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General info

Planet Tagrea, SGC designation P3X-744 (Memento)

One of the planets listed on the Abydos cartouche the SGC had had no luck contacting it, and assumed that the stargate was buried. (Memento)

A minimum of roughly 300 light years from Earth. (On the Prometheus's trip home, after a 49-lightyear " hop" with a small hyperdrive, Col. Ronson explained that just five more will get them home.) (Grace)

Originally one of Heru'ur's worlds he apparently abandoned it centuries or more ago. (Memento)

First exposure to the SGC was when the Prometheus's naquadria reactor exploded above their atmosphere, in what looked to them like an unprovoked attack by aliens. They responded by launching long-range ballistic missiles. (Memento)

The halls in the main building (apparently the focal point of political power, probably at least vaguely equivalent to the White House) have highly stylized hawk images on the walls, and the conference tables are triangular -- very probably remnants of when Heru'ur was the true power on the planet (nb: the last bit is a compete guess on my part, but I think it makes sense given that Heru'ur's symbol was a hawk, and the Goa'uld used triangles everywhere). (Memento)

The artwork in the main political building was abstract, mainly consisting of color blocks arranged in circles and squares (and portions of both) (Memento)

Tagreans call the stargate " the ring of the gods" , and considered it a myth, with no evidence to prove its existence. (Memento)

Their history goes back only 300 years prior to that, according to their oral history, Tagrea lived through a long, terrible dark age, which the people wanted to forget. Thus, it wasn't until after they emerged from it that historians began to record events again. All evidence of anything that happened during their more ancient (more than 300 years ago) history was destroyed -- almost. A few fragments survived, but nothing more. (Memento)

The Tagreans generally believe that what happened before Year Zero has nothing to do with their current society, and therefore doesn't matter. As Kalfas put it, " The society of the new era has no need to know how they suffered." (Memento)

More likely, Heru'ur abandoned the planet, and the de facto freed slaves destroyed every trace of him and the culture surrounding him they could, eventually building a new society out of the wreckage. The stargate itself was buried under a stone reading " Here lies the chaapa'ai of Heru'ur, false god to the people of Tagrea. May it never know the daylight again." (Memento)

A few modern Tagreans still believe in Heru'ur as their creator, and have sought out relics of the past. One in particular, Tarek Solamon, had a piece of ancient writing (in a variant of pre-Dynastic Egyptian) that just happened to contain directions to the buried stargate. (Memento)

Known Tagreans:

Chairman Ashwan:

The Tagreans's political leader. (Memento)

He was at odds with Commander Kalfas about how to react to the presence of aliens on their world -- he thought it was a great opportunity. (Memento)

He had hand-picked the commanders of the dirigibles that were guarding the downed Prometheus, so when Kalfas staged what amounted to the beginnings of a coup (capturing Jonas and Teal'c against Ashwan's wishes, after they had found and unburied the stargate), Ashwan ordered that the Prometheus be allowed to go freely to aid their comrades.  (Memento)

To prove his sincerity, he traveled aboard the ship with the crew and SG-1. He faced down Kalfas at the stargate site, winning back control of his people and military and freeing the captured SG-1 members. (The absolute hugeness of the Prometheus, hovering over everyone's heads with lots of weapons, probably helped.)  (Memento)

He made the stargate freely available for travel back to Earth (and presumably for travelers from Earth to return and begin repairs on the Prometheus). (Memento)

Commander Kalfas:

The first Tagrean to make contact with the SGC. (Memento)

Commander of the Tagrean Security Forces. (Memento)

He didn't want aliens on his planet, and didn't trust any of the SGC people he met. (Memento)

After arguing steadily with Ashwan about how to handle the situation, Kalfas finally took matters into his own hands, capturing Teal'c and Jonas at the site of the newly dug up stargate. (Memento)

His victory didn't last long Ashwan arrived on the Prometheus, and between the ship's presence and Ashwan's rhetoric, the coup ended rapidly. (Memento)

Tarek Solamon:

Professor of mathematics at the university where Teal'c and Jonas were going through archives in search of some hint of the Tagreans's history that mentioned the stargate. (Memento)

He'd spent his life seeking out artifacts and relics of the Tagreans's ancient history, and was a staunch believer (one of the few) in Heru'ur as creator-god -- even going so far as to wear a hawk necklace. (Memento)

He had several relics in his possession, including a bit of a text (in pre-Dynastic Egyptian) that happened to give fairly specific directions on where to find the buried stargate. (Memento)

  He was captured along with Jonas, Teal'c, and the rest of the digging crew when Kalfas staged something of a coup at the stargate site. (Memento)


Powered flight

Some sort of dirigible, with balloons that are more rounded than the dirigibles built on Earth. (Memento)

Powered land vehicles (Memento)

Tanks (Memento)

Trains -- they looked high-speed, but not mag-lev. (Memento)


Projectile, much like Earth weapons (recognizable rifles, etc.). (Memento)



No title


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