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Episode Summaries: Season Four

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Fourth Season -- 2000



Small Victories (2)

A couple of weeks after the Biliskner exploded over the Pacific, reports start coming in of a Russian sub where everyone was killed by mechanical spiders. Meanwhile, Thor shows up requesting further aid, saying that the Asgard need a primitive mind that thinks completely differently from their own to come up with new tactics to fight the Replicators, which are close to conquering their galaxy. Jack and Teal'c head for the sub to see what they can do, while Sam leaves with Thor. Daniel is eventually forced to give the word to blow up the sub with Teal'c and Jack still on it -- fortunately, Sam's plan to trick the Replicators and blow them up works, and she and Thor arrive over Earth in time to beam Jack and Teal'c out.

The Other Side

A call for help gets the SGC's attention: the Eurondans have discovered how to make their stargate work, and are desperately asking for aid in their war with their neighbors. They offer advanced technology in return, which at first is enough to get the military folks to turn a blind eye to some of the stickier moral questions involved. When they figure out that the Eurondans started the war with a pre-emptive strike and are racists in the most extreme sense of the word (demanding genetic purity, and calling their enemy "Breeders" in contempt because they don't carefully select for their children's genetic traits), they change their minds, and willingly leave the Eurondans to their fate.


A Tok'ra named Freya (host)/Anise (symbiote) journeys to the SGC to ask for help with "human trials" on technology she's disccovered: armbands that impart greater speed and strength to the wearer. Jack, Daniel, and Sam all use the armbands. Against orders, and with plenty of snacks, they head offworld to take out Apophis's new mothership, in the process of being built. The armbands wear off before they make it off the ship, but Teal'c has followed them and helps them escape.


An old flame of Teal'c's, Shan'auc, arrives at the SGC to share the news that she's discovered a way to talk to the symbiote she carries, and that she's convinced it to give up its evil ways. She wants the SGC to send her to the Tok'ra, so her symbiote can become one of them. The Tok'ra agree, but the symbiote has been lying to Shan'auc -- he's a Goa'uld through and through, who wants to spy on the Tok'ra.

Divide and Conquer

When a member of SG-14 apparently goes nuts and tries to kill a Tok'ra High Councilor, then commits suicide, the Tok'ra say he may have been a zatarc -- programmed by a Goa'uld to perform a specific task. They test everyone at the SGC, exposing another member of SG-14, then focusing on Jack and Sam, both of whom show the telltale signs of being zatarcs. The machine read their reactions wrong, though -- in reality, it's Martouf who's the zatarc.

Window of Opportunity

When a scientist on an alien world triggers an Ancient device, Earth is caught in a time-loop that only Jack and Teal'c are aware of, as they relive the same ten hours over and over again. They have to help Daniel translate some Ancient text (remembering a bit more each loop) so that they can return to the planet where it all started and stop the machine that's causing the loop.


The Russians, who have been running a secret stargate program of their own since fishing the original gate out of the Pacific where it fell with the Biliskner, are forced to call in SG-1's help when their stargate is left connected to an alien waterworld. When SG-1 arrives, everyone is dead except Maybourne, who's frozen nearly to death in a freezer.

The First Ones

Daniel and Dr. Robert Rothman are leading a dig on a world they believe to be the original homeworld of the Goa'uld. It's also the homeworld of the Unas, as Daniel discovers when he's kidnapped by a young Unas. While he gets dragged along back to the Unas's home cave system, Rothman returns to the SGC to get help. Daniel manages to befriend Chaka, the Unas, who spares his life. Rothman isn't so lucky -- he's infested with a Goa'uld, and Jack is forced to kill him.

Scorched Earth

The SGC has found a world for the refugee Enkarans to inhabit that suits them perfectly, until a ship appears in the sky and begins transforming the world into something suitable for sulfur-based life. While Jack carries out plans to destroy the ship to save the planet, Daniel goes aboard and tries to talk to the avatar aboard to convince it to stop what it's doing.

Beneath the Surface

The members of SG-1 have no memory of their former lives -- they believe they've always been workers in an underground facility that provides heat to the city above. Eventually the "memory stamp" starts to wear off, and they stage something of a revolution before heading home.

Point of No Return

The SGC is contacted by someone claiming to know all about the program. Jack goes to meet him, and comes to realize that Martin isn't crazy, just overmedicated. In reality, he's an alien whose ship landed on Earth while fleeing from the Goa'uld on his homeworld.


On a test flight of the X-301, Jack and Teal'c are sent flying into space with no control over the craft -- it was responding to Apophis's programming of the underlying death gliders to return to Chulak. Attempts to get the craft turned around fail, and only Jacob's timely arrival in a cargo ship saves their lives.

The Curse

One of Daniel's old professors dies, and he returns to Chicago for the funeral. While he's there, he discovers that Dr. Jordan had found a cache of Goa'uld artifacts -- including two canopic jars containing Goa'uld symbiotes, one of whom, Osiris, has escaped, infesting his former girlfriend Sarah. He tracks Osiris to Egypt but fails to stop him/her. Meanwhile, Jack and Teal'c go fishing.

The Serpent's Venom

Teal'c walks into a trap and is captured by Heru'ur's forces. Heru'ur has him tortured to try to make him renounce the rebellion. Jacob and the rest of SG-1, unaware of his plight, go off to an ancient minefield to try to disrupt the alliance forming between Heru'ur and Apophis, hoping to set off a mine so that it looks like one of them has attacked the other. Teal'c talks Raknor into helping him escape. Apophis loses his temper at Heru'ur and attacks with an entire fleet. Heru'ur dies, but Raknor gets Teal'c safely to the cargo ship SG-1 is on.

Chain Reaction

Hammond resigns when his granddaughters are threatened, and an NID patsy, General Bauer, takes over the SGC. He breaks up SG-1 and begins running roughshod over everything, very nearly destroying the planet in his rush to test a naquadah-enhanced bomb and watch its progress through an open wormhole. Meanwhile, Jack teams up with Harry Maybourne to get enough info on the NID to force them to back off Hammond, and winds up in a confrontation with Senator Kinsey about it.


In 2010, Earth is at peace and is a member of the Aschen Confederation. Kinsey is president, and SG-1 are heroes, retired from active duty. But when they realize that since the Aschen showed up the fertility rate has plummeted, they begin to believe the Aschen are behind it. It's too late to do anything to change the situation now, so they recruit the now-reclusive Jack into helping them, and set up a scheme to send a message back in time, using Aschen technology to predict a solar flare to use as a catalyst. The note they send, at the cost of their lives, tells the earlier SGC not to go to the Aschen homeworld under any circumstances whatsoever, to prevent Earth from entering into an alliance with the Aschen.

Absolute Power

Shifu appears on Abydos and sends for Daniel, who's surprised but pleased to see the boy (who's grown very rapidly in the past year, to nearly adolescence). They bring Shifu back to the SGC, where Daniel asks him to share his knowledge of the Goa'uld, believing it won't hurt for Shifu to remember just a little bit. To teach him what it would really mean, Shifu sends him into a dream where Daniel has the knowledge of the Goa'uld, and with the best of intentions turns into a despot whom Jack tries to kill just to stop him.

The Light

A hypnotic device in a Goa'uld palace has devastating side effects when humans leave its presence after too much exposure, leading to either suicide or coma and eventual death. Daniel nearly dies from the effects after fairly prolonged exposure, and the rest of SG-1 becomes addicted as well. They're all forced to remain on the planet in the company of a boy who's spent much of his life there, until they can figure out a way to counteract the Light's effects.


AF Cadet Hailey is brilliant, but cynical and bitter about her chances of actually doing anything interesting or challenging if she stays with the Air Force. Sam decides to give her a taste of what's ahead of her if she sticks it out, and brings her to an alien moon where scientists have discovered small energy beings. The beings begin attacking, opening Hailey's eyes to what it means to have to make a command decision.


An electromagnetic entity takes over Sam's body and transfers her consciousness to a nest of computers/electronics.

Double Jeopardy

The robot-team arrives on a planet to find no warm welcome from the locals -- the organic team had been there before, and had freed them from Heru'ur, but now Cronus has taken over, and they're slaves again. The team is captured by Cronus's forces. Harlan contacts the SGC for help when they don't return home, and the organic team has to go help their counterparts and defeat Cronus.

Exodus (1)

SG-1 offers the mothership they took from Cronus to help the Tok'ra move their base. The Tok'ra decide they've gotten as much use out of Tanith (as a conduit for false information) as possible, and confine him, but he escapes to the surface. Jack and Teal'c join the search for him. Teal'c is shot and killed by Jaffa from Apophis's fleet, which has arrived in an attempt to wipe out the Tok'ra. Sam and Jacob come up with a plan: send a stargate dialed in to a black hole into the sun, exploding it and wiping out much of the fleet, then fleeing through hyperspace ahead of the blast. It works, but the blast catches them just enough to send them into another galaxy, with no idea how to get home.



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