours)

Three Jaffa, outside a lab on Revanna during Zipacna's attack. (Last Stand)

Imhotep (The Warrior)

The head Jaffa (in service to Baal) in the death camp on Erebus. (Orpheus)

Trelak (First Prime to Ares -- Teal'c killed him in hand-to-hand combat) (It's Good to Be King)

compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas

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Personal enemies





compare: Jack | Daniel | Sam | Jonas


General background | Life | Profession | Pain & Death | Misc.



Musical taste

Blues (listening to blues in the car while driving Krista around) (Affinity)

top | Misc.

Food preferences

Doesn't drink alcohol (The Other Side).

No other specific confirmation of this, but we've never seen him consume alcohol, either -- he goes for water, soda, or juice.

Fruit. Lots of fruit. (Redemption, part 1)

Ginger ale. (Nightwalkers)

Doughnuts (Chimera)

Turkey sandwiches ('[his] favorite', according to Sam) (New Order)

Doesn't like:

Doesn't like milk. (The Changeling)

Not overly fond of herbal tea. (The Changeling)

top | Misc.


possibly golf (Window of Opportunity)

top | Misc.


Teal'c carried a Goa'uld symbiote, nicknamed 'Junior' by Jack.

(More accurately, after Family this should be Junior, Jr. -- Teal'c's first 'Junior' went to Rya'c to save Rya'c's life, and Teal'c was implanted with a second symbiote, also called Junior.)

Severely wounded by Teal'c's staff-weapon blast (at close range) when Teal'c killed a Bedrosian soldier. (New Ground)

The second Junior should have matured around 2005-2006 (Threshold)

The SGC originally tried to remove Junior at least once, but the drugs they tried (presumably to bolster or jumpstart Teal'c's immune system) failed, and Junior had to be returned. (Bloodlines)

Junior nearly died from one of Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing bugs. (Legacy)

Junior died after Teal'c was forced to share it with the badly injured Bra'tac, for three days. By the end, the symbiote was too weak to take care of either of them, and both were treated with an experimental synthetic tretonin. Teal'c is entirely lacking a larval Goa'uld as of late 2002. (Changeling)

After losing Junior, Teal'c was unable to kelno'reem as he used to. (Fallen)

top | Misc.


Had to meditate (kelno'reem) every day to stay healthy -- give his symbiote a chance to fix anything that may have gone wrong that day. (Holiday, Beneath the Surface)

Brought candles with him to the Antarctic to help him with kelno'reem. (Frozen)

Eventually added a sunburst figure to his kelno'reem candles. (Abyss)

Continued to try to meditate (complete with dozens of candles), but could no longer kelno'reem after losing Junior. (Fallen)

Although kelno'reem was no longer necessary after losing Junior, Teal'c still found comfort/serenity in it ('Kelno'reem is unnecessary -- but it does make me feel... better.') (Orpheus)

top | Misc.


Blamed himself for getting shot, believing himself to be kek -- weak -- after losing his symbiote and becoming dependent on tretonin. (Orpheus)

Overdid his recovery exercises trying to prove (to himself) he was still strong, then refused to be put back on active duty when Fraiser finally cleared him, believing himself still too much of a liability to the team. (Orpheus)

Before a rescue mission to save Bra'tac and Rya'c, still believing himself a liability, he asked Jack to care for Rya'c in case he (Teal'c) died. (Orpheus)

Badly injured, he offered his own life instead of Rya'c's when Rya'c was about to be killed in the death camp. The rescue started up before he could be killed, and in the battle to free the prisoners, Teal'c managed to kill the head Jaffa with his bare hands -- getting his 'mojo' back in the process. (Orpheus)

Once he had to start sleeping (after losing Junior), he began doing research into dreams. (Chimera)

He was trapped on the new Hak'tyl world without a ready source of tretonin after his supply was destroyed during an attack by Moloc's forces. Within roughly a day, and after a hand-to-hand fight, he was in pretty desperate need fortunately, the SGC had airlifted some out to him. (Sacrifices)

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Had two main, ongoing hallucinations during The Changeling while trying to keep himself and Bra'tac alive while sharing one symbiote between them. The hallucinations intertwined, flipping back and forth with no real warning, but with overlapping conversations/situations:

He was a member of the Coquitlam Fire Rescue, along with Jack (the station chief), Sam (the station's captain) and Jonas (a 'probie', in a pink 'New Guy' apron, still learning the ropes). (The Changeling)

Teal'c wasn't wearing any stripes -- no rank, presumably. (The Changeling)

His name throughout this was 'T' -- seems to be what he considers his 'human' name. (The Changeling)

Bra'tac was his stepfather, 'Brae', who was desperately in need of a kidney transplant. (The Changeling)

He was married to (or at least living very happily with) Shauna (Shan'auc) (The Changeling)

Apophis showed up several times: as a surgeon in a dream/nightmare within the hallucination, as a car-accident victim, and as a surgeon again, telling Teal'c he could not escape his fate (as shol'va).   (The Changeling)

He was a member of the SGC, but an SGC that was just slightly off from the reality. (The Changeling)

He couldn't achieve kelno'reem, no matter how hard he tried. (The Changeling)

Within this hallucination, saw Apophis (dressed in CotG garb) telling him he was afraid to die because he was afraid to face Apophis in the afterlife.  The hallucination flipped almost instantly back to the firefighter one.   (The Changeling)

top | Misc.

Time spent trapped offworld

not imprisoned, just unable to contact/return home without help

Two weeks, with Jack and Sam (Small Victories)

For about four days, with Sam and Daniel, in a secret underground base on P2X-887. (Zero Hour)

top | Misc.

Old timelines

Original timeline | Interim, altered timeline

Original timeline

Traveled back to 3,000 BC with Jack and the rest of SG-1 in the time-travel ship they found on Maybourne's world, in an attempt to find and take a ZPM from Ra before he could leave the planet with it. After they gained access to the temple, Jack stunned a Horus guard and Teal'c donned his armor, complete with retracting helmet/headdress, walked into the treasure room, and walked out with the ZPM. When they went back to the jumper to go home, they found it surrounded by Jaffa. Sam declared it too dangerous to take it back -- they didn't dare affect the timeline any further. (Moebius part 1)

Trapped in the past, Jack and Teal'c couldn't take the thought of living out their lives under Ra's rule, and tried to kickstart the rebellion. Jack, Sam, and Teal'c were all captured and executed. (Moebius part 2)

Interim, altered timeline

See Teal'c on the altered timeline page.

top | Misc.

Random misc

Attempted to return to Chulak alone when it looked like Hammond wasn't falling for the ruse designed by the rest of the team to fake a mission there so Teal'c could save Rya'c from the prim'ta ceremony. (Bloodlines)

Appears to be quite gifted at calculating different planetary rotations and how they correlate he knew the time of Rya'c's scheduled prim'ta ceremony, despite not having been on Chulak for months. (Bloodlines)

Takes personal responsibility for all his actions, regardless of whether he was acting under orders or not. (Cor-Ai)

Offered his body (and his symbiote) to human medical science for study, in the event of his expected death. (Cor-Ai)

First spars (boxing) in Fifth Race.

Has read at least some of the Bible. (Demons)

'Teal'c' means 'strength' (Past and Present)

Before seeing the Vyans, Teal'c had never witnessed a situation involving mass amnesia. (Past and Present)

In The Devil You Know, Teal'c was pissed at Aldwin for risking his friends' lives rather than trying to first stage a rescue (Aldwin was focused on the big picture of taking out Sokar, which he believed worth the cost of a few lives), and went so far as to shove Aldwin in a cargo hold and do the rescue himself, risking both their lives. Just a short time later, in Pretense, Teal'c is opposed to Jack and Daniel's focus on saving Skaara, focusing instead on the big picture of stopping the Goa'uld. (The Devil You Know, Pretense)

Has ability to sense Reetou. (Show and Tell)

Sings as though chanting -- in a very, very deep voice. (Urgo)

Knows how to juggle. (Window of Opportunity)

Learned how to drive in 1969, when Daniel taught him to drive the bus. (Smoke and Mirrors)

Likes reading the tabloids (Point of No Return, The Curse)

Eyeshadow fetish appears to begin after he becomes First Prime (no sign of it in any flashbacks to before that point, but it appears the day he gets the gold symbol) (Threshold)

As of early fifth season, he'd seen Star Wars nine times. (Ascension)

Doesn't wear a tie on more formal occasions (funeral, meeting with high-ranking brass, during both of which Daniel was in a suit and tie, and the others were in dress blues). He wears a dark suit, with a silky-looking offwhite pullover shirt with a short collar-band up around his neck -- no buttons or tie to be seen. (Between Two Fires, 2001)

Has developed a fondness for the cannon he salvaged from the downed glider in Fifth Man -- seems to have become his weapon of choice, and was the weapon he used to kill Tanith in 48 Hours.

Owns a long black leather coat. (Nightwalkers)

Intends to return to Chulak with Rya'c when his time with SG-1 is over. (Nightwalkers)

His loyalty to and feelings toward Bra'tac have never wavered. He nearly throttled the Tok'ra leader Malek after Malek reported (erroneously) that Bra'tac had died -- and Malek hadn't done anything to save him. (Allegiance)

Among at least some Jaffa, he became known as 'Teal'c of the Tau'ri' (Birthright)

'Teal'c of the Tau'ri' apparently became his 'official' name somewhere along the line: Tolok called him that when conferring the honor of blood-kin to all Jaffa upon him. (Threads)

'Brothers Bra'tac of Chulak and Teal'c of the Tau'ri. For your enduring courage and vision, for the strength of will that has brought us to freedom from the Goa'uld -- a future we have yet to even comprehend, but one that will be determined by our own unfettered will -- I hereby bestow upon you the highest honor any Jaffa can know. From this day forward, you shall both be known as blood-kin to all Jaffa.'

While working out with Daniel, Teal'c was bench-pressing 390 pounds. (Chimera)

(nb: I may be reading the weights wrong, but it definitely looked like each side had two 45-pound weights and three 15.9kg (35-pound) weights, for a combined 390 pounds). (Chimera)

Big into donuts on stakeout. (Chimera)

Refused to answer Bregman's questions during the filming of the documentary. (Heroes, part 1)

Came up with the perfect eulogy for Sam to give for Janet: a list of all the SGC members whose lives Janet had saved over the years. (Heroes, part 2)

After Jack deliberately downloaded an Ancient database into his head on a Friday and took the weekend off to take care of some personal matters, he stopped by Jack's place on Saturday morning with Daniel (and doughnuts) to talk to him. (Lost City, part 1)

Sam was already there, and the four of them sat around in Jack's living room, drinking Guiness (juice or some other red drink for Teal'c) and eating doughnuts and chatting (at least in part about the Simpsons) for a while -- long enough for Daniel to start getting drunk -- before Hammond showed up with some bad news of his own: he was being transferred out of the SGC. (Lost City, part 1)

Stopped shaving his head (for unknown reasons) shortly after Anubis attacked Earth and was defeated. (New Order)

Stationed in Zone 2 on base during the phase of lockdown that was intended to try to force Anubis into using his asceneded powers, so that the Ancients would notice and deal with him. He seemed to be assigned the protection of the control room and gateroom. (Lockdown)

Has played Def Jam Vendetta. (Avatar)

His confidence in his own abilities, and his determination never to quit, nearly proved his undoing while a test subject in the virtual-reality training simulator chair. (Avatar)

Because he didn't think the program was difficult enough, it began drawing on his knowledge and experience to complicate the scenarios, making it impossible for him to win. (Avatar)

Because in reality Teal'c wouldn't ever quit in a given scenario that the simulator was throwing at him, it refused to let him out of the game when he finally went for the failsafe escape route, beaten down after too many deaths in a row. (Avatar)

The true crux of the problem was that deep down, Teal'c didn't believe that the Goa'uld could be defeated, at least not by himself acting alone. It took the addition of Daniel into the game playing alongside him to start to shift things in their favor, and later the addition of the avatars of Jack and Sam. The four of them together defeated the game, and ended the program before it could kill Teal'c in reality. (Avatar)

When Sam used a neural imprint of Teal'c's brain from six years earlier, when he was in the original virtual reality chair on the Gamekeeper's world, she ran hundreds of simulations, and each one just got harder with no way for Teal'c to win -- he never gave up, and he clearly never believed that the Goa'uld could be defeated. (Avatar)

Living offbase:

When he moved into his apartment, he discovered home design and decorating shows on televisions. (Affinity)

His cover story was that Daniel had brought him over from Mozambique to be his research assistant. (Affinity)

He covered up his tattoo when possible. When he couldn't cover it, he said it was a tribal mark from his homeland. (Affinity)

One of the neighborhood boys, Eric, called him 'T'. (Affinity)

He still seemed to prefer to use candlelight at night, rather than electric lights. (Affinity)

While he was living offbase, there were several incidents that made the OSI nervous, when he he tried to help people in trouble: in one case, a situation with an old man and some teenagers in the park, in another, a guy with a pit bull, and finally, three guys tailgating another guy and colliding with him, then going after him physically until Teal'c intervened. (Affinity)

By the incident with the tailgaters, OSI was concerned enough to go to Jack without an appointment. Jack sent Daniel to explain to Teal'c that people in the community generally didn't get involved in situations that 'aren't their business', and by helping out, he was also standing out. (Affinity)

When Teal'c's neighbor/friend Krista came over to ask for help, Teal'c started to politely decline, either because Daniel was still there and it would be rude to leave a guest, or because of Daniel's warning about not helping people. Daniel took one look at this attractive woman and solved both problems by taking his leave and telling Teal'c on his way out that 'every rule has its exceptions'. (Affinity)

His next-door neigbor was Krista James, with whom he struck up a friendship. He helped out around her apartment at least once, fixing her pipes. At one point she made cookies as a friendly bribe to ask him to help with the pipes again. (Affinity)

After she broke up with her boyfriend, she spotted him practicing lok'nel (ancient martial arts training) in the park, and asked him to teach her. He did, apparently daily for the next couple of weeks -- she learned quickly. (Affinity)

Things seemed to be heading for the romantic toward the end of that, but apparently nothing happened. (Affinity)

Teal'c didn't like her boyfriend -- the first time he met him, Doug was drunk and being loud in the hallway, very obnoxious and pushy. The second time, after Krista took him back, Teal'c believed that Doug had injured her, and very coolly told him that if he ever injured Krista again, he'd kill him where he stood. (Affinity)

Unfortunately, he said that while Mrs. Connors, another neighbor, was standing in her open door across the hall, and she heard him. (Affinity)

When he spotted Krista sitting in the hallway one day and went to see if she was okay, she convinced him to just get in a car with her and go, saying she needed to get away. (Affinity)

He drove them to a motel, where she finally kissed him (and one thing led to another...). When he woke up the next morning and reached for her, she was gone. (Affinity)

Before he could even get dressed, heavily armed OSI agents were knocking at the door, and basically arrested him on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. (Affinity)

He wasn't brought to a holding facility -- he was returned to the SGC, where Jack let him stay in his old quarters, believing him when Teal'c said he didn't do it. (Affinity)

Doesn't have a green thumb: he managed to kill the fern Daniel gave him as a house-warming present (looked to me like he never bothered to water the poor thing). (Affinity)

Plays ping-pong (a little violently, when he's agitated about something -- he was whacking the ball straight into Jack, hard, on his returns). No idea what his overall skill level is, but he was winning every point during a game with Jack when he was angry about Rya'c's getting married. (Sacrifices)

When he had to leave Aron to 'paint' the targets for the SGC's missiles and go rescue Ishta himself, he took two staff weapons and lashed them together, into one very thick staff weapong that fired in two directions, so that he could run through a gauntlet of Jaffa firing to either side without having to slip the staff weapon around. (Sacrifices)

Very probably circumcised, by either his own hand or Drey'auc's, from the rite of onorac (which involves a very sharp knife on the first evening of a man's honeymoon). (Sacrifices)

When wearing more formal Jaffa robes (e.g., on missions to the rebels) rather than BDUs or plain Jaffa armor, he carries his staff weapon and wears a zat strapped to his wrist, rather than at his hip. (Endgame)

Kept track of how many times SG-1 had saved the world -- and made sure to mention the number to Mitchell, 'quite often'. (Origin)


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