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General info

Planet: Cartago. SGC designation: P3X-1279 (Cor-Ai)

People are baseline human. (Cor-Ai)

According to Teal'c, Cartago was a favorite place for Goa'uld to " harvest" human hosts unclear whether he meant Goa'uld in general, or just those in Apophis's personal hierarchy. (Cor-Ai)

Standard reaction to people coming through the stargate was to run and hide in a local system of tunnels and caves (" the hiding" ), leaving able-bodied men armed with a type of crossbow to defend against whatever had come through. Other than fighters, they leave no one behind they all make it to shelter, or no one does. (Cor-Ai)

The Byrsa live by a code of laws called the " mandates" . (Cor-Ai)

Seeking personal vengeance outside of the cor-ai (trial system) is counter to the mandates, and shames not only the person involved, but his entire clan. (Cor-Ai)

Prisoners were held in a large underground room, in a metal (looked like iron) cage (large enough to stand up in and move around in). (Cor-Ai)

Men and women appear to have equal standing in the community a woman was originally chosen to be Teal'c's " voice" (counsel) for cor-ai (trial), and a woman appeared to be the leader of the community. (Cor-Ai)


For men, boots, trews, linen (or other cloth) tunic, and a cloth or leather cap (no bill). Some of the warrior-men also wore a second, leather-looking sleeveless tunic (too long to be a jerkin) over their cloth tunics. (Cor-Ai)

For women, boots, long dresses, and caps or headveils (no face veils). (Cor-Ai)

Known Byrsa:


Young man, who recognized Teal'c on first sight -- as a child, he watched Teal'c kill his father, and never forgot the horror. He still wanted vengeance for the death, and would have killed Teal'c where he stood, except his companions convinced him to get justice legally, through cor-ai. Hanno presided over Teal'c's cor-ai, since as the wronged party he was the only one who could adequately determine a just (equivalent) punishment. He wanted Teal'c to die in return for his father's death, and none of SG-1's arguments that Teal'c had originally been acting under orders, or that he had since changed, would sway him. Only Teal'c's selfless acts in saving other Byrsa from Jaffa when Apophis sent a squad through convinced him that Teal'c had changed. He declared the old Teal'c dead, and let the new Teal'c leave. (Cor-Ai)


circ kakona:

" circle of woes" -- the stargate (Cor-Ai)


trial, justice (Cor-Ai)


confession of guilt (Cor-Ai)



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