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Arkhan's people

General info

Originally under Ares's domain. He abandoned it long ago, no idea why. (It's Good to Be King)

Possibly the naquadah mine ran dry. (It's Good to Be King)

They have a complicated lunar calendar. (It's Good to Be King)

Currently has a very medieval-northern-Europe feel, but no one specific period. (It's Good to Be King)

The locals avoided the area around the naquadah mine, the site of their former enslavement. (It's Good to Be King)

After Maybourne successfully predicted a great flood that would destroy their village and got them all to move to higher ground for safety, the locals made him their king out of gratitude, becoming known as King Arkhan the First. (It's Good to Be King)

It's not clear whether he took the name Arkhan when he first arrived on the planet, or if that was just his " royal" name. (It's Good to Be King)

When Maybourne told them of the prophecy that offworlders would come and save them from a new incursion of an old enemy -- the Goa'uld -- the people believed him. (It's Good to Be King)

He may have left out the bit about " offworlders" -- Garan didn't trust SG-1 at all, and she probably would have if she'd thought they were destined to help her people. (It's Good to Be King)

The villagers believed him a little too completely -- when he told them they'd have to leave after all to be safe, they were sure that such a thing couldn't possible be necessary.   (It's Good to Be King)

The villagers were shocked and dismayed when " King Arkhan" exposed his own duplicity -- Maybourne told them the truth to try to save their lives, hoping that if they knew he was just a pretender that they'd agree to evacuate before Ares arrived. Before he could walk away after removing his crown, though, Garan recovered enough to rally the people around her, pointing out everything he'd done for them besides the prophecy and declaring him a true leader. To a steady chant of " Arkhan! Arkhan!" , Maybourne put his crown back on. (It's Good to Be King)

When Ares's Jaffa arrived, the villagers were resentful and didn't try to hide it, since they were sure they'd be safe. (It's Good to Be King)

One of the local fruits was called an " ojen fruit" until Maybourne described it as a cross between a guava and a mango, and Daniel sarcastically termed it a " guango" -- Maybourne liked the name and decreed that that was what it would be called henceforth. (It's Good to Be King)

Known locals

King Arkhan

aka Harry Maybourne. I have no idea why he went with " Arkhan" as a name, or if the locals gave it to him after he was crowned.

Somewhere along the way, he picked up enough Ancient to be able to read it. (It's Good to Be King)

He had at least two wives, possibly more. (It's Good to Be King)

Maybourne got dropped off on the planet by the Tok'ra after the events of Paradise Lost and lived among the locals for more than a year, presumably with no special privileges. When on a long walk one day he discovered some ruins, including pillars that held Ancient writing -- one of them holding a detailed description of what would happen in the future. He took the knowledge he gained from reading that and warned the village about a great flood that would destroy their village, convincing them to move to higher ground for safety. In gratitude, they made him their king. (It's Good to Be King)

The shield behind his throne was quartered (heraldic terms in parens at the end of each, and hopefully I got them right): 

(top left) gold  crown on black background (sable on a quarterly, a crown or)

(top right) black lion rampant  (facing left), on a gold background (or on a quarterly, a lion rampant sable)

(bottom right) gold star on a black background (sable on a quarterly, a star or)

(bottom left) black stargate on a gold background (or on a quarterly, a stargate sable)

He was having a lot of fun being king, naming whatever took his fancy (e.g., the " Grateful Dead" burial ground) and generally just revelling in the power. (It's Good to Be King)

While king, he introduced some new things into the culture:

Designed a new water mill

Introduced new medicines

Introduced a legal code

Set up an irrigation system

He admitted to having used his " prophetic" knowledge to his own advantage at first, but said that after being made king, he'd grown to truly care about his people, and that he wanted to help them. To all appearances, he was telling the truth. (It's Good to Be King)

He believed the prophecies a little too thoroughly, without thinking them out -- when he saw that offworlders would arrive and defeat " the old enemy" according to the pillar, he assured the villagers that they would be safe when the Goa'uld showed up, never stopping to think about casualties. When Jack pointed that possibility out, Maybourne tried to talk the village elders into leaving, but they also believed him and the prophecies a little too thoroughly. It didn't help that he clearly didn't want to admit to having been wrong originally. (It's Good to Be King)

Very much to his credit, when he realized that the villagers had no intention of leaving because they believed him infallible, Maybourne came down off the stairs (where he'd been speaking) to their level and admitted he hadn't been completely honest, saying he wasn't a seer, just a " regular guy" who found the prophecies on the wall of the old temple and knew how to interpret them. He removed his crown as he apologized for taking advantage of them. (It's Good to Be King)

When Garan pointed out all the other things he'd done for their people beyond the prophecies and got the people rallied behind her chanting his name, he put the crown back on, clearly pleased (okay, and a little smug, but he'd earned it there). (It's Good to Be King)

He started playing for time when Ares's Jaffa showed up, sucking up to Trelak (the First Prime) and assuring him that he'd have the people's cooperation. He did his best to cover for the villagers' obvious resentment of the Jaffa and gave no hint of SG-1's or Jack's presence, going so far as to ask " What's a 'Tau'ri'?" when Trelak heard gunfire in the distance. (It's Good to Be King)

Trelak didn't buy that Maybourne hadn't known anything, and started to throttle him. After Trelak tossed him aside to go after Teal'c when Teal'c and Daniel started fighting their captors, Maybourne took a second to recover then grabbed a nearby pot and smashed it over Trelak's head. It didn't do any good, but it was a nice move. He went for a length of metal pipe (or something) next, but Teal'c took out Trelak before he needed to use it. (It's Good to Be King)


She was the leader of a hunting party, and had no problem capturing SG-1 after they came through the gate. Later, she took a sortie to capture Sam, Daniel, and Jack near the Ancient ship on her own initiative, not trusting the strangers who appeared to be trying to take the villagers' king away from them. (It's Good to Be King)

She was devoted to King Arkhan (Maybourne). (It's Good to Be King)

She didn't trust SG-1 at all, and thought Jack was lying when he said Arkhan wasn't a seer. (It's Good to Be King)

When Arkhan told the villagers that he'd been lying about being a seer, and instead had just gotten his prophetic knowledge off the walls of the old temple, Garan was clearly shocked. When he took off his crown and started to walk away, though, she rallied and started listing off all the things that he had done for the villagers without aid of the temple writings, saying that those weren't the acts of a pretender, but a leader. (It's Good to Be King)

When Teal'c and Daniel were busy fighting the Jaffa in the courtyard, she pitched in by shooting the Jaffa currently trying to strangle Daniel, getting him in the back with a crossbow bolt. She probably killed him, but it's not confirmed. (It's Good to Be King)



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