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General info

Planet: P2X-416

The planet is split into two continents: Bedrosia and Optrica. (New Ground)

About 2,000 years ago, the planet underwent a period of violent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, called the Upheaval. (New Ground)

Their world's stargate was on the Bedrosian continent, buried in a cliff face during the Upheaval. The DHD was buried in the ground. (New Ground)

The peoples of the two continents had been at war for decades by the time SG-1 showed up, over religion.

The Bedrosians believed that life was created on Bedrosia by Nefertum, the creator. (New Ground)

The Optricans believed that they had evolved on another world and been brought to this one via an interstellar gateway -- which they considered holy, and believed (correctly) to be on Bedrosia. (New Ground)

The Bedrosian government tracked its people with something called the Bedrosian Central Registry. When Rigar's lieutenant analyzed SG-1's blood, none of them showed a particle match with the Registry. Rigar took this as proof that they were Optricans. (New Ground)



Electrified cages:

To hold prisoners in -- just big enough to sit in without touching the edges. (New Ground)

Energy rifles:

Hand weapons/rifles that looked something like long curved sticks the stock and barrel design was very simple (a place to grip the end, with a long simple curve leading to the muzzle end), with a double, pointed, triangular muzzle. The top point was almost dart-like the lower was longer and more dangerous-looking. They shot energy bursts, not physical projectiles. They could also be used to deliver contact jolts of energy. (New Ground)

They also lock and unlock the cages prisoners are kept in, and can electrify or un-electrify the cages. (New Ground)

Ergonomic chairs:

Common enough to bring to a remote quarantine site (where they'd set up to interrogate SG-1, near the stargate) they look like Aerons. (New Ground)

Force fields:

These protected the ships, and could also be projected from the airships to enclose people on the ground four of them formed a box that then pulled in. When the force field touched Jack, Sam, and Daniel, they were knocked unconscious. (New Ground)

Healing device:

Among other things, it can regenerate visual nerves, if it's used within the first 30 hours after an injury. (New Ground)

It emits a beam that regenerates the nerve, and is applied in short bursts, with time between. Too short a break between treatments could do more harm than good. (New Ground)

Portable blood analysis machines.(New Ground)

Quarantine shield:

A larger force field in a dome shape, protecting an area so that only shuttlecraft could get in. Rigar set one up around Nyan's archaeological dig, with enough space for several large tents and some shuttlecraft as well. (New Ground)

Shuttlecraft (airships)

Could fly or hover equally easily -- boxy affairs with no wings. (New Ground)

Technology/weapons/gear left behind by SG-1 (New Ground):

Naquadah reactor and the wires needed to hook it to a stargate

MALP (the electrics are probably fried, since it was zatted) -- Staff weapon

Three radios

Six grenades

At least two pistols, fully loaded

Two MP-5Ns, with six magazines 

Three compasses

Three watches

Three GDOs

Three knives

Three vests

various field rations

two notebooks, probably Daniel's no idea if they'd been written in yet


Known Bedrosians:


An archaeologist working with Nyan to uncover what turned out to be the stargate. Her first assumption was that it was something that their ancestors had used for astronomical calculations. (New Ground)

They were searching for a settlement that had been there before the Upheaval, to prove the Bedrosian theory that human life was created on Bedrosia by Nefertum, without a gateway. (New Ground)

When the chevrons on the stargate started lighting up, she got scared and told Nyan they should leave.  When he walked up to the event horizon to see what it was, she told him he'd drown. (New Ground)

She didn't run when the MALP came through, though  -- she stayed to see what it was. (New Ground)

After Daniel started talking, and said he was on another planet, she decided it was a trick (Optrican, presumably), and told Nyan they should report it. (New Ground)

When Nyan said he thought they'd found the gateway, Mallin got nervous -- she said the gateway didn't exist, it was just Optrican legend, and that it would be very dangerous to assume that this was the gateway. (Basically, it would be blasphemy, and would undermine their entire culture's belief system/basis.) (New Ground)

She wanted Nyan to say no when Daniel asked to come through. When he said yes, she took off running to report the situation. (New Ground)

Commander Rigar brought her with him to investigate the " aliens" . She insisted that they'd come through the circle, even though Rigar was convinced that it was nothing more than a trick. (New Ground)

Her insistence got her sent back to Rigar's base to be questioned further. (New Ground)


A Bedrosian archaeologist who believed in Nefertum as his creator. (New Ground)

He was working with Mallin and at least one other person (unnamed), searching for a settlement that had existed before the Upheaval, to prove the Bedrosian theory that human life was created on Bedrosia without a gateway. Instead, they uncovered the stargate, just in time for the SGC's cold-dialing program to dial in. (New Ground)

Open-minded and curious.

When the stargate he'd just unburied first activated, he walked up to the event horizon and stuck his hand in to see what it felt like. A few minutes later, when the MALP came through and Daniel started addressing him through it, Nyan's first thought was that he was dealing with a mechanical life form. (New Ground)

As soon as he realized there was life on the other side of the circle, Nyan told Mallin that he thought it was the gateway -- and that if it was, the Bedrosians were wrong, and the Optricans were right. (New Ground)

He brought the blinded and injured Teal'c to a cave that held supplies for safety. They spoke of Nefertum, and Teal'c told Nyan that he had been an under-System Lord to Ra, and had likely brought Nyan's people through the stargate as slaves thousands of years ago. Nyan was a bit horrified faced by the blatant blasphemy, but his scientific training took over, leading him to want to present the truth at the " research academy" to his fellow scientists, sure that they would be able to overcome their religious upbringing in the face of clear evidence. (New Ground)

When Teal'c pointed out that the military had the stargate under its control, Nyan said it was Teal'c he wanted to use as proof. Teal'c didn't take that well -- all he wanted was to rescue his teammates. (New Ground)

He was as excited to have his theories conclusively proved wrong as he would have been to have had them proved right he was all about the pure science. (New Ground)

He brought a healing device back to the cave to help regenerate Teal'c's visual nerves, and basically bullied Teal'c into using it, saying he refused to be part of a suicide mission to rescue the rest of the team, which is what it would be if Teal'c remained blind. (New Ground)

He wasn't intimidated at all by Teal'c's size or strength, even after nearly being throttled by him when he first came across the injured Teal'c. (New Ground)

When he and Teal'c went off to rescue the rest of SG-1, he insisted that they shoot to stun, not kill. (New Ground)

Despite having never used a weapon before, he proved adept at using both a zat and one of the Bedrosian weapons. (New Ground)

It's possible that Nyan killed a soldier without meaning to -- one of his zat blasts sounded like a double shot. No confirmation, though. (New Ground)

Running for the stargate behind Jack and Teal'c, Nyan took a full-force stun blast from Rigar and collapsed. Teal'c went back for him and he and Jack brought Nyan through the stargate to Earth. (New Ground)

While recovering from the stun blast, Nyan, who had just been granted refugee status by the Air Force, was offered the position of Daniel's research assistant at the SGC. He probably accepted, but we never actually saw it. (New Ground)


A Bedrosian commander. (New Ground)

He walked with a limp, presumably from an injury he got in battle with the Optricans. (New Ground)

Mallin reported her suspicions to him, and he led a troop to the stargate to capture SG-1. (New Ground)

He refused to believe that they were aliens, accusing them of being Optrican spies sent to simulate the Optrican beliefs about the gateway in order to undermine the most basic Bedrosian beliefs. (New Ground)

He was adamant about this, even when others began to question it.  He refused to accept that his people had spent generations praying to a god that didn't exist, and that many of their people had died meaningless deaths in battle. (New Ground)

Even when the SGC redialed the gate and Rigar watched the kawoosh shoot out, with the event horizon there afterward, he insisted that it wasn't the gateway, just an Optrican trick. (New Ground)

He had no trouble figuring out how a zat worked. (New Ground)

He shot Nyan with one of the energy rifles when Nyan was trying to escape with Jack and Teal'c. (New Ground)

Jack zatted him once after he shot Nyan, and he collapsed. (New Ground)


Rigar's second-in-command, by the look of it, or possibly his personal aide. (No visible insignia, and no rank was ever given for her -- her name was never even said by anyone, I got it off the credits.) (New Ground)

She traveled with Rigar to the stargate to capture SG-1, and used a very big needle to the neck on Jack, Daniel,  and  Sam as soon as they arrived, presumably drawing blood -- she reported that blood analysis showed that they were all human, but weren't listed in the Bedrosian Central Registry. (New Ground)

She was secure enough in her position to question Rigar's commitment to the idea that the stargate was a trick, asking him what if it really were the gateway, and the Optricans were right. When he insisted that it was a fake, though, she went along. (New Ground)

She was the first Bedrosian to go down in the final escape attempt. She went to the shuttlecraft to tell them to launch, and Teal'c shot her with a Bedrosian energy rifle. She should have been just stunned, not killed. (New Ground)



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